More Good News for Nene Leakes!

Nene Leakes Seems Oddly Angry with Sheree and Phaedra

Not only has Nene Leakes landed the role of the evil stepmother in a Broadway production of Cinderella, a new report says that she will make an appearance on the final season of Glee! According to The Wrap, Nene will return for at least one episode to reprise her role as Roz who has been both a synchronized swim coach and cheerleading squad leader on the long running series.

Nene, who is a special pet of Ryan producer , was also cast on his show The New Normal which was cancelled after one season. It seems like I read ions ago she had one episode left on her Glee contract. If I had to make a guess based on absolutely no information, I’d bet my money that she will appear on the final episode when many of the former actors on the show will make a final return. Continue reading

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Kandi Burruss’ A Mother’s Love Tour Cancelled

Kandie Wedding2 RHOA

Wow! In nobody saw this coming news, Kandi Burruss’s play, A Mother’s Love is not going on the road after all. Kandi announced on Instagram this morning that there was a problem with the promoter the ticket sales just were not where they needed to be.  Read Kandi’s statement below:

I licensed A Mother’s Love to A promoter with high expectations of finally seeing my creation go on the road and I am very saddened and frustrated by the cancellation of the tour. Continue reading


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Amber’s Ghostwriter is Trying to Hard, Or Not Trying Hard Enough

I have bird shit on my stupid face. Because Bravo knows my story.

I have bird shit on my stupid face. Because Bravo knows my story.

Amber’s ghost writer is having a REALLY hard time. He’s new and this is his first blog trying to be Amber.  But this is worse than the  Alice in Wonderland  Heather Mcwhatshername wrote for Teresa.

Here is “Amber’s” opening 2 paragraphs:

“Man is made of such a seemly shape, that friend or foe is not discerned by face; then hard it is the wickeds’ wiles to scape, since that the bad to mask with honest grace.” Geoffrey Whitney

If Whitney could reach into my soul and pull out exactly what is there, he would have used these words. I don’t know who to trust — who is my friend, who is my enemy, what are everyone’s intentions? This is a truly awful feeling that, clearly, many have felt throughout history based on so many literary works on the subject. What is the driving force behind our actions? How do we come to our perceptions of situations? It all can be profoundly attributed to the interactions between genetics, social factors, and environment. We take from our experience good attributes as well as negative attributes such as, weakness, insecurity, jealous, hatred, and even a lack of empathy. 

It takes a bit of talent to ghost write for someone. You can’t correct everything and you can never, ever wander off into your bloviated voice. Especially when that voice is arrogant, bloviated, I am a lawyer who can’t practice law due to moral turpitude voice.

“Another reason for my overly sensitive reactions to Teresa is that I am familiar with these types of cases due to Jim’s line of work.”

I’m just going to let that sit there with you for a minute. Let’s reflect on Jim’s line of work. He is BANNED from practicing work as a montage broker for 20 year in the state of Washington.

He next job in pharmaceuticals ended as a whistleblower  where the Judge had many harsh things to say about him. So Jim is familiar with fraud. And Amber has been DEFENDING HIM against his cancer company colleagues since shortly after they married when the prosecution implied and his colleagues argued that Jim masterminded the fraud he blew the whistle on, and that the  fraud had to do with CANCER MEDICATION.

The judge ended up giving him the lowest payout he could at over a million in snitching fees… and a chastisement in the ruling. It’s all online.

I need all these bobbie pins to pin my real hair. Please don't notice.

I need all these bobbie pins to pin my real hair. Please don’t notice.

Amber goes on to talk about cancer “I remember the day like it was yesterday. I had just put my 6-month-old and 18-month-old down for a nap, the older guys were in school. My doctor called and I was alone. “

I wish all of this bullshit drama you are bringing on the show for more money… your fake scenes and your shitty soul, would get reoccurrence. And someone with the integrity of your husband would sell you a shitty pill that doesn’t work for you at all. But we all know you are faking it and full of shit.

And for that. YOU SUCK.  On behalf of everyone I know that deals with cancer every fucking day. Karma is a bitch. When you marry someone who got rich off  frauding  cancer patients. You reap what you sow you cunt.

And next week you are going to fake a cancer scare for the GODDAMN  CAMERAS?

Bite me. No one cares if you live or die.


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Greggy Bennett Solves Gay Hate Crime in Philadelphia!


Everybody knows that Greggy Bennett is my favorite housewife. (He would be pissed for me calling him a housewife, and Caroline is my favorite anyway, but for the purposes of this story, I’m going to pick at him because I am just hearing about this from my Jersey sources. Unfortunately, he is housewife days are over and he has and moved to California not to be the next Brad Pitt, but for a promotion related to his real job. So the other day, on September 11 a group of 20 something douche nozzle slurping, shitpickle sucking fucktards were walking down the street in Philly and they beat up a couple of gay guys and robbed them. (see above).
Continue reading


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Late Breaking EXCLUSIVE! Phaedra Has Left The House! I Repeat Phaedra Has Left The House!

RHOA Nene Birkin

EXCLUSIVE DISCLAIMER: Stealing this story will probably give your mother liver cancer and make your children retarded. DON’T DO IT! Just quote and link like a normal person. I’ve started giving head to local entertainment lawyers in my spare time to save in lawyers fees and they are all very happy with me.  I’m just saying. #HeadDoctor

Tomorrow in the ATL a new fancypants multi-use complex is having its grand opening. I don’t know if this is happening all over the country but here multi-use complexes are the next big thing. From Buckhead,  to a stones throw from my ghetto, high-end multi-use conglomerates have been booming for the past decade. The concept is live, work and socialize all in the same little neighborhood.  Most of them have high-end townhouses or apartments, a Whole Foods, and a variety of upscale restaurants and taverns in addition to some sort of shopping area, movie theater and other attractions. Atlantic Station was one of the most popular ones to date in the Atlanta area.

Tomorrow is the officially opening of the grand kahuna of such developments, Buckhead Atlanta. While the official opening is tomorrow, it seems they are allowing the felons by Bravo adjacent  in tonight for an invitation only black tie event to celebrate the housewives who have tons of money to hide/launder spend  at Hermes.  The invitations went out to their best Atlanta customers and clearly to the folks related to people they have a promotional deal with like, Bravo. Hermes and Fado Irish Pub have been there for a couple of years now, right in the middle of all of the construction. Tonight Hermes cut the ribbon on their new and improved location. The whole shebang will take many more months to roll out but RHOA and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta have done so much for  Christian Louboutin’s reputation he has decided to bless us with a local freestanding store.  I could barely type that with a straight face, but it is true that you will soon have a freestanding Loub store here in Atlanta.  Other high-end stores include Jimmy Choo, Alice+Olivia, and Akris.  Plus a bunch of overpriced restaurants I’ve never heard of because we need more of those. Not. Continue reading


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Big Brother Wednesday Night Eviction: Will Victoria Make it Until Final Three?

BB16 Derrick hoh


OMG OMG! They are showing Frankie’s dramatics a couple of hours before leaving the house. He threatens all the guys and says he knows they are sending him home because no one could beat him sitting next to him in the end. Then he rants about how they are releasing him to his millions of fans YES HE DID! LOLOLOL and to the jury who he can convince to do whatever he wants. ROFLMAO. Oh Frankie, my post about what a shit person you are is one of the all time most viewed posts on  It has not been off my top ten list (Y’all really should check that out, see right sidebar) since it was posted. I get new emails about you every day and your delusions and lies about your charity work. Caleb snorty laughs and says, oh shut up Frankie. Caleb and Cody can’t stand it and tell Frankie he is full of shit. Derrick is doing all he can to keep him mouth wisely shut.

Frankie tells Caleb that he has no idea what has been going on in this game. Caleb tells Frankie he would SMOKE him in the end and he is not the player the thinks he is. Derrick diplomatically says he respects them all as a player. Caleb says, but your road ends today. This is priceless. PRICELESS unseen footage.

Derrick is still getting holla! He just got a holla from his baby girl and his wife! I love this! Derrick convinced Caleb to VOLUNTEER to go on the block. Because he’s Derrick and if he doesn’t win this game I am going to be so pissed off.  Caleb jumps up and slaps Derrick and calls him Judas during the noms. Then they all laugh. All three of the morons are convinced that Derrick is taking them to the final two.  But Derrick plans to send Caleb home at Cody’s hands. HE IS A GENIUS! Continue reading


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Shannon Beador Wins E! Online Best Housewife Ever Contest!

RHOOC Shannon

OMG! Heather Dubrow must be suicidal ! Shannon Beador gracefully accepted the title of Best Housewife of all time from E! Entertainment this week. Beating out all of the usual suspects in an amazing upset, Shannon is still in shock. Kenya Moore also came in very close to the top! This is pretty amazing given all the “twitter followers” some of the old timers have. It’s almost like they are not real followers at all!

When asked if Shannon discussed the contest with her cast mates at all she said she did speak with Vicki but is not speaking to all of her cast mates right now. Shannon says that she sometimes runs into Heather at the hair salon and she did some promotional work with Tamra over the summer and they were fine. She just needs some time. It seems clear that Shannon is going to return next season. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live Listings September 17th Through September 25th

Sorry, I just sort of love this pic.... ShadeByAndy

Sorry, I just sort of love this pic…. ShadeByAndy

The new guest listings are out for WWHL. Is it me?  Or are we in a lull? I’m starting to think I just have a stank attitude this week. Everything just seems very ho hum with nothing exciting going on… What do y’all think of the new updates to the guest lists. Also, do you think Tara Reid regrets bailing on her episode with Joan Rivers a month or so back? She would have likely gotten trashed but it would have given her a lot publicity. Continue reading


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Below Deck Recap: That’s What She Said

Below Deck Season 2 CastOn tonight’s Below Deck, it looks like everyone except Ben and Kat is going to the bar  The fact that Kat is not coming to the bar is very odd. Ben and Kat immediately drink and head into one of the staterooms. That’s a huge no no.

Jennice is uncomfortable around Kelley now. Kelley and Eddie head back to the boat early. Kate, Jennice and Amy have dinner with some foreign guys they met at the bar.  Kate heads back and Amy and Jennice are saying their goodbyes when one of the guys tells Amy to go fuck herself. WTF? The guys cursed at the girls when they left. Amy tells Eddie and tells Kelley. Kelley goes off to kill the guys. Eddie goes after him to stop him. They are all causing a disturbance on the dock and waking people up sleeping in neighboring boats.

Ben and Kat can be heard fucking in one of the staterooms.

The next morning Kat is bitching about the deckhands not helping with interior work. Why should they have to? It’s not their job and they are a man down. Continue reading


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Big Brother Tuesday Night Taped Eviction: Bye Rose…

BB16 Frankie with Julie

Chop by @uncDavid

Frankie is pissed that his on the block. Everything rides on winning the veto. It’s an elevated version of the morphed faces challenge that Frankie already won. Derrick and Cody are pissed that Caleb keeps running his mouth to Frankie.

The Team America rumor is true. If Derrick or Frankie win they get an additional 50K. It did not say anything about making the final two. So if Derrick winds he will get $575,000 the highest payout in Big Brother History.

The veto is just like last time only the final picture has two heads and you have to choose the six faces morphed into them. Cody does great and gets them all in 2 minutes and 21 seconds. The only person close at all was Derrick.

FRANKIE WAS EVICTED! YAY! He gets HUGE applause from the fake audience. Frankie maintains that he is playing the game for charity. The stupid fake audience gave him lots of applause. Which is just ridiculous.

Derrick won the HOH comp.


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Why is TeRESA Mad at Teresa and Amber?


I really don’t understand the RHONJ Bravo Blogs this week. The twins seem to be mad a Teresa and Amber. This seems off to me. They didn’t ask Victoria Gotti to tell them the crazy rumor about Rino and his mother- in-law. I had trouble understanding Nicole’s blog at all. I’m posting an excerpt from Teresa Aprea’s blog below.  As of now at least, Teresa and Amber are keeping the rumor fairly quiet. Teresa told Dina and Amber told Jim, but I don’t think that was necessarily wrong. Now when Jim just blurts it out on the trip in front of the whole group, that is outrageous.

Am I just looking at this wrong? Please explain to me the basis of Teresa bring mad at Teresa and Amber. Continue reading


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WTF is Going on Between Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards?

RHOBH Brandi


So everyone is emailing me about an altercation between Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards . Allegedly, Brandi was tweeting about having a rough night after filming RHOBH. She mentioned something about going to jail for hitting someone.  All of those tweets have been deleted. Kim tweeted that nothing happened and they she loves Brandi and the whole story is untrue. I wasn’t going to mention it since I really have no idea what is going on, but in checking it out I came across this picture of Brandie playing games with her boys in their pool.

Which is probably what she wants us to focus on. Did anyone see the Brandi twitter drama?


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