Real Housewives of New Jersey: Joe Goes To Fat Camp



It’s four days before we ship Joe off to fat camp never to be seen again, and he and Teresa are taking the girls to a bakery to make their own cupcakes. Why?  I’m sure Milania could teach Teresa how to make cupcakes at home in their own kitchen. Teresa lies her usual lies in confessional when she tells us that it was Joe’s idea to go make cupcakes with the girls at some bakery who paid for the promotional time.  Gia still has a lot of resentment toward Joe. She’s old enough and smart enough to know what her parents did, and she seems to put the blame squarely on her father.

Jac and Ashlee go shopping for baby stuff. Jac is beyond thrilled with the grandbaby. Grandma and mom are posting tons of cute photos on Instagram. Ashlee wants to do a natural birth. Jac is sad that she can’t share all of this with Teresa.

We get another “Siggy has a dysfunctional family” scene.  Later she meets up with Dolores to talk about the situation. I have no idea what was said. I was busy trying to understand the wine glasses situation. Two women, 7 straws with the paper still on, in a wine glass. You don’t use straws with a wine glass. The water was also in a red wine glass. Later the family went to a holocaust memorial.  I had paused enough to fast forward right through that. I’m trying to avoid as many heavy topics as possible. That’s why I’m watching this stupidity.

Meanwhile, At the Bowling Alley…

Rosie has a new girlfriend named Laura. They all go bowling with Kathy and her husband and Chris and Jac. It’s the counter filming to the  Going Away Party they were not invited to.  Well, Chris was invited.  But Dolores told him not to go and for some reason he is listening. I think he was probably uninvited. He sent him a text instead. Rosie is hurt that she wasn’t invited.

Joe’s Going Away Party must not have been filmed by Bravo. All the footage for that was super grainy and there were no staged scenes.  Teresa’s future husband says that he gave her religious medals before she went to prison and she wore them the whole time she was there. So he is giving some to Joe.  I don’t think Joe will be allowed to wear them where he is going. He should know that since he is the prison expert.

The day before Joe leaves they spend the day enjoying the purloined house and all of its features while Milania rides her ATV across their spacious property. Apparently assets like ATVs are only seized if you are black.   The criminals enjoy a lovely bottle of red while talking about his imminent departure. Teresa says it’s going to be harder for her than it will be for him. Joe says she paid her debt, and now it is time for him to pay his. He says he is going to try to become a better person in prison. Teresa says that Joe can go celebrate all the holidays, like “Ramadondon” in prison. He can go celebrate with the Jewish people. Teresa has no idea what a cake walk her sentence was compared to where Joe is going.  Joe seems said and remorseful. Something we never saw from Teresa.

Melissa and Joe stay with the kids until school time while Teresa rides with Joe to prison. We see Milania crying alone in the window. Teresa tells Melissa and Joe that the prison didn’t look that scary.

Bravo films what is supposed to be Teresa and the girls in the bed on the first night without Joe. Everyone is crying. These girls will be forever damaged by this. Milania will probably never recover. Gabriella is already planning her departure. Gia refused to film and is either in her room crying alone or out with friend drinking getting into mischief.  All because they really wanted a ginormous house and fancy things.  Hope it was worth it, Teresa.


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67 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Joe Goes To Fat Camp

  1. Sad on so many levels. I can not call RHONJ entertainment. I endure it. Why? Habit.

  2. Christi

    I only watched because I was bored. Noticed Melissa made sure to wear her Envy hat. Can’t let all that paparrazzi In the yard go to waste, plus the Bravo cameras.

  3. Jrleaguer

    I thought I observed all of the Jewish holidays. According to Teresa, I have been remiss….Rama- don-don. Sounds more like a song from Grease.

  4. Cgal38

    That scene in bed killed me. Way, way too far. Those poor girls, they didn’t ask for this – the very least they can provide is privacy. And the freedom to show emotions! Stop telling kids not to cry when things are sad – it’s a healthy response to sad shit!

    I actually love siggi – I am a Jewish girl from Long Island and totally get her and her family culture and dynamic, I was a snobby, unappreciative kid but loved my grandparents deeply, and we had a lot of those dinners (she’s more religious so not Shabbat, but the idea of bringing family together). When I was her kids’ age my family (grandparents and cousins, along with parents) took a family vacation to Washington, D.C. And saw the holocaust museum, and learned about our connection. Fast forward 25 years to my present and we lost my grandmother 2 years ago, and my grandfather is turning 96 and I’m grateful for every day I have with him, as I am grateful for all of those dinners. I’m getting married next month and am missing my grandmother terribly, we were super close, so those scenes touched me to my core. Sorry to ramble on, am emotional these days!

  5. So nice to come here away from the scary Tre-huggers on twitter.I said one thing about the Bravo Felon when all were saying how sad this ep. was & it was sad but please…. It’s Joe’s Fault!!! He did this to his family when he committed many, many crimes of which I was told on twitter..He is sorry for, he has admitted he’s wrong, so we have to be nice tonight. All I said was “I liked the Joe we knew before he robbed innocent people of millions of dollars, cheated & lied & I still think he’s funny when he’s with Rosie or Miliana” I didn’t think it was such a bad thing to say? Oh & I got yelled at in caps for saying he’s a cheater! Apparently that is the one crime he has NOT admitted

    I did feel Joe’s sadness & remorse but I think Teresa never has showed any because I think she doesn’t believe she was ever going too or ever in prison. Never mind that she did anything wrong, and I am going by what she wrote in her “I had a happy rainbows, unicorns & sunshine childhood & marriage and then went for an 11 month spa-cation..I’m not a criminal ” Book. I do genuinely feel horrible for what these 2 Bravo Felons put those beautiful little girls through! Your so right Tamara they will be traumatized for a very long time. Well maybe not Gia as she has told the world that she wants to be a lawyer because “Reality TV ” is the reason her parents had to go to jail & she is going to protect them from it ever happening again..Does she seriously believe that?

    And TT the comment about the ATV’s … #SpotOn

    • Twilly

      Gia has been hearing her mother’s version of events and her excuses for a very long time. I’m sure she’s confused as to what to believe.

      • raynidaze

        I agree Twilly and she and her sisters are in for a painful awakening when they realize the truth of what took place and how their parents, especially their mother, twisted the truth, exploited them, and what most people really think of their parents’ crimes. Teresa should be ashamed of many things, mostly what she’s doing to her children, but she never will be.

    • bravo!!! someones else gets it

  6. Perfect recap TT. You captured the Guidices well. I hope the girls don’t blame Joe for everything.

    • Notice how Teresa won’t correct them on it, they seem to be smarter than her anyway I’m sure they know it was both.

      • Minky

        They’re probably scared to death of her. She puts on a great show for TV, but my spidey sense tells me that she’s not a contender for Mother of the Year. She’s very quick to anger. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  7. The best blog by far I’ve read tonight. Covered everything except maybe the shots of hugging and getting into the car, where I’m sure they were paid shots.

  8. Minky

    If the RHNJ franchise was a horse, they’d soot it. As other commenters have said, this is not a fun show anymore. It’s more akin to something like “Dateline”. I can just hear the gravitas in Stone Phillips’ voice now.

    We’re watching a family disintegrate. We’re watching 4 innocent little girls bear the brunt of their parents’ greed fueled behavior. It’s gone past the point of schadenfreude even. It’s just sad. Everyone who has any heart can see that. Except maybe Teresa the criminal. She’s fine. She’s gucci. Disgusting.

  9. Sali

    Wow. I haven’t watched it yet and don’t think I will. Your recap seems to have captured it well. I’m not a Guidice sympathizer, but reading this made me so sad for the girls and oddly, for Juicy Joe.

  10. Lisa j

    Ramadondon LOL, yes Joe the Muslims will embrace you I’m so sure. Heart breaking for their kids who have been so programmed to feel and show zero emotional experience unless it’s acting out. Sad. Noticed the ATV’s as well, ridiculous double standards. Noticed Dolores appears to be yelling about Jacqueline next week, that might be exciting and at the going to camp party they showed the kicked off lesbian couple kissing Juicy. Seemed extravagant to me but par for the course for the Guidices. It’s no fun when you feel worse after escape TV then you did before it came on. Dear God, betting Andy will let Siggy be the “voice of whiney all about me” wisdom come reunion time and Teresa will once again walk away unscathed.

  11. If Rosie, Kathy, Jacs, and Chris all knew when, where Joe’s send off party was they should of just shown up. Invited or not what would be the big deal you say you are family and care for each other. Family doesn’t need an invitation ever. I feel Joe Guidice would not have a problem with them showing up and would probably enjoy it. So petty considering this could be the last time they see him out of prison and prior to his deportation. All Jacs would have to say is Teresa I am sorry for my behavior I want to have a nice night and we can discuss this another time. It is just so petty for adults to be acting this way. Priorities people priorities!

    • Toni

      Kathy and Rosie have been accused of only being present when Teresa is being filmed and were told to give her space. They’d have been jerks to show up uninvited. If they really were trying to make amends they’d have sent some nice food, wine, or maybe a bouquet. Baby steps.

      Chris should have stopped by

    • Twilly

      Yes, I’m sure that would have gone over well and not created additional issues at all.

    • Karen

      In my family, an invitation is indeed required. Like these folks, my family has issues we’ll likely never move passed.

  12. Microop

    Why is Teresa so greedy? I mean I get that it probably stems from insecurity but most people deal with insecurity and don’t ruin their families over it.

    Ugh poor Gia.

  13. BeetsWhy

    Is there any way to call them on undeclared assets? Why weren’t the house, cars, clothes, furs, etc counted and taken as assets against their debts? I think there is a five year statute of limitations in Jersey for a fraudulent filing? why aren’t the people who are owed money going after these assets?

    • Rach

      This is what I wanna know. it’s crazy

    • Adèle

      funny, i think the same thing all the time too! like, does juicy even have a job? it seems like he has just been coasting along these past few years and here, on planet earth, just to keep their mcmansion bumping along is huge $$ never mind the 12 mil debt payments. like, what is even the monthly payment on a 12 mil debt? the bravo and book gigs aren’t that sweet of a deal!! teresa is namaste? juicy shrugs and says ‘whatcha gonna do’? holeee fuck! how many levels of fucked-up is that?

    • If anyone noticed, Teresa and Joe stated that the Off road vehicle belonged to the Daughter. Those vehicles have to be registered, and insured if they are to be taken off the property. Joe is not allowed to even drive that vehicle, because you know his attempt at fraudulently obtaining a drivers license. If he got off on the bank stuff he still would be heading to prison for that little detail. If anything considering the times we live in he was lucky to get such a light sentence for such a serious offense.

      • tamaratattles

        Well they did put a lot of things in the kids name. Some of it they did right on camera. Remember when Teresa gave Gia “Grandma’s giant diamond ring” on an episode? Pretty sure Grandma didn’t have the Hope Diamond…

  14. Wonky Tonk

    I think what I found the most bizarre thing about this episode was how, facing her husband leaving for four years the following day, she managed to make what was bound to be one of their last few intimate moments, about her, and how hard it was going to be for her. I’m pretty sure by his reaction that he was thinking “You? WTF about me?”

    I can’t get a read on Gabriella, I want to say she’s actually feeling the most internally, but she shows it the least. It actually breaks my heart when I see her like tonight sad, and alone in her thoughts on that crowded bed.

    • Margaret Hughes

      I took that to mean that him being there is harder for her than her being there.

      • Minky

        I know Joe Giudice is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but if it were me I would simply refuse to film. Consequences be damned. Teresa needs a good psychiatrist. She’s fucking loco.

  15. 25

    Hey TT–I know you’ve said that the husbands don’t get separate paychecks from Bravo. Is there any chance that the kids do? I remember Jac saying a long time ago on WWHL that Ashlee bought her own car with the money she got from RHONJ. I really hope that the 4 Guidice girls see some kind of payout (that isn’t paid to Teresa and susceptible to being garnered or turned into a fur) for this horrible time in their childhood being broadcast.

    • tamaratattles

      Kids only get paid if they are adults. I believe on Teen Mom they set up a smallish annuity for those kids that pays out during their adulthood. But Bravo believes they are paying the kids and the husbands through the Bravo check to the “wife.”

      However. RHOA’s Peter has been successful in getting the husbands paid for reunion appearances and things they are “forced into” filming. That precedent may have also been set by David Foster who was so famous that he would not work for free.

      But the kids are not paid on Bravo and they don’t have to pay them because the media whore mothers are dying to have their little darlings on TV as much as possible.

      • Wonky Tonk

        “But Bravo believes they are paying the kids and the husbands through the Bravo check to the “wife.”

        That’s a rather ridiculous position for them to have. That would be like you, or I going to the car dealership taking a lower end car, and insisting that it’s yours because they’re getting paid for it through the payments being made by your parents on their high end luxury car.

        Those kids definitely deserve something given that’s out there now forever, and really who knows what future ramifications are in store for those kids in the future, like taunting from fellow classmates.

      • Minky

        Aren’t there some child labor laws they’re breaking here? I thought that the law was really strict about compensating children who appear on TV nowadays. Granted, I’m totally ignorant about these things. I hope this is at least an experience where the children will build some character.

  16. Laureen Spina

    Is anyone else over Chris Laurita this season?? I used to think he was one of the more sane house husbands, staying away from the drama. This season he’s ALL up in it. There’s nothing less attractive to me than a man who gets himself involved in women’s drama. Joe Guidice may be a drunken, adulterous criminal but one of his only redeeming qualities has always been his total lack of interest in the fights between these women. I always felt like that was the common bond between him and Chris Laurita. No more.

    • Toni

      I think the lauritas really need this Bravo money and I imagine Jac is insisting on Chris being there, much like lvp always has ken in the mix. I can’t imagine blk water is doing that well and I think they have at least a partner on the popcorn.

    • tamaratattles

      There is a change underfoot when it comes to the husbands. They are all getting tired of not getting paid. ALL of the husbands have been more prominent this season. Chris and Rich not as much but the Joes have both had scenes without their wives. Jersey is the most FAMBILY oriented show and I think with the lack of strong female leads on RHONJ they decided to give more focus to the men. I don’t see Chris as involved in the drama as much as playing the role of devoted husband who is supporting his wife. I think the only husbands with any desire to be on camera are Joe Gorga and Rich Wakile. The others never seem to be that into it.

  17. Madashell

    It’s interesting to see the Feds be so tough and their many press conferences on this case. That does show you how this case was treated harsher than most cases. Also, shows how Feds act when they want to go after crimes. They don’t bother with Big Banks or Hilary, but reality or other stars or athletes are fair game for publicity they seek.

    • Toni

      It’s the tax fraud and the IRS that gets you. The ones who get away with it work the system and exploit the loopholes.

      The Guidices may have gotten it worse (don’t know if that’s actually the case) but it was because they kept lying and obstructing by not filing forms or filing inaccurate ones.

    • tamaratattles

      How on earth were the Feds tough on the Giudices? They got to keep everything they stole except what they stole from the IRS. Every single thing.

      • Cheryl B.

        Exactly TT!!! That’s why I think “would I serve 11 months in CAMP for $14 MILLION Dollars!!!!!!

      • Cheryl B.

        I don’t know why this gets me so pissed off. I think it’s because it’s being rewarded for being a crook, and being accepted for being a crook, and losing nothing for being a crook. Just goes against everything. Just my thoughts.

      • Minky

        What gets me is how many people (Tre huggers) are okay with this, or actually SUPPORT Teresa’s actions and attitude. What percentage of the general population do the huggers represent?

        I’ve never stolen so much as a pack of gum because it would fucking haunt my conscience forever, let alone committing fucking multimillion dollar fraud for the whole world to see on TV. Are people that morally bankrupt? This shit is starting to mess with my mind.

      • Dancing Matisse

        I stole a squirt gun from Ace Hardware at three years old. My mother marched me back in to apologize and return it which was the best lesson ever.

        The Guidice’s steal 12M to fund their hideous gnome house on steroids and still haven’t learned the lessons we learn as pre-schoolers.

  18. Margaret Shepard

    Very interesting the difference of Teresa going to prison vs Joe’s. Shows her total lack of accountability which continues to this day. All undercover. She thinks she was was an innocent victim of circumstances that she had no control over. Seeing her still parading in designer clothes and her 80 thousand dollar Lexus just make me sick. The woman must have 100 coats!! I hope this show is cancelled soon. I liked Siggy better this episode.

  19. Teresa is mistaken if she thinks her girls are going to live in denial like she has. She forgets they are getting older and will ask a lot of questions. I wonder what the status of the Laurita case is?

  20. Trish

    TT, I’m so glad you mentioned the straws!! That is all I could think of – WTF!! I’m really sad for Joe and Tre’s kids. They are already so damaged. I hope someone gets them into therapy – not Siggy! I just hurt for the girls. Bravo should be ashamed of exploiting these children. I can see Gia ending up raising them.

    • tamaratattles

      I’m so glad YOU noticed the straws. I don’t think it would have bothered me so much if they had taken the paper off the ends. But there were so many glasses for two people. and none of them seem to have been touched. It’s normal for them to be told not to actually eat or drink anything so they can maintain continuity when they chop the scene all up, but this was just weird.

  21. PeachyKeen

    I did watch last night..was mesmerized by the straws…thought Dolores was looking a bit bored by Siggy.
    I can’t stand watching the ENVY social media fellow. Bad attitude..How close are we to the finale and renunion?

  22. Plums

    I have never commented but always enjoyed your blog. I had to comment today as I found this post, and particularly the last paragraph to be incredibly poignant and moving. You painted a very bleak picture, yet full of details and layers. Sadly I think the daughters lack role models so no one will be in place to help them heal from their parents failing them. Anyway, I won’t go into much more. I just wanted to give you a compliment on a post that I found very moving that I had to come out of hiding.

  23. Teresa

    I swore I wasn’t going to watch this show, but I caved. After watching this season so far, I can see that Teresa learned nothing fron her stay in prison. It makes me livid every time she says she didn’t know she was doing anything wrong. Especially after I am pretty sure that in front of the judge she took responsibility. She also didn’t learn that being in the lime light didn’t help her. Now she’s right back there going back on what she said to the judge. I think she better be very careful. They still haven’t decided to deport Joe or not. But my heart breaks for those girls.

  24. Shut-in

    As a (sorta) Catholic girl living again in the heavily Jewish Chicago suburb of my childhood, (and having many, many Jewish friends all my life!) , I found the Holocaust Museum segment, (where Siggy’s dad said he was helped to escape the Nazi’s by a priest) incredibly moving! I do not get the Siggy hate- Siggy is familiar to me and very lovable, scripted or not! 😁☘️

  25. lo

    Very painful to watch the Guidice children grieve over another prison stint by one of their parents. I agree they will carry emotional scars with them forever.

  26. Swizzle

    Love or hate Teresa, the rest of the damn show was so boring. I think it’s time for RHONJ to go away.

  27. Minnesotafamily5

    I noticed that every time they pulled away from a Guidice scene, they showed their massive house! They didn’t do that with anyone else — only the Guidice’s! As if reminding us not to feel too sorry for them! I do like Joe. I can’t help it. I can’t stand Teresa though… no remorse…

  28. More Tea Please!

    I felt like that bed scene was awful exploitation of children at such a vulnerable time of their lives. Bravo is scum, and I guess we are too for watching it.

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