A Quick Word About Kelly Dodd



ONE MORE THING!  The Double D account is not only on twitter at all?

UPDATED:  Apparently Kelly went on her Facebook page today and said that it was her that fat shamed the lady with the baby.  This is odd because this means she is using TWO Twitter accounts.  She had the other account verified today. And she is verified on the Facebook account as well. So weird. 

This is what she said. 

I’m going to get in front of this issue! This Troll came onto my site to tell lies and shamed me and my daughter and my husband!! I went back and did the same thing to her! She said my daughter is embarrassed of me amongst other vulgarities… She doesn’t know me and I don’t know her.. I went on her Instagram and commented just like she did me! Listen, I’m at fat camp, I have a thyroid problem & I’m fat right now. I have no room to talk. However, I am not going to put up with trolls harassing me and my daughter! I know now to ignore the trolls! Because this is exactly what they want to make me look bad and I fell into her trap!

Um, again. So weird. It’s practically in the Bravo contract that going on the show will embarrass and humiliate your entire family so I’m not sure why that is suddenly so insulting to Kelly. I’m sure her kid takes a lot of heat at school just like all the other housewives’ kids. 




A few people have been asking me what I think of Kelly Dodd fat shaming people on the Internet. My answer is, I don’t think anything about it, because it didn’t happen.

Kelly Dodd’s Twitter account is not verified. However it seems that @RHOC_KellyDodd is her actual email. Recently, a troll started an account @rhoc_kellyddodd no capital letters and an extra ‘d’ and has been fat shaming people on the Internet with that account. Updated: Kelly’s Twitter account got the blue check today.

So hate on Kelly all you want, but focus on the things that she actually does. I mean her actual account can be pretty aggressive at times.

Also, Kelly is NOT in rehab. She’s been at a spa that specializes in juice cleanses. It’s basically celebrity fat camp. They go and drink juice and exercise for a week and get all sorts of spa treatments and come home, detoxed, destressed and well probably hungry for some In and Out.

Hope this clears things up.


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48 responses to “A Quick Word About Kelly Dodd

  1. LisaPat

    Thanks TT !! I was one of those people, because Shannon Beador called her out for it. I certainly hope she explains that it was not her who did this because people are flipping out.

  2. newjerzeyboy

    Kelly is a horrible person and I love her for it. She’s almost better than Faye Resnick. Every show needs a HW that you love to hate. I hope they bring her back next season.

  3. Opela88

    I actually really like Kelly, she’s nutty . Imagine dealing with those obnoxious women who think their shit don’t stink. Kelly, Vicki, and I hate to admit… but Meagan are the only tolerable ones. Even though I think Meagan is phony .

    • Lawstangel

      Out of all of them Vicki is the leader of the my “shit don’t stink ” crew. I base this on her behavior (look at her tag line) over several seasons. In some seasons she has been downright brutal to many of the new women who have come on the show. Many here got pretty worked up over Heather allegedly being mean to wait staff, yet when it was revealed on that Secrets of the OC Housewives special how nasty Vicki treats production, not much was said. Maybe people did not see it? But pinning a producer to the wall and demanding they not air something is pretty hostile behavior in my book. Then she tries to cry poor, maybe she does not have Heather & Shannon level money, but she is far from poor. She still lives in in that huge Coto house, which she has remodeled more than once, she bought that Maserati, an 80 to 100k purchase and then she also purchased a home for Briana. Again, not poor! She is just a big hypocrite!

    • Dexter

      Vicki? The most vile housewife hipocrite cancer fraud of all time?

  4. I have seen her nose shaming, but didn’t see these fat comments.

  5. GayFriendInYaHead

    Love you Kelly, your Kenya Moore crazy presence on RHOC is very entertaining despite what the haters say 😘

    • Minky

      I can’t see the similarity between those two. Kenya doesn’t ever seem inebriated on the show. And Kenya also seems to have a pretty solid plan as to why she’s doing what she does. Kelly just gets drunk and starts lashing out at people.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Me either.

      • Toddy

        Kenya was nutty her first season, with the Gone with the Wind fabulous. I think most ‘wives are themselves for season 1, but others feel pressure to assume some persona.

      • Minky

        @Toddy I liked Shannon during her first season. And Brandi too. And Carole. Now, not so much. The reverse happened with Kenya. I thought she was loco in Season 1. Now she’s my favorite out of all the franchises.

  6. PeachyKeen

    I appreciate anyone who seeks self help..Do I like Kelly more?
    Only to do the 12 steps…. Her choices … only I hope get better.

  7. Lolita

    I heard her interview on Juicy Scoop podcast, and I see her in a different light. Not making excuses for her behavior, but it was interesting to hear her side of the story, especially how the editing comes in to play. Heather McDonald didn’t give her any slack, and asked very straightforward questions regarding her life and past relationships. She also called Kelly out when she didn’t feel she was being 100% honest. It was interesting to say the least. Definitely has a colorful past, but she is also smart and knows exactly what she is doing, which I believe is going for the ratings.

    • Lisa j

      Does she call her out on her racist antics and own substance abuse issues?

      • LisaPat

        A lot of people have substance abuse issues, it’s a disease. I did not take her comment about Jews having a sense of humor as “racist” because I don’t believe we are a race. If people who are overly-sensitive want to label her comments “anti-Semitic” then that would be more accurate than saying she is racist. I know some Jews believe that we are a race and people can be racist toward Jews, but I find those people extremely ignorant (Heather). I think it does more damage that every single Jewish child on Bravo is an entitled, spoiled, disrespectful brat who are usually defiling the holidays, customs and traditions. That having been said, I don’t like Kelly or any of the RHOOC.

      • LisaPat, Jews are identified as both a race and religion. Ashkenazi Jews are a homogenous group of Jews spread throughout Europe with roots to the Middle East. They are considered a race because they are part of a culture of Inmarriage and cultural isolation. They also carry a disproportionate number of diseases unique to only Jews, such as Tay-Sachs. Sephardic Jews have broken with many of the traditions through intermarriage and thus possess different genetic genomes than Ashkenazim.

      • tamaratattles

        Actually Jews are an ethnic group. There are four races, Black, White, Asian and Australian Aboriginals. Races were determined thousands of years ago. The were identified in modern times based on there geographic areas of origin, their distinctive bone structures and physical features. One can not convert to a new race, something Rachel Dolezal didn’t quite understand. It has nothing to do with diseases or “being part of a culture.” Jews are an ethnicity, and as such a group do have some genetic similarities provided they have an ancestral line of Judaism. There are ethnic groups of all kinds more likely to have certain diseases than others.On the other hand, there are black, white and Asian jews.

        In the US we are obsessed with race and/or not being racist to the point where any bigoted remark is labeled racist. There are Jewish people, perhaps you are one of them who accepted some study in the recent years that deigned to proclaim Jews as the fourth race. It’s just as silly as the US government listing eleventy flavors of ethnicity under the race category on government forms. It’s just not true.

        Oh and Pluto is a fucking planet.

      • Lisa j

        I was referring to the now forgotten TMZ tape that gave us a tiny taste of the real Kelly but with the updates from TT, much like I didn’t think it possible for my opinion of certain political candidates to go lower, I’ve been shocked once again. So she’s an admitted bully which cannot be blamed on editing and she thinks she fat at what, probably a size 6 maybe 8??? No self awareness and no touch of reality. The comments and labels she’s says about others pretty much describes her self loathing. Thanks for the update TT, I’m waiting for the Peabody or Edward Morrow award and my god I hope I spelled those correctly!

      • Dexter

        Semantics. Say who hate Mexicans and you are a racist. American Indians. Etc. it’s not like labeling someone who hates Lutherans a racist because there is at least an element of race with Jews regardless of whether they practice a religion. Jews in the context used is more race than religion. She didn’t say “boy Madonna got so much funnier when she converted to Judaism.” She was saying in the history of the Jewish people there has been a great tradition of humor blah blah blah and showbiz blah blah blah.” Not agreeing or excusing or commenting further than to say the comedy was about ethnicity not religion and if nothing else ethnicity lends itself to race and in our great discourse on race the definition has been expanded from white black Asian and Australian Aboriginal.

      • tamaratattles

        Actually, saying you hate Mexicans is not racist. It is bigoted. There is no more an “element of race” with Jews than there is with Mexicans. Both are distinctive ethnicities. I am not sure who you have great discourse on religion with, but I can assure you that your discourse has not changed the definition of the word. People will continue to misuse the term ‘racist’ as long as people like me tire of correcting the misuse.

        There is such a monumental amount of racism that needs to be addressed in this world that mislabeling racism detracts from the real issue.

        In the grand scheme of life, is the bigoted comment by Kelly snarking that Jews usually have a sense of humor, an ordeal that we all need to get worked into a lather about it? It seems to cause more pretentious outrage here than the actual murdering of black men across this country by racist police officers ever has. That itself says a lot about the race issue.

      • Tamara, I don’t know about any recent study stating that Jews were the fourth race. I don’t think Jews are superior to other races and I made my comment based on several books I’ve read on the subject most of which were debating the issue if Jews were considered a race of religion. Hitler actually referred to Jews as a race and his desire to obliterate the entire race. So whether it is a race of religion, Hitler almost accomplished his goal when he killed more than 6 million Jews.

        I’m not obsessed with race, but I don’t like racist and/or bigoted remarks. That has nothing to do with being Jewish. I married out of my faith myself. One of my sons is married to a woman of Indian descent who practices Hinduism. They have two children who are biracial and may experience some uncomfortable bigotry when they start school. Given the climate of this country especially with a dick like Trump running for President. My other son lives with a woman who was born in Palestine, lived in Saudia Arabia and is Muslim. It is obviously a very complicated relationship and her father objects strongly to the relationship. They met in medical school and are following each through the rotation process by making sure they are always traveling together to the same locations. When they go out in public, they are already met with disparaging and unkind comments. Race and bigotry are a big problem in this country and it’s silly to believe otherwise.

      • tamaratattles

        Matz I am not sure what caused you to say most of what you said in comments. There are four race. “Jewish is not a race.” I listed the four races previously. I also stated that there were recent attempts by Jewish people to claim they are a race. All of the things you mentioned were about a recent study. I don’t think you read that in any books. I never said you felt the faux Jewish race is above anyone or in anyway implied that racism is not a huge problem. I simply posts faces on what race is and what it is not. I was referring to Heather calling Kelly a racist based on saying that Jews are notorious for having a sense of humor ( by the way not my experience with Jewish people) I find it exceeding odd that you once again trotted out the nationality of your children and their spouses and claim you have bi-racial grandchildren. Which MIGHT technically true. You are white, and your your son is white and his wife is from India is likely also Caucasoid which surely you must have read in your numerous books on race studies. Or she could be Asian.

        One would think as a Jew you would be familiar with the term ETHNIC CLEANSING as it refers to Hitler. Please note it is never called RACIAL CLEANSING.

        As for your other son and the middle easterner. Middle easterners are also Caucasoid. So once again same race as you. No one is processioning his Muslim girlfriend because of her race. IT IS HER RELIGION.

        We are not talking about you clearly have no issues at all with who your son dates despite bringing up their relgion and ethnicity in multiple comments.

        The discussion here is about HEATHER calling KELLY a racist on national TV and exemplifying that she, like you does not know what race means. There are only four. It’s not that hard.

      • tamaratattles

        Much like the term ‘racist’ the word ‘bully’ is as thrown around improperly and all to frequently. A bully is someone more powerful than you or with more political, social influence. None of ther RHOOC are bullies. But most of the women on RHOMel bully Pettifleur. Kelly is a cunt sometimes. She has no poser over the other women to be a Bully.

        I also on reflection think Kelly was not racist on her TMZ drunken video. The question was something ike do you like black guys in a sexual way. She said no I do not like black guys. I don’t even know any black guys I live in Orange County. It was a sexual preference. I do like black guys and white guys but now Asian guys or guys shorter than me or Evangelical guys or guys obsessed with kale or feminine guys or meathead guys or Massholes or lots of things. I think we were sort of misled on that tape. And then she was all fuck you about her husband and now we see that they have a very um… unique relationship that goes both ways.

        I’m not exactly a Kelly fan, but I have a hard time finding her any worse than the other bitches on this show.

      • I’m sorry for pointing out my kids and their partner’s nationality. My DIL is actually significantly darker than my son and she has told me previously that she is of Asian descent. You are correct that others object to the middle eastern girlfriend because she is Muslim, but that can be concluded by the color of her skin and her facial features which indicate she is of Arabic descent.

        I don’t really know why I was so defensive in my comments. I read a book by geneticist Dr. Oster but the book really didn’t come to any conclusion. He presented prior studies that had been done that concluded Jews were not a race. I don’t know about any particular study per se on the subject.

        I tend to take things too personally and I was upset that I had upset you with my comments. I didn’t want to piss you off, so I went overboard explaining my position. I apologize because I think I pissed you off anyway. Your comments are logical and scientific and I do agree after reading all you said that in fact, Judaism is a religion with its unique ethnic culture.

      • tamaratattles

        Matz… you didn’t upset me or piss me off. You did tell another Jewish woman commenter that she was wrong and that Jewish is a race. I simply intervened to inject some fact into the situation. Then you replied again as if being Indian was not caucasian. Now once again you are talking about skin color. Asians are not dark skinned per se. Of course she is Asian in the geographic sense. Then you talk about skin color AGAIN with regard to Arabs… Again, Arabic is not a race but typically refers to North Africans.You saying things like we can conclude someone is Muslim by the color of their skin and her facial features “which indicate she is of Arab descent.” IS BIGOTED and many would say racist but you don’t have a concept of race and seem really focused on the skin color of your son’s partners. I’m going to guess neither of them like you very much because it’s clear you are pissed they are not with Jewish women.

        But for the purposes of this site, I simply posted a comment of edification, mostly for you, about the definition of race and how it does not apply to a comment that one housewife on a reality show said to another.

        I just have an issue with you constantly correcting commenters and pontificating on things NOT IN THE POST with facts that are not actual facts. Just talk about the show!

  8. Wonky Tonk

    She’s an aggressive drunk which nobody likes, but mostly pleasant otherwise. It’s the racism allegations I’ve read here that have me troubled because otherwise I find her generally likable.

    • Lolita

      They did touch on it, and she basically skated around the question by stating she just had not “slept ” with a different race. It was an odd answer.

      • Minky

        This is all so weird. Why 2 twitter accounts? To be fair, if Kelly had some random person talking trash to her on twitter, I kind of understand her anger. I still don’t like Kelly, but the twitter warriors are ridiculous. People need to chill when it comes to tweeting celebrities and TV personalities. So unnecessary.

      • tamaratattles

        I agreee Minky. I am in no position to judge how people unwanted comments, emails, Tweets etc. If you come at some housewife on their social media with a phoot of you and your baby you can expect the person you decided to speak your mind to to return the favor. I’m gonna call you and your kid fat and ugly pieces of shit. I do not get these moms on the Internet with public accounts with their kids plasted all over them and some relgious freak bio who feel the need to attack reality people on their social media. Then they are irate when their kid gets mocked and they are told they are fat and ugly and their mama dresses them funny.

  9. Swizzle

    Fascinating. Kelly is all over Twitter these days, so why hasn’t she denied these fat shaming reports? Seems odd to me. Maybe she’s behind both accounts. She’s crazy enough to do something like that.

    • Swizzle

      Oops, I didn’t read your update. Kelly is a whack job. She’s at fat camp, says she has no room to talk but she fat shames someone? WTF is wrong with her? I really hope she gets help.

  10. She has zero self awareness and zero impulse control. Me thinks she took the short bus to crazy town.

  11. Sharon

    Kelly made the comments about losing weight to the woman with the pic of the woman and a baby, on Instagram not twitter. She retaliated against this woman who had left a derogatory comment on Kelly’s Instagram page. Not a fan of Kelly’s as she is appearing unhinged but she really needs help navigating social media as she is a newbie. She needs to learn to not respond to negative comments as it makes it so much worse. Rinna did the same thing on Instagram and QVC did not like it and had her issue an apology.

    • tamaratattles

      That is why after working with a moral turpitude clause for all those years, I am free at last, free at last think God almighty I’m free at last to shut them down with impunity now. :)

  12. I don’t like or respect Kelly but I picture her being a Charlie Sheen right now saying, “WINNING” because she’s in the spotlight, whether or not it is for bad or good reasons, she likes being in the spotlight.

  13. Shae

    She has the maturity of a gnat. Someone behaves poorly toward you, insults you, and you respond right back? That’s the message you’re teaching your daughter? That when people are disgusting and low to you, it’s perfectly fine to do the same right back to them? This poor kid. If it is SO easy for you to be pushed to the point where you say such nasty things, the problem is you.

    • tamaratattles

      “That when people are disgusting and low to you, it’s perfectly fine to do the same right back to them? ” If you were asking me, I’d say yes. When a bully, or an run of the mill mean person comes for you, you give as good as you get and stand up for yourself. This is a good message for a child as well. In general. Kelly’s drunken rages on the other women on a TV show, not so much.

      • Katherine 2.0

        Sorry, TT. Agree with Shae. Expending that much energy on toxic shit is a waste of time. When they go low, you go high. It’s actually quite liberating.

      • Shae

        In a bully situation where you need to defend yourself, that’s different. I’m not advocating anybody be a doormat. What I meant was more of, just because someone else lowers themselves to gutter behavior doesn’t mean you respond in kind. Some nasty, drunk bitch wants to start calling me names like cunt, etc. I am going to stick up for myself, but I will never behave like that.

        My standard of behavior isn’t dependent on the other person’s. You can stick up for yourself without going down to their level, is my point :)

  14. Hi TT! Just to let you know, the “rhoc_kellyddodd” account is her Instagram, not her Twitter. That is where the “fat shaming” happened, so she doesn’t have two Twitter accounts. I was confused too when it first happened, so just passing it along :)

    • tamaratattles

      The day before yesterday, the TWO TWITTER ACCOUNTS WERE THERE. WITH NO BLUE CHECKS. A lot of accounts have been deleted and verified based on the interchange. That conversation migrated to both Facebook and IG. Someone emailed me that the FB post I quoted was taken down today. I have not bothered to look. This is all a bunch of tedium over nothing.

  15. Happy gal

    I tire of people that think they can tweet or instgram or otherwise ingage celebs in anyway and not expect a reply and then when the reply if “mean ” they cry foul . Or they go to another’s page and bitch they were blocked for saying nasty things.

    Some celebs might ignore a nasty remark but some r going to give as good as they got and that is price you pay for engaging them in a nasty manner . I would also block anyone who was nasty to me btw so I don’t get the entire she blocked me thing at all

  16. PeachyKeen

    Appearing on a show opens up your life to scrutiny.. and nasty or celebratory comments.
    I am sure every housewife on every show has a code name name and account they use for friends and family. Having a celeb reply to haters or “trolls” is crazy. To reply is fueling a fire.

    With Kelly, as a newbie to such exposure falls into seeking fame; keeping a job on Bravo, and perhaps airing her take on her “Image” . Kelly hasn’t learned the lesson. Quiet is better at times.

  17. oh Sheila! you a good Judy

    kelly isn’t the problem. i think all the rancor against kelly started before the first episode this season, as tamra and shannon (maybe also heather) scrambled into smear-mode, and devised to paint her in the worst possible light. what kelly has said/done, is much less outrageous than most other housewives.
    i mos def think folks are going after her very hard, for very little reason. i do feel awfully, for her.

  18. Margaret Shepard

    TT thanks for the tutorial on race and ethnicity. I learned some things and that is always a good thing.

    • I did as well, Margaret. My comments about race were incorrect and I appreciate Tamara/s patience explaining them to me. LisaPat, I am sorry for trying to correct you with incorrect information. You had the facts right and I did not. Sorry.

  19. OmgOmg

    Kelly is a dumbass. I said it before and I’ll say it again — she is really pretty (IMHO) maybe even beautiful but she’s totally dense.

  20. Stacy D.

    I don’t really care for Kelly. She reminds me of Brandi Glanville (RHOBH). The mouthiness, then the “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it” is getting old! When she’s angry, she goes off and get’s evil! I do like that she’s loyal to her true friends (except she did throw Meghan under the bus after the ATV accident), but that’s about it. Her words are vile and hurtful towards her co-stars. I do not think she’s racist as Heather claimed, but she doesn’t think before she speaks (just like Brandi). I don’t find her to be an asset to the show. I doubt she will be back next season since all the Real Housewive’s stay on based on popularity with the public and each other. She doesn’t seem to be popular with anyone….

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