WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson and Sonja Morgan

I never go around to recapping WWHL with Vicki Gunvalson and Sonja Morgan the other night and I’m not really in the mood to do a long recap of it now but I really want to watch something on the DVR that is not related to politics. Both ladies look fantastic and attribute their glow to the holistic doctor they both use. Sonja has a new face entirely and could pass for Camille Grammer at this point. Whatever she has had done was very well done.

Andy shows a photo of Vicki out with Luann and Rey. Vicki says Rey was all over her and Luann was adamant that Vicki lay off her man. Vicki says she has no idea who he is and she was not interested at all. She says Luann ended up leaving with Paul Nassif that night.  I don’t know why Sonja is sitting there not mentioning that it was actually HER that left with Paul that night. This was back in May of 2015 when they still did the combined upfronts and the cast from all the seasons would go.

Sonja gave the tea on Luann’s shower. Sonja got the dates mixed up and was at the spa getting a pedicure so she just dashed over to the shower with her feet wrapped in Saran wrap. Jill Zarin was there and got along with everyone. Dorinda was there and Sonja is not speaking to her. Sonja says Dorinda is duplicitous and lied about everything and is a total fake. Sonja maintains that everyone knows that Dorinda does drugs.

Someone texts Vicki to let her know it was in fact Sonja who left with Paul. It was all over the tabloids when it happened.



Vicki says that Tamra talks about everyone’s family, kids and husbands and then goes ballistic when anyone says anything about her. Oh, and next week Kelly gets pissed at Vicki for not sticking up for her.

There is some story from Page Six from October 5th talking about a drunk Dorinda being wasted at the Regency and clobbering some random dude over the head with her high-heeled shoe. Her version of events was that it was her late husband’s birthday and she had been to the cemetery and was over come with emotion. And booze.  And denies hitting anyone.

Vicki says she is still with Steve and he is amazing. Ryan remains in Oklahoma. Vicki doesn’t want to talk about Brianna’s diagnosis but says she is getting better.

Whose side are you on? Kelly or Everyone Else?  60%  said Everyone Else. Closer than I thought it would be.


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  1. Johnny

    I can’t wait for the next season of RHoNY, I think we’ll see quite the dramatic unravelling of the Dorinda myth. Bethenny in particular seemed keen to spill the beans on D’s financial situation, and how she couldn’t pay for some launch party last season and was begging her for booze, so I don’t think the story she’s told about herself so far is the entire story. I also kind of believe Carole’s story that Dorinda was basically a superfan of the show, desperate to join the cast. (Yes, I know, Bethenny and Carole a pair of mean girls, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong…..)

    As for Sonja, I really think she looks terrific. Both her and Ramona have made pretty good choices in terms of regular maintenance rather than dramatic surgery.

    • Nila

      Dorinda and Ramona had been friends for decades, I don’t think Dorinda seems like a super fan that is desperate. I don’t ever recall Dorinda talking about her financials. I never assumed she was super rich but she’s definitely not poor.

      • Johnny

        I do believe she was friends or at least friendly with Ramona, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that friendship has been exaggerated. Bravo love to embellish a back-story. And knowing Ramona certainly doesn’t preclude her from being desperate to get on the show – just look at the Gorgas.

        Her finances were discussed in brief at the reunion in Season 7, with the impression given (and, at that time, backed up Bethenny) that her late husband Richard had set her up for life. Then, this season, Bethenny tweeted that Dorinda had organized a party she couldn’t foot the bill for, begged for Bethenny’s help, and when Bethenny refused asked if she could send booze instead. That doesn’t sound like someone who’s “set for life”. Bethenny also made a fleeting reference to “knowing about Dorinda’s finances” during the course of Season 8, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes deeper on that next season. Perhaps Dorinda has used up all her dollar bills snorting party powder…..

        That said, Bethenny is unpredictable. She might be BFFs with Dorinda by next season. I was pretty amazed by her alliance with Ramona this year, after accusing Ramona of spreading lies about her marriage at the reunion in Season 7, but I guess she was strategic enough to realize that Ramona could help her take Luann down. If she decides Dorinda is more useful as a friend than an enemy, she’ll ally with her again too. This is The Bethenny Show, after all.

      • Nila

        Ramona was at her husbands funeral, I think their friendship is real, one of the few ones.

    • Rach

      Dorinda is also a friend of Jill Zarin. In some old episodes you can see Dorinda at their functions. In one episode where Jills step daughter is speaking about being bullied Dorinda is sitting right next to Jill and they state that her name is Dorinda Medley on the screen. She just had slightly longer hair. At one of Jill’s bday parties Dorinda is shown quite a lot standing next to a tall man which I assume was her late husband. I don’t think Dorinda is a super fan at all she genuinely knows these ladies.

      • Johnny

        Yes I know she’s been in previous episodes. I don’t think knowing some of these ladies socially excludes her from being a “superfan” of the show (whatever Carole meant by that). I don’t think those things are incompatible with each other. I also don’t think Carole was implying that Dorinda isn’t friends with the women – I think her point was that she was very keen to join the show, watched avidly, and made judgments on the women she didn’t know based on what she’d seen (I think she said something about it being hard to form a lasting friendship with her because of that). I think there are more obvious digs to come up with, and although Carole has become mean lately I don’t think she’s become untruthful or outlandish in her criticisms, so I think it would be interesting if she expands on this next season.

        It would be nice of course if there’s no need for the girls to gun for Dorinda. If she laid off the drugs and returned to the woman she was in her first season (and towards the end of the most recent), I’m sure the other women will lay off her. But it’ll probably be more interesting to watch if she’s off the rails, and clearly there’s going to be conflict between her and Sonja at the very least after the reunion and blogs since. I think Ramona will be the MVP next season, because she’s the only person that pretty much everyone is happy to film with (except maybe Luann).

  2. Marsha Marsha Marsha

    I agree with Vicki’s assessment of Tamra. I hope Sonja is wrong about Dorinda doing drugs, either way it was a low blow. My opinion of Sonja is in the basement along with Tamra and Brianna. Thank you for the recap Tamara.

    • Jrleaguer

      @Marsha Marsha Marsha,
      “Low blow”…I see what you did there. As Bethenny said when she was on WWHL, “Trust and believe that it snows in New York…”

      • Minky

        Is it wrong that I don’t care whether or not Dorinda does drugs? I know I might get a bunch of flak for this, but I don;t necessarily see that as indicative of any character flaws. She looks fabulous and very healthy. Especially if she’s a coke head.

        It’s not like the other women on RHNY are a bunch of teetotaling angels. They’re all liquored up most of the time when they’re on camera. In addition to the alleged Xanax and Aderol. So what’s the big deal?

      • Microop

        I don’t care either. Bethenny claims to hate pearl clutching upper east side ladies yet she’s so offended by Dorindas alleged drug use she needs to chastise her for it? Who cares? And if she does do coke of course she’s not going to keep it real on national tv to bethennys keeping it real standards, bc it is illegal. Duh. Once again who cares? At least she’s pleasant to watch.

      • Rach

        I’m exactly the same. Plus I’m rewatching season 3 and Sonja has just come on the show and she’s declared in a restaurant in the hamptons to Luann and Kelly Bensimon that her and Ramona take adderall. These women think that just because they’re on legal drugs that it’s not as bad as illegal drugs. Ridiculous

      • Johnny

        I’m just re-watching some old seasons of RHoNY too. Just got to the pirate stuff in St. Barth in Season 4 or 5. I’d forgotten how many terrible things they did to Luann over the years, from not showing up to her video shoot, calling her “Countless” and “LuMan”, laughing at her divorce, right up to this season with Tom. I have a newfound respect for her for putting up with it. She really has had more hits than the others.

        And yes, I’ve noticed Sonja repeatedly reference Adderal and Valium. Poor medicated creature. At least she looks good on it lol!

  3. PeachyKeen

    Sad for Vicki.. she craves attention to the point of making herself look foolish.
    Truly sad for for her kids to have a mom so into talking about her love tank..

    SHe thinks she is untouchable as the OG of the Oc… Nothing lasts forever.. and time runs out with viewer interest.

    • tamaratattles

      Really, you are concerned for Vicki’s kids? ROFLMAO. Yeah, that whole love tank thing was really the most mortifying thing ever seen on Reality TV. I mean who would go on TV and declare they are not getting enough love and affection?

    • Nila

      Her children are adults and it’s not like she was declaring she wasn’t getting enough orgasms!

  4. Candid

    I couldn’t believe that Sonia sat right there with her lips sealed as to who Paul Nasif left with. Andy seemed to have just glossed over it. He should have called her out on it.

  5. T D

    Does this mean that Sonja and Paul are friends with medical benefits?

    • Minky

      Ha! Maybe Paul did Sonja’s latest work on her face? Makes me wonder if that’s how Sonja paid for it. She’s allegedly doing so bad financially that her toilets are dry. So how can she afford plastic surgery?

      Another interesting thing is that Sonja was NOT so quick to correct everybody about who went home with Paul, to the point where she stayed mum on the subject. Especially since they were saying that it was Luanne. I thought Sonja would want everyone to know that it was her and not Luanne, especially because she rattled on about her “relationship” with Tom for so long and how Luanne stole him from her. Hmm? Interesting.

  6. I started to like Kelly but the childish antics of the last episode kind of got me, and I really think it was a low blow to say anything about Tamra’s kid, though Tamra is famous for bashing everyone’s kids, she hadn’t said anything about Kelly’s daughter so I thought it was a bit much. I agree that VIcki is OVER. She’s so desperate it’s embarrassing.

  7. Laureen Spina

    Briana stated on Instagram that she has been diagnosed with Lupus. Since she chose to disclose it publicly herself I don’t get why Vicki is mysterious about it. I’ve seen her dodge the diagnosis question several times.

  8. B-listed at Bethenny

    Glad to hear Vicki mention Brianna’s health is improving. Has her official diagnosis every been identified? Sonia seemed a little different this episode. Could it be because her daughter was in the audience?

  9. Lisa j

    Over Vicki, she’s giving me the creeps since the cancer scam. TJ I call BS, she’s open about her children and struggled with Simon. Ms. Grey Gardens looks amazing!

    • Wonky Tonk

      Yeah, she’s not going to apologize for knowing, and at this point I doubt anyone really thinks she didn’t know at some point, so if she really does believe that, which I don’t think she does, she’s only fooling herself. I certainly don’t believe she didn’t know, and it’s a little annoying to keep hearing her denying it, but normal people let shit go when they realize they’re not going to get the answer they want, but not Shannon, or the dreadful Meghan, well for Shannon until Vicki threatens to out her secret, then she’s all lovey dovey re-found friendy.

      Shannon, and Meghan are the worst.

  10. JoJoFLL

    Not a Sonja fan and I’m about over the NY housewives.


  11. Swizzle

    Vicki is crazy. She just needs to pack up her cancer scams and go away.

  12. Microop

    I think it’s close bc people hate tamra. I don’t, and I think she deserves a little credit for trying to be a better person. I think despite these events she’s still grown a lot in the past couple years.

  13. Sonja acted like an ass with her fake superior attitude. I don’t believe for one second that LuAnn steals all her boyfriends. An easy excuse for not having a long-term relationship.

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