Did I Mention Don Lemon Is a Douchebag?



So I gave myself a few hours of “comp time” because I am burning out.  I spent the time binge-watching Hotel Hell (don’t bother, it’s just meh, which is what I needed) and when I switched back to TV CNN was on.  Remember how we talked about Don Lemon being difficult with a cop and refusing to back up like he was told? Then he kept talking about the cop on live TV like he was a dog? Well apparently, that wasn’t enough for Don. He has now managed to get him fired.

One of the idiot talking heads introduces the story. It’s Breaking News! That this officer was fired for saying bad things against gays, women and Obama! Let’s interview Don Lemon who is wearing a fresh dress shirt and his black nerd glasses for this interview. First of all, the reporter wants us to know that they are not trying to insert Don Lemon in the story. Are you kidding me? They do that every night, several times a night.  The reporter says she said when she watched she noticed that officer was “more aggressive” than the other officers.

Don says that this negative video about the officer magically appeared in his email this morning and he immediately called the chief of police. The officer, Dan Page, has 35 years with the force. He has now been fired and will be forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation according to Don. I am not sure your employer can fire you and force you to be psychologically evaluated. Continue reading

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We Need Us Some Wil Heuser Up In Here!

Thought we needed a bit of levity in here. You can see Wil’s Latest #BB16Saga Youtubes here.


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Guess Who?

Below Deck Captain Lee 2


Go support his blogs here.

Sadly, I think that is his lovely wife of eleventy billion years with him. I mean you know, sad for us, lucky for him.


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Big Brother Live Eviction and HOH: Will Christine’s Boyfriend Leave Tonight?

Such an exciting show ahead of us tonight! The end of the double HOH and the return of an evicted houseguest. I’m so excited! Wow, Julie looks like she has had some work done.

Victoria is mean toward Zach in DR. I thought she was such a nice girl! Oh I forgot, Zach has treated her like a bitch all summer. Donnie is going gray in the house. Donnie promises Zach his vote. I hope he gives it to him even though it will just be one vote. That way if he comes back in the house he might work with Donnie.

Victoria has devised a plan to get back at Zach. He has been wearing her pink hat all season while saying vile things to her. He just kept wearing it every day. Because it is her property Victoria can destroy it (you can’t destroy other people’s property) so she is cutting it up.  You go Victoria. That was your boldest game move yet. You show the guy going out the door who is boss. LOL Victoria says this is the most satisfying thing I have done all summer. So funny. Continue reading


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Manzo’d With Children Premieres October 5th !

Caroline Manzo

I’m so excited for Manzo’d With Children! Even if it is going to be scripted as hell with all the kids pretending to live in the house during filming, including Albie’s girlfriend. I don’t care. I need me some Caroline Manzo. And for the love of God I hope that the press release below will stop the madness about Jacqueline coming back to RHONJ and all the bullshit stories saying she is coming back to save the show. She was LET GO FOR A REASON. She’s boring. Her legal dramas are dragging out so it may take years for her to be a #FelonByBravo (allegedly) and if there is a God there will be no RHONJ by the time she’s wearing orange with the rest of them.

Anyway, here is the official press release… Continue reading


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Questions Arise Over the “Baden Autopsy” of Mike Brown

Brown autopsy


Those of us who follow a lot of trials here and else immediately recognized the name Baden when the family attorney announce he would be doing an independent investigation. I won’t go into the reasons why we place no credibility into his work, you can either take word for it or google his name. You will find plenty to read.  I was not familiar with the name Shawn Parcells and with three autopsies I really didn’t care much about that one. If you recall, the  I said from the beginning that the only one I care about is the first one.  It would have the intact body, unwashed, include toxicology and be the most relevant to the case, in my opinion. It was conducted by Mary Case, the Chief Medical Examiner of Saint Louis County.

I had a decent following during the Jodi Arias trial and as always people began contacting me by email to tell me inside scoop and rumors. One of those people, who still comments here but shall remain nameless, is close to a pathologist who is in the loop on some high-profile cases. The commenter emailed me in textspeak the other night and I didn’t have time to interpret but finally asked the commenter to break it down in plain English for me and the gist of the email is that allegedly Baden did not conduct the actual autopsy, he just gave an opinion. The actual autopsy was done by Shawn Parcells who is not licensed to conduct autopsies. Continue reading


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Ferguson Unrest Updates: News Reports on Dorian Johnson and New Shooting Timeline

Peace MandelaThe other Ferguson thread is about to hit 200 posts and with all of the nesting problems we are having lately, I thought it was a good time to start a new one. There is also some new information that has come out. First, I posted a story in comments that you may have missed. Fox News claims a source who has the specific details of the officer stop that resulted in the shooting of Michael Brown.  Also, ABC news has information on Dorian Johnson who has previously had charges filed against him in a neighboring city for theft and filing a false police report. Finally, I include a rumor that I cannot substantiate about Johnson admitting to his attorney he lied in his TV interviews about the details of what happened. While it is an unsubstantiated rumor, it is coming from several sources and makes sense considering the details of the autopsy prove he was lying about Brown being shot in the back.

Enjoy the new comments section. A few people have asked me if they are commenting too much. You are not. This is a major news event that changes frequently throughout the day. I know many of us need a safe outlet to express our frustrations. This will inevitably get heated and I’m fine with that.  As with any group discussing political situations there will be rabble-rousers in the mix long with the peaceful. It’s just our little microcosm of the greater debate.  Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Melbourne : Snow Bunnies and Saber Tooth Tigers

RHOMEL Cast2So, if I don’t get up early enough to recap this in real-time on Sunday, it’s really hard to find a moment to watch it.  This week, Andrea, Lydia and Jackie are going on a ski trip. Jackie has never skied, Andrea hasn’t skied in years, and I think Lydia probably does ski. The snow house, as they call it, is not at all what I expected and I’m a bit disappointed.

Janet is getting ready for her first date in many years. Step one, book the Royal Suite at The Hotel Windsor that has triple the square footage of my house. It’s so expensive they don’t even list the price on the website. Thank God production has an arrangement to get the suite in exchange for promotional placement. Step two, invite two friends, Chyka and Gina over to hold your hand and talk you through the preparation process. Step three, have a glass of champagne to take the edge off. Janet’s last husband was 70,  she’s 55 the date is 35, raaaawwwwwrrr!

The snow bunnies go out to dinner. They discuss the kerfuffle between Jackie and Gina. Andrea and Lydia think it was rude of Gina to cause drama with Jackie at her housewarming. Andrea made fun of Gina’s style. Lydia stood up for Gina on that a bit. Andrea keeps going in on Gina’s hair and make up. Andrea says that Gina’s favorite movie is probably Priscilla Queen of the Desert. (For those that don’t know, it’s a campy Drag Queen movie) Continue reading


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Big Brother Veto Episode With Zingbot and Kathy Griffin

BB16 Zingbot

The Battle of the Block competition is over and Donny knows that Christine was in on a plan for him to lose veto. Donny is the only person in the house who is on to Derrick. Donny is the only person in the house  that pretty much understands where everyone is in the house. Donny tries to help Zach and tells him to win the veto. Zach and Frankie agree that Derrick wins in a final two with anyone.

Team America’s task is to steal an item of clothing from everyone. They took Derrick’s boots instead of the bunny slippers, I guess because the bunny slippers are Amber’s.

During the Veto player drawing, Donny says he wants to win veto and take some color coated candy and use it to see if he should use it or not. That would be so awesome if he did that at the ceremony with a little speech where he says, “Well you guys have decided that the fate of everyone should be determined by a random candy draw, so if this her red candy is drawn, I will not use the veto, but if this her green one is, I will. Sounds fair right? Except I drew this morning when y’all were all sleeping and I pulled the red one. So the nominations will stay the same. Sorry guys, don’t blame me, blame the skittles.”

Neither Derrick nor Zach are picked for veto. The majority of the house is pissed. Continue reading


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Dance Moms Recap: Sacre Bleu!

Dance Moms New Season

This week Jade is back to dance for a week . Not much chit-chat before we go straight to pyramid. We have Chloe on the bottom because Abby openly despises her. Chloe came in second. For this she must be emotionally flogged.  Next is Nia. Nia came in fourth and was in my opinion robbed. If she had done that same routine in a civilized costume and not encumbered by a fucking dog leash, she could have won. Next is Mackenzie. This shocking as she is the favorite.  Maddie is next. Kendell actually gets the top of the pyramid! She had the overall high score last week.

This week is a very large competition. Studio Bleu will be there and they are major competition. Abby has decided to save the dance she originally wanted for nationals. She doesn’t think they will win at this competition. This is a strange move even for Abby. They have no group choreography ready to go for one of the biggest competitions of the season.

Chloe and Jade both have solos. Abby is only working with Jade. Chloe rehearses alone.

Continue reading


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Another Lawsuit Against Villa Blanca

Lisa Pumo Rules Sur

The reason for the quiet listing of Villa Blanca for sale is becoming even more obvious with the filing of another hostile work environment lawsuit. The listing of the restaurant appeared after a former employee received a letter of right two sue, and just days before the actual suit was filed on July 31st. I became aware of the suit through a TMZ article that was very light on the details of the suit.  At that time Lisa Vanderpump tweeted that there was no new suit at all and this was old news. Once again, Vanderpump’s tweets about these suits are unreliable.

In this latest suit, Martha Diaz, a pastry chef who worked at Villa Blanca alleges that yet another manager has created a hostile workplace and sexual harassment by her immediate supervisor Gustovo Molina.  The suit alleges that beginning in March of 2014 Molina began to harass her by inappropriately touching her in a sexual manner including touching of her vaginal area.  Molina and another kitchen worker would make sexually inappropriate comments toward Diaz in the course of her workday.  The two would also pull up pornographic images on their cell phones and expose them to her.  The two kitchen works would refer to Diaz as fat, ugly and call her a whore.  They also places pornographic drawings in her work space and on her locker. Continue reading


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Below Deck Recap: Hex on The Beach!

Below Deck Season 2 Cast

We begin Below Deck with dumbass Andrew trying to vacuum up the water from the porthole incident, only the vacuum is set to blow and not suck. So essentially Andrew sucks at everything. Even sucking.  Amy is telling a sob story to Kat while drying the same glass for half an hour. Kat couldn’t care less. I am not really feeling Amy yet.

Georgia wants some “beefcake” so Andrew is sent to do a little pole dancing. They are provided with fake money to throw at them. Georgia and the girls are happy and Andrew is kept out of everyone’s hair.

Kat and Ben are both trying not to cheat on their significant others with each other. They have hooked up in the past.

Amy and the southern guests get along well with Amy. The accents really come out when you are in a room with just southerners. It’s not deliberate it just happens.

Jennice and Kelley are having a flirtmance. Kelley has a girlfriend of a month and a half before charter season began. I don’t think he is that into her.  Jennice has not mentioned to Kelley that she has a boyfriend. Continue reading


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