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We’re back and it’s the first day for the new guy and he appears to have dislocated his shoulder climb up on the critter free pool.  Lauren crawls out to him and pops it right back in and it’s like it never happened. Apparently this happens to him a lot. Which is weird. On the other hand I sprain my ankles a couple of times a year.  So maybe not.

I think this is the charter were all the girls have been drinking like fish ever since they came on board. It’s a one day charter and they want to get their money’s worth I reckon.  The girls tipped over in the raft near a reef and the real crew member pulls around to pick them up. I’m really not sure exactly what happened it looks like the guy almost ran over them with boat and then one girl cut herself up on the reef trying to get out of the way. Then Captain Lee tries to contact all of the stews and apparently none of them are near a radio. Then he has to show Sierra how to make painkillers. Because first she tried to hand him a handful of aspirin. She can’t really be this dumb can she? This is an act right?

Next Captain tries radio Kelley but he isn’t near his radio either. The Captain is pissed off by all of these things. He’s super peeved with the deck crew even though Nico jumped in and pretty much saved the lives of the two girls.

Ro Hernandez, Instagram

Ro Hernandez, Instagram

Kate is constantly texting Ro and doing confessionals about how great she is and how everyone who knows her loves her. Ben and Kate suddenly seem to fight more, the more she texts Ro.  Seriously, I think Ben and the Captain are both crankier than usual.  Now the Captain is…well….salty about the salty windows.  Kelley picks this golden moment in time to point out that the Captain favors Kate. He thinks the Captain is terrified of Kate. That’s bullshit. He just really likes her better than anyone else on the boat. It’s been this way since day one. This is not the time to bring it up. There is actually never a time to bring it up. Lauren had to pull up anchor while the Captain watched. It didn’t go well. Is all of this deckhand nonsense manufactured? This seems like the best crew they’ve had on any season. On the other hand we have one stew who doesn’t know how to make drinks at all, not even a cup of coffee. And chief stew has been texting literally nonstop since she got on board.

The quick charter is over. They got 15K for one day. The next day, they have a full day off at a resort. Ro has told Kate should could not come, but is going to surprise her. She will be spending the day at the resort with the crew.  I don’t believe this whole Ben is jealous storyline. Not a bit. I am buying this Scrub Island promotional placement though. It seems really nice.

Kelly thinks he is making inroads with Emily, but she is a bit put off by he overly physical moves. Kyle has his eyes on Sierra, but he hasn’t been around her long enough to know how kooky she is. I honestly don’t think it will bother Kyle at all. I think Nico and Kelley are the only two men on the globe that don’t overlook dumb and crazy when it comes to blond bimbos. After the commercial, we return to Kyle and Sierra arguing about Jesus feeding the multitudes with a few fish and a couple of loaves of bread.

And somehow, that is the whole show. That went by fast and after nearly killing two of the guests, nothing really happened.


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27 responses to “Below Deck: Feeling No Pain

  1. I don’t believe the Ben jealousy thing either, and I wish they’d stop trying to sell it. Makes the whole show look dumb. I’m starting to wonder if Rocky was as crazy as she seemed now, maybe the whole thing was orchestrated.

    • Dexter

      I do not like Ben. He is a petulant primary Donna. And he’s chubby. His hair is dumb. He’s getting old. Not cute. Not nice. He is a stuck up rich boy as much he wants to pretend he is not. He is a douche.

  2. Ben said he is crankier this season because he just came off another charter season, maybe the Med? Kelley is reverting back to his old ways I see. That Ro gives me the creeps.

  3. I thought Ro was going to eat Kate alive right there on the deck. I can see where there is such a lot of emotion between them that it could end up going to the extreme of violence Very intense.

    • Sillimee

      Isn’t Ro the girlfriend that Kate was arrested over? I think the charge was attempted strangulation/assault. That’s probably why she was featured so much on last nights show.

  4. Purple Lover

    I am glad that Kate has a love in her life, but she would tear her stews apart if they texted as much as she is while on duty. I think that is why Ben is so grouchy. Usually she helps him in the galley with prep type work This season she is not.

  5. Wonky Tonk

    Captain Lee was grumpy grumpy grumpy.

    Ben was grumpy grumpy grumpy.

    Holy shit, did she really say “that’s ok, I’ve been sprayed in the face before” with a straight face? LOL. Well, maybe not so straight she was laughing.

    Yeah this was kind of a slow ep.

    I thought it was kind of weird they showed the girlfriend but then she kept her hat, and glasses on both inside and outside so you really don’t have a clear picture of what she looks like. There’s something off about her, and I’m not sure what it is yet.

    Kelly’s idea of romancing is kind of creepy I mean with little to no positive feedback from her he’s lying between her open legs, which brings us back to her why the hell would you allow him to stay between your legs like that if you’re constantly complaining that you’re not really into him. She needs to nip his shit in the bud. And what the heck was that go find out if she likes me stuff? It’s like we’re watching, courting the grade-school method, with him.

    Nico had me laughing with his running dialog while staring at the two ladies kissing.

    Kyle cracks me up, and he’s doing everything right to court her. He had me rolling a couple of times during the episode especially during that argument about Jesus and the fishes and loaves of bread.

    • If Emily truly wasn’t in to Kelley – why did she continue to fondle his back while he was laying between her legs – mixed signals? The scary thing about Kyle and Sierra is Kyle was right about the loaves and the fishes and she still argued the point. I grow tired.

      • I was tired too. I mean clearly she was wrong, I was like “hey i’m not catholic and I know this one, she’s wrong”. but to still argue it. it’s funny they all say she’s nuts and are scared of her, does she have a secret temper we haven’t seen yet?

      • Wonky Tonk

        Yeah that’s why I thought it was so funny because she was obviously so wrong, and he cut her no breaks on it calling her out on just how wrong she was. And the thing is the more he told her how wrong she was the more interested in him she became. That’s why I think he’s successful at courting her.

        Kyle is one of my favorites already.

    • MySharona

      Wonky Tonk, if I let some guy lie between my legs on a national tv show my Mama would knock me into the middle of next week!

  6. Kika

    Ro showing up was totally unnecessary to the show. Would rather just concentrate on the crew. Hope we don’t have to see her/him again.

  7. PeachyKeen

    Not the best of Below Deck ..bad vibes…well except for Kate and Ro…Hey, I don’t mind sexual choices.we all have our own.. but a bit too much PDA that I have never witnessed on below deck before. Can’t remember another significant other of any crew member having so much time?
    What is happening?

  8. PeachyKeen

    I did find some things amusing in this episode: Kyle commenting on Kelly’s weight lifting and
    the irrational “loaves and fishes” with Kyle and Sierra.. ” I spent 8 years in Catholic school..”

  9. I just want Captain Lee to swab my decks. Is that so wrong?

  10. Dancing Matisse

    I love Kyle’s wit. He’s a good addition to the show.

    It pained me to watch how clueless Kelley is about his ability to charm a woman. When I recall what a fuck he was to Jenice I just shake my head. He doesn’t get it.

    Ro. No Bueno.

  11. T D

    It must be easier to point a limp one at that stews than own up to salt frosted windows. A squeegee would take time away from gesturing and posturing. Lauren was keelhauled. Silly me, for a moment I forgot washing windows is women’s work.

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