Real Housewives of Orange County: Shamrocks and Shockwaves



If nothing else, tonight we are supposed to finally make it to Ireland where “Meghan can explore her ancestry” or whatever. In case you missed it, I finally posted about what Vicki’s big secret about Shannon is.  While I do think it will come out, it will not happened tonight. Tonight we will have big dramatic scenes where Kelly comes hard for Tamra saying, “No wonder your kid wants nothing to do with you!” which is a very low blow. But we knew she would be like this from our first video footage of her.  At that time, the word was she would be coming in as Heather’s BFF which was odd and Heather denounced her in footage from that same post. This may explain why she was brought in as Vicki’s friend and not Meghan’s as Meghan also distanced herself from her.  At any rate. Tamra is going to have her usual international meltdown for us tonight.  And if there is a confrontation between Vicki and Shannon after a long night of Irish Pub Crawling, it will be next week that Vicki reveals her intel on Shannon.  I think when that happens Vicki will end up looking worse than Shannon.

I cannot bear to recap these packing scenes. As a world traveler, I. Just. Can’t. It’s ridiculous. Brianna of course calls her mother out again. Because she never misses an opportunity to besmirch her mother. Tamra has not been drinking for a long time (with the occasional sake slip up) and is supposed to stay sober on her trip for her competition. So when she breaks her sobriety big time, shit is going to go really wrong.  Back to things you should not wear on a plane, heels are the top of the list.  You need to wear nice flats that can actually leave the plane with you if you have to deplane quickly and do not contribute to deep vein thrombosis. Ask Nene Leakes about that if you don’t believe me. Mehan has just started to get morning sickness. This should be interesting. For promotional reasons, the ladies are flying Ethiopian Air lines. I did not even know Ethiopia had an airline.  I did once almost board a flight to Dubai or some Middle Eastern place I had always wanted to go to as a result of a last minute gate change in Romania.  I still sort of wish I had just boarded the flight. Ah they got first class. I would fly Ethiopian Air too if I got their first class treatment.

Why doesn't anyone like me? Do I look evil?

Why doesn’t anyone like me? Do I look evil?

I’m already completely mesmerized by Ireland. For some reason you can practically go to Ireland for free from Atlanta with cheap nice hotels and a rental car (that I would be terrified to drive) to get you between three cities before heading home. I may have to do that once I renew my passport.  I must say I dread a new passport picture so much, but have friends in Costa Rica, so I really must bite the bullet soon.

Apparently they were well accommodated in first class because the ladies are all refreshed and in great mood once they touch down in Dublin. Note to future me: They stayed at Powerscourt Hotel.  Someone recently went off on someone else in comments her for making them go to all the trouble by sharing info on how to buy a Amish quilt in Lancaster, PA because they didn’t know they were “just going there to see ‘fake Amish’ reality people.  Well I have been to several place including Paris because of something I saw on reality TV. So please include me in that bunch. While filming was long over, I often see things on TV and then dash off to that place. Maybe I’m weird. Fine, I’m weird. And I need to renew my passport again.

Vicki’s boyfriend sent flowers to the hotel. VERY CLASSY.

Kelly insults the guy who takes her to the room. But he is the cutest thing ever. It’s pouring rain and she has managed to get herself into the extra bedroom in the presidential suite for Meghan (because we are to believe she planned the trip due to her maternal need to explore her heritage). Can’t blame Kelly for that.

I am so going to this hotel.

Sidenote: Sorry for the lack of Million Dollar Listing Recaps. I had someone in mind who agreed and other offers I since turned down and … well I will get it together and do them myself if need be. #BloggerProblems

RHOOC I dont make sense
I am so far behind on this recap. Too many personal interjections.

Vicki gets Tamra drunk. Tamra drags Vicki on the fun bus. Heather sucks at getting on the fun bus. Shannon is already too far onto the fun bus at stop one at the pub crawl.

Meghan is not on the pub crawl. She is doing her genealogy thing which I will not bother to recap further. Because who cares?

Did I mention Shannon is dressed like a leprechaun? And she is already pissy toward Kelly. Kelly thinks the whole you have something on your shirt and then flipping  someone on the nose when they look down thing is funny. It’s not. It’s juvenile. I’m over Kelly after this incident. I’ve been the worst waitress ever in too many places for that.  We have our first WHOO HOO By Vicki.

It’s now 2:34 pm according to production and everyone is shitfaced. This will not end well. Shannon and Kelly drunk bond.  I probably should have eaten before happy hour myself. No one is appreciating Kelly nose flicking everyone including Vicki.  Tamra tells Kelly to knock it off as she goes to the bathroom and an altercation begins. Over Kelly’s stupid nose flicking of everyone. Basically, Kelly is drunk and obnoxious. Shannon actually tries to help Kelly out. Kelly is way out of line. Kelly says that Jewish people should be able to take a joke to Heather. Heather calls Kelly racist. Is Jewish a race? Can we please learn the difference between racists and bigots?

Tamra says that Kelly had her agent look into how much Heather owes on her lot… oh here we go… Kelly says that she knows they took out a loan on their lot. One their walk to the next pub, where Heather makes them veer into a store with no cameras, Kelly says, “Know wonder her daughter doesn’t talk to her!”  to Shannon, who stirs the pot by repeating it once they are inside the store with no cameras to Tamra. Great idea drunk Shannon! There is a huge off camera fight.

RHOOC Vick I'm Done
The next on camera scene is Shannon apologizing for telling her what Kelly said and hyperventilating in the back of the van. I know you guys don’t believe the Tamra meltdown was real, but I do, she was drunk and this is a deep issue for her. It’s not a joke, nor is it funny regardless of your feelings for Tamra. Tamra and Shannon are alone in the van, drunk. This is a real scene.

Shannon goes out to tell Kelly that was a bitch move. Vicki comes in to comfort Tamra. I feel kind of bad for saying Tamra always has a dramatic meltdown on these trips, because even though she does, I feel this one is genuine. I do feel badly for her. That was a low blow that is way across the line.

Heather is pissed because they were asked to leave the store they were shopping in and Heather has never been asked to leave anywhere. Again, if I were in Heather’s lofty place, I’d be pissed and embarrassed as well.  Kelly thinks that she is being ostracized by “the mean girls.” No Kelly, you went in for an VERY low blow on Tamra, who I can’t fucking believe I am defending here.  You were the cunt. Tamra did NOTHING for a change. Everyone is humiliated that they were asked to leave a department store in Dublin for their disturbance of other shoppers. Except Kelly.

They go back to the hotel, because the rest of the pub crawl seemed like a really bad idea, and Kelly who is in the presidential suite with Meghan stumbles in to tell her her warped version of events. Meanwhile, Tamra has tried to support Kelly and apologizes to the other ladies for defending her.

Sidenote: I never thought I would say this, but I really like Meghan this season.Meghan does stupidly try to get Kelly to go to dinner. But Kelly keeps her drunk, mean ass home. I really think she is one and done this season.

Kelly calls her husband for support.  I think their marital situation is vastly over exaggerated. Michael is her person.

At dinner the ladies go to a cute pub. Called Johnnie Foxes, which I will include on my itinerary. I will try not to be excited if Colin is my server.  The bitches all have ridiculous demands for their food. I hate them all for that. But then they all have a great time including Vicki who was all up on the waiter dancing. He was 12 so her boyfriend probably won’t care, but if Steve had done that, she’d probably have an issue with it. Was it harmless? Sure. But still.  Then there is some guy doing some kind of river dance and Vicki screams out NICE ASS!  Oh Vicki. I love you girl but you are on camera. Now me traveling alone? I may or may not be so obnoxious. Then, as Meghan says, some sort of Irish miracle occurs when Vicki and Shannon both end up on stage dancing with two Irish dancers.

Next week: Shannon’s shit stirring continues as she makes sure that Kelly gets drunk.

Side note: I’m not sure I have a WWHL with Vicki in me tonight. If not, It will be up tomorrow.


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172 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County: Shamrocks and Shockwaves

  1. Jrleaguer

    Ah, the lovely Emerald Isle…yet another country that we now owe apology flowers to!
    Kelly’s drunkity drunk drunk antics are beyond tiring. I suggest a nice stay at Promises. Perhaps she and Michael can get a package deal. Shannon was in love with vodka again. She seemed to have dialed it back a lot this season, but perhaps she had a fear of David chasing some Lucky Charms while she is thousands of miles away.
    Vicki trying to hump every guy was just gross. Someone, please plug up her damn love tank already!
    As far as Heather being offended by Kelly’s Jewish funny gene remark… consider the source…Kelly is a drunken idiot. As for the racist card? Well, I am a bit on the fence. I have never been able to mark, “Jewish” as a RACE selection on any form…but on the other hand, I did have genetic testing done before having kids because we do have some diseases that seem to be more specific to Jews. While I was not offended by Kelly’s remark, it shows her lack of brain cells. I guess because I have always lived in the South, I am used to people saying stupid things about Jews without them realizing how stupid they sound when it comes spilling out of their mouths…Bless their hearts.

    • Erica

      You are kinder than I am. I guess it is a case of “you can insult me, and I won’t be that offended, but insult my friend/family, and I’ll cut a bitch”

      I’ve said on here – my best friend since childhood is Jewish. Her mom and dad (who are now gone) used to jokingly say to me that I might as well count myself as Jewish because I’d been to a Jewish wedding, Jewish funeral, a bris, and a bar mitzvah – and I was their 3rd daughter anyway. Sadly, I have also been witness (and had to defend) her against antisemitic comments. First time I ever cussed at a teacher.

      But those who go the “Jewish race” route like Kelly – definitely bigots AND racists. I was STUNNED on Heather’s behalf. I think she was in shock. I’m sure seeing it on TV wasn’t as painful – but face to face and with several shots in her? I bet it rocked Heather even if she never admits it.

      Kelly pissed me off, offended me with that even before her extremely low blow to Tamra, and I want her off the show NOW. Her soul is ugly. No wonder her friends didn’t stand up for her. She needs to take a long hard loook at that.

      Side note: L’Shana Tovah to you!

      • Minky

        Kelly’s a pig. Totally not kosher. Get it? Pig, not kosher? But anyhoo, like who does that? What kind of mean, stupid, braying donkey of a woman talks to people that way.

        We already established her bigotry/racism when TT showed that video of her making racist remarks. And that was before the season even began! I guess it was a sneak preview. Now she goes after Heather’s race/ethnicity/religion, and Tamara’s issues with her daughter. What’s next?

        I haven’t liked Kelly pretty much since the very beginning. She believes that she’s exempt from scrutiny or criticism. Perhaps she fits right in with this franchise, but I cannot understand why she’s so mean and hateful and stupid. Did Tamara deck her? In this case I would maybe look the other way and say “No officer, I didn’t see a thing.”

      • Minky, I think Tamra pushed her rather than hit her. Who knows, it was off-camera. At any rate,
        Preach! Love this comment and lol at the pig pun!

      • I was stunned as well and not just because it was directed at Jews, as that is my heritage. Kelly’s comment was pure bigotry. Categorizing and generalizing people collectively is the true sign of a bigot. The coup de gras was Kelly stating, “I’m not a racist. I’m Mexican.” She is an ignorant, mean drunk and has zero self-awareness of herself.

    • I am no fan of heather and I am not a jew but it was a racist comment. Jews are more than a faith. They have survived centuries of genocide and discrimination, enslavement. It was no different than if she told Heather, “Pick up the tab, you jews have all the money anyway, and I want to see you bargain the price down. Cause jews don’t pay retail, the cunning bastards.” Cause she (Kelly) is a taco eating illegal alien Mexican so its all cool. Kike.

  2. J. Farmer

    Okay, obviously it was a blow from Kelly and not possible to defend. Then again, Tamra is a woman who spent an entire season being a mouthpiece for Slade’s ex-wife and bashing him as a father. That said, the whole conflict begins with Tamra deciding to voice the group’s frustration with the stupid nose-flicking “joke.” From Kelly’s perspective, I could completely see how it would seem to come out of nowhere for Tamra to aggressively scold me over what I thought was a harmless joke between myself and another friend. The fight was on at that point, and Tamra really escalated it to the next level by revealing something Kelly supposedly told her in confidence to Heather. And this was Tamra reacting to something Kelly said about her that is totally true: she blabs what everyone tells her to everyone else in order to stir up drama. Tamra has been self-deprecating about this in her own confessionals. So when confronted with her pot-stirring ways, Tamra decides to stir the pot even more by revealing a supposed secret to Heather. Isn’t this what everyone is bashing Vicki for threatening to do to Shannon? Reveal a secret in order to settle a score? That would be bad enough, but according to Kelly, it was a lie and not what she actually told to Tamra. Of course none of that justifies hitting below the belt regarding Tamra’s daughter, but I can say that I can see why Kelly would feel unfairly attacked by Tamra over something that didn’t even involve her.

    As for the funny Jewish thing, Jews actually are a distinct race because of their high levels of intermarriage. Ashkenazi Jews, for example, are well known for the high prevalence of genetic disorders like Tay-Sachs disease. The Jewish penchant for neuroticism and irony and the disproportionate presence of Jewish voices in comedy is a well attested and well commented on phenomenon.

    • Microop

      I think the Slade thing is different though. Tamara seems to genuinely want a relationship with her children. Slade was not paying child support and was barely visiting his very sick son. I have zero sympathy for dead beat dads. Rarely do I think one behavior is indicative of a persons whole character, but if you have a child and don’t put them up for adoption and conveniently forget about them, you are just an all around piece of shit.

      • Regardless of what Tamra has said or done on previous seasons, it is really “low, base bullshit” to criticize another woman’s mothering, particularly since Kelly has stated that she is scared if she leaves Michael, he might get physical custody/and or brainwash their daughter against Kelly. Kelly is the noble to be introspective about her own behavior and obviously has deep mental issues, sober or drunk. She deflects all of her own personal character flaws on to all the other women and to David.

        I googled to find out what a 730 evaluation was and realized that the evaluation may have been all about Kelly and not about David. They have similar evaluations here in NJ, but the name of the evaluation is different. In all acrimonious divorce cases, each parent is subject to an evaluation, usually by a court appointed psychiatrist or psychologist. They interview the mother and the children, but separately. I was subject to a similar evaluation, as was my ex during our divorce. The purpose is to determine who has physical custody and/ or whether there is joint custody.

        My guess is that when Kelly and Michael were going through their now defunct divorce, both were evaluated and the court awarded physical custody to Michael. It seems to me that is the real reason Kelly went back to Michael. When they were separated, the court might have given Kelly supervisor visitation which would explain why her mother and brother now live with them. Just my humble opinion.

      • Matzah, Wow! I think you are truly on to something here. Makes so much sense!

    • OmgOmg

      Just shut up please.

  3. Janet

    I haven’t watched yet. But, I dont feel sorry for Tamra. I can’t muster it because I think she is one of the meanest of all people. I also don’t think she is that good of a mother, because of the way she fought with her daughter in social media during the divorce, like she was another housewife. I think Tamra just wants to WIN and cares more about how the estrangement makes her look than about the relationship with her daughter. She was livid with anyone that didn’t take her side against Simon.

    • Twilly

      I don’t understand why it’s ok to criticize fathers but not mothers. I hear messy reality show women say that all the time. The ones who either don’t have custody of their kids or if they do they are out partying all the time and acting stupid, regardless. Brandi, Moniece, Tamra, Farrah, etc. These women are documented as behaving horribly as mothers. Not in general, necessarily, but at times. Why can’t I say so? I am a mother too.

      • Twilly

        *I am not stating only other mothers can criticize.

      • keight34

        Great comment!

      • Janet

        I think if these housewives had to pay child support they would probably be dead beat mothers. They wouldnt like their plastic surgery budgets downgraded a penny! Frankly, women hate paying child support as well. Ever talked to one? People get very strategic when it comes to these issues. Women are no different. I wouldn’t be surprised if that had a bearing on Tamra’s reaction to the older daughter not wanting to visit. It also made her look bad and embarassed her. I think Tamra is selfish and self centered to the point that, she doesn’t consider that her going off with Eddie might not be as thrilling for her kids as it was for her. How dare they not be happy for her and just suck it up!

    • Bugg

      Exactly Janet, Tamra is down right mean. Don’t think for a second if another HW was in her situation regarding their daughter she would be above running her mouth to the other women about it. She is in my opinion the nastiest of all the franchises and I don’t understand the sympathy for her at all.

      • Bugg

        That said, I do think Kelly is completely obnoxious and but she seems to be a much better person than Tamra.

      • Lisa

        Tamra’s meltdown in the van was the phoniest thing I have ever seen. That exaggerated hyperventilating, come on and look at her face/makeup not one tear is being shed. Can’t stand her.

  4. LA_in_KY

    Heather was really obnoxious. I feel kinda like Jeff Lewis hit the nail on the head with his opinion of her.

    • Teresa

      What did Jeff Lewis say about her?

      • Minky

        She was rude to the wait staff at Shannon’s birthday party. So much so that Jeff found it to be distasteful. That really ticked him off. And I can understand him there. The way someone treats people who are of no material benefit to them will tell you a lot about that person.

    • keight34

      @LA_in_KY I completely agree with you about Heather. I find her to be obnoxious, condescending, & arrogant always but even more so last night. Which leads me to believe that her behavior is even worse when not on the show.

    • swizzle

      If expecting adult women to act like adult women is obnoxious, I’ll take it. These crazy ass HWs cannot behave themselves when they leave the country (or when they don’t leave the country either). If I was with a group of people who behaved so terribly that we were thrown out of a store, I’d be pissed too. Grow the hell up.

    • That’s what I noticed too. She flicked her hand at Kelly & told her to “Turn around just turn around peasant” (she didn’t say peasant but she might as well have). She shushed her away like a fly, just like Jeff said she did to a waiter that night at dinner.( more then once) I do believe her majesty wasn’t not impressed by the women beneath her status getting her ejected from her shopping spree. Now I realize that was likely embarrassing but to degrade the ladies like that while Tamra was going through that hurt? …#HeathersWorld
      On another note…I never liked Kelly…I tried…I really tried..#SIGH

  5. Lawstangel

    I have empathy for Tamra. weather any of us approve of how she handled a particular aspect of her relationship with her daughter, none of us really know exactly what transpired. Simon was always a mean controlling prick, even when they did get along. Tamra may be vapid, but after watching her over the years,I strongly disagree with @ Janet’s assessment that Tamra only cares about winning. I do believe she loves her kids and I think this has been very painful for her. In any event, Kelly really should never have made the comment, peoples kids are off limit. Even if loud mouth Shannon had not said anything right away, they are on television, it was bound to get out. I find it interesting that Kelly equated Terry & Heather getting a loan on the lot as them “not being able to afford it…” I’d have been livid if I had been thrown out of a store or anywhere else because of Kelly. Vicki really needs to curb her behind the back snark if she wants to keep the friendships she just rekindled. I wonder what next week will bring.

    • Miguel

      The castmates’ kids should be off limits, Lawstangel. However, very early in the season, Tamra had no problem discussing Briana & Vicki’s living arrangements & relationship with the other women!!! This is yet another case of what’s good for the goose and gander… Tamra can’t have it both ways!!!

    • MM in OC

      Tamra’s daughter has repeatedly asked her mother to stop bringing her up on the show, and she continues to do it. So I just don’t believe Tamra is a great mother who puts her kids first. From the beginning she’s only been about Tamra.

      • Despite what is reported in the news and Tamra’s oft horrible behavior, Tamra has other children that get along quite well with her and one that lives with her and won’t see the father. That’s not all that unusual after a divorce. A child can see and hear when one parent is trying to poison the other parent’s character and while some will ignore, others will react and take sides. I think it’s very wrong to make judgements about a parent without knowing the full story and even then, it’s very judgmental.

        Kids relationships wax and wane with their parents and some kids are just particularly difficult. Laurie Peterson has a son that has been troubled most of his life. Who are we to sit and make judgement about that child. Sometimes, despite all the best efforts and good parenting, a child has a difficult disposition and will become hostile.

      • swizzle

        Disagree. She’s actually bringing attention to parental alienation, which is a real thing. If you’ve ever had a moody teenager, you can see how easy it would be to foster estrangement from the other parent. It’s not cool. Simon should have demanded Sydney attend counseling. Instead, he stood by and used her as a pawn against Sydney. It’s tragic. If even counseling could not bring a reconciliation, that would be different. Simon went to court to fight the court-ordered counseling.

      • Swizzle, if this info regarding Simon is true, then I agree with you. Was thinking the same thing about moody teenagers, especially female children. It is common for mother/daughter relationships to become strained during the teenage years.

        Again, if these accusations of Simon are accurate, then he is the piece of shit in the equation and most likely the daughter will reach the same conclusion when she is of age. Sadly, no one wins if this is the situation.

        I’m no Tamra champion, please don’t take my comments to mean I’m a fan. But, from what I did see of Simon on the show, he is a real dick.

        In my opion. Allegedly.

      • *opinion! I HATE MY PHONE!

      • tamaratattles

        Swizzle, when it comes to parenting I’m Team Simon. I would not want to be married to him but if I had to place the children, I’d place them with him.

        There was counseling and it was Simon’s doing. However instead of handling the situation privately, Tamra would shreik at Sydney online and Sydney would beg her to stop and leave her alone AND WORK ON IT DURING THEIR NEXT SESSION. But Drunk Tamra would not let things lie and continued to put Sydney’s business all over social media. Sydney BEGGED Tamra not to talk about her on the show and she did it anyway. Sydney allowed her mother to attend her high school graduation and once again Tamra plastered it all over social media.

        IMO, the only one who is alienating anyone is Tamra with the kid or kids she has left at home. She has aired that dirtly laundry all over the Internet as well.

      • Holy shit. I retract my comment!

      • tamaratattles

        Simon remains a real dick. It’s just that Tamra is worse.

      • I’m stunned. Had no idea all that happened. Clearly, I live under a rock since I don’t do the social media crap. Thanks for the scoop, TT.

      • Really mortified

        I often wonder if Tamara secretly regrets preventing Simon from parenting Ryan. Tamra will be supporting Ryan, his baby, plus his baby mama and her kids, for the rest of her life.

    • Twilly

      Tamra was willing to put up with Simons controlling ways as long as he was buying her Rolexes, Mercedes and a big house. Once she made some of her own money she had no use for him. I’m not saying he’s not a dick, bease I’m sure she is, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for poor little Tammy Sue from the trailer park.

  6. Cherry Bomb

    I am hoping that Bravo puts Kelly in the one and done pile and finds someone else for next season. Kelly has no self awareness and no class. She’s crude and crass, and has a quick trigger and temper. Kelly es no bueno. (I’m part hispanic so I can say that without it meaning I’m racist) (and yes I say that sarcastically ). As far as Tamara is concerned; well she is another Vicki in the sense that she can dish it out but can’t take it. It’s just such a shame that once again Americans can’t act civil while traveling abroad, and a bigger shame that all the drama was off camera. Also, her crying meltdown was just stupid and over – acted. At first she was all bad ass in the bar not wanting to walk away from Kelly, then she’s all dramatical and can’t breathe. Pick a personality and stick with it. Bad ass or victim ? One, pick one.

  7. GayFriendInYaHead

    Kelly is the only reason I’m watching, these women need to get a damn grip. I don’t know why Kelly would ever talk bad about Tam to Shannon because we all know Shannon’s fake ass was gonna run back and tell. I’m only here for Vicki and Kelly this season, Meghan is OK but the rest can go scratch. These chicks spent seasons talking behind each other’s back and Kelly tells it to there faces.

    • I watch in spite of Kelly and Vicki. I think Vicki should have been fired after the cancer lies, that she continues to this day, and Kelly is a good fit to be Vicki’s friend, just don’t inflict them on my homeland. I don’t see Kelly as telling it to their faces when, in fact, she tells someone else, i.e. Tamra and Shannon in this episode, and that is who tells the offended party.

      • Something clever

        Yeah, I can’t get past the cancer scam. As if Vicky wasn’t annoying enough already. The other women only “forgave” her because they can’t escape filming with her.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Kelly ran and told Shannon because she was drunk and lacks any impulse control – she thinks something and a half second later she blurts it out. She doesn’t consider consequences. She’s like a four year old that way. I don’t give Kelly any credit for telling it, “to their faces” because she can’t take it back. She can toss the shit but the moment someone calls her out on her behavior she cries like a whiny little girl. We’ve seen this behavior in episode after episode.
      I also think she is probably one of the least intelligent women on any of the Housewife shows. That’s saying a lot.
      “I’m not racist, I’m Mexican” That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  8. therealdeb

    I cannot stand Tamra for almost all of her behavior and all, she does have some really funny one liners and all but in the depth of her soul she is a piece of shit. Her whole religion story line was just that, a story and fake and it makes me sick. The lines she has crossed so many times with so many people makes me not feel bad for Tamra at all. I am not dancing around about this but I kind of think karma hit her. I do think Kelly needs some serious help, she is so angry and when she drinks she becomes another person who is far to hateful and nasty. I did notice that Tamra has had so much botox that she couldn’t cry right, my husband asked what was wrong with her face.

    • Polly

      Totally agree 100%. Tamra is as cruel as they come. She couldn’t stand Kelly doing to her what she loves to dish out season after season.

      She sounded like she had turrets “there goes crazy….crazy…crazy…crazy” at the sight of Kelly. Seething in hatred, mind racing how to ruin her.

      Tamra’s crying face is quite unfortunate Lol. She has a permanent smile. At least Kelly can still frown when she cries.

      Kelly is mean, calling Shannon a drunk is rich. Too bad she didn’t go out with the others after the incident. She might have gotten new HBIC title if she could go out and attempt to have a good time while Tamra unravels at the sight of her. Missed opportunity to embarrass and reveal Tamra’s mean spirit.

    • RENOB

      therealdeb: hahahaha! Tamra’s face is crazy. She looked like a scary old school baby doll when she was crying. Totally freaky.

  9. Lisa j

    What planet is Kelly Dodd from? I’ve been beaten down by my support of TJ but I have always thought she put her life on display and that was indeed a horrible hurtful shitty thing to say to any mother. Ireland is magical, and Ethiopia Air has the second best First class only second to Virgin or maybe Quantus. Wow just wow. Team everyone else but Kelly.

    • Kate Gates

      There’s no u’s in QANTAS. I know, I’m sorry I even typed it.

      • Margarett

        I don’t understand your post, KateGales.

        Are you incorrectly correcting a post that’s correct?

      • Margarette, I don’t get it either. Unless Lisa j and Kate are one in the same? 🤔

      • Margarett, apologies for mis-spelling your name. Haven’t had my coffee yet & I’m confused on many levels! Lol

      • Kate Gates

        Simple really, “QANTAS” is not spelled “Quantus” and I was apologising for pointing it out as it caught my eye and didn’t have anything to do with the episode. So I was in fact correcting something that was incorrect. No reason to be rude.

      • Margarett

        Didn’t intend to be rude, Kate. Feel free to follow my posts and correct my comma addiction.

        I think Tamra has so much anger inside that it just spills over. Often it seems as if it comes out in a passive aggressive way. Of course, being married to Simon could make a saint cuss.

      • Kate Gates

        Oh no worries Margarett & I.Just.Can’t. It was just a stupid thing that’s drilled in Australian primary schools that forevermore will catch my eye. Apologies for being confusing!

      • Kate, I wasn’t trying to be rude, either. I was legitimately confused & had just woken up. Note to self: do not comment before morning coffee & cigarette. My apologies!

    • Realityjunkie

      Emirates has an out of this world first class section.

      • miss_medic

        And let’s not forget Ethan….best in flight meal EVER!!

      • miss_medic

        ETIHAD, not Ethan….damn you autocorrect…grrr

      • Mark

        OMG yes. It’s amazing. Did Tamara say this was done on the cheap? I must watch this episode as I know Dublin is like the third most expensive place in the UK, bar London and Edinburgh. Like, on a par with NYC.

        I just come here for the recaps. Mostly I don’t have to watch after those bad boys…Lol!

      • Mark

        Eugh, never mind the meals from ethiad, which are amazing… also along with Emirates they are one of the only airlines that remember the true glamour of flying! The stewardesses are babes!!!

      • tamaratattles

        Mark, what I was trying to say, is that a douple years ago, I was getting constant emails with insanely cheap trips to Ireland, If I recall they varied from around $800 -$1200 for a week. You flew either in to or out of Dublin. You went to three cities. You had a rental car to drive to the three cities and you flew out of a different airport from where you started. The price included, airfare, hotels, breakfasts and the rental car. It was insanely cheap. I never did it because I don’t want to road trip alone across a foreign country, but I might have convinced myself to do it but the cities other than Dublin were pretty small places. It seemed like a lot of driving to visit some cow pastures and pubs. If I wanted to stay in one place for the whole week, it was not an option with the packages.

  10. Just Saying

    I can’t feel bad for Tam here plus this is the second time she has assaulted some one, first Jeanne with the wine and now hitting Kelly

  11. Well, I must add that hotel in Ireland to my bucket list. Absolutely gorgeous! At this stage in my life I would probably go alone. Watching a fabulous trip ruined by typical American assholes again makes me cringe.

    No matter Tamra’s past behaviors, I agree that was a very low blow. I, too, believe the meltdown was genuine. But, I was fascinated by the hysterical bawling with the frozen botox face.

    “Kelly was drunk and obnoxious”. I guess this is the new “meanwhile, mike shouhed is shitfaced” LOL!
    This chick has serious issues and projects A LOT onto others. Talk about zero self awareness! She is stupid and juvenile IMO and annoying as fuck with her finger pointing, name calling & finger fllicking! Only thing likeable about her is her lipstick shade. Agreed that Michael is her person. Notice she calls everyone else a drunk? Pot meet kettle. Sincerely hope you are correct, TT that she is a one and done!

    I’m coming around in my initial judgement of Meghan. Thought the facetime convo with Jim showed a sweeter side of them.

    Vicki: while I cannot condone her involvement with the Brooks thing, I can’t stop liking her sometimes. I think part of it might be that I pity her? IDK. The way she came to comfort Tamra seemed to me to show that their care for one another is real. Which begs the question wtf happens to make them supposedly at odds again?

    It was nice to see them all genuinely having fun together & the dancing. Granted, probably wasn’t a great idea for parts of that to be on camera. They were all shitfaced so I can give her a pass there. God knows, when I check this trip off my bucket list I would not want it filmed! 😆

    Shannon & Heather: over them both. They have become non-mother-fucking-factors at this point for me. (Apologize for the dashes 😉)

    Sorry for the long comment. I evidently really got into this episode for some reason. It’s late & I’m a bit delirious

    That is all. Goodnight!

    • Margarett

      I had resolved to watch no housewife shows. However, after reading Tamara’s recap and this comment by you, I.Just.Can’t, my resolve has weakened.

      I just have to see this episode at least. Now if I can just avoid the rest of the whirlpool (cesspool?) that is Bravo…

      • Minky

        I basically agree with a lot of what you said I.Just.Can’t. I’m not team anybody for OC. They’re all awful. But I am totally team FU Kelly. I really don’t like her. And like TT, I’m slowly coming to see Meghan in a new light. Total 180 from last season in her character. Like, what happened?

      • Minky, regarding Meghan, I can’t figure it out either! I couldn’t stand her last season! Either it was the standard bad edit & production driven (she was right about Brooks all along). Or, maybe I’m looking at her from a more maternal standpoint now since she is so much younger than the others. Or, it could be that pregnancy agrees with her? It’s probably as simple as she is getting the good edit this season. Whatever the case, she seems to be the sane one in the bunch this time around. Let’s face it, that isn’t saying much with this crew.

        But yeah, Team FU Kelly all the way. The Beadors are next on my FU list but I don’t even really care about those two weirdos anymore. They aren’t even entertaining. Thank God & whomever else responsible for skipping her packing scene. You know she packed so many bags, with all her vitamins, breathing essentials & enemas, etc. Puuhleaase!

        Btw, where have you been lately? Your comedic relief in your comments always make my day! 😉

      • Margarett, please come back and comment after you watch it!

  12. Rach

    Kelly is just too much for me. Hits way below the belt, and this wasn’t a one off comment either as she repeated ad nauseaum several times on twitter in the past weeks. I’m by far not Tamras biggest fan but I believe her breakdown was genuine.

  13. Kelly’s behavior at the bar was embarrassing to me as an American and as a lady. It is just plan uncouth to scream at the top of her lungs the vulgarities that rolled off her tongue. I have never been thrown out of any where and I would have been mortified if that were to happen to me under the same circumstances as it did to Heather and the others. I would avoid Kelly like the plague and if I had to film with her I be sullen and extremely tight lipped. That said, I loved Ireland and hope we get to see a lot more of it. Vicky acted like a desperate floozy. She is too pretty and smart for such tomfoolery. I agree about her ungrateful daughter’s smarty pants remarks. I hope Andy wises up and stops showing women in such a bad light before all the housewife franchises end up in the sewer. I don’t know of a single woman who behaves like that bunch of varmits do. Rant over, pulling down my blouse and straightening up my hair now.

  14. LA_in_KY

    Some thing along the lines that she rudely dismissed a server.

  15. Noellemybelle

    Kelly is childish; the flick game is childish. But having all women defend Vicki over the flick game was unnecessary. Vicki had it handled….she stated her piece and walked away. It didnt require any follow up interventions from the other ladies.

    Drunk Tamara is the real Tamara not the church going spiritual OC Tamara. Drunk Tamara is made for TV entertainment. Drunk Tamara is childish and petty and closely related to drunk cursing, name calling Kelly.

    Vicki expertly avoided all of that drama, she has learned.

    Megan was boring, but made good points when she talked to Kelly.

    Kellys comment was below the belt and her defense was childish “they were so mean to me”

    Heathers pretentious nature comes out when she us upset or stressed.

    • Minky

      I can see what your saying here, but I might also get very annoyed if anyone kept flicking my nose. Especially if I were drunk. And/or had some PMS going on. Yes, I’m that kind of bitch. I would say, very firmly, DO NOT FLICK MY NOSE!!! YOU DON’T KNOW ME LIKE THAT!!!

    • Gabriella

      This “nose flicking game” – I’ve never heard of it. Is it an American thing?

      • Wonky Tonk

        It’s not so much a game as a thing. Something some people (idiots) do given an opening involving something in the chest area, like a supposed stain on a tie or something. It’s generally tolerated when done once though annoying as hell. It’s absolutely not something adults find appealing. Kelly it seems took it to quite a hell of an annoying level.

  16. Tell it like it is!

    I’m Team-Kelly. The rest of the housewives truly ganged up on her. She was just playing around. It was not a big deal. All they had to say was “please stop!”, directly to her, if it bothered them so much. There was no need for Tamra to defend Vicky, or overreact, as she did. Vicky should have actually intervened when Tamra stepped in. As for Kelly’s comments to Tamra–she is absolutely right! Tamra is fake, and an instigator. If she cared so much about her daughter and other children she would not have been so quick to jump into a tub with Eddie, so soon after breaking up with Simon–for all her children to hear about, or possibly see! She had that coming and then some!! She needs to get over herself and stop seeking attention. Hyperventilating!!! Really!?! She just wants to remain relevant, so she can get paid by Bravo. As for Kelly, none of them have her back. She needs to just tell them to kiss her a–. If I were her, I’d quit. Let’s see who they’ll bully once she’s gone.

  17. Tell it like it is!

    I would also remind Shannon about HER racist remarks about Indians–when she was attempting to insult Kelly, by insinuating that she and Indians are ugly–after her 70s party……As for Heather, she couldn’t be more pretentious or snobby, if she tried! She’d better get her thyroid checked with those bulging eyes.

  18. Microop

    In this case Heather is not wrong. Kelly is a racist (and a bigot) but given that wonderful tmz video we know she is both 😉.

  19. Shae

    Great recap, I agree completely, Kelly was dead ass wrong, no two ways about it. I can imagine as a mother, not seeing your kid and being judged as unfit in some way cuts to the very heart of who you are. There is absolutely no excuse for a “friend” or anyone to say such a thing to a person, no matter how angry.they are. Kelly is so juvenile it’s beyond comprehension. Her recounting of events was laughable. I truly cannot stomach her. She’s insanely childish with major anger issues, very bad combo.

    I am loving seeing Dublin. My sister studied there in college and I recognized some of the pubs she told me about :) She adored the city.

  20. New kid

    I think if it hadn’t been nose flicking it would have been something else with kelly. She seems to get drunk a lot and cause big disturbances wherever they gather. Kelly is *Instant Asshole: Just add alcohol* She’s obnoxious!

    I thought it was hilarious when she reprimanded her husband for drinking too much at the party. She makes herself out to be the poor victim constantly, it’s ridiculous! A previous commenter has it right, Kelly has no self awareness. narcissistic?

    I hope TT is correct and Kelly will be a one season wonder.

    • @New kid, completely agree that if it wasn’t the nose flicking it would have been something else. Kelly is aggressive to the extreme. Kelly alone or with her husband cause chaos and arguments wherever they go. Their drinking is clearly out of hand, both of them. Kelly has had an altercation with everyone on the show, even Meghan. Every other comment is, “You’re a fucking bitch” or “You’re a lying fucking bitch.” That’s not normal. Most people at the table in all of her situations would have gotten up from the table and left had they not been compelled to film with her.

      She is abusive, make knee jerk remarks, shouts and cries in public all the time. While I truly felt sorry for Tamra, I admit Tamra has also gone off the rails like that on other occasions. However, in this instance, Vicki walked up to Tamra to tell her how Kelly was annoying her with the nose flicks. Vicki could have pulled Kelly aside to tell her it was annoying, but of course, Vicki felt compelled to maintain her alliances with her new rekindled alliances to the rest of the cast and as a friend, didn’t have her BFF, Kelly’s back. I sure as hell wouldn’t want any of them as friends.

    • Miguel

      LMAO with the instant asshole comment, New kid!!!

  21. Finn Girl

    Kelly is like the annoying freshman girl that tries to make friends with the senior girls and just can’t read social cues. Newbies do best when they sit back and observe the first season. Kelly’s the drunk girl that annoys everyone and gets the party busted.

  22. OmgOmg

    Doesn’t Kelly realize she’s not friends with the cast? If you’re not friends with a group of girls you don’t go around doing stupid things — flicking noses??? What??? Super flicking annoying. Women don’t like physical shit and it’s really bizarre behavior. I think Kelly is abusive and when she’s drunk she’s a pig. For what she said to Heather alone, someone should’ve thrown a drink in her face. Dumbass is no excuse. Tamra went off and Kelly did not say it to her face but Kelly or Drunk Kelly can’t control her impulses. She is the waking definition of verbally abusive. And she’s a dumbass. Tamra in that situation should’ve calmly ripped Kelly a new one and refused to film with her but Tamra reacted because — it’s a) horrid thing to say and b) she was drunk. Kelly is a double dumbass for trying to tangle with Tamra.

  23. OmgOmg

    Wow, Twitter is attacking Tamra!! I don’t get it. Apparently some are calling for her to be fired for threatening the hot mess express. There is no Tamra love. She also tweeted out the Kelly Dodd racist video.

    • Rach

      It’s so sad. Kelly’s been rallying the troops for weeks on twitter. It’s terrible to watch unfold. The Tamra hate on there is too much.

      • @OmgOmg and @Rach,
        I don’t have twitter or any of those social media type accounts. I love when y’all give the scoop on what’s going on there! Just wanted to say thanks!😊

    • Lawstangel

      I don’t do much Twitter, but I saw that RT (this was last night) was calling for Kelly off the show…..

  24. Tamra has been a pot stirrer since she came on the show. She is finally being confronted by someone that isn’t backing down. She has been beyond nasty to more than one person…Gretchen, Lizzie, etc,, threw wine at someone.etc Things that other housewives have done,& have had people up in arms. Similarities with Porsha’s behavior, but not ever addressed.
    The kid comment was below the belt, but Tamra herself is the type who would have said the same thing. Kelly and Tamra are cut from the same cloth.
    This show needs a help.
    Heather, Shannon, Tamra are all a bore. Meghan is likable this season. Kelly wont make it to second season.
    Say what you want about Vicki, but she comforted Tamra and also avoided all the stuff that was swirling around her

  25. JentheAUBURNfan

    Hahaha omg I am the one who was asking about the Amish quilts and I didn’t realize I had gotten more comments until this post and now I feel like I am Tamara tattle famous AND it isn’t because I was sent to the wls! This made my day! Btw I am going to see numerous towns I have seen on the map just because of the names of the towns. But had the reality shows never been on I would have never known about these places. She apologized to you for taking up space, now I feel like I should do the same for this post but like I said I just bace TTFamous!!!!

  26. Kelly is a mean drunk. There’s no way around it. Shannon totally wants her off the cast. Tequila is going to be method she uses to execute her plan.

  27. Kimoe

    I have yet to watch…….my kid has been in hospital these last four days but loved the recap TT Thanks Doll!

    I lived 5.5 years in Ireland and knew many nationalities who lived/visited while there. I have to say I was surprised at the fact Americans were not always viewed favourably as individuals and the government rarely. Americans have been told everyone in the rest of the world thinks they and our nation are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I think this was an attitude held by the world 20-30 years ago or more but no longer. Sadly. To hear these women acting horrendous is just one more nail in that coffin. Ireland is like a one horse town and you can bet by the next morning it was common knowledge from coast to coast as the grapevine is alive and well in Ireland.

    Andy is NOT helping diplomacy by sending those women there. However would totally recommend a trip. The Irish know we’re not all without manners. Put Ashford Castle on the bucket list to visit.

    • Kimoe,
      Sorry to hear your child is in hospital. Hope it’s nothing serious. Just wanted to thank you for this comment. I’m mesmerized by the beauty that is Ireland & regret not traveling there before. It is definitely on my bucket list now!

  28. Pitypat

    Remember when Dorinda’s John was flicking her nose? It’s annoying, embarrassing and humiliating all at once.

  29. RENOB

    When drunk Kelly was flicking noses I wish Tamra would have just popped her right in those ridiculous fake lips! She is an immature drunken a**hole. I really HATE watching her! Then she calls to cry to her husband (who she complains about on the daily)?! What a horrible human being she is.

  30. Allison

    Kelly cannot control herself when she gets angry. At. All. You can almost see her face change right before she spits out some venom or other hateful tidbit. I think she needs serious help, her reactions and name calling are disproportionate to the incident-she goes for low blows and the most hateful or racist thing she can say, it’s like a finger snap, her face clouds over and out pops a gem. She lacks self control period. And I’ll tell ya this-a push would be the least of her worries if she slung that daughter shit at me.

    • Allison

      If she got fired I wouldn’t cry. I guess she thinks she can’t be racist because she’s Mexican. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  31. Okay, sorry for commenting so much on this thread but I have one more thing to say regarding #teamFUkelly.

    Wtf is up with her tag line?! Omg it annoys the shit out of me every week! Plus, given her ugly drunken behavior every week, was that really the best thing she could come up with? Stupid, mean, bigot, drunk. SMH

  32. On a lighter note – did anyone notice the beautiful scenery behind Kelly when she was on the phone whining about the mean girls to Michael? Breathtaking!

  33. Miguel

    Thanks, as ever, for the recap, TT!!! I found the preview to be more compelling than the actual episode; so thanks for your side-stories, also 😉

  34. Lindsay

    You guys have to read the drunken twitter exchange between Kelly and Tamra last night before they wake up and shame delete it. Kelly says she’s checked into a Detox/Rehab in Palm Beach.

  35. Tamra talked about Lizzie’s parenting, Vicki’s and Slade’s too. None of her comments were kind, so I think karma has bit her “not bad” ass in the form of drunk Kelly. Kelly was no kind of right, and Tamra was definitely truly upset, but tamra’s hyperventilating was alcohol inspired and hitting/pushing Kelly isn’t acceptable

    Loved heather’s reaction to being kicked out of the store. She was genuinely pissed.

  36. Happy gal

    Tamra has attacked other people’s kids – Slades and Lizzie’s come to mind and the fact is that Tamra has choosen to continue to speak of her daughter and that is what had caused the rift as I understand it. Tamra had chosen fame over her daughter.

    what Kelly said low yes but Tamra assulted her – words are just that words, Tamra has for the second time assulted someone and for the women to say it is OK because Kelly should not have said what she did is unacceptable. It would be like saying a man has the right to smack his wife if she gets him mad enough with insults , as we know that is never OK.

    The other housewives comforting Tamra and in essence condoning her violence is appaling

  37. MySharona

    None of these women have an ounce of class including Heather.

  38. Something clever

    I’m surprised by the amount of anti Tamra comments here. I think Tamra has sincerely been trying to turn over a new leaf. She just needs to to remain sober.

    But I see nothing redeeming at all about Kelly, even on her best day. She needs rehab badly. So does her husband. Funny how she trashes her husband constantly yet runs to him when she needs an ally. They are a match made in hell. They need sobriety and intensive marriage counseling. I would run the other way if I saw her coming. She is like the Tasmanian Devil when she drinks..

    • swizzle

      100 percent agree with you. Tamra is really working hard to be a better person; something rarely seen in a HW. Kelly is an angry drunk women with a bucket full of issues. She and Vicki need to not be on next season. They need to go to some kind of rehab for assholes. Both have a knack for completely twisting reality to make themselves the victim. If it weren’t so disturbing, it would be fascinating.

    • Miguel

      The two are not mutually exclusive, Something clever! I can dislike them both EQUALLY, albeit for different and similar reasons. Kelly is a bigot; Tamra is a hypocrite; and both are angry drunks!!!

    • Melissa

      When Tamra Judge stops violating her daughter’s wishes to maintain her privacy, and stops exploiting her children, her ex-husband, and using their relationship and problems as fodder for a Bravo storyline, then I will start to believe that Tamra has changed.

      And then when she stops blaming Simon, directly and indirectly, for her poor choices and problems with her child and her cast mates, then I will really think Tamra is “turning over a new leaf.”

      Until then, I will continue to believe that Christian Tamra is just another ploy to manipulate viewers and extend her tenure on a classless reality show. I anxiously await her metamorphosis. I want her to take responsibility for wrongdoing without deflecting blame, respect people’s privacy and boundaries.

      The irony is lost on Tamra. She has no relationship with her child because she refused to accept Sydney’s boundaries. But yet, Tamra expects everyone else, particularly Kelly, to adhere to strict boundaries with regards to topics Tamra chose to make public.

      She can’t have it both ways. She can’t sit in talking heads and whine about Sydney, invalidating her feelings alleging she is a weak child, manipulated by Simon, then engage in the very behavior that Sydney took issue with, and not logically expect someone to say something. Trust me, they all think it. Kelly just said it.

      If the shoe were on someone else’s foot, Tamra would have had NO problem pointing it out. And all her pathetic cheerleaders would have supported her.

  39. cheychey

    I probably would have smacked her for the annoying nose flicks also if not then definitely when she said something about my child. The issue I have however is That Tamera herself as well as Shannon have a habit of becoming very two faced. They run and tell everything someone tells them. They’re like little school girls. Yet when Vicki threatens to tell something someone tells her she is evil. Personally I think Kelly needs some R and R at nice little 1-3 months facility for much needed help. Bring back Gretchen. I liked her on the show. Harmless entertainment, a shit husband, the girls all jealous of her cause she’s hot, and all kinds of housewives swag for sale.

  40. If Shannon hadn’t run to tell Tamra about stupid Kelly’s drunken remarks, it wouldn’t have escalated. But she can’t help herself from telling tales. Tamra’s hyperventilating was not believable, although I do think she was hurt.
    But Tamra really tried to start trouble over what looked like a lie or mischaracterization of what Kelly told her.
    To think the whole think started over a kindergarten joke of nose flicking (I can’t even believe I am writing that term) is preposterous.
    Despite her over-the-top “sexy” dancing, Vicki came out best.

    • Allison

      As far as Shannon repeating what Kelly said to Tamra-if someone said that about me to one of my close friends, I’d expect she’d tell me as well. If Kelly is so upset she shouldn’t have said something on camera, mind you, that she didn’t want repeated. Then she turns herself into the victim! I hope she gets help-not much else worse than a drunk with a mile-long mean streak. I think she needs detox, rehab, and anger management. And off the show.

  41. SabrinaToo

    You have to recap WWHL! I forgot to record it and only walked back in the room when Vicki said something about LuAnn going home with Paul Nassif one time. And Sonja made it sound like she was there too!

    • JennLovesAndy

      It wasn’t Luann but Sonja that went home with Paul. That whole thing was confusing and Sonja didn’t confess, her friend sent in a comment or tweet later in show.

  42. keight34

    I completely agree with you about Heather. I find her to be obnoxious, condescending, & arrogant always but even more so last night. Which leads me to believe that her attitude & behavior is even worse when not on the show.

  43. Margaret Shepard

    I am reminded of that saying, when someone shows you who they really are, believe them. Kelly is apparently a mean, disturbed alcoholic. What if after Kelly told HEather I am not racist I’m Mexican, and Heather said Oh I bet you are a great housekeeper then. Doubt Kelly would have loved that. Or worse, do you have a green card. Dios Mio!

  44. Tootles

    Kelly is nearing Kim Richards’ level of denial.. She will literally shit on the floor and while the dump is still steaming she will begin pointing fingers at the other women. I cannot stand people like that, it’s impossible to argue or reason with them…and it’s frustrating to watch.

    It was pretty funny to me how quickly Vicki ditched her new BFF. Shannon was a better friend to Kelly, and that’s even funnier.

    Regarding the ‘Shannon blabbing to Tamra’ thing: I never understand the “how could you?!” betrayal act these chicks trot out when they said this shit ON CAMERA. Tamra would have heard it one way or the other, and it would have made Shannon look like an awful friend if she hadn’t shared.

  45. Nila

    I don’t like Kelly but it has nothing to with what she said to Tamra. Her behavior is terrible, at first I thought she was playing it up for the camera but now I think she’s just a shitty childish person. I’m sure she has some demons but when you’re an adult, you deal with your shit & sure as heck you do it before going on a reality show!

    I don’t think what she said about Tamra was that bad. She said no wonder her daughter doesn’t talk to her, she didn’t call her names or anything. I believe Vicki made a similar comment last year at her sex party, something like she wonders why she’s in a custody dispute. Tamra is a shit stir but cannot take what she dishes to others. She said horrible things about Alexis & Jim’s parenting, Lynne, Slase and so on. She totally started that fight with brining in that info about Heather. Ridiculous behavior for an adult, it was like she was just sitting on that info waiting for a reason to blurt it out. She did the same to Shannon, Vicki, pretty much all of them. I have no idea of why no one holds her accountable, I’m guessing because they’re afraid of her wrath. Tamra’s behavior reminds me a bit of Jaquelines.

    Meghan just doesn’t belong on this show. She is more tolerable but just doesn’t mesh with this group. Maybe it’s because she’s so young or at a different place on her life.

    • Bugg

      I knew she was evil when she with the help of her SON no less, set out to get Gretchen “naked wasted”. I’m sure this type of behavior she continuously displays on the show IS the reason her daughter doesn’t speak to her. I guess the truth hurts.

      • Renée

        Tamra needs to take a long hard look at her behavior. She struts around like she’s the best thing since sliced bread. What she need to do is take that drive and determination she applies to training, and work on her relationship with her daughter. If my relationship with my daughter was strained, I would do everything in my power to repair it. Tamra majors in minor nonsense. You can’t talk about other folk short comings and expect them not to comment on yours. I hope she is able to repair her relationship with her daughter. I cannot imagine not seeing my daughter for 2 years.

  46. Can Heather just please stfu with the gasping and clutching of her pearls. She just can not believe she was kicked out. Gasp!! But I’ve seen her kick people out if her home and a restaurant that isn’t hers. She loves to do that. I think she feels it’s insulting and when she does it, that’s her way of showing the ultimate disrespect to a person. She talks to people like they are beneath her. Or like they are children. She told Kelly to turn around in her seat on the van. More than once. Kelly is a rotten bitch, but who in the hell does she think she is? I’m distracted from all the real issues because I can’t get past Heather’s nose up in the heavens bullshit. Every. Single. Week. I need her to climb down off of her pretentious diamond encrusted throne.

  47. My husband and I went to Ireland a few years ago. We found the scenery breathtaking and the people there kind and incredibly friendly and welcoming. I was mortified and embarrassed when I watched this episode. These women are what is meant by “Ugly Americans!” I have become so turned off by the Housewives franchise. Every time I think they cannot sink lower, they manage to find a way.

  48. Brianna

    These ladies can’t have it both ways w Tamra. They love it when she gives them gossip (that’s what she does) so why would you trust her w info if you depend on her to give info? ‘Makes no sense. Kelly is a POS. She sat there and listened to tamra and Shannon and pretends to be thoughtful but then flies off the handles and uses what they told her against them in a drop of a hat. Call me crazy but I love how the 4 ladies (heather, tamra, Shannon, and Meghan) have a really solid relationship.. they have their disagreements but sit down and talk about it like grown people then get over it (for example when tamra and Meghan got into a fight then had lunch and squashed it over the accident). It’s really refreshing to see them form that bond (thanks liar Vicki). That’s why Shannon told tamra, she values tamra more than Kelly … duh. Why wouldn’t she? I can relate to heather being upset about being kicked out of a place.. it’s embarrassing. Espeically if you genuinely care about others in your surroundings.. being In a foreign land, It’s so annoying when the actions of others make you look bad.

  49. Amy

    I will never like Tamra. Remember the whole naked wasted with Gretchen? And Heather, so condescending. And Shannon is delusional and trying so hard to be fun and cool. And Meghan is like that pretty girl who thinks putting glasses on makes her smart. Vicki is completely crazy and why is her daughter so nasty to her? Kelly clearly has a drinking problem. The whole show is just so gross and sad. I fast forward and then watch while doing chores. I literally can’t sit and concentrate on it.

    • fivecatsownme

      Not much Tamra love from me here, but I loath Kelli, and Shannon, and am indifferent to vicki.

      • Melissa

        I pretty much loathe every single one of them. Vicki. Tamra. Kelly. Heather. Shannon . Meghan.

        This is the only HW franchise wherein I can honestly say, if Bravo fired every single one of them, and completely recast, I would not be even remotely upset.

    • Jim

      Schadenfreude is fun!

      Especially when they are so privileged yet so miserable.

  50. fivecatsownme

    Why does Bravo send those women to lovely foreign countries where they get drunk and stupid and embarrass themselves and their country. I am suprised the lovely people at the hotel hand them their passports and tell them to find other accommodations. Just put all the trips in Las Vegas. They can go to the Bellagio and pretend they’re in Italy. Doesn’t Vegas have an Eiffel Tower? It does have plenty of booze and shopping. Ireland is wasted on those women with the exception of Meagan and Heather. Heather would shop and Meghan would research her family and talk about it to Heather over dinner and Heather would look enthralled and show Meghan all the stuff she bought and stuff she bought for the baby. They would have a great time together. Heather could advise on Dorland Nannies and Baby Nurses and the best Pram. She and Meghan would have a great time.
    The other, find an Irish pub in Vegas.

    • Jim

      Please, the Bravo franchises come here (Vegas*) enough! It’s gross enough here so we certainly don’t need Tamra and Kelly brawling on the Strip.

      *As bad as Vegas is, it’s still way better than Phoenix and Dallas (two of my previous residences). At least there’s something to do here.

      • tamaratattles

        I was once told I was too… I think the word they used was ‘obscene ‘ for Vegas. I was younger and the crazy was more fun than paralyzing then. I proposed to everyone I met from the airport and back. One night, I was drunk, as one does and back in my hotel and decided to play some pai gow or poker or something and it was practically dawn and I was in a great happy drunk place. So I proposed to the dealer, and SHE was very offended. I got some sort of nasty comment from her about me being a lesbian or her not being a lesbian (to be fair she had very dykish tendancies) and I tried to lighten things up and explain that she was not special that I had proposed to dozens of people previously during my stay. I thought a Vegas wedding (no Elvis) would be fun. She had her pit boss come throw me of the table. I was actually very hurt by their whole reaction, and I left tearfully after proposing to the pit boss. I went to my room sad drunk and called someone sobbing that I was too obscene for Vegas and was getting deported. lol. You don’t ever want to be on the other end of my drunk dials. They can be very dramatic.

      • Adèle

        haha! i think i have finally found my soulmate!!

      • Tamara, your stories and the way in which you tell them continue to make me cry laughing. Just go ahead and write a damn book already!

      • Margarett

        I thoroughly enjoyed that tiny glimpse into your travels, Tamara. In my younger days we would have been “quite a pair to draw to”!! Thanks.

  51. Omgomg

    @i.just.cant. Sure, you’re welcome! I am wondering when as a viewer I say to myself, “You know whatching grown women get paid to get drunk and act out on TV, especially women with mental problems, anger issues, heath problems, etc. is not entertaining? I have almost reached that point. I certainly haven’t enjoyed it. RHOBH had lots of these tiresome episodes of fast forwarding through stupid Kim Richards arguments. Sometimes I watch Odd Mom Out which I find myself really really liking! Jill is funny.
    Ireland looks beautiful.
    Are they for real in the RHOC preview for next week that Meghan goes up to people on the street corner, shouting out at them to ask if they’re related to her? 😯 :dismay: I mean, seriously? Is she 9 years old? I am leaving California. I think it literally destroys your brain cells. It’s embarrassing. Not all of us Americans are like this. Ireland looks like a gorgeous country!

  52. Omgomg

    PS where can we bitch about our week? I am in moving hell. I hate packing and moving. My tooth broke and I HATE the dentist. Trying to help relatives (and sometimes that backfires) trying to get family reunited and we will soon and tonight, my dog (who had to go to the vet because she ate an entire chicken breast with bones and it cost $600 for Xrays) ate my dinner. No bones. But still it was my dinner. Did I mention I hate the dentist? 😉 At least I can come to TT to escape for 5 minutes! Thank you TT!

    • tamaratattles

      Everyone should save this link for grousing. I should have used it myself today. Ignore all the political shit, I opened the door only because I feel like we are witnessing the total destruction of the republican party and a major historical event. We have one every weekend, but I think we may need one more often. They are always called Daily Tea. They are not daily and there is no tea. Just chatter. Mostly bitching.

  53. LauraJo

    I read through the comments and, of course TT’s blog. I have watched it twice now. What am I missing? Were fists thrown?

    • tamaratattles

      Tamra put hands on Kelly, a push probably but perhaps a hit. She also knocked a phone out of the hands of a producer who started filming the altercation on an iPhone.

  54. Angela

    I recently have been rewatching rhoc from the start. I don’t have any pit for Tamra. She has been so deviously cruel to so many castmates and nothing has been “below the belt” for her. She has run her mouth about others relationships, spouses, children, parenting, etc. She’s mean which she covers by calling it being real. You can be real without being cruel. She’s not a good person.
    That said, I don’t like Kelly, either. Alcohol makes her toxic. She needs to really look at her behavior because it’s not ok to act like that.
    I think the show would improve without most of these women. I’d love to see a cast that really supports one another, that can behave like adults, and can live within their means. We have enough drama on tv. Hell, I’d be more interested in some of these women if they were just real with their struggles. I don’t know why they feel it’s so much better to try to hide that they aren’t perfect. Gossip gets out there. Own it and learn.
    A show about a woman in Teresa Giudices (for example) situation where instead of shame shifting she actually came home and tried to make things better would be interesting. Talking about learning to live off what they have, cutting expenses, teaching their daughters a new life, talk about the jail experience, the real fear involved. That to me, would be infinitely more watchable.

    • Jim

      “I’d love to see a cast that really supports one another, that can behave like adults, and can live within their means.”


    My thoughts…….
    I was totally feeling Heather.
    Has anyone here ever had a situation like that happen to them? I’m not sure if she said she was in a bathroom stall or a dressing room but regardless of where she was I have no doubt it was completely mortifying.
    I’m sick of Shannon.
    She is just coming off so phony this season. I don’t believe for 1 second that all is well with her marriage.
    Megan is pretty.
    Too bad it’s her last season.
    Great episode.

  56. Margaret Shepard

    Every time David calls Shannon dear, it just feels so fake. It’s like she makes him say it or somthing. He is creepy.

    • Bugg

      I noticed that too Margaret! Its so weird the way he calls her that. You can tell hes constantly walking on eggshells by the tone of his voice.

  57. kelly’s spirit animal is a donkey – she just brays and brays and absolutely will not be reined in. she is possibly not insane but will drive everyone within hearing over the edge. my holy shit moment, though, has to be the fact that the dude who told teresa (nj) that melissa (nj) was a stripper is a complete doppleganger of kelly’s husband. creepy

  58. The ignorance and immaturity Kelly shows in her lack of adult communication skills is not surprising. “how Jews are” and “how Mexicans are”
    ALL of them are acting, and showing up for the cameras without regard to anyone else in the name of their self-indulgent displays. Tamara has shown a lot of cultural insight in her recaps across the HW franchise as they travel across the world as ugly Americans and Australians.

    Our collective ignorance shows when we meet the the Irish and talk about lucky charms, repeat everything they say because it’s just so quaint, say “top o’ the morning” They DO NOT consider self-described Irish Americans to be Irish at all, they see them as Americans. I have my own stories of my exploits in Ireland and expecting instant kinship- and the truth is that our American TV and movie idea of their culture is inaccurate and a caricature of who they are- ultimately racist in a way because it demeans them as a culture.

  59. Teresa

    Well I finally got through this episode and I am embarrassed by their behavior. They drank way too much but I also think the drama felt faked. I think they are all trying to stay relevant to stay on the show. All of the HW shows feel this way to me now. That’s why I’m down to just NY and OC. I don’t even want to watch the OC anymore now. And I probably won’t be watching NY anymore either, unless something changes.

  60. Nila

    How come Tamra is allowed to stay after striking a cast mate but Robyn was booted for threatening to rage someone’s ass, whatever that means? Is it because she’s been a cast mate forever or because it wasn’t caught on camera? Was it because Kelly didn’t say she felt threatened? I didn’t realize more words were exchanged inside the store, I wonder if Kelly said even more crap about her as a mother then what we saw.

  61. Is it possible that although I don’t really “like” Kelly, I do like her being on the show slurrily trying to lash back at these insufferable bitches? Why yes, yes I think it is, lol. :) The pearl clutching at the stupid nose flipping was goofy and her response was typically, like Tamra’s, over the top. But yeah, the twitter war with her own daughter effectively took away any rights Tamra had on keeping the issue “private.”

  62. RHofND

    Tamra is such a fake. Her new-found Christianity was strictly for a storyline. She hasn’t changed one iota.
    I don’t think Meghan has changed either but is possibly getting a better edit plus the fact that we all feel sorry for her being in a marriage with a husband who doesn’t care about her and cares even less for the baby.
    Kelly needs to be off this show.
    Vicki, Vicki….I’ve been with her since the beginning but I don’t know how much more I can take.

    • Brianna

      Wtf are you talking about? Meghan doesn’t need to change … she’s always been right from the get go.. she makes up a people when she’s wrong and she admits her faults. That’s how all the housewives should be.

  63. Kimoe

    Okay I finally got to what the show and cringed most of the time. Vicki was a dog in heat. The cop should’ve sent a Bedroom Kandi gift instead of flowers. As I’m watching this I’m thinking every Irish person was thinking “would yah ever believe these feckin’ American women in here? What are they ever goin’ on about like that? Some good feckin’ crac this is tho!’ The people who were actually in the pubs and stores will talk about them for YEARS and with their Irish wit it’ll be eye watering funny to listen to.

    I really enjoyed the scenery. If y’all go there are some great stuff to do. In Waterford you can go through the Waterford Crystal factory and get it practically wholesale. I enjoyed the Galway Crystal factory better. Smaller and more up close. The Cliffs of Moher are glorious. I think the clips of the cliffs in the beginning were of them. There are the Beehive Houses, the Ring of Connemara and the Griagnon of Oliagch (not sure of the Gaelic). You can climb Croagh Patrick and put a rock atop of Queen Maeve’s grave as she was so wicked they want to make sure she stays in the ground. Then there is Johnny McHales the pub which has the oldest Guinness pipes in Ireland circa 1740s-ish. They say it makes a difference in the taste. I think they’re right. Most pregnant Irish women will not drink but will have one pint of Guinness a day because of the nutrient value.

    You think it’s all English but it’s not. When I lived in County Mayo I asked my boss one time when he got a new car, ‘Hey, Noel, how do you like your new ride?’ He looked at me a bit startled and said, ‘Oh, I like it fine, I like it fine.’ The next day his wife explained I may not want to use the word ‘ride’ like that as in Ireland it’s slang for having sex. So I go home and tell the husband ‘Don’t use the word “ride” like this.’ He was a service supervisor for a car dealership at the time and said, “No wonder I’m getting funny looks every time I ask a lady who is dropping off her car for service “can I get one of my lads to give you a ride home?”‘

    Sorry I got a bit nostalgic there. Definitely definitely go see.

  64. Kimoe

    Oh and it’s SO cheap to travel. You can catch a round trip flight to Paris from Dublin for instance usually for less than E100 and go for a day or two. It’s like a two hour flight. Same with London. We used Ireland as a jumping off point to see some of Europe. You probably should book those flights when you’re in Ireland to get them cheaper than booking from the USA. The thing to do is just get a few target cities in mind. And just see where you can get cheap flights to for a 2/3 day trip. But you’ll have to make a point to do this because Ireland is seductive and you’ll not want to leave and go elsewhere.

  65. OmgOmg

    Kimoe, loved it! More Ireland less housewives!

  66. Opela88

    Ok… I know Kelly can be a mean drunk , but I’m sorry Tamra is the worst and Heatherhas a HUGE stick up her ass! Why can these women attack Kelly and and call her names, but she calls Tamra out and Kelly is wrong ! Kelly got Heather kicked out of a store?? Seriously ??

  67. Wonky Tonk

    I haven’t watched this franchise in years, but having the time I figured I would watch this season and I just caught up with all of the episodes.

    I saw Gina this season so that was cool I used like watching the antics of her family.

    Man Shannon is not very likable is she? And it strikes me as really funny how quickly she made up with Vicki when Vicki started putting it out there if she kept up her shit Vicki was gonna unload her secret.

    Is Shannon having money issues? The downsizing with her over the top new agey living requirements, knowing she would be loosing all of that, and the way she kept trying to rationalize it, makes me wonder. That and the fact they sold the furniture with the house, and appear not to have hired a moving company to do the work. While not having to move furniture helps that still must have been a hell of a move for a family that size in a house that size.

    And speaking of family is it me or are there like a ton of kids on this franchise. Every time you turn around it seems like there’s kids in the sauce. Kind of liked the one kid sending pictures of empty chairs to her father though. I’ll bet Heather put her up to it she seems sneaky sneaky like that.

    And the daughter bringing up one drink per hour twice kind of hints at drinking issues, and that they’ve been discussed in the household.

    I feel badly for Tamra first with the guilt over hurting her friends, and Meghan running her big mouth all over the place without having a clue what actually even happened. Then Kelly opening up old wounds about the relationship between Tamra and her daughter. I don’t think Tamra hyperventilating in the bus was faked.

    It’s kind of sad how that trip went so quickly badly at the pub. Kelly’s drunk ass just couldn’t let it go, and how quickly it spiraled out of control, wow, it would have been so much better if Kelly had just excused her self but now they’re going to have years worth if issues and resentments against each other, and really I liked Kelly, Tamra, and Vicki together.

    Meghan, you know it’s a show and everything, and they’re human beings and all, but man Meghan, and Shannon are really really hard to like.

    I thought I was going to come into this show not having watched it for years, but being aware of the cancer thing that I would find watching Vicki difficult to watch, and that just wasn’t the case. I like her, even if she did buy that house for her daughter so she would have someone to film with which I sort of suspected early on this season.

    • Shae

      At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will tell you, Vicki didn’t buy Briana a house. She loaned them the money, basically. Several times Vicki and Briana have said on camera that Vicki purchased the home so Briana could move faster, before her home in Oklahoma sold. When the home sells, Briana and Ryan will “buy” the house back from Vicki. They are paying for the home themselves. She didn’t gift it to them.

      I am not a Vicki fan, but it was no secret Briana wanted to come back and with her husband retiring off disability, and her being ill, it makes sense.,

      • Wonky Tonk

        No need to explain. I think the show made it abundantly clear, on more than one occasion, that her daughter, and son in law were going to be making the payments on the house. I thought it was a stretch to say she bought the house, but since they made it clear what actually happened there, more than once on the show, it’s not that big a deal from my perspective.

  68. Pitypat

    Anyone with manners would be embarrassed with this group, so I understand Heather. Why didn’t they just get a drink and sip it and enjoy their surroundings and the beauty of the place. Then pub “crawl” to the next and enjoy the ambiance.
    Hate that Shannon has to scream everything in her awful voice. Hate victims Kelly and Tamra. I like Meghan and genealogy so that was interesting. I am just tired of loud mouth, tacky housewives.

  69. This show has become a drunk fest. The producers just set up situations — parties, bar crawls, dinners, etc where they get drunk and act like fools. No real story line at all. To take them on a bar crawl was stupid.

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