Kill All Cancer Website Shut Down, Vicki Falsely Claims She Did It



For my own mental health, I am trying to avoid a lot of the heavier topics that I might normally cover on Tamara Tattles. However, I still receive emails asking me about topics like the #KillAllCancer website being shut down. So here is what I know based on court filings.

Based on the documents I’ve read on-line, this all started with a guy named Jay Jordan.  Jay’s father died a few years ago of multiple myeloma, a cancer formed by malignant plasma cells in bone marrow.  At that time, Jay and his uncle Jeff Jordan, brother of the deceased cancer victim wanted to do something to raise funds for cancer research.  Just like many of us who have lost someone to cancer, or survived a cancer diagnosis, or have someone we love currently battling cancer do, Jay wanted to KILL ALL CANCER just the same way the #CancerSucks hashtag is often used, Jay began promoting the hashtag #KillAllCancer on the Internet. Jay wanted to start a movement similar to LIVESTRONG. At some point, Vicki had conversations with Jay about his charitable acts.

Still with me?

rhooc vicki


IN MY OPINION, based on just my personal observation, it seems to me, that Vicki saw an opportunity that could benefit her in two ways. First, she could sign on to work with a cancer charity and publicize Jay’s hashtag and get some positive publicity that perhaps she thought would improve her image after the Brooks disaster. Secondly, she could use the situation as a way to sell cancer insurance through her company. I know what you are thinking. That second benefit is something she should have left on the table. If we give Vicki the fullest benefit of the doubt though,  cancer insurance really is a very smart thing to have in this day and age to keep families from going bankrupt when a family member gets cancer. At any rate, this what I think Vicki was thinking.

Contrary to what we saw on the show, Vicki approached Jay and asked to be a spokesperson for his hashtag. At this point, Uncle Jeff registered the hashtag as a non-profit corporation in Florida.  Uncle Jeff is a former IRS attorney.  He did not apply for 501c status because there was to be no fundraising involved.  Uncle Jeff added Vicki on to the board of the corporation since she asked to be a part of the venture.

In June, Jay put up the website.  It was kind of a hot mess. It seemed to be saying that the corporation was not going to accept donations directly, but was going to be some sort of middle man for donations. And they were going to sell bracelets. But you could only buy two bracelets because…who knows?  It was all a weird  incomprehensible site that I kept assuming would be more comprehensible once they got their act together. But that never really happened.

The site NEVER solicited donations.  And the bracelets were never sold. The only thing that you could really do on the site is send your personal information to Coto Insurance who would tend, one assumes try to sell you cancer insurance.

This may be my favorite thing ever said on reality TV.

This may be my favorite thing ever said on reality TV.

Prior to the website, and using the same #KillAllACancer hashtag was a Go Fund Me Site.  This was the only place you could donate and according to Uncle Jeff, former IRS attorney, these donations went straight to City Of Hope.

At this point I should point out that Uncle Jeff lives in Maryland and Jay lives in Arizona. So it seems odd that the funds were given to City of Hope which is near Vicki.  But this whole thing is weird.

Still following along? It’s complicated which is why I was trying to skip this post entirely.

So at this point we have a crappy website that makes no sense and seems to serve no purpose other than sell insurance. And sort of a companion Go Fund Me site where you can donate to City of Hope.  I’m pretty sure City of Hope has other ways to accept donations from the public, but this is the situation at hand.

Then, along comes some guy named Michael Lissack, a Masshole from Marblehead whose job is listed as “professional organizer.” For reasons that cannot be determined,  Michael decided that of all the problems in the world, this ridiculous cancer/not cancer site with no ability to receive donations was his number one priority in life.  Michael wants to take down the website and the Go Fund Me page.  I’ll spare you how he did all that, but he did.  Then he filed a complaint with the California Attorney General’s office as well because he has a whole lot of spare time in between his professional organizing gigs.

So now the website that never had a method for collecting a dime, as well as the Go Fund Me site for City of Hope are no more.  Great job, Michael. You have saved the world from evil.

Or wasted a lot of time making me explain this non-story to my readers.

On Saturday a strange mix of housewives were at the 20th Anniversary of Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, Vicki was there and ET asked her about the shutdown.  Never one to avoid saying something stupid, Vicki said, “I just shut it down because there was a lot of naysayers out there. I’m not going to do something that’s going to be criticized when I did it from a good place. And it wasn’t my charity. I was just a spokesperson for it. So it wasn’t mine.”

Typical Vicki. “I shut it down because I wanted to!”  and then, “But it wasn’t mine!”

Off to watch the RHOOC idiots embarrass us in Ireland.

Now please stop emailing me about this never-ending crap.


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20 responses to “Kill All Cancer Website Shut Down, Vicki Falsely Claims She Did It

  1. T D

    If you’re not part of the cure you’re part of the disease angling for profit.

  2. For me personally, Vicki forgave herself too quick.

    less than 5 minutes after Brooks “I lied” confession, Vicki could have latched onto or investigated the Cancer Charity. or stay away from Cancer completely.

    This is the real world, and for me it was too soon to connect with Cancer.She could have completed a “walk for Cancer” so she is not making money off of Cancer patients. Good intentions, I don’t see any from Vicki

    I see her doing what she normally does promote/hustle money for Vicki. most times that is awesome, this situation was to tender. Vicki should have thought of the Cancer patients and her tenuous reputation at that time. just my opinion.

  3. Elizabeth

    Vicki is def. just a hustler……

  4. Jrleaguer

    This pisses me off beyond belief! I have a friend in Atlanta that lost her youngest to a childhood cancer several years ago. Without fail, she is at Scottish Rite and Eggleston cancer wards to deliver Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to the families and staff very early EVERY weekend. She takes HUGE goodie bags to every kid occupying those beds every holiday…even holidays like Labor Day. Throws parties at the facilities for the kids and their families during the year. A few times a year, she even does “Care Kits” for the parents who are away from home while their child is being treated with items like laundry products, coffee cards, etc. She does all of this because when her daughter who had just turned fourteen was literally fighting for her life, her daughter wanted to do something for the other kids in the cancer center to lift their spirits. THAT is what you do! You do not come up with some swarmy gimmick to push your insurance company! Vicki ought to be ashamed…but I doubt she is.

    • Elizabeth

      What an amazing mom! ❤️ you are right Vicki should be ashamed!

      • Minky

        That was beautiful Jrleaguer. What a wonderful person your friend is.

        Vicki should be ashamed of herself. But she’s not. I can’t see her caring for anybody other than herself. And she’s got some bald faced obnoxiousness if she can still even mention cancer with a straight face. She’s just as bad as Teresa as far as I’m concerned.

    • Megan

      Amazing friend you have! :) Hearts to her!

    • MARC

      Thanks for sharing this post about your friend. What an amazing person she is to do these wonderful deeds for others.

      • Jrleaguer

        Through the foundation that my friend set up in her daughter’s memory, they have also been able to fund a research fellowship for a doctor, yet someone with Vicki’s audience…she shills insurance!

    • Wow. No one would blame your friend for curling up in a dark room. It’s wonderful for her and the kids that she has a purpose greater than most of us.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Thanks for sharing the story of your incredibly generous friend and daughter. What a beam of light she is for those families, and an inspiration to the rest of us.

    • roxmissmist

      Thank You for sharing such a goodwilled story
      Vicki is about Vicki

  5. swizzle

    The only reason this is a story is because Vicki is a disgusting human who lied about cancer, tried to profit from a “charity” website, and now lies about shutting it down/not owning it. I want the story and Vicki to go away.

  6. T D

    When breath is becoming air Vicki’s snoring.

  7. Karen

    For the life of me, I just can’t be bothered to care about any of this but I do agree that Cancer insurance is a good thing but likely very expensive.

    I also didn’t care whether or not Brooks had Cancer but did wish an entire season hadn’t been wasted on that storyline.

  8. Wonky Tonk

    Here’s an odd thought. What if Vicki had all along thought to sell cancer insurance, and thought the best way to introduce it was in collusion with Brooks fabricating Brooks’ cancer, only he did such a shitty job of selling it he was found out prematurely, and she had to get him off the stage so she dumped him, because after all money is money. Thinking enough time had passed, and seeing this opportunity she jumped on it as a way of being able to sell the insurance and recuperating her image at the same time.

    Too much?

    • Spunky2015

      Bingo, Wonky. It all makes sense now. There are no words for this vile woman. Guess she was a little premature buying that Masaratti anticipating all the profits she was going to make. No wonder she got so busy after Brooke’s-gate because it was already in the works.

    • This is my belief also. Along with selling juice or sunshine or whatever with the blonde lady who hawked coffee enemas and standing on grass.

  9. IMSpyC

    Thank you for posting this. For me, it wasn’t a waste of time as I was so confused by this whole thing. Your site is the the best for the tea and with explaining things fully.

  10. Because I have too much time on my hands since I quit venturing out into the world, I went to the website. I ordered 2 bracelets and gave the address of where I work (I work all alone). They didn’t ask for a credit card or anything so I submitted it. I am now the proud owner of 2 #KILLALLCANCER bracelets which I received for free. So far no one has contacted me about insurance, although I am certain the site was about nothing more than insurance leads.

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