Married At First Sight: Forsaking All Others

MAFS Tom and Lillian


Well, it’s time for the couples to make a last-ditch effort at working things out. It’s the customary second honeymoon. Typically, these scenes have more positive interactions because they are somewhere nice.  I am a bit worried about the bus trip though. Let’s see what happens.

Tom and Lilly

These two get some last-minute advice from Dr. Pepper before they get on the bus. The main problem with these two is that Lilly’s job requires her to be available 24/7.  In fact, the large majority of real estate work happens after hours and on weekends when the clients are off work and have time to see properties.  Tom’s no work after 6 p.m. rule is not realistic for Lilly at all. Lilly agrees to stay off electronics as much as possible on their weekend trip.  Tom thinks living on the bus is his identity. That’s kind of sad.

The good news is they are only going to Key Largo and not all the way to Key West.  The bad news is that Tom didn’t prep the bus for the trip before Lilly got there.  When he turns on the air a ton of foam blows out all over the place. Lilly acts like it’s poison. This is a huge bus.  Lilly was pretty whiney on the bus. In her defense, they are on a bus in Florida that has no air conditioning. I guess that foam party at the beginning was just for a fan.

Tom seems to be okay with living in a house if he can still keep his bus. However, we are starting to get the edit that Tom is not going to stay in this marriage.  In his confessional he even calls Sonia a bit neurotic.



Tom and Lilly wake up on the bus. Lilly hates the bed and it makes her shoulder issues worse. Nonetheless, Lily leaves her phone behind and heads out snorkeling. Lilly is a bit fearful of the ocean. Tom stayed by her side the whole time. Lilly likes that Tom pushes her to try new things. The boat trip went well.

At dinner, they talk about Lilly’s shoulder surgery. You can tell by the way she is sitting that her left shoulder is really messed up.  Tom wants Lilly to go to an alternative medicine practitioner. Lilly points out that she was in medical school in Nicaragua and she’s been to many doctors who all say she needs the surgery. This is a bad road for Tom to go down. She’s already fearful of the surgery. He needs to just support her in the process. Instead, he is being very pushy. Tom is very, very persistent. This is a side of Tom we have not seen. He’s basically mad at Lilly for not considering alternative medicine.

That conversation is where the honeymoon footage ends.  We really didn’t see any serious deepening of a connection with these two. Instead we saw some things in Tom that are worrisome.



Sonia and Nick

I have been pulling for these two all season. I’m really hoping to see a deeper connection on their trip to South Beach. Their oceanfront hotel room is a great place for some good memories to happen. It’s really beautiful.

Nick has made a lot of plans for this trip, which is sweet. They start with riding a tandem bike.  It’s a bit wobbly and scary for Sonia at first but she gets into it after a while. #Metaphor

Sonia goes all out getting ready for Nick and I was so worried that he would not tell her how great she looks but he did. Sonia really, really needs a lot of words of affirmation. Good job, Nick! On the down side, Nick is super under-dressed in his plain tee and hoodie for South Beach. I get their wardrobes are limited by production not to have logos and some other things that don’t film well, but he could have done better than this.  A simple button down shirt would have sufficed.  Why are they both in long sleeves when Lilly and Tom are sweating on the bus?

At dinner Nick asks Sonia if she would do it all over again. She is not sure.  He says he would totally do it all over again and lists all the fun times. That is a big difference between these two. She can’t put the bad moments behind her and he puts them behind him a bit too quickly.

mafs-nick-soniaNick really wants Sonia to move back in but he is approaching it very gently. Sonia really doesn’t see the difference between her moving back in or not moving back in.  First of all, that is not a true statement. Clearly, she sees a benefit in not moving back in because that is the choice she keeps making.  Secondly, that’s a bad sign for Nick because if she was committed to the marriage, she would see the benefit of moving back in. Nick says that the ball is in her court. Nick says that he accepts her decision either way, but that the general consensus of everyone they have talked to is that she should move back in.  I my opinion, that was the deal she signed up for and there is only one week left!

In the sweetest moment of the season between these two, Sonia talks about building trust. Nick points out she trusted him on the bike today.  She says that she did. And Nick says, “I just wish we could double bike forever.”  Awww.  That might have sealed the deal for you there, Nick. Good work.

And just like that, this second honeymoon is over.

Back at the house, Sonia does stay at the house with Nick. Nick seems to really want to stay married and Sonia is the wildcard.  Sonia put her ring back on!  So there is that.

Next week:  It’s decision day. They are making it seem like Nick and Lilly are both in but their partners, Tom and Sonia are not so sure.


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17 responses to “Married At First Sight: Forsaking All Others

  1. I really thought Tom and Lily were a definite. That’ll be sad if they split. The bottom line for me is that a woman who works hard is a keeper, and a man who doesn’t is a loser. That’s harsh, I know, but while one is young and getting established, it takes tons of effort and dedication to make it. I hope they stay together.
    Nick and Sonia are adorable, but I don’t trust Nick. Sonia is just a sweetheart, so if she chooses to stay with Nick, I’ll be a believer.
    Can’t wait for the finale!

  2. lavidaLinda

    For someone who portrays himself as laid back, Tom is acting like a complete control freak. He asked her, she said no, and he kept badgering her and not letting her express her feelings. I’m starting to think that Lily needs to run.

    Nick and Sonia might actually make it….I think the fight, horrible as it was for her, may end up being the key to the staying together….if they can make it through that, they can make it through anything. Secretly, I think they’re playing the “she don’t live here” thing just like they played the “we don’t have sex” thing

  3. BeetsWhy

    They are so confusing me with the changing edits…they’re going to make it, they’re not going to make it! I have no idea how it’s going to end up this s season. I wish they’d give an update on last seasons couples, especially the two nerds, it seemed like they might get back together last I heard.

    • Beverley

      Lol, if you’re talking about Sam and Neil, They did get back together. But now shes engaged to someone else. They’re still best friends..

  4. Margarett

    WTG, Nick. Gotta’ love a man who loves his dogs!

  5. Teresa

    I haven’t been able to watch this episode uet because I forgot to set my dvr, but I started picking up some scary vibes from Tom the last couple of episodes. I feel like he is not laid back at all. I think he is controlling and may have a temper. He is going to have to understand that Lillian is a realtor and like was mentioned above, her work is going to involve a lot of nights and weekends if she is going to be able to make a living.

  6. Beverley

    So, i agree with the part in the story that said, Lilly and Nick seem to be in it while sonia and tom, not as much. Sonia was hurt and very disrespected but accepted an apology, and i can tell he is sincerely sorry. And changing. But shes not over it yet. Tom and Lilly from the get go were and is my favorite couple. But I’m not sure hes going to stay married to her. Shes a very hard worker, at a young age, i think that’s great. And hes not. But i hope they both work out..

  7. Lynn

    Nick’s tandem bike forever sentiment was awesome! I want to believe he meant that, but I have this nagging feeling that he’s insincere. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I worry he may be out to be the dumper vs. the dumpee here. If he can get her back in the house he can “divorce” her and save face; if she’s already out, she has the upper hand. I hope I am totally wrong on this.

    As for Tom and Lilly, I think they’ll make it. They have the whole Imago ying and yang thing going.

  8. I’m rooting for Nick and Sonja too! I think two seemingly awkward people who married as strangers and then had a Camera crew following them as they got to know each other just made things harder for them.

    As for the other two.. He seems to have wanted someone to conform and to fit into his lifestyle, with out having to change anything for the other person. He also wanted a postnup to protect his assets, which she agreed too. Let her work and further her career, dude. She wants a secure life and future too!

  9. 🔥sweating in an uncomfortable bus in Florida…yeah, good times ~

    #warning menopause hot flashes

  10. Observer2

    There seems to be more to Tom than meets the eye. Not so sure Lilian should stay with him.

    Not so sure Nick should stay with Sonia either. Yes Nick hurt her feelings, but if she can’t handle that, she can’t handle being married. It’s gonna happen a lot as you get to know each other and adjust to a life together. If Sonia’s going to run away every time her feelings get hurt, Nick is gonna spend a lot of time begging her to come back.

  11. Teresa

    Finally got to see this. I don’t understand why Nick doesnt open up and tell Sonia exactly how he feels! I think she would come back in a heart beat if he did.

  12. Nick won me over. Once he opens up there’s a sweet guy in there.

  13. Something Clever

    I see Tom as very rigid and unyielding. He is going along with Lilly only for the 6-week experiment but seems to expect it to be his way if they stay together beyond that. It’s a bit laughable that he doesn’t understand the work hours of a real estate agent. I have 2 realtors in my family, and they work their tails off. His pressure about alternative medicine was downright disrespectful of her. Lilly has medical training, and it’s HER shoulder! He is not the one in pain. He came across as controlling and arrogant. I think he can change, but it will take him having some hard knocks.

    Nick and Sonia – I laughed out loud when I saw her boobs falling out of her dress the night they went out for dinner. He needs to speak about his feelings to her the same way he speaks to the production crew. She gave him so many openings, and I think she needs him to make a grand declaration. She returned to the house when it looked like she was going to leave. He needed to put the dog down and go to her. When she showed him that she put her ring back on, he should have embraced and kissed her. But he just looked awkward. I really like him and find him sweet, but he needs to take emotional risks by speaking his feelings to her.

    • Observer2

      You’re right!

      They both need to close their eyes and tell each other exactly how they feel about each other. Maybe closing their eyes will give them a sense of security as if they are talking to themselves.

      If they don’t talk to each other, it will never work.

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