Some Thoughts from My Vanderpump Rules Spies

How can you not love this level of delusion. Isn't that the point of these shows?

How can you not love this level of delusion. Isn’t that the point of these shows?

I’ve got spies that are beyond obsessed with Vanderpump Rules.  Their endless periscopes and Instagrams will literally tell us the whole season at this point.  Me? I’d rather just watch the season. Well except when they get arrested. Anyway, here are some excerpts from their tea.

” I think Stassi is single and living with Kristen.  I’ve noticed Kristen tagging Stassi on certain things and talking with Rachel, Kristen’s best friend.  On her latest podcast, Stassi mentions she’s at rock bottom and  moved out of the Venice Beach shack (Patrick’s house) because of “air conditioning”.  Hmmm.  She stayed last week at a ” single friend’s” house (in the past she always names the friend) and has only 2 outfits.  Rachel is the podcast guest and mentions she’s seen Stassi 6 times in the last week.   Stassi then talks about going out on Sunday with the friend she’s living with.  They were going to meet a guy who the friend met in DUI class (guess who has had a dui?  Kristen).  The story continues with them breaking into a friend’s house or something and they found a Bravo Shotski in the house so Stassi felt she was ok.  Kristen posted a picture of the Shotski on Twitter on Sunday.  So hmmmmmm.   Looks like she’s living with Ms. Doute.  Could this mean a Vanderpump Rules return for her?”

Answer: Yes. Continue reading


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Southern Charm Is Coming Back For A Third Season?

Southern Charm Cast

Can we talk about how Andy looks like a tiny little man who is even shorter than Cameran in heels?

There may be some great news on the horizon for Southern Charm fans! I never really believed the rumors that there would be no Season 3. The ratings for season two sucked for a bit but the Kathryn ramped up the drama and saved the show! On Wednesday,  the South Carolina (mostly political) website,  FITSNEWS confirmed a third season.  I love that site, but if y’all think I’m rude, crude and socially unacceptable, I’d strongly advise most of you not to comment there. I lurk and love the place.  Anyway, if they say Southern Charm is back and production is getting under way, it’s a fact, Jack.

Ravenel has said he won’t come back. He is mad at production  (which doesn’t seem to be heavily influenced by his gay lover  bestie, that Yankee’s woman’s spawn) because they “lied to him” about something or another. He also blames them for his failed senatorial campaign. Because, douchebag.  He seemed to think he should have had editorial control. Seriously? His stupidity is the reason he is on the show in the first place. Continue reading


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Big Brother Eviction Night Recap: Jason Leaves Seeing Double

BB17 Jason

I am really late getting started watching tonight because of late breaking Teresa Giudice news (please see previous post).  Dammit. It’s an endurance comp and I am going to need to get finished with this ASAP to watch the end of the comp on time on live feeds.

We begin with the after effects of the blindside. Jason is furious with Vanessa. Jackie is furious with Vanessa. Meg is furious with Vanessa. Meg cried for hours on the livefeeds. I was already sad this week, so sending home one of my favorite players  isn’t helping.

As one of the few people that actually like Austin, he is being a douchebag on this episode. Clay is lying to Meg’s face about not knowing about the blindside. Clay is dumber than a box of hair. Shelli should not let Clay speak to anyone alone, EVER.  Meg goes to Vanessa and cries some more. Jackie finds out that Shelli was in on the plan to backdoor Jason. Jackie may be my new favorite if she goes for revenge.  Jackie, Meg, Jason and James  are on to Clay and Shelli and Vanessa. They are starting to suspect Austin and the twins are with them too, but not sure. Continue reading


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Teresa Giuidice Continues to Refuse to Accept Responsibility For Her Actions, Sues Bankruptcy Lawyer



There is a very interesting article published by People magazine tonight that I simply have to purple pen. I knew that there was a time when Teresa Giudice was blaming her lawyers, ALL of her lawyers, shortly after her conviction on WWHL. You can read the recaps of those interviews here. Be sure to read both parts of the two part fiasco. I never in a million years thought she would actually sue them from behind bars!  Isn’t she bankrupt? How is she affording a malpractice attorney?  I must say that the one she hired doesn’t seem to be a legal mastermind. Then again, check out the other attorney she is using these days, he is also her publicist. It’s astonishing.

According to People, “In a statement to PEOPLE, her malpractice lawyer, Carlos Cuevas, says that her former bankruptcy attorney James Kridel’s “legal malpractice is the reason why she is incarcerated.”

Um, seriously? I want to see the guy say that with a straight face in a sit down interview with the media. Please make this happen.

On July 28, Cuevas filed a 53-page complaint in Morris County, New Jersey, Superior Court, alleging three causes of action against Kridel: legal malpractice, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty.

He filed the lawsuit on Giudice’s behalf “to vindicate [her] legal rights, her good name and reputation,” he says in the complaint. Giudice is seeking to recover an unspecified amount of money from Kridel “because she has suffered significant monetary damages because of Defendant Kridel’s negligence,” Cuevas says in the complaint. But, he continues, any damages she recovers from Kridel “cannot restore her freedom, her good name, her lost professional opportunities, or her agonizing, extended absence from her husband and children’s daily lives.”

Her good name and reputation? Um, okay. That’s going to be a hard thing to prove. Kridel’s negligence? Again, how is this the bankruptcy lawyer’s fault? Continue reading


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Catfish Recap: Thad and Sara

Catfish Thad


After the most ridiculously fake episode of Catfish ever last week with Prophet and Trinity, this week we seem to have a real story and it doesn’t seem as though it will end well.

We start this week with the boys in the usual hotel room.  They get an email from a guy named Thad who was having problems in his marriage and needed on outsider’s perspective. While this might be a good time for a counseling session, a chat or three with your priest, or doing some personal journaling, Thad decides to find a random stranger on the Internet to unburden is deepest secrets to.  Damn, Thad, consulting a magic 8 ball to make your major life decisions would have been a better choice.

So Thad picks some random girl with a pretty picture in her profile named Sara and begins to unload.  You won’t believe what happens next! They start having “feelings” for each other. Shocking!  Sara wanted to meet up but she stood him up because she got kidnapped by aliens along the way.  Oh wait, not quiet yet. First she had a seizure on the way to meet him and was in the hospital. Then she got kidnapped by her ex boyfriend (maybe he was an alien) but luckily she managed to escape her imprisonment in time to chat with him some more.

At least this idiot can Google.  He did a few perfunctory searches on the Internet and found out that Sara is really a girl named Ashley and the real girl in the photo says she has been doing this to lots of people. Both Thad and the real Sara want the boys to make Ashley stop catfishing. Continue reading


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Big Brother Wednesday Recap: A First Kiss and Clay Nuts Up

Austin Liz Gif

Due to technical difficulties, I’ll be recapping tonight and I’m off to a late start. Sorry for the unavoidable delay. I’m going to make it quick to get this up, ASAP.

We start with Vanessa freaking out about still being HOH.  Vanessa, as a recruit, really doesn’t understand how HOH works. If she talks about blood on her hands, or taking a blood bath one more time I will scream. An equally stupid Clay seeks out Johnny Mack to whine to about having to win POV to get off the block. Jmac is not amused by his anguish considering Clay has asked him to go through this more than once.

Austin is all confused about James throwing the veto. He still believes Steve is the target.  Later in bed Austin and Liz finally kiss. I don’t think that Liz is as against this as she like to put on. I’ve seen her pawing him at night. At the very least, she sends mixed signals. Poor Austin is clueless about her lack of feelings for him. Continue reading


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Was Jax Taylor in NYC Last Winter At The Skinny Girl Party?

RHONY Jax at Skinny Girl Party

Someone name Jessica Johnson posted this picture on her Twitter Line  that appears to show Jax arriving at Bethenny’s Skinny Girl party. IS that really Jax? Um why was he there?

What does it all meeeeeaaaaaaannnn?

Thanks to my TT spy for sending me this.


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Fulton Police Begin to Build Manslaughter Case Against Nick Gordon

Photo from Nick's twitter November 2012

Photo from Nick’s twitter November 2012

TMZ is claiming to have law enforcement sources in Fulton County, some 2,000 miles out of the thirty mile zone.  Their source claims that authorities plan to charge Nick Gordon with involuntary man slaughter for procuring drugs for Bobbi Kriss on January 31, the morning she drowned in her bathtub.  If they were charging a drug dealer the would more likely start with second degree murder, in my opinion.

The initial autopsy was inconclusive due to the six month period of Krissi being in a coma/vegetative state for six months before passing. Yet, TMZ is claiming that, “toxicology reports will only determine if she was under the influence and not who supplied the drugs.”  It seems unlikely that they could have a test that would give an accurate account of the level of drugs in her system when she was left alone to drown.

However, back in early February, Max Lomas was reported to have been in the home with his girlfriend at the time that Krissi died. He supposedly came over with his girlfriend and was there at 10 am when the cable guy showed up. He let the cable guy into the bedroom to fix the cable reception and it was then that Max discovered Krissi face down in the bathtub. He supposedly pulled her out and Nick cleaned up some blood before they called the police.  This coupled with the information in the civil suit that Krissi had two teeth knocked out could be more evidence of guilt. Continue reading


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WWHL With Ramona Singer & Michael Rapaport

WWHL Ramona


I really don’t want another half hour  of Ramona Singer tonight but Andy Cohen has a different idea.

Ramona’s eyes are like tiny little slits. It looks like she has had more work done. Michael is a huge housewives fan. He gets to ask Andy questions for thirty seconds. Which husband from the east coast would he do. Apollo Nida. What housewife confrontation at a reunion scared you the most? Teresa and Danielle season two, when Teresa pushed him into his seat. Michael says, “Really? More than Kenya?” Yes Michael, more than Kenya. Andy doesn’t really care for Kenya. Plus the THOT wasn’t attacking him. Andy seemed not to care for the follow up question and just said, “that was scary too,”

Andy has a three bachelors behind the bar for her to play a dating game with. Instead of waiting for the game, Ramona says, “I like the one on the far left!”  I’ll take the one on the far right if he is left over. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: London Calling

RHONY Carole

We begin tonight’s episode with Dorinda and Heather checking in to some sort of ginormous penthouse. Wait, that room was just for Carole? It’s like a whole apartment. Where is Dorinda staying? Carole goes by herself to pick up the ashes from the church. Carole is ridiculously nervous and saying silly things to the priest. As she is nervously chattering they show photos from her wedding day.  Her husband had cancer when they married, but they both expected him to beat it. He finally gives her the urn, which is larger than expected. Carole takes it back to the hotel room and lays on her bed and cries.

Later, Dorinda and Carole meet up in Carole’s room. Where is Dorinda staying? In the maid’s quarters?  They have the hotel send up tea and sandwiches and have a chat about their husbands.

The next day the ladies do a bit of shopping and the chat about Luann. Apparently the Countess has reappeared and no one is happy about it. After shopping, Dorinda is having a private cocktail party at an upscale bar. Carole invited some of her old friends from London as well. Dorinda’s friends are all very dignified. Carole’s guy friends were all in black leather. Dorinda’s friends brought up memories of her late husband. The cocktail party was more of a wake.  I’m going to need someone to explain Carole’s ensemble to me.

Continue reading


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WWHL Listings For August


August 2015

Sunday, August 2, 2015 – CHRISTINA APPLEGATE and MARK CONSUELOS Show 12127

Monday, August 3, 2015 – BILLY EICHNER and JULIE KLAUSNER Show 12128

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 – JESSICA ST. CLAIR and SONJA MORGAN Show 12129

 Wednesday, August 5, 2015 – VALERIE BERTINELLI and COLIN JOST Show 12130

Thursday, August 6, 2015 – TBD and TBD Show 12131 Continue reading


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WWHL With Meghan Edmonds

WWHL with Meghan Edmonds

Okay, I saw that Meghan was dying her hair pink, but…really? WTF? Is she trying to relive her high school years? And I don’t have any idea who the other guest is, but she is first chair? ROFLMAO.  I totally forgot this was happening tonight and I spent three hours watching The Bachelorette and drinking so, be prepared for a really fucked up recap. You know, as if the others are normal…

Andy’s intro is about Wham, Bam, Thank You Man and both guests are married to baseball girls.  Andy is already making fun of Meghan’s pink hair. The bartender is from Quiet Riot and friends with the Dubrows.

Andy then mentions that Leann has died, less than a week ago. And yet the little gold digger is still there.

Next a cunt montage ending with the “classy as fuck” comment.

Meghan plays a word association game about the other housewives:

Vicki: Manipulative (probably the longest word she knows!)
Tamra: Loyal (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA sorry. Excuse me)
Shannon: Kind hearted (WTF? Please tell me Shannon does not make up with this trashbox)
Heather: Ummmm Motherly? ( that is shade according to Meghan. Interesting)
Andy stops the game. Interesting. Continue reading


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