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Empire Recap: Sinned Against

Empire  top shot


Guest Recap by Glow

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  With preparations for Thanksgiving, cooking, and family time I didn’t watch this episode of Empire until today after sleeping half the day away.  I continue to run hot and cold with this show but this episode has me excited about what’s to come.

We again have celebrity guests.  Alicia Keyes and Rosie O’Donnell.  Alicia, of course, plays a recording star named Skye Summer and Rosie’s character is Cookie’s former prison mate who now works as a baker.  There is also the added bonus of Lee Daniels, the show’s Creator and Executive Producer, who plays himself.

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We pick up with Cookie and her sister Candace (Vivica A. Fox) in Philly searching for missing sister, Carol, who has left her kids with Candace and is off on a bender. While walking the streets looking for Carol we get to see the relationship dynamic between Cookie and Candace.  Cookie’s hair, long and sleek with an off center part, is fabulous.  I wonder if it’s from Porsha’s Go Naked Hair line. Cookie’s big red fur coat is not my favorite but I digress. The interaction of the bougie sister and the ex-con, streetwise sister is entertaining and often funny. They eventually find Carol with help of Cookie’s ex prison mate. Carol, looks like crap and responds to demands to get in the car by throwing up on Candace’s shoes. After being confronted by her sisters Carol is left with decision to come home with either of them.  Carol opts to leave her kids with Carol and go home with Cookie, whose real name is Lorethia and the name Candace calls her.  Candace is clearly not a favorite of either sister. We do learn that Carol did something while Cookie was in prison that would not make Cookie happy. Continue reading

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Black Friday Was Sort of A Dud


I am so disappointed in the lack of idiots being trampled in a Wal*Mart this black Friday.  The is such a shortage of good footage on You Tube that they are actually trying to use tramplings from years gone by rather than new footage. I had to resort to Mark Dice videos insulting the huddled masses pre-trampling. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Is Working on Thanksgiving Day!

Nene in Chicago

Photo: Chicago Facebook Photo by Walter McBride

Nene had the day off yesterday but Chicago is back live tonight at 8 p.m.  Then tomorrow and Saturday she has two shows a day.  That’s a lot of work to do five shows in three days, but Nene seems to be having a blast!


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What Going On at Sports One?

Bar One 1

While the RHOA storyline is going to be about Peter’s cheating ways this season, there is something weird going on in Charlotte.  To be a bit more specific, nothing is going on in Charlotte.  One of my spies in Charlotte is a Panthers fan and goes out after the game. This spy drives right by Sports One after each game. There is never anyone there.  The photos in this story were taken after the last Panthers game.

In other interesting news, it’s football season and Kordell Stewart has not mentioned a word about “his” bar. In fact he hasn’t mentioned it in all of 2015 as far as I can tell. I have a feeling he is no longer involved with the place at all. It looks like Peter my be all alone on this sinking ship. Continue reading


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Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope everyone’s turkey came out delicious!  I am so thankful for all of you that make this place what it is. You know, a bunch of cranky menopausal women bitching and complaining about some other menopausal women on TV. Enjoy the holiday, and be sure to read a few things here before you go into your food coma!


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How To Get Away With Murder Recap: The Last Two Episodes


By @TamaraMissy

Last time we all got together to discuss the show, Bonnie wished death upon Annalise for ruining her life, Asher found out Annalise turned in his dad, and Conner was kidnapped and possibly  murdered by Philip!!!

Bonnie has decided to take a few personal days off and is trying to regain control of her life.  We watch Bonnie as she sits rocking herself and crying the in the shower.
Annalise doesn’t ever seem to really help anyone out.  I mean,I think she (sometimes) genuinely wants to help but she normally just makes a bigger mess of everything and hurts them even more.

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