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Rhony Sonja vitamins

I typed in TAM to see what came up. This was first.



I am sort of freaking out. So it’s a great time to ask me questions. I haven’t slept so ones with shorter answers are best. I’m still drunk from the night before.


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Daily Tea for Friday: Varietal Outside The Comfort Zone

Super U 005

Super U 005

I might just jump out of my comfort zone.

Should I?


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Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: Unfinished Business

million dollar Luis


Our boy Luis finally has the appointment of his dreams with a developer and his alarm does not go off. He is late.  Somehow he makes it on time. All of Luis’s scenes make me anxious. The developer has one townhouse left to sell and Luis wants to do it. He is a huge fan of the developer. He is basically worshiping the guy. Luis is hoping his international connections will be seen as valuable to the developer who has his own brokerage firm.

Luis gets another pitch opportunity with Gerard and two of his top brokers. Luis wants to do a media event rather than a brokers’ open.  It is not going well. The female broker is shooting down all of his ideas. The developer gives him a co-listing.

Luis holds his media event. Things go well until the developer and his two pet brokers walk in and he got a bit tongue-tied. Luis works the room like a champ as the three stare him down. The female broker is breathing down Luis’ neck.  To be continued… Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Melbourne Reunion Recap

RHOMel reunion 3


It’s time for the much anticipated Real Housewives of Melbourne Reunion. I love when they show everyone arriving and getting into make-up. Lydia has gorgeous hair.  Alex Perry is such a douchebag. Why doesn’t someone tell him that sunglasses are not hair pieces. I really appreciate that this group of ladies don’t make me look at their nipples and tits all night. Their lady bits are all tastefully covered.  I think all the dresses are lovely for a change, and I love Chyka’s dress with the pockets. I also love Chyka’s jewelry but it doesn’t seem to go with the gown. The colors are fighting. At least on my TV.

Alex calls Jackie the voice of truth. Lydia says her husband Andrew is on the mend after a blood infection that lead to heart surgery and a blood transfusion. Lydia says she was a bit quieter on the show this season after she experienced a difficult time last season with hateful comments on the Internet.

Gina had a book party for her new autobiography and then opted to either not invite or disinvite all of the housewives. Gina said she decided it wasn’t really an event for the housewives and she opted to keep it simple. Gina said she didn’t want the girls to say bad things to the press because then she might have to stab them. So it looks like Gina has no allies for tonight’s mêlée. Continue reading


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Asifa and Bobby’s Relationship is Doomed Do you get along with Bobby’s mom?
Asifa Mirza: It wouldn’t be unconventional for me to say that most women don’t get along with their mother-in-law. With that said I’m dealing with a mother-in-law who has only one child and is currently single, so her son is the only immediate family she has. She is a very nice lady, but is extremely biased towards her son and is in denial of her son’s issues and faults. Unlike Bobby’s mother, my mother stays out of our issues and never states that her daughter is perfect and everything is Bobby’s fault. When I started to have issues my mother said to me, “Asifa, you are an adult and have the power to make mature choices. If you are having issues, then go to counseling or leave.” On the other hand, Bobby’s mother gets involved to the point where she’s on the phone while we are having an argument. She constantly states that everything is my fault and that her son only started to have a temper when he met me. She is blinded by ego and pride, and it’s easier for her to blame me than to take responsibility for her child’s upbringing.

Did you just say she is blinded by ego and pride? Wow. Continue reading


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Andy Cohen Discusses Kenya, Nene and More

Ask Andy
So a moderated comment came in from “bagladey” saying that Kenya was referring to Andy as ‘Mandy’ on Twitter and that he was pissed about it. So I had to check into this. Unfortunately it is true that Kenya was doing that. Which I find rather appalling and juvenile and beneath her. On the other hand, Andy is shady with her ALL THE TIME.  Which he admits so I don’t think he was really that pissed about it.  And Kenya is all locked in for season 8 so no worries there.
The discussion about this happened on a recent Ask Andy. It’s kind of interesting so I thought I’d transcribe it here.

Continue reading


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Daily Tea For Thursday

Daily Tea Dogs

I don’t have it in me to find another pic tonight


I just emailed my therapist that I will not be there tomorrow.  My therapist is fine and was selected by some online friends. The repetitiveness of our meetings is basically me refusing to listen. I get I need to just DO SHIT.  Be social. Make friends. Join groups.

I get it.

I got it at $180 an hour.

I got it.

I also get not being able to GET UP. I get that asking y’all to buy a tomato plant sounds stupid. I get the next step of taking 15 minutes to go outside and walks sound like fucking finding a bra an actually moving. But I think we all know what we should do. I don’t think you  need me or  a shrink for those things. And I talk to you guys.  So let’s get better together. I already know all the steps. I’m just resistant. I don’t need to pay someone $180 to tell me.  I’ve probably had more psych classes than she has. Continue reading


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Bethenny Frankel Got a New Haircut, Do You like it?

RHONY bethenny new hair


I kind of love it and so do 67% of WWHL viewers… thoughts? She is going for that rocker look.  But um, I kinda feel bad for the chick that took the photo. (that could be me)


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WWHL With Fredrik Eklund And Washed Up Actress Vivica Fox

RHOA Kenya stop being so bothered

Oh I see Andrew has decided to have Vivica Fox on tonight. Really, Andrew? You are so disappointing. So he introduces her as being know for Independence Day and Kill Bill from like the 90s and her new movie, Chocolate City. For fucksake, bitch was in Sharknado 2.

And is already praising the fuck out of Vivica. He must have told her three times in the introductions how good she looks. Really, Andrew. Sell out much?  Robert Ri’chard is the hot bartender also in Chocolate City.

The first game is would Vivica invest in these housewives products. Asa’s Diamond Water?  Yes (with a finger snap), Kenya’s production company? Absolutely not. She makes a snide comment. Something about her mother? I could not hear and I listened three times. Phaedra’s Phine Body video? Yes. Her mortuary business? No.  Brandi’s Podcast? Yes she loves Brandi. Vivica says that she and Brandi became good friends on Celebrity Apprentice. Of course they did. #Cunts Continue reading


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Monty Sends Well Wishes For Brookes Memorial Weekend Wedding In Cabo: Will He Show Up?

RHOBH Monty Brooke

As I have been saying all along, Brooke’s wedding it this weekend in Cabo. It seems that Kim and Kyle will both be in attendance. Monty is supposed to sit this out, but he does have the Hilton private plane at his disposal.  Do you think he will go against doctor’s orders?

On the one hand, I think he should go, it’s his daughter’s wedding. On the other hand, if he drops dead at the wedding, that would suck. Also, he doesn’t really want emergency medical attention while in Mexico. So I am torn.  What do you think?

Click through for Monty’s Instagram post about the wedding. Continue reading


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Reza Talks About Cancelling the Wedding

Last time Reza shaved his mustache  was in January 2014. Until recently.

Last time Reza shaved his mustache was in January 2014. Until recently. How difficult was the therapy session with Adam?

Reza Farahan: The therapy session with Adam was very difficult, but at the time I felt like it was the right thing to do. What was truly unbearable was watching it on TV. Seeing his expressions and recalling the pain and disappointment he was going through broke my heart. I have so much more love and respect for him for allowing me to go through that very difficult and necessary journey. We are definitely closer and stronger because of it.

I really hope for Adam’s sake this is true. Or maybe for his sake I hope this is not true. Poor Adam.

Continue reading


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Dorinda Sheds Some Light on The Other Ladies, But How Much Do We Know About Her?

RHONY Dorinda
The good news is this: Never a dull moment! For example, Ramona is great about having the never-ending birthday that never ends (redundancy intended). In reality, her birthday is November 18, but the celebrations start shortly after Halloween and continue throughout the month of November, Thanksgiving be damned. It’s like Ramona Heritage Month. Our next stop on the birthday train was at Fishtail with ALL of her friends. And I mean ALL of them. These girls run the Upper East Side with an iron fist. They basically buy out every season at Bergdorf’s before it makes it to the floor. They’re a fun crowd—colorful characters—and Bethenny was right: It’s like the Cantina’s greatest hits from Star Wars. Of course, they’re all jockeying to be Princess Leia, though c’mon, Ramona’s the birthday girl. We know she’s the princess in our midst. After all, it is November…

It seems like Dorinda is still friendly with Ramona.

I don’t typically run with these girls, but over the years of living in this ‘hood and being one of those “ladies who lunch,” I guess I can comfortably say I’ve claimed my seat at the table, so to speak. Seeing Heather, Carole, and Bethenny there was like spotting animals that wandered into the wrong habitat. Not really their “downtown diva” scene, but the effort is all that matters. Carole, babe, I know you’re coming back up “here,” but I think that hat needs to stay downtown. “Hobo chic” doesn’t really play well north of 57th Street.

Oh, the shade of it all! Continue reading


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