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81 responses to “Contact

  1. Deb

    Danielles last name is MurphRee …not Murphee

  2. ndnfabrics

    Will you be covering “Abby & Brittany”? I would especially like to know if they get their teaching job and if not, why.

  3. yevon

    why do u dislike wendy williams so much and have only negative things to say about her.

  4. mary h.

    Tamara,I hope you just heard Wendy Williams give you a shoutout.she showed the pic. of sherri home, she said compliments od a tamara follower..very cool .so is your site…

  5. Michelle

    Hey Tamara, I wanna know about this rumor on the street that NeNe’s Bentley got repo’ed… is it true?

    • LOL Nene has never had a Bentley. Nothing there to repo. I think she drives a (nice) SUV kid of car. Or Expedition or something. I am terrible with cars, but she doesn’t have a Bentley. Never has.

  6. shirley

    you need to cover the leean rimes interview, with her fake crying . she looks fake and miserable.

  7. I watched a bit of it this morning. I was bored. Doesn’t look like there will be any big moments. I’ll finish it when I have time.

    • shirley

      thanks tamara for covering the Leann interview I just wannted to say how is she able to show pics of the boys? those are not her children, and brandi cant show them on her show? I would go insane.

  8. It was grueling. :) I guess showing pictures is different from actually filming them. I would be enraged.

  9. Ana

    Tamara, what is the status of Chateau Shereè? Is it finished?

  10. Bella

    Reza before he was gay according yo girl who slept with him….not sure if you’ve seen…but wow he used to be HOT!!! Looks way better without thst stash

    • That’s weird. It does look like a hot version of him but I have seen pictures of him from HS and he was VERY overweight. I don’t see how this look is possible that amount of time. He does seem to have that wonky eye in the picture. And he did sleep with MJ…so who knows. Very interesting, thanks for the heads up.

  11. shirley

    omg tamara keyna went in on pahdra… im starting to like kenya she really pull out peoples true..

  12. Shellie

    Hi Tamara,

    Do you have or know of any scoop on the Real Housewives of OC? I’m interested in knowing if Gretchen and Tamra are still friends. I actually enjoyed this past season because they weren’t fighting. They used to tweet each other a lot now they don’t…so I was wondering if they had a falling out.

  13. shirley

    tammara brandi is ny bestseller inform us. show some luv for her

  14. Michelle

    Hey Tamara! After the “court battle” that you had with Shereè, are you going to continue with the Chateau Shereè updates? Was Sheree rocking her Hermès bag in court? Because I heard she was looking a hot mess…

  15. shirley

    tam. theres a story out there that kim is throwing major shade at candy over the law suit…do u have any insight?

  16. shirley

    I shit major blood bath over rhonj

  17. Thank you for a first rate site. Just found you a few days ago and I am already addicted. I would like to comment that I do think I totally hear JW calling the witness the B-word under her breath. If this is true and brought to the attention of the Judge what could happen to JW?

  18. lori

    Should be good. I really wish they wouldn’t soften him but rather show him in all his glory.

  19. The minute I saw Jeff and heard him speak, I thought of the character Louis on USA’s Suits.

  20. SB

    Are you going to watch Bravo’s Below Deck? It follows a crew working on a mega yacht…I’m sure you’ve seen the promos. I watched the sneak peak and it looks entertaining, although I just read a great behind the scenes article and of course the whole thing is basically fake. Apparently the show’s creator worked on a yacht for a couple of seasons. Even though it’s mostly fake it looks like it will be good summer tv none the less.

  21. Hey,I hope this doesn’t sound stupid,but……….I’ve got this(site) on my screen.How do I find out when you post new stuff?I found your site be accident and like your style.How can I stay updated?Do you send out emails to your mailing list?If you have a mailing list,put my name on!Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Doug, If you look up at the top bar on the screen there should be a black bar and the word follow. Click that. Sometimes these things are different on a phone, but on a laptop it should show up right on top.

      Thanks for following.

  22. P.S.Do you like Chelsea Handler?Just seeing if we’re on the same wave length!

    • I liked her more before I bought one of her books. It was disappointing. But I do like to catch her show from time to time. I think she is one of those people that you LOVE at first and then it’s kind of repetitive….if that makes sense.

  23. lori

    Hey TT, have you caught any episodes of bridezillas marriage bootcamp? If not, I highly recommend it. I don’t know half, or pretty much any of the people, but this show is highly entertaining. I’m loving it.

    • Haven’t even heard about it. I’ll check it out if I run across it. Thanks. Also, don’t worry about the “drama” when things get boring (I am on vacation) everyone gets a little testy. I do too at times. :) It comes and goes. No big deal.

      • lori

        Thanks TT. I will let you know if I hear of a bridezilla m.b. Maybe you can record it or something. Enjoy your vacation!

    • Lori, I’ve been watching Bridezilla’s Marriage Bootcamp. Saw a new episode tonight. I could not figure out what the counselors were doing when the couples were asked to marry a different husband or wife! I said to the TV, “WHAT?” LOL

      • lori

        Then did you get it? In the end I thought that was the most productive exercise they have done to date. That Kirsten girl and her crying kills me. As Oprah would say, an ugly cry.

      • Katelin

        I agree Lori. That was a great exercise. The should put Kirsten and Chris (Melissa’s husband) should be together. He’s quite emotional as well.

      • Katelin

        I’ve watched each episode of the Bridezilla Boot Camp. I also saw the Bridezilla episodes featuring, Porsha and Danni. They’ve both calmed down tremendously compaired to their pre-marriage personalities. I know the show is heavily scripted, but they don’t even seem like the same people.

        What are your thoughts about Byron.

      • lori

        It’s so funny, maybe I’m crazy for thinking so, but I don’t feel like this show is scripted. Regular bridezillas definitely, but not this. That’s why I think they seem so different on this show in comparison. Most of the couples I have never even seen before, because bridezillas IS so fake I can’t handle it. I think Byron is definitely super shady and she can either leave him now or later. Just depends on when she wants to go through the heartache.

  24. I was just on the HLN site. It is said, according to a copy they have obtained of the birth certificate Kim and Kanye named their baby North West!!! North West? While at the grocery store check out today I noticed the cover page of a magazine stated that the Jenner family were upset about the name chosen for the baby!!! Well, if they chose North West, I can understand why!! If this is true, can you imagine how cruel kids will be to her?!!

    • lori

      So basically they named their kid after an airline. I really hope this isn’t true. I really thought she would continue the whole”K” thing. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Nothing with these two would shock me though.

      • lori

        Im surprised she’s not naming the baby Kimberly West, because we all know she’s not taking that name.

      • Katelin

        Hopefully, though it won’t matter to the kid, there is some sensible reasoning behind the name “North”. Maybe they are reaching for the stars or something. Who knows.

  25. lori

    I don’t know if you have already mentioned this somewhere, but it looks like Anna isn’t returning to RHOM? I noticed she’s not on the line up on the preview commercial. Sorry if I missed a post about this.

  26. lori

    Yep. She certainly did not seem to enjoy last season at all.

  27. lori

    I liked her old show “The Chelsea Handler Show”. I love when she used to show seniors pictures of popular stars, who none of them knew, and let’s just say, seniors say the darndest things. I remember when she first found Chewy (sp?). I am also so over her current show. It is definitely time for her to move on. She really seems to think she’s the shit.

  28. lori

    Hey, am I the only one who watches naked and afraid on the discovery channel?

  29. lori

    Oy Tamara. After hearing you mention the show mistresses in one of your blogs, I ended up watching it last week and I liked it, so tonight, going through my dvr I decided to watch this week’s episode, only 1/2 way into it I realized I was hooked, and have now been up all night watching as many episodes as they have available on demand. I love this show! I am right now about to watch the second half of this weeks episode and then I’m out and will have to jones for 4 whole days. Are you enjoying it as much as I am? Monday night is turning out to be one of my favorites thanks to you.

  30. lori

    What was up with that Lamar Odom jab? I found that rather odd.

  31. McAmster


    Regarding last nights #ProjectRunway:

    So there’s this really young, off-kilter, sustainable materials gay designer (love love my gays FYI! No Bullying here!) and first he says, “we have to protect our forests to save the UNICORNS.”

    So after spitting out my margarita just now (DVR saves my life, this is totally on rotation!) laughing so hard, (again, I LOVE MY GAYS AND I’M AN ADMITTED FAG HAG!), his model, performance dances herself down the runway.

    Just. No. Words.

    So his judging: So UnicorniGay (that’s what I’m gonna start calling him if he isn’t voted out (again, love my gays, he’s just, well, a little, OFF CENTER)), is wearing gorgeous gold glitter high heels.

    Sadly, I have a pair similar.

    His model, barefoot.

    So Zac Posen says to UnicorniGay, “Before I judge your dress, can I ask, DID YOU STEAL YOUR MODELS SHOES?”

    Gurl, u can’t make this shit up!

    #ProjectRunway #Posenisms #UnicorniGay

    • McAmster

      Aaaand…. My UnicorniGay is……. SAFE! Lives to save the unicorn another week! Good Gawd I hope he sticks sounds for awhile! Such hilarity!

  32. Anandamali

    Holy Smokes. Tre’s Joe is not a US citizen. He’s a citizen of Italy. Could be deported. OMG New opportunity for Bravo: Real Housewives of Sicilia. Segue to HNL, wish we could be hypnotized with Whitey’s trial just to know how it all works.

  33. Shirley

    Casey Cohen tweeted that Ashley white suffered another stroke

  34. lori

    OMG, did you see the video on YouTube of Melissa singing without autotune? It is beyond bad. No wonder Tre makes those faces about Melissa’s singing.

  35. Any truth to the fact that Stoopid Housewives has been shut down by the Manzos?

  36. KillaCam

    HeyTamara, what are your thoughts on the Merritt Landry trial out of New Orleans, Louisiana?

  37. lori

    Just read that gretchen and Alexis have been fired. I smell gretchen and slade spin off. If true, I am sad to see alexis go.

  38. Horace P Lewis

    Tamara i am going to need for you to stop hating Nene Leakes she does not have poor grammar thats how she talks and if you have familyfrom the south you will understand stop being so damn petty.

  39. RahRah

    Tamara I do not have the her contact information but my niece Chari just relocated from Bolingbrook, IL to Atlanta, she is a hairdresser and she has those magic fingers. She is struggly to build a clientele and I write because we are now having to send survival money. Let me know if you can do anything help, thanks.

  40. lori

    Bruce Jenner wants to become a woman per TMZ and is having his Adam’s apple shaved off? This certainly would make his current face make a lot more sense.

    • lori

      I realize that I am probably the last person in America to hear this rumor, but seriously, it would make some sense with some of his other current physical appearance choices. If it’s true, I say go for it Bruce!

  41. lori

    Real World “ex”-plosion Wednesday, Jan 8th at 10:00.

  42. RahRah

    Ms. Tattles,

    I wanted you to know that my niece went back to Chi for thanksgiving, came down with the flu, went to the doctor only learn her flu will end in 9 months.

    She returned to Hotlanta, I drove over there, packed her up, drove her and her stuff back to the Chi. She is gone from Atlanta.

  43. Paige

    Is Phaedra in court today re: Angela Staunton defamation case….have you heard anything?

  44. Maya Simone

    Hi Tamara. I’m new to your site but I love love what I’ve been reading. You crack me up! Plus, it’s so refreshing to find a blogger who’s an independent thinker and doesn’t succumb to groupthink in hopes of clicking up with some reality star and their inner circle. Some good ones have completely sold out recently. So definitely keep up the good work!!

    I see that you and I both “evolved” on Kenya….cause I couldn’t stand her last season. But that Nene…..that NeNe is a monster!

  45. Hi Tamara – I’m new to your blog and I must say I just love it. Not sure but I thought I have read on here that there is a tip jar, I’m assuming to help with your blog I would like to donate, do you have a po box where I can mail a check or a money order which ever you prefer, if you could let me know I would appreciate it.

  46. N Dot

    Hey TT,

    I’m wondering if you will be covering “Bring It” on Lifetime. It’s so much more refreshing than “Dance Moms”.

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