Kordell Stewart Talks To Steve Harvery About Sexuality, Marriage



Kordell Stewart was on Steve Harvey today to promote his book, Truth, that came out in paperback last March. Steve asked about the name of the book and then his very first question was about the ever-present rumors about his sexuality. Kordell says that back in 1998 they lost a game they should not have against the Houston Oilers.  The Tuesday after the game, someone called him and said the guys on the team were saying that he got arrested in the park that weekend while  having lewd acts performed on him by a transvestite.  It would be inappropriate for me to  write the thought I just had in my head about Porsha here, so I’ll let you guys think your own thoughts.

“First of all, when in the world have I gone to jail in Pittsburgh, because there’s no record,” I don’t care if it’s 10, 20, 30 years. If it happened, it would be documented, let alone being with a transvestite. Now, each his own, Steve. Trust me when I tell you, but the life I started and lived with my family, my father, my mother, … being on both sides of the bed reading the Bible, the thing I understood about life was that when God created the heaven and earth he created Adam and Eve. That’s all I know.”

That Adam and Eve comment is what ignorant people say about human sexuality. He should have never said that.



Kordell goes on to say that when all that happened it brought him closer to the word of God and it was then he understood what this was really, really, all about. It was about hate.

So to summarize, if that is even possible, I think that was a long drawn out way of saying that his teammates just hated him because of his skills and started spreading false stories. Okay.

Steve says he likes to listen to people’s explanations because when he went through his divorce there were a lot of things said about him that just were not true.  Steve’s divorce is a whole nuther talk show.  I’ll just say he got everything in the divorce including all the kids if I remember correctly and there were some  issues with his ex.  Steve says that Porsha stirred up the rumors again when they divorced.

Koedell responded, “You know, I loved my ex-wife, that’s old and that’s over with, Steve. You know, I have a 13-year-old kid to raise.”When Steve asks Kordell if he regrets participating in a reality show, Kordell tells him,“No, I really don’t Steve, because you know what I’ve seen of my ex as of lately, conducting herself, just imagine if we was together for five more years with two children. That wouldn’t have been good.”

Kordell says that he went out of his way to help someone. He says when they were about to get married, she was losing her childcare business (he doesn’t mention the lawsuits or the liens on her apartment). He says he wanted to be her rock to get her through that.
He says,  “She came in with a tough situation and then she came out with the Atlanta Housewives show, with making five to six figures, something more than she’s ever had. So when people say I ran her off, she left with nothing…she left with a lot. So that is why I never felt the need to go out and throw mud or shade. If she wanted to talk to help herself… hey go ahead, enjoy yourself.”

Steve wanted to know what Kordell thinks about getting married again. He says, “When it comes to the institution of marriage, I think it is the highest levels in the Super Bowl of a relationship and you have that someone that you say, you know what, ‘I want to be with you for the rest of my life’ – you know, breath stink and all, I want to just be with you forever. And that breath I was smelling, was the one I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. But it got to the point where it started to get a little too stank.”

Kordell says “I want a woman Steve. I don’t want a child that’s trying to play the role of a woman. Someone that’s strong and can stand her own ground.”

Kordell says that he’s been down some rocky roads and that he is trying to learn the message in all of his experiences. Steve says he of all people knows that sometimes you have to get it wrong to get it right. He says he got it wrong twice and now he has the woman of his dreams.

So, what do y’all think of this interview?


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80 responses to “Kordell Stewart Talks To Steve Harvery About Sexuality, Marriage

  1. Secret Admirer

    Not much.

  2. Johnny

    Porch-cha might be a THOT, but this man is a prejudiced and ignorant individual who treated his wife like a possession. Frankly, they deserved each other and should get back together.

  3. Why do I feel like we haven’t seen the worst of ole’ Porsha yet? Why now Kordell? Hmmmm….
    PS. Hey Ya’ll, been really busy, so I haven’t been posting, but I’ve been reading! :)

  4. Brittany

    I think it’s hilarious. “It got a little too stank”. I am sure it did!

  5. Karen

    I think his story doesn’t hold water. Why would his team mates single him out for that particular rumor just because of a lost game? And he could have been detained and released. Therefore no record. I dunno…

    • Divatude

      I was thinking the same thing about the record comment. Given his status as a NFL player at the time, some strings could have been pulled to have the charges go away.

    • I agree Karen. What does one have to do with the other? I thought your team mates were meant to have your back? There’s much more to this.

    • BKSweetheart

      Well to be fair.. I am originally from Pittsburgh and I remember when all these rumors were going around. Coincidentally no one was saying these things until his performance on the field started slipping. At first everyone loved him. Went from being a wide receiver to being a quarterback – the first black one for the Steelers. He was “Slash” he performed all these great athletic feats. But then after the rumor came out, it was all anyone could talk about. And his performance got worse and worse. People were calling for Bill Cowher to bench him, but he didn’t. There was some other rumor going around that he didn’t bench him because Kordell had some info on him. It all finally ended with Kordell being practically shamed out of Pittsburgh.

      I feel bad for the guy because he went from being beloved to being reviled and thought of as a joke.

      While I personally never really cared one way or the other about his sexuality but the whole set up he had with Porsha was….odd. I’ll just leave it at that.

      • Ericzku

        A wide receiver.

        No longer a tight end.

      • BKSweetheart

        @Ericzku – LMAO!!!

      • Thank you for the explanation BK. That makes a lot more sense. People can be really repulsive. I would like to think things have changed, whisky knowing they haven’t.

      • Karen

        Of course it could be his playing suffered because the rumor was a little too close to being the truth. Rumors that specific don’t come out of nowhere so while it may not have been the exact truth, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some truth there.

        Personally? Addressing it was worse than saying nothing.

      • Sandra

        Good info. What an awful rumor and such cruelty especially if it wasn’t true. It would have ruined a weaker person’s life. Thank goodness he got his life back.

        People find reasons to make the gay rumors true, knowing nothing about him. I even wondered sometimes but, then I had to ask myself why. If I had never heard the rumor there is nothing about him that would make me think he was gay. I also have lots of gay friends and colleagues. All who have spoken on the subject say he doesn’t set off their gaydar at all. Sad, imo that he has to keep defending it.

      • Erica

        Why is it “cruel” and “awful”? It isn’t the worst thing in the world to be thought of as gay. Once toured an open house in fancy new development with my best friend and her infant son (her hubby was in the car listening to a baseball game that wasn’t being televised). We soon picked up on the fact that the realtor thought we were a couple – probably reinforced by the fact that I was carrying her son, who has her coloring.

        We had fun with that – “Oh darlin’, come look at this kitchen! Perfect for family get togethers! Sweetie, look – perfect for the baby’s room!”

        We weren’t offended that we were thought of as a couple – but the realtor’s attitude was offensive.

        Fact is – Kordell is NOT forced to defend it. The fact that he does is kind of annoying.

        He needs to take a page from George Clooney’s playbook.

      • Sandra

        @ Erica, Oh and floating a rumor around that a man who claims to be straight is receiving a sexual favor from another man in a car in a park is not cruel and awful? Even if it weren’t true? The very premise that he thought he was operating in secrecy should be enough for you to understand what the implications of what that means even if the rumor is true. The entire situation is embarrassing even without the rumor of him having a gay lover.

        None of us get to decide what should not be a terrible and awful experience for someone else nor be offended that someone would wish to keep their sexual identity a secret if he perfers the same sex. It’s noones business.

        To add, walking through a property with your friends baby with the polite realtor thinking you are a couple is no comparison to a sports star having his team and the entire country gossipping and ridiculing him in the media about sneaking a blow job from another man in his car in the dark. Especially since it ultimately cost him his career and his dignity when he left the state in embarrassment. Respectfully your entire post is just ridiculous. And no he wouldn’t have to defend it if the folks interviewing him would get their nose out of his business, as if he hasn’t done anything else with his life in 20 years.

        Good for George Clooney but, someone wishing to keep their sexual identity a secret is not what is irritating. What is irritating is folks thinking they have a right to know what it is. Championing gay rights is not about pushing people out on front street. It is about respecting that persons choice to live their lives as they see fit. Just as you do.

      • Sandra

        Excuse the many run ons and other horrible mistakes in this post hopefully, I still got my point across. lol

    • Minky

      His “explanation” was ridiculous. It sounded like a cover-up and way too convoluted. He wasn’t smart enough to simply say that it was a misunderstanding that got out of hand. No, he kept adding layer upon layer of irrelevant info to make himself look better. He sounds like a flim-flam artist. He was in business with Peter, after all.

      • Wonky Tonk

        That’s a good way to put it Minky. A sweet, and simple response would have been so much better. By tacking all the extraneous irrelevant crap on he makes himself look like he’s about ten seconds away from soliciting some t4m loving off Craigslist casual encounters personals.

      • Sandra

        His explanation did come off shady but, asking about it is more ridiculous, imo. Why are people still asking this man if he really got a blow job from another man 20 years later as if he has done nothing meaningful with his life since that scandal? Ridiculous explanations usually come along with rude questions about a personal experience a person wishes not to divulge.

        I feel bad for Cordell. He can’t promote a book, show or business venture without being asked about the blowjob. He’s not out here flaunting his lifestyle, straight or gay for people who interview him to want to keep asking him about such a painful experience in his past. Even if he is gay, he’s is a private person whose said his most important job is to raise his son the best he can and be a decent person just like every other normal person. If he wishes his lifestyle to be a secret he should be able to do that.

      • Minky

        I get what you’re saying here Sandra. And you’re right, a person’s private life should be private. But I don’t think for one second that Steve Harvey asked Kordel any questions that weren’t approved by Kordel himself. Just like Teresa G. refuses to answer and specific questions about why she ended up at “camp”, same thing with a lot of TV people.

        Most every TV interview is closely supervised and choreographed by the celebrity and their PR crew. He went on the show to sell a book about his life and his “faith”. He decided to talk about his past because he figured it would help him sell books. Kordel and his people know that scandal sells. I don’t think anyone was being rude, except maybe Kordel when he said that Adam & Eve nonsense. I think it’s as simple as that.

  6. NancyintheSmokies

    Wow! such a jerk in so many ways!! Suffice to say he and Porsha seem like a match made in heaven-they deserved each other . . .

  7. Candid

    Everybody seems to be writing a book these days. Why can’t people just move on when a relationship goes south?

  8. Ericzku

    I never thought I’d say this, but it seems that Porsha was the “smart one” in that relationship. Good God.

    • Ha! I think you are right, Ericzku!

    • I was reading through the comments and when I read what you wrote, I felt that you were quite right. It seems in this instance, Porscha was actually telling the truth. She never did come out and say she thought Kordell was gay, but she said enough to make Kenya believe she was Kordell’s beard and to piss off Peter who was already doing business with Kordell.

      I also recall Porscha saying that Kordell showed little sexual interest in her. She tried to wow him with negligees and such, but alas, nothing worked. It’s probably one of the only times I can recall telling the truth, allegedly, and looking like the ‘smart one’ ever.

  9. Marta

    I see a man struggling with his sexuality. He is gay!!!!

  10. JaeM

    For some reason… I’m not convinced Kordell.. Not that I care but I’m just not buying his excuse. SOMEONE will eventually tell the TRUE story… And when they do.. I’ll be reading lol

  11. Jrleaguer

    Not my pig, not my farm.

  12. MARC

    Not a fan of Porsha but Kordell always seems so persnickety about everything ! I don’t find him to be genuine or an easy man to be married to.

  13. GayFriendInYaHead

    Making a comment on kordell is irrelevant because Steve’s facial expressions is saying all it needs to say and more. I really like kordell’s baby’s mother Tania (Sheree Friend In Season 2), she’s the total opposite of Porsha and I respect a woman who goes out and makes it happen without taking shortcuts. I still find it very interesting how after her divorce with Kordell, porsha went on to become an escort and sleep with various men for material things and camera time.

    • Wonky Tonk

      I agree on Harvey. Harvey almost always seems to come off as a male chauvinist douche-bag with a strictly conservative hyper masculine sense of sexuality that inevitably comes off as his having anti-gay tendencies.

      • Microop

        I don’t know Harvey, but that seems pretty accurate. I had a friend who bought his relationship self help book for women, and I flipped through it. Super reductive, super sexist

  14. Wonky Tonk

    When people accused start saying things like “Adam & Eve” and appeal to the non-existence of evidence such as no evidence of arrest, instead of just saying something like “Well I’m not sure why they’re saying it really, it’s not true, but people are gonna be who they are I guess, you know.” I tend to start thinking there may be some fire with that smoke.

    I think just from watching those two video clips he was appealing to an audience he believed to be of strong christian background. He kind of laid it on so thick I almost felt as though I was watching an in denial gay character being grilled by the character Madia in a Tyler Perry movie “Madia Grills THOT’s Former Husband On The Underground Down Low Railroad”.

    Now don’t get me wrong I like a lot of Tyler Perry’s work but I just think most of his movies beat you about the head and shoulders with their moral christian imperative, and that’s what those two clips of Kordell sound like to me.

    • Minky

      Church people like this get on my nerves. They need to stop hiding behind the “good” book. It’s the worst kind of hate because they’re using something that supposed to help people (faith and respect for a higher power, hope for a good afterlife) to cover up their own fuckery and steal from people. Not all Christians are like this, but the ones who are (Kordell, Phaedra, Porsha, The Tankards, etc.) make my blood boil.

  15. LisaPat

    I remember the day very well. I was engaged to a man who lived in Greenfield, less than a quarter mile from what neanderthals around here call the “fruit loop” in Schenley Park. I had walked the track around the park that very morning. That night everyone at Pickles was talking about Cordell being brought in. A guy we call “Gu” was a guard at the jail that day and told us firsthand about seeing Cordell. Cordell begged for a favor – they all kept it hush hush.. there was no Internet. This is a different kinda city with different kinda politics and things, as well as people, are erased without a trace. This was not a rumor or a made up story. Whether they met for a conversation, drugs, or to play monopoly or leap frog, i dont know. But something happened and he was there. I swear to you.

  16. Jaded

    I wonder if Kordell has ever met that hair model from Below Deck. You know everyone was just jealous of him too. Yes, Porsha looks like a transvestite.

  17. Opela88

    Ok, I believe in equality for everyone . But why when someone is religious and doesn’t necessarily agree with homosexuality they’re bigots or wrong ? What’s wrong with having your own opinions if they’re not causing harm or hatred? Are we living in a world where we all have to agree?

    • Minky

      It’s not so much the religious faith. It’s more the fostering of hatred and, very possibly in Kordel’s case, the hypocrisy. If Kordel’s brand of faith can preach love and acceptance for sinners, murderers even, and acknowledges the fallibility of man hence sin, then why do they draw a line and make such a big to-do over homosexuality? It makes no sense.

    • tamaratattles

      Opela clearly you do NOT believe in “Equality for everyone” But it would be nice. We are not living in a world where we all have to agree. But just because you don’t understand someone, or why they feel what they feel means that “we all have to agree.” You don’t have to “agree” that there are homosexuals and bisexuals and the rest of the population who vary on the Kinsey scale in the world. Why do I have to believe in YOUR religion that so clearly maligns people who were born gay? As an educator with gay friends I can tell you I have seen GAY CHILDREN. As someone who majored in psychology, I can tell you that people are born gay or they are not. I can also tell you that accoding to the Kinsey Scale, FEW PEOPLE are one way or the other. and most people will have a same sex encounter of some sort in there lifetime. So yes, people that don’t agree with other people’s lifestyles are indeed, BIGOTS,

    • Cat

      How does that Bible quote go? “Judge not….”

      For me, it’s not only the hatred and bigotry that some religious people push. I also cannot stand the way those people judge others.

      Personally, I would rather see a same sex couple kissing and holding hands than a man and woman arguing with each other, or worse. I will take Love over Hate any day.

      The religious judgements get out of hand, to the point of being ridiculous and intrusive. I was recently counseled on Facebook about how I should not practice yoga and meditation for my anxiety. Apparently, meditation is an invitation for Satan to move into your mind and soul.

      She didn’t like it when I turned the tables, and suggested that prayer is a form of meditation.

      Spirituality, like sexuality, should be personal and private. No one is required to be just like everyone else.

      • Skeeter

        Apparently the adult coloring books of mandalas are Satan related somehow too LOL! Too ridiculous!

      • Wonky Tonk

        Lol I like the way you’re thinking here Cat. Reminds me of one time when I was working and one of the workers, a middle aged black woman, walked up to me one day, and said “You shouldn’t drink that water”, and then in a conspiratorial hushed tone, “only ‘the’ homosexuals drink that water.” I was drinking Fiji water, ’cause gosh darn it I really love that water. It has a slight viscosity to it that plays really well on the tongue, and palate.

        I just laughed and asked her “you think it’s something in the water?”, and kept drinking my water in front of her, and then whenever she came around and I was drinking it I would make it a point to stick my pinky out.

  18. NancyintheSmokies

    I wonder why it’s just now that it is acceptable to be gay? Why for thousands of years has it been taboo? Is it just the bible or the Koran that has enforced this viewpoint? Anybody??

    • Because we live in the age of knowledge. Lots of things only became the norm recently – like women voting.

    • Erica

      Please don’t go off of the poorly written Texan textbooks that most schools buy because there are either bigoted sexually repressed asshats on the selection committee or because it is all the schools can afford or find available..

      It hasn’t been taboo for thousands of years. There were and are cultures that go beyond being ok with “it” – but have different gender definitions and structure than what we, the cultural descendants of the Puritans, have.. It isn’t exhaustive, but a good place to start is the Wikipedia page on the history of homosexuality. There are also many indigenous American tribes that have the concept of being of “Two Spirits” and are accepting of gender non-conforming people.

  19. Twilly

    Shade for days!

  20. Can a male be a “cunt satchel”?

  21. Kari

    Ummmmmm is it me or does Kordell look like he’s aged 10+ years since rhoa?? He’s looking rough!

  22. Margaret Shepard

    I could care less about Kordell . What is he doing these days? He lost his sports radio gig here in Atlanta and didn’t his bar with Peter go belly- up? As for Steve Harvey, just the sight of him and those horse teeth make me puke. How Any women got with him is a huge mystery. I dont care how much money he has, damn repulsive. As for Porsha, don’t get me wrong, NOT a fan. I will say this- she now has dish nation and housewives so girl got her own. No doubt she had to escort her way for awhile but she is doing alright now.

    • tamaratattles

      I agree that Porsha is GREAT at Dish Nation. She is really, really good there. But sadly, that is not where she is getting her money. And when I say sadly, I mean it.

  23. Coco

    I’m from Pittsburgh and when the alleged event happened in the Schenley Park Oval, I was engaged to a Pittsburgh police officer. He told me there was a police report, the event did happen and the police report was destroyed. Allegedly, Bill Cowher was sleeping with Kordell’s sister who worked for the Steelers at the time. If Kordell’s story was buried, Bill Cowher’s scandal would never come out, tarnish his image and hurt his family.

    Kordell lost an important game and Steelers’ fans are brutal. He was literally shamed out of the city.

    His comment about the way Porsha carries herself now was very telling. She seems to be successful now, but at what cost.

    • tamaratattles

      This makes sense. I found the whole “there is no police report so it didn’t happen” excuse very telling.

      If you accused me of having sex with a transexual, transvestite, meterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, or randon homeless man, I’d either own it, because , I will have sex with whom ever I choose. or say “That never happened,” What I would not say is, “Well, Steve, I’ve waited 28 years to come on your show to explain that…it was just a bunch of haters.”

  24. Microop

    I don’t care if he is gay or not. I don’t think you define or imply someone else’s sexual orientation for them.

  25. HiKitty

    I really hate reading comments where people are trying to guess or make fun or insinuations about another’s sexuality. Whether he is or isn’t is really nobody’s business – he can choose to be closeted if he wants to! The speculation is really just as offensive.

    Anyway, if he’s not, he doesn’t strike me as hateful, he just has different views, they don’t align w/ mine (I have lots of gay friends and some gay cousins) but I don’t feel that makes him ignorant or a d**k. I find people like Nene or Porsha (who Andy worships) and their clearly homophobic charged comments about “my gays” and “queens” much more disturbing and offensive.

    • Lisafromoz

      I know what you’re saying but when you infer that homosexuality is wrong because he is implying that by talking about the bible and the ‘straight’ path he was on, well either say nothing and move on but don’t bring in your religious childhood as if that’s ever a deterrent people are what they are .

    • tamaratattles

      HiKitty, I agree with most of what you have said. But I WILL NOT STOP saying my gays, anymore than I will stop saying my friends. And 99% of my gays agree with me except for @NewJerzeyBoy who is a gay, republican , jewish guy who is ironically easily upset by labels.

      • Mark

        Do you ever think Andy’s “love” for Nene an Porsha is rooted in the fact that he KNOWS they’re homophobic, and he kinda gets off on the fact that their lives and “coin” are literally in his hands and he can use them like puppets, and he gets off on that? Like some kind of weird payback?

        Or is that just my twisted mind going places again?

  26. Lisafromoz

    And it allows people to use the bible as an excuse for why they cannot be gay. Really? Of course he was raised by bible thumping parents. It all makes sense.

    • HiKitty

      Did I say that?? Um…. no… You’re inferring A LOT.

    • HiKitty

      And like I said, I love my gay friends & family. I’m not saying that the bible gives anyone a pass. Everyone interprets religion differently but even if the bible/religion wasn’t there, we’re all entitled to different believes. I’m just saying, regardless of his opinion he doesn’t seem like he’s preaching or being a bigot to me. Please don’t put words in mouth, gross.

  27. Teresa

    Did anyone watch the clip from the Steve Harvey show? I can’t stand Steve Harvey. When he says “I got the chick of my dreams” after he “got it wrong twice”, he showed his lack of class. Those statements were so misogynistic. Like it was all the first 2 wives fault that those marriages failed!

    • Cat

      I agree. His interviews always look and sound scripted and rehearsed (on both sides). Even his laugh and facial expressions seem faked. At least that’s how it seems to me. I can’t watch him.

      • Rita Jones

        He always seems accepted and fake on his Talk show as well as Family Feud. None of his interviews seems spontaneous and he is a misogynist hiding behind his “advice” to women on getting a man. Asshole

    • Janet

      There were allegations of Steve Harvey beating his son, and I have a problem with that. Maybe, it was an issue of a bitter divorce and child custody, but it really bothered me when I read about it. I am more bothered about that possibly being true, than if this rumour about Kordell is true or not and how he reacts to it. I have read Steve Harvey’s book and while there was some helpful advice for single women and having standards with how men treat them, it was definatly old school and mysogonistic. He’s very braggy about saying he knows men and we all do this and that, and we can all get laid when we want blah blah blah. I just thought no, not every man is famous or lucky with the ladies. But, unfortunatly probably alot of what he says about men is true.

    • Rita Jones

      And if his present wife doesn’t keep up her appearance she’ll be gone quickly. He is very superficial when it comes to women’s looks. Booty over brains is what gets him in trouble with roving eyes!

  28. Lisafromoz

    I really didn’t put words in your mouth just that in the U.S.A it seems to go hand in hand that you can’t be gay because ah religion. Just my observation no need to get defensive. I would never out anyone in anyway but his interview or the recap I read just raised this point in my mind.

  29. Lisafromoz

    And I was talking about Kordell not you sorry if it got misconstrued .

  30. Gapeachinsc

    A while back a co-worker called me on my cell phone & asked me to meet her in the hall cause she had something important to tell me. We met up and she told me there was a rumor circulating around the office that I was in a relationship with one of our open coworkers.. I thought it was hilarious & when I told the friend/coworker about the rumor she said, “UGH!” She didn’t think it was funny at all. She was afraid I’d “cramp her style” Lol. Just thought i’d share that experience.

  31. Krystle

    How did he lose a game to the Houston Oilers in 98…they were traded to Tennesee in 96???? Just sayin

  32. Janna

    I fell off my chair when he said he waited 28 years to come on the show to spill. It was really uncomfortable to watch both of them. At least Teresa acts like she believes what she is saying.

  33. tamaratattles

    I’ve been lied to by a lot of men. One they they all have in common is a whole lot of details. It was a Tuesday… we had played the Oilers that week, back when they were the Oilers and not the Titans, it was 73 degrees and I noticed I had less than a quarter tank of gas so I stopped at QT because it was cheaper than the Racetrack… I got home about 4:13 and then I took a ten minute shower….


  34. tamaratattles

    That said. I don’t think he’s gay. I do think he took a walk in a park here and there. Just my opinion.

    And the “haters” defense is kind of feminine.

  35. Rita Jones

    I never believed the rumors about gay tendencies. He is a controller and as long as Porsha was obedient it was fine. I think she became too sexual for him and he pulled back as he likes to be the aggressor thus sexual tension between them. Once that freak flag waved he saw her for who she is Queen of the THOTS! That’s my assessment of the marriage disintegrating. Why was he a guest on a talk show anyway? Was he plugging something? #hasbeen

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