60 Days In: Water, Water Everywhere And Not A Drop To Drink

This is going to be the grossest episode ever. They only have two weeks left, but the sewer system is busted and there is shit literally floating through all the pods. What in the holy hell did they do to convince them not to quit at this point?


I’m gagging in the first few seconds of just watching this on TV. I can’t be too descriptive, just know it’s horrible. The pod has been flooded with feces, sewage and leeches for over three hours.

It now been eleven hours that C-Pod has literally been full of shit, piss, sewer water and leeches. Quintin, the observer, notices an inmate on the floor in the fetal position. He says he has been throwing up blood and has blood in his stool. He has severe abdominal pain.  Ryan thinks he has appendicitis and his appendix could rupture. They seemingly have no way to call for help and try banging on the door but no one hears them, or maybe no one cares. Eventually, a guard comes and she mocks Ryan asking if he is a doctor.  Really? As he said, who cares if he is a janitor or an astronaut at this point, he is alerting you to a medical emergency.  The guard said she already knew the guy was sick. Wow. Eventually, they take him out of the pod only to hand him an aspirin and put him back in 12 minutes later.

60 Days In  Ashleigh


F-Pod/Classification Pod

Things are better over in the ladies pod. Sherri uses three maxi pads to cover the drain. It has slowed things down. For now. Sherri says about the pads, “Well, we only get two a month so I thought I’d save my two for something special!” Eventually, the guards come in to tell them they have to move to classification pod because there is no water. All the women from all the women’s pods are there now. Including Mackenzie who has issues with Sheri.  Sheri starts to have a panic attack. She tells production that classification is known for being a place where people get jumped. They can just lock the door and no one can get to you.

Around ten pm, they move everyone again. This time Mackenzie and Sheri are sent to different locations.


Over in D, they think they have problems but they don’t. They just have had the water shut off for several hours. Dion decides to get all mouthy with the prison guard.  Later a female guard tries to tell them that they should count their blessing because A, B and C pods are all ankle deep in shit. Dion continues to have a hissy fit because he has gone nine hours without water. Really? How much water have you drank today? Dion needs to poop. The toilets are all full. Now that is a real problem.

Another guard comes into D to say that the water will be back on and they can use the toilets. He doesn’t seem to get the issue. He also says they are not getting the drinking water they were told they would get. Dion is gone total inmate at this point.

60-Days-In-Season-2-Cast (1)

Rec Room 1

Most of the girls including all three of ours are moved into Rec Room 1 where there is one toilet and one drinking fountain. The F Pod crew quickly goes to a new pod where there is running water. But there are twice as many inmates in there as there should be. And one of the long timers is in the pod with the woman who snitched on her. #Drama

The snitch gets her ass beat a few times and Ashleigh and Sheri are traumatized just witnessing it.

A ton of guys move into Rec Room one including C pod and the dying guy who we get to see continuously vomiting. At some point they bring the guy out for “treatment” again. The sheriff says the guy just had a 24 hour virus. I think it was hour 30 of him puking nonstop that the 24 hour virus diagnosis was made. I do not believe the sheriff. Would it kill them to send him to the clinic?

Rec Room 2

Most of the guys including all three of ours are moved into Rec Room 2 where there is one toilet and one drinking fountain.  There are a LOT of guys in there. Dion continues to act a fool. The sheriff is concerned about riots. He’s worried that Dion will be the one to start one.

Remember when I said the rec rooms had drinking fountains? Apparently they were not working either. Much like the heat they have but refused to turn on. Halfway through day two of the sewer issue, they bring them lunch with nothing to drink.  This is just some piss poor handling of the situation. When you have a hundred criminals in one room with one toilet and no water, this is the time to spring for free Gatorade and some snacks to keep them happy.

The chief of police or someone pulls the crew and tells them it is not safe for them to film in the rec rooms anymore. He’s worried they might take one of them hostage. The crew decides to film anyway.

There is a lot of talk in the rec rooms about the guys rioting.

Next week:  A new girl comes to the women’s pod. The male inmates are even more restless. Dion gets into it with another inmate over the bathroom situation.


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22 responses to “60 Days In: Water, Water Everywhere And Not A Drop To Drink

  1. Noellemybelle

    I cannot believe they allowed this to be filmed. These deplorable conditions and the inhumane treatment of the inmates should be embarrassing to Captain Maples. Fuck that I would start a riot too! Starting throwing shit water on the guards. The entire C Pod probably came down with E. Coli from the floating fecal matter.

    • Brittany

      I said the same thing to my husband. If people were constantly treating you less than human, I would riot too. I really see how people have a hard time adjusting to the “real” world when they are released from jail. This episode really made the jail and the officers look terrible.

      • BeetsWhy

        The worst part for me is realizing the prison staff is on their “best” behavior because of the cameras.

        Are they so far away from a Walmart or Target that they couldn’t send someone out for cases of bottled water? Isnt that common sense after a couple hours?

      • Shocked

        Beerswhy-that is exactly what my husband said! Get your ass to Walmart and get water for these men and women!!!
        Disgusting and inhumane.

      • tamaratattles

        Seriously, you could buy a thousand bottles of water in cases for less than 500 bucks. Or you could risk a prison uprising. Is this a hard choice?

  2. Brittany

    Tonight’s episode was good. I will go ahead and say that I would have bailed! I need good coffee!! And was that Ricky in there? That guy skeeves me out.
    I absolutely love the way that Quentin is filled with rage and maintaining this soft spoken voice.
    I love Dion and don’t want him to get hurt.
    Why do I like Ryan? I don’t know but I do. He’s a know it all but at least he treats everyone like human beings.
    I don’t think Sheri should be too worried. She’s pretty tough. The lice thing next week would finish me off after the shit and leeches.
    Overall, the correctional officers seem awful! They didn’t seem this bad in the first phase. Maybe editing.

  3. Joanplus2dogs

    I agree this episode made the jail look bad but that goes with what the Sheriff has been saying. He is trying to show how little funding the jail receives & the conditions/issues they are dealing with. I did find it hard to believe the jail doesn’t keep a supply of bottled water for emergencies. Giving out the water or something else to drink would likely cost less than the overtime the jail is paying & help keep some of the bad feelings down while plumbing is being repaired.

    The lack of just basic medical care is really disappointing. I also don’t believe it was a 24 hr bug which would likely spread like wildfire or due possibly to sewer issue. Either way you would want to deal with that quickly to keep from spreading illness or more discontentment from inmates. Adding a huge number of sick inmates to already disgusting situation could end very badly.

    Not sure why Sheri is so fearful. If I remember correctly, she is a CO at another jail. She should have some experience in dealing with fights & people not liking her. This season has definitely been more eye opening & interesting.

    • tamaratattles

      I think Sheri being a CO means she knows exactly the danger she is in as she has seen or at least known about many a jailhouse beatdown.

    • LA_in_KY

      I thought the same thing about the diagnosis of a 24 virus. Everyone was in such close company, wouldn’t it spread?

  4. Toni

    Very interesting episode and recap

    I’m a former teacher and I have to say these COs wouldn’t last a week in the classroom in the schools I worked. The biggest takeaway the sheriff could get from this project is that the COs are in desperate need of staff development in conflict resolution and basic management

    While unfortunate, stuff like flooding happens when you are in a large, outdated facility with not enough funding to maintain or improve the infrastructure. This happened twice in my career. The first time we were lucky to be able to walk to another school in the district and entertained 500 kids split between that schools gym, auditorium, and moldy basement. Legally we could not send minors home, so they spent 6 hours there and we were discouraged from allowing them to go to the bathroom. Lunch was peanut butter on graham crackers sandwich and a juice box

    The second time was at the high school and there was nowhere for us to go. Water was turned off. No water, no food. We had to keep our home room in class for four hours while they called all the parents and arranged transport home. Lucky for me I adored my home room and had an in with a few security guards. Ordered them pizzas and had a movie day

  5. Cheryl B.

    I really respect how we are seeing the real awful situation they are enduring. No fluff with this episode. It’s so refreshing to see the Captain and Sheriff, and whoever, that is not afraid to show the ugliness of what they are responsible for. The participants are so brave and I really respect them for hanging in there.

  6. noellemybelle

    My 10 year old son watched the show with me, and I must say this episode was better than any Scared Straight Episode we have ever seen.

  7. Observer2

    This is kind of like deja vu.

    The same thing happened to a jail in a community I lived in – the jail was fairly new and the sewer collapsed in that jail too. If I recall correctly they discovered it was not an unusual problem with that particular jail design. If memory serves correctly in that jail’s case though – they sent all the violent offenders to other jails and had to early release the non-violent offenders.

    • Observer2

      Also, their original concept of the “Pod design” was for there to be a desk in each pod with a CO in there to be sure that each inmate would be treated respectfully by each other and by the CO. The theory was the inmates would be more well-behaved because they were being treated respectfully.

      The Sheriff’s department (who had been running the old jail) said the new concept would not work and would end up being dangerous.

      I bet that concept eroded and devolved in to this show’s jail situation too. Way too dangerous.

      The private corrections company was eventually fired and the Sheriff’s department ended up taking over the jail’s operation again.

  8. Bill

    I thought the treatment of the inmates in this episode was deplorable. Yes they committed crimes, but animals are treated better. Why are there no rehabilitation or education programs (e.g., job training) at the prison? . The inmates have nothing to do 24/7: they are bored, unchallenged, and unstimulated. What will they have learned to help them when they leave the prison system. Wwhat a waste of taxpayer money.

  9. LA_in_KY

    Every guard throw in 20 bucks for bottled water to calm the situation down.

    • Carol McMeans

      EXACTLY!! I was almost screaming at the tv!! Go buy them some water!! Why did they not do that?! Did they not even think of that? Or did they just not care?

  10. Msve1

    This episode was the pits the inmates in Third World countries are probably treated better while in jail. IT TURNED MY STOMACH JUST WATCHING folks wading in piss & shit &

  11. Fash1984

    I realise these people may have committed crimes (although it seems to be a remand prison, innocent until percent guilty anyone?), But they are human beings. What I saw on this episode was disgusting, the unsanitary conditions, but what appalled me most was the attitude of the staff, they’re inciting a riot, talking to people like that, and refusing urgent medical care. Most people I work with in the criminal justice system over here, get into it because they want to help, support and rehabilitate people, and that does include setting boundaries, and making sure rules are followed, but some of those COs just seem to do it for a power trip! If any of my staff ever spoke to one of our offenders like that, they’d be up on a disciplinary for gross misconduct instantly, followed by dismissal.

    • Carol McMeans

      And they need to all get on an exercise program, the COs I mean. They should have immediately explained the situation to the inmates instead of just telling them there’s no water and it’s not our fault, there’s nothing we can do! This could have been handled so much better. Information keeps the stress down. And then go buy them some water!

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