Married At First Sight: In-Laws



Tom and Lilly

It’s Lilly’s dad’s birthday and since he disappeared on the family, she is all in her feelings. She says he was an exceptional father and then he just checked out. That must be super hard to deal with. Tom is really supportive in these situations. She tried to call him but he didn’t pick up.

It’s Mother’s day and both Tom and Lilly’s mothers are coming to celebrate. Tom vents to his mother about Lilly’s business practices continue to bother Tom.  Lilly doesn’t set any boundaries on her clients and will always answer the phone when they call. That’s fine if you are single, but she is not. Lilly lost her clients, probably because she had to tape the Mother’s Day scenes. She not a happy camper and is physically affected by the loss. The more we get to know Lilly, the more we are reminded how young she is. She’s mature for her age, but she’s just not really old enough for this sort of marriage. It doesn’t seem like she has had a lot of relationship experience in the past.

Why doesn’t Lilly put the take out on actual plates! She is serving the mother’s out of Styrofoam. I’m mortified.

Later they go to painting class. It’s one of those painting and drinking things. Accent on the drinking. They are supposed to paint a dolphin, Tom decides to do a painting of those grass huts over the water in Bora Bora and a shark fin. It says to me that even in paradise there are sharks constantly circling the water. It seems like Sonia doesn’t exactly celebrate his lack of desire to conform, a quality that ranks very highly with me.

At a picnic at the park, Sonia talks to Tom’s mother who tells her that he is was very sensitive growing up. She says he needs a lot of attention and the worse think someone can do to him is ignore him.  Tom’s mom is cute. She has a mischievous glimmer in her eye that says, “I really enjoyed the 1970s.”  Meanwhile, Tom asks Lilly’s mother for her approval on the marriage. They manage to work through the topic in Spanglish and it ends with  approval being given.

Nick and Sonia

Nick is frustrated and confused by Sonia’s continued refusal to move back in. But if I am remembering things correctly, didn’t she decide to stay over at the end of the last episode? Why are we not picking up where we left off? Dr. Pepper encourages Sonia to move back it. It does seem a bit unfair that Nick is stuck in the house alone when he has his own house he could be staying in.

These two have some homework from the therapist. The first question was basically,”What were their expectations of married life?” They both sit awkwardly on the couch not looking at each other and picking at their fingernails while saying pretty much the same thing. Why is Sonia wearing that dress? It’s the kind of dress you wear to church and can’t wait to get out of after too many cheddar bay biscuits after the service.  I am uncomfortable watching her wear it. They discuss two questions and she goes home. Nick is hurt that she won’t move back in.  I think Sonia should either fish or cut bait. She can’t say she is trying just showing up for filming. It looks like she is out and just playing along at this point.

Sonia thinks that it is perfectly fine for her to “need some space.”  That’s kind of the opposite of what she signed up for. She wants to bring her dad over to meet Nick.  Nick is very nervous. He makes a special effort to clean up the house. Sonia’s dad was adorable. He encourages them to work things together. He wants their marriage to be forever.

Sonia and Nick go hit a bucket of balls. Well, Nick hits a bunch of balls. Sonia liked that Nick was able to teach her to do something new, and Nick loved teaching her. Nick tells us there is only one week left before decision day and he seems to want to stay married.

Later we see Sonia and Nick washing the dogs. Not to self, don’t get a white dog, get a dirt colored one.


Derek and Heather

They each have a friend give them feedback on their issues that could impede them from having successful relationships. Derek’s ex tell him he is very passionate and takes things very seriously and that he needs to work on keeping his anger under control.  So he is an angry pothead? Is that even a thing?

Heather’s friend tells her that she is over analytical, harsh, a bitch who can get a little psycho at times, she comes off a bit pretentious or stuck-up, she looks very reserved and unwilling to engage in conversation with a multitude of people, but overall she is nice and funny and has an upbeatness about her.  Okay. Those last comments were clearly added on to soften the blow. Heather looks quite taken aback because you know she chose the person most likely to say nice things.  Again with the weird wardrobe choices, Heather is in some sort of sheer negligee with her boobs hanging out. Why?

We end again with Sonia saying maybe she will sleep over. Just like last week. This is some weird editing.

Next Week: They go on a second honeymoon. Sonia and Nick go to a hotel in South Beach. Tom and Sonia are going to take the bus to the Keys. I would like to point out that when you get in a car with someone in say Fort Lauderdale and drive to Key West, in my experience it is the longest drive in the world. Perhaps the fact I was being driven by a drunk guy who wanted to stop at every place that sold booze along the way had something to do with it. I have a bad feeling about this bus ride.


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34 responses to “Married At First Sight: In-Laws

  1. I keep swearing I’m never watching another season and then bam. I made the mistake of recording it with our new DVR and damn it, I am hooked. Lily is mature for her age but agree that she seems to be lacking in the relationship department. Tom, I haven’t gotten him figured out yet. He seems to be conforming but I think in the end, he wants things his way or no way. Kind of worried about that. Nick, he’s just as confusing. I don’t trust anything Nick has to say. As to Derek, I can believe he can be an angry pothead because I was married to an angry pothead that had a nasty wicked temper, stoned or not. That’s my 2 cents. Love your article. Hope things are going well with you!

  2. Cheryl B.

    Sometimes I want to yell at them ” this is what you fought 10,000 people or however many for, to do this” Also, sometimes it seems like the ladies act like this is for them, what they they want, what they expect the marriage to be, almost like it’s a show for women to find a husband for them. Just my thoughts.

  3. Christina

    Ohhh the white dogs! All I could look at in the scene in the bedroom (with the dogs on the bed) was the stained ass cracks of the dogs. The dogs look clean enough, but I just could not deal with that. And I am an animal over who shares my house with a Great Dane & 3 cats.

    • hannahkingrose

      Christina add 2 Rottweilers to your mix and you have my house lol. I am with you on the white dog thing. The Rotties are black of course, the Dane is grey, 2 of the cats are orange and 1 is black. None of them show dirt unless we get lots of rain and the boys decide to take a mud bath lol. White dogs are beautiful just not for me.

      • Christina

        Love it! My Dane is a female 4 year old Merle & my cats include a very expensive 11 year old male Bengal who made it clear years ago he will NOT be an indoor cat. The other 2 boys include an orange asshole & a nutty black & white psycho who refuses to follow the light despite how many times he comes home gashed. I love Rottweilers, but the Dane breed has me suckered in!

  4. CupcakeScholar

    I love this show and have watched since the 1st season.

    It seems as though this show attracts 3 types of participants:
    1. The participant willing to try anything in order to interrupt their unsuccessful dating pattern.
    2. The participant who is ready to be married and willing to gamble with the experiment and live out an exercise in exhibitionism.
    3. The wanna be reality star.

    Loooooove the show!

    • You are spot on with your analysis. Heather, nick and Tom seem to be in it for the fame…. lilly has unrealistic expectations and a timeline that is waaaaaay too fast. Sonia is genuine, I think Nick hurt her badly. I understand her fears but she should fish or cut bait. I think she must be fulfilling her contract. I don’t know if Tom will agree to stay married to Lilly…. she wants a career and he wants to be a beach bum with a beach bunny, not a great match to me, but i think they could be great friends.

  5. Teresa

    I couldn’t wait for Heather’s friend to tell her she’s a stuck up bitch. But after watching Heather’s reaction, I don’t think she really got it.

    And after this show, I have completely changed my mind about the two couples! I now think Tom and Lilly won’t stay together and Nick and Sonia will! Tom and Lilly are too different. For Tom to say he hopes Lilly will agree to live in the bus…he is delisional! She rolls her eyes everytime he mentions that bus! If Nick and Sonia keep communicating I think they will have a chance. I do think that Sonia needs to move back in if she really wants to see if they can make their marriage work.

    I am ready for this season to be over.

  6. Daintyfeets

    Here’s my take on this episode. Tom is very happy with the life he has created for himself. Lilly will never fit in his lifestyle. She’s ambitious, smart, and focused. I brevet she could have a successful relationship with a like minded man. She will not be a happy woman co-raising Tom with his mother.

    Heather is still a bit cheaper, but she will find someone who loves her the way she is. Derek has some growing up to do.

    Nick should be wooing and fawning over Sonia to win her back. He said horrible, demeaning, hurtful words about her, on national TV. I wouldn’t trust him for a second and I applaud her reserve to stay in her own place. Not only is he stunted emotionally, but I also suspect a mean drunk.

  7. BeetsWhy

    Well TT you have managed to get me not once but twice in this recap!

    #1. Red Lobster Cheddar bay biscuits. I suffered through several god awful rubber lobster dishes there just to get the biscuits. Then an angel must have come down from above and guided me to the mix in the grocery store. No more rubber lobster or waterlogged shrimp for this chick! I have two boxes in my pantry, will I have some will power and not make them in the next twenty minutes?

    #2. The ride from FLL or MIA. Key West. Hands down one of my favorite things to do is rent a car with a trusted friend at the wheel while his wife and I drink ourselves right into KW! She just told me flights are 50% off, I’m torn, you had to bring it up!

  8. Rita Jones

    The drive from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West is about stopping in each Key and find at least 2 drinking spots -one on the Gulf and the other on the Atlantic if possible. Stay overnight in Key West and reverse the adventure with new designated driver!!!! Good times and great memories😎

  9. InHisImage

    How are Tom and Sonia taking a bus to the Keys?

  10. Dancing Matisse

    Tom said he was not sure Lily would change her ways that he doesn’t like, yet he had been adamant that no one change his ways. Hmmm. He should move to Venice Ca where he can surf and find a like minded, natural woman. He shouldn’t expect her to be something she is not. There is nothing wrong with either of their wants and needs. I hope they learn to embrace their differences.

    • Teresa

      Yeah, I don’t think the method they are using to match people is working. But then again, I think that is a joke anyway. The “method” is what will create the most drama and get people to keep watching!!

  11. raynidaze

    After the “experts” pointed out a number of times about Derek wearing his wedding ring after he and Heather split I’m surprised they haven’t said anything to Sonia about not wearing hers while Nick still has his on. She didn’t just move out of the marital house, she checked out of the marriage.

    • Teresa

      Wow, I didn’t notice that! That is surprising to me. Was it just one scene or all of them? Maybe she just had it off during one scene because she was cleaning or something?

  12. Rita

    This show has become so edited and therefore fake as to create anticipation for viewers because these couples are all boring. I wish they would go back to the original idea of showing the real work it takes to stay in a marriage. Building trust,fighting,compromising,slowly falling in love. I use to try to keep up but now I only tune in if I read something interesting happened. I’m not rooting for any of these couples as they don’t seem to want it that bad.😫

    • I agree100%, Rita. Mostly staged with a few real moments poking their ugly heads through the fakery. I don’t blame Sonia at all not moving back in with Nick. All they’re doing is dragging things out for the sake of the show. How could you go back to a guy who had the cruelty in him to announce to everyone that he didn’t find you even the tiniest bit attractive? After he’s already had sex with you! Why would she believe he’s changed his mind and how could you lay in bed with him wondering if he was really feeling it? I know I couldn’t, it would be in the back of my mind the whole time and I wouldn’t want anything to do with him. He blew it and he still doesn’t seem to realize what an horrendous thing he did when he blurted that out. He’s acting like she’s being unreasonable. Sonia is a sweet, genuine woman and she deserves so much more than anything Nick can offer. Tom and Lilly won’t make it long term, they’re too different. Heather and Derek are done for and we’re just being strung along. Terrible matchmaking this season as the motive seemed to be to create drama, not happy couples. IMO it ruined the whole show.

  13. Cheryl B.

    I think if they changed it to be people who have been married once, for less than a year, before age 25, maybe a match would be more realistic. Who knows, this doesn’t seem to be working, and it’s kinda getting boring.

  14. They are giving a show to the Atlanta guy who married the mean dark haired girl who accused him of cheating on her. Maybe they are going to mess with this foruula also. Love the concept, love the show, needs tweaking.

    • Cheryl B.

      I was paying more attention this season to the pre show show. I thought wow, going up against that many people, dropping out if your job is saying that your taking too much time during the process, it is probably mentally like a competition to win a place out of all those applicants. I think maybe they possibly lose sight of the end game, and just wanna win!! Just my thoughts :)

  15. Emma

    Watching from Australia here. I find Nick and Sonia so dull to watch. Yawn! Derek and Heather….sooo not on the same page. Tom and Lily seem to compliment each other the most….but geez Lily….take a breath and chill!

  16. Rita Jones

    Is money is involved in “winning” aka staying married?

    • Cheryl B.

      The win I was referring to is being chosen out of 10,000 people and a long process of testing, which I think may become a competition to be picked. It just seems like they forgot what they are doing, and don’t really care. Just my thoughts.

  17. Rita Jones

    They sold their souls15 minutes of fame I guess. The emotional drain is not worth it to me!

  18. Cheryl B.

    maybe Nick had a point thinking after all they went through, it should be easy 😉

  19. Observer2

    I have a different take on why Nick got mad and yelled at Sonia.

    Could it be that Nick was lashing out at Sonia (verbally) because he was trying to be a gentleman by not divulging they had already had sex? Yet in the process it made him look bad and they kept talking to him about it and having them do exercises to – I’m guessing – get him horny.

    If you’ll notice, once it came out that she had admitted to having sex, his whole demeanor changed – because he didn’t have to try to keep it quiet anymore.

    But the damage was already done because now people are still accusing him of being a closeted gay. It’s too bad that he got caught up in this mess.

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