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Abby Lee Miller Charged With Bankruptcy Fraud

Dance Moms Abby Meltdown

I had a very busy day today and despite waking up to a mailbox full of things to write about, I haven’t had much time today. I’ve got some health issues to deal with and some insurance people to wrestle with so I’m going to be away from my keyboard a good bit.  But enough about me,  we have another reality star  headed toward Camp Cupcake!  Dance Mom’s matriarch, Abby Lee Miller has been busted by the Feds for pretty much the same thing the Giudices  are doing time for. Lying to the bankruptcy court!


Did Abby Lee Miller learn nothing from Teresa Giudice?!  Today, Abby was charged by the feds with  twenty counts of bankruptcy fraud, concealment of bankruptcy assets and false bankruptcy declarations  Continue reading


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Dance Moms Reunion Recap: Is Abby Bringing In A New Crop?

Dance Moms Platinum

The Dance Moms reunion did not tape for me, so I am going to recap while watching on demand. This means no real ability to pause without going through all sorts of di-dos.  So I’m gonna assume you saw it and hit the highlights.

Why do they think this is the most controversial season in the history of Dance Moms? Just because Nationals was a bust? Abby is texting everyone telling them not to show up to the reunion. But everyone is already there. Except for Abby. Abby goes straight to the set with a folder of evidence that she has no problem hiding under her ample bum.

Oh, that annoying host guy is the executive producer.  That means he is the enemy of Abby who got a very negative edit this season. Abby is asked what she thought about the Nationals results and she brings out a piece of paper from her folder that just says FIXED!  Abby is refusing to speak. Holly says that it is unfair to say the competition was fixed. Holly said that Abby and  Melissa looked like sore losers by walking out. The host points out that Abby is friends with the owner of the competition. Continue reading


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Dance Moms Recap: It’s Finally Time For Nationals


It’s coming down to the wire for nationals and Abby had decided to do the opening on an unfinished studio the day before nationals. I know a lot of your were outraged last week when Nia beat Kalani and Abby still would not commit to giving her a solo at nationals but you have to understand this has become one of the most scripted shows on TV and everyone involved, even the girls are acting.  They are actually very good little actors.  And Abby’s bizarre behavior is being hyped up. While I do think something is going on with her, I think we are getting a very exaggerated perspective.

Abby actually points Nia on top of the pyramid. Abby has two solos for nationals. Of course Maddie gets one. The mothers fight for Nia to get the other. Abby gave Nia her first solo at nationals. Actually, Nia owned it. This years group dance is set in a hospital waiting room. Oh, Abby. Just tank them why don’t you.

At nationals, Nia has a stupid costume. I blame Holly for this. Why are they acting like Abby provides the costumes? That is a dance mom’s job. Nia is dancing in the teen division and her competition will be stiff. I’m not sure she is prepared for this. That is Abby’s fault. But I’m sure Nia will take any blame that comes and none of the glory. It’s looking like Ava might beat Maddie as well. That would not break my heart. Continue reading


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Dance Moms: Nia Takes on Kalani

Dance Moms Nia Kalani


It’s been awhile since I’ve recapped this. I keep trying to take the summer off because it’s hot and I am burning up and burning out on recapping. But someone sent me an email about Dance Moms last night which I have yet to open but I am assuming something good happened. Then I got my ad revenue check and realized I needed to try and get back with the program. Plus my DVR is filling up with stuff because if it something I might recap, I just push it to the end and secretly watch The Bachelorette, or  Bachelor in Paradise, or the Big Brother feeds with a couple of cold ones, or some pistachio Gelato, or my new favorite a chilled tortellini salad. I’m as big as a house.

Speaking of fat, let’s see if Abby shows up this week. Did we know Kira was pregnant? I may have missed an episode. Abby even gets a seat for Kira at rehearsal. It looks like we have sane Abby.  Abby claims her studio is opening next week. I’ll believe it when I see it. Abby tells them they are not in any physical shape to win at nationals.

Yep, it looks like a missed a week, I have three shows at 9 on Tuesdays and I have to go in by hand to move one to a later time. It seems that Jo Jo screwed up in the group dance, Kendall dropped her prop in the solo knocking her out of a shot at a solo for nationals. Nia must have been fantastic because Abby said she was decent. Kalani, Mackenzie and Maddie all did well.

Okay, I see how this is going to go. It’s Nia and Kalani head to head for a spot at nationals and it’s at the competition where the judges are kids. So they are likely to pick Nia’s routine “Bye Felecia” over Kalani’s same old, same old contemporary. Then Abby will say that Nationals is judged by adults so she’s ignoring the results and picking Kalani. Also she is not letting Nia dance in the group dance because she is filming her second music video this week. Oh and the group dance has umbrellas for everyone. Disaster looms. Continue reading


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Dance Moms Catch Up Post: Abby in a Bra

Abby Lee

I got a few episodes behind on Dance Moms during my (sorta) unplugged birthday week. I’m gonna try to hit the high (or low) notes of both episodes in this post.

We start the week after Mackenzie beat Maddie in solos. The episode I am watching is the director’s cut and I am not sure what is added and left out, but I love seeing the girls warming up and talking about the previous week. Abby says she is over Jazz routines. She is going back to her usual routines. Nothing unusual about pyramid this week. Mackenzie was on top of Pyramid.

The competition is in Calabasas and their west coast nemesis MDP will be there. (WTF is the P for?) As Abby prepares to dole out solo’s Jo Jo says that her grandmother who has stage 4 colon cancer will be there and she really wants to do a solo for her. Abby says okay. Kendall, Abby’s new favorite, is going to do her solo that got scratched from two weeks ago. Abby gives the group lead she meant for Maddie to Mackenzie. Abby seems “nice” this week. Jo Jo is being taken out of the group dance to focus on her solo.  Abby took the lead away from Mackenzie. Continue reading


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Dance Moms Recap: Sour Grapes From Poor Loser!

Dance Moms Group Dance


Dance Moms begins again at 3rd Street Dance Studio. Interestingly, this week’s Celebrity Wife Swap also feature 3rd Street Dance Company where Jill from the Love Boat changed lives with Charo and had to learn Flamenco dancing. Abby is there with an attitude and congratulations them on winning the group dance without Maddie as the lead. Then she insulted Nia’s lead in the dance saying that basically she was forgettable. There is no pleasing Abby. Nia says if she had more opportunities maybe she would have been better at it. Abby rips off the lowest picture cover to reveal….NIA!  Because her ridiculous solo came in fifth. Jo Jo was next. She was later during the entire dance. Next is Maddie. She didn’t stand out in the group dance. Um, because she was not the lead. I have never seen this look on Maddie’s face. She is not happy. Next, Mackenzie, then Kendall who didn’t even dance. She just stood in front of giant TV while a crappy video played.

Maddie and Mackenzie are going head to head in solos. Maddie is going to do tap. Jo Jo is also getting a solo. I hope Jo Jo beats them both. Abbie is bringing in a guest choreographer. The choreographer is giving the girls a fresh fun routine. The girls are loving the fun vibe. Abby changes the line up to put Maddie in the center. Abby pulled her bumpit off her head, fluffed it up and put it back on. Continue reading


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