Cynthia Bailey Shares Tidbits From Real Housewives of Atlanta Trip to Manila

RHOA cyn friends bitches

I was actually more interested in power drinking than watching or recapping this week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta episode in the Philippines. I think I still have it on my DVR, I’ll have to rewatch. Likewise it seems the Real Housewives of Atlanta themselves are more interested in power drinking than turning in a blog. Cynthia is the only good girl of the bunch this week. Nene is doing some of her Bravo foolishness by not blogging on the Bravo site, and now instead off pretending she is writing her own blog on her website, she’s decided just to toss her ghostwriter and just let whoever sends in a recap to her do it. She says to start the blog with something like, “Since Nene is not talking anymore…” Because she is having some sort of tantrum.

Perhaps she, too, simply got fed up with the refusal of an angry mob of commenters to embrace the existence of Progressive Judaism and  consider other salient facts in a well thought out post she had written.  At any rate, I considered sending Nene my recap in Hebrew, it did very well in the ratings.

But let’s take a look at Cynthia’s contribution of the week. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Recap: It’s Nuclear Now

SHahs Stay Cation


Reza’s apartment flip is not going along on schedule. When he arrives to the work site, there is no one there doing demo. He calls his contractor and is calmly asking why no one is there working. He seems to not get on the contractor at all.


Asifa has taken over the role of GG’s wife. GG is having trouble finding a good man. She tells Asifa she was in a relationship for three and a half years and for three of the years he had another girlfriend.  I’m surprised that GG did not kill him. For real.


I am so confused by these two Iranian guys that Asa appears to have sold a house to. Are they brothers? Lovers? What? Apparently, their main function this episode is to provide the house for a pool party. And to bathe in a tub filled with fire hot Cheetos. Continue reading


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Bravo Announces New Shows: One With Kim Biermann & Nene Leakes

New Show 2014 2015

So my favorite Brandiloon emails me today and asks me about this show with Kim Biermann and Nene Leakes driving cross country. The poor dear has clearly started happy hour early on the west coast. Right? Because this can’t be a real thing, RIGHT?   And then I got my daily NBCu updates for the day.  I thought maybe it was April Fools Day, but no… we have two more days for that.  It’s actually a thing.


Bravo also announced renewals for Ladies of London season two, Don’t Be Tardy… season four, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles season eight and Manzo’d with Children season two. Let me pull out my purple pen and discuss these new shows with you. Continue reading


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עקרות בית אמיתיות של אטלנטה Recap

אני בוכה לאנשים שלי

אני בוכה לאנשים שלי

הלילה, עקרות בית האמיתית של אטלנטה הלכו למנילה.

זה היה פרק גדול באמת.

הייתי recapped את זה אבל היום הוא יום ראשון של הדקלים ואני fobidden כדי לקבל גישה לtechology בימים נוראים.

שלום להיות איתך בעונה זו של עדשים.


Continue reading


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go fuck yourself.

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March 29, 2015 · 4:20 pm

Okay This Creeps Me Out

RHOA Team Pretty Nene Wigs


Something Kenya posted on Twitter.


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Exclusive Tamara Tattles Tea on the RHOA Reunion 2015: Everyone Gets A Go With Porsha!

RHOA Andy Reunion

EXCLUSIVE!  Tamara Tattles  Tea  on the Real Housewives of Atlanta 2015 Reunion!  Please use excerpts and provide links to this source when quoting.

Y’all are terribly impatient when it comes to RHOA Reunion Tea!  It takes me awhile to synthesize my information and get the best idea of what actually went down from the many voices who are dropping some hints.  Some sources just love to make you ask every little detail and that is so tiring at this point that I can’t be bothered.  I just going to go with who seems to have taken the worst beating this season.  The good news is, the top three recipients of a good old RHOA read are all on Team Beast!

But first the seating situation. On the left couch,  we have Kenya next to Andy, then Cynthia then Kandi, On the right couch we have Nene , Phaedra and then Claudia!

Later when Porsha came out, Claudia moved to the Team Pretty plus Kandi couch and Porsha sat with Team Beast.

Also, despite the Asian themed set, I was told that the filming was indeed at The Biltmore again. That does not look like The Biltmore to me, but… apparently, it is.

As for how the ladies looked, I heard great thing about everyone except Porsha who was dressed for her other job if you know what I mean. I’m told that Nene got it right for the reunion. I’m not sure how much faith we should have in that report but in the spirit of fairness I’m letting you know that reports are that Nene looked good.  The usual “did she have some work done?” rumor went to Kandi. Waist training? New Boobs? Good Spanx? Whatever it was, she got good reviews as well.  In fact, everyone was at their best except for the peachless one. Continue reading


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Exclusive: Jessica Parido Forges Ahead With Plans to Marry Mike Shouhed Tomorrow

Shahs mike and jessica engaged.

This is exclusively sourced. Please attribute quotes according and provide a link to this page. Thanks!


I keep waiting to do this story because part of me wants Jessica Parido come to her senses. It seems that if she ever does come to her senses she is going to do it much too late. It’s already too late for her face. The poor girl who used to be a natural beauty is now just another plastic-faced girl in Beverly Hills. Another sad story. Another fake relationship. What could possibly be going on with this girl where she would change everything about herself, her face, her religious beliefs, he morals to be with a man who is superficial even by Los Angeles standards. A man who describes his engagement by noting that it involved a four carat diamond ring and her saying she was going to be his wife so “it worked out perfectly.” A plan well executed. The superficial groom and Jessica were in Australia a couple months ago where Mike’s comments included a comment that there are no ugly people in Australia and that Jessica can’t keep her hands off of him. Clearly, Mike is not closer to having any sort of personal insight and growth that most global travelers experience in new cultures than he was in Turkey where the call to prayer transmitting from the mosque had quiet the opposite reaction on Mike as most travelers regardless of religion. Tomorrow, Jessica Parido will become Jessica Shouhed assuming everything goes according to the plan.

Last July, I began to get a number of tips and contacts with very detailed information on Mike Shouhed cheating with women that he met on social media. There were specific hotels mentioned. Hotel staff confirmations. Text messages. It all appeared to be very legit. This was problematic. Shahs of Sunset was one of the first shows I was really excited about when I began this blog. I learned a big lesson by interviewing them prior to the show airing and finding them all charming. It’s best not to get too close to your subject. Especially if they are on a reality TV show you are covering. Because they change (Reza) and it becomes difficult to point out the bad behavior when you like the people doing the bad behavior. And they are all bound to do something that needs calling out. But this wasn’t the same as one of your favorite housewives changing and becoming someone who airs their tampon string in public and becomes violent and generally unlikable in public. This was someone allegedly having numerous sexual encounters with women who are not his fiancé.  I did not want to be this messenger. I sat on it for a while and I put out some feelers to sources in production. The show was expected to air last October until a post production editing staff decided to strike for health benefits which would ultimately push the show to its new 2015 airdate. It was made clear to me that Mike’s indiscretions would be a major storyline. It would be public. Everyone was about to know. Continue reading


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This Just In Photos of Kim Richards Driving Back and Forth To Those Hospitals

These Cabo hospitals have great swimming pools!

These Cabo hospitals have great swimming pools!


This week in Kathrine’s blog we heard of poor Kim Richards’ tireless crusades carting her family members back and forth to hospitals far and wide while applying cool towels to their sweaty brows. This is why Kim is not on social media Katherine says. Continue reading


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Lisa Vanderpump Rules on Brandi’s Behavior This Season

Lisa I don't want to hear it

Gif: Realtytvgifs

Here is LVP’s missive to us for the week…

Well, it’s the final leg of this exhausting race. The sun sets on the Hills of Beverly…

And there we have it. So this season I felt was a little more illustrative of exactly who these complex characters are…Some weathered the storm with a modicum of regretful actions and others offered up a complete view into the depths of their inner being.

True. I shall generously put you in the both with those who weathered the storm with a modicum of regretful actions. You sure didn’t make the mistake of offering up a complete view into the depths of your inner being. It’s not really hard to come off looking decent on a real housewives franchise. Generally, the ladies will topple of their own pedestals.

Angry accusations, shrouded with deflection, were the actions of some incompetent of dealing with truths that should be confronted.

Maybe they are waiting to see if Jen can get Dr. Drew and  Celebrity Rehab back on the air?

Continue reading


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Brandi’s Ghostwriter Gets Weirder Every Week

RHOBH Brandi Kyle Kim

The best thing about this season being over is that Brandi’s ghostwriter, who clearly gets paid by the word will soon shut the fuck up.  It’s not that these blogs aren’t hysterical. They are, but they are so absurd they are mildly infuriating. When someone hires another to spew their lies and delusions is that their way of distancing themself from the bullshit? Does she really not know she is lying and deluded? Does she not know she has a drinking problem? Does she really not get that she burns bridges with everyone that tries to be her friend?  It’s sort of infuriating not to be sure if she is evil and calculated, or legitimately mentally ill.

At any rate, the ghost writer has shat out another 1500 or so words this week and I am going to take  look at them.

She has upped the ante on the opening with some proclamation of love for her sons. This week she talks about how the horrific plane crash in Europe caused her to modify her “flight prayer” to include Leann Rimes. I’m not making this up. Perhaps her new ghostwriter is that idiot at the FishWrapper? Anyway, let’s just skip over the bullshit for future courtroom use, and stick with the bullshit about the show. Continue reading


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