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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Jealous Bitches on a Boat

rhony luann


On tonight’s RHONY Bethenny will join in with Sonja and Ramona on the plans to derail Luann’s engagement. Because no one stand for Luann to be happy. And well, there is this reason as well.   Spoiler alert! Luann and Tom are still going strong. They have been doing a lot of globe trotting this summer as well as boating on the Hudson regularly. They just returned from a week long river cruise through Switzerland, Austria and Hungary.  They also stayed at the Four Seasons in Vienna. Sorry bitches, Luann is winning. Which Carol will we see tonight?

Bethenny fucks up yet another trip. Since Bethenny can’t go to Hawaii, they are going to Palm Beach, Florida. Dorinda thinks Miami is two hours away from NYC. That seemed wrong to me so I Googled and it is just a little bit over three. That still doesn’t make much sense since it is a two hour flight from Atlanta. I obsess about weird stuff. I also HATE the Miami airport.  Click the link for my horror story.

Tom has a house is Palm Beach and Luann plans to stay with him in Palm Beach. The girls are not happy with that plan. It is a girls trip. Jules parents live in Boca Raton. Because, Jewish.  She is going a day early to visit her parents.

Ramona is mad at Luann for a story in the press that said she was friends with benefits with Tom. How is that her fault?

Bethenny has get together with Dorinda, Ramona and Carole to update them on her vagina.  Then of course they bash Luann for being happy. Bethenny is going to skip Luann’s yacht party in Palm Beach and go straight to Miami. What would these women talk about if Luann hadn’t gotten engaged? More uterus talk by Bethenny?

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Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Αντίο Greece!

Below Deck Med Cast


I really liked this season and hope we get another one. I do think all the exterior crew needs to be recast. I would keep all the stews.  We are back with Bobby going off on everyone because they won’t let him bring his one night stand back on the boat. You know it is a good fight when production has to get in the shot. The girls basically tell Bobby they don’t want him on the tender. He gets off and his douchebag friend, Bryan goes with him as well. I think it would be great if they just left them both there.  The girls and angry and crying when they get back to the boat.

The next day Bobby goes on apology tour.  Julia has no use for Bobby anymore. She is not happy with his violent side.

The charter guests are a bunch of employees of a brewery. The boss is the primary. The guys were super easy and the charter was uneventful. The crew go 2k each. Captain Mark seems unaware of the issues among the crew.

The female crew decides to have a chat with Bryan about his misogyny. Bryan of course didn’t hear anything they were saying. He seems to turn everything back to the girls. He learned nothing from the experience.

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Big Brother Live Feed Updates

BB18 all cast


By Lime Brain

Recap of Tuesday, 7/26/16

Nothing happened.  There, I’m done.

You think I am kidding?  It seemed every time I turned on my feeds I would see Nicole whining about Corey to somebody so I would turn my feeds back off.  I would hope BB would have the cameras on somebody else if something important was going on.  But then again, you never know.

I guess Tuesdays will be the days of calm before the storm.  They nap all day waiting for Wednesday, when the real campaigning will begin.

So, today I am going to try something different. I will give my scanty details of yesterday and the action that I COULD NOT HEAR (thanks Big Brother) that was going on around 6:30 this morning and happening now and leave it open for everyone to post anything going on and see how this works.  It will probably fail because the HGs are most likely going to sleep right after this posts.

But first, I am going repost the beginning of my recap of Sunday’s show where I rant about Frank and why I want him gone.  My post got lost in the mail, and I thought Frank was a goner but you never know in the BB house. Good, let him stay so I can keep ragging on him. Though, I am sure he is a wonderful, delightful person in the outside world. Hmmm…

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This is The State of America


At a US State Department Briefing today, Admiral John Kirby was addressing the press, and some piece of shit was PLAYING POKEMAN GO!

I can’t.

I’m going to bed.



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Daily Tea: (Open Forum) I Hear You in the Morning, I Hear You at Nightfall

stevie nicks


There is so much going on in the world, (and in my emails from y’all) that I felt another open forum was needed. I’m really in the hole.  I haven’t been this dysfunctional in a while, and it seems like something we are all feeling right now. Our world seems to be a bit crazy. And lots of us are single and dealing with everything alone, so I wanted to put something up where we could all share.  But especially share if things are going great!

I was also kind of unaware of the seriousness of the fires in California and felt bad about not being more supportive of you guys out there.  I haven’t seen much local news lately. When I catch some it is all Trump all the time.  I know I would be terrified in your situation.

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Big Brother Live Feed Update! The Secret Tunnel

BB18 Cast nude

By Lime Brain

OMG! I have officially chained Lime Brain to the radiator! Here is her first BB Live Feed Update!

July 25, Day ?

This will be quick because the HGs are not cooperating with me and sleep when I can watch. I may have my facts fuzzy (are they really facts then?) so, feel free to correct me.

In the morning, Michelle and Bridgette were the first two up and getting ready for the day.  Bridgette tried to talk to Michelle about why Michelle dislikes her so much. It went on for a bit but 3 things were revealed.

1) Michelle holds grudges. No surprise there.  

2) Besides being upset about the shaving eyebrow comment that Bridgette doesn’t remember saying but should have sucked it up and begged forgiveness BECAUSE SHE IS ON THE BLOCK, the main thing Michelle is upset about is Bridgette’s closeness to Frank.  Michelle is jealous and wanted him for herself.  Consider yourself lucky that you don’t have him, Michelle. You are doing fine on your own. Though I can’t figure out your game. Not that I care enough to think about it.

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