Yolanda And David Foster Announce Plans To Divorce

Yolanda 3

Yolanda and David Foster are finally headed for divorce.  I suspected this way back in February of 2014 and blogged about it here.  People just ran their divorce announcement. Conveniently released hours before the premier of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“Sadly we have decided to go our separate ways,” the couple tells PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. “We’ve shared 9 beautiful and joyous years together. During that time we experienced love, friendship and the inevitable challenges that come with managing a marriage, careers, blended families and health issues. We are grateful for the years we’ve spent together and believe wholeheartedly that we did our best.I hope that we can pave the road ahead of us with all we’ve learned and with the love and respect we will always have for one another.”

See Trouble in Paradise? Here

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Comments From The Window Lickers

Dumb people


This is just a small random sampling from the window licking section (WLS).  The Porshatards are out in full force. I didn’t want you to miss it all. You’re welcome.

rena (in RHOA ) dumb ass bitches KIM WTF u could write a book if u need coin. Dish the dirt on facts of life 4 gods sake, u lowered your standards joining this group abd Nene looks like an ass for quitting amazon 7 foot size 16 shoe horse toothed looking sista

rena (in RHOA she posts all the time) Porsha, clise your legs grow up, your obnoxious, tge sound of your voice pisses ne iff, no wonder your divorced, your ex was a refined man trying to teach a freak how to be a lady. YOUR LISS

ms wonge (in RHOA) Cynthia was wrong for kicking porsha, she was callin porsha dumb and all other stuff, people have the rite to react. Cynthia needs to take he anger out on miss petra.

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The Walking Dead Recap: Start to Finish


By The Lady Cocotte

It’s the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead! Our last new episode until Valentine’s Day. It’s bound to be a doozy. A tower fell, taking down some of Alexandria’s wall. Walkers are flooding in. Home is no longer safe. Jessie’s youngest son Sam has barricaded himself in his room, drawing pictures of someone tied to a tree as walkers attack (ie: what Carol threatened to do to him earlier in the season). Ants are invading his room, swarming a cookie he left uneaten. While Tiny Tim sings “Tiptoe Through The Tulips,” the ants reenact what the walkers are doing to Alexandria right outside the window. Rick screams at everyone to get into the houses. He starts shooting and we quickly realize how ridiculously outnumbered the humans are. Deanna tries to get Rick inside but when that doesn’t work, joins him in attack. She’s a terrible shot but she’s finally fighting. Damn, that’s a lot of walkers. It was scary enough when they were outside the walls but seeing them in Alexandria is downright terrifying. Continue reading


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WWHL With Scheana Marie Shay And Donnie Deutsch

WWHL Scheana Donnie Deutch


Andy starts by pointing out that Jax said his milk has a longer shelf life than her marriage.  Scheana says she sent Jax a very angry text message the second she saw that. Jax said he didn’t mean it. Scheana seems like she is still miffed with Jax

They show the breakup scene between Kristen and James. I did not find that scene the least bit interesting. Donnie wants to give James a beating after watching that.

Next they show Kristen breaking up James and Lala.  And then the mystery of who James screwed for seven hours intensifies when we see in a preview that it was NOT lala.  Oh, please don’t let it be Kristen. Continue reading


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XanaDude’s Thoughts on Tonight’s Vanderpump Rules


By: Xanadude

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome to SUR! Outside it may be winter, but here it is hot!  Life is beautiful.  The servers are beautiful.  Even the bussers are beautiful.  One stage tonight, we cannot present Fraulein Sally Bowles, as she has been dead for over fifty years, but we DO have another delusional singer of moderate talent to entertain you, the wonderful Scheana Shay.

Scheana, in talking the Lisa VanderPump, says that what her drug addicted husband needs is just good diet and exercise. Lisa, still aghast over the mandatory piss testing that occurs at Chateau Shay, briefly considers the possibility that Scheana perhaps did NOT do her homework and watch last season’s RHOBH, tries to explain the concept of addiction to her. Scheana stops listening halfway through when she realizes the conversation isn’t about her, but her husband, and just smiles and nods, dreaming of the pop stardom she ever so briefly sampled yet didn’t quite achieve.  Jax is surprisingly insightful, and yet decides to use this insight to stir the pot.
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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Cock of the Walk

Vanderpump rules pump rules


I totally for about Xanadude taking these recaps  over until  about an hour before the show. I tried to find out if he was good to go but haven’t heard back. I having some weird kind of health issue today, but I shall forge ahead and if Xanadude turns in his paper, I’ll be sure to post his.  UPDATE!  Xanadude’s recap is coming.  I’ll post ASAP. Tonight, it looks like Jax and James will duel over first dibs on Lala’s  vajayjay.  Loser gets sloppy seconds I suppose.

Am I the only one who saw all the drops of tea all over the outside of the cup that Scheana served to Lisa? Because I can’t believe Lisa didn’t yell. “CUT!”  Lisa seems to understand something that Scheana doesn’t.  And that is scrambled egg whites don’t cure addiction.  Jax says he has milk that has a longer shelf life than Scheana’s marriage.

James has told Lala that he and Kristen are broken up. They’ve already had a drunken make-out sesh and made a future dinner date. Kristen shows up to the back door of SUR where production has placed Lala and asks her to let James know she is hanging out in the shadowy alleyway out back waiting on him.

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