Celebrity Apprentice 2014 Spoilers

Donald Trump

It’s been awhile since I have had a moment to put together all the bits and pieces of information I have on the latest Celebrity Apprentice 2014 Spoilers.  I’ve had some fun putting together clues from the tweeter feeds or the contestants, and still don’t have every detail (which makes it fun).  This is a true spoiler post for the season that will air most likely in December. If you don’t want to be spoiled on many details including who has been fired and who has not, do not read any further. I’m warning you now. There will be no crying later.

I first spoiled the cast here back in March.

Meet the Men’s Team:

Ian Zierling (Beverly Hills 90210), Lorenzo Lamas, Geraldo Rivera, Kevin Jonas, Terrell Owens (Football), Johnny Damon (Baseball), Sig Hansen (Deadliest Catch) Gilbert Gottfried (Comedian)

Meet the Women’s Team:

Keisha Knight Pulliam, Kenya Moore, Brandi Glanville, Kate Gosselin, Vivica Fox, Shawn Johnson (Olympic Gymnast), Leeza Gibbons, Jamie Anderson (Olympic Snowboarder)

We began with 16 contestants are we are almost at the end with 6 left. There are a couple of holes in my detective work I hope to fill in later.

P.S. I have been adding and removing things from this format for a few days so some things may be disjointed. I just can’t fiddle with it anymore. Continue reading

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Jodi Arias’ Crazy Has Resurfaced in Jail UPDATED!


UPDATE: It’s hard to tell with Jodi Arias when her crazy is acting up or when something is a hoax.  This morning I read an interview with Sheriff Joe where he talks about the court filing below and corrects many facts (ie the do not say the pledge in the morning, they do wake the bitches up with the National Anthem but don’t make them sing, etc.). So he acknowledges it as a thing.

However, the motion itself is so laughably written, the first thing I thought was that Jodi, who actually is educated, would not have filed such a error-riddled document. She has nothing but time in there to proof read. So today other issues are beginning to come to light.  The address for Jodi is for the wrong jail. He signature is nothing like the one on her driver’s license, etc.  It is starting to look like Jodi is not the person that filed the document.  And more than likely she had nothing to do with it. Which means some new random crazy is out there filing fake documents and making up stories about Jodi exchanging smutty letters with a member of the Alexander family.  Um yay for more crazies?



According to TMZ, Jodi Arias is not having much fun in jail waiting to be sentenced for the murder of Travis Alexander. So, acting as her own attorney, she has filed documents trying to get a restraining order against controversial sheriff,Joe Arpaio, who runs the jail, and HLN reporter Nancy Grace.

Jodi is mad at Joe because she claims she was given a TB shot with a needle infected with Hepatitis C.  She’s also mad at him because one of her fake titties sprang a leak and now she has a fungal infection and he would not let her get medical attention.  If that was not bad enough, Jodi says Joe has cameras in her cell and if she doesn’t get up to say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, he doesn’t get to eat.  Poor Jodi, it’s hard being a convicted murderer in Arizona. Continue reading


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Evel Dick Donato May or May Not Have Been Hit By A Car!

Evel Dick So Evel Dick is in Ireland. Apparently, last night he went out to a pub and had himself a very good time. Then he got on his bicycle and went home.  Only at some point his face ended up looking like this. He has no memory of the night before, but is assuming he was hit by a car on the way home from the bar.  He claims he was not drunk, went to two bars where he had one beer each,  the bars closed at midnight for Good Friday. Got on his bike rode home on a quiet little street and the next thing he remembers he was coming too on the side of the road with some cab driver asking if he was okay. Got on his bike and went home.  No major damage to the bike. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Rumors Debunked

Donald TrumpYou know how Oprah Winfrey always asks, “What do you know for sure?” Well when I go to the Church of Oprah on Sundays I always wonder about that question. WTF DO I know for sure?

Well lately, I FINALLY have an answer. What I know for sure is that Radar Online has no source at all for Celebrity Apprentice. I try not to call out other sites, but Radar Online really likes to steal my stories. And I am about to post some HUGE spoilers I have been working on for weeks and I know that they will appear as an EXCLUSIVE on Radar Online within hours. Continue reading


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Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: What a Load of Bird Crap!

Bravo Million Dollar Listing

This week on Million Dollar Listing New York, Fredrik is still trying to sell his “green” property with the $9,000 monthly condo fees. Good luck with that. I would never buy this place even if I was Oprah rich. That is almost $110K a year in fees! That is money that could be going into equity in the property. Hell, spending it on hookers and blow would be a better use of the money! Fredrik meets with the seller to negotiate a price reduction. He manages to get the seller down from 6 million to 5.5. That’s still a no for me and does not change the problem at all.

Ryan is looking to list a property in the Milan building in midtown. The apartment is stunning with views of the Chrysler building, the Empire State building and the river. Now this is where I’d spend my Oprah money. I love this place!  Three bedrooms, 2500 square feet, Chef’s kitchen, outdoor terrace on the 32nd floor. I’m in love. She is leaving this to be closer to the kids’ school?  Is she nuts? Ah, she is already waffling and thinking of renting. Renting is exactly what she should do. But that would mess up schmarmy Ryan’s commission so I expect him to go for the hard sell on a listing for sale. Why is this woman even considering listing? She wants to get $6.5 million or rent. Ryan says $5 million but agrees to take the listing at her price. So he has a gorgeous apartment listed at a high price with a totally unmotivated seller. What could possibly go wrong with this plan?

Luis is touring an apartment on the upper west side right by Lincoln Center. The views are awesome and look just like the views from Anderson Cooper’s failed daytime talk show. I can’t believe that show was not more successful. I loved it! Luis is trying to worm a listing away from the on-site brokers. He wants to advertise the listing aggressively at a higher price than what the seller is expecting. Because the building is all fancy pants, they usually do not use advertising at all and just pass the word among their rich and richer friends. Hmmm, if that is the case, why do they even need in-house brokers? Luis manages to get an exclusive on one unit with a potential to get the rest of the building if he gets top dollar. That’s a big get for our little man! Continue reading


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Was Columbus Short Fired From Scandal on Heels of Wife Filing For Divorce?

Scandal Columbus Short

Those of us who watch Scandal have been wondering about Columbus Short and his character’s future on the show. Short plays Harrison Wright a fairly articulate Senior Associate at Olivia Pope & Associates.  In the beginning he was a major focus of the show and an integral part of the agency.  In season three, we’ve seen his face time dwindle considerably and noticed that Abbey may be  being groomed to take over his position as Senior Associate.  Last night, on Scandal, Poppa Pope had a gun to Harrison’s head leaving things open to the possibility of Harrison getting killed off.

It seems the reason for all the uncertainty in Short’s character’s plotline has to do with some issues going on in his real life. None of them are pretty. If you want to still enjoy him on Scandal, you should stop reading now. You’ve been warned. Continue reading


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WWHL With Lindsay Lohan

Linsday Andy

Due to Scandal and The Challenge: Free Agents this show somehow got bumped last night so I am watching it first thing this morning.  First of all, once again it was not a live show.  The show was filmed on Wednesday night. I don’t understand why Andy wanted a live show, and now rarely actually films live.  I do understand it in this case through because who knows if Lindsay would even show up and then Andrew would be talking to himself for half an hour. As it was, rumor has it Lindsay was fashionably late to the taping.

Let us pause to reflect on Lindsay’s ensemble. She is wearing some sort of steel crown a la  Games of Thrones on her head. Her chosen article of clothing is a white long-sleeved lace mini dress. It’s see-through so she paired it with a black bra and black ankle boots. It’s…..an interesting look.

Lindsay says she and her mom are both Team Vanderpump and she loves Vanderpump Rules. Andy peed himself a little bit.  OMG! The most exciting thin is that Assistant Matt is the bartender! And there is indeed a bar, but it is only for the audience. Andy has opted to abstain in front of Lindsay. But there is a drinking word! The drinking word is “fetch.” Continue reading


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Scandal Finale Quote Recap

Kerry Washington ScandalYou go in there and you be Jesus! ~Leo to Sally

Let’s be honest. We lost the election today. ~Cyrus to Olivia

When you were running for governor, your father raped Mellie. ~Olivia to Fitz

Despite the exhaustive efforts of world-class medical team Fitzgerald Thomas Grant IV passed away at 8:46 p.m. from bacterial meningitis. ~Olivia

Where we ever people? Or did serving at the pleasure of the President just allow us to shed our pesky skins and unmask us for the monsters we really are? ~Cyrus to Olivia Continue reading


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Kandi Burruss on Bethenny

kANDI bURRUSThey are really publicizing the hell out of this RHOA reunion. Today, Kandi was on Bethenny  as part of the publicity tour. First of all, Kandi is rocking her wedding band with a new engagement ring. I know she caught a lot of flack for the nontraditional one she picked for herself in Vegas. She is still wearing the old one on her other hand. At first I was worried that she just succumbed to the pressure of a more traditional style but in reality the first one was not made to have a wedding band slide up against the band of the ring.  Her new set is very pretty, modest and has the pave diamonds that she likes and goes will with the previous ring.

When asked how married life is, Kandi says it is good but two days after they got married, one of Todd’s shows he produces got picked up and he had to leave to go film. Todd has his own production company now! Kandi says they don’t have time for a real honeymoon for the next five months  but they plan to take a weekend trip before then. Continue reading


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Porsha Williams Assault on Kenya in Picturebook Form For The Porsha Stans

It seems like the Porsha defenders have trouble understanding the story in words. So here is a picture book version of what occurred. Kenya was not in conversation at all with Porsha, she was speaking with Andy when Porsha kept interrupting. Kenya turns to her waving her magic wand and tells her to shut the fuck up and stop talking over here.

Then this happened When Kenya turned her attention back to Andy.

Porsha Williams Mugshot

Somebody mad.

Porsha gets up off the couch and walks over to Kenya cold cocking her in the head and then tries to grap her bullhorn, and her hair. And Andy rushes over to save Kenya while carefully protecting his note cards as a member of production has to physically drag Porsha and carry her happy ass off the set.


Gif Credit: LittlePieceOfDribblePiss /SurvivorSucks

Does that help you Porsha fans at all? Do you get why she is fired now? Assault is a crime. Don’t try and blame Kenya for reporting it. You just look as stupid as she is. The only person to blame for Porsha’s behavior is Porsha. Nobody asked her to whoop Kenya upside the head with a scepter and wrassle her to the floor.


Do I have lipstick on my teeth?

If you want to self identify here as a Porsha fan, don’t come crying to me about it.


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Porsha Williams Booked and Released Today!

MUGSHOTIt seems that Porsha turned herself in TODAY ! Porsha Williams, a former RHOA was arrested today and charged with one count of simple battery on Kenya Moore.  She was booked and released on a $2,000 bond.

Ever the the fashion icon, Porsha wore some sort of black Michael Jacksonesque  military ensemble that screamed angry fighting woman. She paired that with the a radiant orchid lipstick (Panetone color for 2014!) and tons of weave from dozens of Asian virgins. When you join the ranks of the many housewives with a record, it’s important to get your hair did and call your glam squad just like you would for any other photo op!

I may be dumb, but I’m pretty and I have new boobs!


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Former RHOA Porsha Williams Has An Outstanding Warrant for Battery?

RHOA Porsha

Who’s crying now?

I find myself once again reading reports about the RHOA in the tabloid media that make no sense. I think the problem is that they have one thing that is perhaps a “fact.” and that is that there is a warrant out for Porsha’s arrest and she is turning herself in tomorrow.  I’ve sent out a request for that information to be verified, but my sources may not even know that information.

The ROL story is riddled with so much bullshit I didn’t even believe the warrant part of their story when I read it. They are still talking about sex toys provoking the fight and people getting dragged even when we have all seen that there were no sex toys and Kenya wasn’t even speaking to Porsha when Porsha started going at her. Kenya was answering a question from Andy and Porsha became confrontational. Continue reading


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