Southern Charm: Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t, Kathryn?

Southern Charm Kathryn

Around these parts ( the skittish types are ever vigilant not to get thrown in the dreaded Window Licking Section (WLS).  If you check out the commenting rules, you will find I’m really not a grammar or spelling militant. I think the rules are simple.  No textspeak. Spell out  your words. And lately I am a punctuation freak. End each thought with ONE period not six. You almost never need to use a dash. It’s only for hyphenating words. If you are using a dash a lot, try the comma key instead.  I myself have developed some weird brainfart where I add in random apostrophes lately, but we are clearly all witnessing my advanced stages of Lymeopause and hopefully you have become accustomed to random apostrophes, odd homophonous substitutions and missing final letters when reading here.

I start with a comment rule discussion because I am mentally preparing myself for comments explaining that my title is grammatically incorrect. To those people I suggest you never read Toni Morrison. The dialogue alone may give you an aneurysm.  But around these parts (the south, or maybe just my mother, I dunno) we have a saying or three.  There is “shit or get off the pot” or in more polite, but less literate company, “Is you is or is you ain’t?” Either of these will do when you are tired of someone not making up their mind about something.  Is you is or is you ain’t is a playful question though and my playfulness with Southern Charm has reached its end.

I have been putting off this post for months, and based on the first to paragraphs it seems I still don’t want to get to the point.  I keep searching for a delicate way to put some things, while hoping for a more positive resolution of the situation.  But the topic has been weighing on me long enough, so here goes. 

Don’t expect Kathryn Dennis to return to Southern Charm this season.

Okay that’s it end of post. Can I get away with that? Deep Breath. Hang on I need more coffee. I am heavily biased when it comes to Kathryn Dennis.  Kathryn and K Cooper Ray are my favorite folks on the show.  So I am trying to put things in the kindest way possible.

Back in July, shortly after the reunion aired and Kathryn and Thomas went to court, Kathryn went to a California rehab. This is believed to have been a court ordered requirement for Kathryn to be with her children. Drug accusations were flying in both directions as the two parents began a contentious custody battle. There was speculation that one party knew in advance that drug testing would occur and the other, Kathryn, was caught off guard. It has also been reported that Thomas did not give any body hair samples or root samples in court while Kathryn did. At any rate, only one person failed the drug testing and only one person was sent to rehab.  Thomas was given temporary custody and Kathryn was allowed only supervised visitation with her parents present. And off to rehab she went.

When she returned, my sources reported that she was a new person. She was looking good and healthy. Unfortunately, my sources then reported she quickly disappeared, hung out with questionable people, and allegedly, wound up in a bad place again. Bravo was not willing to sign her unless she could demonstrate that she was clean and sober. I get that doesn’t seem to be a requirement out in Beverly Hills with RHOBH or Vanderpump Rules, but in this case, there are small children involved. And apparently, Thomas is able to somehow provide enough assurance that he is okay to be allowed to film. My sources indicate that Kathryn is not in a good place at the moment. Despite her recent posting on Instagram, that she was looking forward to showing “the new her” to us, my sources indicate there is no new her at all.

Thats Eliza in the Polo Outfit

Thats Eliza in the Polo Outfit

Southern Charm has been filming for over a month now, and there has been no filming with Kathryn. However, my production sources claim that there was some potential for a scene or two….I’m going to mince words here… they were considering a couple of scenes to um, show us how she is doing.  Even that seems unlikely now. Highly unlikely. And frankly, I hope that they do NOT film anything like this. I don’t think we would be happy with what we see.

On Instagram, we have seen the kids mostly with Thomas. He is presenting himself as a great father, with two nannies who make sure that the kids eat an organic diet. On Kathryn’s  Instagram we see Kensie eating out of a giant box of Froot Loops, or sucking down sugary drinks. Thomas recently evacuated the kids ahead of Hurricane Matthew and went to Charlotte where he hung out in a bar with Shep just yesterday afternoon. EDITED: I forgot to mention that Bravo cameras were in Charlotte and it seems like one or more of the girls were filmed getting manicures. Kathryn went to the Charlottesville, Virginia area and toured Monticello.

Primary custody remains with Thomas, and the kids seem healthy and happy.

As for filming the show, at first, Thomas was having the usual hissyfits. My sources said that for some reason he was initially refusing to film if Craig was in the cast. Shortly after I heard that, he was once again filming with all of them including Craig. Weird. That’s all I know. I have no idea why Craig would be the person he has issue with. The awful people, Cameron, Landon, and Whitney continue to be foot soldiers for the old lady carpetbagger. That pernicious gang has probably sucked Craig, and his girlfriend into their groupthink. Later on in filming, I heard that Thomas was furious that he was being excluded from scenes with the assholes. I should also reluctantly point out that Whitney is not the core of evil, it’s his mother.  And Whitney is not as supportive of her behavior as we have been led to believe according to my sources.


Eliza Limehouse, Instagram

So everyone is back except for Kathryn and K Cooper Ray. KCR has other projects he is working on where he will have a more central focus. He’s not a fan of the gang mentality on Southern Charm last season and one of only a few people not to follow the pack. He has never been one to cow tail  (yes, I do know that the appropriate term is ‘kowtow’ spare me the emails it’s a southern malapropism  I enjoy) to the carpetbagger and that cut him out of so many scenes it hardly seems worth his time to show up anyway.

EDITED TO ADD: It is possible that we might see KCR a bit on the show, but I’ve seen no evidence so far.  I have seen him Tweet he is done with the show, but not sure that production won’t ask him to film some scenes.

They have been test shooting a few new females, and a few males. Eliza Limehouse has been leading the group of females testing. She is a junior at Clemson, and a polo player who is actually from South Carolina and comes from a political family. While she is no Kathryn, she is actually has a decent resume for the show. She is not old enough to drink yet, unless she has turned 21 in the last month or so.  I imagine that she is back in school at this point unless she took a semester off to film.

As for the guys, Beau Burns, who was Landon’s date for the first Founders’ Ball was talking around town at the end of July that he would be appearing on the show.  We assume he will be playing the role of a potential age appropriate suitor for Landon. Bless his heart, he must really want to be on the show.  He’s good-looking and comes from a rich family and according to my sources has an affable way about him similar to Shep. In other words, he’s way too good for Landon.

That concludes my Southern Charm tea. At least regarding Charleston, where everyone is starting to trickle back into town. As you know, Charleston was pounded with rain and there is considerable flooding. But so far everyone seems to have made out okay. I have not heard about Thomas’ plantation on Edisto yet. I hope he posts a photo when he returns.
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There is more Southern Charm news though.  I am being told that Southern Charm is now filming a Savannah version. This just started before the hurricane, so I am not sure if or how that would change things.  I was told several months about that Southern Charm: New Orleans was also casting and doing some test shooting. Filming does not guarantee a show will air.  So we will have to wait and see if Bravo does air franchises in those two cities.

I feel like you prayerful types might want to offer some prayers up for Kathryn. Because to answer my own question of Is She Is or Is She Ain’t?

The answer is, She Ain’t.  And it ain’t good.


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68 responses to “Southern Charm: Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t, Kathryn?

  1. SLM

    I’m so sad to hear Kathryn isn’t doing well, TT. I was so hoping things would be on an upswing for her following everything she’s been through. I get the awful sinking feeling that she’s often not surrounded by good people, so to speak (with the exception of KCR, who I love and I hope they are friends in real life). I’m going to be hoping and praying that things get better for her, for good.

  2. MARC

    Sad to hear Kathryn won’t be returning. Her health & recovery are most important. I won’t be watching after those cretins gas lit her all last season. She has always seemed a nice person & I have always rooted for her, now more than ever.

    • Marc,
      I echo your sentiments. Couldn’t have said it better.

    • raynidaze

      I consider myself an ex-fan / ex-viewer of Southern Charm. After last season I find nothing “charming” about the show and can’t stomach the thought of watching another second of those cretins again. I hope Katheryn finds the strength to get healthy for herself and her beautiful children and shows her critics what true “charm” really looks like, cause they sure don’t have any!

  3. LisaPat

    I thought it was a song.. I keep hearing “Is you is or is you ain’t my baby?” in the same voice of the man who sings “what a wonderful world.”

  4. Margaret Shepard

    Aw shucks I was kinda hoping the old crone, Patricia and her mansion might have slid into the Atlantic.

  5. Ruthie

    I’m sad to hear Kathryn and Cooper won’t be back on. Kathryn was THE show…the one who made me laugh and the one I rooted for. I don’t know if the show will survive. Focusing on Landon is not smart as she is so obnoxious and clearly not a fan favorite. I hope the best for Kathryn and hope she knows she has alot of well-wishers. It’s best she’s not filmed if not in a good place. My hope is that she overcomes and we see a spinoff with her and Cooper! (Margaret, I wish the carpet bagger’s house had slid into the Atlantic too…!)

    • tamaratattles

      I just edited to say that it is still possible we may see K Cooper Ray there are three months or so left of filming. I just haven’t seen any filming yet, and he announce that he was done with Bravo. That said, production may still ask him to film some scenes. And as I mentioned there may be a check scene or two with Kathryn, but so far neither has filmed and Kathryn is definitely not a main cast member for season four unless there is some miraculous recovery VERY soon.

  6. Diane

    Very sad to hear that Katheryn is not doing well. I keep up with her Instagram and occassional Twitter tweet. She has not been very active. I cannot imagine how she must feel to not have her children. She loves those kids. I hope she hasn’t just given up and decided she can never win against Thomas’ machine. She is so young.

    I do believe KCooper is a good friend to her in real life. He is a good man. He was the man in the spot with the weather during Matthew. He even was interviewed by CNN in his yellow rain slicker 🤗

    I have seen reports of a new redhead ? Have you heard anything about that TT? Someone with last name of Rhyne or Rhyme? They cannot replace her with a fenale ginger and make it all ok. Ugh

    I do noy think I will watch the new season without these two. I cannot stand Landon and Cameran has changed so much. I think she needs to be pals with Patricia for his real estate career. Charmin Cameran 🤔🙄💩

    It is all a little sad to me. A show that had so much promise and some interesting characters in my beloved South had become a trainwreck full of bullies and bad behavior. Plus it may have destroyed a beautiful young woman.

    • tamaratattles

      She was on Thomas’s Instagram as one of his usual jabs at Kathryn. Not to be taken seriously, just him being him.

  7. Spunky2015

    Those short time rehabs never seem to work. Kathryn needs more time. I wish her well.

    • Twilly

      I saw something briefly the other day about “28 days” and how 28 days somehow has been decided to be the magical number when there is no evidence to support that it is anywhere near enough time to get better. It’s just something insurance companies came up with, probably.

  8. DejaBlue53

    I won’t watch without Kathryn. Period. I hope hope hope there is a Savanna franchise!! I’m a yank but for some reason am fascinated with that city. The fact that it wasn’t destroyed in the Civil War means the history is preserved. Oh my!

    In other news, I read a blind item about a housewife who hates other people’s kids, but she had to let her rich boyfriend’s son and his friends stay with her when they evacuated Charleston. I am laughing so hard at her misery if it’s who I think it is.

  9. Margarett

    K. Cooper Ray’s not being on this season is a big disappointment for me. He is by far my favorite. (I have never been a fan of Katherine. Sorry Everyone.) I love Shep, too. I hope production allows Cameron to go back to her earlier self.

    Doncha’ just love the name Beau? I know its often short for Beauregard, and I’m not crazy about that. But Beau? Oh yeah!

    • tamaratattles

      Cameron doesn’t even LOOK LIKE her former self, she seems to have made some physical changes.

      I forgot to mention, Cameron was at a charity function filming and when she was introduced to a group of women who are prime candidates to watch the show, received no applause except from the evil ones. Cameron is still quite beguiled by the old carpetbagger yet she doesn’t hold up well under all the hate that alliance brings her way.

      • RealChicagoHousewife

        I was looking at a picture that was supposed to have Cameron in it and I didn’t recognize her. I thought there was something wrong with my eyes. Thanks for “clearing” that up!

  10. Toddy

    I wish Cameryn would become fun and likeable again. She and Landon sucked the life out of the show. I’ll miss Kathryn.

  11. jen

    Thomas really just used and abused Kathryn. I believe it was abuse of his “power,” money and/or fame to drag her out in a court and the press as a bad mother and drug addict. I believe she may have turned to things to cope. She is SO young and to have her children ripped away and humilated publicly was Thomas being a total ass. I wish the best for her. When her parents and Grandmother were shown on the show they seemed like nice people so I hope she leans on them to get through this and move on. I cannot imagine going through what she did. Seeing her children part time while Thomas allegedly posts all kinds of pictures on social media to portray a fake story of him as a great Dad. He is a scum bag.

    • tamaratattles

      I would not be so quick to disparage Thomas’ fathering. Despite your personal feeling about him and his documented scummy behavior, all accounts indicate he is a devoted father.

      • SLM

        I agree, TT. I’m NO Thomas fan at all, but I think he loves and cares about those kids and is very involved. Now, that is. In the long run, that’s a win for all concerned. And I think Kathryn is equally crazy about the kids and a loving mother, she just has a different style. However, I can forgive Thomas for his conduct towards Kathryn and I think the pair of them are just NOT good for each other. I also just really want her to get healthy and stable for herself and her little ones and live her own happy ever after.

      • SLM

        I meant I CAN’T forgive Thomas for his conduct towards Kathryn. CAN’T! Damn stupid fat fingers of mine with the typos and autocorrect

      • Wonky Tonk

        I have to agree. While she was most likely looking for a dream come true with a wealthy man, and maybe even had that first baby to tie him down, still I think he’s been atrocious towards her.

      • Wonky Tonk

        Not surprising. Makes sense. You could see it in the way he remodeled that house with the children (not Kathryn) in mind.

        But then again as his legacy they’re little pieces of him, and therefore deserving of all manner of things thereunto pertaining.

      • jen

        That is good to hear. I guess it is easy to assume he is a bad Father..but assuming is not very accurate.

      • gapeachinsc

        You know I’m not a Kathryn fan but I can’t help but feel Thomas got exactly what he wanted (heirs with the proper pedigree) and Kathryn did not get what she wanted at all. That makes me very sad for her. I will keep her in my prayers.

      • mickey710

        We were at the same Walt Disney resort this past summer when Thomas was vacationing there with the kids and 2 Nannies. We ran into them often at the pool, in the restaurants, shops, on the monorail, etc., Thomas was very hands on with the kids and they seemed very bonded, especially Thomas and Kensie.

      • missypoo

        I’m not a fan of Thomas, but certainly a fan of sweet, innocent kiddos. so, I’m really glad to hear about this happy happening at the happiest place on earth. Thanks, @mickey710

  12. RealChicagoHousewife

    Such a bumme. Kathryn and Cooper were very entertaining.

  13. Sara

    My heart breaks for Kathryn, if I had gone through what she has, I would be in a much worse place. She’s a strong woman and very smart, I believe she’ll pull through this.

  14. Happy gal

    I adore Katherine and I will be praying for her.

    I was also intrigued and happy to read that Whitney is not as evil as I thought he was. That is something I find quite interesting and that alone may make me watch the first few episodes to see if he has any control over how this season will play out without their main draw, that being Katheryn.

  15. Wonky Tonk

    Cameron has become a disappointment. She used to be fun, light, and breezy, but now she’s a lot less fun, a heavier watch like the aftermath of too much food on Thanksgiving Day that featured dry turkey. You feel like you should be satisfied but somehow, not so much.

    Patricia does not portray herself well at all. I find the things she does, and says frequently just plain mean spirited. I think what makes it worse is she tends to do it in an affected pleasant tone.

    It’s good to hear Whitney isn’t all in on Cruella’s villainy, but he’s still a douchebag, but I’m thinking I need to give allowances for his preposterously insufferable progenitor.

    Landon I don’t mind so much. Kathryn hated her for really no good reason except her unfounded suspicions. Landon gets a certain look on her face which I find extremely off putting though.

    Shep is a decent sort, he’s getting a little long in the tooth for the womanizing games he likes to play. Watching him you get the sense he still thinks he’s a frat in college.

    I like Craig, and the way he rebels against the status quo work expectations. There’s room for work to be tailored more towards the needs, and desires, of the individual, and Craig, and his generation are going to move us closer to making that a reality. I really hope that side of him doesn’t get beat down mercilessly by the status quo. Also I find the kid just more likable, and better looking, when compared to Shep, or Whitney. Also I think, judging by his exchanges with Kathryn I think he’s generally a nicer guy.

    I feel sorry for Kathryn even though she’s really hard to like. In fact I’m not even sure I do like her. That cast threw a lot of hate on her, and I guess a lot of that was payback for the way she talked to so many of them, but still it was hard to watch. Honestly I don’t see how this show moves forward with the current cast without her.

  16. Kathryn has a few things going for her: a family that loves her, two healthy children, and a brain. I have a good feeling that time and inevitable maturation are on her side. I just hope she feels better sooner than later. One can’t ever get back those years with children. And they are young a precious few. Thanks for the update, Tamara. My thoughts and prayers are with Kathryn.

  17. Twilly

    I’m sad to hear this news. I wasn’t her biggest fan, but I feel like she was treated so horribly while in a vulnerable state by people so much older than her who should have had more restraint and mindfulness. Thomas is, what? 30 years older? Shame on him for the way he has been to her. And shame on the rest of the cast who all have 10 years on her. 20/21 is still a kid. Add pregnancies and children to the mix and I can see how that can break someone. I hope she gets better for those kids, at least.

  18. Twilly

    Oh, and I’d love to see fresh versions of the show. I’m over most of these people. They have become unwatchable, other than Shep.

  19. Jrleaguer

    So sorry that Katherine is having a tough go of it. Hopefully her family will circle the wagons and protect her. I think that her being so young, having two babies back to back with not a lot of emotional support from her partner was too much for her. Add to that the constant barbs hurled at her by one who felt he was being cock blocked and his those from his parental unit.
    I pray that Landon goes back to wherever they found her. The poor thing is about as bright as a 4 watt bulb…bless her heart.

  20. Kiyoshigirl

    Recovery is long, hard work, day in and day out. My brother once told me that as an addict he has to crave being sober the same way he once craved getting high. He failed on his recovery path a couple of times, just like Kathryn, but he’s a dedicated sober man now and has been for many years. He had to deal with a lot of hard truths about his life, but once he did he claimed his self worth and dumped the friendly assholes who wanted to bring him down. I have faith in Kathryn and hopefully soon she’ll have faith in herself too.

  21. Phooey! I like my dashes. WLS be damned!

  22. Miguel

    Thanks for the thoroughly steeped tea, TT – I feel badly for Kathryn, her children & family, and her supporters!!!

  23. Patricia's martini glass

    I am sorry to hear this. I’m still rooting for her to land on her feet. I truly feel that if she pulls it together, she is the best hope for the children. C’mon girl.

  24. Team Kathryn still. She is young and hopefully will show all the ones hoping for her to fail wrong. I hope for the sake of her kids and herself, She can get clean, strong and show the world what she is made of.
    I do feel like Southern Charm will tank without Kathryn and Cooper. Landon, Cameron and Patricia are a bore.

  25. Arusa05

    Sadly my favorite character is Kat, and I can’t believe she is not going to fight for her life and children. Katherine you have all you need to get well. You need a strong and good support group. God bless you always

  26. RENOB

    Thanks for the update! I loved this show at first, but after they all beat down Kathryn throughout the seasons and now hearing this, I likely will not continue to watch. A bunch of rich people acting a fool is not charming. I really hope Kathryn is ok. She loves those babies and they will be total brats if some rich old sexist jerk raises them with nannies! God forbid they end up anything LIKE THOMAS!

    • Librarygirl

      T Rav is their bio dad, and can afford the nannies to keep himself out of the court system. But, he is a dog. An older man who used Katheryn as brood stock and then left her cold, without recourse. I will never have any respect for the Ravenel name, and will hope for Katheryn’s recovery. She is much too young, and too bright to have this type of sadness and trouble in her life. And, I might add, her children deserve to know a healthy young mother in addition to a boozed out shell of a man who could easily be their grand dad.

  27. SJ

    Beautiful,, beautiful Kathryn has always made me feel like I was watching a Tennessee William’s play. Hugs and kisses to a good soul and speedy her children can be a strong part of her life. As for the shows about the South, I just love them and can’t wait to see them. I recently moved to Georgia from Illinois because of the weather . Watching Southern Comfort and all the housewives shows help me to understand what makes the woman of those cities tick. I can tell you all about what the ladies of Chicago are like. So bring on the new shows!

  28. missypoo

    Smokin hot tea, TT. Thanks for getting it together for us. I have such a hard time understanding Bravos doing the “right thing” with Kathryn, but not Kim!! Kim is a danger to herself, humans and animals, yet they continue to exploit her ongoing active addiction and mental illness. On another note, veeeery interesting tiny tidbit about Whitney and his relationship with Pat and her wicked ways. Kinda teasin’ us, TT. They seem like two peas in a formaldehyde coated pod. What prompted your comments? Tea?

  29. I am glad they are doing other cities. I really like the show. I wish you’d get over your Kathryn fixation, but whatever. I did not like her from the start and she has gotten more intense since then so… Do you think there was really a relationship between k cooper whatever and Kathryn was remotely genuine? If this has been addresses, apologies. I usually can’t read your blog posts about this show because my impressions differ so very much from yours, and that is usually a recipe for disaster. Anyway, those two seemed to have been compelled by production to pretend to be friends do that Kathryn would not have to talk to herself in the mirror so much. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the craziest of them all? Or maybe cokiest? What is her drug of choice anyway? Do people still even do coke in this day and age?

    I would imagine that the Thomas/Craig conflict might stem from his both defending and boinking ole doorknob in recent seasons, no? Anyway I had more questions/comments but I can’t recall. Oh and I love dashes — sometimes a comma is just not quite enough.

  30. Gapeachinsc

    It could be that Kathryn isn’t ready for motherhood or even single motherhood and that sure is a lot of pressure, especially when society expects you to “be there” when you’re just “not there”. I never liked her and still don’t but I do hope she somehow finds strength as well as wisdom and happiness in this lifetime. She sure didn’t get what she expected to get in Thomas. Shame on her but triple shame on him. IMO he played her while she thought she was playing/falling in love (?) with him. He got what he wanted. Two of them, and didn’t have to get married to do it.

  31. beerandy

    Will JD be returning?

  32. Buttercream

    No Kathryn, no show.
    Boooorrrrinnng without her. Mama Patty is not worth tuning in to watch along with the once likable
    Landon makes me gag. which I could take only thru fast forwarding the dvr with her scenes (How’s that on line website working for ya now?).
    I will pass on this less than Southern Show and watch Savanna or New Orleans before I tune in again.

  33. Jane Grey

    Southern Charm Savanna! My dreams are coming true!

  34. Lisette leroux

    Kathryn, I hope you read this and realize that this storm will pass! So many people have a soft spot for you because you DO have something special about you. Don’t let the hateful people break you. That lets them win. Somehow, somewhere, find the will to FIGHT, dig deep and take back your power for your kids and for yourself. Show or not, you have so much fire in you! Don’t willfully extinguish it. Beat this. You’re too strong to stay down. Life is fleeting. Love and prayers.

  35. HazelHickory

    Praying for Kathryn. After the public mobbing that Kathryn suffered
    at the hands of the Carpetbagger and her minions, I believe that Kathryn
    may be suffering from acute PTSD as anyone would under
    these circumstances. The whole thing reminds me
    of “Liaisons Dangereux” where the young woman is driven
    insane by the older society matron (played by Glen Close)
    and the man who is supposed to love her. With 2 nannies and
    tons of money — it is not that hard for Thomas to be a good father..
    he creates “Disney World” and drops in and out when
    he wants to. He shattered Kathryn’s dream of family, broke her
    heart, and it looked like he drove her into a mental abyss and then took her children.
    I think be is A ROTTEN FATHER for the way
    he treated the mother of his children on national television. That is
    not a father who truly cares for his children. I pray for all good things
    for Kathryn.. and that she finds a YOUNG man who truly
    loves her so much — as she deserves to be loved.

  36. HazelHickory

    Oh, and I will NOT tune into see Southern Charm without
    Kathryn Calhoun Dennis

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