Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Lovesick Danny

Below Deck Danny Kiss

For reasons known only to Bravo this show is an extra 15 minutes and Tour Group will air at 11:45. I hate you all for not watching Tour Group by the way, it’s the best show on Bravo by far. But no time to chastise as I am running behind after having one of those days so lets check in on the Ionian Princess and see if Danny gets fired.

Danny is totally sprung for one of the guests,Morgan and it appears to be mutual but he has been quarantined to the crew’s quarters. Wait, we are back on the beach. Is the first fifteen minutes of this show the last fifteen of last week? Maybe not. I don’t recall seeing Danny kiss Morgan at the table in front of all the other girls. Why is no one reacting to this?

Maybe they didn’t notice because one of the guests is a looney vegetarian type.  She is crying for the families of the fish that died for the sushi in her cabin. I am not making this put. She is also crying for the death of any flies that may have been killed.  Wait. Is that Morgan? She took out some weave and ya’ll know I have facial recognition issues. Actually, I thought all the RHONJ looked exactly a like and could not tell who was who especially in the Vermont scenes. Continue reading


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Blind Item: Fool Me Once Shame On Me; Fool Me Twice Shame On You!




This couple may have left their kids behind when they went on a recent island vacation but they  certainly were not alone. Unbeknownst to most on the trip, one single female guest is closer to the couple than everyone else. At least in some ways. Word on the streets is that this couple has a very active polyamorous lifestyle and brought some sand to the beach. The most titillating part is none of the other guests suspected a thing.



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The RHONJ Trailer Is Out

RHONJ juicy joe

Sorry, I have too much going on today to try to explain the RHONJ trailer with interpretive dance and sign language.  I can’t grasp why Bravo guards AN ADVERTISEMENT for their show like gold and doesn’t make it embeddable for all.  So I will do a bit of purple pen on the press release and call it a day.

NEW YORK – May 24, 2016 – There won’t be any lazy days of summer when Bravo Media’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” returns for its much anticipated seventh season on Sunday, July 10 at 8pm ET/PT. Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga are joined by new Housewives, Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker, along with the return of a true Jersey veteran, Jacqueline Laurita. Also appearing this season are sisters Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri.. Wait whut? What happened to the lesbian couple?  They aren’t mentioned at all? I thought they were downgraded after the fight in Vermont (that was Jac’s fault)  but no mention at all? So you can hit people all day long in Atlanta, but not Jac Laurita?  If they were cut out, then why were they at the finale filming that Jac refused to show up for?


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Real Housewives of Dallas Recap: Black and Blues

RHOD Heidi

Hey y’all! I feel like we are all on a sinking ship with my hosting service and this whole place could go POOF! at any moment. I am going to be spending a lot of time working on another move, but I’ll be blogging as much as I can in between talks with support teams. UGH.

Moving on, we are halfway through this short little season of Real Housewives of Dallas and I am taking over the recaps so they might be a bit different from the ones you are used to. Let’s see what these gals are up to.


Tiffany and Leeanne are meeting with Heidi who is the queen of all charities or some such for lunch. Heidi is dressed like a gansta rapper in a giant gold chain and an oversized black tee with some sort of gold lettering for reasons that are not clear. Heidi proceeds to give them both Hermes shopping bags but inside the bag in not a beautiful Hermes scarf but a black t-shirt that says #SkanksOfDallas   I am not making this up. Apparently, it is some high honor to be called a skank by Heidi. These lovely ladies soon turn they conversation from “who can hold the best charity event” to slandering Cary and trash talking Brandi and Stephanie. Such lovely people these three are.


We get to see Mark do a surgery while chatting with Cary. Who agrees to have their boob job, or whatever recorded for reality tea. Do we really want to see how nonchalantly the surgical team is while you are laying there unconscious? It make me think of Joan Rivers. By the way that doctor just lost a huge amount of money to Joan’t estate for malpractice. It is Cary and Mark’s anniversary so we have to endure some sex talk which I will spare you. It’s interesting editing though. First this Heidi creature says that Cary got her husband by giving blowjobs under the desk and now we listen to Mark negotiation his anniversary blowjob and sexcapades for later in the evening.

Later that night, Mark’s personal shopper from Roberto Cavalli arrives with a very expensive evening gown. Mark says it cost him more than his first car. Cary gave him a card. She really is the husband.

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Southern Charm Recap: Whit’s End

southern-charm-whitney (2)

Sorry for the downtime tonight, my lovely hosting site, BlueHost. and I have been in chat for about an hour. Their infinite wisdom said that I had an extremely high volume of views tonight and the server just could not handle it. While my posts today were exemplary, now that I am magically back in after their support team told me there was nothing they could do. I checked my stats and they are not up to where they were yesterday let alone out of the ordinary. So I am livid and about an hour late getting started. I will get on RHOD as soon as I can assuming this post ever shows up and the server doesn’t crash again.

We return to the cabin where Whitney is having a conniption fit because Craig said the reason he hates Kathryn is because he has feeling for her.  We’ll Craig, you are close,  Whitney hates Kathryn because she would not be his beard in season one, probably after she agreed to and realized the creepiness factor of living with you and Patti. I can see how frustrating it must be for you now to be accused of having feeling for her though.

Whitney’s big comeback to Craig’s accusation? “I slept with her WAY before Thomas.” He is denying the time span Craig offered of five days. I think Whitney seems to be denying Kathryn living with him for a few days.  Craig says he is telling the truth and he is doing it as payback for Whitney being a cunt when he visited Craig in CT with his parents.

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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Trailer Is Out!



The RHOOC trailer is up as I predicted. The RHONJ one should be along in a day or two. And once again the ability to host the trailer has been made difficult by the people at bravo. No other network in television makes it DIFFICULT to advertise their programing.

The girls go to Ireland to drink and milk cows this season. I thought I posted about that but it looks like I did not. Tamra’s storyline this season will be mostly about her body building in preparation for her competition. I believe that competition is in a few days. For some reason the date was moved. Body builders eat very little while training for a competition. I am not looking forward to a hangry Tamra.

There will be an unfortunate number of costumed events this season. In one fiasco, Terry looks like John Travota  in a white suit and Heather may or may not be on roller skates.  Skates are not, she takes a pretty hard fall on her ass. Other stupid costumes include body suits with nipple clamps and fake pubic hair (classy) and at least one body suit with a fake penis (seriously?). At one of these costumed events, David gets up in Vicki’s face shaking his finger and calling her a “fucking scumbag.”  Perhaps this is where the issues between Shannon & David toward Vicki come to a head. I heard that it gets bad.

Heather Dubrow is also seen screaming at Vicki while jabbing her index finger in the air towards Vicki screaming at her to apologize for her shit!  Tamra and Vicki’s crap daughter talk about Vicki behind her back on national TV again and discuss Vicki “stalking” Brooks presumably on the Internet.

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