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Just caught an email reminding me that AHS  is on tonight!  So this is your safe space to discuss all the scary stuff that I won’t be watching with you!

Thanks Lady Cocotte for sending the reminder and the perfectly sized photos!  Click here to follow her on Twitter!



Maybe these people should just move… but what do I know. I live in a kind of scary place myself. Moving is a bitch. Happy commenting!



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24 responses to “American Horror Story: Roanoke

  1. LisaPat

    Thanks Lady Coquette! I sent UF a reminder tweet to get the trailer to TT. I’m not sure where he is. I’m still watching right now.. be back soon.

  2. DarkThoughts

    What the F grabbed Flora and crab walked all up and down the walls? Yay, Evan Peters finally arrived.

    • That scene freaked me out, and I immediately thought of The Grudge and the spider walk in the Exorcist mixed with girl from The Ring.

      I’m almost sure that was a member of the Chinese family that moved into the house in the 1970’s that we saw earlier in the season.

  3. I am so glad that Frances Conroy was back as the evil hillbilly mama, but I need her to be glammed up. She was great tonight but her manner of speaking wasn’t consistent with who her character is.

    I think we may see her again playing another character this season just like Finn Witrock played 2 characters in last season’s Hotel.

  4. Evan Peters kissing his interracial gay lover/manservant in the bathtub.
    I just wanted to type those words so that is all.

    Though I haven’t been a great fan of Peters, I became impressed with his acting after last year’s Hotel and I thought he was weirdly good as Edward Mott from the 18th century.

    • gapeachinsc

      This isn’t the proper blog for this but you need to check out the series Versailles on the Ovation channel. I am so in love with Phillipe it is maddening!! He’s King Louis’s brother and is lovers with the Chevalier but married to the King’s mistress. He is the TOTAL PACKAGE!! And he’s also a fierce warrior. You gotta check it out, Urethra!!

    • LisaPat

      Yes. doesn’t he have the greatest voice in the world? But, no matter what I see him in from now to eternity, I will always hear the late great “Mr. March.” :) :) Oh, how I loved Mr. March and all of the residents of the Hotel Cortez. RIP

  5. Teresa

    I’m with you TT. Can’t watch. Too dark for me!

  6. Teresa

    I’m with you TT. Can’t watch. Too dark for me!

  7. This scene DROVE.ME.CRAZY…. For some reason when escaping the Polk family Matt decided to that they would take their chances hiding in the woods, where they’ve been preyed upon for weeks, instead of trying to steal the car and racing away.

  8. I wonder when Ambrose ( I think that’s his name) threw his mom The Butcher (Bates) into the fire that it released her spirit from being stuck on The Land out to the open world terrorizing Shelby, Matt, Lee, & Flora.

  9. BeetsWhy

    So when the episode ended it seemed that Matt was dead? Previews show that the documentary part takes on a whole new perspective, the film crew going in to some kind of party. Am I missing something? Are Flora and Shelby and Lee dead too?

    • LisaPat

      NO Flora was saved.. they all went to the hotel and ate pizza!! Didn’t you see the end? But, now what? They are out of that horrid house and safe. So, are we going to have a totally new nightmare now – new setting – new everything? I heard today that this Roanoke plot was based on a true story.

      • Dexter

        Very very very very very loosely based on true events. There was a Roanoke Colony that disappeared. Presumably died without provisions and unable to survive. The part about a blood curse and a house and all the rest is fiction.

      • JKR

        LisaPat and Beets, in the end I believe the film crew was headed to the house to film. Hence saying “No matter what, even if I say stop, do not stop filming” or something along those lines.
        Likely something like those ghost hunter shows. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what I got out of it. I can’t imagine they would abandon the whole storyline so quickly.Having the “film crew” return to the scene for shock value would continue the plot.

      • LisaPat

        Ok .. so the film crew who was filming the documentary are returning to the house.. like Ghosthunters.. okay so then the story will convene in real time next week? That sounds more exciting to me.

  10. Jessica

    This thing is freaking me out, but there are so many storylines!

  11. Judilu

    My confusion is huge! At the beginning of Evan Peters scene I thought it said dramatic recreation, so Evan is an actor like the second set of Shelby and Matt, so does that mean we get to see him next week after the “cameras” stop filming? I am hoping this will all make sense, I am hanging on, with the hope that I finally get into this a bit more. I do think he has grown as an actor since Murdet House, I Am really liking his characters more and more.

  12. MARC

    So looking forward to next week’s episode.I have no idea where the story is headed & I cannot recall being so enthusiastic about A.H.S.since it began.

  13. Thank you Lady Coquette for the reminder, TT for the space and for the comments! I’m in a hotel in Pueblo, CO for the boys state tennis tournament and last night, I settled into my hotel room ready to watch AHS., and the hotel had 20 channels!! NO AHS! AARRGH! I have DVR’d it to watch when we get home but I couldn’t wait!

    gapeachinsc, thanks for the info on Versailles. I had heard about it and it escaped my mind so it is now back on my radar.

    • gapeachinsc

      Hey Duffydan – I’m so glad! I am absolutely LOVING it! I think I love it more than any show I’ve watched in a really long time.

      • LisaPat

        Really Gape? What did you think of Hotel? That was my absolute, never been a show that I loved as much.

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