Real Housewives of Melbourne Reunion Part 2: Is This Good TV Or Is It Crap?

RHOMel reunion 3


Alex Perry is a twat waffle. The show hasn’t even started but Banjo and I  just did our 15 minute walk for the day and I was thinking that Micheal needs to replace him for the next reunion.  We need to start some sort of petition in Australia. Also, now that I see Pettifleur’s lace legging standing up, I kind of like the concept. It matches the bodice and allows for a very hight slit. She should have found some shoes or dare I say dyed some to match? I know dyed to match is so 1980s  bridesmaids but in this case I think it would have worked. Or a bright pop of color, but the black just looks clunking to me.

On part two of the reunion, we begin with Pettifleur’s meltdown. She stomped off the set because everyone unanimously said that she was drunk at a press event. Pettifleur says she doesn’t drink. Would we not have noticed if one housewife didn’t drink?  Did she really not drink on the show? I have no idea. Lydia is the only one who tries to calm her down. Apparently there is not backstage because she is off set just to the left among come production boxes and a couple of random stuffed animals.

Jackie, who doesn’t even LIKE Gina gives an honest account of what went down on the press tour. Apparently at some point, Pettifleur said that Gina was not a true barrister. They lapse into their native Aussie tongue and I don’t understand half of what they are saying but the point is that everyone is backing Gina in this conflict even the ones that have railed on her all season. As Janet says, ” For us to all agree about something you know it’s the truth.”  Pettifleur continues rail on calling them all liars. Gina says that Pettifleur was screaming like a gypsy (derogatory term)  in the streets. Pettifleur says she did not come her to be attacked. Lydia informs the newbie that is what happens on a housewife reunion. The best part of this is when the twat waffle goes to beckon her back and the back of his bald head is the focus of the shot. He really should have shaved his head for the reunion and taken off the ridiculous sunglasses and rocked the clean-shaven look. And he is supposed to be fashion conscious? Continue reading


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Dance Moms Down Under Part 2 Recap: THIS Was Nia’s Time to Shine!

Abby is preparing a Mad Max themed group routine for all of the girls except Nia and JoJo. I know why Nia is being punished, but I can’t remember why Jo Jo is. I guess it was something Jess said.  Even more ridiculous is the fact that Kalani and her mom are taking a mother daughter day in Australia. Which is fine. But can you imagine if Nia or JoJo or even Kendall tried to do that? The girls make up with Jo Jo over their mean girl comments.

Nia is allowing Jo Jo to dance in her event. Which is really sweet. Abby is pissed that Nia’s choreographer flew in from LA to coordinate her show. Jill has the nerve to be pissed that Nia didn’t include all the kid in her performance. Um, Nia’s whole reason behind doing a performance is because she was excluded from all the ones with the other kids. Abby seems legitimately furious that Nia has a better choreographer than she is working on her show.

Meanwhile, Kalani is not even at practice for the group dance. Abby says Kalani is the star of the dance so she has her own part to learn.  Yet, when she shows up the next day, the majority of her moves appear to be just like everyone else’s. The other moms are pissed that Kira spent the day with her boyfriend and Kalani. Abby is pissed that Kalani doesn’t know the routine, even though Abby was fine with her missing the first day of practice.

Jill continues to point out to Abby that Nia’s performance is way better than their little dance recital event. It’s killing Abby. Continue reading


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Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Calhoun Dennis Discuss Their On Camera Breakup

Southern Charm Kathryn and Thomas


It’s time for a round of He Said; She Said.  And I might as well just point out now that I don’t believe a word of Thomas’ blog OR Kathryn’s. Let’s just get right to it. Was it hard to see Kathryn at the Wounded Warrior Project’s benefit after the way things were left at your election night party?

Thomas Ravenel: Yes! I knew she would summon all her womanly wiles to show up looking stunning, beautiful, and sexy…she knows how to capture the attention of a man. I know myself…I can easily buy into this flirtation and have it over take my willpower, clouding any good judgment a man might have about this situation.

“This situation” is a relationship you pursued with someone less than half your age that resulted in a baby. The time for attempting to muster up some willpower was BEFORE you decided to have unprotected sex with her. That was when good judgment should have come into play. Since that time you made promises to her to provide for her and the baby. Yet you ignored both Kathryn and the baby while you holed up in a Motel 6 with your “campaign manager.” How did you feel after Kathryn gave you the ultimatum of being all in or all out?

TR: The real question is…what didn’t I feel? The entire pros and cons list about this relationship flashed in neon letters in my head, I felt everything under the sun. What’s better for our daughter? To be in a turbulent relationship all the time or having distance with someone?

So Kathryn telling you to either get all the way in with the relationship or get all the way out made you consider what is best for the kid? And you chose….what did you chose again?  Because y’all seem to be on again off again to this day. What is best for your daughter is to have two parents who a mature adults who treat each other with respect whether in or out of a relationship. This does not include drunken parties that are made into political ads for a ridiculous election bid.

I can’t erase all these thoughts of what it is like to live with this person day to day. How can that make a marriage?

Well, you probably can’t. That would require you not to be a selfish asshole and to treat Kathryn like your partner and not your play thing. I’d imagine living with you is not a bowl of cherries either. Continue reading


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Bethenny Frankel Interviews Andy Cohen About The Housewives

Andy Cohen


It’s time for the whole Bethenny and Andrew Debacle. Bethenny was actually good at interviewing housewives on her show because she was appalled it had come to the point where she had to have them on. And she resented them; however, I don’t have very high expectations for this.

Q: Do you feel like you had a lot to do with the creation of housewives? Like were you there from the very beginning?

A: I was there from the very beginning with a very creative people at Bravo. When on season two, of RHOOC Jeanna and her husband began to divorce he knew it would be big.

Q: Do you honestly think that reality TV has contributed to so many of these breakups? (um, DUH)

A: I think it has accelerated marriages that weren’t working. He says he has talked to Tamra about it, he’s talked to Vicki… (He plays a scene of Tamra crying on WWHL telling him how much she has done for him. I’m vomiting a little in my mouth right now. As he seems to be saying these women are thanking him for destroying their families.) if they were in a relationship that wasn’t working, they somehow saw it replayed on TV and they were like “wow this is really bad! And they had a chorus of people saying ‘Dump him! Dump him!’ and they actually had the balls to do it. Wow.  Andy is Sonja delusional. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: The Cavi-Art of War

RHONY cast


It’s time for the Real Housewives of New York. Unfortunately, my power has been out off and on all day due to bad weather. The power and the cable came back on fairly quickly, but the Internet has been out for several hours. My landline appears to be the issue as it is all part of Charter. Without the phone, there is no Internet. Since I have no cell phone, I have no way to call and be sure there is nothing I can do on my end to fix the problem. Anyhoo. At least I have TV. And good ole Wordpad.

Since hour three with no Google, I’ve probably gone to look up fifty things. I really want to know how things went for Jason Rezaian. I’d like to believe out current administration did someone about the situation. But I have no real hope of that. Meanwhile, I’m in Madagascar with Anthony Bourdain, which would not be a bad place to be, but he brought some pansy liberal, and worst of all as far as Tony is concerned VEGETARIAN , director with him. I think Anthony is enjoying him even less than I am. I wrote that before he called him a “Debbie Downer” on camera. He is the reason mere mortals can’t go on Parts Unknown with Anthony.

It’s time for RHONY and I am officially still without phone or Internet with more storms planned every day for the next ten days except Saturday and Sunday. Tonight’s episode is callled The Cavi-Art of War.


Ramona is sick but going out to lunch with Dorinda anyway. I’m sure Dorinda is thrilled by her spewing germs everywhere. Ramona claims that Mario wants her back. I do not believe this. This is just a little stab at the new fool he is with. The dry cleaner storyline is about to be a thing. UGH. Continue reading


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Daily Tea: Black Gold TEXAS Tea


Some Texan friends of mine have been having a hard time. They have been ever in my thoughts. But Texans are fine. It sort of spoke to my heart having  a brief interaction with my favorite Texan as his phone battery was dying. And after today, I realize  I need to get a damn cellphone so I can talk with friend in the end times. I was without phone or Internet today.  I realized I am well armed to, you know, shoot people, during the Zombie Apocalypse but it might be nice to have contact with others. Go figure.

The same weather pattern has been moving here. I did blog last night’s shows but I don’t have the will to do all the tech stuff to get it up this morning. I barely got internet back and if I don’t type into WordPress it is a HUGE PITA. Continue reading


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Kim Richards is Wasted in Cabo, Sober Coach Quits!

Brooke planning the wedding in Cabo back in March with her mom and MIL.

Brooke planning the wedding in Cabo back in March with her mom and MIL.

Well, I guess it was all too good to be true. What looked like a perfectly lovely wedding to the reasonable people among us, was anything but, according to TMZ. Kim Richards was partying it up in Cabo the whole time!

Multiple sources tell TMZ , “Kim was clearly under the influence of something, although no one seems to know what. Our sources say whatever Kim took or drank, she did so in private, but when she interacted with people at the wedding she was “a mess.”

TMZ sources report  Kim was saying horribly nasty things to her daughter, Brooke, right after the wedding.  Kim was  allegedly cursing out members of the Wiederhorn family and was “belligerent.”  Brooke is officially DONE with her mother and is vowing never to speak to her again. Continue reading


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Southern Charm Season Finale Recap: Dysfunction Junction

Southern Charm Cast


Well it’s been an interesting season on Southern Charm. Maybe now that the season is over, Patricia can come on down and sue me for calling her a Yankee. The lawyers all look very dapper in their baby blue seersucker  this time of year.  Let’s see what sort of shenanigans these folks can get up to for the finale. Shahs has set a very low bar, so I’d be ever so grateful for the mildest bit of entertainment.

I had totally forgotten that Cameran got so wasted at the campaign headquarters party the night before. Then again so was EVERYONE else.

Interior designer Mario Buatta is at Patricia’s pretending like he is deciding where to hang decorative plates. The plates have been in the same spot for eons as noted by the fact that the hooks are already in the wall where they belong. Patricia says her interior design style includes discreet collections of things as the camera pans to a hideous display of ceramic dog figures.

Whitney walks in an Buatta makes fun of his pants. He says they look like a cheap hotel. No ballroom. /groan. Patricia doesn’t get it. She says,” knowing Whitney those pants aren’t cheap!”  No, that’s was in fashion in WeHo where Whitney lives. One of my spies had the misfortune of being in the locker room with Whitney at the gym in WeHo recently. I know I have spies everywhere but that is one place I can do without them. Ew.

Patricia begins to explain to us how Kathryn lost the election for Thomas. Because Patricia is a Yankee moron who is reading a script that Whitney wrote. #ShallowGenePools  All this Norman Bates Pair ever talks about is Kathryn. Oh! And how rich they are. #amused Continue reading


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Shah of Sunset Recap: Aw, Phucket

Shahs Asa Reza


Finally, could it be we are going to get rid of this ridiculous storyline between Mike and GG?  I had heard that by now there would be multiple girls coming forward on the show. I guess that information was not accurate? We shall see. But for now, GG and Mike have agreed to luncheon.  Mike arrives dressed as Justin Beiber. This is not explained. Mike wants to know why if something made her uncomfortable why didn’t she just come to him. He has no memory of what happened. He says he was on pills and booze. Mike says that he is sorry for anything she says happened. GG finally gets the wording of the apology she wants. She says she thinks Mike really does know what he did. Oh wait, now GG doesn’t like the wording of the apology. GG says she is fine with parting ways with Mike. In Mike’s talking head, he says, “So what if I did try to have sex with her? So what? Let’s move on!”  But those are heavily lead by production and not to be taken seriously.

We are sticking to the stupid storyline that Asa and MJ are feuding. I believe that to be completely contrived by production. I can’t stand watching these people pack. They are just ridiculous. Asifa wants to take advantage of the paid for wedding and get married in Thailand. This causes a fight before they can even get out the door. The fighting continues on the plane.  I have no desire to take any flights over 9 hours. I just can’t imagine it. Apparently Bobby and Asifa fought the whole way. Continue reading


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Journalist Jason Rezaian From Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Remains in Peril

Imprisoned Journalists from Bourdain's Parts Unknown

Imprisoned Journalists from Bourdain’s Parts Unknown

If you watch Anthony Bourdain’s CNN show, Parts Unknown you may have seen the compelling episode about Iran. In the course of that episode, he interviewed a very charming couple. The man, Jason Rezaian  is a Washington Post reporter and a dual citizen of both the US and Iran, and wife, Yeganeh Salehi, is an Iranian. Shortly after the taping of the show, both were imprisoned. Yegi was eventually released but Jason has been imprisoned for nearly a year. He has several medical needs and has had limited care and food.

Today the New York Times released a new story on the situation and his situation remains very grim.  Despite numerous attempts by the US to have him released, the outlook is not good. I thought I would share an excerpt of the latest story below for those who are interested.

Ignoring foreign requests for court access, the Iranian judge presiding over the espionage case against Jason Rezaian, the Washington Post reporter imprisoned for 10 months, has barred everyone except the defendant and his lawyer, Mr. Rezaian’s brother said Monday on the eve of the trial.

Not even Mr. Rezaian’s mother and wife, who as of last week had been led to believe they would be allowed to attend, will be permitted in the courtroom, the brother said.

Mr. Rezaian, 39, was scheduled to appear Tuesday in the Tehran Revolutionary Court branch of Judge Abolghassem Salavati, known as “the judge of death” for tough sentences and a reputation that led the European Union to place him on a blacklist in 2011 for human rights abuses.

Mr. Rezaian’s lawyer, Leila Ahsan, expects the trial to last two to three days, the defendant’s brother, Ali Rezaian, said in a telephone interview from California, where the Rezaian family children were born and grew up. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Moves Into Her Big Fancy House

RHOA nene house exterior

Today is movie day, and Nene Leakes posted a vine about it on her website wearing her trademark white T-shirt.  Brentt and her man-servant Gregg are seen hand carrying in some personal stuff as they arrive at the new home.  The outside of the house is a bit deceiving of what lies inside.

I really like the wrought iron railings on the stairway.  And the layout of the house.  I hope that she posts more photos of the finished look.  Who am I kidding, she will probably call People for a five page spread. I’m dying to know what Nene’s interior design choices will be. I’m envisioning a black and white theme but that just may be because of all the bare white walls and black ironwork. Continue reading


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