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WWHL With Lisa Rinna and Ben Robinson

WWHL With Lisa Rinna and Ben Robinson


Rinna has buckled to the pressure and changed her hair. I have always loved her hair. She admits it was partially because everyone on social media kept talking about how her hair never changes. I’ve kept pretty much the same hairstyle for the last 20 years too. I don’t see the problem. I do think about hacking it all off or shaving my head here and there, but that is when the crazy sets in. As women we all know a drastic hair change is the sign of some sort of mental instability cough Yolanda cough.  LVP has had the same hair for forty years and no one really cares.  Rinna’s hair is darker and combed back, I hope that when it is not combed back it just settles back to a similar style to her previous ones. That combed back look cough Yolanda cough gives me a lesbian vibe. NTTAWWT.

Andy compares Hannah from Below Deck Med to a mix between Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lawrence. Um, NOE.  I think her face looks like cross being a chew oatmeal cookie and a doughnut.  Is it just me?

Andy basically tells Rinna everyone hates her (actually it is simply a rabid group of LVPlunatics) and he has lots of things for her to answer to.

Was this all to insure your spot on the show next season? No she is there to do her job. Andy asks what her job is and she says be authentic and react to what is going on in the moment.

Why be the victim of LVP’s manipulations rather than taking responsibility for your own actions? SERIOUSLY? HOW MANY TIMES MUST THIS WOMAN OWN HER BEHAVIOR? She simply wants LVP to have the same integrity. That will never happen.  Rinna says exactly the same thing. Because, it’s a very simple fucking concept.

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Below Deck Mediterranean Premiere Recap: It’s All Greek To Me!

Below Deck Med Jump
Finally a show to be excited about on Bravo! I love a first season before they all get jaded and the producers do more and more scripting. Let’s jump right in and get this party started in the Greek Isles! The boat is called the “Ionian Princess” at least for the purposes of the show, generally the boat owner doesn’t want the real name used for privacy reasons. The boat is HUGE. Way bigger than the Caribbean counterparts.

I saw the teaser for this today and it had quite a few spoilers. I already feel sorry for marine biologist Tiffany, not just because of her name, but because as the third stew, she is going to be ganged up on by the Chief Stew and the second stew. Ben is going to be cast as the asshole chef, and from what I heard from my Miami friends, that is pretty true to character.

Hannah is the chief stew who is traditionally a bitch. Captain Mark lets Hannah know that their first guest arrives at noon the next day. Hannah feels as though a month would be a more suitable amount of time, really?

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RHOBH Reunion Part 3 Recap: Apologies Not Included

RHOBH reunion looks
I am once again very behind because I thought this was coming on at 9 p.m.  Did they move it for Below Deck Mediterranean?  I can’t wait for the new Below Deck. But first we have to get through this.

We begin with LVP’s dramatic revelation of being in an abusive relationship. Andy thinks it is odd that she didn’t share this information when others were talking about abusive relationships.  Odd indeed. Kathryn says that LVP has been very vulnerable with her a couple of times. Eileen says that LVP has a lot more compassion for dogs than she does for people. Andy is not ride or die for LVP in this episode, that is for sure. Andy keeps asking LVP if she has a hard time apologizing.

Erika goes after Kathryn for her backstabbing ways. Oh wait, first we have to debate if it’s okay to use certain words. #WordPolice  Erika points out that Kathryn called LVP a “harmless old lady.” Kathryn denies it. Erika reads Kathryn for filth.

Yolanda talks about all of LVPs manipulations. A viewer wants to know why Tom calling her an alligator didn’t bother her but everyone saying she is a spider in her web. Kathryn says she has never heard LVP say a bad word about anything. Was that before or after she got hearing aids? Because everyone else’s jaw dropped at this ludicrous form of sucking up. Can we people move on? EVERYONE with a brain knows that LVP is the biggest manipulator of them all and quite quick to make nasty comments about others. The only reason why we are having another bash LVP reunion is because on occasion certain casts feel the need to point it out for those random watchers who are slow on the uptake.

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Teresa Giudice’s Upcoming Court Cases Just Got Interesting

Teresa Gives FANTASTIC Bagel Head!

Teresa Gives FANTASTIC Bagel Head!

There are a few little things to report on Teresa’s Giudice’s court case against her former bankruptcy lawyer, James Kridel.  Personally, I find Teresa’s constant attempt to find anyone to blame for her actions sad and ridiculous.

Kridel feels much the same way I do and asked the judge to throw out the case.  His stance is obvious, Teresa  went to jail for mortgage and bankruptcy fraud. Even it if he did something to cause her bankruptcy filing to be fraudulent, she had lots of federal charges not related to the bankruptcy at all. Like all those fraudulent meetings with bankers where she produced fake W-2s from jobs she knew full well she didn’t have.  Teresa has lied repeatedly about her assets, and most importantly she signed  documents she reviewed that left off most of her actual assets during the bankruptcy filing and she signed a plea deal!

Despite all of that, a judge ruled against Kridel and is allowing Teresa to go on with her ridiculous case. To me this is a non-story.  Idiots can file whatever cases they feel like paying lawyers for with little to any actual legal standing. I read this information and decided it was not particularly newsworthy and didn’t change a thing. The case is still moving forward at the usual glacial pace.

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Real Housewives Of Dallas: Poopy Pants?


By Contributing Writer,  Xanadude

In honor of D Magazine reviewing Aaron Hendra’s album, Octobersong, and giving it this stellar review: “Why would anyone try and sound like this?”  which caused wife Tiffany to respond in the comment sections “Bless your heart and thank God there’s MUCH better journalists in Dallas too! May the toxicity you all put out from D Magazine come back to bite you hard 1000 fold. That calls for a double bless your heart.” I’m going to be interspersing some song lyrics from “The Aaron Hendra Project” throughout the recap.  He apparently likes to be called “The Aaron Hendra Project.”  Bless his heart.  Any time you see (Quoth the Hendra…) you’ll know a song lyric is to follow.  Fair use invoked.

Brandi and Stephanie

We are a mere 15 seconds in before Brandi awakes her child with poop talk.  The child, and the audience, asks her to stop.  They have several pets, one of whom is a dog they haven’t gotten around to naming yet and another is a bunny the kids with which the kids have tried to suffocate their sleeping father.  Bryan is going to be “busy” all day (Quoth the Hendra: This old ragged heart too frail to fight) as Brandi and the kids go on a road trip (four hours each way!) to visit Stephanie’s family in Oklahoma.  At Stephanie’s, one of the dogs is allowed to be off leash and starts running away from everyone (I would too if I had the choice, but the radiator chains only reach so far), but, as we were reminded when the kids went driving off in a toy car last week, this is a GATED COMMUNITY and nothing bad ever happens to stray pets and free range children in gated communities.  Brandi and Stephanie finally get everyone packed and the whining and crying (among the kids) immediately starts.  Brandi and Stephanie look as if they are not capable of dealing with kids, pets, or even reality without being drunk.   The trip is miserable for both the participants and the audience. (Quoth the Hendra: what were you thinking what was I thinking/where were we running to nothing but blue sky)

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: The Realness


By Contributing Writer, The Lady Cocotte

Well, it’s here squirrel friends: the last challenge before the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8. There have been some ups and some downs but thankfully Mama Ru and World of Wonder wrangled the show back on track after the debacle of season 7. It’s an unexpected top four, to say the least. We all knew that Bob the Drag Queen would be there (and hoped that Kim Chi would too) but Naomi Smalls and Chi Chi DeVayne are dark horses who truly earned their spots. I don’t want to say goodbye to any of them tonight and that’s just the kind of drama I want from Drag Race!

Before we can move on to the main event, we must revisit the girls after Derrick Barry’s elimination. Bob the Drag Queen continues her “say nice things about Derrick” campaign as she cleans the message mirror (“ To my top 4, Ru said I won the challenge! What happened? I love you all! <3 Derrick Bitch!”). I think Bob’s secretly bummed that she didn’t make it all the way through without lip-syncing but she hasn’t lost any of her trademark bravado. If I only had a fraction of her confidence! But I’m not bitter because she has the talent to back it up. Naomi Smalls fake complains, “The judges told me I have to work on being ugly and I don’t think I know how to do that.” She tries and fails. So everyone gets involved in making Naomi ugly by smudging her makeup all over her face. It’s a sisterhood.


For the first time all season, the girls enter the workroom already painted and wigged. “It’s the final challenge,” Chi Chi explains. “And Ru told us to show up in full face and be ready to hit the ground running.” In other words, it’s going to be a long day. RuPaul introduces them to Jayson Whitmore, the director of RuPaul’s video “The Realness.” As usual, the final maxi-challenge is to appear in the video alongside Ru. But you only get there if you survive the final elimination. Cruelly, the queen going home tonight will be edited out, as if she never existed. Metaphorically, of course. Jayson reminds the girls that they have to move quickly today in order to get everything done. So basically, there’s no time for fuck ups. Lordy, I hope Kim Chi is up for the challenge! It would be heartbreaking to see her leave at this point.

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