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    Sorry guys. I was rooting for Katya and really think she should have won. I was not a fan of how this season turned out in a whole. 😩

    I’ll be sitting in a corner crying for a few more days.

  2. tamaratattles

    I like Alaska right up to the part where she pouted about being in the bottom. I think it was a mistake to have so many season five girls on the same All Stars Season.

    Also, someone sent me spoilers for this season which I stupidly forwarded to Lady C, and I forgot about them, TWICE. Whose ex was claiming to date the winner? Was it Alaska or Alyssa?

    Also, is there usually a reunion????

  3. Tamdon

    Tamara is dead-on about the issue with there being so many queens from the same season. It was especially troubling because of the twist with the queens themselves deciding who would go home from week to week.. Too much room for bias. I was team Alaska for sure. But quite honestly, outside of Roxxxy Andrews, everyone else was equally deserving of the title. I couldn’t be upset if Detox or Katya had won because they were both excellent this season. I love good competition and this season didn’t disappoint!

  4. Margarett

    Lady Cocotte, thank you so much for the excellent recaps. I plan to binge watch this weekend and your recaps make it possible for me to “keep up with the action”.

  5. CMC

    Thank Lady Cocotte for your recaps. This is my favorite show and I loved reading your recaps and point of view each week.

  6. iv

    Yes, much thanks to Lady Cocotte! I enjoyed reading your recaps!

  7. Love the recap Lady Cocotte, well done. I was in Alaska’s corner until she did the bribe thing. Then I was fully in Katya’s corner until she worn that fugly dress at the end. Then I was in Detox’s corner until she she did that big horse laugh. Finally I decided it should be a triple crown winner season. It was over too soon. My battery is low so just a quick love Tamara Tattles !

  8. Steve

    “Roxxxy was also there” so accurate lol.

  9. hannahkingrose

    Lady C I want to thank you so much for recapping Drag Race for us this season despite your acknowledged affinity for Alaska lol. You gave us a fair assessment of all the queens and I appreciate it very much. I very much enjoy your take and funny descriptions of the episodes. You are awesome for taking so much of your time to recap and respond to many of our comments.

    I definitely made my preference for Katya known from the beginning and I still believe she should have won even though I can see some of her imperfections now (what was with her last runway dress, she looked like part of Russian Nesting Dolls). After watching the finale I have come to the conclusion that I would have been fine if Ru had chosen Detox as the winner. Detox brought it and was almost as deserving as Katya.

    Alaska won. We all knew she was going to win. I don’t think anyone was surprised. What I was surprised about is even though so many fans voted for Katya and Ru and Michelle discussed Alaska’s tantrum and Rolaskatox with her, it didn’t matter. The $10,000 bribe never got brought up but I did see where Alaska and Detox gave $10,000 to charity. I suppose that was to avoid production from having to consider disqualification for either. Alaska, Detox and Katya were all very close in the running with in my opinion Alaska a little in the lead until all that. I just feel like it was smoothed over with no real explanation. I sure hope that it will be brought up during the reunion. Alaska must feel like a cloud is following her around with all these negative fan reactions which I think are excessive. Maybe not. Alaska had her heart set on the crown so no matter what, she is a happy queen.

    Thanks again. XOXO

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