Mike Shouhed on WWHL

Shahs Mike and Jessica

So Mike, why did you lie?
I wasn’t lying. I was having marital problems between me and my wife (that is usually where marital problems occur) an I was trying to keep it under wraps but being on reality TV you don’t really have that freedom. You weren’t having marital problems just falling from the sky. You were  cheating on a woman who had changed her religion and immersed herself in two foreign cultures to be exactly the wife you wanted. You wanted to keep it under wraps because you were embarrassed that you got caught and embarrassed to families. My DVR has stopped on Mike’s face and the look he is giving Andy is terrifying.

Mike tries to justify himself further saying that he didn’t believe the rumors that he heard but Jessica did. He heard Jessica wanted to leave earlier than she did. OF COURSE SHE DID. He has heard rumors that he is gay!  Sandra Bernhard says, “well you do have a gay brow.”

So was it one affair with one person? Or multiple affairs?  Clearly, Andy knows the answer to this, but Mike continues to deny and lie. He says it was one affair that started before he was engaged ( I wonder which one he is claiming? The one that wrote the book?) and she found out about it after she got married. My sources say that Jessica found out about many of the girls he cheated with throughout their relationship and she naively thought once they were married he would stop. He did not. Mike gives off every singly body language signal of lying in the world. He should be used in CIA training.  Trainees, today we are going to look at the basic body language signals that someone is lying using this film from WWHL that encapsulates them all I a very blatant fashion… He eyes are also really messed up.

Sandra is disgusted by the entire show. It’s hysterical.

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Shahs of Sunset Recap: Trouble In Paradise

MJ and Tommy Selfie from upcoming Belize trip.

MJ and Tommy Selfie from upcoming Belize trip.

We are back in Belize, where the Shahs Resort by Bravo is apparently super far inland. Who goes to Belize without going to the beach? Yes, San Ignacio is pretty much on the border of Guatemala.

I am also appalled not just by Shervin’s aggressive behavior toward GG, but by the fact that none of the other men told him to back off. I guess when the other men are Mike and Reva that will not happen. But isn’t that Nima guy her cousin? Yes, yes he is.

The next morning, GG and Shervin get into it again. GG’s eyes are super dark. She has on eye shadow but is that eye shadow underneath too? Shervin’s confessionals show him saying he is trying to be a good friend to GG by telling her to cut back on her smoking and drinking since she is suffering from RA.  First of all, attacking her and screaming at her and acting like Reza’s little do boy is not the way to do that. He cannot be that stupid. He knows his script and he has no problem following it. Because, asshole. This is the guy that stood up for Mike on WWHL by lying and saying he didn’t cheat on Jessica.  He didn’t start a fight with Mike about his poor decisions. Somehow they manage to hug it out. For now.

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Nene Leakes Gets A Hair Cut!

Working Hard for the Money!

Working Hard for the Money!

Tonight, Nene Leakes will be on Family Feud with the Leakes clan at 8 p.m. I won’t be able to watch because I have to recap Shahs of Sunset and record Big Brother. Maybe I will catch it On Demand on day if ya’ll leave good reviews on the show in comments. I am going to need some of y’all to let me know how that goes.

Nene has been so busy with all these game shows and her upcoming “comedy tour” she barely has time to take care of herself! But, GLORY BE! Today she made it to a hair salon.

And she has posted a photo. Please click through to see her new look!

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Stuff Jozea Flores Says #BB18

BB18 Jozea
Normally on this site we do not post spoilers. The annual exception to the rule is Big Brother. Big Brother has live feeds airing 24/7 and for most of us, the live feeds are the best part of the experience. Frankly, I don’t ever really know where the actual show is in the chain of events, so if you want to watch Big Brother without any spoilers don’t read any posts here ever. Also, I update the live feeds in whatever the most recent post is, in the comments. I basically just get all set up with a snack and an adult beverage and literally talk to myself in comments for hours. Feel free to check in on me from time to time.

This week we are probably going to see one of the most arrogant, delusional players sent home. While for game purposes he needs to go, for view purposes it always sucks when the most mentally ill person goes out so soon. Granted, the eviction is not until Thursday, and production can try to save him, all signs now point to his departure. So let’s looks at some of the highlights from his insane pontifications.

As soon as the feeds came on there was an interaction between  James, a veteran both of the show and of the U.S. Military and Jozea the newbie idiot about the Fourth of July. Jozea didn’t seem to think out country’s Independence was anything worth celebrating.  James said, “A lot of Americans died for out freedom.”  Jozea, responded, “Ain’t nobody told them to do that!”  And from there, he just go more ridiculous.

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Update on the Ravenel v Dennis Custody Battle

Southern Charm Kathryn and Kenzie

I believe the news that Kathryn and Thomas’ court records will not be sealed was mentioned in this interview with Thomas.   Because of this, all of the sordid details will be available to the public. I remember when I was thinking about doing CASA volunteering that part of the informational packets were full of references to the fact that cases involving juveniles are sealed. Perhaps that is a Georgia law? I can’t see any valid reason why the judge would refuse to seal a case that has two small children at the center of it. Given the current situation, I would think that someone should step in and provide legal counsel specifically to insure the safety and protection of the minor children.

So far, no legitimate sites have disclosed the exact findings of the drug test. What has been disclosed is that Kathryn failed her test and Thomas passed his.

Now there is new information about Thomas’ test.

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Weekend Tea: It’s Too Hot To Think!

Egg-Frying-on-Sidewalk  tea


It’s boiling hot in the ATL and inside my ghetto shack. I installed central heat and air a few years back and I swear it was cooler here with one window unit. Yesterday I hooked up an extra air conditioner but it is still hard to keep the temperature below 80 degrees in her. 77 is now considered cool.

So I am sleeping during the day this weekend and watching live feeds all night. This is probably not the ideal situation for me.

In other annoying news, my ad agency apparently started a new campaign this weekend with loud obnoxious videos that auto start. They have never done this before and of course they start them on a weekend so it  will be Monday before I can stop them. Sorry about that. I was not asked or warned about them. :(

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