Crazy Days And Nights SHOCKING Real Housewives of Atlanta Blind Item Revealed

RHOA Porsha

Who’s crying now?

This blind item from May 14, 2014 that CDAN revealed yesterday is just sad. I’m no Porsha fan but from what I’ve seen of her on Dish Nation, she seems to have found something she is really good at. She has a great rapport with her coworkers. She’s funny and seems…happy. I already knew she would not have a peach this season, and so did she. She for sure knew she was retesting to be on the show at all and made the cut to be a FOH.  As much as Nene wants y’all to believe Claudia stole Porsha’s peach, she didn’t. Claudia stole Demetria’s peach. It was Demetria that they were testing for a full housewife slot and Claudia tested for a FOH slot. But Claudia blew the producers away, particularly by going after Kordell (even if it was just storyline) and reading the  hell out of Nene on their forced vacation this season.

It’s actually Porsha that was trying to keep up with the big spenders this season and apparently she needed some help. I don’t generally endorse may sites about entertainment stuff. But Crazy Days and Nights has a VERY STRONG track record. I don’t believe the rumor that was going around about the African dictator’s son, but Porsha did seem to be seeing someone. And now she is seeing that someone’s friend.  Click through for the sordid details. Continue reading

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Below Deck Finale: Bon Voyage, Bitches

Below Deck crew

Here’s hoping this is the last episode of the last season of Below Deck. It’s the last charter and all the crew are at each other’s throats. But never fear, I am sure they will all band together to hate the charter guests the moment they arrive.

As I mentioned before, the casting department had a very rough time booking guests for the charter. It’s expensive, and the boat is full of camera crew and equipment that gets in the way and keeps entire areas of the boat from being accessible. So apparently they asked Slover to come back. The guy who was gifted with the penis blanket arrangement. They were probably desperate enough to give him a substantial discount for the second trip.  This time Slover is bringing a bunch of guys. Captain Lee tells Ben to serve dinner at precisely 8:29. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Sentencing Trial Began Today

Kurt Nurmi has lost a ton of weight and gained a lot of hair.

Kurt Nurmi has lost a ton of weight and gained a lot of hair.

The proceedings began with Judge Stephens excusing a juror due to a family emergency. The defense objected but the juror was replaced. There are 6 men and 12 women on the jury. The judge said the trial is expected to last until December 18th. She also informed the jury that the previous jury found that Travis Alexander was killed in an especially cruel manner and it is up to them to determine a moral and just sentence. Jodi Arias made eye contact with each juror as they walked in. The jury is very engaged and is taking note.

After a brief recess, Kurt Nurmi gave the opening statement for the defense. Kurt is either wearing a wig or has joined the Hair Club for Men as he has a full head of hair!  He described the relationship between Jodi and Travis as one of friendship, lust, passion, spirituality and tragedy. He pointed out they will be seeing lots of very graphic evidence. For some reason he wanted them to know this will include a close-up shot of Jodi’s anus..  Did we see that last time?

Nurmi went on to point out the both Travis and Jodi overcame abusive childhoods.  When they met at a Pre Paid Legal convention Jodi was already beginning to have signs of mental illness. She was young and intelligent but very immature. He says that Jodi as PTSD. She never committed a crime before this. She does not deserve to die. Nurmi’s opening was about 45 minutes.

Juan Martinez comes out swinging ranting about the cruel manner in which Travis was killed. Nurmi objects right away. Nurmi objects four times in the first three minutes of Martinez’s opening statement. Martinez goes into the sex talk about shaved pussies and blow jobs and asking Travis to come on her face. Martinez moves on to premeditation, the rental car, the gas cans, the gun… He describes the murder in detail pointing out that the stabbings did not kill Travis and he was in extreme pain as she killed him in the most cruel manner possible. Martinez goes through all of Jodi’s lies to the police, she wasn’t there, she was there but ninjas tried to kill them. Martinez supposedly has borderline personality disorder, but that is not a mental illness. I can’t believe he said that. I am going from tweets and updates from reporters in the room. Surely they got that wrong. Continue reading


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Dina Manzo Says She Will Not Return to Real Housewives of New Jersey


It’s time for Bravo to send out pick up letters to the RHONJ (or thank them for their participation and bid them adieu) and when it comes to Dina Manzo, she says she has no intention of accepting a new contract. Dina posted last night on twitter she has no desire to return to the show because her soul cannot be around all the horrible people. Specifically, when asked if she had any desire to return for another season she replied, @bitchpuuuhlease NONE my soul can’t be around horrible people. — Dina Manzo (@dinamanzo) October 20, 2014

But that’s not all. It seems that Dina is being attacked much like idiots attacked Kenya Moore for her charitable donation to her Detroit Alma Mater, Cass Tech.  The main trash talker against Dina’s Project Lady Bug event is Jim Marchese. Jim posted several libelous comments that have since been taken down since Dina mentioned her attorney would be dealing with Jim. Continue reading


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Teresa Giudice Is Facing Hard Time, Camp Cupcake Not Currently on the Table!



As I am sure you have noticed, I’ve become somewhat of a night owl who stays up all night (secretly watching TV shows I don’t talk about here) and sleeping in late. I try to wake up for Wendy Williams at 10 a.m. which would seem a normal time to get up, but I rarely make it. I do tape her, and try to wake up as it plays. This morning Wendy had Teresa Giudice in her hot topics. The tea according to Wendy is that her PR person, Wendy Feldman has dropped her as a client. Interesting but doubtful. Wendy Feldman is a former felon of the same ilk as Teresa who has decided on her release from the pen to make walking other women through the process her job. In doing so, Ms. Feldman sure likes to get her name out there and into all of the tabloids. She seems way more interested in getting her own name out there than cleaning up Teresa’s mess.

If you watched Teresa and Joe on WWHL, it was clear that Teresa in particular was blaming her lawyer for not getting her probation. It should be clearly stated that both Teresa and Joe had fantastic, high profile lawyers who handled their cases quite well. Teresa and Joe on the other hand often ignored the lawyers advice (which included getting off of RHONJ ASAP and lay low.)

Well, “the story” today is that Teresa sent a letter to the judge without consulting Feldman. That’s not what actually  happened. As it turns out, Teresa hired an actual lawyer to help facilitate her assignment of a facility for her prison term. Because of her non-violent first offender status, it was presumed that Tre would go to a minimum security federal site referred to as “camps.” Also, because the judge took the minor children into consideration by staggering the sentence it was assumed that she would recommend either FPC Danbury, CT or  FPC Alderson, WV. Both of these camps are considered the two easiest places for women to serve out their time. Alderson in particular is nicknamed Camp Cupcake due to all the perks the inmates receive.  Danbury is also considered a top choice for its particular amenities. Danbury is where Piper from Orange is the New Black served her time. Martha went to Camp Cupcake.  During court, the judge mentioned both of these as possible placements for Teresa from the bench. However, Teresa’s defense team did not make a specific request for these two options in court. However, when it came time for the judge to put things in writing, things seemed to change. Perhaps the judge was peeved about the continued lying in her court. But for whatever reason, she did not put reference to Danbury or Alderson in her judgment of conviction sent  to the Bureau of Prisons. The wording of the document makes it likely that Teresa will serve her time in MDC Brooklyn or MCC Manhattan. Continue reading


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Andy CohenHere at TT we have a very special group of cool kids, affectionately called the freaktards that gather together here to discuss American Horror Story.    Let’s just say they are going to be VERY pleased with the new additions to the WWHL guest line up. Check through to see why.  Continue reading


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Did Phaedra Parks Follow The Judge’s Order to Re-sit For Her Deposition?

Phaedra Parks Accused All Sorts of Nonsense by Very Troubled Woman

It’s hard to say.  On Friday, October 10, State Judge Carla E. Brown issued a court order requiring Phaedra Parks to sit for a second deposition with Angela Stanton’s Lawyer, James Radford.  As we all know, Phaedra has been gadding about the country under the guise of a book tour in recent days. The following Monday, Phaedra jetted off to LA to film the Ellen show on Tuesday and hawk her book from the pulpit of some church on Wednesday. On Thursday she was in NYC with Ayden trying to take  him to meet Andy Cohen in his office. It looks like that happened last Friday. She appeared to be in NYC to appear on Dr. OZ.

My reading of the court order indicates she had ten days, not ten business days so today is the big day.

This morning someone sent me this statement from Angela Stanton on her Facebook page. I cannot find it myself, but I am Facebook impaired. Here is what the screenshot said, “Getting ready for a long, drawn out day with lawyers, court reporters and stenographers…some people will never learn until it’s too late. I actually feel sorry for those who go out of their way to harm you & don’t realize how much they are harming themselves in the process.” Continue reading


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Bethenny Frankel Admits She is Returning to RHONY


Bethenny Frankel is a media whore. I really don’t think there is anything wrong with that. There are a lot of people who want to be in the entertainment industry. I used to dabble in it in my late teens and early twenties. I couldn’t handle all of the waiting around and pancake makeup. It was fun to experience but certainly not something I would have considered as a career. If I were forced to be in the industry, I’d want to be a casting director. Mostly because bad casting can really irritate me. But Bethenny has been trying to get and stay in front of cameras for decades. And even now that she is a mother, and very rich, she can’t seem to shake the bug.

So Bethenny Frankel is returning to RHONY.

“I’m genuinely excited, with a side of slightly nervous, for my return to The Real Housewives of New York City,” she said in a statement. “Bravo has always been the place on television where I have the freedom to be unfiltered, honest and inappropriate, with an audience who has been with me from the beginning. I can’t wait to see what this next chapter brings for all of us. Watch what happens!”

Andy Cohen is also thrilled with her return. “Bethenny is one of the most popular Housewives in the history of the franchise, and I couldn’t be more excited she is coming home to Bravo!,” he says.

Continue reading


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WWHL With Tamar Braxton and the RHONJ Twins Teresa and Nicole

WWHL Tamar and Twins

I feel like I am being forced to watch this stupid show. Andy tries to break the mood with a montage of Milania and Gia modeling. Andy is borderline disturbing with his obsession with those girls.

Andy plays a montage about Teressa being a bitch about Teresa’s sentencing and Rino is in the audience screaming and clapping that he loves that Teressa was a bitch. Andy says twitter is blowing up about it. Teressa said she apologized to Teresa and they are in a good place now. Andy says she saw that clip for the first time on the reunion. Andy says the twins were crazy for pushing Teresa’s buttons by calling her stupid. That is the Gorga switch for violence. Rino continues to shout out answers and Andy is already pissed with Rino because he won’t stop screaming out thing in the audience.

Andy has the certified results of the lie detector test Victoria Gotti took to prove she was telling the truth. She passed it. Teresa says. “I’m a housewife, she’s a has been.”  Nicole says Victoria lied about having cancer. She will say anything for attention and then she says, “Bye Felicia, beeeep!” apparently trying and failing to channel Nene.

Tamar is pretending to be appalled by the twins and asked Andy where he found them. Really, Tamar? You are way worse than those two. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Judgment Day

Twitter: John Bathke

Twitter: John Bathke

And just like that, RHONJ comes to an abrupt stop after only 12 episodes. This of course means that everyone gets about half the check for a normal season. What remains to be seen is whether or not Teresa and Joe will film a few more post sentencing episodes to scrap together a few more bucks. I suppose time will tell.

We start the show at the courthouse. I really think that is cool looking court house. Love the blind justice statue. Paul Fishman announces that Joe Giudice received 41 months and Teresa got 15.

Then we flash back to six months earlier. Teresa and Melissa are hanging out at her house with all the kids. The kids are bouncing off the walls. Teresa is stressed.

Meanwhile, Dina and the twins are at “Abbey’s House” where the Project Ladybug event will be taking place. It’s ginormous. Is that an actual residence or an event hall? There are giant dogs there that make it seem like maybe Abbey lives there. Oh, it is her home and Dina is worried about the hoodlums coming. Victoria is NOT invited. Teressa is still expecting an apology from Teresa. She makes snide comments about the Giudice family falling apart.

You know what would be great? Another segment about Amber’s cancer. I can’t wait or recap this shit. Continue reading


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The Blacklist: Dr. Linus Creel (No. 82)

The Blacklist Red and lizzie ep 5

There sure are a lot of doctors on The Blacklist. This week’s doctor, Linus Creel is only 7 numbers away on the list from last week’s Dr. James Covington. I really should put all the blacklisters in order by name and number or get an unpaid intern to volunteer. :) If anyone is willing, you can see all the recaps so far, here.

We begin this week with a seemingly nice lady who is down on her luck speaking to a banker about saving her home. She seems very stressed and sweaty. There is a man watching her in a car outside. When the banker turns her down, she goes out to her car and gets a gun and starts blowing people away inside the bank. The dude watching her has what looks like her medical file and make a voice notation that the situation was a success.

Red tries to get Naomi to go back into a protection program again and she is not willing to leave her husband Frank. Red says if she loves him, they need to start a new life. Frank says they don’t need his help. Frank doesn’t trust Red. Red puts Pee Wee Herman on the case and Pee Wee discovers that the reason Frank doesn’t want to relocate is because he has a mistress he would have to leave behind. Whatever, Frank, I’m sure you can get a new mistress at the new place. Pee Wee was super upset with the mistress for leaving the dog in the house all day. So he takes the dog to Frank. So Frank gets to move with two bitches after all. Red tells Frank he will be faithful to Naomi and go into his protection. He persuaded Frank with a stick to the throat. It worked. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Finds Her Niche

We’ve all heard Nene trying to explain why she is being phased out of RHOA. He latest explanation was something like she didn’t want to be associated with all the weave pulling and trash talking forever.

And yet, this is the gig she just took. You really have to see the ending. Nene seems to fit right in. I think she’s found her next job.


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