RHOBH Are On Their Cast Trip To Hong Kong



The ladies have been on Snapchat while in Hong Kong the past couple of days but my Snapchat spy says they haven’t said anything interesting. I was waiting for some tea but nothing is leaking out to me yet. Stay tuned.

Just before this trip Kyle was hanging out with Camille and Mauricio a big group on an “old people trip” to Coachella. Kyle has a very envy worthy travel schedule these days.



I think everyone has been accounted for on the trip except Eileen. Which doesn’t mean she isn’t there. She’s just not that into social media.

Hong Kong is not on my bucket list. My parents went and brought me back a pretty Hopeless Chest and a ton of tacky black enamel stuff.  Who has been and what did you do?

Apparently, Lisa Rinna is a Bruce Lee fan. Looks like she is having fun!

UPDATE! We now have confirmation of Eileen in Hong Kong!



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53 responses to “RHOBH Are On Their Cast Trip To Hong Kong

  1. AmyinLasVegas

    Omg who isn’t a Bruce Lee fan!!!? 😍

  2. JoJoFLL

    Who over 25 wants to go to Coachella? I can wear cut off shorts, a flannel shirt, boots and hipster accessories to brunch.

    Hong Kong is definitely on my bucket list.

    • Minky

      Mmm hmm. It’s like “fooling around” in a twin bed or the back seat of a car. After a certain age it’s just ridiculous.

      BTW: Yay Eileen!!! I can’t wait for her emotionally balanced WASP reactions to the fuckery. Like in the confessionals, when she says stuff like “I just don’t understand. What’s going on? I mean, come on ladies.” With a totally straight face and her nose ever so slightly pointing up in the air. You go girl!

      • Microop

        I still fool around in the back seats of cars! Quickies happen away from home sometimes!

      • JoJoFLL

        Exactly Minky! To all points in your post!

      • Wonky Tonk

        Me too, me too. I loves me some Eileen. She does in her confessionals what Kim Fields did in front of the ladies of Atlanta during outings, which is a large part of why I loved Kim Fields on the Atlanta franchise.

        I wish they would add a game show element to these reality shows. Something like each week the ladies get rated based on the snarkiness of their confessionals for the week, or whatever the time frame is, rate them top to bottom most snarky to least snarky, and the least snarkiest’s most snarky comment gets revealed to all of the ladies in public. Man that would lead to some fantastic no holds barred confessionals. lol. Can you imagine the fights that would ensue?

        I know, I know, I’m a very twisted man.

      • Minky

        That’s why I loves me some Wonky! 😍

        Haha!!! Mwah!

      • Squanlady

        I think you guys are confusing Cochella with “Oldchella”, the desert festival that the Stones, Neil Young, Dylan etc. recently played

      • tamaratattles

        Yeah, you’re right. I didn’t think it was the right time for Coachella. I just went with that because it was the location of her Twitter. It was Old People Coachella. “Desert Trip”

    • Microop

      It’s not Coachella it’s oldchella, a festival in the same spot as Coachella but acts that appeal to baby boomers, like Paul McCartney and the Stones.

    • Lawstangel

      It’s about the music and any of us that are not famous, it really does not matter what we wear.

  3. I ate Chinese last night, that’s all. Oh and lol about all the black enamel stuff!

    • And the “hopeless chest.” You’re too funny, Tamara! The longest flights I’ve taken was a 14 hour trip to Hawaii and India which was 16 hours. I thought I would lose my mind on the trip to India taken 4 years ago. I’d love to go to Hong Kong if I could jettison there, but otherwise, this old body couldn’t sit in a plane that long again.

  4. PeachyKeen

    Anticipating some great sightseeing and no alcohol driven brawls!

  5. Kimoe

    Never that much into black enamel stuff either. Met a woman once who’d bought a whole bedroom set of it while pregnant. Her advice? ‘Don’t make any major purchases while pregnant’.

  6. auroracooper

    I went to Desert Trip last weekend. My husband spotted Camille on Sunday. I have to say she is beautiful and very tiny. We weren’t going to go but decided to at the last minute. So glad we did.

  7. Diane

    My sister and her husband are currently at the end of a two week vacation to Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong and she said by far her least favorite was Hong Kong

  8. Karen

    Could the expense of this trip be the reason RHOA only went to Hawaii? Just wondering since this is the second major trip RHOBH has taken.

    As an aside, maybe it’s the lighting but Eileen looks older to me. Hope all is well with her.

  9. Tee

    Eden Sassoon is also there, Tamra check out Eden and Lisa R and Erika’s Instagram Stories as well.

  10. Tee

    ^^ *TYPO.. lol. Tamara***

  11. Tg

    Been to Hong Kong. I liked it but it’s mostly a visual sight and shop city. It’s a peculiar British and Chinese blend but no Dubai or Paris. I’m surprised these ladies didn’t choose Tokyo or Singapore instead. Those locales would be more of cosmopolitan and exotic that would be more RHOBH.

    • tamaratattles

      Contrary to storyline, they do not get to choose, the destinations generally make bids to Bravo, same for the airlines, hotels, etc. The Chamber of Commerce/Tourism whatever pay for the women to come for promotional consideration on the show. The wives go where they are told and some cast member will pretend like they planned the trip.

  12. Wonky Tonk

    I never got to Hong Kong, but I wish I had. I did Japan, Korea, and the Philippines. All of them really interesting.

    Korea was awesome, at night we hung with soiled doves who showed us the local food scene which included my first taste of kimchi. While I’ll eat just about anything I drew the line at Balut (developed egg embryo in the shell), no thank you ma’am, not after I smelled their breath after eating them. The ladies also showed us the nightlife, and during the day we did the sight seeing thing. The fish market we visited was phenomenal, I ordered a seafood salad at an open market, paid like a dollar fifty for it, and I got way too much food like a commercial sized stainless steel bowl full of the most amazing food.

    You mention the items your parents bought you which reminded me of the beautifully wrought intricate furniture inlaid with mother of pearl in a tastefully wonderful manner for a tiny fraction of what it sells for in the states.

    I’m with you TT seeing the world is fun, awesome even, and I wish more US citizens got the chance to see it, and the people, and cultures.

    • amisteree

      Hi Wonky Tonk, thanks for your description of Korea. I’ve never considered visiting there, but perhaps I will. ***I think I’m missing something, though. What are “soiled doves?”

      • Wonky Tonk

        I was trying to be delicate, but perhaps I was a little too delicate.

        I used the term soiled doves to lighten the connotations of the word prostitutes.

        What I loved about them is that they were amazingly open, honest, pretension free, fearless, and willing to go out of their way to show us their Korea. They had a free living, zest for life way about themselves that I love to see in people. They made excellent hosts, and showed me things I probably wouldn’t have seen without them.

        As an example we got into a discussion one night about how a lot of the American tourists they saw were horribly dressed, and they told me the next night to bring pictures of the styles I liked. The next night they brought me to what appeared to be an impromptu tailoring market, and with the pictures the tailors took my measurements and the following night I had damn near perfect copies of the garments in the pictures.

        Here’s an odd memory your question jogged loose: The other thing is in some of the markets they would have logo patches you could have a seamstress sew on your clothes, as an example a Guess jeans triangle for your no-name brand jeans.

    • amisteree

      Wonky Tonk, I’m quite touched by your soiled dove illustration. Thank you for sharing the experience, and now I’m itching to visit. Who can resist the charm of someone with a genuine zest for life? The chance to be caught up in their world for a spell sounds intoxicating. xo

  13. TD74

    I live in Hong Kong ! It’s a great city with striking contrasts: Chinese / Western, Tradition / Modernity, City / Country Park. Definitely worth a visit but I wonder what the RHBH have planned here… I wish I would bump into them !

  14. Dolores Scalise

    I lived in Hong Kong when I was young. It was still a British Crown Colony when I lived there in the early and mid-seventies. My brothers and sister have been there recently. It’s kind of the New York of Asia. It’s very International and it’s the city that never sleeps. I have an infinity to Hong Kong because I lived there when I was young. Great hotels and food. The shopping is amazing.

  15. JustJenn

    Hong Kong looks like a tourist trap to me, plus I’d look like a giant. I was the tallest child in my kindergarten class and have never got used to it, which is odd considering my love of high heels. I do love with the housewives go somewhere that I’d never personally go so I can see the sights. Just Conan travels, which I also love.

    • I’ve been a giant in East Asia (Hong Kong, mainland China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan). Iono you get used to it. In clubs me and my friend Julie towered over crowds (tall black man with an afro, tall long-haired leggy blond). We turned many a head.

  16. RHofND

    Considering the current political climate, it makes me wonder what Erika Jayne thinks right now about her constant usage of the word C*** and pussy. It doesn’t matter which gender is saying the words directed to a woman. It’s disgusting

    • JustJenn

      In no way is Erika’s usage of the word the same as Trumps. That’s a horrible comparison.

      • RHofND

        No it is not and I am entitled to my opinion. The person’s gender or color of their skin does not make vile words more acceptable or unacceptable. Vile is vile.

      • JustJenn

        What does gender or color of one’s skin have to do with it? Trump’s words were seen by some as an act of aggression towards women, Erika is patting her own puss.

      • Minky

        I don’t agree that words are necessarily an act of agression. I think Trump’s a chump, and he’s disgusting, and any language he could use would be aggressive. Freedom of speech means you should be able to use language in whichever way you like. If we censor one thing then that opens the door to censoring everything. In an allegedly free society we can’t let that happen.

        However, intent and context are very important when it comes to language. Erika’s intent and Trump’s are worlds apart. I have no problem with people using whatever kind of language as long as it’s clear that they’re not assholes who want to hurt people.

        Erika is an artist putting on a show. Trump is a fool and a pig who sees the whole world and everyone in it as material for him to exploit. Fuck him and his language.

  17. BeetsWhy

    RHofND, ever listen to certain rap songs played on the radio everyday? Did you like any of them? Do your kids listen? They may be the “clean” version but everyone knows what words were replaced. Are the artists allowed to use racist language because they belong to that race? Does that not make vile words more or less acceptable?

    I don’t get why a guy can’t be caught using “locker room” language but rap artists can get massive radio play with language and scenarios that are much worse.

    • Grace

      Because that guy is aspiring to be President of the United States. I hold him to a higher standard than I do musicians,

    • Katherine 2.0

      Are you kidding me?

    • Ktina

      Really? This man is running for president and has said ON AUDIO that he just goes up to women and grabs their privates and shoves his tongue down their throats. That’s ASSAULT! Normal men don’t brag about assault. You sound ridiculous.

    • LeBron James made a statement about Trump’s so-called locker room talk. He said, “That’s not locker room talk. It’s trash talk.” It sure as hell isn’t Presidential. He’s a predator and all the women he has assaulted are coming out of the woodwork. Trump is going to be the Bill Cosby of politics.

  18. Rach

    I’ve been to Hong Kong twice. My godparents moves back there when I was 15 so I go over to see them. It’s a lovely city but I much prefer Beijing and even Shanghai. I wonder if the ladies will be staying in HK or going onto another destination afterwards.

  19. Where is @Shay from Cali? If I recall correctly, she is from Chinese descent. Would love to hear her comments on this. If you are reading this, Shay, I miss your comments! 😊

  20. PeachyKeen

    I thought this discussion was for RHOBH in Hong Kong and not a political debate.

    I have no desire to go to Hong Kong…I have issues with tall buildings and crowds. But will enjoy
    watching their adventures.

  21. Angel

    I was at Old-chella last weekend sitting up front near vanderpump rules cast: Max Todd, Tom S and Ariana amongst them. Tom was nice. All were wasted by the end of it w Roger Waters. Did not see any RHBH. LOVE the magical Hong Kong, too. It’s really good w laser light show in the Harbor each night, good shopping, lots of history and 2 great amusement parks: Hong Kong Disney & Ocean Park that is even better. No smog like mainland China either.

  22. Hong Kong is good for sightseeing and the laser show in the harbor. A laser show for skyscrapers with an announcer and all. It’s an incredible thing to see. Lots of huge malls for shopping. You can get away from the city center and go to less English-friendly town (brush up on ur Cantonese or have a friend who speaks it with you). I think it’s a great place to be a tourist.

    One hilarious moment I had was riding a team up the mountainside and there was this family there that kept taking pictures. One of them would sit in the seat have a photo snapped and then the next would be up and they’d sit and have their photo taken. Then my friends and I realized that everyone was getting photos with us (the 3 black people) in the background. We started posing in the background and at first the family members were horrified and apologizing. (They were speaking Mandarin which I speak as well. Found out they were Taiwanese tourists.) We just told them they just had to ask, and we took pictures with them.

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