Michael Wainstein Fails To Pay First Support Payment To Jules


RHONY Jules pensive

Remember last month when the judge awarded Jules Wainstein $10,000 a month in spousal and child support and he poor mouthed the judge and said he didn’t have any money to support his children?  Well, guess what? He’s not paying.

Jules was supposed to receive her first check on September 30th, a full three months after he filed for divorce.  She received nothing.  Today, TMZ reported that Jules is going back to the judge to ask him to find Michael in contempt. I don’t know how that works up there in NYC where the news that Jules was getting $10,000 a month was met with gasps and hand wringing over how she is possibly going to survive on $120,000 a year, but down here in the real world, judges send folks to the pokey for not following their court orders.

From the sounds of things is he not contributing to the marital home at all, nor is he paying the kids pricey tuition at The Come Whenever You Want To School For Jewish Boys. Jules has called 911 multiple times on Michael. Read about that here and here.


RHONY Jules and Fam


In September. when the judge handed down the order, Michael’s attorney told the judge that he did not have the resources to make the payments to support his children and their mother of his child from whom.  His attorney also mentioned that all of his credit cards were frozen. This is problematic for Jules since she talked about using “his” credit card on RHONY last season.

Meanwhile, word on the mean streets of New York has been that Michael lives in a brownstone with his new lover, a therapist who was either friends with or treating Jules at the time they got together.

It’s crazy to me that every little move in this divorce is covered by TMZ. We’re not exactly talking Brad and Angelina here.  Surprisingly, that Brangelina drama died down VERY quickly. At least for now.


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52 responses to “Michael Wainstein Fails To Pay First Support Payment To Jules

  1. Allison

    I think they’re both probably going to try and make this as ugly as possible, drag it out, and okay it out as publicly as they can. We’ve all seen this movie before. And I don’t, for one second 1) believe he can’t afford it and 2) feel bad for her getting 10k a month. Some people eke out a living on a little more than that a year. So my empathy and sympathy is not very great for either of them.

  2. Teresa

    I’m pretty sure that the judge based the amount of support partly on Michael’s ability to pay. Sounds like he is just refusing to pay. What a great father!

  3. Being from New York and being familiar with the court for child support, they will put you in jail for failure to pay. In Maryland, you pay to get out of jail.

  4. JustJenn

    This is one of the main reasons why I have no desire to ever get married or have kids even though I love children. What an asshole Michael is. Also what kind of woman moves in with a guy who won’t support his own children? SMH.

    • LisaPat

      Yes, people always say that it’s important to “blame your husband, not the mistress.” I’m sorry, but if the mistress is your marriage counselor, and posed as a friend to the wife, then the woman is a POS and just as much to blame !

  5. Maybe his mistress can pay until he gets his act together. He is the one who filed for divorce. Did he think he could just walk away without paying anything? I bet his mistress has already dumped him by now. Who wants a dead beat. Sounds like his money troubles have been happening for some time. Lock him up already!

  6. Nila

    Being in New York I can tell you they base the amount on what he has made the past five years. However, I doubt he will go to jail just yet. The most they will door is give him a court date to answer to the failed payment, which could take a while especially if this is a temp order and not the permanent one. I was told financial reasons were not reason enough to up a court date, that was after I was forced into a homeless shelter. Once it all goes through, she should be set, it’s just a bumpy ride getting there.

    • I don’t know NY rules, only NJ, but I doubt they’ll put him in jail for missing one payment. In NJ, one must be at least two weeks late before you can even file a complaint with probation.

      Hopefully, Michael has to pay the state of NY who in turn sends out a check or direct deposit into her account. It is much better to arrange payment with the state in any situation as they can provide support to the person receiving alimony/child support.

      I agree with Allison above. I am sure Michael can afford it easily. On the other hand, I think it’s a lot of money to receive for alimony/child support. There will probably be stipulations that he pay for “the Come Whenever you Want to School for Jewish Boys” directly. Hysterical, Tamara and that is the way it is in these Jewish Parochial schools. He will also have to pay for their health insurance, copays, braces if needed, dental visits, and so on, so the $120K a year comes to be so much more.

    • Sliceo'pie

      My husband just left us 7 weeks ago. I’ve talked about it (probably too much) here. I can’t imagine the hell you must have gone through. My heart goes out to you-what a horrible thing to do someone you loved. I hope you are happy today.

      • Hey Slice, I’ve been thinking about you and hoping that you’re doing a little bit letter. I know it’s too raw now, only 7 weeks, but for what it’s worth, I always say a little prayer for you and justanothermary. You haven’t talked about it too much. It’s a very difficult time and I know many people on this site understand what you and Nila (above) have been through. Hang in there!! <3

  7. Kara123

    I went through the same thing. I have two children their father and I owned a house together and I believed we would raise our two children together. A year before he left he had a motorcycle accident and had to have a below knee amputation after he healed he walked out on me stating he felt like he was missing out on something. That’s where the hell began he owned his own company and wouldn’t pay any child support I was able to get him on warrant status which meant if he didn’t pay for three months they would arrest him and then the judge would let him out. My point is the only ones who win our the attorneys I paid over 30 grand and got absolutely nothing and to be honest my kids are really the ones who suffer. My ex gets the kids every other weekend which is great they see him but they also miss out on school activities those weekends bc he refuses to bring them, yes I have a court order that he has to bring them but who can afford to keep going to court. One thing that I think about everyday is that I have 7 yrs and eight months left to deal with him but I’m wishing my children’s youth away and mine. Sorry for babbling on

    • Megan

      That sounds like a hard situation…for you and the kids. I can underdstand people disliking their exs, but they should always do what is best for the kids. Best of luck to you.

    • Alyssa

      Never commented before but had to respond. My dad similarly upended my life during the time when I was to visit him. He moved across the country to marry his next wife so I spent the entirety of every vacation besides summer, and the vast majority of summer, in the rural shit hole where he lived. I missed out on so many activities, performances (I had to quit dance one year because they bumped up the recital to when I would be across the country) and camps because of him. I’m still bitter about it.

      At the end of the day, his actions (or inaction) turn his children away from him. They learn who really has their back. Unfortunately, there’s plenty of parents who don’t have their childrens’ backs.

    • OmgOmg

      Sorry to hear that. Don’t get mad — get even. You need a better attorney. Try, try again. Don’t be defeated. It’s too important for your children’s futures and your future happiness. Do what you have to to make yourself feel better. best of luck

    • Sorry to hear, Kara123. It is very tricky when your ex owns his own business and falsely contends that he can’t or won’t pay. I recommend you go pro se. After the divorce, my ex didn’t follow through with most of the orders and then he filed motions about other things. Not having enough money to give a retainer to a lawyer, I downloaded forms on the state site and filed a motion against my ex.

      It’s a long, arduous process in the beginning, but I found the courts were receptive to my motions as long as I had valid proof. It’s time consuming, but worth it, I think. Perhaps they can garnish his salary or put a lien on his company, office building, or house. In some cases, they can confiscate his license, either for driving or perhaps a license he might need for his work.

      I wish you much luck.

    • Sliceo'pie

      That’s just horrible Kara. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. I just don’t understand how some people think-especially in regard to the long term happiness of their children. These are people we once loved and they loved us back. I don’t understand why it has to be so petty and mean. It must be so difficult dealing with someone so short-sighted. I bet you’re a terrific mother. Best of luck to you.
      For what it’s worth, I’ve babbled on for paragraphs and paragraphs here about my separation. Your comments were short.

  8. Toddy

    Well, he is a low down dog if he doesn’t want to provide for his children.

  9. T D

    A cold blooded thing to do to family. At least there’s no need to bother with the door after a hard day at the office when you can just slither through a crack in brownstone wall. The therapist is cracked too.

  10. Little Arizona

    Douche baggery.

  11. Cheria

    Why would you go on someone’s blog to be insulting. Go get a lige. Sorry, Tamara if this violates any rules. I just have had enough of mean people today.

  12. T D

    Jollies would involve tickling your ass with a poison ivy vine firmly attached to the end of a ten foot pole.

  13. Cheria

    Life i meant. Bad day.

  14. T D

    Words of the unweened unweinered.

  15. LisaPat

    Who are you? Sheree? Or Michael Wainstein?

  16. T D

    If you can’t use your inside voice you might end up in the time out chair,although a highchair in a safezone would be better suited.

  17. What in the actual fuck?!

  18. T D

    Unable to pick your own nose you choose to pick a fight involving a battle of wits as an unarmed man. Best go sharpen your crayon now.

  19. T D

    Are you talking to your armpits? Are you beseeching the patron saint of ban roll on?

  20. ninjapanda1

    WTF just happened?

  21. Lisa j

    Hey crazy person, idk where TT is right at this very moment but it will literally make my YEAR when she smacks your ass down.
    TT you are rocking Google today! You’re trending #1 in every single post in the last 24 hours!!! So proud of you 🎉

    • Allison

      Don’t feed the trolls-lots if times if you just ignore, they go away. When a post gets hijacked, mission accomplished. That’s all I’ve got to say, as I’m already slightly contributing to the feeding right now.

      So yeah, Michael is gonna be way more butt hurt if he has to go to jail over this. Pun intended.

    • Minky

      Yay TT!!! Congratulations! Now who left the gate open?

      I seriously doubt that this is any Bravo personality. Maybe a disgruntled commenter from the past.

      Allow me to paraphrase Kanye for Tamara in this troll situation . “People say I’m the illest, cause I suffer from realness.”

      You go TT!!! 🤓

  22. I like Jules alot..and I am glad both insisted on each having a gag order regarding this divorce..hmm you are right TT, TMZ certainly is up on the Wainsten’s movements. So dirty that Michael leaps immediately to “deadbeat dad” territory. He is depriving his children,but thinks he is only affecting the mother of his children…how dirty

  23. Yes! That’s just nasty. POOF Be gone!

  24. Happy gal

    I come here because this is the good blog – the one that makes me laugh and is intelligent.

    Of course today some ass hat troll has breached he WLS long enough to make several remarks but that’s ok it just reminds me why I like this blog and not the others – because usually this kind is not here

    • Minky

      It’s ridiculous. I also come here because I know I won’t have to deal with this kind of thing, and I enjoy TT’s writing and the commenters and the sense of camaraderie. Maybe TT left those comments there so we can see what she has to weed through all the time. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Some people.

  25. tamaratattles

    Sorry for the delay, I was attending to other things. All cleaned up now. That was Linda from Cherryville. She might have had an aneurysm because she has posted here sort of normally for the last six months or so. Between that and T D barrage of comments and someone who repeatedly has trouble logging in and then panicking that they are in WLS, I’m just getting to the end of my workday at 3 am. YAY!

  26. Given this latest report, I guess the word “diminutive” can describe more than Michael’s physical stature. Perhaps describes his character and who knows what else. 😜 What an absolute piece of shit.
    In my opion. Allegedly.

    • The courts are pretty conservative in the amount of money given as alimony and child support and in NJ, it is determined by a formula. It is not a subjective amount of money so to assure that it is fair to both parties.

      It’s disturbing when a father withholds funds to the ex he hates in order to punish her, while in fact, he is really hurting his children. It is childish and selfish in my opinion.

      • Matzah, I totally agree with you. The court has a formula in my state as well. I unfortunately had to experience what Jules is going through. I was young and naive & thought “oh, well I really don’t want my children to have to say their dad is in jail.” So I opted to let it go. Hindsight is 20/20. Twenty years of struggling to do it on my own. I wish I would have put the fucker in jail!

      • One more thing. I used to fantasize about the day the kids would be grown & they would realize what a piece of shit their father was/is. Well, that day has come & it is NOT a happy one. It has only caused the children to experience more hurt, which only breaks my heart rather than feeling an ounce of redemption or affirmation for my efforts & struggles. No winners in acrimonious divorces.

      • Allison

        There’s a formula in CT as well-and when my youngest sons father and I split up (our son was 5) we had never had an official support order, but he was 100% active in his life and provided monetarily whenever I needed him to. When we split up, I wanted an order just so I didn’t have to “ask” him for anything and our contact would be minimal. He made excellent money but I deviated from the guidelines for less so he could pay the mortgage on a condo with a bedroom for our son and he wouldn’t be crippled financially. I also waived the 50k plus back support the state said he owed. But now, we don’t speak and I’m the asshole. How quickly they forget.

      • Allison,
        Indeed. How quickly they forget. And it is SO difficult to do it alone. Certainly not what I signed up for. I would like to correct myself in saying there are no winners. I am blessed with close relationships with awesome kids. The ex can kick rocks.

  27. Kimoe

    You know I just don’t get it. You’re married. You’ve built a life together. DONT fuck around. If you’re thinking of doing it or are attracted enough to someone to think of doing it then maybe you don’t need to be in your marriage. Think long and hard about your marriage and if you want out then you sit down with your spouse and end it. THEN go do what you want. Just say, “I’m not happy. I want to move on. Here’s 50% of our assets. Have a nice life.” Why is this so hard to do? Why do people have to be SUCH shits? Yes there will be anger and emotional upheaved but why do people have to be such shits about assets? You want to leave one life and have a different life? Well, that’s the price. Period.

    I thought Michael was an ass from the start. Didn’t see him and Jules as a couple really. His antics don’t surprise me. He’s probably got Little Man Syndrome.

  28. Wonky Tonk

    Withholding child support is a real douchebag move if he did it intentionally.

    I don’t think she’s going to have money issues for long if her Modern Alkeme detox drinks, which just went on the shelves at some Whole Foods stores, takes off. It’s probably a test run because the drinks aren’t in all Whole Foods stores yet.

    The entire detox routine is a three day process with two 8 oz bottles a day. Pretty smart move that because it pretty much ensures a six pack purchase at $30.00, and with the average margin on health drinks being in the low 50s percent she should be doing well financially soon if it takes off.

    As skinny as she is she should add a weight loss concoction to the line.

    I hope for her kids that the line takes off, but truth be told once he starts paying the 10K a month, which I think eventually he has no choice but to, financially they’ll be in a better position than most American families.

  29. Toni

    Michael not paying, if it’s true, makes him an even bigger asshole than he came across as on rhony. You want some new tail, fine, but take care of your kids!!!

    I’m so sorry to read all the struggles you all have posted regarding your divorces. Totally heartbreaking. You all are some strong people and my hat goes off to you.

  30. newjerzeyboy

    Michael has the money, he knows it, Jules knows it, the Judge knows. it. This is just a game people play. Eventually Michael will have his monthly payments reduced and pay.

  31. RENOB

    It seemed like Michael was never into his kids AT ALL during any of the tapings of RHONY. It does not surprise me that he thinks he can just walk away and continue f*cking his new P with no consequences. He is an arrogant selfish scumbag. I didn’t care for her either, treating him like an ATM and thinking she was too good to cook/clean/take care of the children w/out a nanny… however, he still needs to support his children. She needs a job and he needs to step up!

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