WTF? Is This Really Jeff Lewis’ Nursery?


Jeff Lewis and Gage are on baby watch and Jeff posted the photo above saying, “All we need now is the baby!”  Surely to God this is not the nursery. Is he kidding?

Do you like this in any way at all?  Or can you share the top ten problems you have with the room…

I honestly can’t believe this is what he came up with. He has to be joking right?

Is this not the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen?

It’s 50 Shades of Gray meets 1972 dental office waiting room.

Edited to add the photo below of Meghan’s round crib. When people told her about the dangers of the crib being under the chandelier because of earthquakes,  she informed them that this was her St. Louis home.



I thought they stopped making cribs with wood slats because even though 89% of Americans in history had cribs with the wood slats and lived, someone decided they were death traps? Someone said something about mesh? Also is the bed going to be that low? This seems more like a crib!



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87 responses to “WTF? Is This Really Jeff Lewis’ Nursery?

  1. It’s not the worst thing I’ve seen, but it definitely doesn’t look like anything Jeff Lewis would design. Maybe the pregnancy is getting to him.

  2. Are those freckles on the walls? It looks likes a regular room from a retirement home with a crib pushed against the center wall. I’m sure he’ll change it after a few months once the baby starts developing. Though the baby is still young, I can’t help but notice that there is nothing visually stimulating for the baby at all. Just boring neutral tones. This room was designed for Jeff’s enjoyment, not the baby’s. That artwork should not be hanging over the open crib, and what the hell is it? A dartboard?

  3. BeckyMay92

    At first I was like “Yay, no monochrome theme” because it seems like every second person is doing it. But then I got a good look at the picture and I’d rather the monochrome 😂

  4. Minky

    Why does it look like there are coffee tables and settees in there? Is the baby going to be entertaining guests and having business lunches? The only thing missing from this room is the wet bar.

  5. Swizzle

    Nothing says nursery like glass top coffee tables and a large painting hanging over the crib. I guess if he plans to remodel once the kid is mobile, it could work–otherwise this room is a big safety no.

    That plant on the small table is crashing to the ground in two seconds…and looks like there’s a big potted plant off to the right. Good to provide soil right in the kids room so she doesn’t have to go far to make mud pies.

    • RealE

      Seriously! Besides not caring for the aesthetics, nothing about this room speaks baby, parenting or good designer. Glass tables that make no sense in any way, a mobile with the oddest placement ever, a pointless & ugly waiting room plant, a dangerous crib bumper and I could go on but why?
      Really the only nod to it being a baby’s room besides the crib is that small little zebra stuffed animal that was oddly placed in the middle of the room and the zebra is likely screaming get me the F out of this ugly room.

      • Dee

        OMG! Those glass top tables, just NOE! Plants? Obviously this baby will never get out of the crib LOL. Well, maybe the baby will climb the drapes? I agree, picture over crib, not going to last much past 6 months. This is funny! Most parents decorate for the baby.

  6. Johnny

    It does sort of look like they either chose furniture to match the rest of their home, or stuck a lot of furniture in the nursery that they’d tired of using in other rooms. And the picture over the crib is a horror story waiting to happen!

  7. Stella

    That picture is going to make the baby go cross-eyed. Where is the color, babies like colors! It looks like a retirement home room, so blah.

    • Lawstangel

      That picture is dangerous!! Jeff was born & raised in California, he gave zero thought to safety and hello…earthquakes. We all live in earthquake country here, NOTHING that heavy should above above the crib. As UF said, that nursey is for the enjoyment of the adults not the baby.

  8. Erica

    GLASS TABLES. I am honestly ok with the colors. To each his own. My cousin lives in San Francisco and her daughter’s area is literally their closet (a couple of their gay couple friends have had a few “putting their kid in the closet” jokes, knowing that the family is LGBTQIA friendly). She picked bold graphics, black and white theme for the baby’s area before they knew what they were having . Very modern, very different from what we’re used to. Most of it is “adult friendly”. But she knows
    not to have GLASS FUCKING TABLES.

    • Toddy

      Black and white a great choice. Stimulating to babies.

      • Erica

        It is also fun to shop for – very on trend. OK… maybe not for babies themselves, but on trend I think design wise. I don’t have kids, but Ive always wondered why people want the place where their babies SLEEP to be stimulating.

  9. Meg

    I love it. I hate all these infantile and pretentious blue/pink full of useless crap baby rooms.

  10. JustJenn

    It looks like jail to me, baby jail. With random Target items scattered about.

  11. Adèle

    the large, heavy blunt objects on rickety tables look super toddler-friendly to me

  12. Wonky Tonk

    This has to be for show only, and the reason I come to that conclusion is the way they hung the mobile so as to make sure the artwork on the wall above the crib was unobstructed, when who ever placed that there they made the conscious decision that not obstructing the painting was more important than having the mobile serve the actual purpose for which it was created. Now if that was done on purpose with the full intention that this is the actual nursery setup, then who ever did that is a douche. I side with the group of people who think this is a room planned with adults in mind not a child.

    Get rid of the painting over the bed, the three legged table, move the mobile, add a changing table, and I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad idea, different, but not necessarily bad for right now. That probably brass anodized steel framed furniture isn’t going to work once the baby starts moving around.

    But I guess if you do that you’ve changed the room significantly.

  13. Crazy in NC

    Objects on tables. Glass tables. Heavy picture above crib. Mobil is on wrong spot.
    The colors are horrible for a nursery. For baby’s development, high-contrast is better. That’s part of why the black and white nurseries have become more popular. They are more stimulating for the kiddo.
    I am on my phone so I can’t see the bumper very well. If it isn’t mesh, then that is a huge danger as well. Mesh ones are OK since baby doesn’t suffocate if it rolls in to it.

  14. Crazy in NC

    One more: crib shouldn’t be that close to the drapes. You don’t want anything hanging where the kiddo could reach.

  15. Wow….I love how that crib makes the living room Pop . Lol.

  16. Those railings on the crib look like the prison cell Dana Wilkey from Beverly Hills is going to find herself in at federal sentencing on Wednesday the 19th! Send her off, one year for every thousand dollars wasted on that pair of sunglasses!

  17. Looks very stiff and somewhat industrial to me. I need to at leasr see a rocker glider and NO glass tables! 😔

  18. Shae

    Not my taste, but It’s not the worst I’ve seen. He’ll probably wind up changing it a thousand times anyway lol

  19. ZibbidyBop

    I just can’t bring myself to like Jeff Lewis.

  20. shellbelle

    It’s not what I would have picked, BUT for at least the first 6 months, the baby will be stationary. Maybe it’s there for the show or for photos until the baby is able to move around. Jeff and Gage remind me of those parents that will probably bring in someone to baby proof the room and house and I’m sure all those things will be removed. Watching the show, I bet Jeff has a design planned for every stage like baby clothes are sized. 0-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 18 months, etc.

  21. Guest Appearance

    Stop and start again. Baby stimulation can not be achieved in a morgue’s waiting room. If I walked in here is would assume the baby looks hideous as I approach the crib. I guess i better add to the list of why this room needs an intervention. The drapes have to go because they will be pulled on and rods falling, get rid of the floor lamp that will fall when pulled on and exposed outlet should be covered by furniture if there is a plugged in item. Babies are short sighted in the beginning so freckled wallpaper is out, preference for block contrasting colors. The carpet pattern isn’t the best one for visual stimulation. I’m glad he posted a picture so we could rescue him.

  22. Marta

    I would not have expected anything cutesy. It looks like a compromise of him and Gage’s style. I don’t mind it but I’m having a problem with a giant picture above the crib in California (earthqukes).

  23. Sorry TT but I think it’s cute. Not sure if it will stay when baby gets bigger. Not really functional for a crawling baby.

  24. BeetsWhy

    The child will either be a serial killer or a master artiste.

  25. Remove the painting and move the mobile so the baby can see it.

  26. Heidi

    Minus the big picture and the glass tables, I love it.

  27. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. I may be wrong but I can’t imagine Jeff not changing the whole thing 20 times before the child is able to get out of the crib. I think he did this to suit the grown ups taking care of an infant. It may be part of his plan to ‘train’ the baby to grow up used to being always in construction/renovation :)

    • Margarett

      Yes, Thursday! I agree that it’s designed for the adults that will be hanging out to see the baby.

      I also wonder if they are afraid to do much “Just in case”.

  28. Kat Atomic Girl

    The art over the crib looks like some kind of spin art and Jeff got an “F” on the project. The room just seems cold with no feeling, the stuffed zebra/giraffe would have been a cute theme to work with. Leaving it this way the kid will walk sooner trying to escape the ugly room.

  29. On and Up

    I like it! For a teenager’s swanky hang out. It’s awesome for 10 mos and then it will need to be completely redone. But he likes that so Mazel! Super happy for them. Well maybe there is a “real” baby room someplace else? I can’t help being fondly amused. They have so much to learn in the next year!

  30. Happy gal

    Where is Zoila when you need her so she could have explained to him what he really needed in a nursary for it to function like a changing table and a rocker . I hope this is not indicative of his parenting style – all about how things look and not about substance .

  31. QueenB

    A nursery should have some elements of whimsy that can capture the baby’s attention. But per usual, Jeff thought only of his monochromatic, minimalist taste when designing this room. I thought his narcissism was just an act but apparently it’s real.

    The only hint that this is a nursery is the crib. Who has glass coffee tables in a baby’s room? Sigh

  32. E

    I think it’s beautiful. The wallpaper, the carpet, the couch for sitting & relaxing with baby…

    I’m assuming changing table, diaper pail etc. are just not in this photo, and that the glass coffee tables will be removed by the time the baby is mobile

    I will admit i had never thoguht about the dangers of a painting over the crib (having kinds is nowhere on my horizon) but now after reading all these comments it makes sense – yikes!! I hope he at least removes that

  33. Cheryl B.

    I think it’s just a crib in a different room (I.e. a, den, office, area they hang out) I think it’s one of many cribs. Just my thoughts.

  34. TripleOGpearl

    I don’t particularly love the aesthetic but I don’t have a problem with it. My parents had decorative nick-nacks, statement pieces, and plants on tabletops. They were of the school, “We don’t move things, we move the baby” in order to get children used to the idea that they don’t get free reign of everything. It obviously takes hard work at first but later on they never had to worry about having “those” kids that run all over stores and peoples houses grabbing shit that wasn’t theirs. We carried that method on with my niece and it worked for her as well. Nobody ever dreaded us bringing her around because it was habit for her to play with what we gave her vs feeling entitled to run around and grab everything in sight.

  35. BigDaddyMike

    Why that Crib look like an “Accent Piece” there for Decor and NOT for actual usage???

  36. Ktwallis

    My sixteen month old would kill himself within five minutes of being in that room.

    Our crib is gray, I don’t mind having that color as a neutral in the color palate but this room is very kid unfriendly. That giant paiting over the crib, all that glass, and that pedestal lamp are giving me a conniption.

  37. tamaratattles

    I don’t believe this is his nursery at all. I just think he is fucking with us. That freckley wall has to be WALLPAPER right? WALLPAPER. And a corn plant? I am ignoring all the “this is not what goes in a nursery” issues that y’all have covered. This just doesn’t look like Jeff at all other than the grayness.

    This is not the nursery of two gay men having their first kid. It’s just not. I refuse to believe this.

  38. Joanplus2dogs

    Maybe it is only the baby visiting space, not the actual baby room. When people come over to see baby or it is space in view of their office area to keep an eye on her during the daytime.

  39. liza

    No even close to baby proofed! What’s with the tacked ottoman? 1000 chances to choke the baby? I do love the thought that went into the stuffed animal placement, I bet they trip by night two!

  40. I do believe that maybe this is the real babies room. I mean Jeff can be “vanilla” at times but this is a travesty ( an expensive one but one none the less) & who thinks if Jeff sees our opinions, he will change his mind? I don’t know about that Has anyone ever told Jeff what to do & he listened?

    I also think that Jeff had a hand helping Meghan King Edmonds with her nursery. It had a lot of us screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The gorgeous huge glass chandelier hanging directly above her round crib? & not the only tall glass light fixture in the room When many of us asked her “What if falls on her etc… her responses were > #Sigh..There was no getting through to her. So she pretty much has the same design as Jeff.. Very gray & so not safe in many ways…(check her Sept 12th post on Twitter) to see for yourself…Very scary & when you see it I guarantee you will be distressed too. So look at your risk!

    Rich people who know better then any of us!… Stupidity! I pray for the protection of those babies

  41. Jen

    I’ve seen the crib in his earlier postings. I do believe that is the nursery. I also believe it was designed by two people who literally have no clue about babies! They have probably also bought her about 500 outfits in size NB, that are dry clean only.

    In their defense, it does crack me up when people baby proof before the kid is even born. You don’t need a high chair, and you don’t need to lock the toilet until the thing is mobile.

  42. Really mortified

    It’s great if the surrogate gives birth to a 45 year old CPA.

  43. LisaPat

    I think it’s weird. I wonder how Jeff Lewis would design anything, or flip anything, or install anything if her removed the color “gray” from his plans altogether for one year.

  44. O.O

    This is the decor that new fancy people like for babies . I know someone who has the same color sceme and drab for their baby girl

  45. Dracla Dunning

    Could this be the room next to the actual nursery where an adult hangs out loving on a newborn all day in an adult environment? If this is the nursery, hopefully it will evolve as the child grows

  46. He posted a pic of a baby the other day with a scarred and messed up face and had the caption, along the lines of ” well I wish we could say it was cute” but it was down before I could get a screen shot.

  47. Beginners. They’ll redo it after two weeks.

    • Minky

      Jeff has probably made up his mind about this a while ago. When he makes a decision he sticks to it. And no, I don’t buy the argument that the photo is just the “parlor” portion of baby’s room.

      • As much as Jeff wants his way, and obviously had it here, he redecorates often. I imagine once they bring squiggles home, he’ll see the error of his design. One only hopes!

  48. Thanks Tamara for posting the pic of Meghan’s nursery/hazardous room! I have to say it again NO..No…No..No..No..NO! to any type of chandelier above a crib or playpen Just NOOOOOO! Seriously Is there anyone out there that would place such a lightning fixture above where a baby sleeps? So frustrated that this sweet woman (who I really like) can’t see the possible danger to her daughter that she went through so much to conceive. #MakesMeSad

    • Dracla Dunning

      This is a news flash for Meghan. I returned to California in the early 70’s and before that, I lived very close to St. Louis. One of the worst earthquakes I have experiened (even considering Loma Prieta) was while living in the STL area. Why tempt fate? Baby before beauty. If Meghan is intent on keeping the chandelier, move the crib.

  49. Cheryl B.

    Since its been 30 and 20 years since having my children, nurseries have sure become FANCY!! I had no idea. I just don’t find them fun, warm, or desirable. Just my thoughts.

  50. Dandy Lion

    It’s not horrible, but I hate the gold trim on the glass tables (hate glass tables) and the gold curtain rods. Ok, I hate it. This is not the style of a designer.

  51. Bridgett

    I’m hoping it is a filter affecting the look of. The nursery. And all cribs still have wood slats, they just don’t have the front that comes down bc that was ruled death trap. Also, bumpers are a big no no now unless they are mesh.

  52. T D

    Oscar isn’t Wilde about something gray colder than Dorian’s picture in light of his exquisite taste in wallpaper.

  53. Crazy in NC

    About the update: wood is still extremely common. The changes are 1) slats are now much closer together so baby’s head can’t get stuck and 2) no more drop-down front since it was falling by itself and hurting babies.
    If the bumpers aren’t mesh, they absolutely nust be taken out. End of story. The mesh ones also don’t stay upright if baby tries to use it to climb out.

  54. Aerin

    I like the aesthetic of Jeff’s nursery. however, contrasting colors, while not always appealing to adults, are interesting to babies. Black and white designs are great for stimulating little brains. The room isn’t baby friendly, or even friendly to a baby caretaker. When you are rocking a baby for hours you so t need a tasteful plant, you need space for beverages and your phone/ charger. The space doesn’t really need to be babyproofes for a few months because infants don’t do anything. But then You can forget about that plant table, glass tables, etc.

  55. Candice B

    The minute the baby is put in his nursery the gold bamboo are out. Meghan is never going to turn that chandelier on with a sleeping baby.

  56. Misha11

    Both are ug ug. Megan’s looks like a puppy play pen. Hate that enormous chandelier above it. So disgustingly pretentious. No it cannot pass for a mobile. Is the baby supposed to see rainbow prisms thru the crystals? I think a paper mobile would be so much better and sweeter. Babies need sweet not a monstrous chandelier. And Jeff, well maybe it’s the trend. Maybe they will just allow the baby to be the color of the room. They’ll dress her in hot pink, red etc. But where’s the changing table? And can’t wait to see vomit on that rug. It looks like the waiting room in my doctors office.

  57. Kathyd

    Meghan, Meghan, Meghan. St. Louis has a frickin lot of little earthquakes that anyone can track using the USGS webite.
    And a month ago my pantry collapsed in a heap from a tremblor. Here in St Louis. Move that crib.

  58. Ralee

    I actually love it! And, they will too for the first 5-6 months, until the baby becomes mobile. I think a lot of people, myself included, lack a sense of reality while waiting on a first child. My daughter just hardly felt real at all until I held her that first time. It’s so hard to picture how different your life will be, and even harder I imagine if your first comes later in life. You have all these ideas of “how it should be done, and how I’m going to raise my child” correcting every wrong you’ve ever felt or witnessed. I was a moron! A real live baby with needs all their own can be a real eye opener! Fatigue rules your life for months, sometimes years-so the last thing you are interested in or capable of is “pretty”! Keeping everyone alive, healthy and happy becomes more the focus. So, I hope they enjoy the pretty for as long as possible. Who knows, maybe it was just me who was like a cat chasing its’ tail just to keep my shit together and their little girl will grow up with glass and chothzches and never need stiches and keep everything in its place, but I’d bet they will change a few things at least!

  59. T D

    Twinkle, twinkle Ninja star?

  60. Observer2

    Meghan needs to move the crib. The newborns lay on their back looking up and the lights will bother her little eyes for a while.

  61. PeachyKeen

    After viewing Meghan’s supposed baby room. I don’t believe it. It’s a joke.. She’s being security concerned.
    It looks more like she dropped a crib in a room for a photo. This room was never meant to be a baby’s room.

  62. Observer2

    Jeff needs to get over the neutral colors for the baby. They need the stark contrast of bright colors while they’re newborn to infants, i.e., that mobile, wall art, etc. Also, the newborn can only see 12-18″ away for a few weeks.

    Jeff went through a black and white phase, maybe he should go back to that for the first few months of the baby.

  63. PeachyKeen

    I agree ..but I truly doubt this is the real room.I think Gage and Jeff know better than this.
    It’s a false room. The real one , we might ever see. Fine with me.. Let them enjoy their child in privacy.

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