#RHOOC: What Is Vicki Threatening To Reveal About Shannon? I Think I Know…



Sometimes I get a comment from a new person that I don’t post because I have something to say in detail about that comment.  Someone named Joan Allen Brown attempted to post a comment last week saying that the big secret that everyone seems to already know about David is that he was arrest for domestic violence, against Shannon two years into their marriage.  When I read that, it seemed to make total sense to me.  That is something that most of us heard about on the Internet, but has never been aired on the show. It is certainly something that might make Shannon suddenly decide to play nice with Vicki.  They other women all know about it since it was in the tabloids last year, but it’s not public knowledge to the casual viewer and may not even be known by her family.

At that time Shannon tried to deny that any domestic violence ever occurred. It is something she wants put behind her. So if this is what Vicki is holding over her head, it wasn’t really a big secret that she told Vicki in confidence. Perhaps she told Vicki more details about what actually happened.

Perhaps tonight’s episode will shed some light on the story.

RHOOC David Shannon


Here is part of my original post on that from October 7, 2015. 

“We had a sit-down with the family, and I said, ‘If we do this, we’re going to go all in — no censorship — because if you tell me you can’t talk about something, I’m not going to do it,” she says. “I hope viewers realize that I’m completely honest and authentic.”

The reality star and her husband, David Beador, have three daughters. “If another child comes up and says, ‘Your mother did blah, blah, blah,’ they know to answer, ‘I don’t agree with you. You have a right to your opinion, but I’m sorry you feel that way,” Shannon explains. “I’m hopeful it’s just going to help my children develop thick skin and become stronger women.”

These days, the family’s home is a “toxic-free zone,” but it wasn’t always that way. Two years into the marriage, in February 2003, David was arrested by Newport Beach police and charged with misdemeanor counts of assault and “battery against a cohabitant.” He pled guilty to both charges, and completed three years of informal probation, 10 days in a work program, a voluntary batterer’s treatment program. Still, Shannon insists to Star, “There was no abuse, no physical anything. We had an argument that was resolved very quickly afterward. I just thought that if I called the police, the fight would end. We’ve moved on; it’s over and done.

Who pleads guilty to assault and battery if they didn’t do it? If Shannon denied it happened and he denied it happened, they would have to have some proof to press charges.  At the very least Shannon admits to calling the cops on her husband because the fighting was so bad two years into the relationship.  Why do couples in bad marriages choose to display them on TV? Shannon for one certainly doesn’t need the money. I can only assume she wanted the attention. But this is not the kind of attention she was seeking. Or was it? Was her motive to punish David since the very beginning?

Thanks to Joan for the reminder of this incident.  Is this what Vicki has on David and Shannon? It sounds quite likely to me.


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50 responses to “#RHOOC: What Is Vicki Threatening To Reveal About Shannon? I Think I Know…

  1. Cheryl B.

    May very well be the “secret” Oh my gawd if something exciting doesn’t happen sooner than later, or something new and unknown doesn’t happen, I don’t know how much longer I can hang in there with RHOC. I used to look so forward to, kinda sad.

    • FarFromPerfekt

      Just for kicks, they should bring back crazy Quinn, aka Roxy and Alexis Bellino. Perhaps that would get this stalled train moving again.

  2. Brianna

    That’s lame of Vicki … really? Lots of women try to get the charges dropped .. sad Vicki is trying to spin this to benefit her.

  3. That was my first thought as well. It was in tabloids but Shannon didn’t address it on camera and I assume she told anyone irl that it was a ‘misunderstanding’. I assume she told V it actually happened. And that is disgusting if V is using that against her now.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      No matter what the secret is I’m kind of disgusted Vicki would use something a friend told her in confidence.

      • Minky

        Are you really surprised? We’ve already seen what Vicki is capable of. If she truly thought that she could successfully dupe people with the cancer scam, then what else is she prepared to do? Ew!

  4. Cherry Bomb

    It seems that Shannon has chosen to work on issues that she and David have faced throughout their marriage, and that’s fine if that is how she chooses to handle things. Vicki holding anything over her former friend just shows the truly vile human being that she is. Vicki only wants to be judged by those that are perfect and obviously there aren’t any living beings that I know that fall into that category. I chose to comment (judge ) her based on a moral compass of integrity and common decency towards others, which is something that Vicki has shown to lack. She is a narcissist, a mean person and a liar. She thinks because she’s the OG of the OC (eyeroll ) she is above all the other housewives. Well she’s not and still needs to be held accountable for her behavior and actions.

  5. Meghan

    I do feel sorry for her. the HW shows can lead to many divorces becuase the producers wouldn’t quit until they expose every horrible incident that happened in your marriage, from yelling at each other to barfing on your best friends desss -! And I don’t care how loving and amazing a couple you are, after 20 years, a LOT of embarrassing crap probably happened and you don’t want anyone to know about it

    Shannon is a screw ball but I do feel that she wants to work on her marriage . But they keep digging up the mother in law, the whatever secret Vicki knows etc etc etc, which makes it very hard to move on. Shannon is not savvy enough to play the HW game like Heather , LVP etc , who do open their homes to the camera but smartly and selectively choose what to show to the world
    They’ll probably be the new HW divorce.

  6. Happy gal

    Hmmmm I think the police would have to see evidence of the violence as in a mark on her to arrest him if she did not wish to persue it.

    I am thinking during the year Shannon and Vicki were close and drinks were flowing and Shannon was really mad at David she very well may have told Vicki quite about more about David and his “former temper” , especially if she was not sure the marriage would make it and she was setting David up in advance for the possibility of a divorce where she could claim he was abusive .

    • In many states, if the police are called to any domestic dispute, by law one of the “fighters” has to be arrested.

    • Librarygirl

      I have no idea about CA law. In CT and in many other states, it is mandatory that police arrest the offending party after a call is made. This became law after the Tracy Thurman case, which happened in my home town.

  7. Toddy

    I’m kinda hoping we’ll hear that Shannon cheated. With Brooks, lol

  8. Coco

    TT, that’s why I love you. You get to the bottom of things. Are you sure you weren’t an investigative reporter or attorney in a previous life? Oh, please bring back crazy Quinn!

    • Twilly

      I don’t remember Quinn being crazy. I remember liking her, but crazy? Not in a good or bad way.

      • Deirdre

        She kept wearing prostitute clothes /wigs with her boobs hanging out while telling her reluctaant boyfriend that she couldn’t have sex before marriage because she was born again. But she wasn’t a trash talker so respect for that.

  9. Minky

    I don’t think that this story is the big secret that Shannon doesn’t want out. Mostly because it’s not a secret. Everyone already knows.

    And I can’t say what happened with the police and David, but I’ve come to trust Shannon’s word about as much as I trust Vicki’s word. It all sounds like her passive-aggressively punishing David for daring to argue with her.

    Violent people usually stay violent. Anger management can only do so much for some people. Porsha for example. A wolf can shed its hair, but not it’s temperament.

    I think the real secret might be that Shannon has been unfaithful in her marriage too. If people knew that, then it would derail her pity train that she’s used to construct her saintly public persona. And make her look that much more like a massive bitch.

    • Janet

      I was thinking the same thing, that Shannon allready made a statement about that incident. It’s hard to say what actually happened, but I would say that those kind of calls to the cops ,can escalate a stupid fight into a HUGE legal issue in a hurry. So I keep an open mind. Ive known couples where the person who called was probably the one they should have arrested instead of the other one. But, who knows maybe there are revelations or an agenda on Shannon’s part that she confided to Vickie at the time. Just goes to show, that it’s safer to not confide in people. It often comes back to haunt you and bite ya in the ass.

    • Miguel

      Especially if it happened, while they were separated, Minky!!! That would be juicy; like “Human” by Human League, “while we were apart, I was human too!”

    • RHofND

      Ding Ding Ding. We have a winner, Minky! I think that’s the secret!

    • Cheryl B.

      Minky, thank you for thinking what I have been thinking but too much of a wuss to say!!
      The first thing and only secret worth anything, would be that she cheated, maybe first? Who knows, she seems to have a lot of free time, spends early morning hours on the computer so hmmmmm?

  10. Microop

    If this is what Vicki has, I hate to break it to her, but this is no way close to lying about cancer. So she’s just looks like a bitch for revealing something told to her in confidence. David really is a piece of shit. Shannon please just dump him.

  11. Twilly

    That pic is creepy. Those are not looks of love, I’ll leave it at that!

  12. Rach

    If this is “the secret” it just goes to show how low and disgusting Vicki really and truly is.

  13. OmgOmg

    I really think it’s awful and trashy. I don’t feel bad for Shannon unless it was a one-off and he was drunk or something and that’s no excuse. Why does she stay with this loser? The main reason I think this might be THE THING is because Vicki told David he was “a piece of shit” on the 70’s party episode and it seemed really out of left field. Like all the HW franchises OC has gotten uglier and boringer 😉

  14. People take a plea when they do not want to take the chance the jury will convict them. A lot of poor defendants do that because they do not trust their public defenders, their public defenders push for the plea, or they do not trust a jury to rule impartially on the evidence.

  15. cheychey

    I hardly think that someone telling a lie even though it’s a vile lie could compare by anyone here to being physically abused. Rarely is anyone only abused once so I’ll guess that this is not the first time. Then when you add to the fact that Mrs high and mighty lied and said it didn’t occur you have her in the same boat as Vicki lies to protect the one you love. By the way claiming the abuse didn’t happen is a common tactic by women in abusive relationships. If it did happen as Shannon said and she called because she wanted the fight to end that’s just as bad. A misuse of our already busy police force to shut your husband up. Then you have Mrs Shannon’s decision to stand by a morally reprehensible man who not only cheated but carried on a long time lie of a extra marital affair. He paraded her all around town and to family functions. What in Shannon’s right mind makes her think her man and his lies are any better than Brooks and his. They are both detestable. Both women accepted it the only difference is Shannon forgave her lieing sack.

  16. BigDaddyMike

    Hey TT Shuga,
    Im here in Cali…. Even if Shannon tried to withdraw her Domestic violence claim..he District Attorney’s in Cali can (and usually do) pick up the charges. I think it’s because so many abused live in fear and/or shame….so the D.A. office presses forward against abusers.

  17. Belinda

    The picture of them kissing (?) is kinda gag worthy. Do you think David is gay ? Seems like a possibility to me.

  18. Nila

    I thought it was going to be that Shannon admitted to falsely accusing David. It seems she likes to hold David accountable at any cost, humiliating him on tv and she has his balls in a jar. I thought maybe she called the police to teach him a lesson.

  19. Spaghetti Kitten

    It’s gotta be something juicier than this. Whatever it is, sure shut Shannon the fuck up.

  20. So.. that is part of the story. I posted the entire story on the Facebook group for the podcast Bitch Sesh. It resulted in my getting kicked out of the group and the group being disbanded, I am sorry I cheated on you Tamara please forgive me! I will share the big juicy scoop Vicki has on the Beador’s and its good really really good. Prior to this mentioned arrest David had been arrested for a DWI and pleaded guilty, no jail time nothing to write home about. However after the arrest from the “domestic squabble” with Shannon would you believe that David got arrested again for DWI. David was railroaded into taking that plea deal or he would have to go to jail for until his DWI case was resolved as he violated the conditions of his release. So the option was clear take the plea deal avoid jail and move on with their lives. Side note: Remember when their daughter responded to Shannon moaning about needing a cocktail by saying “one drink one hour mother” that is where this is coming from. I am sure Shannon tucked her kids into bed every night and instead of reading them a story she just told them about their father drinking and driving and how it ruined their lives.

    • tamaratattles

      I’m not following your theory. Are you saying that the domestic violence incident with Shannon was a violation of the prior DUI?

      • Sorry for not making it clearer. David was released on bond for the domestic violence arrest when he was arrested again for DWI. This violated the conditions of his release for the domestic violence arrest. The prosecutor found out and offered David to take the plea deal or he would be remanded into custody until his most recent DWI case was resolved. So of course he took the plea deal rather than spend several weeks or months behind bars awaiting trial. He also took a plea deal for his second DWI and had to perform community service, pay fees, and attend a victim impact panel. Gosh with all this court talk I am starting to sound like Sheree Whitfield’s lawyer.

      • tamaratattles

        Thanks Beth. Interesting tea. And Sheree can’t hire attorneys half as literate as you because the good ones know she doesn’t pay her attorneys. She’d be lucky to have you. :)

  21. Roody

    It’s not this. It’s that Shannon is an alcoholic

  22. Sabrina

    Vicki is completely unraveling, and we are seeing the real Vicki now. She’s unable to control herself, and I think, has lost any sense of what is good and evil- good to her is what makes her feel good, and keeps her on the show. Those appear to be her only criteria- plus, keeping her needy love tank full- with losers who use her .
    When she was hysterical historically, she directly focused her anger at Gretchen, Tamra, whoever questioned or doubted what she considered her superior intelligence and rights. But it was focused, and when she got her way, she shut up for a while.
    Now she is off kilter, has chosen the wrong playmate in Kelly, is both defending her and going after anyone who will not allow her non-apology to satisfy as reason to return to a super close friendship, a she sees it. Which includes people sharing secrets she now holds over their heads, just like Brandi. And the difference between them is that Brandi used the secrets so carefully entrusted to her to hurt people, but moved on. Vicki uses the secret, long before she shares it, to get “power” over people and to say/do whatever she chooses, while threatening them. She sees this as power- I see it as ugly and shallow.
    Vicki has only always been about Vicki. Her threats are mean spirited, self absorbed, ugly- just as she is. Her appearance on WWHL reflected it-even her facial expressions were taut, unattractive,
    delusional, like she is. She has been desperate to return to the girl at the center of OC, who is liked by all as she understood it) – but has been unable to get them to accept her non-apology as an apology, on her terms. . Self indulgence at such a price, Vicki- you have no one left, Even Steve is using you – and you can’t see it.

  23. Robin

    Lol. Show me to newlyweds you don’t want to try and kill each other and I’ll show you a marriage it’s got about 5 Seconds. To Go to first two years …if that is you truly love each other and you want to be together forever and clearly they’ve accomplished that. vickie is no one’s friend

  24. So let me understand. Vicky will actually relay to the public that Shannon was a victim of Domestic Violence and go into details on that and she expects to endear herself to the public? Is she going to “out” rape victims as well? This woman is a disgrace to humanity. A real self- involved creep. I get nauseas when she starts talking about her sex life and her needs. If anyone thinks that Vicky was a victim to Brooks scheming, think again, Vicky isn’t a victim, she victimizes and would have taken the cancer storyline to completion, along with attributing Brooks good health to that snake oil she’s attempting to sell,if Meghan didn’t bust her. She’s slime!

  25. Paula

    In CALIFORNIA you can’t just drop charges against each other. Since the OJ trial once the police are called someone goes to jail and you have to go to court. I’m sure he plead guilty to plea bargain if he had plead innocent there would have been a trial

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