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  1. Deb

    Danielles last name is MurphRee …not Murphee

  2. ndnfabrics

    Will you be covering “Abby & Brittany”? I would especially like to know if they get their teaching job and if not, why.

  3. yevon

    why do u dislike wendy williams so much and have only negative things to say about her.

  4. mary h.

    Tamara,I hope you just heard Wendy Williams give you a shoutout.she showed the pic. of sherri home, she said compliments od a tamara follower..very cool .so is your site…

  5. Michelle

    Hey Tamara, I wanna know about this rumor on the street that NeNe’s Bentley got repo’ed… is it true?

  6. shirley

    you need to cover the leean rimes interview, with her fake crying . she looks fake and miserable.

  7. I watched a bit of it this morning. I was bored. Doesn’t look like there will be any big moments. I’ll finish it when I have time.

    • shirley

      thanks tamara for covering the Leann interview I just wannted to say how is she able to show pics of the boys? those are not her children, and brandi cant show them on her show? I would go insane.

  8. It was grueling. :) I guess showing pictures is different from actually filming them. I would be enraged.

  9. Ana

    Tamara, what is the status of Chateau Shereè? Is it finished?

  10. Bella

    Reza before he was gay according yo girl who slept with him….not sure if you’ve seen…but wow he used to be HOT!!! Looks way better without thst stash

    • That’s weird. It does look like a hot version of him but I have seen pictures of him from HS and he was VERY overweight. I don’t see how this look is possible that amount of time. He does seem to have that wonky eye in the picture. And he did sleep with MJ…so who knows. Very interesting, thanks for the heads up.

  11. shirley

    omg tamara keyna went in on pahdra… im starting to like kenya she really pull out peoples true..

  12. Shellie

    Hi Tamara,

    Do you have or know of any scoop on the Real Housewives of OC? I’m interested in knowing if Gretchen and Tamra are still friends. I actually enjoyed this past season because they weren’t fighting. They used to tweet each other a lot now they don’t…so I was wondering if they had a falling out.

  13. shirley

    tammara brandi is ny bestseller inform us. show some luv for her

  14. Michelle

    Hey Tamara! After the “court battle” that you had with Shereè, are you going to continue with the Chateau Shereè updates? Was Sheree rocking her Hermès bag in court? Because I heard she was looking a hot mess…

  15. shirley

    tam. theres a story out there that kim is throwing major shade at candy over the law suit…do u have any insight?

  16. shirley

    I shit major blood bath over rhonj

  17. Thank you for a first rate site. Just found you a few days ago and I am already addicted. I would like to comment that I do think I totally hear JW calling the witness the B-word under her breath. If this is true and brought to the attention of the Judge what could happen to JW?

  18. lori

    Should be good. I really wish they wouldn’t soften him but rather show him in all his glory.

  19. The minute I saw Jeff and heard him speak, I thought of the character Louis on USA’s Suits.

  20. SB

    Are you going to watch Bravo’s Below Deck? It follows a crew working on a mega yacht…I’m sure you’ve seen the promos. I watched the sneak peak and it looks entertaining, although I just read a great behind the scenes article and of course the whole thing is basically fake. Apparently the show’s creator worked on a yacht for a couple of seasons. Even though it’s mostly fake it looks like it will be good summer tv none the less.

  21. Hey,I hope this doesn’t sound stupid,but……….I’ve got this(site) on my screen.How do I find out when you post new stuff?I found your site be accident and like your style.How can I stay updated?Do you send out emails to your mailing list?If you have a mailing list,put my name on!Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Doug, If you look up at the top bar on the screen there should be a black bar and the word follow. Click that. Sometimes these things are different on a phone, but on a laptop it should show up right on top.

      Thanks for following.

  22. P.S.Do you like Chelsea Handler?Just seeing if we’re on the same wave length!

    • I liked her more before I bought one of her books. It was disappointing. But I do like to catch her show from time to time. I think she is one of those people that you LOVE at first and then it’s kind of repetitive….if that makes sense.

  23. lori

    Hey TT, have you caught any episodes of bridezillas marriage bootcamp? If not, I highly recommend it. I don’t know half, or pretty much any of the people, but this show is highly entertaining. I’m loving it.

    • Haven’t even heard about it. I’ll check it out if I run across it. Thanks. Also, don’t worry about the “drama” when things get boring (I am on vacation) everyone gets a little testy. I do too at times. :) It comes and goes. No big deal.

      • lori

        Thanks TT. I will let you know if I hear of a bridezilla m.b. Maybe you can record it or something. Enjoy your vacation!

    • Lori, I’ve been watching Bridezilla’s Marriage Bootcamp. Saw a new episode tonight. I could not figure out what the counselors were doing when the couples were asked to marry a different husband or wife! I said to the TV, “WHAT?” LOL

      • lori

        Then did you get it? In the end I thought that was the most productive exercise they have done to date. That Kirsten girl and her crying kills me. As Oprah would say, an ugly cry.

      • Katelin

        I agree Lori. That was a great exercise. The should put Kirsten and Chris (Melissa’s husband) should be together. He’s quite emotional as well.

      • Katelin

        I’ve watched each episode of the Bridezilla Boot Camp. I also saw the Bridezilla episodes featuring, Porsha and Danni. They’ve both calmed down tremendously compaired to their pre-marriage personalities. I know the show is heavily scripted, but they don’t even seem like the same people.

        What are your thoughts about Byron.

      • lori

        It’s so funny, maybe I’m crazy for thinking so, but I don’t feel like this show is scripted. Regular bridezillas definitely, but not this. That’s why I think they seem so different on this show in comparison. Most of the couples I have never even seen before, because bridezillas IS so fake I can’t handle it. I think Byron is definitely super shady and she can either leave him now or later. Just depends on when she wants to go through the heartache.

  24. I was just on the HLN site. It is said, according to a copy they have obtained of the birth certificate Kim and Kanye named their baby North West!!! North West? While at the grocery store check out today I noticed the cover page of a magazine stated that the Jenner family were upset about the name chosen for the baby!!! Well, if they chose North West, I can understand why!! If this is true, can you imagine how cruel kids will be to her?!!

    • lori

      So basically they named their kid after an airline. I really hope this isn’t true. I really thought she would continue the whole”K” thing. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Nothing with these two would shock me though.

      • lori

        Im surprised she’s not naming the baby Kimberly West, because we all know she’s not taking that name.

      • Katelin

        Hopefully, though it won’t matter to the kid, there is some sensible reasoning behind the name “North”. Maybe they are reaching for the stars or something. Who knows.

  25. lori

    I don’t know if you have already mentioned this somewhere, but it looks like Anna isn’t returning to RHOM? I noticed she’s not on the line up on the preview commercial. Sorry if I missed a post about this.

    • Yeah, I think she might be the first hw in the history of the world to quit. Lea Black drove her crazy.

    • lyn McDonald

      Lori its funny u asked about Anna, I watch HLN everyday as it is great for big headlines and not so much politics, anyway Anna has appeared on a couple of their news shows, either Jane Velez Mitchell or Nancy Grace. She is one of their lawyers they have on to give her opinion on different cases along with other lawyers, so she hasn’t just disappeared, its good to see that she does’t need the housewives to make a living, and that she is a lawyer first. my hat goes off to her

  26. lori

    Yep. She certainly did not seem to enjoy last season at all.

  27. lori

    I liked her old show “The Chelsea Handler Show”. I love when she used to show seniors pictures of popular stars, who none of them knew, and let’s just say, seniors say the darndest things. I remember when she first found Chewy (sp?). I am also so over her current show. It is definitely time for her to move on. She really seems to think she’s the shit.

  28. lori

    Hey, am I the only one who watches naked and afraid on the discovery channel?

    • Frappe

      I try never to watch tv when I am naked and afraid. Do you recommend doing that?

    • Frappe

      Oh! The fear of not being drunk! A little clarity on the reason for being in fear puts an entirely different light on it.

  29. lori

    Oy Tamara. After hearing you mention the show mistresses in one of your blogs, I ended up watching it last week and I liked it, so tonight, going through my dvr I decided to watch this week’s episode, only 1/2 way into it I realized I was hooked, and have now been up all night watching as many episodes as they have available on demand. I love this show! I am right now about to watch the second half of this weeks episode and then I’m out and will have to jones for 4 whole days. Are you enjoying it as much as I am? Monday night is turning out to be one of my favorites thanks to you.

  30. lori

    What was up with that Lamar Odom jab? I found that rather odd.

  31. McAmster


    Regarding last nights #ProjectRunway:

    So there’s this really young, off-kilter, sustainable materials gay designer (love love my gays FYI! No Bullying here!) and first he says, “we have to protect our forests to save the UNICORNS.”

    So after spitting out my margarita just now (DVR saves my life, this is totally on rotation!) laughing so hard, (again, I LOVE MY GAYS AND I’M AN ADMITTED FAG HAG!), his model, performance dances herself down the runway.

    Just. No. Words.

    So his judging: So UnicorniGay (that’s what I’m gonna start calling him if he isn’t voted out (again, love my gays, he’s just, well, a little, OFF CENTER)), is wearing gorgeous gold glitter high heels.

    Sadly, I have a pair similar.

    His model, barefoot.

    So Zac Posen says to UnicorniGay, “Before I judge your dress, can I ask, DID YOU STEAL YOUR MODELS SHOES?”

    Gurl, u can’t make this shit up!

    #ProjectRunway #Posenisms #UnicorniGay

    • McAmster

      Aaaand…. My UnicorniGay is……. SAFE! Lives to save the unicorn another week! Good Gawd I hope he sticks sounds for awhile! Such hilarity!

  32. Anandamali

    Holy Smokes. Tre’s Joe is not a US citizen. He’s a citizen of Italy. Could be deported. OMG New opportunity for Bravo: Real Housewives of Sicilia. Segue to HNL, wish we could be hypnotized with Whitey’s trial just to know how it all works.

  33. Shirley

    Casey Cohen tweeted that Ashley white suffered another stroke

  34. lori

    OMG, did you see the video on YouTube of Melissa singing without autotune? It is beyond bad. No wonder Tre makes those faces about Melissa’s singing.

  35. Any truth to the fact that Stoopid Housewives has been shut down by the Manzos?

  36. KillaCam

    HeyTamara, what are your thoughts on the Merritt Landry trial out of New Orleans, Louisiana?

  37. lori

    Just read that gretchen and Alexis have been fired. I smell gretchen and slade spin off. If true, I am sad to see alexis go.

  38. Horace P Lewis

    Tamara i am going to need for you to stop hating Nene Leakes she does not have poor grammar thats how she talks and if you have familyfrom the south you will understand stop being so damn petty.

  39. RahRah

    Tamara I do not have the her contact information but my niece Chari just relocated from Bolingbrook, IL to Atlanta, she is a hairdresser and she has those magic fingers. She is struggly to build a clientele and I write because we are now having to send survival money. Let me know if you can do anything help, thanks.

  40. lori

    Bruce Jenner wants to become a woman per TMZ and is having his Adam’s apple shaved off? This certainly would make his current face make a lot more sense.

    • lori

      I realize that I am probably the last person in America to hear this rumor, but seriously, it would make some sense with some of his other current physical appearance choices. If it’s true, I say go for it Bruce!

  41. lori

    Real World “ex”-plosion Wednesday, Jan 8th at 10:00.

  42. RahRah

    Ms. Tattles,

    I wanted you to know that my niece went back to Chi for thanksgiving, came down with the flu, went to the doctor only learn her flu will end in 9 months.

    She returned to Hotlanta, I drove over there, packed her up, drove her and her stuff back to the Chi. She is gone from Atlanta.

  43. Paige

    Is Phaedra in court today re: Angela Staunton defamation case….have you heard anything?

  44. Maya Simone

    Hi Tamara. I’m new to your site but I love love what I’ve been reading. You crack me up! Plus, it’s so refreshing to find a blogger who’s an independent thinker and doesn’t succumb to groupthink in hopes of clicking up with some reality star and their inner circle. Some good ones have completely sold out recently. So definitely keep up the good work!!

    I see that you and I both “evolved” on Kenya….cause I couldn’t stand her last season. But that Nene…..that NeNe is a monster!

  45. Hi Tamara – I’m new to your blog and I must say I just love it. Not sure but I thought I have read on here that there is a tip jar, I’m assuming to help with your blog I would like to donate, do you have a po box where I can mail a check or a money order which ever you prefer, if you could let me know I would appreciate it.

  46. N Dot

    Hey TT,

    I’m wondering if you will be covering “Bring It” on Lifetime. It’s so much more refreshing than “Dance Moms”.

  47. Kris Martin

    What has happened to NeNe over this last season? She has become someone you just can’t like. She was originally my favorite of all the Housewives. She’s sitting on the couch in that George Washington wig in her Christmas dress acting superior. All of the girls seem scared of her except Kenya but no one listens to her because they think she’s crazy. What do you think Tamara?

  48. Caliborn

    Hello TT love your blog. There is a report (rumor) that Sheree will be returning to RHOA and that she was seen filiming for Kandi’s wedding spin off. Do you know is this is true?


      • Caliborn

        LMAO, Oh ok sounded funny only because the report(rumor) added extra’s including a possible blogger(never named) in ATL was going to “possibly” be added as well.. Shoot let me go sip on my jesus juice and wait for you to provide the MOST truthful shade.
        Thank you!

  49. Vivi

    Hi Tamara
    I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and fell in love with it. Wondering if there is any chance of you recapping The MTV Challenge Free agent. I know it’s a few episodes in already but it would be fun to read your take on it.

    • I watch it, but it’s not really an easy show to recap. Especially this early when I don’t know all the names lol.

      This season they are in the place I would really like to retire, Punta Del Este, Uruguay!

      On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 4:12 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Riley

        Love me some Challenge…especially Free Agents. I know the contestants do too. They always get partners that screw up their game.

  50. Pip

    I just discovered your blog yesterday. I will be wasting many hours here… This is without question the best reality TV site I have stumbled upon. Thank you!

  51. Caliborn

    Hey TT!!!! Is it true Apollo plead guilty today? I had to come to the

  52. Bravogirl24/7

    Hi T.

    Has Appollo been sentenced today?

  53. Teresa

    Why is there absolutely nothing on the internet about Kelly Hyland’s trial that was scheduled for May 5? It was such big news when she was arrested and now nothing.

  54. cns

    Do you have any info the court dates or schedule for Porsha Williams assault charges? If yes, will you blog about it?

  55. quiltmama

    Dear TT I have placed a little donation to your happy pill fund. Thankyou for your patience with me, the elderly techno challenged trying to sort it all out. I am in awe of your tech savvy. I found you via Jodi Arias (obsessed)and love all the RH shit. Neeed to know if “cunt satchel” is your invention. I am probably better as a lurker than a commenter so..FYI in the june issue of Vanity fair there is a great diagram on page 108 of 6 degrees of OJ Simpson to realityTV. If my donation didn’t go through let me know.

    • It did go through, and yes, cunt satchel is one of my made up cuss words. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time. lol.

      Thanks so much for hitting up the tip jar! ​

      On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 7:45 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  56. Riley

    Morning T…Was looking through tonight’s lineup on the (yeah, 7:30 am on a Sun…very pathetic I’m aware)
    Any hoo, thought I’d let you know that Oparah’s Master Class is on Maya Angelou….followed by Whoppi
    (another one of my heros)
    And Kandi’s show starts along with a 30 min. preview of rhonj. The synopsis reads that Caroline will be on. Don’t know if we can trust that…but like you, I like and will miss Carolina. Just a head’s up. I really only planned to tell you about Maya…..but got carried

    • Thanks Riley! I’ll catch the Masterclasses next Sunday. I watch that during the day so I’m always behind. Whoopi should be good. I think I’ve probably seen Maya but will definitely watch again.​

      On Sun, Jun 1, 2014 at 7:51 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  57. Frappe

    Soooooo TT. It really didn’t take me that long to figure out that you and TeeCee are one and the same person. An alter ego gives you lots more opportunity for amusement.

  58. Stacey

    I heard Porsha is returning on RHOA….. Is it true?

  59. carol

    Tamara, Been following you enjoyably for about 6 months. Wonder what your opinion of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is, and why you don’t cover it. I just caught a couple of episodes and it seems to be about thugs and their baby mammas and side pieces. And truly, almost needs closed captioning. I watched a couple of shows because it was like a car crash that you just can’t look away, but after 2 I was done. Is it just me, or are they all past, present and future criminals in one way or another? And do the women throw drinks in faces and rip off each other’s weaves EVERY episode? I am glad you don’t give this show the time of day!

  60. Happy Birthday!!! I’m proud to say I stalk your site daily. Love it.

  61. Michelle

    I am interested in sending a pic to see if I can be a possible option to have my botched surgery fixed.
    Please let me know what I need to do.

    Thank you,


  62. Riley

    Hi T…hope you are going to watch Botched. It was informative and scary. And it confirmed my fears of plastic surgery. Even if I could afford it …I don’t think I’d have the guts to go through with it.
    Anyway…it may be fun to blog about it. As I watched it, I could not help but think all of the funny things you would be writing.
    BTW….BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope the hangover has subsided.

  63. Riley

    Hey Tamara…I’m not receiving any email alerts for new posts.
    Has anyone else had this problem that you are aware of?

    • ​Not that I have been told, I’ve haven’t posted much in the past few days. Plus WordPress is sort of buggy lately. If you don’t get any at all for a few days try signing up again?

      On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 11:45 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  64. bravocueen

    Am I recalling correctly that you are very familiar with the Middle East and the cultures there? If so, PLEASE watch and recap “Tyrant.” I. Must. Know. the ins and the outs of this show. SO far, I am completely hooked but I’m having some trouble understanding the dialogue through the thick accents.

    • bravocueen

      OH for fucks sake won’t you pretty please answer me?!? I haven’t even called your favorite dance instructor a thunder cunt lately! What do I have to do, donate to the happy pill fund?

  65. ICassie

    Tamara Kenya posted she will be on another show I am guessing the tv one show but does that mean she is not coming back to housewives. I hope she is doing both.

    • As far as I know she is coming back. She could be referring to Celebrity Apprentice. That said, I know that she is very uncomfortable around Apollo and was not expecting any filming with him this season. So you never know.

  66. Karen

    Have u heard anything about Phaedra ‘s depo?

  67. Pam

    Luv, luv, luv your RHOC! I sat here and laughed so hard. The 1st Bali episode was my favorite Housewife episode becuz there wasn’t so much fighting. Thanks for the chuckles……I needed that. Go Team Shannon!

  68. Any word on Bravo firing Ramona b/c she shut down Andy on WWHL?

  69. Riley

    Have you had the chance to see last week’s episode of Dance Moms yet? Just wanted to tell you if you have not…you’re gonna want to. Very nice surprise in that episode. Be prepared to be happy.

    • ​My DVR didn’t tape and I would have watched on demand already but I haven’t been in a recapping frame of mind. I may just break down and watch it later tonight. Right now I am trying to get through The Voice. I watched all but the last act last night and I really want to see it, but on demand you have to watch the whole thing.

      On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 4:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  70. Riley

    Whenever you do get to see it, it will have been worth the wait. I never saw it coming. Hell, I just might watch it again. A very happy, feel good moment. And you know how few and far between those are. :)

  71. Riley

    Yeah it’s me again. Just saw that Scandal season premiere on tomorrow night. Just couldn’t not let you know, in case it was sneaking up on you like it did me.

  72. I am bummed that Utopia discussion has not evolved. Yet.

  73. loriflack

    I have taped the Voice for the first time only because Pharrell ( totally reminds me of my shrink ) I am open minded about it and want to know if my Doc even knows who Pharell is …

  74. Hey tt been reading your blog since March. I love this blog. Not sure how to become a commenter. Never have done it before, but think my opinions and and views might be an addition. I’ve read all your commenter rules and I’m on board and agree to all of them. How fun…I think…to be a part of all these discussions I’ve been reading for so long. Kinda scared to partake…but here I go!

    If I post a comment…shouldn’t I have a anonymous name? I’ll look in the post a comment….it’s probably there.

    Love this blog. Let’s see if I can contribute.

    • You’re in Lisa. I gave you a fake last name otherwise your real one would have posted and I don’t think you mean to do that. Plus, who doesn’t like seals? 😉 You can change it to something else in your next post. Just put it where it says name.

  75. Rose

    Have you ever considered putting the TT spin on recaps of Homeland and The Good Wife?

  76. Hi TT ~ please consider doing coverage of Amanda Bynes.. .
    She is being portrayed as completely off the rails. But having soooo
    many (mostly men) swarm her, who wouldn’t be!
    I believe she is more on track than some people think she is.
    She definitely does need assistance for now.
    I would imagine she is beyond pissed knowing that she’s in lockdown

  77. I never implied it for entertainment!

    Later and peace out ~

  78. LittleP

    My friend told me that she heard TRav and his baby momma broke up? Must know more, what do your sources say?

  79. My sources say Ravenal is a felonious asshole which is why I don’t blog about his attempts to destruct Charleston.

  80. Looking forward to the truth about that disgusting Peter Thomas. Arrested?
    True or false?

    • HoneyChile

      Hey Tamara, have you heard anything about Apollo writing a nasty jailhouse letter about Phaedra? If so, what was said, and do you think it’s true?

  81. Joey-lee

    Aha hahaha nanna bananas this is good reading & funny .. I just came across this and am enjoying!! Keep up the good work T :-)

  82. WilLowe

    I know you are probably tired of beating a dead horse with the Apollo Kenya debacle, however, I do have a question (or two).

    Do you feel that there was some inappropriate behavior and that the ONLY thing he lied about was her offering fellatio upon seeing him in LA (or were those two separate events)?

    I ask because she seemed to have continuously emphasized the importance of wanting him to be specific in his apology. It’s like there was a play on words and an attempt to play on the viewers’ intelligence.

  83. Queen of the Nile

    Please talk about (Bravo Euros) Bleona’s outfit at the AMA — there are several sites that show her from all angles. I read a translated Serbian news source and they had so many pics. That girl’s outrageous! But then, she does claim to be the Albania Madonna.

  84. Queen of the Nile

    Oops … maybe you haven’t watched that new Bravo show. Or, maybe “who?” says it all – ha! I just couldn’t believe she showed up at the AMA stark naked except for pasties and a thong under long mesh. I’d send a link but I think that’s against the rules.

  85. Mrs. Barber

    Hi Tamara , I just read somewhere that Todd Tucker’s, Kandi’s husbands’ mom just died of a stroke, you may want to look into that…

  86. Riley

    Morning Tamara, Was wondering if you might know how Cat is doing. I seldom see a comment from her anymore and could not help but be a little concerned on how she is doing. She has been through so much. I am trying to be positive and believe she is doing so well and enjoying her life, that she has little time for the likes of us…..which would be fantastic ! As always, thanks for all you do (which happens to be so much more than just writing a blog on your thoughts). Have a great day. : )

    • Cat is fine. Her laptop or whatever she was using to get online crapped out on her. She is working on replacement. Meanwhile she pops into the library from time to time. She posted yesterday.​

      On Fri, Dec 5, 2014 at 7:16 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  87. Riley

    Thanks you’re a doll. Must of missed that comment. Glad to hear she’s doing ok.

  88. Riley

    Here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas Tamara.

  89. Staci

    Admin Note to Staci: ROFLMAO. No mam. We are only 8 episodes in. I do think this is Nene and Porsha’s last season though…

  90. yeah, ok

    Do your sources have any tea on Bob Whitfields bankruptcy?

  91. Interesting. Cherokee County is super cheap and pretty in parts. She may be able to get something up there with the $47 in liquid assets she has.

  92. YEDE

    Did you miss the IG post Kenya had about Nene suing her?

  93. Carmen

    Any tea on Porsha calling in sick from Dish Nation. I heard she got 2 black eyes. Not sure from whom or why.

  94. Catherine Boice

    Thank you so much for E’s links!This chick rocks! I don’t know how to do email or Twitter so I can’t respond directly to her which is cool cause I wouldn’t even know about her but for you.Hope this goes through -you should also know I love to read you-this Bravo stuff is pretty much the only thing that can distract me enough from my actual life(which isn’t bad) So thanks again TT

  95. hope u will cover rhony now? looking forward to it. i also loved married at first sight, first season. theyre starting season 2 now

    • 1st show of season 2 of married at first sight starts tomorrow nite on A&E. season 1 was great. 2 out of 3 couples stayed together.

  96. Wendy

    Not sure if you know or even care… The stars of VH1’s new series “Barely Famous” are the daughters of David Foster. They are friends of Nicole Richie and met through there dads (Lionel Richie and David Foster). The pilot is kinda cute. They don’t take themselves too seriously.

  97. Alex

    Hi Tamara, check out Jez, yesterday, the 19th, for another post about K. Didn’t know if you saw it. Hope you have a good day.

  98. SantaFeWay

    Hi Tamara! Just wondering if you stopped recapping/commenting on “The Blacklist” and “Scandal”? I miss your thoughts on those. :)

    • ​I sort of have. I could to a post about them that is not a recap though… It’s a lot of work for not much interest…

      On Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 4:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • SantaFeWay

        Ohhh. I understand. If people aren’t commenting then it’s pointless I guess. Blacklist is starting to get good again since Tom is back and there’s more coming out about his connection to Red. Love Spader. And Ryan Eggold. But I’m finding it hard to watch Scandal without the Fitz/Liv sexual tension so far and wondered what you thought about the second half of this season. It might be heating up though. But I do get that many people have lost interest in those shows. And Lord knows you’re busy enough without them. I’ll be here regardless. Rock on!

  99. CottonBall

    Hi Tamara,
    You crack me up and I love your rules. You’re my kind of blogger. New to your site via a Google suggestion ‘card’ on my andriod phone today. Read that blog and continued reading for the last 3 hours. Thank you for entertaining me!

  100. Riley

    Life without the possibility of parole. Cannot wait to read what you think. After seeing all of it, I am at a loss for words. Burn in hell , the sister said. RIP Travis Alexander.

  101. Wendy Fisher

    Thursday, 4:42 PM Los Angeles time. Kim Richards arrested in Beverly Hills for public intoxication. CBS News (channel 2) in Los Angeles. Broadcast actually interrupted for this news flash LOL

  102. May I suggest the Pink Sands Beach in Harbour Island, Eleuthera Bahamas? May I send you a photo?

  103. shane

    TT did you see Kenya’s Instagram????

  104. cns

    Vine video on Kenya’s Facebook?

  105. Dee

    Good Morning Lady. Did you see the news about Kyle Richards?
    Interesting timing

  106. BeetsWhy

    did I break a rule by mentioning the D’s or Fox? If I did I apologize.

  107. cns

    The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems. [Applause] Thank you. It’s true, and these are the best and the finest. When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

    • Rozanna

      A lot of these people are poor, not criminal. Poverty is not a crime. Wanting a better life for your children is not a crime. I do agree in limiting the amount of people crossing the border though. Mexico has to take care of its poverty problems so its people have a better life. I also agree that San Francisco needs to lift its sanctuary status at this time. None of my friends agree with me, but the recent crime committed there is a convincing argument.

  108. Kim Davis

    I want Nene gone so bad. She is a bully, boring, jealous, and just plain hateful. Her husband Greg is even more boring and now he is trying to play like he has wisdom to share….oh please! Greg always looks like he needs a nap, just woke up from a nap or is about to take a nap. Can we give a rundown of how many people Nene got fired over the years: Dwight, Sheree, Marlo, Kim, and apparently Claudia. Sheree told her off and then she was gone. I truly feel that the way Claudia read Nene…earned her at least one more season. It seems that everyone who stands up to her gets booted. She is boring. She is only getting these acting jobs because these shows know that she will give them free advertisement on RHOA. How do I write these producers to give them my opinion?

  109. The contention is that Jodi killed Travis in self defense but also that she murdered him out of jealousy.

    What about the intruder theory?

    Take for instance the locked doors and Marie Hall arriving at around 11:00 pm on J1008 to check on him.

    If Travis had in fact already left for Cancun he would have told someone. He just wouldn’t have left without telling Skye or Chris. If he didn’t tell Skye or Chris then the vacation promoters would have known that he had left for Cancun because they would had to have approved his change of time and departure. A change that would have conflicted with Marie Hall’s time of departure. A conflict that would have roused the suspicion of the Hughes most likely.

    The roommates said that Travis left the doors unlocked when he was home working.

    If Marie Hall had shown up earlier in the day anytime during the week what would she have possibly found? Maybe locked doors? Why would the doors be locked if Travis was home working? They would have been locked if someone knew that Travis was dead already and they were trying to keep someone from out that Travis was dead until before a determined time.

    Marie Hall arriving late at night on J0908 at 11 PM would have been a convenient cover up for the reason why the doors were locked as it would have been late at night and everyone would have been sleeping unlike during the day time where if Travis had in fact been home and working then the doors would have been unlocked.

    There is a connection between the roommates and Marie Hall.

  110. hi tamara! i was going through the archives again, and i caught the show where you called in. i don’t think your voice was manly at all. to me you sounded like a young-ish girl. i cringe when i hear my own voice recorded. i sound like a 7 year old on speed and i am not a spring chicken lol. anyway you sounded great and very articulate. love this blog! <3

  111. Just like the cadence goes…My chute didn’t open…look out Satan ’cause I’m coming through. Prophecy Fleet Up….The reason why Marie Hall did not show up until 11:00 pm on J0908 when she had been concerned for Travis the entire week is two fold. One the doors were locked at that time making it necessary for the roommates to allow her into the home. If Marie Hall had shown up any time earlier in the week and based on the roommates saying that Travis never locked his doors when he was home she would have found the home most likely locked. She would then have called people over like she had on J0908. Earlier in the week when Travis’ body would have been found the autopsy would have proven a different story of the bullet not exiting Travis’ cheek and lodging itself in his cheek but had been purposely placed there as well as the knife wounds being able to be matched to specific type of knife instead of general range of knives used as speculation to accuse Jodi of slitting Travis throat. So why didn’t Marie Hall arrive earlier in the week to check on Travis? The decay of the body would have told a different story. Arriving late at night was used as a perfect cover to the reason why the doors were locked when any other time of the week the doors would have been unlocked. The murder of Travis was a conspiracy and Jodi set to blame.

  112. Shirley Baker

    Hello Tamara. I haven’t posted in a long while
    but I read you daily. Love the way you write and think.? I just got through watching Fargo and I couldn’t help but wonder what would be your take
    on this incredible show. If you just want to watch something for pure enjoyment check it out. Stay well and know that you are great on so many levels and that following your blog ads so much to my boring life lol. Thanks so much.

  113. tamaratattles

    Thanks Shirley. I used to recap Fargo, but I don’t have time to this season. I probably won’t even have time to watch. Glad you like the blog

  114. BeetsWhy

    how about Après Ski? Kind of like Below Deck but on a mountain. Watched the first episode and thought they could be interesting?

    • tamaratattles

      I DVRed it. No time today or tomorrow but maybe soon. I needs to be on THURS or perhaps WED once Below Deck ends. I am slap full on Mon. I haven’t even gotten to Ladies of London yet.

  115. BeetsWhy

    HATE the brown background with yellow/gold type! Maybe I’m blindish but I can hardly read this, am I alone in this opinion?

    • Queen of the Nile

      Hi Tamara, I know you haven’t asked for feedback, but I have to agree about the color scheme. I also find it very hard to read! Of course, being a woman of a certain age doesn’t help ….

    • Dee

      Hi Beets, you’re not alone. I would not say hate. I am trying to adjust to the change. Funny, on my cell it is the old colors so I was happy we went back. Then came to my laptop and see it is still the dark colors. As Tamara, change the contrast, that might help. Good luck!

  116. Queen of the Nile

    It’s better on my desktop – must be the screen size of my nook when I read in bed. That’s okay … my dog has been giving me strange looks when I suddenly burst out laughing in the middle of the night.

  117. Cat

    I like the brown background. I tend to read in the dark. The brown is easier on the eyes. I can view the site longer with this background. Besides, the “tea” color fits.

  118. DejaBlue53

    Have you or are you reading This guy used to write the bside blog so of course you have. When you need to laugh out loud read him. I’m assuming your ego is secure enough to know I’m not diminishing your blog. Every person adds their own particular color to the rainbow of life. lol He reminds me of Xanadude. So great.