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I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about Fredrik Eklund’s Instagram for a long time. But before I tell you all the reasons you need to visit it often, We need to talk about him and this dog, and Michael Jackson impersonator. This is not the sort of photo that causes me to so vigorously recommend that you check out Fredrik on Instagram.  In fact this perplexed me. Fredrik is back in NYC working today after a very relaxing weekend in the Hamptons that will make you want to just crawl right into the photos.

So what is Fred doing with a Michael Jackson impersonator?  I am genuinely stumped.  Man in the Mirror starts playing in my head against my will as I cast my eyes over to the comment he made on the photo.  I’m expecting something like, “You never know who you are going to run into while walking a dog!  Even dead people are in the Hamptons doings some leaf looking!”  I was not prepared for what I read.

The comment was, ” I just told Bethenny and this beautiful Great Dane named Ash – I’M COMING BACK FOR SEASON 6 OF Million Dollar Listing New York! And I start filming tomorrow….”  So then I thought, well it’s great Fredrik is returning to MDLNY.  And interesting news that filming starts tomorrow, but what does any of this have to do with Bethenny?

Y’all. That Michael Jackson impersonator is Bethenny Frankel! Even after I understood what he was saying, I still didn’t believe it. But I stared and stared and it’s her!  WTF?

I am not throwing shade on Bethennytamaratattles.com here. I am walking y’all through the inner workings of my brain when I saw this. Maybe I’m the only one? What were you thoughts?

And now for why Fredrik Eklund’s Instagram is my happy place. With all the crap in the world, Fredrik is on cloud nine, his business continues to grow by leaps and bounds. despite his sadness over losing his unborn child, he is so appreciative for all the things he does have.  He wrote on Instagram recently:

When I wake up early, far outside the city.
When I walk the pups around the reflective pond in the sunrise.
When the birds sing 🎶.
When there’s frost in the grass.
When the trees explode in colors I didn’t know existed.
When I breathe in fresh air, so deeply.
When I grind my own coffee and make eggs from the farm next door.
When I put on four fireplaces before 8am.
When I dance in my boxers in the kitchen.
When I know I did the absolute best I could do.
When I feel so much gratitude.

I love how appreciate Fredrik is of all his many blessings. I don’t know him at all, but his Instagram just makes me happy for him.  Everything Fredrik has he has earned. We all need to be reminded that there are good people in the world sometimes. And Fredrik certainly is one. I hope his Instagram will bring you all some joy on this Monday.

Click here to check it out, You don’t have to have an Instagram to get lost in all of his beautiful photos.


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25 responses to “We Need To Talk About Fredrik Eklund’s Instagram

  1. Brittany

    I literally laughed out loud sitting at my desk at work. Shitty Monday. Thanks for laugh!!! That Michael Jackson impersonator is Bethenny Frankel! Love it.

  2. SLM

    TT, I had to reread this and examine the photo several times before I accepted and understood that’s Bethenny. I don’t even know what else to say. Just WOW. Yikes.

  3. Minky

    What a nice man! He seems like such a sweetie pie. I love people who are like that.

    As for the MJ impersonator…Good GOD in heaven!!! I suppose that’s one reason not to buy SG products. They need to caption a photo of her looking like that with: If you drink our shit you’ll look like THIS!!!

    I’ve never been so happy to be a chub-chub in my life.

  4. TAT

    I admit to disliking him the first few seasons. The. Out of nowhere I started to like him. I think the absolute turning point for me was whe. Ryan pulled the movie stunt and absolutely humiliated him and I saw him as a man with real emotions. Now I could still love without the wee-I got but he really has become much more humble and I too love that he is grateful for what he has. Despite what he doesn’t have.

  5. hannahkingrose

    LMOA my first thought upon seeing the picture was when did my dog Balou take a picture with Fredrik Eklund and a Michael Jackson impersonator? It looks just like Balou when he was younger and thinner. He’s about 200 lbs. now. Then you tell me that the Michael Jackson impersonator is really Bethenny Frankel. Talk about the Twilight Zone. The only one I actually recognized was Fredrik lol. What’s with Bethenny and the lumberjack shirt? Glad he’s coming back for Season 6.

  6. Jacqui

    I have followed him for quite a while on Instagram also, and I just love his posts. He seems to be a genuinely happy soul. The photos are beautiful and I always am uplifted.

  7. OmgOmg

    Omg I thought the same thing! BF!!? Wow. I LOVE LOVE Fredrik. I even read his book. I follow him on FB and his posts are amazing. Love him.

  8. Dracla Dunning

    I hope her nose falls off like Michael’s did.

  9. Margaret Shepard

    NICE life no doubt. Beautiful shots, cute dogs and a gorgeous husband.

  10. Lisa j

    Love Fredrick but what’s the infatuation with B???? Seriously his taste in friends or is this Bravo driven?

    • tamaratattles

      He just listed and sold her 7 million dollar apartment in one day making a pretty penny. She’s a client with a house in the Hamptons where they both spend weekends. He could have been there trying to list that. Bethenny DID NOT CARE FOR people’s comments that her gorgeous Hamptons home was small. Despite the fact that it is a stunning property that she has curated to be just right for her, someone suggesting she bought a less expensive property may be motivation enough for her to sell it. Or not. Either way, Fredrik wants to make sure Bethenny calls him for all her real estate needs. He showed her and her new man a twenty something million dollar place recently. Fredrik knows what he is doing.

      • Erica

        Even if you forget that I enjoy B and think it is funny that she was mistaken for a MJ impersonator…. and even if she DOESN’T sell any of her currently owned properties – she is an excellent connection for Fredrik to cultivate. If B loves her property (as she should) she should tell those suggesting bad things about it being less expensive to go fuck themselves.

  11. Margaret Shepard

    He just sold Bethanny’s condo in one day so I read. Maybe she lost a bet on the time it would take him. Hence the crazy get-up. Who the hell knows.

  12. Anne Acuna

    Just scrolling down, my first thought was “is that Michael Jackson, how old is that photo?
    I’m assuming she’s not trying to look like MJ?

  13. Dandy Lion

    I love his Instagram! Fall is my favorite season. I miss it since moving out to California.
    The MJ impersonator…gave me a great chuckle on the train.

  14. MaryMary

    I also follow Fredrik for many of the same reasons. I follow his husband as well, who is an amazing artist and absolutely beautiful.

  15. K

    I love the videos he posts of his cute doggies!

    I thought his estate was north of the city. On the season finale, he was talking about Tuxedo Park and I thought that’s where he bought his house. Either way, it’s gorgeous!

  16. Spaghetti Kitten

    I think Beth wakes up thinking “Hmmm, how can I style my hair today to look NOTHING like LuAnne’s?”

  17. Bunniecarrot

    Shit! It’s not just your brain being weird about connecting the dots, because I saw Mj impersonator as well. Looking at the photo even the stance of Bethany, made me think she was going to start dancing. I initially didn’t like Fredrik, because he was so arrogant the first season, and even on Luis’s first season. He’s softened up, perhaps do to his loss. Which has allowed him to appreciate life and others more, good for him.

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