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The Daily Tea For Monday: Varietal Nepalese

Disastrous Earthquake in India this weekend

Disastrous Earthquake in India this weekend.

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WWHL With Kenya Moore and Daisy From Blood Sweat & Heels

WWHL with Kenya and Daisy

I’m so pleased to see Daisy from Blood Sweat & Heels on WWHL with Kenya Moore tonight. If you don’t watch the show she is battling cancer and it is great to see her out and about.

Kenya is very beautiful tonight in a tamed down ensemble. Daisy is also beautiful with a bit more bling. I and not even going to go there with the Prancing bartenders.  Nene’s under three minute (or so I was told) appearance on that show makes me want to puke.  If you don’t already know the Prancing whatevers are some gay kids who have been excluded from a team for being gay or not being female or whatever their crisis may be. But the story is that Nene has been crowing about some filming she did on Oxygen as if she had a new show. No. She went on to a show about gay people show them some support. Did she offer to kiss their ass and throw them a gay parade? Nene has been repeatedly offensive to the gay community and this was a DUMB PR move for the Prancing Elites or whatever. I will not be watching.

Kenya is STUNNING tonight.  She says she heard Porsha cheated on  Kordell, not the other way around.  Andy asks if Kenya’s dress was inspired by Beyoncé  and she said no it was custom made for her by a designer who is her friend. As she says this the photo of Beyoncé in a very similar dress is shown side by side with hers. So Yes. It was inspired by that dress obviously. And Kenya wore it better. And Kenya’s dress is prettier.

Andy makes fun of Nene walking out of all the scenes this season and counts how many times Nene said everyone else is right. Ten times. Kenya said they cut a lot out but it was pretty much her response to everyone.  Andy is not so ass kissy to Nene when she is not there. He is actually being almost nice to Kenya.

Daisy says she is better and has her “twirl back”

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part One Recap: Nene Is A Victim Act One

Kandi  reads Nene

Kandi reads Nene

First of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they started with behind the scenes footage of all the women getting spackled and spit shined while Andy Cohen wanders around watching it.  Andy mocks Phaedra’s GIGANTIC eyelashes.  Everyone is in white and Nene is unsuccessfully trying to channel Olivia Pope.  Just moments into the previews, I can see that once again my source was golden.  Should I just wait patiently for all the Nenetards and Porsha Stans to apologize for doubting me?

Everyone goes in on Nene, Phaedra and Porsha and reads them for filth. If I didn’t have to blog this ish I’d be over on CNN watching Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown. There is like some kind of director’s cut at 8pm from last season and the premiere is at 9 for season 5 in Korea.  I’m taping the second run later.

The hotel they always do this at, not only let them back after the police had to be called TWICE last time.  But, they have decked it out in a zen themed set. That is new and I could not for the life of me figure out where they were. But it’s the same room they always use.

Andy starts sucking Nene’s asshole right away talking about her “big ass house.”  I suppose you have to be from Atlanta to know what a poor choice of homes that one was.  Regardless, anilingus  appears to be Andy’s favorite position with Nene.  Andy asks how it compares to Chateau Sheree.  Nene says, well it is built and it is mine. Point Nene. I love when  Andy brings up Chateau Sheree because it draws traffic to my NUMEROUS posts about Sheree Whitfield’s construction site.  And yes, it remains INCOMPLETE.  Just like Ilanya Vanzant’s assessment of Sheree’s Life.  And Patti Stanger’s view of Sheree. Who essentially called her unmatchable.  None of the ladies seemed pleased by Nene’s new home. Even Phaedra joined the collection of stank faces. Continue reading


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President Obama At The National Correspondents Dinner

Sometimes I know posting something is a bad idea and I do it anyway.


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Bobby Brown Files For Guardianship Of Bobbi Kristina’s Estate


Well, I was just saying in the Kim Richard’s rehab post that with all the huge media focus on Bruce Jenner and the disastrous earthquake  in India, it’s a really good time to try and get some things done under the radar if you are in the public eye.

So Bobby Brown finally made his move.  Bobby Brown has filed for guardianship of Bobbi Kristina’s estate, according to reports by local Atlanta NBC affiliate 11Alive.  Currently, Pat Houston holds the position and is in charge of the financial matters regarding the money that was left to Krissi by her mother Whitney Houston.

Bobby Brown moving Krissi to a sort of warehousing facility for those with global, non-reversible brain damage was an indication he intended to keep Bobbi Kristina’s body alive for as long as possible.  We suspect he would like to keep her in this state for eight years until the entirety of Whitney’s inheritance is paid out at age 30.  At that point Bobby Brown would be the beneficiary of all the money at the time of Krissi’s death.  If Krissi were allow to die with a shred of dignity, the inheritance would go to Whitney’s brothers and her mother. Continue reading


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Kim Richards Finally Says Yes! Yes! Yes! To Rehab (Again)

I am not struggling with my sobriety!

I am not struggling with my sobriety!






Something has finally gotten through to Kim Richards and she has reported to rehab,TMZ is reporting.

As was previously reported, Kim was refusing rehab if it meant leaving the state, presumably because of Monty and her kids.  Oddly enough, Monty had no problems flying off to Las Vegas this weekend with friends.

I was wondering what things would go on unnoticed while the tabloid readers were focused on Bruce Jenner and the rest of the world was riveted by the major earthquake in India today. It just seemed to me like a good day to get away with things unnoticed if you are being followed by paparazzi. Continue reading


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RHOA Blogs Kenya Moore Says This Was Her Redemption Season

RHOA Kenya  Twirls Wedding Gown

Life Twirls On
I love this title because it’s a testament to my life. This season has been my year of vindication. Thank God, because it was a long time coming. Some of my fans were so angry that I had been lied on for two years that they wanted blood. They and myself were angry and hurt that someone would physically attack me and never issue an apology for their actions, regardless of whether or not they felt justified. And who could forget the years of being called a whore a thousand different ways all in the name of Jesus?

I know right? Jesus loves whores!  But since Kenya latched on to a real one (allegedly, so I’ve been told) she is now content to call Porsha Princess of THOTland over and over.  It does make one wonder why a fine Christian lady such as Phaedra would be spending so much energy pointing out all The Whores Over There?  Could it be she is trying to distract everyone and focus their whore hunt away from her?

I’ve learned many lessons along the way and forgiveness is one. I have to admit I could not have done it on my own. I have my family to thank for that. I’m from Detroit and I was raised in survival mode from day one with a mother who vowed to “dog me for the rest of my life.” Therefore, I will always be a fighter. But my focus has shifted and I have too much to lose. I have realized I cannot make a person do the right thing, I cannot educate beyond one’s rudimentary limitations, and I cannot change anyone. However, what I can do is take responsibility for myself and sit back and let karma do the rest — funny how that works.

Hmmmm, I wonder if this Karma has anything to do with the delay in pick-up letters? Raise your hand if  you think Porsha had to Google rudimentary?  Do you think she is smart enough to catch the shade?

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Weekend Daily Tea: Today’s Varietal Jamestown, California

“Photo taken in Jamestown, CA (aka The Motherlode, Sierra Nevada Foothills). Sunset the first night of The  Rim Fire before it became the behemoth forest fire it did.” Sent from a TT reader.
Way past my bedtime after a long night. Robin report tomorrow. Namaste.


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Bruce Jenner Interview With Diane Sawyer: Recap Part 2

Bruce Diane 5


The Bruce Jenner interview continues for a second hour. It’s taking me a bit of time because there is so much to say and the commercials are extremely short.

Bruce has six biological kids and four step-kids. Bruce was terrified to tell them. He doesn’t want to do anything to hurt them. He told Brandon first. AKA the normal one. Brandon is the gentlest one.  Brandon says that there were clues all along. Brandon says he was a bit relieved.  Bruce says that he thinks they are all a little embarrassed. But Diane says that his four oldest children all called her up to support their dad on the show. Brody says his first thought was it all finally makes sense. They were old enough to notice when Bruce was on the hormones and developing breasts.  Burt says he remembers a day in junior high when he had to get up and leave class because he was aware of a the term “gender struggle” and he was terrified his dad was going to transition into a woman and he would never see him again. The oldest four have come to terms with this pretty well. The oldest daughter takes comfort in the fact that she will be able to call “her” dad.  They all find their father very brave. Brandon wants everyone to know he is even more proud to call Bruce dad.  Brody referred to him as Bruce once during the interview. Brad says he used to call him big guy, so now he is going to have to find another term.

Bruce says that of the rest of his kids, the first one he ever told was Kim. She caught him wearing a dress.  It doesn’t sound like they had a conversation, she left and went for a ride and they never talked about it again. When all of the TMZ stories came out she asked him about it so he told her everything. Kendall and Kylie caught him on tape once. They never discussed it. Continue reading


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Bruce Jenner Interview With Diane Sawyer Recap: Part 1

Bruce Diane 2

This VERY overhyped Diane Sawyer interview with Bruce Jenner is two long hours.  So I am going to post it in two parts so you can get to chatting about it early. This one should be up close to 10 p.m. and the second one close to 11 p.m. if all goes according to plan.

Bruce and Diane meet for the very first time at Bruce’s Malibu house. Bruce seems nervous and emotional, even a little teary-eyed. This takes a lot of guts and even this Olympic hero seems to be struggling to hold it together. As he sits on the sofa, he grabs a box of tissue and one has already been pulled into his right hand as he struggles to maintain his composure.

“Are you ready?” Diane asks.

Bruce says, “Diane, let’s do it.” He smiles and says You know what?” Very long pause as he pulls himself together. And then. ” It’s gonna be tough. I’ve been thinking about this day forever. And what I should do with my life, how I should tell my story… how do I tell people what I have been through…and that day is today. I need the tissues..”  He is no longer able to hold back the tears. We are two minutes in and it is already heartbreaking and riveting.

He is ready to get started and then becomes very animated. “Wait!” he says, ” One thing that is very important. We have to keep our sense of humor about this. Okay? Honestly, it’s really pretty funny. Me! Of all people!  (air quotes) Bruce Jenner has to deal with these  issues. ”

“I would say I have always been confused about my gender since I was this big.” He says.  He says he hates the term girl stuck in a guys body.  He is who he is. His brain is much more female than male. His soul is female.  He says he can’t lie about who he is anymore. He takes his hair down literally.  Diane asks if he is a woman and says yes.  He lets us know right now he still has all his male parts.  But at his core he is a female. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Melbourne: The Thrilla in Manilla?

RHOMEL Gina Pettifleur

I was so riveted by Grey’s Anatomy (YOU MUST WATCH THAT EPISODE IF YOU HAVE NOT), Scandal  and American Crime that I could not tear myself away to recap this.  Please do not spoil those shows in comments for those who haven’t seen them yet.

We are back in the Philippines. Gina is still shouting at Pettifleur about her stupid book. Pettifleur says that Gina makes racist comments about her. Gina is bitch to Pettifleur, but Pettifleur is the most annoying human on the planet and if I had to be around her I’d probably take some verbal swipes myself.  Pettifleur calls Gina “Ned Kelly” which is apparently a criminal in an Australian movie played by Heath Ledger. Or something. Pettifleur is insane. Perhaps the Aussies can make better sense of her for us.  Gamble stands up for Gina.  Jackie takes Pettifleur’s side. Jackie says that Gina threw Pettifleur and Gamble under the bus on some morning show they were on by saying “let’s throw the newbies under the bus!” Oh the drama. Jackie screams at Gamble for not listening to her and cusses her out.  Gina and Jackie say they will never speak to each other but continue screaming at each other. Jackie says that Gina knew about the rumors about Gamble before anyone. Jackie says that Gina needs a shag! A good fucking root!

Janet and Chyka go to see a tea master. Gamble and Lydia meet up to chat. Lydia goes straight to the topic of Gina. Lydia tries to turn Gamble against Gina. Did Gamble just say she was a devout Daoist?  Pettifleur and Jackie meet to talk trash about Gamble.  Lydia goes to meet her housekeepers parents to bring them some things. They are very sweet. Lydia tells her housekeeper’s mother that Lydia is her actual mother. She talks about what a great servant she is.

Pettifleur in her talking head says she is all about, understated, sophisticated elegance.  Then she is show in this get up… Continue reading


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