WWHL With With Kristin Chenoweth And a Cuntsatchel

Heather is such a horrible person. I have a headache from trying to stop crying. I am not sure I can spend another thirty minutes with her. I can’t handle watching bullies. I don’t use the term loosely. Every woman on that bus allowed the bullying.  Meghan may get the pregnancy pass for being a bystander allowing it to go on, but she could have stopped it. Vicki gets no pass from me. She could have stopped it.  I am going to try to make this the shortest recap ever because I don’t even want to hear Heather apologize or worse yet make excuses, but some of my readers don’t have access to this show, So here I go.

The bitch starts by once again bashing the restaurant in Orange County. There are many lovely ones on the beach that are quite fancy pants. There is a great gastropub, Sidebar,  in Corona Del Mar where the locals with no sticks up their ass go regularly. Sidenote, I held my first and only black Amex there once, the waitstaff brought me the wrong Amex Card back and I nearly passed out at what was in my check holder!  I was so worried I was going to be accused of stealing it! But it all worked out fine because people there are nice and nothing like what we see on TV.

The bitch says that her husband said he would realign Vicki’s nipples if she came on Botched.

They show Heather with the unprecedented  flask of Fireball strapped to her body. Heather said oh, you know Fireball is just our thing and I just happened to have this flask that production gave me to get Kelly Drunk.

Then Andy asks about the conspiracy to get Kelly wasted at dinner.   The bitch’s lie isn’t even worth typing.

Heather says that when we see the full scope of what Kelly said on the bus in the next episode, we will all understand.

NOE.  NO WE WILL NOT HEATHER. I don’t care if Kelly says she wanted to roll all of your children in gasoline and light them on fire. NOTHING. NO  THING  that Kelly says next week will absolve you cunts. NO THING.  Kelly is alone in a foreign country surrounded by a pack of cunts that are actively trying to provoke her. You poke the bear you get what you get. I would have done way more than said mean things. I would have stomped on your Botoxed faces and gone to Irish fucking prison. WHATEVER she says to you all, you deserve worse.

I now hate Kristen Chenoweth too.

The very first caller says the bullies have done the impossible and made America feel sorry for Kelly Dodd.  Heather says,  that when she made disparaging remarks against Kelly as a mother it was not in the same category as what Kelly said about Tamra as a mother. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Again she tries the whole “Oh Wait until you see what Kelly says next week.”  I CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT. I hope she eviscerated EVERYONE and I hope to hell she uses the word CUNTS because that would still be an understatement.  Then, after all the equivocating, Heather says she regrets saying that.

Who is this Kristen Chenoweth? Now she is dissing Luann!

Heather claims she has moved into the mausoleum she built.

Heather says that Kelly was not being ganged up on, she was lashing out.

All the questions are pro Kelly so far. Which makes me happy and makes Heather continue to say more things happened on the next episode.

I keep saying I hope Kelly rages and sets all the menopausal  cunts’ chin hair on fire. Starting with Vicki.

If Kristen and Heather who are clearly BFFs now don’t stop metaphorically high fiving each other I am going to vomit. I’m so not kidding. I am so angry about this episode.

They play a clip from next week with Kelly talking about how Vicki abandoned her and I am mad at Kelly for taking her back. I can only presume the cunts turn on Vicki again and she has nowhere else to go but back to Kelly and Kelly takes her back. Kelly, stop going back to people who abuse you!!!

Heather says in response to some dumb question that she is mortified that she  “has to be around” women who call each other cunts. Thus spaketh the cunt plying both Tamra and Kelly with alcohol this week and a nominee for TT’s WORST MOTHER OF THE YEAR.

Shannon tweet that “Kelly told us Tequila was an upper and we were just all trying to have some fun.” Bitch is still laughing about trying to get someone drunk to make them go off. I’m furious. Andy read it with a bit of disdain because he is well aware by now that fans are NOT happy with the bullying of Kelly. Andy is trying really hard to stay neutral.

At the end everyone was on Kelly’s side by 70% and Andy did one of those stupid challenges that don’t raise money for anything by hitting Kristin in the face with a pie for charity and Heather was all pissy because some whipped creme got on her dress.

What a cunt.


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75 responses to “WWHL With With Kristin Chenoweth And a Cuntsatchel

  1. therealdeb

    I have no words, not a fucking one!

  2. natalie k

    These broads are horrible tonight. Heather has gone so low. Bullies suck!

  3. Tuffy

    TT, I couldn’t agree more! I am so sad and upset about the way these women are treating Kelly! Watching these women brought back some of my most painful times from my teen years. I truly haven’t thought about those feelings in decades and I’m surprised at how it’s affecting me tonight. I’m not a Kelly fan but that was heart wrenching. Andy did actually seem uncomfortable tonight.

  4. tamaratattles

    I’ll never go to another Broadway play with Kristin in it or watch a goddamn thing she is on. She’s a cunt too.

  5. BeetsWhy

    I am not feeling sorry for Kelly at all, she has issues that go way beyond these women.

    I say that because I WAS her in my teens. I was a skinny insecure teen who would have no chance in a physical fight (yes, girls fought in the suburbs in the ’80s). I learned to fight with words and could cut someone down to tears in record time and I actually liked it. Could I do that now 30 years later? I don’t know, I’ve never been in that position since high school. I’m guessing I could control myself far better now.

    Kelly seems like she is stuck in my teenage years of going for the lowest blow possible to deflect her pain. They replayed her habit of apologies after the fact (I don’t recall apologizing ever–again, teenager) and it seems to work for her. Maybe seeing herself on camera will be a wake up call.

    • LisaPat

      She is in pain, and bullying her is not the answer. Even Queen CeeYouNexTuesday Bethenny Frankel knew not to bully the OTHER Kelly, Kelly Bensimon, when she was in a state of despair on scary island. They were setting Kelly up tonight , it was calculated and it was downright cruel. I do hope Kelly talks about all the taboos next week !

      • Jrleaguer

        Kellys on Real Housewives are not the most mentally stable people, are they? #nomorekellys

      • LisaPat

        I am more bothered by the clan’s reaction to this Kelly than I am by her… I’m from Pittsburgh, Jr., and we help the underdog here. Thee banshees were gnawing their vicious teeth to get at her and humiliate her so when I see that, my natural reaction is to kick everybody’s ass except the girl getting bullied.

      • Lovie

        YES! This! I’ve raised my kids to stand up for the underdog. I was so upset by the whole episode but even more so by all the ridiculous justifications. And, what the hell Kristin Chenoweth?!?

      • TBD

        Yes LisaPat! They were indulging Kelly!?! All they were indulging was nastiness and vitriol. Heather’s black soul lives at the bottom of a Veuve Clicquot bottle.

      • Dexter

        Veuve Cliquot is an ok champagne. It’s not great or prestigious. She acts like she’s drinking vintage Pol Roget or even Tattinger.

      • Erica

        But she got upset with them before they even said anything. Everyone was feeling awkward, and were talking about Vicki’s boobs – and Kelly was bothered that she wasn’t the center of attention. They weren’t ignoring her per se – I am sure if she had said something to add to the conversation they would have been fine with it. Watching her face, and hearing her talking head – that girl wants to be the center of attention even if that attention is negative. She is a bit scary!

    • Valley

      Maybe you’re projecting because she reminds you of yourself? I can’t really judge her behavior myself. I’ve never been in the position she was in so I have no idea how I would act.

    • Obviously Kelly has some issues. She needs not to drink to excess – it does not bring out the best in her. But when you openly claim someone is an alkie and then try to force alcohol on them the way that Shannon did, you are officially a worthless bitch. We all expect Tamra and Shannon to act like worthless bitches. But Heather seemed to have redeemed herself from her clear bullying in past seasons. Now her real colors came out. This episode was sick and disgusting. Kelly may have issues, but she is not a sociopath like the three bitches, so she cannot deal with them. As for Megan, I would have made it clear that the bullying was to stop of the bullies could leave. I am done with this show. Real women do not act like this. Sociopathic women who love to cause trouble do. To present this crap season after season is actually insulting to women, especially women in OC who would never act like this. I am done with this program.

      • DejaBlue53

        Maybe this is why Megan quit the show.

      • Kika

        You have said it perfectly Karen. I sat stunned at the end of the program in disbelief. The TRUE Heather, Shannon and Tamra have emerged. I felt sick to my stomach as it was happening to Kelly. Done, done, done!!!!!

        Vicki has NO backbone. She should have come to Kelly’s defense. That she did not makes her an accessory to the rape. Shame on you Vicki.

  6. Amy

    This hits the nail on those cunts heads! It was deplorable to wa0tch and made me want to crawl through the tv and pop a few of their swollen bitchy heads. Heather and her incredibly high horse needs to dial it down a few notches because her im better than the world additude is sickening. It was such a discraceful episode im not sire i can even stomach the next eppisode. Last but not least little miss so called cristian Tamara Judgeeveryone better go to confession because she just lost her seat next to jesus lmao

  7. LisaPat

    Yep, that recap took care of all my comments.

  8. Ktwallis

    Thank you for taking the time to post this. My DVR died while I was gone this weekend and I just settled in to watch… And my DVR is blank. Completely empty. How do I recover from such a devastating loss? I need words of encouragement.

    This is sad to me because I sort of love Heather (the “I am bored with this” line, hand wave, and terry’s shit eating grin got me smitten). But plying someone with alcohol who has an alcohol problem and then ambushing them is unacceptable. Why are they all letting Tamra pull their strings like that? (Disclaimer: due to aforementioned dvr situation I’ve only seen bits and pieces)


      Don’t you remember the fight between Vicki and Tamara at Heather’s “someone ate the bow of the cake” party?
      Vicki screamed to Tamara (paraphrased) “Everyone’s scared of you, we’ll I’m not scared of you……..”.
      I think they’re all scared of her now, including Vicki.

  9. Jrleaguer

    Normally, I am ride or die for Heather, but with this WWHL episode…I have hit a major bump in the road. Granted, no one is holding a gun to Kelly’s head to drink, but this was all too much. I was disappointed in Kristen too. I normally adore her, but tonight, she was channeling her Good Christian Bitches character, Carlene.

  10. Little Arizona

    Kelly should stop drinking. She is a mean drunk, and that doesn’t end well.

    • LisaPat

      Shoot, if I had to film with those women, I’d be drinking rubbing alcohol ! Nail polish remover, Straight Clorox.

    • No they are giving Kelly the Sonja Morgan treatment. Shannon should stop drinking, she has run David to beyond the brink of bankruptcy. Their house sold for far below asking, and considering they also had to pay off their enormous mortgage, they probably should be looking at four bedroom homes in the valley. It is crazy that Shannon would ruin her husband’s reputation both personally and professionally then expects him to still be successful.

      • BeetsWhy

        Doesn’t Shannon come from money? Why would she worry about a mortgage payment?

      • Minky

        All of these are allegedly rich bitches. And then we find out it’s all a lie. And that they’re up to their eyeballs in debt. People with the kind of money that these bitches claim to have would not be on these shows. I’ve said that before and I still firmly believe it.

        They’re all just a hop, skip and a jump away from the pokey. Whether for fraud, or for not paying their taxes, or running some kind of scam, or whatever else. The ones who do have actual money, but still do these shows, are doing it to advertise their ridiculous businesses. Even then I wonder. If they’re so good financially why can’t they just pay an ad agency? It’s all so ridiculous.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Beets as far as I know Shannon is the one with the money in that equation.

  11. Whoa! when TT is mad She is MAD!! ..Iol I even sent a sympathy tweet to Kelly. I tried to like Kelly all season, now these bitches made me feel sorry for her too & I really do! I have been ganged up on like that, held my own, it wasn’t easy & it really fecking (Irish slang) hurts! I CAN see Mrs Judge sitting up in the room before they went for dinner saying “Let’s get Kelly #NakedWasted, so Andy fires her” She didn’t want to be involved because Vicki would remember “The Gretchen night” & figure it out, so she feigned not drinking…. Shannon laughed & agreed to do whatever it took…Heather stated (with her pinky in the air) “I shall call Meghan & make sure we toast with her” That will be my only involvement. I’m too good, rich, perfect & a famous actress for all this nonsense! Picture it like it happened because I bet it did!

    On another note…. Andy is one yummy yummy good looking gay man! Nice pics TT

  12. Lisa j

    Oh TT I’m a die hard fan of YOURS but I respectfully disagree as well. Not a fan of Heather at all but Kelly has been a mean girl the entire season, she wanted to play with the girls, she talked behind their backs, if ANYONE is the C here it would be Vicki. She’s shown herself to be a fair weathered friend, used Kelly like a pawn but Kelly rooted for a woman who monetized on making money off fake cancer. I think everyone has a breaking point and TJ has backed Kelly up with excuse after excuse this season only to be called a bad mom. You can go after me, my husband, my family whatever, but cross that bow of talking about my kids and it’s on. Kelly is crying but I find it hard to have sympathy for her. Hope I don’t get WLS and I’m sure it wasn’t fun to be Kelly that evening but she crossed the line too many times.

  13. Candice B

    I missed WWHL, but saw the RHOC and Ohmigod did Megan and Vicki leave Kelly out in the dust. If anything maybe the crazy treatment will strengthen her relationship with her husband and they can stay together.

    I now see that Vicki is soooooooooo narcissistic it’s not even funny. Humping every guy she can find even the guy at the Baileys farm next to some cow shit… then all she can talk about how pretty her vagina is?! Really?! Barf.

    I hope Kelly knows that this show is just a revenue stream and to not trust those bitches as far as she can throw them.

    • Janet

      I think Vickie’s narcassism is what makes Breanna so annoyed and disapointed with her mom. I wish she could separate and live her own life more , away from Vickie. Vickie is out for herself and a selfish, vain coward. I have thought the gang up by these women, and the fair weather friendships, might make Kelly appreciate her husband more, and see him in a new light. A decent spouse is so superiour to any friendships. The world is pretty ruthless to deal with, and to have someone in your corner and to come home to, at the end of the day, is worth alot. Its actually priceless. Her husband is in good shape and not bad looking and sucessful. Be happy with what youve got. Focus on him Kelly, most women will burn you in a heart beat. I dont respect anyone, who would try to purposely manipulate someone into getting stinking drunk to cause their downfall, knowing they can’t handle it. Thats sociopathic behaviour to think its ok to do that, or that it is a good idea. So dirty! Tamra is that type of person, and she influences everyone to target her intended victim. She is not a true christian. She is a complete fraud. And she looks stupid prancing around showing her behind off. I’m so disappointed in Shannon too. I thought she was better than that.

      • Angela

        Sadly, Vicki is very similar to my own mother. Everything is about her, focus on career so extreme that she bails on friends and family, tries to buy loyalty with extreme gifts. When you are raised by someone like this you are made to believe that loyalty to family is so important (even when they aren’t always loyal to you). It’s hard to break that connection even when it’s so toxic. Took years of therapy and disappointments. It’s even harder when you have children. You want them to have a family. Briana is smart but she also seems to enjoy being on the show. Even if it’s just to get digs in about her mother.

      • Gabriella

        Agree with your comments about Kelly and her husband- at least he appears to have her back. And Brianna might not be perfect, but she is a lady compared to her mother.

  14. Lisa

    Tamara you restore my faith in humanity. Thank you !

    • karina

      Very good point. It feels good to have someone like Tamara speak out when she see’s something very wrong. She didn’t let Bethenny off the hook either and that’s why her recaps and work is so important and valuable.

  15. Trish

    I give you credit for recapping that mess, TT. I hate RHOC, but especially, Heather. WTH is that Kristen chick, anyways?? Why does everyone kiss Heather’s ass?

  16. BeetsWhy

    The one that thing I like about Heather, and think Downton Abbey, is the ability to ring a bell from up to downstairs and have champagne magically show up! You are totally lying if you say you would never!!! In a heartbeat and even for Korbel!

    • I understand admiring her wealth, her drive, and her ability to make her world all hers. I think she is beautiful and skinny and she scored huge with four healthy kids and a plastic surgeon husband.


      Heather is mean. The way she points at everyone. The way she flicks her fingers as if she is dislodging a spider from her clothes. The way she orders everyone around and rolls her eyes. It is just disdainful and disrespectful. She truly believes her blessings make her better than other people. The “if at first you don’t succeed, do it my way,” that’s not a joke, it is her true self.

      When she falls, and she will, it will crush her. No one should think so much of themselves, empathy and kindness are lost.

      Heather sucks.

    • Dexter

      Korbel is acceptable sparkling wine.

  17. Dexter

    I am terrible I guess. I would have loved a big shite storm. I don’t like Kelly. But the pigs did make her sympathetic. I never liked HeTher she is a really mean nasty bitch. She was so nasty to Shannon. And you can see her evil glee in attacking Kelly on the bus. She is so dumb too. So low class. Luanne should explain it to her. Money don’t buy you class you pretentious middle class snob.

  18. Mark

    They ganged up on her they pursued her to drink they were bullies they were rude pretentious and nasty I don’t care what this woman did also Heather is turning out to be the worst one she makes me sick she comes in sideways and is always turning on people and how life is better than everyone else’s she makes me sick she should apologize to his woman and Shannon knowing she doesn’t want to drink keeps pushing the issue that’s just wrong and why is it okay for Vicky to pull up her shirt in a foreign country everyone is laughing and giggling but then they go off on Kelly for nose bump out of all the housewives series shows women this episode was the most sickening rudest and just plain bullies to this woman Andy take responsibility for this episode take care of yourselves mark

  19. Valley

    I’m so glad I didn’t watch this nonsense. Heather is irredeemable.

  20. Rita

    Shannon’s whole life revolves around all a holistic/natural lifestyle yet she drinks like a fish. Does this make any sense at all?

    • Dexter

      Shannon is a sad and bitter woman. Bored out of her mind. She drinks to fill an emptiness that permeates every aspect of her life

  21. Heather could have done damage control tonight and chose to show how she really is. Jeff Lewis must be loving this, knowing so many more are seeing her for who she is, not who she pretends to be
    Not to mention, how she said she is teaching her daughters, that its who you surround yourself with is more or less what you become and why she should choose well…..there ya go, after hanging around with Tamra an Shannon you guys. look at what you have become. Nothing to be proud of.
    Kristen was a huge disappointment and did nothing but kiss ass this round.

  22. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    It’s interesting how Heather and Tamra miscalculated with their bullying of Shannon, and now with Kelly. It made Shannon the fan favorite and now Kelly has everyone’s sympathy. They didn’t get that the audience was NOT behind them with Shannon until after the season was done. History seems to be repeating itself.

  23. Margaret Shepard

    TT , I totally agree with you on this. I can not watch these sickening women anymore. The shows are not fun or light any more. They are all just full of fake drama and toxicity now. ALL of them. Done. I used to really like Chenoweth to. No longer.

  24. RENOB

    After every evil word that has been spewed from Kelly’s drunken lips, I cannot be sympathetic towards her. I will say that those ladies are all evil and their true colors have been seen by the world. Hope Bravo paid you enough for your souls ladies!!

  25. Rach

    Heathers real issue with Kelly is what Tamra said about Heather and Terry needing a loan for their house. I bet you

  26. Jaded

    Sadly we saw the real Heather last night and it was not only ugly but stinks to high heaven. I wish we could say she had a psychotic break since she loves throwing that term around. I have to say Heather, I feel sorry for your kids. That was disgusting.

  27. I am with you!!! I cannot take Heather’s arrogance – she is NOTHING without Terry! I am so over WWHL when he went political :(

    • LisaPat

      You said a mouthful. Heather is NOTHING without Terry. She never had an acting “career” and to imply that she did is delusional. She would be in an apartment somewhere if not for Terry or married to a nice Jewish deli-owner, or helping to run the family dry cleaning business in a modest home.

    • LisaPat

      You said a mouthful. Heather is NOTHING without Terry. She never had an acting “career” and to imply that she did is delusional. She would be in an apartment somewhere if not for Terry or married to a nice Jewish deli-owner, or helping to run the family dry cleaning business in a modest home.

  28. Reminds me of when Tamra, Gretchen and Heather ganged up on Alexis Bellino. Nasty bitches!

  29. Calipatti

    I did not watch this episode and won’t. Sounds horrible.
    A few years ago the HW franchise shows began leaving me feel uncomfortable then slightly sick. Emotions go to my stomach so I knew it was time for me to stop watching. I’d occasionally catch a replay but I’ve noticed I no longer watch at all.
    I hope I read correctly that Meagan left the show. She is young enough to not become one of them.

    I’ve no interest in women who have no appreciation for life, where they are in life, list goes on.
    I do not know anyone who behaves or thinks like these women.
    What a waste of a beautiful day!

    Disgusting type of behavior has no place in my tv viewing or in my thoughts.
    I’m sorry so many of you were caught up in this episode. The shows do become addicting and we get caught up in the antics of these awful women.

  30. Megan O

    First time commenter here, but I love the recaps and all the comments and typically feel the same as all of you and Tamara!

    I am in no way a Kelly fan as she lacks self control and goes for the jugular in situations I don’t think necessarily call for it. You can almost tell when the words fly out she starts stuttering and realizes what she did though. Not that that absolves her…HOWEVER, I too was disgusted last night by Shannon, Heather, and Tamra. To the point I had to comment. There is a ton of awful behavior on all of these shows and it gets worst every year, but this was beyond the pale…well besides “Nekkid Wasted” night. Oh wait…same person! It’s just pathetic behavior to try and get Kelly drunk. You don’t have to like her but this was like hazing and Vicki is just pathetic and desperate to be liked again that she has no moral backbone. Meghan is literally the only one who I think looked like a half decent human being.

    I will not watch after this season if they do not take Tamra off. I would love Shannon and now Heather (formally liked her) go, but I could live with the religious fraud getting the boot! I will only watch the rest of the season in hopes Kelly gets more vocabulary and evicerates them at the reunion! I’m hoping Vicki is right there beside her and if she is smart and as selfish as I think she will see fan reactions and do just this to redeem herself if she is smart!

    End rant…thanks ya’ll lol!

  31. Joanna

    Kelly has said some pretty awful shit this season. However the actions of Tamra, Heather and Shannon were absolutely appalling. They were acting like mean girls and seemed to be hazing Kelly. They are truly disgusting vile human beings.

    Heather with her I’m better than everyone attitude, showed her true colors. Trying to get Kelly to drink, yet whom constantly criticizes her bad behavior. That bitch needs a reality check.

    Shannon needs to check herself because that whole little plan at that last dinner was apparent.

    They all need to stop trying to justify their actions because their behavior is downright sickening.

    Vicky is a snake.

    I saved Tamra for last because she is the biggest hypocritical cunt I have ever seen. This whole Christianity thing is a joke. She is so damn mean, fake and continues to display the same behavior. She is not a Christian. Tamra has gone so below the belt and made so many comments about other peoples children. Yet when Kelly does it she gets violent and goes nuts.

    I am sorry these woman clearly were shit stirring the situation and their true motives were on full display. Kelly is no saint, but these woman went above and beyond to make her seem crazy. I am so disgusted by them and their attempts to try and condone their actions.

  32. bella

    Heather was beyond creepy on WWHL. She was like a caricature of herself, or maybe we were finally seeing her true self.

  33. Spunky2015

    I read another poster who caught that Valerie Bertinelli tweeted “hi” to Chenoworth but said nothing to Heather who appeared on Valerie’s Cleveland show. Subtle shade . Miss Fancy Pants is looking bad.

    • Tinkerbell

      I totally caught that, too, and Miss Fancy Pants’ blank stare at the floor immediately after. I can’t imagine Valerie would have left her out if not on purpose. (A diss by omission, that was…) So working with Miss FP must not have been so great. She really needs to come down off her high horse and realize she’s just like everyone else at the end of the day, stupid mansion or not.

  34. Marsha Marsha Marsha

    I could not believe Heather could keep a straight face while lying thru her teeth about the set up drinking and then the feeling sorry for Kelly’s kid. I used to like her, now I think she should worry about what her own children will think about her one day. Kristen did not do herself any favors appearing on the show, she should have stayed home.

  35. Flo

    I’ve been on to heather since she kicked a distraught Shannon out of her house and bitched about it with her fame-hungry husband. Not nice people.

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