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RuPaul’s Drag Race: Meet the Queens of Season 8


By Guest Contributor The Lady Cocotte

It’s been a cold winter so I’m ready to be chained back to the Tamara Tattles radiator. Luckily I won’t be bored since they’ve announced the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8 (premiering March 7 on Logo TV). After a somewhat disappointing season 7, Mama Ru went back to her roots (literally) to bring us a cast of drag heavy hitters. Most of these ladies have already made quite a name for themselves in the drag world. It’s time you get to know them too. Start your engines and may the best woman win!



RPDR8 Acid Betty

Acid Betty

As the oldest contestant this year, Acid Betty is the grande dame of season 8. But don’t expect her to be part of the Bitter Old Lady Brigade. Acid Betty lives up to her name: she is a real trip. Her avant garde club style is exciting yet polished. She is a fashion queen in the vein of Raja, only in bright neon colors. And Drag Race isn’t Betty’s first time on tv. She appeared on Project Runway season 5 in a cool kimono created by Terri Stevens . The look didn’t win but it should have. Hopefully Acid Betty will have better luck. She’s in my top 3 for sure.


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Top Chef Recap: Restaurant Wars Part 1 First You’ll Love Me, Then You’ll Fear Me

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Isaac is irritated that the judges don’t care for his sausage. He is not going to tweezerfy his plates for these morons. No Sir REE.  He’s going to make manly food for men, dammit. This is why I loves me some Isaac. Unfortunately, there is almost never a man at the judges table on this show. Too bad Bourdain won’t be dropping by, he’d love you, Isaac.

Later, poor Isaac is the last one picked on the restaurant wars playground. Amar picked Phillip over him ! Phillip! But Amar says it is because Phillip wants to be front of the house and he doesn’t want to do that, so the guys will cook and Phillip will COMPLETELY DESTROY THE JUDGES OPINION WHILE BEING FRONT OF THE HOUSE!  I get your thinking Amar, but you didn’t think it through to the point of Phillip’s lack of front of the house skills!  Isaac is a little butt hurt about being with the girls and Carl.

This year, they have 24 hours to serve both LUNCH and Dinner.  Everyone has to be either executive chef of FOH for one of the services. So much for Amar’s plan to keep Philip out of their hair as FOH.  The guys decide to name their restaurant “District LA” because it is meaningless. I’m serious that was Philip’s reason. “We need something that doesn’t mean anything.”

I forgot how much Marjorie hates Isaac for his “lack of refinement.” Everything Isaac brings up, Marjorie shoots down. Both girls are being sort of cunty to Isaac. This team goes for “Palate” as the name, for basically the same reason, they have no real theme to their menu. If these bitches are going to ostracize Isaac all episode,  my head might explode. Continue reading


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And The Next (and Last) American Idol Is… Mackenzie Bourg

I’ve been watching enough competitions to know a ringer when I see one. I’m not sure who this kid is, but he smells like money. He’s 23 trying to look 17.  He did an original song during his audition  TWICE (click though for that YouTube) that’s two times it was played on TV and all over Youtube the kid has already won. American Idol loves a white guy with a guitar and this kid is so well rehearsed he can’t fail. Noticed how perfectly he hits his minute and a half mark on this song. During The Voice last season people were talking to me about Jordan Smith.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them he was a recruit. I knew the moment I saw his college. That place has been recruiting grounds for all the shows and in fact I think his choir was on another voice competition show. Continue reading


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Dance Moms Recap: Everyone Really Is Replaceable !

Dance Moms Abby Meltdown
So yesterday, we started seeing for the first time the beginnings of Abby’s apology tour. She gave a brief statement to a magazine yesterday where she said she’s not a bully, just a tough coach.  I mainly agree with that and have a lot less issues with Abby’s aggressive personality than most of you. I do think this season, Abby has become unhinged over this whole bankruptcy fraud issue. It’s a major deal. Once the FEDS bring charges, it’s basically plea deal time where you hire the best lawyer you can afford to shorten your sentence and get you in a nice prison camp with pretty uniforms and a good track for walks.

Almost no one saw her attempt t spin things positively yesterday but a whole lot of people know about the stunt she pulled on her Instagram. Apparently, Abby called Pizza Hut near her California house and asked about the five dollar special.  Times must be hard, or else she was at the studio trying to feed a lot of kids. The idiot on the phone didn’t know what she was talking  about and so she went off on him and he hung up on her. So Abby, who is not a bully, we know this because she told us yesterday, posts the store’s phone number and has all of her millions of followers call and harass the idiot whose life is already hard enough because his job is answering the phones at Pizza Hut. This wound up on TMZ which let a lot of people know she is a bully.

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Fire At PUMP! Fire Department Called To Lisa Vanderpump’s Newest Restaurant

Vanderpump Rules Lisa

There was a small kitchen fire at PUMP this morning and you would think it was a four alarm catastrophe with multiple deaths based on the photos.

Ever the one to capitalize on any situation,  Pinky apparently worked her TMZ magic to basically get free advertising for the joint out of the deal.

There are often small kitchen fires in restaurants, and very rarely do they need the assistance of two fire trucks and hot fire fighters dashing into the one story restaurant with a huge …. ladder. What on earth were they going to do with that big ladder in a kitchen? It really looked more like something from a movie set than an actual emergency. I was waiting for the firemen to strip to their undies and do a YMCA dance while grinding their junk at us. Continue reading


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Mob Wives The Final Stand Recap: Everyone Needs To Have Several Seats

mob wives last stand

Before we start this recap, I need to share some very sad news. Big Ang has been hospitalized with stage four cancer. She was on heavy chemotherapy that is not working. The lung cancer has moved into her brain.  It’s not good.

We start in a warehouse where Big Ang has set up a meeting. These days the term OG is thrown around willy nilly.  It’s being used to describe TEEN MOMS these days for fucksake. Tonight, the real OG all sit down to clear the air, once and for all. We hope.

Drita is the last to walk into the lioness’ den. Everyone is out for Drita. I hope she is packing. Carla starts off talking about how Drita was not happy when she came back.  Carla goes through her whole list of grievances. There is a whole lot of discussion about friendship. What is the definition of friendship?  Youse is all horrible friendses!  Drita says if she said that Renee was the cause of all the problems, she was wrong. The Renee apologizes! We are making progress. Drita apologies to Carla. Everyone agrees not to shit talk each other. And they leave on a good note. Carla didn’t apologize for anything that I saw.  Just Drita and Renee. Continue reading


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