Real Housewives of Orange County: I Just Want To Go Home!



I seem to have blacked out on last week’s episode. I probably should have gone back to read it again to refresh my memory because we are starting with Heather, dressed and ready to roll calling Vicki who is still in bed. Apparently, the night before, Shannon and Vicki went out drinking alone together and they are friends again. In fact, when they made up, Shannon wanted to French kiss Vicki who even in her drunkeness was able to let her know that was a bit much. Vicki seems to think things are all patched up between Shannon and her. Oh, okay this was after Vicki was humping the river dancers. I remember now.

Meghan and Kelly are going to Greystones to search for Meghan’s relatives while the other four ladies go to milk cows. They will do this by accosting people who walk by looking for some O’Tooles.  Because Meghan doesn’t understand hyperbole. These two randomly bothering people is going over about as well as those guys that try to pass out glossy cards advertising prostitutes in Vegas.  I actually took a couple of those on my first trip. #FreeSouvenirs

The other women were supposedly not told they would be milking cows and Tamra in particular was not happy about it. Not surprisingly, Vicki is the first one to step on a cow patty which causes an instant freak out and causes her to hug the cute Irish farmer. The farmer asks them all to “tug out” or something similar. Which apparently means put some gear on.  Heather says, “that sounds like something boys do.” You know how I mix up names a lot? I know you must be thinking I did it again, but that was really Heather, Miss Prim and Proper.

You can see that hazmat type gear above. This should have been the first warning for the ladies. The farmer says that the cows could pee or defecate so the suit is for their protection. Only one person completed the task, I think it was Heather. Heather also talked about how the milking machines were “not sexy in the S & M way” and it was more like “fifty shades of cow.”  Why is Heather so sexual this episode?



Meghan thinks she found a family member so she took a selfie and then abandoned the family search. Meghan and Kelly reluctantly go to the farm. It seems production was looking to stir the pot. This will be the first time Kelly and Tamra have seen each other after their physical altercation in the department store. Meghan suggests that Kelly apologize and try to smooth things over.

The cute farmer’s name is Joe. He has set up a lovely Irish meal. Ironically, it’s steak. Vicki is wearing a low cut dressy blouse. Because, Vicki. And the other ladies point out that he tits are hanging out. Vicki readjusts and explains to use once again that her fake boobs were not properly centered. Vicki says she needs a nipple realignment. Heather calls Terry on video chat and Vicki exposes her boobs to Terry who freaks out.

Kelly has the sads because she feels like the girls are ostracizing her. Somehow cough production cough it comes up that Sarah, Tamra’s daughter in law sent her a really beautiful Mother’s Day card. Kelly takes this as an opportunity to apologize for what she said about Tamra’s daughter on the last episode. Heather points out in confessional that Kelly has a pattern of behaving badly and then apologizing and she doesn’t mean it and that is not who she is.  On camera Heather says that it was not just and excited utterance but something that Kelly said again twice in the van.

The farm is the one that makes Bailey’s Irish cream. The cow milkers are really not in the mood for cream. In fact they may never imbibe in any milk based products for the rest of their lives.

Tamra does not accept Kelly’s apology.

The next morning starts as all the others with Shannon screaming “Top O The Morning!”  In her defense, I might have said this out loud to myself every morning as well. But I probably wouldn’t have done it in front of Irish people. At least more than once.

After the violent behavior by Tamra in the departments store and the failed reconciliation over cow products, it seem production has decided to continue the separate of Tamra and Kelly. So this day, Meghan will babysit Tamra while the other girls go bike riding.

Meghan and Tamra go to Powerscourt House. Meghan says that one of her ancestors was killed there. Apparently, Meghan’s family killed sixty people in some sort of Irish Hatfields and McCoys thing. Only in Ireland it was the O’Tooles and the Fitzgeralds.

The bikers ride their bikes (badly) and picnic on the hotel lawn. Heather, the newly minted pervert is also a big drinker now. She has a flash of Fireball she is carrying around Ireland. What kind of weird production script it this?  In this alternate universe, Kelly is turning down drinks, because it is lunch and she is still hungover and Heather is trying to thrust Fireball shooters and champagne on everyone.  So they make a toast with the fireball that no one wants, and Heather actually refuses to drink herself, and then Heather says, “Kelly, do you want some champagne?” Not would anyone like some champagne. Just Kelly.  I don’t know if she is trying to torment the hungover girl for her own amusement, or if production provided the cute flask of fireball for Heather to transport.  Heather even said she wasn’t drinking it because she doesn’t do shots. I’m going with the latter option.  The production script is get Kelly drunk again because the bitch went nutso and we could not even get the fight on camera.  So production goes to Heather with the flask and says, ” Your job is to get Kelly drunk.”

Apparently, Heather was also told to get Tamra drunk because she drags Shannon with her to Tamra’s room after lunch with a bunch of vodka and champagne to get her drunk enough to go to dinner with Kelly. Shannon appears to be in on the plan. This will be important later. Heather also starts trashing the top that Kelly is wearing to play croquet. This is the shirt Kelly is wearing to the dinner on their last night. As we know the biggest fights happen at the final dinner. Meghan opts out claiming sickness.

AHS COVEN MYrtle gif
At dinner, Shannon orders a tequila. Kelly doesn’t want one but Shannon orders one for Kelly and Vicki anyway. Shannon excuses herself and goes to the bar staff and asks them to make the three tequilas a double! What is she up to?

Shannon and Heather announce they are having a big party at Shannon’s new rental to have all the things that Heather has not been able to eat after her big fitness competition that is coming up.

The double tequilas come and Shannon orders four more. One for Tamra I suppose. Vicki in a confession says she thinks that the whole get Kelly shitfaced plan is being orchestrated by Tamra.  As Vicki points out and the handy montage by production reminds us, “this is nekkid wasted all over again.”  For those who don’t recall, “nekkid wasted was when Tamra tried to get Gretchen drunk enough for her son to sexually assault her. Allegedly. So the story seemed to go on camera.  Kelly doesn’t fall for it.

Five hours later, the girls have to get up for their flight.  Production ONCE AGAIN missed the big dustup after dinner. So we will be getting several accounts.  Tamra says that after dinner, Vicki came knocking on her door asking her to go out drinking with her and Kelly.  Tamra refused to answer the door.  Vicki says she just wanted to help Tamra and Kelly makeup.

Next, we hear Kelly saying that Shannon came running out of her room and started to attack her. Shannon says that she very calmly came out to ask why Kelly wants to have a drink now? Tamra says she said they should go drink, we don’t want to have a drink with you. Was that through the door because she said she didn’t open the door?!

Kelly says she went to bed.

Then Heather (miss I am going to bed early I have a flight in the wee hours of the morning) claims that she and Shannon and Tamra decided to go have a drink in the pub.  Vicki says Tamra kept texting her to come down and join them because they are all having so much fun. Just don’t bring Kelly.  Vicki doesn’t just say she decided to go down, or that she went down to shut Tamra up, she says ” I didn’t meant to leave Kelly out I just wanted to keep my friendships going with the other ladies.”  That is the liar’s explanation with too many details.

So now, the four women are down there having a blast in the bar and probably posting it on social media.

Oh God. It is worse than that. Vicki told Tamra every horrible thing Kelly ever said about her. So Tamra took photos of her and Vicki and drunk texted Kelly saying that she is with Vicki and Vicki is telling her everything.

So Heather’s AKA production’s little helper starts filming on her phone what happened when they went back to their rooms. Vicki tries to block Heather from filming. Kelly is saying she never said anything about Tamra, she’s not that kind of person….etc…etc..

Shannon says she wanted Heather to film it because “Kelly lost her mind!” But we don’t see any of that. We just see Kelly, soberish, in her sweats protesting to Tamra that she never said anything bad about her.  I was expecting some physical something and there was none and frankly I am feeling sorry for Kelly. Vicki has betrayed her just as soon as there was an opening to get back in with the girls.

In Kelly’s confessional, filmed back in Orange County she is crying a lot while telling this story. As she said many times on the trip, she was saying, “I just wanna go home.”  Poor girl.

In the van to the airport, Kelly is still upset that everyone came for her. It seems to me like that was production’s plan but it was so obvious that everyone was trying to get Kelly drunk that she didn’t drink. At least not until she was safely in her room. There is an altercation in the van instigated by Shannon where they argue and Kelly calls everyone out for coming after her when she was trying to go down for a drink with Vicki.  Kelly calls Shannon a drunk and tells her she needs to shave her chin hair.

No she diin’t mention chin hair!

A collective gasp comes from the perimenopausal/menopausal women.  Shannon says that Kelly should only hope to look like her when she is 52. Heather leans up to say to Tamra that Kelly is insane. Tamra agrees. Heather says, “I feel bad for her kid!” Um, isn’t that the exact transgression that Kelly made that made them all gang up on her? Heather tells Kelly that she thinks she is having a psychotic break. Heather is good at diagnosing those she has made the same diagnosis of Shannon in the past and even tried to get Terry to call an ambulance to get her locked up at Lizzie’s party! I spent a lot of time trying to find a link and then when I just picked something because I am nearly an hour behind, they show the montage of Heather at the party trying to get Terry to haul Shannon off because Heather is using her vast psychiatric skills to diagnose a psychotic break. This his skill of Heather’s comes out when she is wasted. She calls Kelly trash repeatedly.  Kelly and is the second soberist person on the van after Meghan.

I may have to watch this again. This recap took so long because I actually had to watch the TV. It was unsettling. The real Heather was all over that van.

I’m so Team Kelly on this and I am furious with Vicki for not standing up for her.  It looks like there is more next week. So deplorable.


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154 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County: I Just Want To Go Home!

  1. Heather showed her true colors tonight, with her smiling in the van & it was ok for her to talk about Kellys kid? Tamra has always been the mean girl and assaulted Kelly, but is somehow that is all downplayed/ overlooked because Kelly made snide comment about her daughter and somehow deserved it.
    Shannon, Tamra and Heather, stir the pots and love to act offended.
    Shannon with that ordering doubles, when she know booze will get things going.
    Sickening mean abusive is what Tamra, Shannon and Heather are.

    • HiKitty

      I hope they watch this episode and are disgusted with themselves. They really have become such POS people. Tamra always was – her Christianity storyline is TOTAL BS, she is just as evil as ever & using religion to mask her true intentions. It was really so horrible to watch. I’m not a Kelly fan but damn….

    • Kelly8112

      It’s just like when Tamara threw wine on Jeana. Totally downplayed. Shame on Bravo.

    • Nothing says class and elegance like naming your cheap wine after your daughter. I would rather drink importers vodka than fireball any day of the week. Fireball is some low down white trash bullshit. If you are trying to drop some pounds before the holidays binge eat and listen to this weeks episode of Heather Dubrows podcast you’ll be throwing up so much you’ll be Lisa Rinna thin dears!

    • Janet

      I’ve allways seen Heather’s true colors. Shes never impressed me one iota. She’s allways been more than happy to be Tamra’s flying monkey. Thats my problem with her. Personally, I would not ever apologize to someone who hit me. Fuck that! Trying to get Kelly drunk was disgusting, and Shannon pushing it and Vickie going along with it all, what a bunch of ugly bitches. Usually I hate personal insults, but tonight I’m actually glad Kelly pointed out Shannons chin hairs. If Shannon wants to be a flying monkey then be prepared to take it on the chin, literally.

      • Janet, I love and agree with all you said. No matter how I formerly thought of Kelly, those women were psychologically abusing Kelly. For me, this may be even worse than physical abuse. It’s akin to gaslighting someone.

        Around 2 years before my separation from my ex, I walked into his office with my youngest son, then 4 years old. My ex had called and told me he would be home in an hour as he was dictating charts after office hours. My son and I were going out to pick up Chinese food and I realized I left my wallet at home. I went to get cash from my ex. When I finally found him in an examining room, I saw an OR nurse lying face down on an examining table. It looked like my ex hastily covered her from the waist down with a paper sheet but she was completely naked from the waist up. I didn’t want my son to see and I rushed him out of the office with me.

        I already suspected he was having an affair but back then, he had a pager which was always his way (in retrospect) of disappearing for chunks of time. He came home shortly after this and when I confronted him, he told me I was “insane and delusional” and that’s why he couldn’t stand being around me. My mother was schizophrenic and he used her mental illness to verbally assault me like these mean girls used Kelly’s alcohol abuse to take her down.

        After several similar scenarios as the one in the office, I asked my shrink if I was psychotic. I actually started taking Haldol (an old and frequent drug used in mental hospitals) for a week, but I couldn’t tolerate it and stopped taking it. I also found a new shrink. Like Tamara, I don’t want anyone’s pity. Hell, that was back in 1994 and I was divorced in 1997 thanks to the truly insane person my ex was who dragged me through a trial and even appealed the divorce decree for three expensive years.

        Heather, Tamara, and Shannon are wretched souls. I am sure Tamara was a nasty bully as a child and destroyed many children’s childhooods. Shannon and Heather are money bullies. Stripped of their money, they would never be able to intimidate anyone.

        I was at a friend’s party around three years after my divorce. A friend’s husband told me I looked great. It must have felt great to lose 200 pounds. My first reaction was disbelief and then he said that “losing” my ex was the best gift life gave me and he was so right.

      • Janet

        I know the pain of being gaslighted. It’s about as cruel as it gets and I’m sorry you experienced it too Matzah60. It takes a painful deciet and break up, and compounds the agony a thousand percent, to have all your buttons pushed and others joining in and piling on top of your broken heart and your weaknesses. And then when you’re reacting and having a melt down that they helped facilitate, you get called crazy. Crazy is a way to silence, invalidate,dismiss and project. Its a very shameful humiliating word. I believe there’s alot of bad karma that comes to people who spear head this kind of treatment, and for those who answer the call. Theyre just as bad. The best revenge is living well, and that sends a more clearer message than anything, that you’re not really crazy and have nothing to prove. Calling someone crazy, is the favorite word of sociopaths to deflect their under handedness. Seeing them do this to Kelly brings it back to those of us that have been through it. You know that not everyone survives it, and it’s scary that these people who do this, have a very black heart inside.

      • Janet, Thanks for responding. I was very touched by what you wrote and how eloquently you wrote it. It summed up all the feelings I had when all of this occurred. Unless I misunderstood, you have been subjected to this treatment. If I am wrong, I apologize, but you seem to understand the pain and damage such treatment can cause to a vulnerable person.

        You said so many things that were relevant to me, but you explained how it all ‘goes down’ when you said, “And then when you’re reacting and having a melt down that they helped facilitate, you get called crazy. Crazy is a way to silence, invalidate,dismiss and project. Its a very shameful humiliating word.” You said what I haven’t been able to articulate in my comment.

        Thanks for your kind words and thoughts and taking the time to respond to my comments. Your response shows what a good person you are, how big your heart is, and how very compassionate you are to all.

      • BlaseBlase

        Just gonna throw this out there but weren’t Meghan and Kelly friends prior to Kelly coming on the show? Why didn’t Meghan defend her? Especially since these *itches were extra nasty on the Ireland trip episode? I can kind of see why Vicki didn’t as she is usually the one under fire. However, as nasty the women were either Meghan or Vicky could’ve said something. Old Shannon is in there like a dirty shirt being a mean “girl” along with Tamra and Heather. I can remember when it was Shannon having problems with the rest of the coven (Tamra & Heather) Ha!

  2. HiKitty

    This episode was SO painful to watch. I do think Kelly has verbal diahrea but I also think the slights she feels/perceive are REAL & there is much more going on that we don’t see – this cast worships at the altar of Tamara Judge & they all want to be famous & in the clique. Shannon has SOLD OUT and her airtime is always centered around her jumping into situations & stirring sh*t up where she has no business. Did you see the RHOC behind the scenes episodes, where they admitted that there is a hierarchy (i.e. don’t question me, I’ve been here longer; don’t stand in my shot, I’m the OG) and hazing of newbies? Kelly is getting a lashing of a lifetime (just like Gretchen, Lizzie, Alexis all did) and I think it’s no coincidence that they all wore black (Kelly in white) w/ Tamra even calling dinner “Kelly’s funeral.” The whole thing was really deplorable. I’ve slowly stopped watching the Housewives franchises – this may be the icing on the cake. I hope they ROAST Heather on WWHL tonight.

  3. Bridgett

    It definitely felt like Shannon, Heather, and Tamra were in cahoots against Kelly…which is very hard to say when I cannot stand Kelly.

    How desperate is Vicki that anytime there is a male she has to hang all over him, case in point the farmer. She is “that girl” that we’ve all known, it doesn’t make you look cute and the men are always uncomfortable.

    • Cindy

      I totally agree. I’m not a fan of Kelly’s but those ladies were awful to her. They are acting like children in a playground. Time they all grew up in think.

    • Bugg

      Everytime Vicki blurted out “I just got pregnant” I felt embarrassed for her. It was not funny and made her sound like a fool.

  4. SabrinaToo

    I’m also Team Kelly on this episode. Watching Shannon keep ordering drinks for Kelly was just weird and obviously staged. And Vicki turning around and going out with the other three and actually saying she wanted to be in their good graces was low. Shows who Vicki really is. Did anyone think the background when the girls were having a picnic on the grass looked fake? It seemed like a set was behind them. Or maybe they were in front of a green screen and the background was some sort of CGI. It just looked fake.

    • I think fans warned Kelly that Vickie would turn on her. Also, I noticed that Tamra is really starting to look haggard. Older than she really is. Maybe being that lean caused it? Shallow, I know.

      • Megan

        I noticed it, too, at the farm. I have always thought she is really pretty but I saw an old lady last night…and she is not that much older than me. I guess the natural light is not her friend.

      • Ktina

        It was the natural light and you can’t be that thin when you’re pushing 50

    • Kimoe

      The background wasn’t fake. Ireland is really that beautiful.

    • lavidaLinda

      I’ve been to Powerscourt, it really is that truly unbelievable gorgeous. They must have closed the grounds for filming because it is usually mobbed on such a nice day,

      • Jrleaguer

        My bet is that the grounds were full, but this vile bunch managed to run everyone off. Watching Vicki try to hump everything including the statues and having Shannon and Heather trying to baptize everyone with tequila and Fireball would be a bit off putting.

  5. therealdeb

    They are a bunch of conniving cunts, I cannot even fathom being in Kelly’s place during this. Holy crap Heather was very obvious in her trying to get her wasted, disgusting. Vickie not sticking up for her shows where her loyalties actually lie. Kelly is crazy, she does have issues but she was treated terribly by these supposedly classy women. Tamra is one of the poorest excuses for a woman and mother I have ever seen. She deserves to have all of her kids not speak to her and if i were Simon I would take her back to court and get the rest of the kids. The supposed religion story makes me sick, to use that as a story line to try and redeem your shitty reputation is beyond the grossest thing I have ever seen. Shannon may look decent for 52 but that didn’t keep her husband in her bed did it?

    • Ktina

      Beauty fades, but personality lasts a lifetime. David walks on egg shells around her and it’s got to be contributing to the way he’s looking now. He used to be very attractive but now looks empty.

      • Gabriella

        Well there’s no reason for Shannon to pretend to be friends with Vicki any more, seeing as Kelly has blurted out the “secret”.

  6. Cdwash

    Team Kelly. I knew it was just a matter of time before the real Tamra reappeared. This is by far the worst group of women for welcoming newcomers, They somehow don’t know what caricatures they are. They take themselves so seriously while the rest of us women think they are truly ridiculous women. Heather is in an alternate reality. For someone that thinks she has the best manners and etiquette, she has the worse manners of all. Tamra should remember throwing that drink in Gena’s
    face. I think Gena forgave her.

  7. MARC

    Kelly Dodd is deplorable in thoughts, words & actions yet that was the most transparent set up I have ever seen any housewives cast / production manufacture.

    • Really mortified

      I knew they were coming for Kelly last week when Tamra the Christian went in full bore over the nose flicking. Annoying, yes – but hardly worth starting trouble with Kelly particularly when they were all getting along. I kept waiting for someone to get a grip and neutralize the situation but instead they all piled on. I couldn’t be happier that Heather showed her true colors. And I hope Kelly doesn’t expect an apology – Heather never apologized for repeating Shannon’s confidences (confided to Tamra, of course) at a ladies’ lunch and then throwing broken hearted Shannon out of her house. And please, Heather – you have a musical theatre degree – stop diagnosing nervous breakdowns.

  8. Brianna

    This episode wasn’t surprising … Kelly is boring when she’s not drinking and insane when she is drinking but calls everyone else a drunk. She’s really good at playing the victim but she’s the only housewife that (I can remember) has had major turmoil w everyone at the same time even her husband and the friend that brought her on (Meghan). It’s annoying to watch. Even two faced Vicki can see Kelly is bad news. Seems like the other girls were trying to get her drunk so she would do something to get herself kicked off the show, which wouldn’t bother me one bit. Shannon is such a bad actress lol, no wonder why she tells the truth bc she sucks at lying. It was refreshing to see all the girls getting along at the bar. Damn Kelly had to ruin it.

    • Lisa j

      Concur. Team everyone BUT Kelly. She’s been horrible all season and now she’s getting it back. Nope don’t feel badly even a little. Heather nailed it, she explodes with these hateful utterances and then needs to be persuaded to apologize, her versions never bare any semblance to truth at least the truth that we see. The fat shaming nailed it, if they’re editing her in this light, imagine what is not shown.

      • Megan

        I agree. I just can’t get on team Kelly because of the behavior she showed in previous episodes. I would need to see more improvement from her and not just equally bad behavior from the others.

      • Gabriella

        Spot on

      • Sabrina

        And I agree as well. It was a badly crafted set- up, even more poorly done , that though production wanted to film her losing it again, they didn’t bother to keep cameras rolling- how dumb was that?

        But Kelly is in a league by herself. As she continued to deny that she had said anything offensive or critical about Tamra, etc., on the bus, I began to wonder whether she is so drunk when she goes on these rampages that she is unable to remember a word she speaks- but then she said ” they can’t take it, but they can surely dish it out ,” to paraphrase, and I concluded that she simply lies at every turn. Her apologies are as insincere and superficial as Vicki’s. And she shoots her mouth off at any moment- and fails to stand by a word she says- after deliberately going for the jugular.

        Both Vicki and Kelly need to go- their desperation to stay and be accepted- on their terms- is obvious and pitiful. And neither is able to get the acceptance they want. Because neither cares about anyone but themselves. I have seen not one single act of kindness , thoughtfulness, or selflessness on Kelly’s part.

        I do agree that all the women were in on the sloppy set -up, and am wondering why Bravo wanted to make that so clear, yet must say that it took a great deal of provocation- a whole season ‘s worth- to get some of these women to do this. It doesn’t reflect well on any of them, I also agree with that- but don’t think it is a final message about who they are. Kelly is the one who set herself up- all season long- and continues to. She does need some very serious mental help. But it need not evolve any further on a TV screen.

    • Diane

      I am on this team too. I cannot stand the Dodd. She came out packing and slinging vile disgusting words and behavior from the start. You get what you give!

      I had a confrontation w her on Twitter and I knew then that she is bad news. All I said was that she should rein it in a bit and I put a a heart on the tweet . She called me a fucking bitch and said I looked 100 yrs old (hardly). I mean REALLY? POT. KETTLE. BLACK.

      She is a drunk. She has a bad marriage. She stays because she wants the lifestyle. But that doesn’t give her the right to treat people so badly. NONE OF THEM should be bullies or lay hands on each other.

      She has not been a good fit. I wanted to like her but she is crazy. She is. And I work in the field and I know crazy.

      I will say I rewatched today and I will admit it seemed set up. I want to feel sorry for her but I cannot. She is a bitch. Hateful to the public and her own fans.

      These shows are at rock bottom in my opinon. The shit show that was NY this season and now the OC is bordering on despicable. Women treating other women this way is beyond me. We should lift each other up.

      As for Vickie I am not shocked at her dumping Kelly. She has always been a self serving person. Donn was LUCKY to get out. She is an embarassment. Her behavior is so trashy. THOT…. she should hang w Porsha. Vickie has dumped so many …. that is the ONLY part of this that makes me have a tad of sympathy for DODD. No wait. I take that back.


  9. Jrleaguer

    I have enjoyed Megan’s ancestry story and I get it. I would love the chance to go to Europe and explore my roots. A few years ago, Ancestry had a free month and it came at a time when one of my kids had a project. I became like a woman possessed. I would start early in the morning and next thing I knew, it was evening. Megan’s ancestry side trips were the only redeeming factors of the past two episodes.

  10. Microop

    I can’t be 100% team Kelly bc she socially ostracized herself by getting involved in the Vicki thing when she wasn’t even around last year, and it was none of her business. She wasn’t smart enough to make other allies and then she went around personally offending everyone except for Meghan. She basically begged to be ganged up on, and these women also have to listen to production (to an extent). Did they handle things well this episode? No.

    • I totally disagree. Shannon Heather and Tamra might take a moment and think about how their horrific bullying would be perceived and how it might affect their popularity and the supposed side businesses they have started. There is a limit. If production told me to do something so horrible, I would have refused. The fact that they did not only shows what kind of people they are.

      • Microop

        I don’t like how they behaved this episode. But, I do think production is more powerful than people give credit. They should have refused or more smartly done what production asked half heartedly (want a drink? Oh no? Ok well I tried). No one wants the intensity of being a villain all season and the public abuse that comes along with that. I think these women feel beholden to production in ways we can never imagine.

        I do think Kelly was ganged up on, and it wasn’t nice to watch. I guess what I’m saying is if she doesn’t want this to happen in the future she needs to understand the messed up world she signed up for, and play this game nicer and smarter

    • Diane

      Exactly! Well said

  11. roxmissmist

    100% agree with this recap I have felt this way Vicki is using kelly to get back in with “The Mean Witches”

    In the van Kellys comments to Shannon Grey Goose is her favorite is a Drunk made me LMAO
    Shannon looks swollen from being a drunk

    Kelly told the secret I believe Vicki had ,Shannon drinks day and night and not just on vacation she is always loud and gets louder the longer she is shown
    when you are a drunk you don’t talk at all or you are very loud.
    I was a drunk alcohol free for 15 years pat my back but we know our own breed
    just like drug users know other drug users

    • Brianna

      Ummm you obviously haven’t seen al of Kelly’s preproduction and postproduction drunken videos… I don’t think Hollistic Shannon is a drunk at all. She lets loose sometimes on vacation probably to get a long w Vicki but not a drunk like Kelly and her hubby.

    • Jrleaguer

      @roxmissmist, Mazel on your 15 years of sobriety. Interesting observations that you have on Shannon. I remember for her first two seasons, she practically walked around with an IV of Grey Goose and Soda.

      • Lol. Yes she did. Grey Goose, soda and around 10 limes in every drink.

      • Wonky Tonk

        LOL That reminds me of something that happened to me a couple of years ago. I was drinking at a small bar my friend was tending at one night, and he said something stupid to me so I told him to shut up and get me my drink and this time include the extra lime like I told his dumb ass to earlier. It came back in a tall thin glass with a lime sliced in half with both halves jammed into the glass. Freakin bar tenders.

  12. Lovie

    TT, you nailed it with the word unsettling. I found myself gasping at times. The Real Heather has a very ugly spirit. I just watched her cackling over her behavior with Kristin Chenoweth…who I normally love…on Watch What Happens Live. Truly, an episode of mean girls in action.

    • Happy gal

      I did too and if Kristin Chenoweth were any further up Heahters ass she would need surgical removal

      • Diane

        And I am just going to say it and duck for any hits BUT…. Chenowith looked AWFUL! IT IS MORE THAN BEING UP HEATHERS ASS. Oops caps. Sorry. My keyboard is jacked up so not deleting and retyping. Sorry but right? She looked old and wrinkled and tired and not good. Did you notice that too?

  13. Happy gal

    Heather did indeed show her true colors she is not classy and is in fact the major ring leader in trying to make any newbie feel ostracized. Heather wants to be queen bee and and call the shots and pretty much does however this time she was more transparent and did some of her own dirty work

    Vicki was a terrible friend. Actually no freind at all to Kelly. Once the cool kids took her back at the lunch table she dumped Kelly as fast as she could. I have always liked Vicki but tonight I really disliked her almost as much as the rest of AARP mean girls (and yes I am a card carrying AARP member too)

    • Minky

      Like I’ve said before, ALL of these women are awful. And I have not been a supporter of anyone this season so far, especially not Kelly.

      That being said, Kelly did not deserve any of this treatment. It was not a fair fight. All of them, save Meghan, against Kelly is in no way a fair situation. The only thing that saved Kelly from the worst was that their plan was so transparent that only a total idiot would have fallen for it.

      I think all of the fights this season have allegedly been off-camera for a very specific reason. If shown in any measure, the fights would make PRODUCTION look terrible. Bravo does not give a flying shit about making any one of these women look good or editing out really nasty behavior. On the contrary, they encourage nasty behavior. The nastier, the better. But they don’t want to be shown initiating it, or literally carting in the cases of booze.

      I seriously doubt that the camera crew, who follow these women around all over, all the time during filming, somehow missed the Tamra/Kelly altercation or this latest fuckery involving the Kelly gang-up from this episode. It’s their job to capture the worst of their worst behavior. For some reason, this time, Bravo could’t figure out how to hide their role in the fuckery.

      This OC franchise is the oldest one, and its also the one that makes the precedent of setting the bar lower and lower each season. Tamra is a demon. But Vicki is the devil. The rest are their minions. That’s how I feel about this cast. They make me sick.

      • Happy gal

        Ahhh this makes sense !! I simply could not understand how production not once but twice misses two huge blow ups. I thought they were pretty much suppose to be glued to them during these trips but if they were afraid they would exposed for setting these disasters in play I now understand why the disasters were not captured by production on film !

      • tamaratattles

        The crew actually goes to bed at night just like mere mortals. The women all went to their rooms. The crew went to bed. Then the plotting continued off camera. The women know how to ditch the cameras.

    • Really mortified

      I think Kelly was put on the show as Vicki’s reentry vehicle. She served the dual purpose of making Vicki look not half bad in comparison and as a filming partner when the other RH did not want to film with Vicki. There was no question in my mind that Vicki would sell her out the minute she was back “in” with Tamra, Heather, and Shannon.

  14. IMSpyC

    Best insert of a gif ever after the chin hair comment!!!!

  15. Little Arizona

    Kelly has no soul. Her fights are made of unforgiveable personal shots below the belt. She searches for the personal insecurities and relentlessly fires. This isn’t an argument between friends. This is verbal and emotional abuse, this stuff stays with you forever. It changes you.

    Can you imagime what Jolie hears when kelly and her husband fight?

    Kelly swings and hits the most sensitive places. She is a raging alcoholic. She apologizes in a rare moment of clarity. Amd then she starts all over again.

    Doesn’t she watch the show? She is low class white trash. She doesn’t know that having money makes you classy. She thinks being a tough girl will earn her respect. And Class is just grace under pressure. She’s got nothin.

    • Brianna

      Yesss exactly. She’s very insecure about race.. that’s probably why heather was a bitch bc that Jewish comment last week was uncalled for.. and now everyone thinks heather is the bad guy and we should feel bad for Kelly.. uh no. Kelly is very good and playing the damsel in distress role. I kind of feel bad for her hubby

  16. Little Arizona

    *ugh. She doesn’t know that having money DOESN’T make you classy.

  17. Frog2112

    Heather and Shannon were such rags. Glad Kelly pointed out shannons chin hair. I wish Kelly had kept her cool better because these girls made themselves look bad.

    • Kelly8112

      Shannon is a complete tool and difficult to watch this season. Whatever gossip Vicky had on her must have been juicy because as soon as she threatened to tell all, Shannon all of a sudden decided to play nice. It was like one minute Shannon can’t stand to even look Vicky in the eye and the next she’s trying to expose her sagging boob hickey. Vicky has something on her and Shannon is terrified of it being exposed.

      • Brianna

        Obviously you don’t read the blog. TT has already posted the tea on that and it’s not really juicy it’s just personal..if I confided in a friend off camera about something that happened years ago, I wouldn’t want it brought up in camera for Vicki to save face bc shannons “lie” and Vicki playing about cancer for entire season are completely different.

      • Wonky Tonk

        Brianna I’m not really seeing the point you’re trying to make since Kelly makes a valid point I made myself a few days ago. Shannon essentially hated Vicki until Vicki made it clear through the other ladies that if Shannon didn’t back down Vicki was going to out her secrets, at which point Shannon couldn’t display enough love for Vicki fast enough.

        And as we see on the preview for next week’s episode the hot minute Kelly dumps that secret Shannon is back to hating Vicki because she has nothing holding her back since apparently the secret Shannon was worried about has now been outed.

      • Brianna

        No shannon was having fun w Vicki bc of the secret. We don’t even know in what order the the trio was edited. She was having fun bc they said she couldn’t, so she wanted to prove them wrong that she could “for the sake of everyone else” not make things awkward w Vicki. I mean who wouldn’t be pissed that Vicki told Kelly a secret, everyone knows Vicki is a loud mouth so have a few drinks and laughs w her overseas wouldn’t stop her from running her mouth and Shannon knows that.

      • Wonky Tonk

        Shannon came up with a reason for being friendly again with Vicki to save face, but she became friends again with Vicke conveniently around the time Vicki made it clear to other ladies that if Shannon didn’t stop harassing her about lying she would out her secret, and apparently next weekend once the secret Shannon was worried about getting out gets out Shannon no longer feels the need to maintain the “friendship”.

      • Wonky Tonk

        And seriously as we saw in last night’s episode Shannon is a straight up conniving evil bitch for the way she treated Kelly. And you don’t need to like Kelly to come away with that conclusion.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        WonkyTonk you’re right. Looks like Vicki told Tamra’s secrets too and Kelly lets loose. Can’t say I blame Kelly and everyone ends up hating Vicki. Karma’s a bitch.

  18. Lisalisa

    They talked about Tamara’s moral before if you call them that. I knew from the minute she destroyed Jena and Vicki’s relationship that she was trouble. Then she called out Gretchen and Alexis about their parenting skills. And acts appalled when she gets called out. She lied to Shannon to her face. Tamara needs to go. It looked like a set up. And i hope it backfires.

  19. Lisalisa

    I couldn’t wait for your recap, I even have my daughter hooked on your awesome blog. She couldnt wait to tell me about the book that will be in the dollar bin. Thanks for bringing me to my happy place.

  20. DW

    I usually find the humor in all the HW episodes and rarely care about “sides” and the petty arguments because frankly i see the same thing in real life too often with the bored HW’s in my own neighborhood who have too much time to kill and too much of their husbands money to burn while trying to one up each other…. it gets old, fast! What i can not stand however is an attempted power play and vicious gang up style behavior by these type’s of women…. (i may have exposed one woman’s ongoing affair with our mutual landscaper to her husband…. and slept with the husband of another woman in the past who i saw act like this (not my finest moment, but he was hot and im gay and wanted to take her down a notch…and besides he now has a fabulous boyfriend since he left the b*tch and came out….win/win for the neighborhood!) Anyway, i hope Bravo goes all Season 4 RHONY on these nasty b*tch’s and chops Heather,Tamra & Shannon right off the damn show and shakes it up totally, the last time we saw a show go where this went tonight with this type of gang up behavior was RHONY Season 4 and that is what it led to! Anyway whoever doesnt feel bad for Kelly in this episode is just a wretched f*ckin cold hearted c*nt themselves!!

    Ireland still looks amazing, i went all TT tonight and started making travel plans here along with a group text with my most amazing gays for spring! (Including my neighbor and his fab new b/f) You are right Tamara, it is crazy cheap to go to Ireland for some reason!

    • Psylocke

      You sound like a terrible person.

      • DW

        Vodka washes away any and all guilt, just ask the OC Hw’s….. I live an amazing life, i just dont tolerate bullsh*t from people and i have no problem calling them out on it. Im not for everyone doll, you however sound like a very unique person, i quite liked your story of a 1960s Heather Dubrow.

    • Really mortified

      Andy needs to send a camera crew to your neighborhood immediately.

      • Megan

        I was thinking the same thing. :)

      • DW

        It’s funny you both say that because i had a 100+ person pool party/mid Summer party in July, so of course with lots of drinks comes lots of drama and one of my friends from L.A. was visiting with his new b/f who runs a production company and by the end of the 5 days they were here he saw the party and the gossiping in the days that followed in my neighborhood and clubhouse and he said we should let his company film a sales reel to shop around based on the craziness in this neighborhood lol…lets just say i shut that idea down real quick!…. its actually the 2nd time ive been approached to do something like that, the other time was a spin-off of sorts to the Operation Repo show, since at the time i was an owner in a large repossession company in Chicago, both times i said no way!! Not for me….ever, you could not pay me enough to do that lol

  21. Valerie Palafax

    Real Housewives of OC needs to get some NEW housewives with CLASS these woman are giving a bad name to the OC and Bravo….

  22. Fizz

    The guy at the farm was saying “tog it up”. Irish people commonly refer to their clothes as their togs. It was his accent that made it sound like he was saying tug. Powerscourt gardens are stunning in person! There used to be a kind of gourmet cafeteria there where you could sit and look over the gardens with a really nice lunch. I hope it’s still there! As far as the rest of the episode, I just took three advil. Noone was redeemable in my opinion but, Kelly is a really good crier.

  23. auroracooper

    Watched 1/2 the episode on my DVR and decided to read your recap instead. I’m not sure if I’ll finish watching the episode but I’m pretty sure this is my last season of the RHOC. I appreciate you Tamra and will continue reading your posts but I need to take a break.

  24. Britt

    Wtf Producers?!! No issues capturing picnics, bike rides and cows, but you miss all of the major drama? The store blow up (granted the cameras may have not had permission to go in), the Shannon/Vicki reunion talk/hug AND the fight in the hall? Maybe they were busy drinking double shots of tequila with a side bowl of limes also.

  25. Margarett

    Your saying that they rode bicycles badly took me back and made me laugh, Tamara. Last Spring I had the bright idea that my husband and I should get bicycles for our anniversary.

    We went to Walley World to choose them. Of course, he jumped on a sleek black number and was off like a streak. Then it was my turn. He had to run along beside me and still there was hardly enough wobble room for me. We did go ahead and get the bikes. Mine is a cute turquoise coaster bike.

    The moral of this incredibly boring story? Don’t believe it when folks say that you never forget how to ride a bike and be careful if someone says, “it’s just like riding a bike.”

  26. More Tea Please!

    These women have really become disgusting excuses for human. And Ugly Americans abroad to boot. Ugh, not enjoyable to watch at all.

  27. Something Clever

    Yes, it was an obvious set up. No, I don’t feel sorry for Kelly. She has deliberately provoked several cast mates by screaming obscenities and below the belt insults at them on just about every episode. After witnessing the sushi restaurant debacle and the bigoted comments about Jewish people, i think Heather reached her internal breaking point and decided to cooperate with production in order to get out of filming with Kelly for another season.

    That said, the whole “Real Housewives” premise is a production-driven fiction. In real life, if someone insulted you once the way these women insult each other, you’d drop them from your social circle. But these women sign contracts with all kinds of stipulations, so they can’t avoid each other for long. So you get these uneasy truces like the women “forgiving” Vicky for lying about Brooks’ cancer.

    So this collaborative targeting is the natural result of this artificial set up. I have no idea why I keep watching this shit. I do find it fascinating in some perverse way. Lord, I need help.


      You don’t need help. Sometimes these shows do have the real come through in people and this makes them great.
      Just have to say the OC has been way off this season for me and I blame it in part on Kelly. Not a good casting choice.
      Another contributing factor to this bad season is Shannon’s loss of authenticity. I do not believe Shannon is happy at all. She’s lying. Her happy facade is so obvious to me I can’t stand it.

      • Ktina

        Shannon and David’s relationship is forced. There is no way that they are happy and they truly are only staying together for their daughters. Once the girls get old enough, David will bail. You don’t go from thinking your mistress is the best thing that ever happened to you, say that you “feel alive again”, take her to dinner with your family, leave your wife on her birthday to be with the other woman, etc. and then all of a sudden you’re in love with your wife again? Not buying it. He’s biding his time.

    • RENOB

      @Something Clever – I totally agree with your comment. Anyone with half a brain wouldn’t be able to be friends with these nasty women! They have to for that paycheck! I feel guilty for indulging, but there are so many other worse things!

  28. This eppie was UNreal! lol Great recap, as usual TT! Shannon’s grin in the darkened van was chilling.

  29. Trish

    Bravo needs to cancel RHOC after this season. This has really been the worst. When OC first started it was my favorite, now it really is the worst.
    I feel sorry for Kelly. Heather is a mean, vile bitch.

  30. This has to be said again This is a very hard episode to watch, especially when you have been bullied like that and I have! Albeit Kelly has said horrible things in the moment, (not excusing what she said) she didn’t have 3 or 4 back-up bitches screaming at whoever she was talking too at the time. And really Vicki? You couldn’t back up your “new” friend & it did look like you were trying to gain points with the ladies by telling Tamra what Kelly may or may not have said…. Pot meet Kettle I also want to say again that I truly believe that Tamra set this “Get Kelly Naked Wasted to get her fired” up! Let’s not forget Tamra is cruel to the newbies on RHOC She ripped apart Lizzie at a reunion & verbally beat up Gretchen till the end ( but I’m still not sure that Gretchen was a real person

    The reunion is going to be filmed this week & it may turn into 4 parts. I can’t wait to see how Shannon is going to cover this latest allegation. It’s documented, so I’m not sure she can. I guess she did have stuff to hide after all….. Contrary to what she said her 1st Poor Andy will need tequila, headaches pills & a vacation after this one.
    It just seems like these ladies will do or say anything to stay relevant on the show now. Disgusting! Yet I keep watching these Bravo train-wrecks because it makes my life seem okay in comparison Being rich & having all that status or living poor & happy? If this is what it takes to be on Reality TV ..NO Thanks! I could never put my family through that! I will keep trying my luck with lottery

    Thanks again TT for all your hard work! XO


      I now understand this topic is taboo but………………..can you imagine how awful this must be for Kelly’s daughter?
      I understand the need for attention but why put your daughter through this? She obviously doesn’t need the money. Is being on TV more important than your child’s well-being?

  31. Psylocke

    I have the most crystalline portrait of Heather stuck in my head – it’s raining out, her 1960s post reincarnated self living in a midcentury during suburbia heyday, hands clasped with white gloves, and a crease less skirt, calling the psychiatric ambience on one of her children, petting their heads telling them they’re crazy and she’s going to help, while politely greeting the lobotomist dressed in all white. She goes back inside, pops a qualude, and there’s a zooming shot into her pitch black eyes.

    Heather superimposing psychosis on people is so fucking creepy to me – it could totally be a lifetime movie plot.

    • Minky

      Oh my god. That’s brilliant Psylocke. Heather’s anime character eyes are fucking creepy. There is something off about her face. I don’t know if it’s the extensive plastic surgery or her rotten soul. Your 60s Heather reminds me of Bette Davis in “The Nanny” for some reason.

      Now I have a better idea of why Jeff Lewis hates Heather. But I still don’t understand his friendship with Shannon. I know they were school mates, but still.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Psylocke it IS extremely creepy. Tactics of the personality disordered individual.

    • Really mortified

      Heather thinks she is morally and intellectually superior to the rest of the cast but she is really just the thinnest girl at fat camp.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        That is an apt description of the situation. I could never figure Heather’s “friendship” with Tamra until I realized she’s the type to surround herself with those she will look good in comparison to.

  32. Cherry Bomb

    This was just sad. So who in the hell do you root for ? Kelly has been a drunken raving idiot all season, however she was truly ganged up on by the witches of Macbeth. Tamra, Heather and Shannon were truly despicable and so transparent in their attempts to get her drunk and kicked off the show. And just watching Vicki stand by and not defending her whoop it up sister in crime was just such a Vicki move. I never expect anything decent or altruistic from her. Such a low base shady classless narcissistic bitch. This show is no longer fun to watch,not even the episodes when they are travelling to lovely far off places. So I’m just sad that my show that I used to enjoy so much is such a shitstorm of women who are truly classless and mean. RHONY went this route this past season as well. The only good thing that will come out of this is that I’m going to start reading more again…. Books real books with pages that you actually turn one at a time by hand. So for now I’m just going to be sad.

    • Lu

      I share your pain Cherry Bomb, I am absolutely gutted that these women are so evil. I suppose thats what a pay check will do to you. Lose your soul for money!

  33. Kelly may be a drunk, but she is vulnerable. Her open nature means, in my mind, she can change and grow. The others are scheming and conniving. Fire them and keep Meghan, Kelly and hire four new housewives.

    • Diane

      Ok change and grow?

      Nice Kelly
      Spewing vile ugly words Kelly
      I am sorry Kelly
      I didn’t mean it ..really I didn’t.



      She is not vulnerable. She is a mean ass chick. No one hurts DODD. She gets off by behaving this way. It helps her justify her own bad behavior. Calling anyone else a drunk makes me LMAO. She is one of the biggest boozers ever.

      Brandi was mean too and she WAS vulnerable. DODD? haaaaaa

      However, they are all awful. They all need to go. Trash and more trash. They are all bullies. BRAVO is a shit show . I am sticking w the Below Deck shows and the Stud of the Sea Captain Lee. Lol

  34. fivecatsownme

    Nobody deserves “naked wasted” No wonder Meghan avoided these women during her trip. I think she would have preferred to go to Ireland with a girlfriend or her mother and the girls horned in.
    Bravo TV has become a vampire that sucks you in and drains you dry.
    I used to be a Heather Fan, but no more.

    • Janet

      I agree. No one deserves naked wasted. It says more about the person who does the set up and exploits someones weakness and vulnerability, than it would ever say about the person subjected to it or subcoming to it, even. The decent thing to do is keep your distance, from someone you don’t care for. Only a truely nasty person purposely gets someone drunk to set them up for a fall, and to take them down.

  35. Tara

    Heather told Kelly that her words do not bother her because Kelly is trash. Then why in the hell is she fussing and being a bully cuntsatchel over Kelly’s words? Yes, Kelly can be out of control. Tamra recognized the pain because she too had once been there herself. So lets all get Kelly drunk since this is what sets her off.
    I didn’t watch WWHL, but per TT’s post the person that stated that the females have now made America feel sorry for Kelly is right.

  36. Pitypat

    I am going to get hated for this, but, no one gets wasted by someone else. Kelly and previously Gretchen didn’t have to drink and she should have called Shannon out on it. Kelly is hateful, racist and stupid (puppet masters???). The others are awful , especially Vickie exposing herself in front of the nice Irish people.

    • Nila

      You’re right but..of at a party with friends who are encouraging you to get wasted you should not have to worry about a sexual assault occurring afterwards. You should be able to drink with your friends safely and not worried they are plowing you with alcohol for their own amusement/game.

  37. JustJenn

    Thank you for the recap, TT. I haven’t watched RHOCC once this season, but after seeing the outrage on Twitter I was so curious to see what all the fuss was about and I always trust your recaps to be fair and rational. It sounds awful and I think what is missing from RHOOC is a cast member with a conscience. Kyle is one of the main reasons that I like RHOBH so much as she actually cares about people. The RHOOC are all a bunch of self serving assholes and the addition of Tamra was the worst thing to happen to OC.

  38. Shae

    Kelly is absolutely trash. Heather was right, she behaves badly, apologies, claims she’s “not like that”, and “that’s not who I am”, yet, this is what you do repeatedly? Bullshit. The minute this woman gets worked up she feels she has the right to go WAY below the belt with anyone, it’s juvenile and sad for a grown woman to act this way.

    It was also wrong for the ladies to try to get her drunk, and for coward Vicki not to lift a finger to help her, but she dug her own grave. She’s a horrible person. I cannot stand grown women who overreact and become vicious in any altercation, then try to apologize their way out of it constantly.

    If you were truly sorry, you’d STOP doing it- she’s clearly not and she’s extremely childish. Being angry doesn’t justify losing all control of your mouth.

    I hope they don’t bring this garbage back next season.

  39. Do we know what happened between Vick and Tamra? I think I missed it maybe?

    Kelly is hard to root for, I agree, but I also agree with her assessment that the others can dish it out but not take it. I’m drawn more to her lashing back than I ever was to say Alexis style. I remember even liking Shannon during her “psychotic meltdown” when they went after her. Chin hairs had me rolling – and also plucking, lol.

  40. RENOB

    Thanks Tamara for the recap. I can never get on the Kelly train – it has been a wreck from the get go! She has no soul. Shannon is so boring I think the only option for her was to become a villain. She is a bloated boring drunk and I have to say I was amused by her idiotic plot (or productions) to get Kelly drunk and cray. I know, shame on me, but Kelly had it coming. If you can dish it, you better know how to take it. It was only a matter of time before we got to see the real Heather, not surprised at all. Tamra is the biggest hypocrite, what an a** she is. Her and Vicky are the perfect mates.

  41. lavidaLinda

    Kelly, for me, was hard to root for until that bus ride….and Heather FUCKING SMILING as she accused Kelly of a “mental break” and “feeling bad for her daughter”.

    Heather you are a horrible, uncultured, unmitigated cunt.

  42. That was just horrible. I haven’t felt so uncomfortable watching this show since the “naked wasted” thing a few years ago. What a bunch of bitches.

    Oh, and Vicki? Yeah, cows pee and poop, screaming around them won’t help anything or make them stop doing as nature intended. Dumbass.

  43. Guest Appearance

    Regarding Vicki…who says I don’t drink milk because it comes out of animals and pass the cheese while riding a bike in a leather jacket on the same trip?

  44. Guest Appearance

    Regarding Heather/Shannon: I praise Tamara’s twitter response to this episode. To retaliate after an apology, these ladies show no grace. Kelly is making all the effort not to drink so she can display the demeanor they want but instead they want to go on the attack after she has had a few drinks in her so she can look like foolish one. After all this time filming, Bravo should have mastered how to set someone up better than this.

  45. Margaret Shepard

    TT thanks for the recaps. I can’t watch this crap anymore. I changed channels after 10 minutes. Sorry you have to watch this crap for us. I totally get why to wish you could get the readers following other stuff than housewives and other Bravo crap. Keep trying though!!

  46. Margaret Shepard

    Wow I used crap 3 times. Lol.

  47. Chris

    Kelly is so dumb… last episode I am pretty certain she kept calling Tamra a “shit disturber,” when she meant “shit stirrer.” I believe Kelly is so dumb that she explodes when she feels attacked in any way, because that’s the only way someone with such a low IQ can respond… nothing of content- low, obvious blows about things recently spoken of and childish name-calling. Heather- the puppet who controls the masters, lol- knows Kelly is dumb as rocks and will explode with unrestricted anger when provoked in the slightest. Kelly is dumber than Alexis and should not be on television. I’m sure it was easy for production to get the ignorant, uneducated woman-child Kelly to show what a complete idiot she is. The other women are cruel though, and I am positive they were in on making Kelly feel as uncomfortable as possible, getting her drunk and then sitting back and laughing when she took the bait and freaked the f out.

  48. Nila

    I never use this phrase but I feel like Fancy Pants was gas lighting during this episode. Do you remember when Tanra said we’re all wearing black because we’re going to Kelly’s fu real? Even Vicki was in black AND when Tamra got off the phone with Sara, Sara said well good luck, that was an odd comment, I think Tamra said what they were trying to do. I’m not a fan of Kelly, but this episode made me sick. I could t understand why Meghan didn’t participate in one single group activity, I think she knew what was going on and distanced herself, very smart.

    • TBD

      Yes, that is a form of gaslighting. Heather’s favorite tool. She and Terry are money hugging fools. Fame (and real talent) eluded Heather and she’s getting her pound of flesh by amassing a five fortunes so she can “live her best life” of revenge.

      I have a picture of her stocking her see thru champagne celler. It looks like a warehouse and she is smiling literally like a demon. It’s creepy. She’s creepy. It’s very illustrative of what turns her crank.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I thought Sara said have a good flight.

      • Gabriella

        When Tamra was talking to Sara on the phone it said, “Ryan’s ex fiancée”. Did i miss something? When did these two break up?

  49. Nila

    Ugh funeral, stupid typo!

  50. MHP

    Off the top of my head I can recall 3 times Shannon was outted for trying to setup ‘Gaslight’ Kelly.

    1st was calling acquaintances over to trash Kelly at the 70s party that Meghan caught, 2nd was the behind the scenes double shots of tequila in Ireland that production exposed, 3rd was Shannon’s live video blog when her husband David blurred out that they were in contact with someone who had past court drama with Kelly (a video Shannon later deleted)

    She did to Kelly what Heather did to her. At a time when the marriage was severely fractured, ignoring the knowledge children pay a steep price.

    To me Tamra is a lost cause with her Joker smile and behavior. But Heather and Shannon are their own set of seasoned evil.

  51. Lu

    Watching that episode gave me nightmares. I work with children and we try to teach them not to exude such awful behaviour and then you see these grown ass women-mothers with children treat someone else this disgraceful! How is it right for Heather to call Kelly a bad mother but when Kelly called Tamra that, WW3 broke out! Double standards much? I have always been a fan of Vicki’s but after watching this episode I have lost all respect for her. She was so up their arses that she could not, or would not see how they excluded Kelly and made her feel absolutely alone! And in a foreign country on top of it too! And Tamra, please stop calling yourself a Christian, you are so far off the mark you are actually on your way to hell! No true christian carries on like you.

  52. Wonky Tonk

    You know what I wish Kelly had done? After Shannon kept ordering the drink for her after she repeatedly told Shannon she wasn’t in the mood to drink, I wish she would have said excuse me to Shannon, and told her in no uncertain terms she would be ordering for herself and that if she wanted two drinks she can order them for herself. And I wish she would have then followed up with the waiter and repeated that she would be ordering for herself the entire evening and to please ignore orders for her from anyone else.

    In my books what Shannon tried to do at that meal was pretty close to fucking evil. Same with Heather at the picnic.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I was wondering if it could even be illegal? I mean, having the server double the alcohol in someone else’s drink without their knowledge? It’s certainly crossing a line.

      • Brianna

        Are you kidding me? It’s not like she ordered water and Shannon told the waiter to skip something in it. It’s really not hard, DONT DRINK IT. Lol.. Kelly whining about someone ordering a drink for her as if there’s a gun to her head; when the waiter brings let it sit there or send it back.

      • Wonky Tonk

        I don’t know if it’s illegal or not TAFKAY. I think it certainly should be the way Shannon did it. I mean it’s one way for a friend trying to get another friend loaded for s’s and giggles, but it’s another to do it maliciously like Shannon did it. Besides friends would stick around to make sure you get home safely, while Shannon damn sure wouldn’t with Kelly. Above the evility/eviloniousnes (are they words? screw it I’m using ’em anyway) of that though I think it’s just a stupid move. What if Kelly had drunk up those doubles not realizing, and later had some sort of accident that caused damage to herself, property, or harm to another individual, what would Shannon’s liability be in that because I’m pretty sure she would have some, and probably a lot. Really I don’t see the difference between someone spiking a drink with a drug and what Shannon did. She essentially spiked her drink with another shot.

      • Janet

        I think there is a moral problem with pushing and sneaking alcohol to someone, and especially so when they have a drinking problem. Even bartenders are made responsable for cutting someone off who has had too much. The person is saying NO, and it’s been pushed still. The person has a history of drinking too much and losing control, and you’re going to emotionally abuse them after trying to ply them with alcohol? That’s a shitty person. If the person has a drinking problem it’s not easy to say no. It’s their weakness. If someone is a guest in my home, I feel a responsability to not let them get too intoxicated if they have to drive home. I do not say they should not have had so much and let it go. I have an issue with people who put all the blame on the person who is under seige. I notice that attitude is more common now, that it’s your fault if you let me do it to you. While, we all need to protect ourselves and not allow exploitive behaviour, that does NOT absolve that person trying to take advantage of another human being. They are still just as bad no matter if the person allows it or not.

      • Brianna

        Not really.. Kelly hadn’t been drinking at all. It’s one thing if her judgement is impaired from drinking too much and they keep shoving drinks down her throat (like tamra did to Gretchen that’s awful) but; it’s another to be able to yell at someone and call them a cunt but not be able to respectfully decline a drink or .. idk, not fucking drink it. Kelly has no problem getting nasty with someone over trivial bs but acts like a victim when it comes to something major.

      • Minky

        There definitely is a moral problem with this situation. They were behaving despicably. What’s next? Are they gonna try to roofie someone’s drink and then laugh at the person when they get raped or assaulted and post the pics on IG? Because seriously, that’s probably the next logical step with this kind of diabolical behavior.

        It’s one thing if someone chooses to drink or get wasted. That’s a grown-up making a choice. But even then you have a moral obligation to make sure that they don’t get behind the wheel or get alcohol poisoning. The fact that you know what that person is doing (drinking/using to excess) means that you are also aware of the possible consequences. If you let that person possibly get seriously hurt or their life is put in danger on your watch, and you say “not my problem”, then I’m sorry, you’re a piece of shit. This whole thing is so wrong in so many different ways.

  53. OmgOmg

    I missed this ep and I think now I won’t watch it. It’s just getting weird. They need a whole new OC cast. All the housewives are coming across as really mean, shallow fame-seeking washouts that aren’t even that beautiful. At least with Vanderpimp Rules you have typical young LA kids being typical youngish LA wannabes. Not this insanity all manufactured for a show.

  54. OmgOmg

    Oh! Vanderpimp that’s a good typo!

  55. RL

    Heather has never been a favorite of mine. She reminds me of morticia Addams with the creepy way she crosses her arms in her intro. Then add in the moseleum house they built…. I think she looks out for herself in every turn. No way would she be friends with any of these women in real life as she has herself up on a pretty high pedestal.

    As far as Kelly. I have liked her since the beginning (maybe bc I can be a mouthy bitch when I’ve been drinking too, so I don’t hold that against her). All I could think of was that had heather not recorded the hall fight, we would have only had the ladies word on how Kelly freaked out, when she clearly didn’t. Makes me wonder if that has happened all along and we just didn’t get to see it and only the blow up that results afterward.

    Tired of Tamara and Shannon. They both go on about what good people they are, my ass. Heather didn’t like that Kelly behaves badly then apologizes but that’s exactly what Tamara does as well. Shannon is also hurting (in her marriage) and taking it out on others. She’s a lot like Kelly so she has no room to talk.

    Everyone is disappointed In Vicki for not standing up for her friend, but I’m more disappointed in Meghan. Neither Meghan or Vicki want to be on the outs with the other women and stand up and do the right thing for someone they call a friend, and that makes them both cowards.

    I never comment this much, but this episode had me heated with the “low base bullshit” coming from all the women.

    • Janet

      Most people are cowards and don’t want to be on the outs in a group. Women are notorious for this type of gang up divide and conquer, but men do it too. It’s a pack mentality and just so common. Alot of times people will stick up for the person in the wrong, just because they knew them longer or just wanting to be popular and not wanting to chance losing friends. I hate this lack of moral principals, and it’s probably why I’m more of a ioner, and am very selective about who I socialize with. I dont want to feel pressured to go along with crummy mean behaviour, and have em turn on me. I’d rather skip the whole thing.

  56. AustralianFanofTT

    This episode was hard to watch.

    Poor Kelly…. lets all thank god Tamara is a good christian because imagine how much more vile she would be if she wasn’t? & where does she get off thinking its ok to put her hands on another person?

    Laughed so much when Kelly pointed out Shannon’s chin hairs & the collective gasp! .. good one Kelly!!

    This whole drama started because vicky carried on about Kelly being silly tapping her on the nose .. then our good christian Tamara jumped on the bandwagon closely followed by Shannon and Heather. What awful women they are.

    And who does Heather think she is diagnosing people’s alleged psychotic breaks? Shannon seems to have quite a short memory on that one. Heather is so mean maybe she would be nicer if she ate something.

  57. Kate Gates

    I admire Meghan. I think the way she has treated Vikki after the way Vikki came after her marriage is admirable. I belive she’s my reality “ride or die” but I only have a vague understanding of that turn of phrase. Not a thing said in my land. She’s my favourite. Meghan brought Kelly on the show and Kelly showed no loyalty to her and immediately went for Vikki approval. That Vikki Showed no loyalty in return feels like a reap what you sow situation. But that’s the end of what I feel Kelly “deserves”. This episode was fucking evil and I have been saying for weeks that Heather is evil and a major bitch. What rich woman happily married woman comes after a vulnerable mess? I don’t like Kelly but I’m reasonably sane and so the most I hope for her is to get support and treatment, not to Ben pushed to insanity by some bored fellow drunks. Evil to push an a person with presumable drinking issue to drink. Shannon, babe, you’re a monster. No amount of ratings can justify what you did. I think it’s criminal to have people drinking more than what’s they realise. You don’t deserve the pain of being cheated on or be body shamed but you don’t have the right to push an unhappy person over the edge. I kind of think Tamara was fine and would have been fine if she had space and wasn’t told that the messy woman she supported had been talking shit. She and Kelly seem to Ben on the same emotional level and this year it’s Kelly who is reacting to pain in a shitty way. Vikki you’re a dumpster fire of a person and I would love to know how many virgins you sacrificed to stay on tv. As per usual, you’re awful in ways most unique.

    • Danielle

      I’m so with you! Kelly is a loose canon, she’s honest and had no idea what a bunch of crazies she walked into. Heather used to be my favorite of all OC gals, I’m so disappointed in her, perhaps shes just showing her true colors now. Vicki is completely two faced and needs to be thrown out of the OC. Kelly could use a little charm school but geez seriously feel so badly for Kelly. What she said about Tamaras kid not ok, however Shannon is a complete manipulative b word. I only watch NYC and OC but after this season these ladies are just disgusting, can’t even watch after what they have put Kelly through. Nice Christian behavior…

  58. Shae

    I’m so sorry, but it literally drives me insane when people call “Tamra”, “Tamara”, on here, especially because I have to read everything twice to make sure they’re not referring to something our wonderful blogger TAMARA has said lol

  59. Nila

    Heather reminds me of one of those rich people on the Purge that pay to kill the poor in the lovely privacy of their home.

  60. Diane

    No one can make another person take a drink. Many have bought medrinks when we are out in a group after work in years past. I do not have to drink. She kept saying I am not drinking but she did drink most of them. Not saying the attempt to encourage her is right but she cannot say now that they ‘forced them on me”. Nobody can say that. She was not intoxicated to a point of not being cognitive. She chose.

    Again all.of them are wicked

    • Nila

      Of course no one can make you drink but you should be able to drink with friends without the fear of sexual assault (in Gretch case) or to be filmed making an ass of yourself. These were not girlfriends out having fun and trying to get the sober girl to lighten up and get wasted too. This was grown women trying to get someone trashed so they could film her behavior, after they ridiculed her behavior when drinking. This was ill intent. Disgusting.

  61. Nila

    I also want to add that Kelly did not get drunk, instead she went to bed, without incident, that wasn’t good enough for them. They woke her up with text messages and thence her outside her room, taping her reaction.

  62. Please forgive me for not remembering the details of that episode where they were having a girl stag party in like Mexico, I think.
    They hired a strip show of dudes and one of them literally ear fuc👂🏻ed a very willing Tamra! The look she had on her face then is the same one she was displaying in Shannon’s arms on the bus!
    Also, I will probably always have a visual about the name Shannon and chin hairs~gross.


  63. Marsha Marsha Marsha

    I watched this weeks horror of a show. All of the women were absolutely vile (Megan excluded). I am done with the show. I will read Tamara’s recap if she can stomach doing again. They all should be ashamed and need to go seek help immediately. Tsk tsk tsk.

  64. siobhan m

    My first time commenting here im a bit nervous.. love the site check it a couple of times a day!! I’m based in Ireland there was a small piece in one of the national newspapers today about the women from RHOOC talking about their trip to Ireland and basically saying they behaved cringworthily…. I cant believe that there was nothing in any of the magazines or papers about them while they were actually here even when a small time celeb is in Ireland they always make the daily papers.

    • tamaratattles

      Thanks so much for commenting Siobhan! We love hearing from Tamara Tattles readers on location! How lucky you are to live in such a beautiful country!

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