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Kim Richards Arrested for Shoplifting in Van Nuys

"I am not struggling with my sobriety! "

“I am not struggling with my sobriety! “

Well, I woke up around 3:30 am to discover several emails in my inbox about Kim Richards’ latest arrest. I actually went to check TMZ before I opened my email for some reason and saw through bleary eyes as my laptop struggled to open the slow site simply “Kim Richards Sho…” and in the few seconds I waited for the site to finish loading thought the had shot herself.  It seems that Kim was in Target on a leisurely Sunday evening doing what we have all done from time to time,  becoming engrossed in the joys of Target where you suddenly find yourself with a full cart of household items. Instead of culling her items down to a reasonable number, or simply saying, “fuck it, it’s basic necessities for the most part!” (at least that is how I rationalize it)  and checking out and paying for her selections, she opted to attempt to leave without paying. She was detained by a security guard in the parking lot.

According to TMZ, “The former ‘Real Housewife’ was booked into jail around 7:30 PM after store security called LAPD to a Target in the Valley. Law enforcement tells us a security guard nabbed her for allegedly scooping up a “bunch of items” worth more than $600. Richards got out of the pokey on Monday afternoon. Her bail was $5,000. It’s unclear if she was under the influence at the time of this latest arrest.” Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Swimming With Sharks

Why doesn't anyone like me?

Why doesn’t anyone like me?

I feel like it has been ten years since I watched this show. I had forgotten all about the wives trip to Tahiti! Tonight we are in for a skinny dip by Tamra, some voluntary swimming with the sharks, and some (well deserved) mean girl gossip about Meghan. Shall we?

As soon as they play the recap from last week, I realize why I had blocked that episode out. Meghan’s stupid bandana. I thought Heather liked her, why didn’t she tell her how ridiculous she looked?  The girls are on a giant slow moving ferry and Vicki gets immediately seasick. Shannon still has SARS or whatever she caught on the plane. Things are off to a great start. But a few minutes later, everyone is up for champagne and a good lei.  Another Tahitian greeting appears to be the flip flopping weiner dance. Tamra really enjoyed that.

The hotel is stuning. The bungalows are over the water with amazing views. Shannon is complaining about all the fattening treats laid out in her room. I am sure she will find a way to blame David for them being there. Continue reading


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Ladies of London Returns For Season 2

Ladies of london

Bravo officially announced the return of Ladies of London today! It looks like all of the ladies will be back except for Caprice Bourret and Noelle Reno will not be back for obvious reasons. Check out the official press release below.

NEW YORK – August 3, 2015 – Bravo Media crowns an all new season of “Ladies of London” premiering season two on Monday, September 7th at 10:00pm ET/PT.  Set in the glittering, class-conscious city across the pond, the series follows a group of elite British socialites, wealthy American expats, and stunning Danish royalty who all run in the same exclusive circle.  Although London is a diverse and cosmopolitan playground, these ladies are part of an extremely small, tight-knit upper-class community where it’s not always about how much money you have, but what title is in front of your family name.  Alliances will be made and hearts may be broken, but London will surely never be the same as these fun-loving, fashion-minded divas take the city by storm.

This season brings an extra whimsical dose of fun from new cast member and Danish Baroness, Caroline Fleming (@CarolineFlemingOfficial).  The former host of “Denmark’s Next Top Model” recently returned to London and is bursting back onto the scene.  Julie Montagu (@JulieMontagu), also known as Lady Hinchingbrooke, is busy caring for her four kids and expanding her healthy living empire while her royal husband, Luke is away running their Mapperton estate.  Saddled with being a full time mom herself, savvy fashion blogger Juliet Angus (@JulietAngus) is getting settled in her new home south of the Thames River while her husband Gregor is globetrotting for his new international tech job.

As Annabelle (@AnnabelleNeilson1) continues to recover from her horse-riding accident, she turns her focus to creating a splash by penning a children’s book.  Recently becoming a British citizen, Marissa Hermer (@MarissaHermer) is balancing life with her new baby and making a name outside the shadow of her restaurant/nightlife mogul husband, Matt.  Meanwhile, Caroline Stanbury (@CarolineStanbury) is determined to secure her ranking as London’s premier elite entrepreneur by expanding her businesses, but as those dreams begin to crumble she still manages to mix it up with friends Caroline Fleming, sister-in-law Sophie Stanbury (@SJStanbury) and the other ladies.  Continue reading


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Big Brother Sunday Night Recap: Broken Deals, Exploding Alliances

bb17 shelli mad face

(Editor’s Note: Sorry for the delay, I fell asleep at 7 pm and just work up at 2 am. I haven’t even seen the show yet. tt)

We start with all of the houseguests (minus Vanessa) clinging to a wall in the Head of Household competition. They each have a small ledge for their feet and three climbing-wall handholds. The wall tilts. A heavy rain soaks them from head to toe. Suddenly huge eagles swoop in and smack them in the stomach. Well, the birds smack Austin in the stomach. Because of the height difference, most of the girls get birds to the boobs. Ouch! And as if that‘s not bad enough, they get bird poop sprayed on them. It’s actually grey paint but still… Eww.

Steve is the first to fall with Austin right behind him. Then it’s Meg and Julia’s turns. Everyone else is valiantly dealing with rain and birds. Suddenly the wall tilts again and Jackie and Liz are out. Everyone is looking for a way to get comfortable and James starts squatting. About two hours into the competition, Becky falls. Then Clay is out. Only James, Shelli and Johnny Mack remain. They rain comes again. James tells John that he has nothing to worry about and John drops. Shelli looks at James and asks for safety for her and Clay. James agrees so Shelli jumps. James wins Head of Household!

Wet and exhausted hamsters enter the house to see that Julia has made it onto the memory wall. Everyone has been speculating how production would add her but no one came up with the easiest (and laziest) way to do it: Julia simply took over Jace’s spot. Jace who, you ask? Exactly. Continue reading


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Leolah Brown Thrown Out of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Funeral

Leolah Brown has been losing her mind on Facebook lately over Pat Houston. While I do sort of get her point. Pat is not a blood relative of Krissi’s and she certainly has taken over everything related to Krissi since Whitney Houston died, On the other hand, the Browns don’t seem capable of the sort of things Pat has been running.  Leolah seems most pissed that Pat Houston requested donations to her charity in lieu of flowers for the funeral.  Pat started a charity for wayward teens a couple years ago in Shelby, North Carolina.  I believe that is where she lived when she first married her husband Gary who used be an NBA player. The fact of the matter is that Pat Houston, nor Gary Houston are actually Houstons. Gary’s last name is Garland. He is Whitney’s half brother (they have different fathers).  Gary, Pat and their daughter’s last name is Garland.  They just started using Houston at some point. This is part of Leolah’s problem with Pat. Also, she questions the legitimacy of the “charity,” TheMarionPfoundation.”  Marion is Pat’s first name. The charity doesn’t seem to have received donations prior to the funeral.

So today, at the funeral when Pat took to the podium to wax poetic about a kid who based on what we saw on the show didn’t seem to know or care for Pat much, Leolah began to heckle her. Because, classy. Tyler Perry escorted her out of the church and into the parking lot. After the eulogies, the funeral ended with Whitney Houston singing Jesus Loves Me. Continue reading


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Porsha and Kandi Participate in Track Meet to Fight Childhood Cancer

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I  just got the following tip in my email with the above photos:

“The RHOA  Porsha and Kandi were at the Fighting Childhood cancer Celebrity track meet today August 1, 2015 at the Emory University here in Atlanta. Porsha actually competed in the events. RHOA production crew was filming Porsha and Kandi throughout the whole event. So looks like Porsha and Kandi are a lock in for season 8. ”

Saw what you want about Kandi, but she will shoot any scene she is asked, usually with a smile on her face.

A huge thank you to the reader who sent me the email!


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Why Is Nene At A Police Station?


I’m changing the Law wit the Po Po #Byewig #Girlbye

Um… I usually just laugh and laugh about the preponderance of Nenetards with her T-shirts on in between her trying to make “wayment” a word and the refusal to put an ‘h’ at the end of the word with.

But is this crossing the line? I’m feeling some kinda way about this. And these police officers… Thoughts? Continue reading


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Daily Tea: One Man Choir

I know y’all need a Daily Tea post to discuss all of your off topic stuff. So please feel free to use the comments below for all of your off topic chatter this weekend

I am stuck in Big Brotherland and can’t seem to stop myself. For those of you who do not share my addiction, the guy in the video above is one of the houseguests, Steve. Steve is an engineer with a deep love of music. He also seems to have a bit of Asperger’s and is having a super hard time in the house with his social game, and the lack of music. Continue reading


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Some Thoughts from My Vanderpump Rules Spies

How can you not love this level of delusion. Isn't that the point of these shows?

How can you not love this level of delusion. Isn’t that the point of these shows?

I’ve got spies that are beyond obsessed with Vanderpump Rules.  Their endless periscopes and Instagrams will literally tell us the whole season at this point.  Me? I’d rather just watch the season. Well except when they get arrested. Anyway, here are some excerpts from their tea.

” I think Stassi is single and living with Kristen.  I’ve noticed Kristen tagging Stassi on certain things and talking with Rachel, Kristen’s best friend.  On her latest podcast, Stassi mentions she’s at rock bottom and  moved out of the Venice Beach shack (Patrick’s house) because of “air conditioning”.  Hmmm.  She stayed last week at a ” single friend’s” house (in the past she always names the friend) and has only 2 outfits.  Rachel is the podcast guest and mentions she’s seen Stassi 6 times in the last week.   Stassi then talks about going out on Sunday with the friend she’s living with.  They were going to meet a guy who the friend met in DUI class (guess who has had a dui?  Kristen).  The story continues with them breaking into a friend’s house or something and they found a Bravo Shotski in the house so Stassi felt she was ok.  Kristen posted a picture of the Shotski on Twitter on Sunday.  So hmmmmmm.   Looks like she’s living with Ms. Doute.  Could this mean a Vanderpump Rules return for her?”

Answer: Yes. Continue reading


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Southern Charm Is Coming Back For A Third Season?

Southern Charm Cast

Can we talk about how Andy looks like a tiny little man who is even shorter than Cameran in heels?

There may be some great news on the horizon for Southern Charm fans! I never really believed the rumors that there would be no Season 3. The ratings for season two sucked for a bit but the Kathryn ramped up the drama and saved the show! On Wednesday,  the South Carolina (mostly political) website,  FITSNEWS confirmed a third season.  I love that site, but if y’all think I’m rude, crude and socially unacceptable, I’d strongly advise most of you not to comment there. I lurk and love the place.  Anyway, if they say Southern Charm is back and production is getting under way, it’s a fact, Jack.

Ravenel has said he won’t come back. He is mad at production  (which doesn’t seem to be heavily influenced by his gay lover  bestie, that Yankee’s woman’s spawn) because they “lied to him” about something or another. He also blames them for his failed senatorial campaign. Because, douchebag.  He seemed to think he should have had editorial control. Seriously? His stupidity is the reason he is on the show in the first place. Continue reading


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Big Brother Eviction Night Recap: Jason Leaves Seeing Double

BB17 Jason

I am really late getting started watching tonight because of late breaking Teresa Giudice news (please see previous post).  Dammit. It’s an endurance comp and I am going to need to get finished with this ASAP to watch the end of the comp on time on live feeds.

We begin with the after effects of the blindside. Jason is furious with Vanessa. Jackie is furious with Vanessa. Meg is furious with Vanessa. Meg cried for hours on the livefeeds. I was already sad this week, so sending home one of my favorite players  isn’t helping.

As one of the few people that actually like Austin, he is being a douchebag on this episode. Clay is lying to Meg’s face about not knowing about the blindside. Clay is dumber than a box of hair. Shelli should not let Clay speak to anyone alone, EVER.  Meg goes to Vanessa and cries some more. Jackie finds out that Shelli was in on the plan to backdoor Jason. Jackie may be my new favorite if she goes for revenge.  Jackie, Meg, Jason and James  are on to Clay and Shelli and Vanessa. They are starting to suspect Austin and the twins are with them too, but not sure. Continue reading


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Teresa Giuidice Continues to Refuse to Accept Responsibility For Her Actions, Sues Bankruptcy Lawyer



There is a very interesting article published by People magazine tonight that I simply have to purple pen. I knew that there was a time when Teresa Giudice was blaming her lawyers, ALL of her lawyers, shortly after her conviction on WWHL. You can read the recaps of those interviews here. Be sure to read both parts of the two part fiasco. I never in a million years thought she would actually sue them from behind bars!  Isn’t she bankrupt? How is she affording a malpractice attorney?  I must say that the one she hired doesn’t seem to be a legal mastermind. Then again, check out the other attorney she is using these days, he is also her publicist. It’s astonishing.

According to People, “In a statement to PEOPLE, her malpractice lawyer, Carlos Cuevas, says that her former bankruptcy attorney James Kridel’s “legal malpractice is the reason why she is incarcerated.”

Um, seriously? I want to see the guy say that with a straight face in a sit down interview with the media. Please make this happen.

On July 28, Cuevas filed a 53-page complaint in Morris County, New Jersey, Superior Court, alleging three causes of action against Kridel: legal malpractice, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty.

He filed the lawsuit on Giudice’s behalf “to vindicate [her] legal rights, her good name and reputation,” he says in the complaint. Giudice is seeking to recover an unspecified amount of money from Kridel “because she has suffered significant monetary damages because of Defendant Kridel’s negligence,” Cuevas says in the complaint. But, he continues, any damages she recovers from Kridel “cannot restore her freedom, her good name, her lost professional opportunities, or her agonizing, extended absence from her husband and children’s daily lives.”

Her good name and reputation? Um, okay. That’s going to be a hard thing to prove. Kridel’s negligence? Again, how is this the bankruptcy lawyer’s fault? Continue reading


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