RHOOC: What Do You Meant TONIGHT Things Get Ugly?


Tamra’s Instagram

There are two types of people who read my recaps on TamaraTattles.  One group is folks who have never read my commenting rules and think that I am interested in their critique of my spelling and punctuation. The va st majority of you though are always a bit impressed with how fast I get them up. The way that I am able to do that is to spend as much time as I can preparing for “the race.”   With all websites that cover current events, there is a bit of a race to get things up first. When it comes to serious issues like a death or a legal matter or who is going to be the new housewife next season, I take my time and worry about being right. But when it comes to recaps, I quickly discovered that being first is far more important than having the most clever, well-written recap out there.  You guys want to talk about the show the second it is over. So I am constantly racing the clock to get it up there as soon as I can.

So today, I have been getting my photos ready for tonight. I have a friend on Twitter who spontaneously started DMing me official photos for each of the Bravo shows and that helps a lot. When I have time I start looking for other photos to use as well.  The past couple of days, the RHOOC have been posting photos of the cow milking scenes. So today I have been deciding which ones to include.

Shannon's Instagram

Shannon’s Instagram

The photo at the top of this post came from Tamra’s Instagram. She has done the social media friendship kiss of death. She has cut Vicki out of the photo! This is serious y’all. Tamra is so furious at Vicki that we may never recover.

Even Shannon didn’t cut Vicki out of her Instagram post. And it’s the same picture.

Tamra, Shannon and Heather both say basically the same thing.  On tonight’s episode, first these four go to milk cows, and then at dinner “things get ugly.”

Things GET ugly? The last episode should have been called, Ugly Americans.  Almost all of them were drunk off their butts, Heather called Kelly a racist, Shannon was dressed as a leprechaun, Vicki was screaming “Nice, ass!” at river dancers, Tamra got physical at an upscale department store resulting in all of their drunk asses getting kicked out and Kelly was disparaging Tamra’s parenting. What is left?  How much worse could it possibly get?

Well, Kelly calls Shannon a drunk. Pot. Kettle. Someone exposes her udders at the dinner table. Any guesses on that one? Shannon “forces” Kelly to do tequila shots with her.  Frankly, I can’t imagine how much uglier it can get.

So the other preparations I take before recapping a show is having the proper beverages on hand. Thanks to the heads up from the RHOOC, I’m going to go rob a liquor store now. I’ll see you guys tonight. You all should plan accordingly.


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41 responses to “RHOOC: What Do You Meant TONIGHT Things Get Ugly?

  1. susan

    Love it thank you

  2. LisaPat

    Is this the night we finally get to find out why Tamra and Vickie hate each other, AGAIN?

  3. NeverBeenJaxed

    I appreciate you TT! I have managed to successfully detox from almost all the HW shows except for BH, but I always read the recaps! You’re the best!!!


  4. LisaPat

    I have said before, but I will say it again. I don’t like any of the RHOOC, not a one. I don’t think any of them are good women. There was a time when I did like Shannon, but I think she is a complete nutball, in a bad way. I am a complete nutball, but I like to think I am a nutball in a good way. There was a time when I liked Heather, before it became abundantly clear how judgmental she is and how money is absolute bottom line with her and Terry. So, whatever the fight is about tonight that made Tamra hate Vickie and vice versa, for the 35 billionth time, it doesn’t matter as far as I’m concerned. They are both equally wretched people and neither one of them have the right to judge the other on anything. They both remind me of Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn in the movie “Death Becomes Her.” Vickie is Meryl and Goldie is Tamra. I hope everyone gets a chance to catch the movie one day and think of Tamra and Vickie.

    • LisaPat

      Oh yeah, and Heather Dubrow is the lady they buy the potion from – Isabella Rosselini!

    • Great call on them reminding us of the movie “Death becomes Her”! It’s exactly the way these woman act. I’m with you also in believing that any of them have no redeeming qualities left, not one.

  5. ZibbidyBop

    I was actually floored with how fast the RHONJ recap went last night, now that you mention it.

  6. Jrleaguer

    As RHNY Ramona would say, “Kadooze” to you, TT! Last night’s NJ post possibly set a speed record.
    I think that Shannon and Vicki know that if they feed enough shots to Kelly and Tamra that meyhem will ensue and they will sit back with their popcorn and enjoy the carnage.

    • Absolutely, Shannon definitely forced the tequila on Kellie in hopes of inciting some BS that they later attacked her over. But Kelly is a grown woman, she didn’t have to drink!!

  7. Miguel

    Thanks for the heads-up, TT – I shall take the alcohol under advisement. 😉

  8. Lisa j

    Can not wait!

  9. Margaret Shepard

    I am getting to the point of despising almost all the housewives. Never watched Dallas or Australia, but sorry for the political reference here- Most are in the basket of deplorable. I can barely think of any I really like anymore. Jersey is so done as is orange county. I never cared much for Beverly hills and Atlanta , I just can’t anymore. Andy could cancel them all at this point.

    • Cheryl B.

      I kinda find it fascinating how so many people have become “over” the housewives, (myself included) I wonder why that is? Within the last year, it seems that there is a shift in feelings of the fans.

      • Minky

        They’ve gone too far with all the fuckery. Now we absolutely KNOW that we’re watching a collection of felons, or soon-to-be felons, or should-be felons, or would-be felons. Or wanna-be felons! In addition to the open and unabashed prostitution by some wives, and the poorly veiled prostitution of others. And the exploitation of people with serious mental health and/or substance abuse issues. Or crazy bitches who’re hell bent on destroying someone’s life. It’s all become too grimy.

        I understand if people still watch because it’s hard to look away from a train wreck. But most of us here are no longer watching under the impression that most of these women are decent people. They might as well film a reality show with women who are inmates at a combination prison/asylum. The worst part is that the women don’t know they’re being used up and embarrassed by all of this, or what they’re doing to their families and children.

      • Dandy Lion

        On point, Minky!

      • Wonky Tonk

        Yeah, with each passing season it’s increasingly more difficult to find a lot of them likeable, but the rush towards least common denominator appeal is going to kill the franchises.

        I wouldn’t classify the majority of the ladies on any of the shows as friends, they’re closer to fractious co-workers.

  10. Cheryl B.

    I am on Pacific time, but I have a personal rule that I never watch RH or recap shows, until TT recaps. Been doing it for years.

  11. Shut-in

    HA! HAZMAT suits! PERFECT! 😜

  12. Karebear

    Spot on with the death becomes her movie reference yes yes yes

  13. Cheryl B.

    Thank you Minky, 😉

  14. MARDY

    I agree all these ladies are CRAZY!! BUT… I do think that Shannon, Tamra and Heather want to get Vicki off the show especially loud mouth Shannon. What they don’t understand is that Vicki has been on the show from the beginning and weather you love her, hate her or just don’t care she still has her loyal fans. if Vicki leaves the show I belive the show will not make it!! Mmmmmm where will the ladies be without the show and the money they make especially Tamra which really doesn’t work and needs the money and loves the fame at the point of losing her daughters respect!

    The show use to be about friendship new and old, family, fun and laughter it now has turned into nothing but meanness, unforgiving women, and just plain NONSENSE!

    I have had friends since grade school and we have all gone through a lot together over our 50+ year friendship and we have all been there for each other through the good, the bad and the ugly. What we never ever have done is hurt each other intentionally, didn’t forgive our friend for their stupid mistakes, purposely try to set a friend up, or stopped loving each other.

    These ladies do not understand friendship for them friendship is conditional and all about me, me, me. It’s really sad and I thank God everyday for my loving friends and family.

  15. T D

    Bravo is milking this franchise. The cows tweeted that pigs are better behaved.

    • Bridgett

      Dying 😂😂😂

    • TBD

      TD that is really funny. 🐷

      Personally I was hoping a cow would shower Heather. She’s really deserving it.

      I did have a chuckle at Vicki getting caught up in the “boot.” It felt real (for once), especially when much she does is a put on. I’m probably just tired.

      The marginalizing and brow beating is sickening.

  16. Minnesotafamily5

    I can’t even rank these women in order of my dislike of them because they are equally tied!

    But Shannon is probably one of my least favorite housewives in ANY franchise and it’s because she thinks she’s so witty and funny. Her comments (confessionals?) after the show has been shot are so dumb!

    Kelly is equally horrid but in a different way. And I don’t even think she is pretty. And why is her mom and brother in her opening???

    Tamra. Yuck. Her husband seems gay to me. (As does Jimmy Edmunds!) She is the quintessential mean girl. I would not trust her with anything.

    Heather is soooo pretentious. I also do not find her pretty at all.

    Vickie lacks self awareness on a level higher than anyone I have ever seen. A cancer commercial? Really? I used to like her daughter but I can’t stand her throwing her meal ticket under the bus time and time again. As if she should judge on how to pick a decent man!

    Oh! I guess I do like Meghan this year after despising her last year — but she’s boring!

  17. Dracla Dunning

    The photo of the three of them makes their eyes look like a fictional character in a Stephen King novel. The eyes all look alike. Empty, sort of Children of the Corn like without the white irises, mean and sinister. I bet the Irish were happy to see this group of women leave their beautiful country.

  18. Twilly

    I stopped watching any of the RH franchises a long time ago, but I read almost every recap you do! Thanks for being awesome!

  19. T D

    The cows cut all the housewives out of thieir Instagram photos. Then photo shopped bigger teats.

  20. Wonky Tonk

    That first picture, the one with Vicki cropped out, looks like a homage to Charlie’s Angels gone horribly amiss, with Heather in the Kate Jackson Sabrina role, Tamra in the Farah Fawcett Jill role, leaving Shannon in the Jaclyn Smith Kelly role, it’s kind of cool Shannon’s head is covered so there’s no cognitive dissonance about Kelly’s hair color. Kind of missing the fact there’s no Bosley, John Bosley in front of them with an “I got this shit” look in his eyes.

  21. Janet

    Well, now I’ve got to watch to see what causes another blow up between Tamra and Vickie. I cant imagine what, unless Vickie says she can see why the daughter doesn’t speak to Tamra either. Or if Vickie is still singing Brook’s praises. Unfortunatly, nothing about groups of women or people in general shocks me anymore. It seems like people have forgotton how to be a friend or to be happy for someone or uplift someone, instead of competing or rejoicing in their down fall. I dont know how many times I’ve heard in the last year someone say they no longer trust ANYONE. I often feel that way too.

  22. Karen langlois

    What does Shannon Heather and Tamra spell? And that is what they are. Megan seemed like the only one with any sense. These women are horrible. I will never watch another episode. I don’t find it edifying to watch those three very ugly women abuse others. It’s time to end this debacle of a show before the three drunks really harm someone. Tamara belongs in jail.

  23. Little Arizona

    Never hit below the belt. That’s right up there with the Golden Rule.

    Kelly is just low class white trash with money. Raging alcoholic. So is her husband. And why do her brother and mother live with them. They aren’t elderly and feeble. I think the little girl is mean. And a brat. And probably getting meaner and brattier even as we speak.

    Hurling the meanest, deepest most vile, hurtful insults. Then expecting to be forgiven. Aaaaaaand lather, rinse, repeat.

    And Vicki. What a catch. Trash mouth, rubbing up against anyone who will let her. Talking about her nipples and vagina. Her family must be so proud. Men with class love being seen with women who bare their breasts on tv. Vicki, who are you trying to convince what a great catch you are? The dude you were humping who got you “pregnant?” Steve must be so proud!

    She was the OG of the OC. Then Brooks Ayers. Kinda Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall now. Diggin the bottom of the barrell for a friend. BB (Before Brooks) she would have been appalled by Kelly. And Vicious. But AB (After Brooks) that pedestal she was up on couldnt hold onto that much ego. She landed on her ass. That ain’t the old vicki at all.

    Shannon stirs it up and laughs that indescribable almost wicked laugh. Sooo unsetttling. Old money. I like the way she answers her own question

    Tamara. Hanging on by her fingernails to remain relevant. Stir the pot, pray to Jesus, run back to stir the pot. Oh, and a litle modesty goes a long way. Just sayin.

    So what if Heather got a loan? She could buy and sell the whole lot of them them over and over again. I like Heather. She accepts apologies. She’s a little stuck up, but she’s so rich it’s ok.

    I like Meghan. She’s smart, young, she’s pretty, she seems to have a good heart but she’s not afraid to call anybody out. She deserves happiness. She isn’t carrying rage inside her. She’s the catch – and Jim should treat her better.


  24. Dee

    Boy, the four of them in the picture above look bitchy! I wonder if that was the point!

  25. Shae

    Always appreciate how the recaps are always here the following morning for me to enjoy lol :) I would be so upset if I didn’t have somewhere to discuss!

  26. Layla

    Someone brought up Heather getting a loan. I assumed they sold their home, were in a rental, and dud the smart thing to get a loan on the lot that would be their residential homestead at some point, so they could deduct the interest. When you are banking like they are, every deduction adds up.

  27. Layla

    Not to mention, from a legal standpoint, it is always best to have a lien holder so if you have any lawsuits, no one can file a first lien on property owned outright. People with money should always protect their property by deciding who will be the first lien holder.

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