Teresa Giudice Defends Donald Trump

Teresa and Joe Giudice


I’m sorry. I don’t want to bring politics here but as a woman who has been sexually assaulted, this enrages me. I get if you want to vote for Trump over Clinton or whatever. Personally, I continue to waver. But this comment is appalling. End of discussion. Trump’s assaults on women … “You can do whatever you want” speak to me.

This is what the criminal said on Extra

Giudice, a contestant on Season 5 of “The Celebrity Apprentice” in 2012, said, “Trump was nothing but a gentleman.” She also questioned the women who have accused Trump of sexually assaulting them, commenting, “If a man touched me, I would come out with it right away. I wouldn’t wait till he was trying to be president and then come out with it.”

She added, “When people come out, they only want their 15 minutes of fame.”


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Caption This!



I’m loving all of your Caption This responses!

I’ll contribute “Uncentered” as my caption for this photo of the  second yoga session of the week with the criminal and the prostitution whore.


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AHS Roanoke Discussion: Chapter 7


Last week on Chapter 6, My Roanoke Nightmare was a massive success during its run, attracting 23 million viewers. Spurred by its success, Sidney, the network executive who produced it, pitches a new idea entitled Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell where the reenactors and the real world counterparts are brought together under the roof of the Roanoke house for three days during the blood moon. Sidney reveals that his motive for producing the follow up is to expose Lee for the murder of Mason. The real Shelby Miller is reluctant to participate in the new series but is convinced to do it by a chance to reconnect with her estranged husband. As part of the new series, the lives of the reenactors who portrayed these events are explored. As the crew prepares the house for filming, strange events begin to unfold. As the series commences, the reenactors begin to get a taste of the true horrors within the house. It is revealed that that over the course of the new series, all but one of the participants died in the house and that the series never made it to air. The first victim was Rory, the reenactor who played Edward Philippe Mott, who was murdered by the two nurses. [SOURCE: Wiki]

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Jules Wainstein Isn’t The Only Person Trying To Get Money Owed By Micheal Wainstein

RHONY Jules pensive


I Imagine, Jules Wainstein has one thing to say to Jonathan Sheffer, “The line forms behind me.”

Sheffer is a famous composer who has written scores for films like Heat and  Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles. He’s actually quite an interesting guy. Check out this article on him in New York Social Diary from 2008.

According to multiple reports,  in August,2015, Sheffer decided to move to the Apthorp on W. 79th Street, where Jules owns an apartment, after selling his Greenwich Village townhouse for $18 million.

Sheffer had newborn twins at the time so he inquired about any small apartments in the building that might be suitable to house his nanny. The property manager suggest he get in touch with Michael Wainstein. So despite the fact that Michael had no interest in the property that was owned by Jules (and I think perhaps her sister(s) as well) prior to her marriage, he offers to rent it to Sheffer for $4,000 a month. That’s either a hell of a good deal or the place is really tiny or both.  Sheffer paid Michael $20,700 for rent, brokers fees and deposits. Sheffer also claims he spent $6,000 repairing the kitchen.   Continue reading


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Married At First Sight: Til Death Do Us Part?


I was petrified that I was going to be spoiled on the ending of this season because the show was over two hours long and I could not record it until one a.m.  I managed to dodge social media and ended up falling asleep on the couch before midnight. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, as one does, and of course the end of the show was on and I found out the end before I watched the show.

As it turns out, I was fine with that when I realized how long show was. There was literally an hour and a half of “will they or won’t they” scenes, sprinkled with scrapbooking or vision board making and I think I saw some Heather and Derek in there as I wore my fast forward button out.

When we finally got the decisions, we were led to believe that it was Tom and Sonia who were having cold feet. Nick and Lilly seemed to be set to stay married.

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The Voice: Time For The Knockout Round!




We’re still at the stage where it is hard to keep track of everything.  I myself have to refer back to earlier blog entries. While they are using the same stage set-up as the Battle Rounds, the Knock Outs are different from the Battles in two distinct ways.   One, all the coaches use the same mentor called a Key Adviser (or in the case of this season, Advisers), and two, the artists do not sing the same song with their match ups. Each coach gets one steal this round.

It cannot be stressed enough that song choice is very important, if not the most important thing. Clearly the coaches know that these artists can sing, but do they know their own voices, their own strengths and weaknesses, well enough to pick a song most appropriate for their voices and the audience?  The coaches also clearly are looking for those who have made improvements.  This season more than once coach has cited the “who can I help grow as an artist as this competition moves along” criteria for who they pick to stay on their teams.


Watching as each coach waits with Tim and Faith for the artist to appear, it is obvious that Blake is happy with the Key Adviser choice.  Adam is always up for talented people of any genre.  Miley is happy they are here, and tells them she wants to know what they are drawn to in each artist. Then it’s Team Alicia’s turn and I’m not sure what was said at first because WHAT THE FUCK IS ON  HER HEAD?!?   Is she now dumpster diving at Pharrell’s house, because I think he threw that hat away. After my WTF moment, I enjoyed Alicia’s coaching this round.  She’s stepping up and giving the editors more opportunity to show her giving advice beyond the “I feel you. You were meant to be on my team” bullshit.

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