Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: The War of Real Estate

Apologies for the lack of Million Dollar Listing Recaps. I had someone in place to do them, and a backup plan and both
seem to have fallen through. I may be able to sweet talk Jim into it in the future, maybe. A few guys were excited to do it and then the show started and people just disappeared. #BloggerProblems

I am going to start with Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles because it has been off the air a lot longer. I am not used to these shows running concurrently. MDLNY just finished up a season in July! I don’t think I’ve covered MDLLA since 2015.  I will see how the views go and decide if this is something worth my focus for two episodes a week or something I can just enjoy watching.

Josh Altman

Altman finally made an honest woman out of Heather since the show last aired. They got married in April but at this point in filming, they have not done the deed yet. I didn’t think it was filmed but maybe it was.  Altman goes on a listing appointment with Lucky Lehrer a weird musician guy.  The house is a pretty, modern house with beautiful night views of the city. He lists it for $6,995,000.


Madison is focusing on Malibu. He has an open house for an adorable beach house for just under $3 million. It’s the least expensive house on the beach.  It’s tiny though at just 1,300 square feet.  He gets three buyers and ends up selling it for $100, 000 over ask.  I love this little house even though the ocean is on the wrong side. I think I could get used to it.



Josh Flagg

We begin with Josh Flagg on a listing appointment at the Siegal-Magness Estate owned by billionaire film producer Gary Magness and his wife, director-producer Sarah Siegel-Magness.  I am always astounded when I hear the MDLLA guys say you can not longer build a house with a wood burning fireplace. Thank God for California single-handedly saving the globe for climate change. More S’mores for the rest of us.

SAD NEWS! Josh and Colton have broken up after almost ten years together. Sounds like Josh’s commitment issues were a problem. But just last year on the finale he bought Colton the house he wanted instead of making him live in his mother’s renovated penthouse.  Colton was a sweetheart even when Josh was a dick. I’m sad to hear this news.

More sad news, he is not there to list the $50+ million dollar property as he pretended. He is there because Sarah wants him to help her sixteen year old daughter, Camryn, hunt for her first investment property. As it turns out, Camryn is very real estate savvy and knows exactly what she is looking for. She’s not bratty at all and is a very decisive buyer. I think she’s great. And amazingly, I think she could handle a renovation without much oversight from her parents.


After looking at many properties, She asks to look at Josh Altman’s “Lucky Listing.” It’s perfect for her. But he has deliberately skipped it because the Joshes hate each other. Seriously, real life, deep-seated hatred.  The show ends when the two Joshes meet each other for the first time while showing this listing.



David & James

As soon as I see the open for the Brits segment I smile. I tried really hard to be all xenophobic about these two to be the Piers Morgans of real estate. But they are so not Piers Morgans. They are just two bundles of happy. For the most part. They are on a listing appointment for a huge Holmby Hills estate. This is such a huge listing that Maurico shows up. Maurico built The Agency on a business model that is unique in the real estate field. The entire office all work together on listings and the commissions are pooled and divided based on a percentage that has something to do with level of experience and time with the firm.  I know I am not explaining that exactly right, but there is a payment method that is based on teamwork rather than agents trying to steal listings from one another. The home is about 21,000 square feet and has a huge lot.  The owner’s name is Manny and he owns the woman’s line, Bebe. The guys are all excited about the listing and then they meet a woman named Kelsey.  Manny says, Kelsey is the listing agent for the house. So what are they doing there? Ha! When I hit play one of the Brits said in confessional, “She’s the listing agent? The what the bloody hell are we doing here? Manny wants them to co-list with Kelsey, random woman friend of unknown agency. They take the co-listing at $45 million.

This was probably not smart. When the Brits get the listing contract, there are all sorts of weird items stuck in, the most peculiar of which gives the owner the right to drop the contract at anytime without notice. So this is not a contract at all really. Kelsey is a brand new agent. This $45 million dollar listing is her first listing. I have a feeling the other agencies declined to co-list. This is going to be a PITA.  I don’t see Mauricio accepting the terms that the Brits claimed to sign off on. This is just story line to get the house on the show.  They have a “Twilight Brokers’ Open” that gets lots of positive feedback. Afterwards, it is clear that Kelsey has called Manny and relayed the Brits unhappiness with the stipulations in the listing. They attempt to get the stipulation removed, but Manny is not having it. This could go very wrong.

Next Week: The Altmans bickers about wedding planning and moving. Madison has issues with a buyer. Manny wants to pull the listing for two months after the Brits put tens of thousands in PR into the project. Flag admits he is not speaking to Colton and goes on a date. And the Joshes can’t seem to get it together long enough to sell a $7 million dollar house. But we know they will because the kid clearly had the house picked out before she even met Flagg.


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30 responses to “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: The War of Real Estate

  1. Kiyoshigirl

    I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I’m getting tired of looking at the California real estate they showcase on this show. All the properties seem to look the same. If they’re in the hills, they’re super modern and minimalist. If they’re in Beverly Hills or adjacent they’re fresh off the pages of Architectural Digest, but still somehow all look the same. I guess I’m one of the few who isn’t impressed by the staggering amounts of money it cost to buy and sell these properties. I spend a fair amount of time with family in L.A. and I wish they’d dip into some of the more eclectic neighborhoods because there’s tons of historic homes being renovated and it would be a real treat to see some of them.

    • Joanplus2dogs

      I agree with you. I would rather see a variety of homes at different price ranges instead of only the ones trying for most expensive remodel.

      I was also sad about Josh & Colton breakup however since Josh has already proposed to new guy doubtful they will get back together. Josh has been posting pics with new guy for a while now. Glad that Madison is back so we at least get to see Malibu properties & ocean views.

  2. Brittany

    I am glad you recapped because I have been dying to say how sad I was that Colton and Josh broke up. I’m going on the record now and saying I hope they get back together. Mainly, I just love Josh Flagg.
    The Brits are happy!
    I’m glad Madison is back, even though he seemed like an airhead in this episode.
    I just don’t like Josh Altman. I would love to change my mind. He’s just a jerk In my opinion.

    • Megan

      Brittany, I agree with all of your assessments, except for Madison. He is always an airhead, which is why I am not happy to see him back. The other agents can run circles around him intellectually, which is kind of hard for me to watch. I had to pick one as my agent, if would be Josh F all the way.

    • Ericzku

      With you on Altman. We all have people we like or dislike more than others, but there are two on Bravo that I just have a visceral repulsion for: Reza from Shahs of Sunset, and Josh Altman.

      He’s such a doooosh. A try-hard, a braggart, a legend in his own mind. Yuck.

      I’ve always liked Flagg and am glad to see Madison back too!

      • Sliceo'pie

        Agree, Agree and Agree.
        I also miss Edith. May she rest in peace.

      • DP

        I’ve always loathed Altman, but his brother is even more douchey than him. I wish they’d get rid of those two and Madison, and slot Chris Cortazzo in, instead.

    • Observer2

      I totally agree with you about Josh Altman. He reminds me of Ernie (of Bert & Ernie). And Heather really has him whipped.

  3. Glad you are recapping LA! I have NY accumulating on my DVR but have yet to be in the mood to watch Ryan’s wedding–like the regular NY one. Can we expect to see Bethenney’s place on the NY one since Frederik is listing agent? Bravo seems to like doing the crossovers!

  4. Angel

    Just wanted to say I always watch real world & thx for the heads up. Will comment on it in open posts u do. Glad I’m not the only 1. Have watched since season 1. My jam, too just got it on the DVR so will catch up x o x

    • Sliceo'pie

      I loved the first few seasons of that show! Especially season one. I stopped watching after San Francisco or maybe Hawaii. I’m 52 and I just felt too disconnected from what they were all doing. Oddly enough, I still watch Teen Mom OG, so go figure!

  5. Lawstangel

    I’m happy to see Madison as well. I don’t care for Altman or Heather, oh well. They did not really say where Flagg was living, I am curious. I’ve also been watching Ryan’s wedding….its only 4 episodes. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

  6. Kelliec

    I too wish they would venture beyond the 40 million plus homes in the exclusive BH/Bel Air/Holmby Hills or Malibu area but then again who would watch if it wasn’t something fabulous? I find Madison to be grating and he seems like he is trying too hard to be liked – and without his old connection to Heather would not have been asked back. Josh Flagg is the best as he is old money with nothing to prove and is just smart and smug enough to be interesting but not arrogant as in Altman. I think there is real conection between the LA cast that I don’t see in that of NYC. And given the choice between obnoxious Ryan and narcissistic Frederick with arrogant Altman and precocious Flagg – I will definitely be rooting for the Josh’s.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Not to quibble, but I really don’t consider Josh Flagg old money. At least around here, the money has to go back a few generations, certainly before your grandparents, before you’d ever be considered “old money” but the show is also in LA not the East Coast where I live.
      I think that came across as snobby but I grew in a town full of old Wasps-there’s a million ridiculous rules ; )

    • While it may not come across the tv the same as LA, the NY guys have quite the bond actually. Luis was at Ryan’s wedding. Luis and Fredrick were on a tour together. I think it depends on the storyline for the seasons as to whether we get to see it or not.

      • Lawstangel

        Luis said he is writing a book! I always liked him, he was funny on Ryans wedding episodes. Ryan has changed significantly since he first started the series. Emilia really mellowed him out! He was pretty sweet to her and his/her family as well!

  7. Kelliec

    Flagg grew up with wealth- grandma Edith yes but he has both sides of his family rolling in riches. If it’s past 2-3 generations and / or ca trace back to the robber barons of the late 1800s early 1900s it is considered old money. Your relatives didn’t have to come over on the Mayflower to be considered old money.

  8. Margaret Shepard

    I have a different take on Colton. He was very unattractive to me and I did not care for his mannerism’s. Flagg’s new guy is model handsome. I have a feeling Flagg settled that house and a few million on Colton before he left. I think otherwise he might have been open to a alimony suit etc. I don’t care for Heather or Altman much either. The Brit’s are okay but Josh Flagg is my favorite by far.

  9. Margaret Shepard

    I mean’t p alimony suit.

  10. The dream house for Colton was bought but they started renovating it and lived in the hotel. Flagg is my favorite and it was hilarious to see him and his protege act so similar. I laughed when he said it’d been a few years since he was a teenage girl.

    I am expecting Altman to have a mini-series about his wedding much like Ryan from NY had for his. Unlike Ryan’s though I wont be watching. Not a fan of his. I watch his segments just for the house porn.

    I am so very happy that Madison is back for good. He’s one of my favorites and easy on the eyes. His voice though is changing into that of an old lady. Weird for someone who doesn’t smoke.

    The Brits have grown on me so I will watch them. Still more for the house porn than anything.

  11. Glad Madison is back, but he seems to be getting kinda swishy for a guy who is admittedly bi. What ever happened to the kid with OCD & hair in his eyes? I still can’t tell the Brits apart, but I do enjoy Flagg. No interest in the wedding, as find that Josh obnoxious. I like Ryan, & was just in Greece in April, so that wedding is of interest. Ryan has grown up a lot, though I was surprised his usually steady girlfriend got so rattled about the wedding. I’m a widow who was married 45 years, & next time I don’t think anything beyond the court house is necessary, especially at our ages. I didn’t even wear a ring last time, so likely would do the same in the future. However, I do like to see other folks put on the Ritz, but nothing outrageous.

  12. Heidi

    Josh Flagg is my spirit animal. I love him so much. I don’t understand what is up with Madison’s voice either. Can’t stand Altman and I feel bad for Heather, but she could leave if she wanted. Maybe we don’t see the tender side of him? Usually fast forward through the Brits.

  13. OmgOmg

    In SoCal, that is not weird at all. You have no idea what California ditz Brain factor is. For example when I lived in “the Marina” in an apartment the girl answering the phone always answered it “Marina Pointe Hotel” it was NOT a hotel! Agents are very unethical here and blatantly lie and I’ve had experiences where I signed a listing agreeement and can’t even get them to put a sign in the yard for weeks. Cancelling anytime is genius. Sometimes the agent has a stipulation if you cancel you pay them for their advertising costs. anyway this is making me want to watch this episode!

  14. Jim

    Tamara, sorry I disappeared for a moment… health emergency, blah, blah, blah. I’d be happy to do recaps for MDL but I could never match your wit and insight or the efforts of your other recappers who are either professional comedians or writers. The bar is set pretty damn high, lol.

    If you don’t mind a less witty and probably briefer recap, I’d be happy to do it. The MDL shows are my favorite Bravo shows. And besides, Madison is back!! I’m also on the west coast so I don’t see these shows until very late.

  15. Evaree

    Thank You for recapping MDLA. As a Realtor for 40 years, Cape Cod, Ma., Love, Love, Love Josh Flagg!!

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