60 Days In: Friend or Foe?



One the first episode of 60 days in Season 2, we left off with Sheri and Ryan both in serious trouble. In F Pod, Sheri was about to get jumped because she went to use the phone and had stashed her code number in her bra. She could not find it and fished around in her bra forever. This made the other inmates think she had drugs in there.  Ryan just seems like an arrogant prick and apparently said, “Hi, I am college educated!” or something. So he is already in danger because the guys think he is a plant. Which he is, just not the kind they think.  Monalisa is just a nutbag who thinks that the guards are there to do her bidding. The guard has already threatened her with lockdown and she is still in the classification pod waiting to be placed in F Pod. There are only four people in at this point, Quintin, Sheri, Ryan and Monalisa and so far three of them are having issues.

Classification Pods

Monalisa has been in the female classification pod for a while. Probably because she keeps pissing off the COs. This pod is pretty gross. The crew film her in the pod about her first night in prison. She complains mightily about he accommodations.

Quintin is still in the male classification pod.  He gets moved to C Pod on his second day.

Chris, Ashleigh and Brian are the next three headed to classification. Brian and Ashleigh both seem to have cold feet. I get claustrophobic when the go into individual cells in the holding area before classification. I better walk the straight and narrow because not being able to get out of a room would make me batshit crazy.

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Flipping Out: Happy Birthday, You’re Fired!

Flipping Out Zoila's Birthday


The last episode of Flipping Out was so good, I can’t imagine it ever being that good again. But, let’s find out. It’s lunch time and as usual Jeff has bought lunch and requires everyone to eat together. He’s going to be such a good dad. I am sure the whole family will eat together every night.  Tomorrow is Zoila’s birthday.  They are having a birthday dinner celebration. Jeff very kindly invites the maid, Laura who declines the invitation!  Jeff is insulted that she didn’t even give and excuse so he presses for one. She gives him nothing. She says to Zoila, “You told me not to tell Jeff anything about my life…” They laugh and Jeff looks shocked.

Spoiler alert, I think this is the episode where Matt quits.  Matt if friends with LC who the bitchy assistant who works for Chaz.  During a meeting with Chaz,  Chaz and LC joke about Matt falling asleep at movie night.  Jeff is seething at the meeting because he had no idea that Matt went to movie night at Chaz’s house.  Jeff hates to be left out of the joke. Gage tells Jeff to talk to Matt about it at the office and not at Zoila’s party. So of course Jeff will bring it up at the party.

Pacific Palisades Remodel

This remodel seems like it has been going on for at least two seasons. Jeff just said he has been working with these people for four years.  The couple is basically divorcing over this remodel. It happens.

The contractors are all unhappy working for the owner. She’s bitchy. They want to divorce her too.  Jeff tries to mediate the situation to get some work happening. When Jeff is easier to work with than the owner, that’s huge. When Jeff comes to follow-up, no contractors have shown up since he left. The owner gave the contractors way too much money up front. She has finally decided to hire new contractors.

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#BB18 Live Eviction and Live Feed Updates! Loch Ness Mess

BB18 Paulie HOH


By Lime Brain

As the show is about to start, I have just been giving hope that James might flip and keep Victor. To see discussion about this, go to the end of the comment section in my last BB recap titled Tarred and Feathered.

Julie comes on my TV screen. She tells us that there’s been a lot of flip flopping this week and the biggest decision rests on James.

Hey! They are going to show us Paulie entering the jury house later on. This is going to be the best part of the show. I can’t wait.

Not much going on in this show that’s new, except for the ingenious plan of Paul’s to try to get Victor to stay.  The plan is for Victor to be nice and hang out with the HOH group of Natalie, James and Michelle. Victor is to tell them that Paul has abandoned him and is hanging out with Nicole and Corey, trying to get in an alliance with them. That Victor will do anything they ask if he can stay.

Meanwhile, Paul is going to hang out with Nicole and Corey as much as he can. But the best part of the plan is to make sure the HOH group sees Paul hanging out with Nicole and Corey to make them paranoid.

BB shows us Victor going up to the HOH room and starts his spiel of Paul abandoning him. They are buying it. Natalie and Michelle start their Paul bashing. They tell Victor that Paul never even bothered to campaign for him. It’s working! Victor tells them that he is so hurt by this that if he stays, and becomes HOH, he will put Paul up himself.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Recap: All Stars Talent Show Extravaganza


RPDR todd Michelle


By The Lady Cocotte

It’s time to put on makeup, it’s time to dress up right, it’s time to raise the curtain on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars tonight… The girls have been in serious lockdown so they don’t know who they’re competing against. They’ve heard rumors but they won’t know who else is an All Star until they sashay into the workroom (and we have a front row view as they figure it out).

Katya is the first to enter. She’s wearing a red leather dress and eyepatch (slightly reminiscent of her original entrance outfit) and says, “Happy Hunger Games! Bitches.” In Russian, of course. She’s adorable and bubbly and she left her fear behind in season seven. She’s followed by Detox in a poodle wig. “Well, this is hauntingly familiar. Here we go again.” Boy Detox has a neon yellow Johnny-Depp-as-Willy-Wonka hairdo (with matching brows). She’s as thirsty as that mop on her head. Alyssa Edwards swans in next. “Allllrighttt. My name is Alyssa Edwards and I need, I need, I need, I need, I need to get up in this All Stars gig.” Alyssa marvels at herself in the mirror. One thing you can say about Alyssa: she’s Alyssa’s biggest fan. Katya points out that you can’t have a conversation with Alyssa around a mirror. Tongue pop! A vision in green slinks into the workroom. “Riddle me this. Riddle me that. Watch out girls, this bitch is back.” It’s Phi Phi O’Hara in Riddler-ette cosplay, making light of her villainous reputation. The other girls seem a little wary of Phi Phi but that might just be editing. Ginger Minj strides into the workroom like a boss. She whips off her cape to reveal a lace bathing suit and proclaims, “Come on, All Stars. Let’s get… this over with.” The girls laugh hysterically. She goes right in on Katya, calling her diarrhea and telling her that she looks so much better with half her face covered. Which allows us to hear Katya’s amazing (honking) laugh.

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Teen Mom OG: Tweet, Tweet!

Teen Mom Janelle pregnant
Welcome back, the few, the embarrassed the Teen Mom fans.  And thanks to the brave souls that actually comment on these posts. I feel like most of us watched this a million years ago when it all started and now, we just can’t stop watching the trainwreck.

But first, Janelle has officially copped to being pregnant with the latest criminal she is sleeping with, David Eason. It’s a girl, and the have already named it Ensley Jolie Eason.  She claims her due date is January 28th.  I predict it will “come early” sometime in December.

But wait, there’s more, Nathan, baby daddy #2 of 3 was arrested again this week.  It appears that despite moving on to some new idiot girlfriend a couple of months ago, Nathan went to Jessica’s (who I believe was the last idiot sleeping with this fool, that we saw and the show and the one Janelle attacked) house and broke in during the night and tried to choke her out while begging her to get back together with him. Didn’t Janelle claim he climbed in her window after they broke up?

Okay back to the OG clan.


Ryan and his latest girlfriend have broken up.  Ryan looks like he has gained a lot of weight. He also looks a bit depressed. Maybe he can go to depression camp with Catelynn. Meanwhile, his dad wants him to find someone to settle down and give him another grandbaby. Ryan is another gene pool we don’t need to dip into anymore.

Maci is planning her wedding. And by planning her wedding I mean gluing glitter on to wine glasses. She is still not copping to being pregnant. Later Maci asks if she is fat. There is no way on earth she doesn’t know she is pregnant. This is not her first or even her second rodeo. She finally takes a pregnancy test that she just happens to have laying around. And what do you know. She’s pregnant. She gave birth to her third child, a boy they named Maverick on May 31st. Um, I am pretty sure this filmed in February, so she was six months along before they took the test? Okay I googled and she got engaged in mid January. So yes five and a half or six months along before she acknowledged being pregnant. Continue reading


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Catfish Candic & Titus

Catish Candic


Well this is new, the pumpkin walls are starting in the hotel room on this episode. Was this filmed for the last season? Because watermelon is the new pumpkin. Also, we know the hotel would not let them paint the walls, so this is either a weird coincidence or proof of the CGI.

Candic is 27 and she pronounces her name just as one would if their parents were aware that it needed an ‘e’ on the end. I imagine people called her Can dick or Candy dick all through middle school. Thanks mom and dad!  Candic is married and met Titus through “a retail app she uses for work.”  He was shopping for a handbag?? And oh hey! He lives in her town and yet they have never met or spoken on the phone. She’s been married for seven years and has a four-year old daughter.

She is ready to meet the guy and then she will tell her husband about him. Unless, you know, he is really cute or something. She is an idiot. As Max says she should just stop talking to Titus and move on with life and not put all of this on TV.

I am calling this right now. The guy is her husband and they are doing this for attention and a new sofa. Or not. She won’t let the boys come to her house because her husband is home. So they meet at a bed and breakfast with gorgeous wood walls that need no CGI. It does look like they got new furniture though.

I’ll spare you the whole long traumatic childhood story with Candic. The boys get to work doing their basic Google search investigation that any 9-year-old could do.  They carry out their investigation at a place that sells homemade marshmallows. Who knew that was a thing. I want one. Or six.

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