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Teen Mom OG: HePut A Ring On It

Teen Mom OG Cast
I was just searching for Teen Mom OG posts to pull tags and it occurred to me I never recapped this show before.  I have no idea why they felt the need to start me off with two shows in one night but I’m going to do a quickie recap of both shows together.  I just ate a big bowl of spaghetti so there is no telling if I will get through both of these without a food coma coming on.  Well, I made it through the first one, but I am going to do the second one on a second post, probably sometime later today. It’s break time.


The second we see Farrah she is showing her ass. Last time we saw her she was blessing out the producer, Larry and treating him as if he were gum on her shoe.  There was Farrah has a porta potty right in front of her house because she will not let the crew use her bathroom. You need to understand that the crew has stayed basically the same over the many years this

show has filmed. They are not strangers they are people who have been in their lives since high school. All the other girls have strong bonds with product. But not Farrah. Surely her HOA would fine her for this nonsense.

Farrah has purchased herself a fourteen carat (total weight) engagement ring. She can’t figure out why Simon hasn’t proposed to her and paid her back for it. We only see a photo of the ring, we do not see an actual ring.  And yet, Simon goes shopping with Simon for a house in LA. Farrah is going to hire an au pair to travel with her and take Sophia to school, and basically parent her.  I think this is a fabulous idea. Sophia needs a parent.

Farah has a pod cast. The caller asks Larry why he has a porn actress on Teen Mom when she such a horrible role model. Larry is such a nice guy he says positive things about Farrah. He is the one Farrah literally pushes around the set.

In LA, Farrah has her friend Jenna who is clearly in the adult entertainment business drop by for a chat.  Jenna’s face though. I guess no one ever notices that. As they are talking, Farrah has some guy styling her hair. It’s clear this is literally his first time holding a curling iron. I have no idea what they are talking about because I am waiting for him to be able to successfully wrap some hard around the curling shaft. So far, not happening.

Teen Mom OG Catelynn Tyler


I hate watching these people buy new houses. Their current house is lovely and yet Tyler wants a more open floor plan. Must be nice. If you read my Catfish posts, you would know that all last season I was obsessed with the catfish and the mark having these pumpkin colored walls. Catelynn and Tyler have them too. At first I thought they were painting them when they did the whole staging of the houses for filming to remove all the artwork and copyright stuff from the wall, but now I think it is done with computer graphics. If that is how they do it then why does everyone have the same pumpkin color?

Catelynn still has postpartum depression. Yet they are talking about having a really big family. She tells Tyler that she is going to go back to Weight Watchers. Tyler tries to point out she is currently eating Mexican takeout. Catelynn thinks that is seven points.


Nothing has changed at Amber’s where there are still dogs using the apartment as a toilet. So gross. One of the dogs peed on a producer.

Amber is still negotiating the child support she is supposed to pay Gary as well as the joint custody. Nothing has been signed. Later we hear Gary’s side of the story where he says that Amber continues to refuse to sign anything.

She seems over the fact that Matt has at least seven kids that we know of.  After I typed that, Amber and Matt take  horseback riding and Matt gets a phone call saying that another woman has come forward claiming he is the father of her child and he broke up with her when she was five months pregnant. Later Matt is hold a small baby at Amber’s cousin’s house. He doesn’t even know how to support the baby’s head.

Teen Mom OG Maci


Taylor is in the market for a ring to propose to Maci with. Taylor went to the tabloids to call out MTV on editing last season because the show made it look like Maci was pressuring him to propose. He says that is not Maci at all and she has never put any pressure on him. About that same time, Tyler was on social media saying that MTV made it look like Catelynn was pissed about the stripper at his bachelor party. He says that was fake, they both agreed that they both could have strippers at their party and there was no stripper issue.

Taylor proposed to Maci on the beach while they were in LA working on an MTV project. She got to show off the ring to all the girls at the MTV studio afterward.  Even Farrah was kind and supportive. The engaged couple seems very happy and anxious to tell Bentley who is in LA for the show. Bentley cries. Ryan seems, well like Ryan.

I will recap the second episode soon. I just need a little nap or a break or a different show to recap first.


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HBO’s The Night Of… Is Naz Really Innocent?



HBO’s eight-part series, The Night Of starring John Turturro (John Stone) and Riz Ahmed ( Nasir “Naz” Khan) is the story of a New York City murder case where a young, asthmatic, socially awkward, Pakistani college student  is charged with murder after a dangerous drug and alcohol riddled one-night-stand goes terribly awry. Based on the BBC series Criminal Justice,  the dark gritty series follows many paths as prosecutors use the overwhelming evidence against him to quickly prosecute while his ambulance chasing lawyer tries his best to prove his innocence.

I’ve recently caught up on the first seven episodes in anticipation of Sunday night’s final episode. Side note: I likely won’t be able to watch it live Sunday so please don’t spoil me!

In the first episode we see Naz wake up after a night of first time drug and alcohol use (He’s Muslim) and his second sexual partner, in the kitchen of the twenty-two year old girl’s very expensive home.  When he returns to the bedroom to gather his belongings and begin his walk of shame to the taxi he borrowed from his father without permission, he discovers her brutally murdered body.

While the police have enough evidence to put him away and don’t even consider other suspects, we are given a few along the way. A violent man on the street who hurled anti Muslim slurs at him before they went inside the brownstone, a creep mortician that seemed to follow them home from the gas station, and even the girl’s step father.

As Naz spends weeks in Rikers awaiting trial and trying to stay alive, he transforms both psychologically and physically from a nerdy social misfit into a genuine prison thug.  While in prison he has done drugs, been a drug mule, instigated a suicide and was complicit in a murder. If he was innocent before, as we have believed all along, he is far from innocent now.

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Erika Jayne Rocks Xlsior Gay Festival In Mykonos!

Erika Jayne headed to Mykonos with ten of her closest glam squad members and backup dancers and Kyle Richards over the weekend to put on a  concert at the Xlsior International Gay Festival. Mykonos is the official gay Mecca of the Greek Islands and Xlsior is one of the largest of many summer events tailored for the gay male tourist crowd.

Erika performed on Sunday night which was the biggest night of the week long event with ticket prices of 65€, more than twice the price of most of the other shows throughout the week. Never let it be said that Erika did nothing to help the flagging Greek economy! Erika recently completed her newest video, XXpensive, in the US, but It’s unclear if she debuted her lastest dance music in Mykonos. She did begin with her trademark song, Pretty Mess and How Many Fucks was a huge hit.  The giant orgy event offers concerts around the clock for the entire eight days.

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Real Housewives Of Orange County: Do You Know the Way To Santa Fe?


RHOOC Cast Season 11
Are you ready for this vow renewal? Because I’m not. I’m already nauseous from over caffeinating myself to try to stay awake long enough to get on a decent sleep schedule. This episode may push me over my limit.

There seem to be more scenes from the previous episodes than usual. I kept meaning to do a post on Heather’s tantrum last week, but never had the time. The short version is I don’t believe she was acting in her crying scenes. I think she was overserved. If she were acting, she would not have done the ugly cry.

We begin with Meghan and Jim trying to figure out which embryos to implant.  They ended up with four viable ones, three girls and a boy.  Of the four the boy is the least viable, because Jim’s swimmers make girls.  Meghan wants to do the most viable girl and the boy. Jim agrees and the doctor goes ahead with the double implant.

I am already tired of seeing Heather trying to cry on Botox. By the way, its not uncommon for overly botoxed women to be unable to make tears. Heather vents to Tamra about her lack of desire to ever hang around Kelly again. It seems that the Glamis trip is already on the horizon. Why was I thinking that was toward the very end of filming?

Kelly goes to visit Meghan who appears to be on bed rest after the insemination. Meghan’s mother is getting a lot of camera time. Meghan tells Kelly that she is on Shannon’s side after the things she said to Shannon.  She tells Kelly that she was embarrassed to be her friend. Kelly cries.  Kelly seems to think she was provoked. I must have missed that part. Then she tells Shannon when she has kids she will understand why it was such an issue to have  that girl say things about her that her daughter might hear.  Shannon gets even more pissed at Kelly because of the whole step daughter situation.  In the end they hug it out.

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Carlton Gebbia Taken to Hospital After Falling Unconscious At Nightclub

RHOBH Carlton

Carlton Gebbia was taken by ambulance from Beverly Hills nightclub, Bootsy Bellows in the wee hours of Saturday morning according to multiple sources.  It appears that Carlton was at the club alone to see a performance by Rick Ross. According to TamaraTattles sources, Sean Combs was also at the club to see Rick Ross.

A club employee was seen tending to an apparently unconscious Carlton as the party seemed to go on around her unfazed. The apparent cause of her unconscious state was excessive alcohol.

This was not the first time this has happened to Carlton. Click here for the details of the last time we know that this occurred. 

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The Bierrman Bunch Is Adjusting To Kroy’s New Assignment To Buffalo


DBT Kroy Buffalo bills


Last Monday, Kroy Biermann officially accepted his new contract with the Buffalo Bills. This week, the seven members of his adorable family are adjusting to life without him. While Kim already misses her husband, she has a lot of ties to Western New York.

“Buffalo is like everywhere in my life,” Zolciak-Biermann told “My parents grew up in Western New York. My dad (Joe) is from Buffalo and my mom (Karen) is from Springville. Then my aunts live in Rochester. My chiropractor, my chef, they’re all from Western New York. My chef went to St. John Fisher College.”

“My dad was born in Buffalo. My dad is Buffalo Bills obsessed to a whole other level,” she said. “If the Bills lost my dad was in a horrible mood and we were not to talk to him. That was my entire life. He still wears the zebra pants that the people wore like 20 years ago. They’re so horribly worn out. He wears the old sweatshirts. He’s a whole other level.”

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