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Brandi Is Hawking A Chardonnay, Which Means Game Time!

RHOBH Brandi wine name

I love how her chopper had the sense to make it a pinot grigio… Credit: Twatter

In Brandi Glanville’s never-ending quest to be Lisa Vanderpump, she is going to brand a line of Chardonnay! Which, um, no one cares about, and really who drinks Chardonnay? It is way better than Moscato which is like cough syrup and champale combined…but still. Speaking of misguided wine ventures, whatever happened to Nene’s wine line? I remember giving suggestions for wines here once when I was still getting my feet wet.  I was being a bit pretentious. Truth be told I love a cheap Chilean merlot, a good Pinot Grigio (shut up, I said good), or Veuve Clicquot Brut for celebrations.

But anyway, the thing is Brandi wanted to name her wine, STFU! And that was denied. So she took to twitter for help from her fans to name the brand and she still doesn’t have one. She needs our help.

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Lizzie Rovsek Is Ready For RHOOC To Be Over

RHOOC Lizzie

Lizzie Rovsek seems to really regret signing up for Real Housewives of Orange County. After Tamra Judge publicizing her phone number on her Facebook, Lizzie had to get a new phone number. Below are three  Facebook comments from Lizzie from the time of the incident (thanks Courtney!) And here is what she had to say today, “It’s important to stand up for what’s right. Everyone has a limit with how much they can or will put up with. We are all human. Amidst the hundreds of calls & texts flooding my phone yesterday, the silver lining was how sweet, supportive & kind all the messages were. My family is my life and anything directed towards my children or my family is way below the belt. Today I will continue to cultivate kindness, love my friends & family, and continue to stand up for what is right. Wishing everyone an awesome day #meanpeoplesuck

I’m thinking Bravo is none to thrilled with Tamra. Filming is over and the evil bitch crap cannot be for the show. So what is Tamra’s excuse now? Click through for the FB page comments. Continue reading


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Big Brother Wednesday Night Recap: Amber Alert

Photochop by Blistering

Photochop by Blistering

Zach sure does know how to piss people off. We get a montage of his bad behavior. The guys realize that everyone hates Zach so much that anyone would put him on the block. They do have a little fear of Zach blowing up everyone’s game. Frankie is trying to keep Zach under control and yet get him to go off at the veto meeting.

Hayden and Victoria had an intimate moment in front of Nicole where he asked to play veto for Victoria if she got houseguests choice and told her he would take her off the block. Nicole has been jealous of Victoria being close with Hayden for days and this just irked her.  Wow! Hayden straight up lied to Nicole about what their conversation was about.

Oh God. I already forgot about Derrick’s grandfather dying. Mostly because he didn’t make a huge deal out of it and milk it for his game.  So we had another sad grandfather dying segment. I hope they don’t show the joint celebration of life ceremony Jocasta did. It was on BBAD that should be enough. We have more pressing business. Continue reading


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Mail Bag: Is Tamra Fired?

This picture does not give an accurate account of what Tamra's face looks like.

This picture does not give an accurate account of what Tamra’s face looks like.

The emails are flooding in about a story just published on another website about Tamra getting fired. Everyone is asking me if it is true. So, I thought I would type my response here and just link everyone. Bravo sends out their pick up letters after the reunion episodes air. In these letters, the wives are either offered a contract for the upcoming season, or thanked for their services and given best wishes for future endeavors.  The reunion has not aired yet, ergo, pickup letters have not been sent. No one know yet who is coming back.  Bravos decisions have not been made. So my answer is, “I don’t know.”

HOWEVER, the fact that they include a scene of Tamra Judge screaming at everyone, including production about never seeing her again is tantamount to her quitting. While I am sure once she sobered up, she made up with production and worked out her contract, that would not sit well with Bravo. You sign up to be mocked and humiliated until the filming season closes. So strike one. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey Blog Round-up

Teresa Gives FANTASTIC Bagel Head!

Teresa Gives FANTASTIC Bagel Head!

I just posted Amber Marchese’s blog in a separate post because she had A TON to say this week. Here are the highlights, and low lights from the other New Jersey fishwives Housewives.

From Dina’s Blog:

Well the shit’s about to hit the fan with Amber and the twins, and when I say hit the fan, I mean really HIT THE FAN. Next week is sure to be a juicy episode, and speaking of juicy, did you see the hottie that asks me out on the preview? Yes, if you’re not into drama, tune in for some major eye candy at least!

Teresa’s Blog:

I hope you are enjoying the summer! We were at the beach this weekend. I love hanging out with my family in the warm sunshine more than anything. I can barely watch all the snow from last winter on these episodes. I never want it to get cold again.

Yep, basically what I am saying is that Dina and Teresa had absolutely nothing to say this week. But the rest of the girls do… Continue reading


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Amber’s RHONJ Blog Needs It’s Own Post


Amber’s Blog is VERY lengthy this week. I was working on the round-up and decided y’all really need to talk about this one in one place. I have eliminated the religious quotes right before she calls TeRESSA (oddly, she writes that twin’s name exactly the way I do) an special kind of asshole.  Amber is a special kind of crazy that is rarely outed in a first season player.

Amber rambled on about The Cancer as if it were her patriotic duty to make the world aware that breast cancer is a disease we may not have been aware of without her enlightenment. This irks me in the same manner that Jacqueline’s discovery of an illness called autism did.

Yes, it must seem that I am really harping on my experience with cancer. At that time it was my five year mark and a very crucial time where there is a possibility of a relapse, and it was greatly weighing on my mind at this point. I was about to do my five year panel of testing to see if I was still healthy and cancer free. This was an extremely hard time and caused a lot of fear and anxiety. Anyone with a serious health condition can relate to this, especially those raising little ones.

About Melissa…

The scene at the clothing store was by far one of hardest scenes to watch so far. I cannot even wrap my head around what I witnessed. We will start with Melissa. Melissa asked me in the car how the marriage ended for Nicole. LET ME REAPEAT THAT: MELISSA ASKED ME WHAT HAPPENED TO NICOLE’S MARRIAGE. I did not offer this information to her. I told her what others have repeatedly told to me. The account I told came to me from the family that Nicole allegedly did this to. I never had this conversation with Nicole. For the record, Nicole and I were never best friends, we knew one another in town, but got closer when Bobby started to date her. Te-RESSA and I never got that close; I was always more distanced from her. I felt like she had a lot of negative energy.  Continue reading


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Dance Moms Season Premiere Recap: Too Many Moms

Dance Moms New Season

Oh crap. The stupid other team is back. If we have two teams all season, I will be pissed. I don’t like the other moms. I don’t like change. I only care about the girls I have been following for years. The Fat Bible Thumping Ogre Woman  (FBTOW) really needs to go. She ran her mouth to get her kid taken out of the comp last season and she clearly hasn’t learned a thing. Send her packing for good, Abby.  I can’t take a whole season of her.

It’s time for the focus on Maddie’s accomplishments portion of the show. Abby has Maddie explain she shot a video for Sia.  If you missed it check that link, it’s worth a view.  Kalani was not asked back? I am SHOCKED. Kira must have really pissed off Abby. Since Kalani is gone, Maddie is back on the original team.

Pyramid time. Kendell is on the bottom because she and Kalani got beat by two of the B team girls in the last competition. Next is Nia because Abby hates her. Next is Mackenzie, yet all Abby can say is how great she is as a pop princess, but her dancing needs work. Maddie is next.  CHLOE IS ON TOP OF THE PYRAMID!!!  Yay! But of course Abby has to say that two of the judges had the B-teamer higher than Chloe. Christy says there is a rumor going around that Abby confronted the judges and demanded to know how Chloe beat the B teamer. Just be quiet Christy. This will get you nowhere. Continue reading


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WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson

WWHL with Vicki

Vicki looks really pretty in her pink dress. I’m usually no a fan of two toned hair but Vicki’s hair looks great too! Wait, now she says it’s purple. I am not a fan of purple hair on old ladies. If it was brunette it would work. OOOh next week, Lizzie tells Shannon in Bali all the trash talking Tamra has been doing behind her back. Lizzie tells Shannon that Tamra is not her friend. The other guest, Rachel needs to start reading Tamara Tattles if she isn’t already because she is totally down with our theory that the other women on the show are gaslighting Shannon.

The game tonight is for Vicki. There will be two housewives shown and she has to decide which one is dumb and which one is dumber. First up, Tamra and Geena. She says Geena is dumber. (she’s lying). Next is Lydia and Alexis, Vicki says Lydia is dumber.(that is incorrect) Next is Shannon and Gretchen, Vicki says this one is easy, Gretchen is so dumber. (That is correct.) Lyn and Lauri . Vicki says Lauri is dumber. (Duh). Jo and Gretchen Vicki says Gretchen, no one is dumber than Gretchen. (Correct again.) Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy Recap: Making The Cut


What is Sweetie’s job exactly? Nanny? Chef? Personal assistant? Kim is going to the doctor because she is having cramps. In white pants. I’m just saying. Why does Kroy have dip in his mouth at the doctor’s office?  The Dr. says she is fine.

Arianna is in love with the pool boy. He has a cute accent. She’s 12. I just noticed the kitchen wallpaper y’all don’t like. I like it. The Christmas trees are still up. Kim’s friend Jennifer is pregnant. Kim requests her wine in a solo cup. So much for thinking she was past that stage. She claims her wine glasses stink inside. I still say they do this because of editing. You can’t tell how wine has been drunk in a solo cup. I’ll spare you the childbirthing stories. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Blog Round UP!

RHOOC Tamra Lizzie

The RHOOC blogs are up. Lizzie’s blog was basically a recap with nothing particularly enlightening. She’s in a good place with Vicki now, and very leery of Tamra. Here are the highlights about the dynamics between the ladies as of now.  Both Heather and Tamra are still refusing to accept responsibility for their behavior and deflect blame to others. Shannon seems to be continuously willing to try and move on. Heather and Tamra are somehow blaming Vicki for al of their troubles. Lizzie is still assessing from the sidelines but it appears she may pounce in Bali.

Shannon’s Blog

I have a true friend in Vicki Gunvalson. She understands me and is willing to go above and beyond to defend me. I truly appreciate that she sticks up for me again in her conversation with Tamra. I am not misplacing any emotions about my marriage onto her — I am justifiably upset with her for not being truthful again and again.

I can’t stand to argue, so when I am asked to Bali I am willing to try to once again move forward. I have been incredibly hurt, but am open to see if Tamra, Heather, and I can move past things. I have never been away on a girls’ trip, so it will be quite an adventure for me. Stay tuned next week as we go to Bali!

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Tamra Judge Is Losing Her Mind On Facebook

Rhooc Tamra gets a shock

UPDATE:  At some point last night Lizzie and Tamra went head to head over the whole #BirthdayPartyGate. Tamra tried to prove her point by posting a text (that I am told was about Heather’s Valentine’s party not Lizzie’s birthday) and Tamra’s screen grab of the text included Lizzie’s private cell phone number. Then Tamra’s Facebook page was either shut down by Facebook, or shut down by Tamra in a drunken rage. I’m sort of pissed I missed all that. Someone tipped me off, but I had too much other stuff going on.

Short version: Tamra has had a psychotic break and needs a Waaaaahmbulance.  Shannon must be laughing hysterically.

Here was her meltdown about #BirthdayPartyGate part One. I can’t even pretend to have comments.  Here is what SHE claims. #eyeroll.

Tamra Judge

I submitted my BRAVO blog, but here are a
few facts that I am sure Bravo will take out of my blog when they post it:1. production knew my daughter was sick and I could not make it to Lizzie’s birthday party. They asked me to wait until the cameras were up in the limo to let Lizzie know. then they had her call me and say “how rude that you didn’t call me”.2. As soon as Vicki and Shannon found out I was not going they both called me (yes me and shannon were friendly even though they make it out that we are not at this point-Just a few days prior we were rock climbing together). Shannon told me she was sick too and was told by producers that she had to go. I told her that was not right and she needed to be strong with them.

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Villa Blanca Is Up For Sale !

Villa Blanca for Sale

On the heels of numerous controversies  and tons of Beverly Hills gossip,  Villa Blanca has gone on the market according to Effie Magazine!   According to Effie Staff, “Villa Blanca had begun to show signs of wear and tear; the peeling paint, damaged furniture and less than efficient staff left some B. H. socialites scowling and wondering…”  It’s a quiet pocket listing (um, oopsy) with no advertised price but it is definitely on the market!

The announcement of the sale comes less than a month after a judge ruled that not just Villa Blanca, but Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd as individuals were liable for punitive damages to former waitress Karina Bustillos  in the amount of $100,000 and her attorney’s fees that could be in the high six figures given the length of the legal battle. Continue reading


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