I May Have Reached My End With Bravo.

Copyright Allie Brosh Please Don't Send The Copyright Monster After Me.

Copyright Allie Brosh Please Don’t Send The Copyright Monster After Me.

This morning, technically yesterday morning, I woke up wearily ready for another day. I have a great group of researchers that send me the breaking news each day. I never asked anyone to do that, but I have a nice group of regulars who do.  Things that were sent today were Laurie Peterson’s son who is in jail for murder being andcivilly sued. George Zimmerman “attacker” getting 20 years or whatever in prison when he got off for killing an unarmed kid. The local guy being tried for the leaving his child in a hot car and dying.  Vicki’s cancer scam shit. Just a bunch of shit I do not want to spend my day talking about.

I’m not in a good place.  As strange as it might sound I have bad shit that actually happens to me to.

I feel broken by this episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. I feel broken for lashing out at the person I know who used to live in Orange County over politics.  I feel broken because I can’t find a physician who will listen to me when I try to find the CAUSE and not the mother fucking symptoms and who doesn’t blame me for feeling like shit all the goddamn time.  I feel broken.  I feel broken when all of you have real problems and everyone tells me I am “just depressed” as if it is something I choose to be.


But I am in spite of myself. Or maybe because of myself.

I don’t know. If you go back into the archives here, like plenty of people have you will find me having breakdowns about childhood issues that came back up during menopause. I got trolled a LOT for that on Twitter. We’re not supposed to discuss that they said. Why would she drunkenly share all of that, they said, Is that what is wrong with me?  I don’t know. Something is. I am a broken vessel.




I have a dear friend who sought out a great therapist for me in Atlanta. And sent a credit card to pay for my therapy. And while it helped, mostly because I got out of bed because she was very pricey and he was paying so I had to bathe and go once a week… but I liked her and she was solution based…. but I know what I need to do. I need to just swim with no arms, I need to walk with no legs, I need to make better nutritional choices.  I am the only one who can help me. I may be a lot of things but the one thing I have going for me is I am smart. I am smarter than you and the therapist. I am.  I know the drill. Sometimes I grow arms to swim. Sometime  I grow legs to walk. Sometimes, without telling you guys I read good books in between posting. Sometimes I am inspired. Sometimes I am sane. Sometimes what few friends I have sigh with relief.

I’ve been trying.


I tried to move you guys to something better than Bravo. ANYTHING BETTER THAN THIS MISOGYNIST BULLSHIT.

Two, maybe three times a week I recap this shit because it pays the bills. I’ve offered you better options that I farm out to really nice people who volunteer to write for my site for free. There is not nearly the same amount of interest.

I’m have been and continue to have a problem recapping this shit. It’s misogynistic bullshit. Tonight may be the final straw for me.

Interestingly enough I heard it was the final straw for Meghan too and that is why she is setting up the crib with the scary chandelier in St. Louis and not here. And if so more power to her. It was always Jim who wanted his wife to be on TV anyway.

I may just start sharing more stories of me and my fucked up life and see how well that is received. And if you all tell your friends, may be I can just go somewhere far from this ghetto where there are no TVs and write.

In the mean time. I will wake up tomorrow and recap whatever shit comes on.


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  1. Laura

    Oh TT, I feel you! I’m up at 2 am, can’t sleep. Might be that I’m Worried about the election. Also too invested in the OC “drama”. I decided tonight that I will not watch RHOAtl. And also Married to Medicine. Need to wean off some of these shows. I hate manufactured reality tv. Hope tomorrow morning brings you peace.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I no longer watch M2M, or Shahs. I wish I could quit housewives, but I just can’t seem to. New York may have brought me close this season.

      • Bunniecarrot

        M2m is my guilty pleasure. It pleases me as a black woman to see established women, then someone like Quad shows up on my screen and I’m ashamed again. RHOATL is just trash that I and everyone else knows is trash. I was truly hoping that m2d would balance out the Rhoa and love and hip hop on TV. Clearly I was wrong. :(

  2. tamaratattles

    Oh God,. I just clicked on one of the old posts in the suggested crap at the end of the post.

    PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON;T START WITH THE PITY/SUGGESTION stuff. really I get that from my family enough.

    • Erica

      I am with Laura that it is the election makes everything else harder. I felt ground down 4 years ago – and wish that this year I was repeating a trip I was on 12 years ago for most of October – did 3 weeks in Europe, and avoided all the nasty ads, etc. Times lie this are why I like The Voice and some other shows like that. I know you didn’t ask for suggestions and I am not going to do so in regards to your health – but is there anyone of the minions that would be good HW reviewers so you can do some more lighthearted stuff, work on new shows to blog that would garner the same number of responses, or simply take a break???

      I’m pulling for you, TT. I am not at my wits end with Bravo and have a different perspective, but can see why you would be burnt out and I am also very willing to add some fictional stuff to my repertoire. I watched an episode of Bull – and enjoyed it a lot. I keep hearing about Stranger Things and have Netflix… I could go there too.

  3. TeeGee

    Tamara – how DO you pull yourself out of relentless depression when you don’t know how and you don’t have the motivation to ‘want to’??
    Long story short – I had a miscarriage in the bathroom at my job (worked in escrow). Looked like a full blown murder scene that I had to clean up… Then because my hormones were out of whack and I wasn’t being my fully capable best at work they fired me. That was 2 1/2 years ago. I went home that day, got in my pajamas and went to bed – and never got up again… Literally the first year, figuratively since. During that first year I once went nine whole days without showering changing my clothes or coming out of my room and I just did not care. I can’t seem to ‘find myself’ again – and no strength or motivation to really try. I just don’t care about anything anymore and then I feel guilty because I don’t care then I get more depressed because I have guilt and then the cycle continues… What do you do to pull yourself out of bed everyday and ‘live’??
    I’m sorry to dump on you – just looking for some ray of hope from somewhere – anywhere. I think you’re hilarious with a unique tell it like it is personality that I appreciate – your insight might be helpful. If the truth hurts – then please please hurt me with it.

    • Deirdre

      Allie Brosh’ book Hyperbole and a Half will let you know that you are not outside the realm of normal human experience AND there will be something to make you laugh and feel connected to. And a sweet tea from Zaxby’s with that heavenly ice and fresh batteries in your favourite whatnot from Babeland may crack open a window to hope in your soul which is there always but will never push.

      • Stella

        That is a great book. Tamara also introduced me to Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, who deals with her own mental issues, including crippling depression. She exchanges hope with ‘her community’ on Twitter and her blog, where people share things that have helped them. If you’re not up to reading a book, I highly recommend the audio version of her 2nd book, Furiously Happy. She’s easy to relate to and can help put a bit of light and humor on a difficult subject.

  4. Mamamea

    TT, I get it. I feel you. My family exploded this year and I’ve been told a thousand times that I’m just being dramatic. My MIL is Bipolar and on a Manic Rampage that sadly will not end well. My hometown of HHI was devastated, the only people that seemed to come out unscathed are my dad and his new girlfriend.
    I told a friend that it’s hard to see big picture, see the forest for the trees when the trees keep falling on your head.
    I have 2 HUGE cold sores and can’t move my neck.

    I read here often, but don’t comment much. But you are my favorite person on the internet. You are witty, smart and compassionate. We have a lot in common. And you matter to me.
    Hang in there mama!

  5. Mamamea

    Holy shit, I hope that doesn’t sound condescending. If it does, I’d hate me too!

  6. Jean Lehmann

    This is my first time posting, so bear (bare?) with me. I feel the EXACT same way. I have reached almost my end w/ Bravo. AND all of those Andy programs w/ silly, stupid, scripted shows. So that would be SSSS. Exception to this rule is “Below Deck” which I still feel is real enough, sometimes. You know, how we USE to feel about these other shows? And yes, it’s the election. I have family issues. My health is crappy because I have not made the best choices over the years but I can not just get healthy over nite. So I am McSoScrewed. But I will rally. I have to, I don’t have a choice. I guess what I am trying to say is this: I LOVE your site. It has been a gift to me. You have no idea of how many people you touch with your great site and words. I just wanted to say “thank you” sincerely. And like that old saying of the 1970’s – Keep on Trucking!

    • Queen of the Nile

      I’m late to the posting because I gave up on Bravo months ago. Sick of the housewives, sick of the manipulation, sick of the seediness. I think it started to affect my personal well being so I said no more. The tawdriness was seeping out of the television into my heart. I just read the Project Runway recaps — what a fun, creative show! — and that’s the type of viewing I want. Let’s try to find other shows to watch together and boycott Bravo!!

      Tamara, I hope you are feeling better. No useless platitudes from me, just honest concern.

  7. Candice B

    I’m new to your site and so far I really enjoy your writing.

    Maybe when you’re in an emotional zone that you can’t seem to wiggle out of continue the blogging and start writing monologues for characters. Whatever, helps you vent and think about the big picture.

  8. Minky

    I don’t know what to say. I already don’t watch TV, but I do read the recaps here. Pop culture is the way it is. And it’s been that way for a long time. Like, centuries. It didn’t start with Bravo or reality TV. But it has always been a reflection of the baser elements of society. That’s never going to change. Andy Warhol and his contemporaries were commenting on this very same thing in the 60s with the Pop art movement. It’s not going to get better.

    When we read “good” books we don’t want to acknowledge that we’re reading treacle and tripe because out English teachers told us that those books are classics. If you think that Bravo Andy is bad don’t forget about Gustav Flaubert and “Madame Bovary”. It was the same misogynistic shit we’ve got now on the RH shows, just early 19th century French, literary equivalent. Seriously, try to feel sympathy for Emma Bovary. She’s the OG HW, not Vicki.

    I refuse to give people advice on what to do with their lives. After all, I certainly don’t have my shit together in the least. But I do like you TT. You’re good people. I refuse to pity anyone either. You’re a human being who has good and bad days just like the rest of us. Lord knows I have days when I want to throw in the towel too. And then there are days when I feel blissful and optimistic. Sometimes all of that happens in the same day. It waxes and wanes.

    Only you know what’s good and right for you. Nobody else can tell you. Not friends, not family, and no therapist. No-fucking-one. If you know in your heart of hearts what would make you happy or at least improve the quality of your life, and you are able to do it, then do it. I know that’s perhaps easier said than done. But only you know either way.

    These awful shows actually make me feel marginally better about myself. I can at least say that I’m not a miserable bitch who commits crimes, feels entitled to anything, or tries to literally drive people to drink. I can say with confidence and pride that I do try to help people in my life in my own little way with my work. Say that I don’t just take and take, but that I do a lot of giving that does help people. You can say that too TT. Because it’s true.

    • hannahkingrose

      My Mother always told me that nobody will have to tell you when you have had enough of a thing, you will know it all on your own when it’s time for change. People don’t usually make a change even if they are in a situation they don’t like until it becomes uncomfortable enough that they don’t want to do it anymore. I know I spent 18 years in a situation I should have changed way sooner but didn’t until I couldn’t take it anymore.

      So Minky, I agree with you. I think we have to listen to the voice inside ourselves that tells what we have to do to improve our lives. We may not have all the answers but even a single step can make a big difference.

    • Cat

      Wow. I love what both of you have said here.

  9. Wonky Tonk

    I hadn’t considered the notion that even when you work for yourself sometimes you’re stuck doing shit you don’t want to do to earn a living. That sucks no matter when it happens, but it’s gotta be particularly bad when you work for yourself because in that situation you might be lured by ego into the delusion of complete autonomy which I think none of us ever have.

    About walking with no legs, swimming with no arms, and knowing what you have to do but still not being able to do bring yourself to do it, I understand that inability when it happens and frustration it engenders, and the self castigation, that can impale you in a self defeating spiral which seems like will go on forever, but forever only takes on relevance in as much as you fear the eternal protraction of your shitty, not even today, but right now.

    Nothing lasts forever though. Nothing ever does, and that’s the refrain that plays in my head when I feel like that. Nothing does, nothing ever lasts forever.

  10. Allison

    No pity, I feel like its pandering and useless. No suggestions because I don’t feel like that’s what you’re looking for or need. You’ve got good insight though, and like you said, you’re smart-so there’s that. This shit sucks. That’s all I’ve got. That and I feel for ya.

  11. Superfly

    I too have been struggling mightily against the darkness that wants to drag me down. I wear a lot of hats cuz I can’t make myself get up and wash my hair. It would be fucking awesome to decide to be done with depression but we know that isn’t how it works. I started college in January, in my 50’s, and I have a hell of a time hauling my ass out of bed and to school. Most days I just can’t. I just want to eat and eat and eat and sleep. Then we had a shooting at the damn Macy’s and my boy was working security there, my PTSD went into overdrive. I am sorry you are in this boat too. And I don’t watch any of the Bravo shit anymore, but I do read every word you write. Hang in there girl, believe it or not we are doing better than a lot of people.

  12. Nancy B

    Your honesty is a rare thing and refreshing!

  13. Errriccc

    I’m sorry hun. I live for your recaps! I’m on the west coast and after every bravo show I watch that you recap my bf is always asking me what’s so funny or why I’m having these “aha moments” when you share your take and a lightbulb goes off for me. Sorry to hear you’re not doing so well & I hope things get better for ya! Put yourself first. <3

  14. Ktwallis

    Depression sucks. You are not alone in this struggle. It is you vs. your brain. Day by day.

  15. Coco

    I’m lying here watching my husband sleeping wondering how I’m going to tell him I called off the rest of the week so I can find a new job. I didn’t get fired, but I’m so over the egotistical, controlling, psychotic, asshole son of my elderly client that I can’t go back.

    TT, I can so relate to what you’re going through. Thank you for all your recaps and all you do for us. You are a Blessing more than you know.

    • Cherry Bomb

      Hey Coco…. Sorry to hear about your work situation but I think you did the right thing. Working in a toxic environment with toxic people drains the soul of everything good. I’ve worked in the mortgage industry for years and have gone through several layoffs and plenty of crappy power hungry and inept managers and it’s just not worth it for your own sanity and well-being. After being laid off I now tell myself and others not to give your loyalty to any company because no matter how good a job you do they can and will lay you off if they have to… According to them it’s not personal just business. So good luck and I’m sure you will find something better for you soon.

  16. Deb in SF

    Thank you for sharing your personal struggles, TT. Much respect for that.

  17. imagrandma2

    Dear Tamara, I’m not sure if you realize the value of your daily contributions to the overall sanity of shut-ins and those of us in health situations limiting mobility and interaction in the outside world we call society. Your blog is a familiar comforting face comparable to the soap opera shows Mama faithfully watched in the 60’s. Your entertaining words serve as connectors to other places and viewpoints. All of this plus you are just eff’n crazy-cool! I come here and imagine hanging out with you on your couch with a bloody-mary in my hand. You write the same words I want to scream at the tv when those self-absorbed bitches act-a-fool. I’m recovering from a stroke and my addiction to your site gave me the motivation to relearn to use my left hand again trying to manuveur this iPad again.

    I’ve read here for a few years but have only commented a couple of times. I can’t sleep and my little great granddaughter is snoring up a storm beside me. I grabbed the iPad and came to visit you this early morning. Sometimes, it’s like I’m reading about myself. It’s comforting to know you’re always here for us, day or night, rain or shine. Your open invitation allows us to show up without calling first and to just ‘come on over’ dressed as we are.

    Hang in there kiddo and give ’em hell! It can’t rain forever.

  18. People need to realize that the internet doesn’t create content magically. Why people would troll you blows my mind and pisses me off TT. This site is a privilege not to be taken for granted. Every word in each sentence is a gift to us from you, and most people won’t understand what it takes to run a successful blog. Especially when you are running this blog by yourself. I want to thank you for basically putting aside your own life to bring entertainment and joy to our lives TT. It is a true sacrifice you make and it does not go unnoticed by others and myself. You put in more work than any of these hoes on these reality shows, but always seem to end up getting the short end of the stick. Over the years you have been dragged to court, dragged through the press, and stalked in real life. These are the real sacrifices that you’ve made that would make anyone else throw their hands up in the air and quit right then and there, but you did not quit. I read the previous comments and was appalled by how self centered these people who are trying to comfort you come off. They need you to fulfill their empty lives but you do not need them or any shitty Bravo shows to live your life. You are a wonderful writer, a smart and witty woman, and whatever choices you make people need to respect but no matter what you will have great success in life no matter what you do.

  19. Microop

    Look, I feel you. Recapping the housewives can’t possibly make anything better (other than perhaps lining your pockets a little bit). I’ve read two other recappers before I found you, and the reason I switched is bc both of them devolved into mean people (or at least mean recappers, joking about cruel and just completely unnecessary things like Kyle sneaking cookies at night and then in the comments the mean recappers would get praised for being snarky). Just like you want to challenge us to watch and read better content, it is tough as a reader when you want to challenge a whole community of fans to not be the biggest assholes ever. What I like about you is you’ve maintained decency and compassion. But I think the tides of the Housewives are strong and it must be exhausting swimming against the current just to not get sucked into and consumed by the misogyny, racism, and ageism of it all. I think swimming back to shore makes sense. I’ll read you anyway.

  20. CoBe

    I’m really sorry to read about your suffering.

    I don’t know how to make it better, but I will send a hug over the airways.

    I think it could be important to get a full physical as well. Sometimes physical issues manifest themselves in ways that are mistaken for emotional issues.

    Just a thought.

    • Cobe,

      I swear I was taking a break from commenting! But seriously, she asked for no suggestions & yours is to “get a full physical”?! If only it was that simple. I assume by your comment that you are fully insured and probably live in a blue state where Obamacare is just fucking awesome & “affordable”. Sorry, but I am in a bad place too & that comment hit a nerve. Not feeling like an “empath” today.

      Going back under my rock now.

  21. Mary Cantwell

    TT you are awesome. Even though Bravo is 99 percent shit, you bring joy and laughter and that is no joke. Your writing is smart and witty. Hang in there girl!

  22. Cgal38

    So sorry to hear this tt – I’ve been a fan of the site for a while but not in the beginning so I may have missed the family background. You’ve mentioned moving somewhere with better insurance – understanding taking that on while dealing with sleepers sin is impossible, perhaps see that as a goal to work toward?

    I know you know this but diet and exercise really make a huge difference. I struggle with hormones (severe pmdd, I’m hormonal about 3 weeks/month), and when I committed to a healthy lifestyle and really stuck to it, I found my mood stabilizing a lot. It’s not magic, but it worked. A body in motion stays in motion – and reverse. Exercise can mean 1/2 slow walks every day while listening to great, happy music. Start with mc hammer! I dealt with sugar binges as well and I learned (when working with a nutrionist) about insulin affecting hormones, and just how much those sugar binges were messing with my hormones – I don’t want to sound like a health nut but all of those things make a huge difference in mental health.

    And medical marijuana has been a total life saver. Don’t discount a nice evening with some good tv and strong indica – huge relaxer, mood elevator, minimal side effects (have apples and healthy snacks for munchies).

    That’s what’s helped me, I wish you all the best!

  23. indychick

    walking with no legs /swimming with no arms – that’s when hope floats.
    keep telling Dr’s what is wrong until you find one that listens.

  24. Cake

    I didn’t read all the comments because I have a headache and have to get ready for work.

    I wish you’d start writing books. It wouldn’t be easy for you, but I’d slurp up every last word.

  25. Katherine 2.0


  26. I love that commercial where the young woman is practicing asking for a raise in the bathroom mirror and another older woman comes in and says, “Do it.”

    Ideally, I think that’s what TV should do, encourage us to be bigger and better than we are.

    Uruguay sounds amazing!

  27. fivecatsownme

    You are loved, you are valued, you are special and unique. I wish I could say somthing profound to make you feel better. I wish there was a physician who would listen, and work with you to find the cause of and ease your suffering. You don’t ever have to blog about bravo again, I like to read your posts about gardening. I am behind you 100%.

  28. Valley

    I came here first because only you would understand how bad RHOC was last night. I love this blog so much. This is exactly how I feel. I watch these episodes to escape. This was some dark dark stuff. If I had to recap this it would be exactly like this. This was a low point. Worst than scary island.

    I think a holocaust documentary would have been more uplifting.

  29. This is not the venue if you don’t want sympathy. Good God grow up

  30. Kate

    I’ve read this blog for the past 6 years straight (pretty much every day) but first time poster. I just wanted to say TT you could write ten thousand words on shit and I would still read it 😊 I really mean that. I hope that compliment comes across the way I intended.

  31. JoJoFLL

    I feel your rant about Bravo. I used to watch all the housewives and now I’m down to Dallas (only if Kelly Rasberry is a cast member), NY, BH, and Cheshire. It’s too dark.

  32. I too have a tendency to become depressed but I never felt a day of it when my dogs were alive. I attest to the fact that dogs are magical beings. Just their presence and their unique natures are a gift and getting outdoors with them for daily walks that benefit them and yourself is the best therapy. Anything I did for my dogs that brought them happiness made me happy. Maybe loving a dog will help you too.

    • keight34

      Dogs are definitely magical, they are the most loyal friends I’ve ever had. I have no idea what I would do without my lab.

  33. Coco

    “You is smart, you is kind, you is important”

  34. First off, Hugs Tamara, You do so much for us as readers, I think we take it for granted and forget to appreciate all the effort and time it takes to do so. So thank you. Your humor and wit is what makes reading here an escape.
    Bravo has become an embarassment to watch. Shahs, Tardy, Housewives, there is slim pickings in the groups to root for.
    Last nights OC, was a planned attack on Kelly and those 3 bullies. are still bragging about how they were the victim s and did nothing wrong. Heather could have done damage control last night and blew it.
    I hope you get more sunshine in your days and if there are ways we can help, let us know. We want to be here for you too.

  35. You’re not alone in your stuggle. There are many who suffer from depression and who understand how debilitating it can be. You’re in my prayers and I am sending only positive thoughts to you and Banjo.

  36. Gabby

    Dear Tamara,
    We all are broken, the whole human race, we were born in sin and will die in sin, unless we accept God gift of salvation.
    You have a great resource in Atlanta, Pastor Dr. Charles Stanley, call and talk to someone at the Church.
    I will be praying for you.

  37. Catherine Boice

    Don’t know if I can post on your site. You have to do what’s best for you (which you know) I get it.If instinct is telling you to stop then stop.Not necessarily forever-you know. I don’t know how to do computer stuff so you might not get this but you need to know I get great pleasure from occasionally going to your site.

  38. Catherine Boice

    Oh dear Christ just did what you said not to.No pity or advice though

  39. Your Housewife stuff is cutting edge and fun to read. I’d really hate it if you quit recapping/writing about but understand if it’s all getting to you. Maybe try to quit thinking of it as a way to pay the bills/waste of time and get that you have a unique (and successful) way of presenting the Housewife bs that draws people to you/your site? Quite an accomplishment with all the “reality” blogs out there in the interwebs. Ooooops sorry, didn’t mean to give advice. :( In the grand scheme of things I get that we all aren’t curing cancer here, but think you should pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Until you feel like you can do that>>((((((TT)))))*pat*pat*pat* Thanks so much for your OUTSTANDING Blog – Ho’Wives are not!

  40. Bunniecarrot

    I’m sorry that life is weighing heavy on you. I normally don’t comment ever on the non tv crap and rarely even on the normal shit shows we like to watch. But I felt the need to say I feel for you. I completely understand that need to “get right”, and it’s horrible that others have tried to shut you down. I’ve been reading this blog for a little over 4 years now, when I was 24 and pregnant with my second child. I was pregnant, unemployed due to my high risk pregnancy,depressed, and extremely lonely because my husband was an over the road trucker. Your site gave me something to take my mind off “things” , even though I ended up in the window licking section for a while. I found myself and still am in an odd place, too responsible for the teen mom’s in real life and the tv show. Yet also too young to relate to most of the suburban wives and mothers of my children’s peers (literally the youngest mom I met has a son 7 years than me and keeps reminding me I’m such a baby). So this site has been my reprieve and I’ve noticed you’ve got a somewhat family around you on this site. Keep pushing through until you can “get right” , that’s all I’m doing and hoping it gets better. I pray it gets better soon. Thanks again.

  41. BigDaddyMike

    Looky hur Lady…..
    There is NOTHING wrong went ventingnit out….if u feel it, SAY IT!
    I read ypur blogs because your recaps are eloquently mixed with your opinion. ..and i sooooo vibe with your common sense and analysis of whatever you are speaking on.
    If u wanna stop doing Bravo, cool! If you wanna speak on whats in yo head, cool!
    We here for ya Miss Celie!

  42. A good friend sent this to me this last night knowing that I really needed a hearty chuckle Hello and welcome to the Mental Health Hot Line. 1. If you are OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE, press “1” repeatedly. 2. If you are CO-DEPENDENT, ask someone to press “2” for you. 3. If you have MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES, press “3”, “4”, “5” and “6”. 4. if you are PARANOID, we know who you are and what you want. Stay on the line and we’ll trace your call. 5. If you are DELUSIONAL, press “7” and your call will be transferred to the Mother Ship. 6. If you are SCHIZOPHRENIC, listen carefully and a small voice will tell you which number to press. 7. If you are DEPRESSIVE, it doesn’t matter which number you press. No one will answer you. 8. If you are DYSLEXIC, press “69696969”. 9. If you have a NERVOUS DISORDER, please fidget with the “*” key until you hear the “beep”. After the “beep”, please wait for the “beep”. 10. If you have LOW SELF ESTEEM, please hang up. All of our operators are too busy to talk to you.

  43. alp

    I wish I had some words of wisdom to aid you in this time of need. I found your sight this summer and while I do not watch the majority of these shows, I come here frequently to read because I love your humor and honesty. I also find the commitment of many of your regular commenters to you (and each other) to be humbling. You have created a safe space where many can come together to read about pop culture and more importantly support each other in times of need.

    It is reasonable and understandable that you may need to step away from the staged reality that is Bravo to help you regain your own reality to find balance. Please know many of us will remain here ever ready to support you as you take care of your most important project — yourself.

  44. lavidaLinda

    TT, I enjoy your recaps and appreciate you watching this crap for me. That being said, I do actually have a suggestion, not just for you, but for all us. And if you are annoyed by this, feel free to put me in WLS.

    Why don’t we have a bookclub thread? It will get the regulars off Bravo, it may bring in a couple of newbies, and it will give everyone who participates a bit of a mental workout. Just 1 chapter a day, you recap it, and we discuss it in comments. I know I’d appreciate it….I took the time to read The Girl on the Train last week and realised how much I miss reading, i just need some motivation help getting me to do it.

  45. Divatude

    I stopped watching the Housewives, by dropping one each new season. But I love your recaps. I can only imagine how hard it is to recap because it was disturbing to watch it sometimes.

    But I did start watching Married at First Sight because of you. And you renewed my interest in Drag Race and Big Brother because I had given up on them. Your recaps gave me life to start back watching and I’ve enjoyed it.

  46. Something clever

    Hey Tamara, you have my sympathy and support. I feel similar feelings and have lately take breaks, only to binge watch episodes to catch up. Bravo is hard to quit! I did manage to quit Shahs and Vanderpump Rules, and I’ve stayed away from new franchises of the Housewives.

    But thanks to you and your blog, I recently binge watched the show about strangers getting married (brain farting on the name!), and I enjoy the blogs about Project Runway (though no comments lately). Also enjoy the blogs about 60 days in. There is something about the ‘wives – it is closer to real life (minus the wealth and plastic surgery) for me so perhaps more relatable than the shows about surviving jail or being creative and entrepreneurial. Because no matter what one’s social status, everyone has a social circle and group dynamics and some amount of gossip. What is interesting about it being televised is that it magnifies the behavior. If you apologize to a friend, it is a private or semi private transaction, but on national tv some cast members act like it would be eating crow. And there is no graceful exit without breaking a contract. And producers meddle A LOT.

    I don’t blame you if you pull away from the Bravo shows for your own sanity.

  47. DejaBlue53

    I love reading your take on things because it’s outside the box, real and vulnerable like this one. I’ve quit watching anything on Bravo and only read recaps and news hoping to read that the mean people get their comeuppances. I don’t have cable so only watch shows I can stream online. If you blogged chapters of books, I would love that. Discussions about the deeper things of life is very satisfying. Depression runs in my family so I hear ya loud and clear. I’m old. The only thing that has worked for me is to read what God thinks of me instead of what my low self-esteem thoughts say about me. Oh, and getting out of the house for sunshine and forcing myself to interact with people even tho I would rather not. I will be praying for you. Can’t stop me 😀

  48. Jrleaguer

    I am so sorry you are hurting. I know that may seem trite, but I truly mean it. Right now, the world is pretty much one big SuckaPalooza and when a person’s mental health is not up to par, then it is even more overwhelming. It may sound very odd, but a dear friend tells me that she approaches a day like she would eat an elephant…one bite at a time. She knows she will not finish the elephant everyday, but she says it is okay because she at least set a goal. Know that I am sincere when I say I send prayers for healing and wishes for lots of good Karma your way.

  49. Jrleaguer

    I forgot to add…Take full advantage of Banjo! Furbabies are wonderful and cheap therapists. They love us beyond measure at our best…and worst.

  50. Belinda

    Wow……and your point is ? I won’t say “get over it” or “get help” or any of the other trite phrases that flow like loose shit out of a dilated asshole. I also what tell you that I understand and follow up with MY problems. You know why ? Because basically I don’t care. I have a life. I don’t know you. Gotta elect a president. Putin is talking nuclear war and your issues are not on the list of things to worry about.

    • TBD

      Well then, with all that to worry about and your busy schedule. Good luck to you.

    • rebecca

      Have you considered applying for a spot on RHOC? It seems like you would fit right in.

    • T D

      Thank you Mr. Knowitall.

    • WOW! @Belinda, your compassion and empathy for other people is overwhelming. Thanks for the post. You reminded me of why we have all those things in this world to worry about, the ones that you posted. It’s because of the lack of common courtesy and decency to our fellow human beings. In simple terms, people like you.

    • More Tea Please!

      Then what the F are you doing here? Go! Just go!

    • Gee, Belinda – thank you for spending some of your precious moments to type that you don’t care! Guess what? Go do you, woman, and leave us be.

    • Cat


      Trolls and other bullies are weak and insecure. They build up their own egos by tearing others down. Ignore them, and they will go away.

      Turn your back on them…like Freddy Kruger in “Nightmare on Elm Street”. Take away their power, and they cease to exist.

      • Dee

        @Belinda, were you trying to be funny? You fell flat on your face. Pick yourself up and go back under your rock.

        Cat, love what you said. Only people who feel horrible about themselves attack.

        Gosh that B made me so mad I forgot I was depressed, LOL

    • Miguel


  51. MsAshG

    I’m sorry you are going through all of this. I have been so deeply depressed before and the only one that could help me is me. There is a light at the end of the tunnel if you just believe in yourself and your inner strength that is buried deep down inside you. Yes your past can affect you even if it is many years ago. Something triggers emotions you never knew you had. Do not listen to the bashing. And BRAVO doesn’t help. All the fake petty drama for rating just because people like to see people that are messed up. I know because I am a survivor of severe depression! Stay strong!

  52. Dawn

    Look into Fibromyalgia…I too went thru similar until SELF DIAGNOSIS..then self research to self-manage…know more of than my darn Dr’s….when ya get to the end of your rope: HANG ON TIGHT because “This Too Shall Pass”!

  53. You have talent and your wit brings a smile. Your readers ,friends and family think you are the cats pajamas and care for your well being. I hope you feel better soon. You are in my prayers. ((((((Tamara)))))) That’s a text hug.

  54. OKC

    Belinda, really?? You could have just kept your fingers off the keyboard. She doesn’t want pity or trite suggestions understandably. But what you did there….. Why? You have just illustrated the problem with society.

  55. imagrandma2

    I promise not to become a serial poster but your raw honesty has really touched my heart and it is staying with me. I want to share a life-changing experience I had the day after my stroke. I felt an overwhelming urge to ask my first hospital visitor, my granddaughter, if she would take me to get my hair dyed purple and to get a tattoo once I was feeling better..

    I decided the tat would read as: HOPE ~ hold on pain ends. It’s been a mantra ever since but I found that it takes a lot, a whole lot, of practice to truly believe it. Practice does make perfect. I’m still waiting on the tattoo but I look fabulous in my purple hair.

    • DejaBlue53

      That is awesome!!

    • Tara

      I love it!
      It takes so much courage to make such a drastic change. I feel that when most people experience such a traumatic event, the realize that some things are just not a big deal.
      I am stealing your Hope saying. Thank you:)
      I am not a good theif, I am the one who walks back into the grocery store after noticing that the cashier did not charge me for gum.
      T.T. I feel that maybe it is the time of year. Everyone loves this season, but many people seem to be dealing with a case of the yucks, wtf’s, leave me alone, I am lonely and so on. I am one of tjose people. My mama just does not get it. She gets up at 4 a.m. goes to work (microbiologist), takes care of my dad, her home etc. She does not understand why my home is not Mommie Dearest white gloves clean. That just reminded me of something (shinny stuff, squirrel -so me) anyway…
      Many people do not understand why some of us feel the way we do about Brianna, Vicki’s daughter. I am only speaking for myself, of course. I was raised that no matter how old I am, the elders in my family are always right. Younger family members do not question them. It is Yes Sir, Yes ma’am, period. If we do question them, we would NEVER throw them under the bus.
      I am sporadic. I am sure if I were more organized it would help.
      Everyone have a great day.
      Thank you T.T. for being you. Even when you may not feel great about yourself, there are us TT’ers who adore you beyond measure.

    • Dee

      I love this! Your HOPE is just wonderful. I am going to keep this close to my heart, Thank you!

  56. Sandra

    Sometimes you just have to give into it, and wallow. The worst thing you can do is feel guilty. Coulda, woulda, shoulda done this, that, or the other thing. Yesterday was that kind of day for me, too. Absolutely no explanation. Physical injury adds to the stress and delays healing.

    For me, at least, looking at everything that needs to be done can be overwhelming. “Just” do the next thing. Small steps can accomplish big things, without even realizing it. Listen to yourself. Hear what your gut instincts are telling you, or that still, small voice in the midst of all the noise.

    Housewives of any ilk can wait. Unfortunately they will still be there later… in one of their 27 bathrooms.

    No judgments, only support.

  57. MARC

    I can so relate to this post. Admire you for sharing your feelings & struggle with all of us.Vent as often as you feel comfortable. We truly care about you.

  58. Judilu

    I have given up on Bravo, American Horror Story is less scary. I will be praying for you and sending good thoughts.

  59. Sam

    I’m a broken record on this topic. I couldn’t agree more. It’s depressing as fuck looking at the hundreds of comments on the NY, NJ, and BH housewives shows and other things only getting acknowledged by the weirdos like me or the butt kissers (no offense?). People are so invested in it, it’s crazy! I used to love Bravo and now it all sucks, just like pretty much everything else on Earth. I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you. Your writing keeps me here. Thanks for that.

    Belinda, you are horrible. Thanks for making me seem like a ray of sunshine by comparison.

  60. Heidi

    Tamra, I too have depression. On the outside my life is perfect. Two healthy tween sons, a great husband, live in the paid off house I grew up in (we just pay taxes on it,) stay-at-home-mom, great disposition, but every day I dislike my life. And I have no idea why. Meds just make me numb and there’s no money in our budget for $130/sessions of therapy that I really need. Insurance doesn’t cover it. So I trudge along, every day, with a fake smile on my face so that my family and acquaintances think I’m normal. It’s exhausting. I too have unexplained pain and every Dr just shrugs their shoulders. “Eat better, exercise more” they say. Right.

  61. spk

    No no no sweetheart. You may be broken now but that is temporary. Because a few sentences later you show that you know the drill, you know what is needed. You’ve got it. It will come.

    You are going to be in my heart today. I am going to my special lake to walk, the place where I went when I needed to gather the energy of healing and love and send it to my family who was struggling. I’m beside you Tamara, in spirit and totally in support.

    Write what you want to write. Shit, write a haiku about Banjo.

  62. RHofND

    You are broken but you are strong, TT. You also have thousands of fans who read your posts daily. We all know what the Housewives franchise is but still tune in. Why? For me and many others it’s a few hours a week of escape from whatever is bothering us. It’s a chance to see “how the other half lives” and discover that they have many of the trials and tribulations that we all do. Strip away the wealth and each one of the women reminds us of ourselves at times or someone we know…the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  63. RHofND

    You are broken but you are strong, TT. You also have thousands of fans who read your posts daily. We all know what the Housewives franchise is but still tune in. Why? For me and many others it’s a few hours a week of escape from whatever is bothering us. It’s a chance to see “how the other half lives” and discover that they have many of the trials and tribulations that we all do. Strip away the wealth and each one of the women reminds us of ourselves at times or someone we know…the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  64. This is kind of what I said yesterday – Andy and Bravo don’t care about viewers likes/dislikes, RH initially was supposed to be a peek at lives we could never access due to money. we watched lavish parties, some celebs -private planes and exotic vacations, luxury cars.

    Now it is criminal offences, federal prison, suicide, sober -not sober, physical fights and women jumping each other.

    Actual incidents in their lives started seeping through, because RH didn’t like being blamed on twitter/instagra/rh blogs for being drunk/high/thief/criminals. so slowly we started getting info leaked to us via RH about – off camera behavior and we haven’t stopped investigating since.

    What is revealed – arrests/court documents/restraining orders and mugshots drug overdose. That kind of stuff I can hear on the news, and suddenly the template for Bravo seems to be

    – kicks to the head
    – bashing below the belt
    – drama continued on twitter/instagram/facebook/periscope/snapchat
    – bullying viewers
    – lying in court- lying in interviews about charities
    – going to rehab that is a juice detox
    – lying about sobriety

    the Real is garbage, I can get this crap on other shows that I expect it on. I stated this before and I was honest, due to how dark/ugly/abusive Bravo is with viewers, I am losing interest in this.

    It is unclear to me why the Bravo paycheque and camera are so important to the women that sign the contract.

  65. Happy gal

    I am so sorry you have having a hard time . Your blog brings me a lot of happiness as I am sure it does to many others so I am upset to hear you struggle being unhappy , viewing shows that make you unhappy to be able to blog about them .

    I will add you to my nightly prayers . People often don’t realize just because you cannot see an illness doesn’t mean it is not there and that the person isn’t suffering . ❤️

  66. Karen

    Without reading anyone else’s responses:

    Hi TT!

    I’m Karen. I’ve been through a ton of things that involve my daughter and her friends that have ruined my credit and left me unable to trust anyone. Other than my daughter I have no other family, no significant other, and an ex I reached out to who didn’t respond for two days.

    This is my way of saying that I feel your pain in a manner of speaking and I’m glad you have folks who care about you personally and reach out to you. As for me, I’m gonna reach out to a therapist just to have someone to tell everything to.

    Stay focused on your health. The answers will come when you least suspect.

    By the way, not long after my mom died I stopped watching most of the HW franchise as I found the anger coming from the screen and seeping into my brain. The shows are toxic and while I enjoy your recaps, I choose to watch in small doses.

    Take care and God bless you & those who look out for you.

    Karen, a fan of your site from the beginning!

  67. Lynn

    Tamara, my heart goes out to you with compassion and understanding. I’ve been there. I used to describe it as being down in a deep, cold, dark well with slippery sides I couldn’t climb. People’s faces would appear at the top, looking down and yelling all kinds of advice that I could barely hear and hardly use from “down there.”

    For me, it always took the right medication regimen and a couple of trustees who would pull my ass out of bed and into the shower on the worse days to make it even possible to do all the other things I had to do.

    I care about you, and I’m genuinely sorry you’re in so much pain. I pray that you’ll find relief before long, Tamara.

  68. Margaret Shepard

    I can relate TT and I really do appreciate your honesty. I don’t have the balls to do that myself, though I sure it would help me if I could. You have a huge devoted following who is pulling for you.

  69. Tracy fletcher

    Reading your post brought tears to my eyes because I too suffer from mental illness and everything you said is so real. people, family and friends don’t understand unless they have lived your pain

  70. Layla

    “I tried to move you guys to something better than Bravo. ANYTHING BETTER THAN THIS MISOGYNIST BULLSHIT.” 😂😂😂😂. I’m sorry this was not meant to be funny but it sure made me laugh. Bc, truth. The last four to five years I have really realized how broken I am, that meeting that senates maybe realize there may be many more of us!

    My heart goes out to you, no pity, simply empathy. When I need an escape I come to the supplier, I hope you have somewhere you can go when you need an escape.

    I am watching This Is Us, can I say that? It is a feel-good, as is The Voice, so I welcome those recaps as well.

  71. Cheryl B.

    It’s you and your writing Tamara, not the housewives who make me smile. I wouldn’t miss them, I would miss you.

  72. Calipatti

    Hey Girl, so sorry for your struggles.
    I’m with you in bed, force myself into the shower, struggle with food choices, exercise and I know what to do also.
    Does not help — if anything makes me feel worse because the right choices are not difficult.
    I am sad.

    ONLY thing that did help me was when I was forced to go to Thailand. I had to lose weight, find x-nice cloths for a reasonable price, had to have my hair done months in advance so I was comfortable with myself, update passport and etc. I looked good.

    I had no choice, I had to do.
    Why can’t I do for myself?

    • amisteree

      Calipatti, your words perfectly express something I struggle with, STRUGGLE and beat myself up about; the part about knowing what to do, and not doing it. As you said, it “does not help – if anything makes me feel worse because the right choices are not difficult.” I go to bed thinking maybe tomorrow will be the day that I do…something different. The worst part is feeling helpless, so I just refuse to believe it. Over and over again, as many times as it takes. Mind games suck. One more thing – I just read an especially poignant comment you wrote to TT back in November 2013, in response to her equally heartfelt post. Inspirational stuff. Good luck to you, in all your efforts, and keep on keeping on.

  73. Well that’s a pi$$er, kid! (Too sympathetic? Sorry.) As a fellow former sufferer who has more than one case of that clinical stuff in the family, my go-to memory in times like this harks back to my grad seminar in biochemistry. After that quarter I was convinced forever that we cannot escape what those brain things control unless we alter them with exogenous stuff. I am a Premarin lifer & could not exist without my over-the-counter-at-Walmart DHEA (100 mg, please, because it increases serotonin, the precursor of all those sex hormones). For sure, neither of these goodies; have changed me one whit. However, miraculously, they have changed most of the bad things in the world around me (including my fibromyalgia) for the past couple of decades. Please don’t take my experience as advice, because I know you do not want any of that stuff. Just remember, BIOCHEMISTRY RULES!

  74. Just sending you a virtual hug.

  75. KatieAlex

    The shows you report on have gotten worse and worse over the years. I’ve had to step away and just read your recaps. I was getting angry after watching most of them. I did not want to have my life affected by them and the few I did watch just brought out depression agitation and anger. I don’t know how you do it every single day. I keep thinking one day you just won’t be able to do it anymore. Personally I’d love something more substantial like good books and different shows. Your audience here is intelligent and loyal and I’m sure they could find what they need from here in a slightly different format. I’d read anything you wrote, you are talented and insightful.

  76. Margaret Shepard

    I love Allie. Brosh’s illustrations. That feels like me on many occasions.

  77. sherry

    You are VERY Smart! You already know what to do, you said it yourself. We enjoy when you open up and write about you. I am with you….I am over BRAVO! Done!

  78. I feel you. As someone who suffers from pretty significant depressions, Fall is always tough for me and a bunch of rich, cackling, attention-seeking a-hole women, in the middle of an election season that could send us all running, is NOT helping. I also struggle with therapy – of COURSE i know what i should be doing to bring myself around and if i could, dude, i would.

    All i can say is: hang in there. there are THOUSANDS of people who come here everyday just to hear your voice. Cherish that. And be kind to yourself – so what if shit doesn’t get done? so what if you have a nasty conversation – apologize (mean it! not Bravolebrity style!) and move on, because people love you.

    The sun will shine soon.

  79. Billie_bee

    TT, I stopped watching Bravo months and months ago, but I ready everything you post. You could write about paint drying, and I’d still read it. People come here for you and your wit, not Bravo. Fuck Bravo, it’s not what it used to be.

  80. Shut-in

    ❤️ to you, TT. RIght there with you on the anxiety and depression. ( yeah, I do that emogi thing because I sometimes can’t use my hands because of RA.) THAT RHOC was SO AWFUL , such an embarassment to all Americans, that I expected a certain Orangeman (insider Irish Catholic joke) to show up…sigh…I know, no politics. Feel better.

  81. captivagrl

    Life is hard. You and I have lots in common regarding depression and childhood issues. You’re very brave to share your daily experiences so openly and honesty. The most difficult thing for me is pretending to be motivated and “normal” on a regular basis. It never gets easier. It takes so much effort to do less than half of what others are doing all around me. Life isn’t bad, it’s just really hard.

  82. Gapeachinsc

    Most of these shows are truly toxic, not only to us viewers but to the participants on these shows. We watch them compromise themselves and their families well being for a little fame and a few bucks. Over the years we have witnessed so much carnage – all we’re really doing is supporting this crap and then projecting our feelings about it back into the universe. We encourage the toxicity through our viewing.

  83. rebecca

    I agree, Tamara that last night’s episode of RHOOC was particularly awful. I only caught the second half and could not believe what I was seeing. I’m sorry that it all has gotten you down. If you want to walk away from the Bravo shows for your own mental well being, please do so. I’ll read your blog no matter what you write about. I love TV and enjoy reading your take on any program, including those that I don’t even watch!

    Be well. We’re all pulling for you.

  84. tamaratattles

    God Lord. Where is TeeCee to tell me something like, “No one if forcing you to write about the housewives. Do it or don’t do it, no one cares. Now stop sniveling and put on your big girl panties! Christ! What is wrong with you!”

    Because that is the correct response.

    But all this nice stuff was good too. Thanks y’all.

    • kkbella

      I am no TeeCee- maybe a distant cousin-in my mind… Because of your self imposed isolation, that works for you, we need to come up with a way where you can take a break of 30 days, every 2-3 months. You deal in the toxic, yet fascinating part of communication in the 21st century plus you have a soul- a REAL SOUL TT- problematic when you have made the devils work (lol) yours! (I know this as a lawyer).
      Your life’s work matters to many of us-how you choose to balance it with life, and LEARN TO LEAVE IT AT THE OFFICE- is up to you. Yes, that’s the part that sucks!
      We care, and believe when you look at the options, it can happen.
      Say the rosary, look for guidance, cry, and believe. xoxoxo

      • LisaPat

        That is kinda true, TT. You are always recapping the devil’s minions and that has to wear on a person after a while. These people aren’t on TV because they are good people who uplift society. Vickie is the OG of the OC because she is good TV, a despicable, narcissistic con-artist, but good TV. It’s a conundrum because you can’t quit your job, and we all “stay for the shade” but the horrific nature of people you write about on the daily is draining you like a succubus.

    • amisteree

      I guess we all need a TeeCee in our life, to say the tough stuff we need to hear. BUT. It hopefully it comes from a tender place, as many of us are already adept at brutal and relentless self-talk. You said it in another post today, that it’s hard for you to take in the “nice shit ya’ll said.” I hope the nice shit sinks in, and stays. xo

  85. liza

    TT, I dont post often and have no other site that I go to on a daily basis. I hang around because I like your recaps. I love your wittiness. You make me smile daily. You watch most things that I do, so its like talking to buddies about a train wreck and I can’t resist! I’d love to know what your reading. Maybe expand yourself a bit and write about a book your enjoying.

  86. Lisa j

    Question, why no blogs on what you do like? Manzo’ed, Flipping Out, Don’t be Tardy, and my God I’m so happy you did the HBO mini series The Night of. I’ve said it before, I’d read your blogs on cereal labels or toilet paper, you’ve got a wit and a way with words and you know this. Fuck the Andy Cohen machine. Its brought out the worst in me that’s for sure. Set the timer, give yourself an hour or 5 a day to sit with what’s going on with you. We aren’t going anywhere. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. You’re wicked smart, do what you love. Everything will work out in the end.

    • Wonky Tonk

      Yeah, I’ve been wondering about why the lack of recaps on the manzo clan. I actually started watching that show last year based on one of TT’s recaps. While I found Caroline thoroughly unlikable on the New Jersey franchise I find her even more endearing on Manzo’d her spinoff. I figured maybe the activity on those posts isn’t enough to warrant them.

  87. JenE

    Start with a book suggestion poll. A good “classic housewives” type. your reader can choose different books & write chapter recaps. I gave up Bravo but still tune into you. I would love to pick up a good book & read a chapter each day to discuss for fun. I can very much relate to you & many of your readers about depression.

  88. TBD

    I mean this with caring… Please stop trying. Allow allow allow. Feel your feelings and stop shoulding yourself. It will pass. Take care of what you have to, if you have to. And if only for a short time…. stop trying.

    You are smart, and very entertaining. I found myself explaining last Saturday night how smart you are. He got it. I’d blatantly have an agenda if I go on.

  89. Chrissy

    I’m fine with a Blacklist and Walking Dead Recaps …

  90. Natalie

    I have been reading your blog since the beginning, at least five years. You ALWAYS bounce back!

  91. Dear Tamara,
    Thank you. I’ve enjoyed your blog, lurking for most of the time. I no longer can watch or stand this bullshit. I have enjoyed your blog. I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer & have looked forward to your insight & humor as a daily tonic. But, no longer can I stomach these Bravo shows.
    Life is too short. I need happy TV, happy messages.
    Thank you, for all you have done to make my time interesting. Thank you for engaging me. Sincerely, Ava G.

  92. Sali

    I get it. You’re not crazy. And I admire you.

    I hope you and the rest of us that are where you are now, have been or will be in the near future find a way to a little peace and harmony in our hearts and minds.

  93. I really feel like there is some kind of dark cloud hanging over every body. The ugliness in so many of our cities, the election, personal darkness people are going through. Just seems to be getting stronger and sadder. I think watching Bravo (please don’t laugh) in it’s present form with all the nastiness and disgusting behavior is just fueling it in some ways. I am dropping these shows like hotcakes. I am beyond disgusted at what is happening to Kelly. I am not a fan but this is so disgusting it isn’t funny. I have felt this way for a few episodes now. She is far from well, and they are just pushing and pushing. I hope Meagan is gone, save yourself before you too sell your soul to the devil that is Bravo.

    TT, I will only say that I will say prayers for you. Depression sucks and NO ONE would chose it.
    I really hope that you can find something that pleases you to write about. Personally it is your writing that brings me here. I read everything whether I watch it or not. You have a beautiful gift. What I am trying to say is, I think that no matter what you are writing about your followers will come. I would love a book club! LOL There are far more interesting and better shows than these housewives, I agree 100%

  94. Kiyoshigirl

    The bottom line is that life is fucking hard. Especially during these God awful general election cycles when we’re bombarded with negativity, plied with false information, manipulated into believing politicians “care” about us, etc. It all fucking sucks. The ugliness of it all amplifies anything else that’s even remotely negative. Hence our frustration with the housewives bullshit. I found after last night’s episode I didn’t want to read recap blogs and especially the comment sections because, first of all I don’t want to run into any online political fights (I’ve found myself avoiding the Internet, done with that bullshit), and second, I’ve lost all trust that any of these housewives are decent human beings. Then I realized I was carrying over my total disgust about the political climate (and the candidate options) into my normally rational feelings about Bravo programming. Bravo celebs aren’t genuine people with genuine feelings. They’re assholes paid to create and carry out drama. 9/10ths of it is scripted and the other one tenth is materialistic bullshit, so I usually don’t take any of it to heart. It might be called reality television, but every so often we need to remind ourselves that very little of it is real. If you’re a viewer who internalizes any of their petty bullshit, stop watching, stat! Their dark souls will literally permeate yours. If you’re a viewer who can take it in stride and move on with your day in a positive attitude, then view it when you want and turn it off when you don’t.

    TT, I don’t for one second think your blog would die a quick death if you stopped recapping Bravo shows. There’s a plethora of good programming on television, and much of it isn’t reviewed or recapped. You’d be a fine source to fill that niche. There’s a huge market for online book clubs, and I have a feeling you’d be an excellent moderator for something like that. As much as I’d miss your astute and insightful recaps (and the tea that often comes with it), maybe it is time for a change. I wish you well in your search for better. I’d love nothing better than for you to succeed in your financial, mental, physical and literary endeavors. Rooting for you!

  95. Toddy

    Thinking about you today, which I hope doesn’t sound stalkerish! You could take a break for a few days, encourage us to read some of your greatest hits – Chateau Sheree, Angela Stanton, and Jodi Arias if you’re new here – do number of site visits help you? Take care.

  96. Ingrid

    I have gone through similar things myself and more with a close family member, just this weekend. I feel you. The HW stuff is supposed to be an escape, just bullshit, and seriously I felt my brain cells dying so much this week watching it that I almost quit watching myself. Why am I watching this stuff? I am a college graduate professional! And some of these people’s lives have actually been ruined by the HW franchise, all b/c they want to be famous or promote something. Hell, I dont even want my name in the paper, I cannot fathom WHY people put their lives on TV. The good part though, are the recaps. You are wonderful, you do a great job, but do what you have to do to stay healthy, that is all that matters. Virtual hugs, hate to think of you in pain.

  97. GillianFirst

    I’m so sorry you’re feeling bad! Love your recaps (and admittedly love Bravo for giving me a spectrum of deeply complex humans to analyze). I wanted to pass on some specific and affordable steps I found that helped me finally have energy and get rid of depression, extreme lethargy, and fear. (Anyone who only believes our pharmaceutical culture has all the answers can skip over this lol) I still don’t know what was wrong (doctors only found low blood sugar and low vitamin D) but I went through about 8 years of waves of severe fatigue and depression. What I did that worked (after researching and trying all kinds of things myself for yearsssss): -I cut out all white and wheat flour and processed foods, sadly also milk ) :
    -a product called Scram (on Amazon) by Healthforce helped tremendously. They also have a great probiotic I take as well. Scram has wormwood though, which can be harmful in the long term, so it’s only good for a jumpstart of a month or two. Sidenote: trippy dreams
    -myrrh gum at night (but it lowers blood sugar so I don’t take it during the day)
    -occasional olive leaf extract and milk thistle
    -chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture
    ***chaparral caplets This is one I take DAILY and I can’t tell you the difference I’ve felt. It has been part of indigenous peoples’ diets in the southwest for centuries. The fda tried to get it banned on thin evidence of liver complications but the ruling was overturned. This has been incredible for my energy, and I think it’s around $10/bottle.
    Once I got my head clear, meditation has been great (but when I was struggling it wasn’t much of an option bc I couldn’t find my higher self in the dark times). The diet was hard at first but now I’m used to it. I bought myself a nice cast iron skillet to enjoy searing veggies and occasional meat in. It’s my new normal ( : Ah I almost forgot, coconut oil! I throw it in everything and it I believe the good fatty acids has helped elevate my moods. Plus a vitamin D pill, daily.
    I know that’s a lot; I get made fun of by people (esp guys I date) for being “picky” or whatever but it works so they can F off lol : D
    Maybe a piece of that info will resonate with you or someone who may find a benefit. Anyway, really love reading your site. Good luck to you!!

  98. Leeza

    You can start a blind comment ps by commentors! Lol. Thank you for accepting my blind comment!
    You Seriously ROCK!

  99. It’s not you Tamara. Your talent is still unearthing the only truth left in fake reality shows like RHOOC. Until last night, when there appeared to be no more honest to God answers as to why any of them did what they did. Bullying an alcoholic with a probable mental illness and a possible personality disorder to hopefully drink to drunkenness and the crazy it unearths…and when she doesn’t they all verbly gang up on her. All but one missing housewive guided by the show’s producers.Thanks for calling BS on what I thought was a new low. When I kept hoping at least one of these housewives (Megan or Vicki?) would go high.

    I still believe in you. Now more than ever!

  100. Margarett

    Life really is harder than it was. That’s not depression from me, it’s realization. I’ve lived for right about 7 decades and this one has been the hardest.

    To save myself, I quit all housewife shows over a year ago, quit facebook about the same time, decided that I don’t need to tweet or gram or chat.

    My Kindle is fully loaded, I read TT daily and no other blogs. My life is real again and I feel better all around.

    Whatever you decide, Tamara, I will be here reading.

  101. Leeza

    One last comment before I prep for the funniest show. It,s on the Comedy channel called “Drunk History”. It’s basically drunk friends recapping history, acted out. Just watch it. It’s HYSTERICAL. We all need a laugh and this show will not let you down! Tonight we discuss Teddy Roosevelt. THis is right up Tamara’s alley as she wants us to LEARN a thing of two.

    • gapeachinsc

      Hey Leeza! I live for Drunk History!! Another good one is “The Secret Life of…” It’s the same kind of thing but the story tellers aren’t drunk. It’s all very “tongue in cheek” kind of stuff but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and have learned a bit about history at the same time.

  102. Renée

    TT I hope this puts a smile on your face. Everyday I read your blog. As I’m reading, I laugh and comment a lot. My granddaughter likes to mimic my every action. The other day my husband called to talk to our granddaughter, she told him she would call him back because we were talking to our bestesss friend TT. She then drew a picture of 3 people and said I needed to pick you up so we could all go to lunch. I’m on your site so often, she thinks we are friends. I hope this puts a smile on your face, it certainly put a smile on my face..

  103. Leeza

    Tamara; Best to you., just trying to be kind to a person in pain. Ahh , never mind. You’ll figure it out

  104. OmgOmg

    More Ireland less housewives.
    Groupon has a $599 deal for airfare and hotel (I think 4 tickets have to be purchased) but there are good deals right now.
    You need a perspective change.
    Too much of Bravo is not a good thing.
    Who are you reading? I love Maria Semple.

  105. OmgOmg

    I agree with others you could try writing a book. You have fans who would read it.

  106. Hey, Tamara. I hate the crap with which you’re dealing as far as your health goes and understand your intellectual malaise with Bravo. I only watch SC these days, too much shit otherwise and even now I am distancing myself from SC. Think of the VH1 years with Flavor of Love, Rock of Love etc and how fun that was for a little while before it made you feel like you’d eaten a gallon of shitty Neapolitan ice cream. That’s what is happening with Bravo now – time to shift the paradigm. Time, maybe, for you to submit a show proposal?
    Your symptoms sound like Lyme disease or Guillain-Barre syndrome, neither of which I’d wish on an enemy. Fucking depression and anxiety is enough, thank gods for Better Living Through Chemistry.
    I wish you a better tomorrow than you had today.

  107. That girl over there

    So righteous and heartfelt. Really dig this post and dig you. Thanks.

  108. Diana F.

    As always, sending good vibes your way TT, I hear ya sistah.

    I went cold turkey on the Housewives shows over a year ago. It’s actually harmful to the psyche…we suffer physiologically from negativity…and staring at a box with a bunch of frozen, puffy, trout mouthed, 55 year olds dressed like 20 year old BAD prostitutes (allegedly) suddenly lost it’s…..fascination, because at that moment, I was watching the Kim Richards Brandi Glanville Lisa Rinna fuck fest, with Andy the woman hating pot stirrer aka tornado man just going at it a……and I was done. Gawd maybe it’s been two years! I might read about them in the tabs and I always read your recaps, but not once, not on my most bored out of my fucking mind day do I ever even want to watch them!!

    HOWEVER……. I’ll read anything you write, just post it!!

    P.S. I will never forget when I first stumbled upon your site years ago….I had been searching for recaps of RHOOC, as I’d only found one other site that left me wanting more….so you came up with a google search. And when I clicked the link, I read a few paragraphs….and thought DAMN she swears a lot and what’s with the crappy typing….. 😍

    But I learned to love ya soon thereafter!

  109. Kathyd

    TT-thank you for the honesty. There is a lot of good info from the others here.
    Just adding that i love your recaps.
    Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel.
    I live 7 miles from Ferguson, MO and I totally understand that broken feeling. Chronic health issues? Check. Depression? Check.
    What is helping me dig out is this: realization. Realizing my symptoms are much worse in allergy seasons. That inflammation in one part of the body affects all of it. That doctors can look at multiple tick produced bullseyes, then tell me there is no tick-borne disease in Missouri. That walking the dogs and tending the chickens is forced exercise that helps. And that the chickens don’t care if I showered that day.
    Do one thing for you: savasana, corpse pose in yoga. It allows you to deeply relax
    Then, get you some plain whole milk yogurt and eat a spoonful a day.

  110. Tamara, I quit watching Bravo a couple of years ago and recently started watching again. I read your blogs off and on. I got suckered back in and I am watching RHOC and RHNY.

    The reason I stopped watching was because it was too negative. The Bravo formula is to get these HWs to fight. The viewers pick a side and start fighting about who was right. It is nonsense.

    I was happier not watching.

    After these two finales I am out. It is negative. I know you need to pay the bills and I understand. I am just trying to point out that you may be reacting to the absolute negativity of Bravo and all the hard work you are doing is being negated by the absolute negativity of this network.

    Screw Bravo!

    I have read your non-Bravo blogs and I am interested. Keep pushing that. I read your making a murderer blog–have you seen Jinx? While it is not positive it is an amazing series.

    I hope you find your happy.

  111. Tamara,
    You need to do what anyone would do in an abusive relationship. LEAVE!
    You keep abuse going and you are broken, because you need to put you
    Look all the people on these shows are self involved , they truly are not
    nice people. You can laugh, but, there is a very dark side to them . Families
    are ruined, there was a suicide. All the players are these shows are needy,
    for attention , and guess what?? They head up the line to broken. Their
    lives are lived only for their selfishness. The children are the sacrificial
    ones , to me I see child abuse. I was only a fan of BH, than NY, no
    more, if I cannot be with people, watch a show, read a book and not
    feel better when I walk away, than I am abusing myself. All the
    Filthy talk got to me. Every time there was a reunion I pictured everyone
    dressed in garbage bags, because this is what in my opinion they are.

    Get better. Remember sometimes God breaks us, so he can fix us.
    Let him in.

  112. Lolita

    I ♡ you and thank you for all you do. Watch the making of Hamilton on PBS Friday night. Go buy the soundtrack beforehand and listen in your house. Fantastic music and amazing story telling by this incredibly talented man and cast. Anything different to get your mind off of garbage. Don’t watch the news until the election is over. If possibly, get out of town. North Georgia mountains. Perfect cool weather this weekend. Peace be with you☮

  113. Lolita

    Have you listened to Holly Whitaker’s podcast, Home? She is the creator of Hip Sobriety. OMG, what an amazing, inspirational podcast. I think you would LOVE it. Even for people who are not suffering a traditional “addiction”, she and her co-host, Laura McKowen touch on some informative subjects. Both suffer from depression and share how they are coping

  114. Madashell

    I’m starting to wean myself off of HW’s. don’t care about OC. I grew up in OC and these ladies are all transplants from other states (except Shannon) so it always was disingenuous to me. My husband got hooked on the show for escaping stress but I went to another room to watch election news bc I’m obsessed with it now and I’m completely nervous and hanging by a thread. Reading about billionaire George Soros and his plan to change the US in his image because he thinks he’s god is scaring me to pieces.

  115. AFWC

    Dear Tamara:

    I’ve come across your site from time to time when I’m looking for something snarky to read about anything reality television related (mostly Real Housewives or Big Brother). Sometimes I disagree with your views, and other times I’m completely in love with what you say.

    Regardless, I feel horrible that you are in a bad place right now. Whether it’s this mind-numbing shit that’s on our TV screens or things going on in your personal life, I hate seeing anyone suffer and I just wanted to reach out. You do a tremendous job with this website and there’s plenty on people on here who love you and want you to be well. I’m one of them, and I hope you find peace with whatever you dealing with, serious, superficial, or otherwise.

    If you quit recapping certain shows, I think we can all survive. Plenty of people are getting fed up with Bravo, and reality television in general is just slowly losing it’s pizazz. If it’s affecting your well-being, we certainly will understand and still support you no matter what.

    Take care, TT. No one else can do it but you 😉

    A Fan Who Cares

  116. imagrandma2

    Arise Tamara, your current struggle is a sign that something amazing is going to happen in your life. Trust and embrace the signs. 

    “For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain.”
     ―Henry W. Longfellow

    There’s a great energy shift waiting for you. Perhaps it’s time for you to enter another phase of your journey. If there’s an inner urge to do something different, do it. Writing about what you want not only makes you feel good but helps you to connect back to your purpose.

  117. Sandra

    ……Wishing you Sunshine for your heart, soul and mind. Hope you’re feeling well really soon TT.

    I can see how this election along with all the negativity of Bravo can really do a number on someone who may already feel down. I’ve been expressing my displeasure with with this network and their treatment and attitudes towards women with Internet buddies for a while now and don’t feel the same enthusiasm to watch. To add, from a woman’s perspective, a large portion of this election represents all of the struggles I see and hear about in our workplaces, healthcare, in our entertainment and in some of our relationships. It has made me both sad and angry.

    The bright side is I feel this election has also made us stronger because it has afforded us the opportunity to hear the collective voices of women everywhere who are fed up and that is empowering to me. I believe enough of us are fed up enough to start forcing some changes and I believe we’re going to shake up some things for the better. . I have hope!

    Best wishes too, to all the posters here who are also feeling broken and unwell. I said a prayer for all of you…… Hugs, puppies, sunshine, flowers, and lactose free ice cream for everyone! Lol Blessings……..

  118. Cat

    OK…..I have temporarily climbed down from my tree.

    I HATE that you are hurting. You are such an important part of my life…I stumbled upon your site at my worst moment, and your wit and humor pulled me out of the abyss. I have been coming here ever since.

    Losing my cable was a blessing. The Bravo shows are like a train wreck. No matter how hard you try to turn away, you just have to look. I no longer care about any of the Bravo shows. I only come here to support YOU. And to connect with other readers that I consider friends.

    I truly believe that the internet will be what ultimately destroys humankind. The internet, and antisocial media, with it’s trolls and bullies (Yes, Belinda, I mean YOU) and reality TV in general are bringing everyone down. They call it the World Wide Web for a reason. Webs are deadly traps. And the negativity of the internet will suck the life out of you.

    And now, the election has become infected by the cancer that is reality TV. That’s why I left for a couple of weeks. The hate and whining was just too much. It was making me crazy.

    I love the idea of books. It worked for Oprah…why not you? Are there any sites out there that focus on books instead of TV and celebrity bullshit? What would happen, I wonder, if you reported on the books you were reading? Like an online book club?

    I, for one, would LOVE that!

    Meanwhile, I will extend my invitation again. Come up into my tree. Get away from the craziness down below. I will share my lemonade and cupcakes with you. We can sit and feel the breeze, and watch the leaves turn colors. And enjoy the blessed silence.

    • Dee

      Cat I love your idea almost as much as I love your comments! I agree, this is the worst presidential campaign I can remember. As my Nana would say, these people are ugly. I think that is causing major anxiety and depression, for me any way.
      Much love to all, except the WLS and Belinda. Bless her pea picking heart LOL

  119. Alisa Pollock

    Hey just think of it this way. I actually don’t watch the housewives anymore now that I read your blogs. So by writing your blogs you aren’t promoting the housewives you are actually taking viewership away. WIN!!!

  120. SashaV

    TT, I hope you woke up this morning and still felt the love from all your online friends. So many of us here feel connected just by reading about each others ups and downs. It helps me to not feel that I am alone in this crazy jacked up life. You give us that opportunity here in this forum and I am grateful. Plus your witty commentary mKes me laugh out loud in my house by myself and it makes me feel good. I hope your feel the same reading comments from us.

  121. Ah TT I’ve been thinking about you all morning. Sending you wishes that you find joy, and just letting you know that you are loved here. Your physical and mental troubles, I can’t offer any solution, but hope it gets better soon.
    About recapping Housewives and Bravo TV, yes, I see the problems. No one can take your place, BUT, the idea that I have is give yourself a break and establish an internship. No they don’t have to live in your closet like Sonja Morgan’s interns. I would even be willing to get a gofundme or something to provide some compensation.
    Please let me know if I can do this or anything to help you get through this shitty time for you.

  122. bravocueen

    I’ve got no advice (which you don’t want anyway so that’s good) but hearing you vent makes me feel better about my silent venting which is just about everything. I just spent a half hour in the bathroom crying at work and I already take Prozac, Wellbutrin and I have valium for days like this but I hate how hungry that makes me. My husband leaves next week for a year-long deployment and even though this is my 9th or 10th it’s hitting me harder than all the others. Hugs to yu T. I hope it gets better. (Thanks for letting me vent even though you probably didn’t want me to!)

    • spk

      Ooofff bravocueen — that is hard. It can’t be easy with his 9th or 10th deployment. That hurts to even imagine. I really wish you well. Have been watching Army Wives on dvd from the beginning and even though it’s a little candy-cane storylines at times, it really opened my eyes. Even with a few military in my family, some parts of it were new to me and humbling. Take care of yourself while he’s working; big, big hug to you!

    • tamaratattles

      Wow, if anyone deserves to vent (and we all do) it’s you. And the best thing to come from my meltdown is the support of each other here. Be sure to check out the DAILY TEA posts, that are ironically neither daily nor full of tea about anything but just us being supportive. I usually post one every weekend.

    • Observer2

      Wow bravocueen! Thank you so much for YOUR sacrifices for our Country too. You and your husband are awesome people.

  123. Auntie Velvet

    I’m so sorry. I’m on the fringes here so I won’t say too much, just that I’ve been there. When I have better moments and some energy, I try to set myself up for lower periods (make some money, get some stuff cleaned — basic stuff) just to keep the chaos at bay. It’s the best I can do. But I also have a spouse who helps a lot, so I can’t claim to really “have been there.” Just enough to say, again, I sort of get it and I’m sorry.

    • tamaratattles

      Oh, Auntie Velvet, you are so not on the fringes here. Your comments are always noticed by me and you’ve been around a long time and are much appreciated. Not commenting a lot does NOT make you one the fringes. At least now with me. Thanks for your support.

  124. oh Sheila! you a good Judy

    there is no perfect vessel, TT. you are stronger than most, and more loved than you know. <3<3<3

  125. tamaratattles

    Wow. I am so thankful to all of you guys. I really had a lot going on and that last episode of RHOOC was literally a tiny straw on the camels back. I was a huge over reaction to a silly TV show.

    Someone upstream whose comment I read tonight mentioned my vulgar vocabulary and crappy typing in the nicest possible way. She stuck around and I hope began to understand the causes of both. :) I do love a good curse word. I’ve been on a moral turpitude contract since sometime in the early 90s. When I started this site, I as ready to UNLEASH ALL THE WORDS! My brother is a bit horrified by my newfound use off all the words recently, I remain horrified by some of his choices too. but we still love each other a lot. :) And as far as typos go. I am generally in a bloggers rush to tell you something.

    Which brings me to the book writing suggestion. Were I to write a book I’d edit myself a million times and then use a real editor. :) I’d love to write a book. I have a fiction novel I’ve kicked around in my head. But I am starting to think I should write a fictional book more closely related to my real life. That takes a lot of time, and I’m not really ready.

    I’m a reading specialist. My mother used to mock my lack of knowledge of tons of classics. She was actually two generations older than me. How are you a reading specialist when there are so many things you haven’t read? This is the same woman who would be offended that I “always had my nose in a book” when I came home to visit and my parents were watching Murder She Wrote. I swear there must have only been five episodes of that show because when I would come home, we’d seen that episode at least four times. I get it now, Mama, I can’t remember yesterday either, but at the time I could so I brought a book to the family viewing. #Guilty. I also like falling asleep watching Murder She Wrote now because I have forgotten the episodes and they remind me of my Mama.

    So I started regretting my meltdown the next day. And again a bit today. I didn’t really want to open this thread again.

    But, in addition to this thread, I got a lot of emails, many of which I have still not gotten to. I seem to have touched a nerve. I was trying to say when I wrote this post that I am overwhelmed with depressing feelings about so many things. I initially started to have those feeling about Bravo HERE http://tamaratattles.com/2012/01/18/a-love-letter-to-andy-cohen/ It’s always been a struggle.

    What happened here is a bunch of strong women came together. We are sharing our fears and out coping mechanisms.

    And I cannot thank you all enough for your kind words. xoxoxoxoxox ~tt

  126. Ralee

    No advice here, since I can’t get my own shit together, wouldn’t want to admit when I took my last shower, left the house, or looked in the mirror(actively try to avoid that one!); but tv is my escape! So if someone hasn’t suggested, or you’ve not stumbled on it yourself-I’d be interested to see what you thought of NBC’s new show “This is Us”. I think it lives up to the hype and is a really entertaining, enjoyable, and a smart show! Just love it and highly recommend it!
    PS-Good luck with your “shit” -it really isn’t fun feeling this way! And, I’m with you completely in the love of a good curse word-not sure why, but the older and more frustrated I become, the deeper my appreciation for a well(or poorly, for that matter!) placed cuss word!

  127. RealE

    The 172 comment will never be read by you TT, but here goes.
    First that is an amazing response 171+ comments) so shows you how much support you have and how much you must bring to others for them to give back like this.
    Second, truly sorry you are down.
    Third, it sounds like having others write the recaps hasn’t worked for you like you wanted and it’s likely because you have created sort of a cult following. People do not come here so much for a recap as they do for YOUR recap and YOUR insight. That is both a blessing and a curse.
    Fourth, I love your recaps on other shows that I enjoy watching, like 60 days in (obsessed) and teen mom (guilty trash). I only watch 2 of the housewives shows and not habitually. I’m somewhat surprised people comment so much more on those. And of course, these comments bring in more hits and thus more revenue so you’re felling trapped to continue recapping them even when you want OUT.
    —- possible solutions
    1- can you create a poll listing several shows you would like to recap (non-housewives/bravo) and readers/commenters can vote on which they would read and comment on?
    2- could you combine the housewives recap and the idea of daily tea somehow? You could probably think of a better way to do this then me, but maybe a very brief write up on housewives (where you half watch to just get the gist) and then posing a few questions to commenters to talk about? Maybe if you watch and write less about these Shiism it won’t be so draining on your spirit.
    3- bouncing off idea #2- you could ask a guest writer to recap. You could do a purple pen based on their recap, not watching show so you are treating it as a response like you would do to a housewives blog.

    Maybe all these ideas suck because in the end your blog has a formula and changing that formula may be risky or just not be what you want to do. I could see that, But wanted to try to help with solutions.

  128. Observer2

    Tamara you are an awesome person and I agree with you about Bravo. They are going down the tubes quickly and they are doing it to themselves.

    You can see their “I don’t give a shit” attitude (about their audience opinions) just by watching Andy on WWHL.

    But that’s okay, because the audience will have the last laugh by changing the channel.

  129. TT, I don’t always comment. Hell, I don’t always watch the shows you recap, but I always read your blog. I start my day out with it. Wishing you love and light and hope you realize just how much you mean to all of us in your “community”. Been where you are, I’m there now. We all have our stuff. Just know you are not alone. You being honest and putting it out there for all of us to read is helpful and healing for us and we love and appreciate your honesty. Thank you so much for giving us all a place to help each other heal. I believe this is your purpose, TT. You are helping us all and we love you for it. Keep fighting the good fight, we will all be here to support you and each other.

  130. Ralee

    Just a thought….but there seem to be so many that are commenting about feeling like they are in the same boat or darker place in their life, myself included, that you, yourself are in. Perhaps, you might consider setting up something dedicated to this topic where everyone can talk, lurk, seek advice, or just vent. Mainly have somewhere to go to not feel so alone. Your entire site is basically that right now, but if there was one place specifically for this topic, tv show posts might not get so far off topic. Daily Tea could stick to lighter subjects. It could give your site a way to continue providing entertainment and at the same time provide a real service. Maybe in helping others, you might end up helping yourself.(isn’t it just awesome how I can so easily solve your issues when I can’t even make myself bathe daily!!). So, as I said, just a thought…

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