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Daily Tea: Fall Has Arrived!



I get a lot of advice from you guys. ALOT. And it is only fair I suppose because I have a lot of opinions on a lot of things. I’ve been told to check this and that from a gene mutation to the garden variety old lady stuff. I know you all mean well and I am flattered that you care. In addition to my malfunctioning brain, I have some health issues and one in particular that requires surgery I have been putting of for a long time. In the past couple of days it has become more urgent. It’s a minor thing when it is happening to someone else but I’ve never had surgery at all.

Who knows how many years ago,(Because, Lymeopause)  I walked off the front porch of a neighbor’s house. I was expecting stairs where there were no stairs. Yes there was drinking involved.  A neighbor kid’s friend had offered to walk Banjo. I had just been rescued  by  him and read all the books on raising a dog and I as feeling bad because the dog whisperer guy said that he needed an hour of exercise beyond running around in the back yard.  I was pretty wasted and the adult neighbors at the time may or may not have been out of town. I would tell you more, but I was insured at the time and kept getting letters from my insurance company wanting to blame someone else. So I’ll stop that story here to say that, I kinda broke my face. or at least my nose. And for a bit I thought I was going to get a nose job from my insurance out of it.  I realized, sober that I didn’t really want a new nose. Mostly because my nose didn’t change at all. It’s my nose, it looks just the same and even though it would be covered, I didn’t want another nose on my face. It healed just fine. I don’t want to look like someone else. And I don’t want any unnecessary surgery.  And I am terrified of general anesthesia.

At any rate, something I have been needing surgery for has become a lot worse in the past couple days.  It’s painful.  It is no longer something I can push off.  I knew it was going down hill when I asked to go to a friend’s cabin a couple of months ago and then decided I could not be that far from medical care.

Let this be a cautionary tale. My friend TOLD ME, don’t put off  medical care.  I sort of thought I could handle it whenever.  I don’t have a primary doctor and his morning I tried to get in with a surgeon who I trust, but have never had any contact with. I’m hoping I can get her and get in next week.

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#RHOA Filming Updates: Cynthia Bailey and Chateau Sheree




Filming is winding down on RHOA. Last weekend Lena Huggs got married and Bravo sadly did not film the wedding. From the beginning filming there was talk that the wedding might end up being the finale for the season.  But it seems that Bravo ultimately decided to give that peach to Sheree.  The wedding was beautiful, and timely as Lena was a very pregnant bride! It not clear if that means all the scenes that Lena filmed will be cut.

Speaking of Sheree,  she is furiously trying to get the House with Turrets Syndrome, AKA Chateau Sheree ready for a housewarming gathering next week. There was practically a call for extras put out to get people to show up for that. Sadly, my invitation must have been lost in the mail.  There is actually some confusion whether or not the event is on Tuesday or Thursday.  If you go, don’t lean up on any walls. My sources say paint will be slung right up to the last minute.

It looks like they could edit to season to begin with Kenya’s open house held lat June and end with Sheree’s. Who knows?  I do know that she filmed a few scenes with Bob there and he was joking about moving to the neighborhood. And before they headed off to team building city in the North Georgia mountains some of the ladies boarded the bus there.

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Project Runway: Flamingo? Oh No!


By CJ Bomb

Hello everyone! Welcome to Project Runway week five. I had hoped we would be continuing on the good-will train from last week. For the most part the designers behaved, but there was still a bit of snark and shade being thrown around. I tell my yoga students all the time, fear will hold you back, but ego will shove you right off of a cliff. Some egos were definitely bruised tonight. Deservedly so?…..perhaps!

We start the episode at the Absolut Vodka Elyx House which is designed to look like a speakeasy. The judges are mingling with fashion bloggers and I’m pretty annoyed I didn’t receive an invite. The contestants come in and are allowed to mingle and ask the judges questions as well as sip drinks from huge copper pineapples. This also being PR the challenge is announced at the party that the designers have to create a luxurious cocktail dress inspired by the vibe and decor of the room. They have one day and a ginormous budget of $300.

In my humble opinion there is nothing better than a beautifully made cocktail dress. When I used to dress competitively (living in NYC) I was always on the hunt for something flattering that would stand out. These designers have a great opportunity to do just that. Unfortunately half of them don’t know what the hell a cocktail dress is. At Mood they are picking out all the beaded, sequined, feathery things they can get their hands on because according to Brik, “Shiny is a color.”

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We Interrupt This Program….


I’m trying to catch up on a lot of stuff right now because Thursday nights are PACKED lately. So please remember NOT TO SPOIL ME ON TWITTER,  So as I stopped HTGAWM (soooo good, but you really need to have gotten on this train from the first episode, it’s quite hard to follow at times) to move on to the next DVRed thing… I landed on an NBC rerun of Jimmy Kimmel. This was everything.  Just thought I’d share.

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60 Days In: Trouble In Store



I think an hour of Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight was enough. I just couldn’t take Laverne as Frank N. Furter. Plus it’s time for death watch on 60 Days In.  I swear this season is fraught with so much more danger than last season. Tonight, I believe the sewer will finally be fixed and everyone will get back to the pods.

Wow. It has been 30 hours since the sewer line was crushed and they are just starting to work on the line. Meanwhile, the inmates are restless and the guards are losing it. They are so concerned about a riot that they do not even want to allow them to stand up.  I would think in 30 hours they could have got some bottled water in there. It would seem wise to give them a few things to keep the occupied. Books, cards, porn, whatever. Something.

Even Quentin is starting to unravel a bit.

The Girls

F-Pod has been stuck in A-Pod and no one is happy about that. Then, someone starts a rumor that there are lice in the pod. I am itching just typing that. I probably still have a bottle of lice shampoo somewhere in my bathroom closet from teaching at an elementary school. If I even heard about a kid with lice I’d come home and use that nasty stuff. I just can’t. Can we not talk about this anymore?

Something has bitten Ashleigh or caused a rash on the back of her legs. A really nice guard takes a look at it and says she will tell medical but that medical probably won’t have time to see her.  Do they not have cortisone cream on commissary? Or Benadryl cream? What if it is something contagious?

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Top Chef Season 14: Charleston

Top Chef


Get ready for Top Chef: Charleston, South Carolina.! According to the PR, “Charleston is the perfect location to inject our next batch of chefs. We know Charleston and are excited by the food, people and possibility it brings with its rich cultural and historical background which has played an important role in shaping South Carolina’s unique cuisine.” Season 14 of Top Chef premieres Thursday, December 1 with a supersized premiere from 10:00 to 11:15pm . I hate when these shows go over an hour. It makes DVRing them on time a bit impossible.

The first twist of this season is that there will be eight returning chefs and eight new chefs. Last Chance Kitchen will also be returning for season 14.

The returning chefs for Season 14  

Sam Talbot (Season 2: Los Angeles) – Brooklyn, New York
I don’t remember season 2. Sam is a Yankee who wants to make “healthy and elevated Southern comfort food.” No. Just Noe. 

Casey Thompson (Season 3: Miami & Season 8: All-Stars) – Napa Valley, California
She might be that obnoxious blonde woman from Texas that we hate, from that one season.  Or she might be a different blond woman from Texas. 

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