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Please Excuse This Brief Interruption.

HaroldI have been online for a LONG time. I will be interviewing a blast from the past to just decided to join Twitter. Some of us will know him.

My top seven questions for …. Harold Balzaccio

Now he says he is not answering because he is kind of famous.


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Didn’t Tre and Joe Giudice Go To High School Together in NJ?

The sign above the entryway to Public School 20 in Paterson, N.J. (Corey Teague/Facebook)

The sign above the entryway to Public School 20 in Paterson, N.J. (Corey Teague/Facebook)

This explains a lot.

Yeah, yeah I get it. Usually a student “gets” to change the sign. Or some places they have a grounds keeper. In this case the job was given to a janitor.  But the faculty and students had to see the sign everyday!

School officials told that the lettering “was placed by a custodian and the sign was near an entrance not normally used by staff.” It was later corrected. Continue reading

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Blind Item! If Nip, Tuck and Suck Don’t Work, There’s Always Photoshop

Secrets Blind Item

In “other things in my mailbox today” news… It seems this housewife, who took time off during filming for cosmetic surgery, is still not satisfied. After a very brief (uncredited) appearance on a talk show this week, she photoshopped the hell out of her Instagram photos before posting them.

I think she looks great after her latest cosmetic overhaul. But apparently she’s suffering from insecurity. Cheating husbands can do that to a gal…


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Jodi Arias Trial 12/18

Geffner has a very inappropriate affect for someone testifying about murder and violence.

Geffner has a very inappropriate affect for someone testifying about murder and violence.

We started nearly half an hour late because Jodi was late for some reason. Or something. Willmott is really worried about all of the potential for impeaching this ridiculous witness so she brings up a few more of his past issues in previous cases that will make him look bad so he can talk without Juan freaking him out and making him spill his water. You know like the last time we did this.

Then we moved on to reading Jodi’s journals again. Jodi loves Travis but he says such terrible things to her. She knows she should leave him but she can’t. She self blames. We get numerous snippets of stories of arguments meant to show that Travis was an asshole. Or a twenty something guy as they are called in more civilized circles.

Jodi liked to practice The Law of Attraction a philosophy that she erroneous thinks means never speak of or write down bad things and pretend like life is wonderful until it is. Or until the level of  denial and stuffing shit down causes you to go batshit and stab someone 27 times and try to decapitate them and then shoot them in the head.  This includes her thinking that Travis thinks she would say yes if he proposed. She says she would need a significantly larger amount of courting and bible study.

Jodi journals that she has a headache. Geffner says the headache was caused by the horrific stress that Travis placed upon her. I’m not making this shit up. It looks like we are just going to read this entire journal today so the defense can stretch things out until the holiday break. Continue reading


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Everybody Calm Down, Nobody Stole The Giudice Christmas


I hate reporting on things that did not happen but y’all read some crazy stuff and then expect me to explain to you why it was bullshit. Let me just remind you about something called “Just because you read something on the Internet doesn’t make it true.”   I try to avoid blog wars as much as possible. So when you send me a link asking about the veracity of a site, I generally respond with “I’m sorry, I do not read/am not familiar with that site.”  That should be a big enough hint.

But apparently, it is not. But there were plenty of issues with the story you should have been able to side eye on your own. The FEDS do not send “two probation officers, two interns and two local cops” to conduct a federal raid. In fact a “RAID” is something that occurs before the charges are even filed.  What the Giudicies could be facing is a seizure of assets. Which will likely occur. It will not occur when a couple of interns drop buy to climb through trap doors in a closet ceiling. It will occur when some US Marshalls arrive.  Not a half a band of merry men all named Marco from the probation office of Podunk county New Jersey. Continue reading


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American Horror Story: Freak Show Episode 10 “Orphans” (Precap)

AHS Freak pepper

By: Urethra Franklin

Tonight’s Freak Show is what fans have been eagerly waiting for, an episode with extra Pepper!  It is the midseason finale before the holiday break that will connect Season 4 with Season 2 of the series. Besides the return of fan favorite Pepper (Naomi Grossman), Sister Mary Eunice also returns to AHS with the fabulous Lily Rabe reprising the character by visiting the Freak Show. #Halleloo

Here is some back story for those of you Freaktards unfamiliar with Sister Mary & Pepper. Sister Mary was a nun working at the Briarcliff Asylum, an institution for the criminally insane. Pepper was also introduced during Season 2 as a Briarcliff patient born with microcephaly, a rare neurological condition that causes a person’s head to be smaller than normal for their age. #PinHead

Pepper wasn’t institutionalized because of her microcephaly. She was locked up because she was wrongly accused & convicted of drowning her sister’s baby and cutting off its ears.  After an encounter with extraterrestrials, Pepper developed intellectual improvements and revealed that her sister’s husband killed the baby & explained, “That’s what happens to freaks. We get blamed for everything.”  This also has been thematic in ‘Freak Show.’ Continue reading


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Changes To WWHL Schedule

Andy Cohen

Last night Andy Cohen said the reason for Kim Richards last minute cancellation was because she has landed “a really good TV role.” No one has mentioned the show, but Kim says she was filming one of her favorite TV shows in LA. So congrats to her for landing a nice part. Also Seth Rogan and James Franco have cancelled all of their press appearances to plug  The Inteview  and basically Sony seems to have pulled the entire picture. This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Since when to we give into hackers and terrorist and crazy people? Do you agree that the movie should be shelved?

So Andrew called up his BFFs Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa to fill in for them. I love those three together. They are all friends and have the dirt on each other.

Click through for the updated schedule.. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Trial 12/17 To All Then Men She’s Loved Before …Hey She Only Killed the One

Yes, We were all bored

Yes, We were all bored


Today, in the center ring we continue with the direct examination of Geffner the defense’s shrink who says Jodi has PTSD. Today it appears we will focus on her relationship history. The theme of Jodi the victim continues. Her first boyfriend was Bobby Suarez. Geffner says he was abusive to Jodi. Bobby was into martial arts and once put Jodi into a head lock and screamed at her.

Next she dated Matt McCartney. He cheated on her.  This is the relationship where Jodi went to stalk the girl he cheated on her with. In an interview with Matt he said that Jodi was very emotional and cried a lot during the confrontation. Matt suspected Jodi was bipolar. She has major mood swings. Matt and Jodi dated for two years. He has mostly nice things to say about her. They talked about marriage. Juan has made a half a dozen objections, mostly about the lack of foundation.

Next up was Darryl who was 20 years older than she was. Daryl said things were great with Jodi, but he also thought she was bipolar. Darryl was not ready to remarry and their relationship just went as far as it could. She broke up with Darryl just before meeting Travis Alexander. Geffner said that she got breast implants and dyed her hair in an effort to please Darryl. Geffner continues to point out that Jodi has a pattern of being eager to please her man. One of Jodi’s co-workers was interviewed and said that Jodi was very depressed and withdrawn after her breakup with Darryl. Continue reading


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Claudia Jordan Gives Her Take on Nene and Cynthia’s Relationship



"" What were your thoughts about the ladies’ big sit down to hash out their issues?
Claudia Jordan: I was really looking forward to a real resolve, and it seemed like that might happen when we saw (what I thought was) real emotion from both of the ladies. But sadly, once we heard the comments in the confessionals, we saw that only one of the ladies was truly being honest. Continue reading


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How to Make an Ice Cream Sangwich

WTF is yogurt Ice Cream.? TeeCee?


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

RHobh CastHi, it’s me, Tamara.  I’ll be your blogger for the evening but I just had a heavy conversation and completely forgot to set up the technical crap for this blog. So apologies in advance for sucking. And newbies can not waste their time telling me how poorly written is. :) So I had an extra hour to drink and I’m really kind of off tonight. I’m afraid of my neighbors and now of my neighborhood.  I think it may be time for me to move and I can’t sell. So I may look into renting this place.


Anyway we are back to Yo dealing with Bella getting a DUI. Wow Yo is totally lying about what happened. Yo’s version is Bella had a glass of wine and decided to the gas station (WTF?) and go stopped. Um real version is Bella blew through a stop sign and almost hit A COP CAR. and blew a .14 nearly twice the legal limit for an ADULT. She was also driving on a suspended license.  Yolanda is full of shit.

Yo thanks David for being  a great step dad.


Eileen’s niece was her nanny for years. Eileen says when she tried to quit acting Vince was fine. Until he wasn’t so she went back to work on Y&R AND DOOL!

Eillen has always taken her kid to work at Y&R .  lots of love triange scenes. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Trial Recap 12/16

Pool Pics: Tom Tingle

Pool Pics: Tom Tingle

Everyone is in court on time this morning and then there is an announcement the trial will be delayed an hour. Something is afoot. Or it just Because, Arizona.

Also the third ring of the circus involving Jodi’s secret testimony, the appellate court gave their official opinion today. She can’t testify in secret and the records from the previous testimony must be unsealed. Because, duh. HOWEVER, Nurmi wants to appeal that ruling to the Supreme Court. Because, stalling.

Eventually, we begin with Nurmi and Juan arguing over discovery issues. Basically, they are both whining to the judge that the other side has something they are not turning over. Continue reading


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