Jax Taylor & “Kentucky” Brittany To Film Spin-Off?!

All signs seem to indicate that Jax and Kentucky have a shot at a Vanderpump Rules spinoff. On Thursday night, Brittany’s mom posted on social media that the couple would be arriving in Kentucky later this month to shoot for a new show about their relationship to air sometime next year.

Jax and Brittany were at NBCu talking with the Bravo suits about their new show as recently as last Friday, September 30th.  It’s unclear whether the filming will be focused entirely on their trip to Kentucky or if they will also be filming in LA.

Just because a show films doesn’t mean it will make it to air. There have been several Real Housewives franchises that filmed and we never saw. However, I think this one is likely to be picked up. Of all the people on Vanderpump Rules to get a spinoff did you think it would be these two? Who would you rather see have their own show?

Will you watch this one?



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43 responses to “Jax Taylor & “Kentucky” Brittany To Film Spin-Off?!

  1. Dan

    This sounds repulsive. No.

  2. Well, I would’ve guessed Kristen over these two. Trying to wean off the Bravo teat but who am I kidding? I’ll probably watch! Ha!

  3. MARC

    Kristen D ; she could carry an entire show on her own !

  4. Wonky Tonk

    You know I thought about it for a minute, and honestly the answer is as unbelievable as it may sound they really are the best option for a spin off.

    I can’t imagine watching any other two people from the show and it be interesting. I mean maybe Kristen, but with who else, and that’s the problem with pretty much all of the other options.

    I would like to see Tom Schwartz but not with Katie, I find her moody, boring, and a seriously mean drunk. The only pairing that makes sense with Tom Schwartz would be with Lisz V. I love the way those two flirt on camera, but let’s face it that combination isn’t going to happen.

    Scheana — forget it, hell no.
    Stassi — hell to the fuck no!!!!!

    Ariana and her Tom, no thanks she’s way too moody, and self important, and he’s a little to self promotional for that pair to be interesting to watch.

    The two Toms might be interesting to watch with a lot of work.

    I guess it really is true even if you’re a flying lying douche bag cheating thief if you take the criticisms well and smile them off on off-show interviews the opportunities for advancement do present themselves.

    • HiKitty

      The storyline for Jax & Brit will be so predictable. I guarantee it will be centered around their relationship, how her Southern values/family either settle him down or annoy him and make him feel judged/not up to snuff. In the end he’ll propose or something like that. Boring!
      To your point about who is actually entertaining, I think a Tom Schwartz & Jax roadtrip could be extremely interesting. Some cameo’s from Kristen would be good as well. The other girls are terrible.

      • Wonky Tonk

        On the Tom Schwartz & Jax road trip in principle I’m not opposed they get along fairly reasonably well, but if Jax gets my Schwartzie pregnant I’m coming after you HiKitty! ;0)

  5. KatieAlex

    Haha! Omg do I love this idea. Add Kristen for comic relief and it’s ratings gold!

  6. I would watch Jax solo. He doesn’t look like a “relationship show@ dude.

  7. AKA Riley

    Nooooo! I am trying to watch less Bravo…
    NOT more!

  8. Oh dear lord no. Will read the recap though. 😘

  9. Sounds boring. Brittany isn’t exactly a firecracker and seems like a “yes” girl to Jax. No Bueno.

    • Wonky Tonk

      Lol Yeah with Jax being the insensitive ass he is they may as well call it “Watch How Brittany Gets Her Feelers Hurt This Week.”

  10. OmgOmg

    I love VR and I will totally watch this. I love watching Jax and her whole schpeal is compelling — not sure if it’s “real” but they do a good job of selling her sweetness/innocence… I can’t stand Arianna she thinks she’s the bomb and she’s really not charming and super annoying but entitled and has a diva personae with no talent (which pretty much sums up LA) I think/ used to think Sandoval was hot. Schwartz is funny, Kristen crazy, Stassi – meh I am not a Katie fan. I don’t get her mopey. I can’t stand James and LaLa — LaLa is like a troubled runaway who needs help. Can’t stand the two of them. Kristen is eminently entertaining. They are the best for a spinoff and I’ll watch.

  11. O.O

    Nope! I can’t do it.

  12. CoBe

    I think a Tom Schwartz/Lisa Vanderpump road trip would be awesome.

    They have a spark.

    • That would be the best road trip ever!

    • Wonky Tonk

      Agreed I love the way they flirt together on screen. The two of them onscreen together interacting is pure magic. I’m surprised the producers haven’t figured it out yet and figured out a way to throw the two of them together more often on VR.

      And the road trip could actually happen (they could pretty easily make it work) if Tom would just commit to working on her sangria line.

  13. OmgOmg

    i don’t find his flirting sincere and the whole thing is really yech. It seems put on for the show.

  14. JoJoFLL

    No offense to anyone in Kentucky, and it is a beautiful state, but I don’t care to watch a reality show in podunk USA. I can go home to Myrtle Beach for that.

    Stassi is so self absorbed, she could carry a show with all of her delusion.

    Kristin is insane enough to carry a show.

  15. Happy gal

    Hmmm maybe Jax is the number one guy in this group after all heheheh !

    You just know that Tom and Arianna are soooo pissed ! For that alone I may toss my support that way and watch . I guess being the smartest female in the world doesn’t always translate to getting the most opportunities eh Arianna ?

  16. Dandy Lion

    Yes Happy gal! Just the mere fact of knowing Ariana and Tom Sandoval are seething with indignation makes me smile. I will not be watching but you can bet I will be reading TTs recaps if it does air.

  17. Ingrid

    To watch Jax poop with the door open? I think I’ll pass

  18. Swizzle

    Is there even an audience for this? Most of the HW spinoffs have pretty low viewership. Is there enough interest from that subset to draw numbers of any interest to advertisers?

    • Wonky Tonk

      Remember Kandi’s Ski Trip the Atlanta Housewives Spinoff of Kandi B’s family vacation? That was considered a success with like 1.6 million viewers which compared to like 3.4 million for the Atlanta Housewives show itself. So it pulled almost half the viewership of RHOA. Not bad. That show was hilarious by the way with the cantankerous aunties delivering regular laugh riots so if you missed it try to catch it sometime.

      Vanderpump Rules averaged roughly 1.38 million viewers last season so if “Watch How Brittany Get’s Her Feelers Hurt This Week” can pull about 500 – 600K viewers I would call it a huge success for what it is. For comparison sake the RHOMelbourne pulls around 300K numbers in the states and that’s commercially viable. I’m guessing the show will hit the same numbers as the Melbourne Real Housewives franchise, or better.

      One of the things “Watch How Brittany Get’s Her Feelers Hurt This Week” has going for it is the long wait for the next season of Vanderpump Rules. If they stick it midway between the VR seasons I should think it would do well.

      Call me an optimistic SOB but I’m thinking they’ll be able to pull it off, and I’m guessing they’ll probably beat the Melbourne show in the 18-49 demographic.

  19. Omgomg

    I think J & B is imminently watchable

  20. Omgomg

    uh, meant *immanently

    • More Tea Please!

      Maybe the third time will be the charm?
      (ˈɛmɪnəntlɪ )

      extremely ⇒ eminently sensible
      Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © Harper Collins Publishers

  21. Heather

    Just nope…nope..nope…

  22. I like them both. Jax has grown up since meeting Brittany, albeit late blooming, and I’d like to watch what comes next for these two.

  23. KaraW

    Kentucky is smarter than she looks landing her own show by putting up with Jax. Of course I will watch! I can never get enough of Jax!! He’s an idiot and a liar, but eminently watchable. Number one reason – I want to see what he says next.

    • KaraW

      Oh, weird didn’t see the word eminently above…. Either we posted at the same time or I just didn’t consciously register it. Trying to watch RHONJ at the same time as doing this.

  24. OmgOmg

    Eminently!! Word of the day ha

  25. RL

    Of course I’ll watch, bc I’m an idiot, lol

    These shows all just crack me up and I wouldnt imagine this one being any different.

  26. Wonky Tonk

    Yeah, but you kind of have to admit it was at least a little interesting to see how far Jax is willing to go to whore himself on TV.

  27. Wonky Tonk

    This one was a reply to Ingrid’s post about Jax pooping. Not sure what happened to have it not show as a reply to Ingrid. Oh well guess I screwed up.

  28. Anastasia_Beave

    No one from VPR needs or deserves a spinoff.

  29. Liza

    I like Jax in the sense that I love a train wreck. I just have never bought Brits story, and she basically has no personality.

  30. T D

    Is the spin off called Cracker’ n Jax?

  31. Diana

    Lol people kill me its a reality show!!!!!!!! And the ones of you carrying on about Brittany.. JEALOUS AS HELL!!! You are just wishing it was you. I could almost bet the ones of you giving Brittany a hard time barely have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of!! LMAO GET A LIFE PEOPLE..

    • tamaratattles

      The life I have affords me the ability to purchase sunglasses without stealing them. I don’t think anyone here is jealous of Britanny. I think most of us are thankful that when we were in the young and dumb stage of our lives we weren’t allowing men with criminal backgrounds to design our chests or having our poor decisions televised.

  32. T D

    The kitchen staff spin off would have been more entertaining.

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