Daily Tea: Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Donald

These dogs belong to the author of the story and the wife who is a commenter here.

These dogs belong to the author of the story and the wife who is a commenter here.

I’ve been up all night watching hurricane news because I’m concerned about Charleston and flooding and my friends there and on Hilton Head. One of my favorite commenter’s husband writes for Island Packet and put up a great story about her before the storm hit them.

My wife has a new man in her life. His name is Mike. She met him on the internet. Mike even has his own Facebook page, with 104,000 likes. It’s called Mike’s Weather Page. Mike’s a lot like me. She never sees him. He spends most of his time noodling on the computer. And in his one-way conversations, he rambles aimlessly, like the “spaghetti models” of Hurricane Matthew he’s dissecting for the world. My beautiful bride thinks Mike really understands her feelings. She wants truth in hurricane hysteria. “That television is a science fiction movie,” she said, not looking up from her laptop, shushing me so she didn’t miss a muttering word from HIM.  [SOURCE]

The article is a must read. They are getting hit pretty hard on Hilton Head as I type this.  I’m sending prayers for safety their way. One of the last things she said to me was “I hope we still have a home when this is over.”

Banjo is worried about his virtual dog friends.

In other news,  I am loathe to open the political door here.  If you have a functioning brain and follow me on Twitter you know I hate Trump and Hillary. But with this latest bullshit, I feel like I can’t lasso either side and keep politics off the site when I feel like the country is boiling over. So have at it. In my opinion, we are fucked either way.

So it’s an open forum… but be careful what you say. Not because I will send you to WLS but because we all have different views on politics here…

And Daily Tea is ALWAYS an open forum so whatever is going on with you is fine to vent about here to! Don’t feel like the hurricane is the only thing. This is our spot to vent for the week about whatever.


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  1. Angel

    Hope everyone is ok in Charlestown & Kiawah, where I sometimes visit & have friends there. Just ran into Tom Sandoval at the desert trip concert. They have seats near us if we have any Q’s. Maybe I’ll get some VR tea. He was w max Todd & Ariana, dressed normally & was nice. I introduced myself & my husband. Hope everyone has a great weekend! We’re celebrating our anniversary at the fest. Also on the lookout for Paul from BB18 who is also there. Friendship! :)


    At this point I dont understand how anyone can vote for Donald.

    I am not crazy about Hiliary but I think she is qualified for the job.

    Hiliary has this general unlikability about her. I get that. But I dont understand the intense hatred she gets from some people.
    Can’t wait for this election to be over…..just so sick of it!

    • Deirdre

      I’m with you, easpecially with the GOP already controlling the House & Senate. Why dislike a master politician when what we need in this globally interconnected world is a master politician who knows how everything works! Plus, when Hil wins, very capable female world leaders will be running the UK, Germany, etc which I’m betting means way less itchy trigger fingers to start wars.

      • SJ

        My dislike for both the Clintons and the Trumps makes this political game loving girl very sad. Who is really surprised by anything that has come out about either candidate? Donald Duck maybe who I vote for. I like to make more work for the election judges because I know they have to record every write-in vote.

      • Iloveearlgrey

        Clinton is a hawk, and just because someone has a vagina, that doesn’t mean they will be a pacifist.

      • itwasjulie

        Latvia, Poland, KosovoGermany, Argentina, Brazil. Bangladesh.on and on….I am so offended she is bringing gender into the equation. I loathe both of them but her Ovary issue makes ,y blood boil. Yes I want girls to aspire to office but she is a bad example for girls and Trump…OMG I wish both of them would have a stroke (recoverable, don’t want them dead)

      • Something clever

        Yeah, I’m sick of identity politics. I would no sooner vote based on my gender as I would on my ethnicity. Clinton doesn’t get a pass from me.

        I loathe both candidates and will write in my father, who is someone I admire and respect.

    • Kimoe

      I think the US is in such a bad economic state and the foreign policy has been so bad with O that to recover we need a businessman to fix the problems. Politicians are not business savvy and Trump can learn politics. Also he’s got more money than he’ll ever spend in a lifetime and won’t be a politician who is interested in solely lining his pockets or doing so by selling their power like HC has done as SOS. I have huge problems with the fact HC has a wake of dead bodies of known associates with suspicious death circumstances behind her. Also her reaction to Benghazi shows she sees people as fodder for political ends and if it’s not that attitude in play over the situation then she couldn’t make a good commanding decision in a crisis which is concerning. Running a country is hard and I for one wouldn’t want the job. No one in that position pleases everyone. I don’t envy any president their job. But I retain the right to my opinion😜.

    • Calipatti

      I’m with you, I’m with her.
      I also don’t understand the intense dislike of her.

      I think it’s fair to nail her on emails if they nail Colin Powell & GWB43.com, private server with 2 million deleted emails by Carl Rove.
      If it’s about emails, not her, nail them all.

      • itwasjulie

        Seriously, I despise Trump but it concerns me (and I am a Luddite) that people do not understand the difference between sending 20 something emails from a personal computer with a secure line….And sending every single email outside the system. I don’t want to fuss and it doesn’t change what an ignorant, makes my ears bleed, asshole Trump is.

        Hillary was wrong, horribly wrong and a liar, I am literally sick that we have two scumbags running.

  3. NeverBeenJaxed

    Saying prayers for my extended TT family who are in harms way. I’m praying for your safety 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    I’m not going down the political road. This election is a shit show. 👎🏼

    In other news, the month of October is filled with appointments and procedures leading up to surgery on 11/3 for thyroid C. In the middle of all this my daughter gets married a week from today and I’m still going to school full time. I’m proud to report that I was inducted into my school’s Honor Society for Leadership and Business. At 48, I’m living proof that it’s never too late!!!

    I’ll be spending a great deal of time here come November and I’m home from my surgery. Y’all are going to be my lifeline as I recover.

    Prayers to everyone in the path of Matthew. You all are in my thoughts❤️

    • Toddy

      Wow, NBJaxed, you’ve got a lot on your plate! I said a prayer for you…positive thoughts your way.

    • JustJenn

      Good luck with your surgery..I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

      Congrats on your your daughter getting married and for being on honor roll..that’s a major accomplishment at any age!

    • Dancing Matisse

      Prayers to you for your surgery. Had the same a few years ago right after a cross country job transfer.

      You got this! Will keep you in my thoughts.

    • Kimoe

      Saying prayers for fast recovery of your surgery. Congrats on your induction. Well done!

  4. Iloveearlgrey

    Gotta agree with you, TT. I can’t stand either of the options. Clinton was the first FLOTUS to have to testify in front of a grand jury. She is constantly plagued by scandal. As for Trump, no comment needed there.

    I guess the silver lining is the debates. We can all stand around and laugh at the two clowns while the circus tent burns with us in it.

  5. Julie

    I wouldn’t say we are fucked either way.

    One of them doesn’t feel that invalidating all my gay friends’ marriages is their mission from God.

    That would be enough for me.

  6. Toddy

    My husband urges me to think platform, not person. I either vote for Hillary or not at all. Dammit, Biden…

    • well you can vote for whoever you want. Your husband doesn’t get to see your vote does he? You can do a write-in too. It is fun and I always do a write-in when I don’t like the candidates. It is good practice. It keeps the vote counters honest. And it is a protest vote.

      • Toddy

        I didn’t articulate my thoughts very well. I don’t feel pressured to vote any certain way by my husband. We both find the candidates abhorrent and he thought that might help me decide. I think I will vote Hillary or not at all, because I’m afraid Donald’s lack of diplomacy will be the end of us. I could have easily voted for Biden. I don’t know who I would write in🤔

  7. TT, I was going to curse you for opening the political floodgates. I am in the same camp as you are in thinking we are fucked either way. I can’t for the life of me figure out how anyone can get behind either of them & vocally tout either candidate. But, election is nearing; so far there is not an option D-none of the above. So, since you provided the forum, rather than curse you, I would like to pose a question to all who read here…

    Has anyone here actually benefited from the “Affordable Healthcare Act”? (I truly want to know)

    • Helen M

      I have. It has been a lifesaver for myself and a few members of my family.

    • Lisa Lahmann

      Absolutely! Allowing your children to stay on your plan until age 26 has provided my oldest with insurance during a time when she is starting out in life and could not otherwise have afforded it. It’s given me huge piece of mind as a result. So many preventative procedures are now covered, including my recent colonoscopy – which I might well have delayed due to the expense – where several polyps were found and removed (much to my shock and relief). I am extremely grateful for these benefits provided by the Affordable Care Act.

    • I have and it has been a godsend. All you hear is the negative but never the positive. I will vote for Hillary because she seems to be the only one to have a working brain and doesn’t act like a child getting into twitter feuds at 3:00 am. Trump can’t even run a campaign mind running the country. Pence is one scary dude too. Funny how his state lost the Carrier AC company to Mexico that Trump was banging on for months until he picked Pence – crickets. Hope all are safe experiencing Hurricane Matthew.

    • Meghan

      Yes. I have and my kids too . Going for years without any insurance resulted in me living so many things that may never be resolved now. I couldn’t afford insurance and now I can . Only people who have insurance dislike the ACA because they’ve not dealt with the horror of being sick and broke

      • RealE

        I disagree with your comment that only people that dislike it have never been broke and sick. I’ve been both. I was uninsured for years, sick and broke and from all those on it that I have talked with, I do not think ACA is good and neither do they.
        It’s good to hear others here say good things about it, though, as these are the first compliments of the program I have heard from those involved. If we have to have this program, I sure hope the majority on it one day feel as you all.

      • Meghan

        So just curious, how did you do with being broke and sick? I honestly dont care if the majority agrees or not ( again some of them im sure have insurance) . It works for me and my family. It is the law of the land. The majorly of Americans hate guns but that doesn’t mean I want to deptrive others of their right, same logic

      • RealE

        I actually found a lot of social health services for free or that worked on a sliding fee schedule. It was not hard at all and I never found myself lacking for healthcare. That was my experience and admittingly I could see that possibly being different in republican states or perhaps more rural areas.

        And I’m sorry you do not care about how it works for the majority of people since it works for your family. Since I help fund it, I do care how it works for your family and others. If it only works for the minority, and not majority, then in my opinion it doesn’t work. I guess we just have different outlooks on social programs, and that is okay.

        “An open mind leaves a chance for someone to drop a worthwhile thought in it.”

      • Meghan

        And other people fund those social programmes you’re talking about , so you have a double standard there. I live in a deep red state where any assistance has long ago been taken away . Only option is going to the ER and being charged thousands of dollars that I can’t afford
        So while I salute your lofty stance , I have to look out for myself of my family. I’m glad you live in a state with EASY access to programmes, but I don’t so excuse me for championing a program that helps me without me having to beg or become homeless
        Try practicing that open mindedness dear .
        Not discussing this any further . God bless

      • RealE

        I don’t have a double standard as I never said I have a problem with social programs. You stated that the ONLY people that dislike the Affordable Care Act have never been broke and sick. So I commented to say I’ve been both and do not support it. That’s it! You are reading into my comments, maybe due to your anger and personal connection to this issue.
        That’s amazing that the ACA came in and stopped you from begging and being homeless. It sounds like things were dire for you and this program saved you. I am glad to hear that. I have not heard these stories before so it’s good to hear.
        The Mark Twain quote is a quote that I often reflect on to keep myself open minded and I thought it relevant to our mutual discourse based on respect (at least on my part).

      • Meghan

        I appreciate your response and clarification. Yes I probably read into it. My husband and I are both hardworking people and we pay our ACA premiums so it’s not FREE. I get tired of us being viewed as moochers or lazy bums. We both work 2 jobs and we have an autistic son so getting relief was like a miracle. My state has declared war on the poor and painted us all as junkies, bums and welfare queens to justify removing those programmes so almost every assistance has been taken away
        Again thank you and God bless

      • Alex Kay

        I have had a mixed experience with the healthcare act, although before was rough, too. Before it, pre-existings were the bane of our existence.

        Currently, my very expensive PPO has turned into an even more expensive HMO, and it’s a mess in terms of who takes what. Our deductible is $8,000 and I’m 37, my husband 45, my kids 11 & 12 and we pay over $1,000 a month for BCBS HMO. Before this, we paid $1200 a month for a much better BCBS PPO. We both are self employed, so work insurance isn’t an option. We were so poor in 2009 after the real estate crash, we went on Access. Thank god for that, we wear on it for maybe 6 months… But we are up and down

        They are now omitting more plans. I still cannot get the surgery I need after I was almost killed by a speeding cop (4 discs removed from my c-spine). That cop sued me even though it was his fault 100%. He also got all the surgeries he needed, plus workmans comp, plus insurance money. He was going 95 without a siren in a 50 into an intersection. I was going 0. But I am punished.

        The system is messed up..

        However, my husband had Spinal Meningitis and kidney failure over the summer, so thank God we had something. My kids also have lifelong issues.

        We are so broke due to his illness and my accident that we had to cash in our kids college funds. We have nothing left.

        What worries me as well, they said we have to pick a new health plan in December, this will be changing again…

        The Epi-pen producer is really criminal, Mylan. My son dies from ingesting nuts, fruit pits, and melons. The epipens are now $600+! The CEO of Mylan makes $18 MILLION, and is doing this to people who have life threatening allergies!? Mylan CEO’s Pay rose over 600% as EpiPen price rose 400%. That’s disgusting.

        Anyways, I truly hope it’s helped some. It did help me in terms of pre-existings. It’s a mixed bag, I suppose 😉

        I urge everyone to look up Ana Navarro’s appearance concerning the P comment. Quite funny!

        I vote without the rule of whether a candidate is red or blue, black or white- but above all, sanity and reason should prevail. I see that lacking in many ways, LOL.

        PLEASE Try to Stay safe :( hurricanes are terrifying…

    • North Carolina

      Yes! I am 63 and lost my job at the end of 2015. I live in North Carolina and only receive 13 weeks of unemployement. I went ahead and took early retirement at 63 and half . I got a Blue cross blue shield Plan. I pay $156.00 a month, $10 copay for doctors visits.
      This plan would have cost me $1,056.00 a month without the Affordable Care tax credit.
      Believe me I could not afford to pay for my health insurance on what I draw from social security without the tax credit from the Affordable care. It was a God send for me until I can
      Get on Medicare. I am single and have worked 42 years. I wanted to work until 66 but it did not work out that way. So for me and my situation it has really been good.

      • North Carolina

        I have always lived within my means. I was lucky to pay my small house off summer 2015 before I lost my job. I have no debt and drive a paid for 2009 vehicle. Something had to be done about health care. Maybe the ACA wasn’t the answer, I don’t know . I don’t think health care should only be for the rich. For me at 63 no job and not many prospects it was right for me. Health care cost have been on the rise for years, long before the ACA .Especially if you are over the age of 55.

    • The ACA allowed 2 of my grandchildren to get insurance. It has been a blessing, but what we really need is a single-payer system. Sick people should not be viewed as profit centers.

    • Psylocke

      I think it’s important to remember the ACA we have NOW was completely gutted from its inception because the GOP was more interested in cockblocking Obama at every turn than doing anything to help improve our country.

      • tamaratattles

        Forgive me as I sit here after spending my entire savings on copayment that were $600 a month , that’s $7,200 a year. My income was BELOW THE POVERTY LINE. I then paid three or four thousand dollars more for CT scans in preparation for a hernia surgery. In addition, do to the size and density of my breasts I had to pay for repeat mammograms and ultrasounds sounds. They kept claiming they thought they saw something…yet on each return they could not find what they thought they saw those were around four hundred dollars each. And then there was a glitch of some sort in the online payment system where I placed my $600 payment each month on my credit card. In september, when I was scheduling my surgery, I went in to discover that my insurance had been cancelled for non payment. I had been paying the $600 each month and explained there must be some mistake. Apparently, my JUNE payment did not go through on the Internet, It was not a rejected payment, the payment just appears not to have been made. I had no idea and continued paying each month thereafter until September. When I went home to check my account I basically didn’t have an account. I had no way to pull my own payment history. That was 2014. In 2015 I could not afford to pay at all. I hope to meet with some sort of health insurance person to begin to sign back up in 2016. So for the past year I have been sitting here hoping my hernia does not strangulate in the mean time.

        There are many times that these Daily Tea post get off on topics that are sensitive to me and I stop reading them. I included the Donald Trump/Hilliary issues that came out yesterdays (Hilliary’s emails were overshadowed by Trump’s lechery), because we are in unprecedented times where the majority of the country is deeply concerned about the ability of either candidate to lead and keep us safe. I am actually interested in your thoughts on that. I found Billy Bee’s rather simplistic solution to be a bit comforting. If we in fact look at voting as if we have two candidates to from which to choose the most qualified with the most experience in the field we are hiring for, the the choice is easier to stomach. The job must be filled. There are no other candidates. I’m starting to think that my supreme court concerns must take a backseat to the real and present danger of war. I have to ask myself if I want someone with no political background who still proclaims that he knows more about war the the US Generals that protect this country to be in charge of my safety.

        I am trying to find some solace in my decision from the group of people here that I have hand cultivated over a five year people to be some of the best and brightest on the Internet. (Even though I do call you idiots, it’s USUALLY with affection and sometimes just my way of weeding out others)


        So there are lots of happy people in blue states that have insurance for the first time and love it. I am thrilled for them. But do not tell me that I AM BETTER OFF with this shit. I AM NOT. Had I just paid out of pocket for the health care I needed I would have received the medical treatments I need.

        WE DO NOT ALL HAVE THE SAME HAPPY OPTIONS. SOME OF US HAVE SUFFERED MIGHTILY. And the best thing I have heard this entire campaign is BILL CLINTON acknowledging this shit show for what it is. If he gets it, then Hilliary gets it and she has a lot of experience and knowledge with the health care system and is more likely to do SOMETHING that will be better than a TV GAME SHOW HOST might.

        I say this as someone who for months seriously considered the whole “let the outsider in to break up all of the cronyism in DC and shut down all the payoffs.

        So if you could PLEASE just let the ACA argument drop I would still be able to listen to your other opinons and find out how everyone isdoing in the storms.


      • Tamara, my apologies. I’m the one that initially asked the question. Just delete my comment please.

      • T2D

        To all with very dense breasts: research, seek and find places that do 3D mammograms. I’ve gone from twice a year visits (mamma then ultra sound each visit) to one 3D visit a year.

      • tamaratattles

        Thanks. I totally need to do this. I was stuck with the new doctor that Obama chose for me and that idiot refused to listen to me when I asked to go ahead and order the sonogram at the same time to spare me the weeks of waiting in between. 3d imaging sound much less barbaric that the whole vise grip method. Can you imagine if guys had to put their nuts in a vise once or twice or three times a year?

      • Alex Kay

        I’m sorry Tamara, I just saw your post requesting healthcare be dropped. I apologize for sharing our experience :) it was before I saw your request. My apologies. And I’m sorry you had to go thru the mammogram pain and the bs. I sympathize fully. And apologize.

    • CoolMama

      My family has a plan from the Federal marketplace. My husband and I are both self-employed. The ACA has made an individual family plan an affordable (but still expensive) option. Without it, I’m not sure we would have any coverage.

    • Calipatti

      Affordable Care act has benefited me greatly. Yes cost went up but they know its problem and will work on it.
      Testing alone has been a huge benefit plus very low cost prescriptions. I’ve nothing but raves for it. I also live in a blue state that was ready to go ahead of time.

  8. JustJenn

    I will not be voting for Hillary or Donald. After the first part of the Podesta email leak, Hillary is proving to be just as dangerous as Donald or even more so. When Colin Powell’s emails leaked he admitted that they were real, so I have no doubt about the authenticity of the latest leak.

    I’m going to an annual Apple Fest which is about two hours away in s tiny town..should be a beautiful drive with all of the fall colors.

    I hope everyone in Hurricane Matthew’s path is safe and that everyone has a great weekend!

    • JentheAUBURNfan

      Jen there’s an apple fest in my area today too! But it’s also supposed to rain and I have to pick up my friend at the air port. By chance are you in Pennsylvania? I’m not a stalker I promise😂. Just wondering

      • JustJenn

        I live in MN and the fest was in WI. No rain, but we had temps in the 40s. :)

      • JentheAUBURNfan

        Oh yep yall have some cold weather already. I was in North Dakota for the last two winters and they weren’t bad compared to some before. It actually snowed there. It’s still hot here. And I’m from Alabama so if I say hot it means over 70 degrees! I hope you had fun! I have a good friend that is a cop in at. Paul.

    • iloveearlgrey

      Spot on. I love how they leaked the Donald’s comments to Billy Bush when the Podesta emails were leaked so the Don’s comments got all the coverage and no one hears or cares about the damaging content of those emails. Hillary and Donald are both dangerous.

  9. I abhor the world today and wish I could just ‘blink’ it all away. Got a good start – securely rooted to my couch with plenty of alcohol and empty carbs on hand. The coup de gras …”The Way We Were” starts in 10 minutes. Let the wailing begin! (A little blow would be nice.)

  10. JentheAUBURNfan

    Ok so I have no comments about politics but my last few days were spent worried about friends who were working in Florida but not from floridians thought it would be ok to stay in their campers bc the locals weren’t leaving. Also their bosses decided Thursday am that it would be ok to let them off. They are from all over the U.S. And had no where to go by the . Now for you commenters that travel and have actually kept reading this post, we are currently working in Williamsport Pennsylvania and I am dying for an Amish quilt. Have any of you been to Lancaster, is it worth the two hour drive ?

    • Patricia

      This is a lovely time of year to visit Lancaster. Be sure to check the internet and locate a nice B&B. I’ve stayed at a few but unfortunately my mind will not permit me to remember their names. Gawd, I hate getting old! Just ask around where you can buy a quilt. Everyone is friendly. Enjoy!

      • JentheAUBURNfan

        I have to go to Lancaster in hopes of seeing anyone from the fake reality Amish shows! I also found a town name bird in the hand and want to go there. Were you able to tour the community

      • Patricia

        Jen – I wish I would have seen this post sooner. I left you a lengthy rendition of how to extract a closer connection to the Amish community, with all the ins and outs, along with the typical sightseeing Adventures. I had no idea that all you really wanted was to see fake Amish reality stars. My apologies to TT and all commenters for taking needless space.

  11. JentheAUBURNfan

    Also, TT I just want to say thank you. We moved and have cable but bravo is not a channel provided but it didn’t even bother me because I knew I had you!!! I really need to find a way to send you a thank you present but honestly I want to meet you and banjo so badly I’d try to convince you to just let me bring in person. We could drink and cuss at the tv and go see cherees kids playing at the chateau…..

  12. Happy gal

    So I have been watching a show called Cutting it the ATL. I got hooked last year. It features several hair salon owners some of which don’t get along and it is pretty good. I binged watched the first half of this season last night as I just could not deal w any more Trump or Hillary. I just needed a break . Sometimes my mind needs a rest and this show did not take any brain power. I’ve always loved fashion and hair so this show is fun for me although I wish they would show more of the hair styling

  13. Margaret Shepard

    I can no longer stand hearing anything about this political race. I try to avoid coverage but I think I would need to go to the Amazon to avoid this toxic mess. I totally agree that I can’t stand either one of them. I spent a lot of time in Ormond Beach growing up so I was glad it was not as bad there as I feared. My prayers go out to all others affected by this Hurricane.

  14. hannahkingrose

    I’m sitting in my bedroom listening to the rain and it always sounds like it is hitting a tin roof. That is usually such a comforting sound except for the Emergency Alert that just came over the phone warning us about the flash flooding and increase in rain and wind we will be getting because Matthew is still headed our way. I’m not on the coast which is good but close enough to have experienced damage, power outages and flooding with previous hurricanes. My yard is already under water. The Rotties and the Great Dane are protesting having to go outside. Guess I should be filling up containers of water since we are on a well and septic tank which won’t work without power. I know this sounds petty considering all that everyone else that was in the direct line of the storm has had to endure. Well there goes the Directv. Was wondering how long that would take. The rain and wind are starting to get a little stronger. The ground is so saturated. I hope none of the trees in our yard uproot. I am praying for everyone that has had to to deal with this storm, those who continue to be in danger and hope that everyone remains safe. Things can be replaced, people can’t.

    • Tara

      Hi Hannah
      I am right up the road from you. Please let me know if yall need anything. AT&T Uverse is still working:)

      • hannahkingrose

        Thanks Tara. Still have power so far. Happy about that. With the exception of my youngest son who lives further west, my immediate family is all huddled here together just waiting to see what is going to happen. Can’t get the dogs out of my bed. They are hanging close. Always heard that animals sense bad weather. Appreciate your offer and if I can help you anyway the same applies.

    • Dancing Matisse

      Hannah fill every bathtub with water. You will have water for flushing toilets, washing dishes, cleaning. As a kiddo in South Florida this was one of my hurricane prep jobs as we were on a well too.

      • Wonky Tonk

        Good tip for surviving a hurricane Dancing M.

        I know whenever one is coming in my direction I fill every available clean container with water and stick them in the available space in the freezer so when the power goes out they keep the food frozen for some time, and then cold when the water starts to melt which allows you time to eat the frozen food without it spoiling. Don’t forget to leave space for the ice to expand in the containers before sealing them.

        Also when the water thaws you have clean drinking water you can use to drink, or cook with. I did this during Katrina and it worked well. The bottled ice water held up for four days in 80 degree weather which is when I finally left the city.

        I have a ton of rechargeable batteries and I make sure they’re all freshly charged before the storm arrives. I have a small transistor radio that sips battery power which helps stay abreast of the emergency news and weather.

        I have a car jump starter with a usb port, and a 12 volt outlet that gets used to keep the cell phone charged so that gets topped up before the storm hits as well.

        Also, and this is going to sound silly, but I make a mental note of where everything is in the fridge, and I consciously think about where what I need is located so I can yank the door open grab what I need and slam it shut in a matter of seconds to keep the cold air in. It makes a difference.

        I also have a portable butane single burner butane stove. It burns butane that comes in a can about the size of a non-stick cooking spray can. The cans last a long time, and since it’s like 9,000 btu it boils water quickly. The cans of butane were like five dollars for a four pack when I last bought them. I just checked online and they’re closer to 12 right now so try and source them locally. Your best bet is an Asian outlet. The stove itself with a case was about twenty dollars at a local Asian food store. You’ll pay more and probably not get a case for it anywhere else. A certain large online retailer has the model I have for $25 bucks right now with the case. GAS ONE GS-3000 Portable Gas Stove with Carrying Case, 9,000 BTU, CSA Approved, Black. Believe me that thing was a life saver during Katrina. I mean even if you just use it to make your coffee when the power is out it’s worth the cost.

        I can’t stress this one enough. If one is heading your way make sure you have cash. That goes against the grain because I almost never carry cash anymore but believe me when the power goes out and they can’t process those credit card payments you’ll be glad you have at least two weeks worth of cash on hand.

        You’re going to have a lot of time on your hands with no power so it’s nice if you have a hobby you can practice to kill the time. I have a kindle which lasts weeks on a charge and has dozens of books waiting to be read so the time will fly by.

        Also a “good” supply of alcohol is nice to pass the time.

      • Toddy

        Your hurricane prep suggestions are very helpful, thank you! My family and I basically had bottled water, flashlights, and little debbies during Katrina. Woefully unprepared. We were new to the area and were so far inland that we didn’t expect anything to happen. Two weeks without power and little water to spare for flushing toilets. I know so many were worse off, but it was tough with two babies.

  15. Billie_bee

    This will be the first time I will vote after becoming a citizen. I dislike both at a personal level, but for me, it comes down to who is the most qualified. And that certainly is not Donald, or Gary Johnson.

  16. Gabby

    What a waste of time even considering voting for either of these two incompetent, untrustworthy, scheming, scandalous and lying candidates.
    I personally think Pence would make a very good president. No way would I ever vote for hildabeast!

  17. Lisa j

    I apologize for not reading anyone else’s post, I don’t trust myself to not respond and to each their own. You KNOW there’s more out there, this isn’t the only “hot mic” or Apprentice cutting room floor. I’ve always been with Hillary, even 8 years ago. It’s amazing to me that it took this much for the outrage to hit.

  18. cheychey

    With all the violence and shootings I really can’t vote for a quick tempered person. Also one that instead of trying to placate the aggression between different ethnic groups he incited it. Don’t even want to get started on his gleaming vision of woman. What a douche. Unfortunately that means Hillary it is.

  19. Dancing Matisse

    If you can’t get behind either candidate consider it from the perspective of what kind of decisions you want to see out of the Supreme Court. Future appointments to the Court are likely to shape our country and impact us long term more than the anything. Don’t throw away your voice by not voting.

    • Meghan

      Trump will pick someone who thinks sexual harassment is okie dokie! Another locker room banter buddy

      • Gabby

        I agree with your assessment. Looking past the candidates, I do like Pence a lot and think he would make a good president, just wish trump would get out of the way.

    • RealE

      The Supreme Court appointments should be a consideration for every voter DM. Unfortunately, I don’t think the average voter understands the implications of their vote in regards to how it effects the other branches of government. Instead hot topic issues, personalities and who people like/dislike often drives voting. I’m not judging whether or not those should factor in voting, but other factors like these appointments should play a major force in a voters decision! (In my opinion :))

  20. Meghan

    Voting isn’t always easy . But as a woman and mother what Trump said and done is too much for me to stomach. Let’s not even begin to equate it with Hilary please. Just because Bill did it , does NOT make it ok and forgivable . It’s the WORST defense . So the point is let’s elect someone who will do what bill before ?? Absurd!

    And someone saying they won’t vote is lazy and a cop out. You can vote 3rd party or even write in anybody you want. I’m sorry candidates aren’t tailored to fit our every requirement and desire but we are grown ups so let’s just deal with it

  21. Sandra

    I guess I am the only one who will go for it so, here goes.
    First though I want to say everyone who has been affected by Matthew are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Hurricane Trump…..There is no choice for me but one in this election.
    On one hand you have a candidate who is a proven disgusting, misogynist who assaults women verbally and thinks he has a famous “pass” to assault them physically. He thinks women should be punished for having abortions, and has antiquated ideals in regards to women in the work place. He has a history of being accused of scams and has a general practice of refusing to pay contractors who have provided services to him – bullying them into submission with his army of legal experts.
    He runs his campaign on this country’s failures in regards to infrastructure, border patrol, schools, support of our military etc but doesn’t pay Federal taxes! He calls it smart and says at least he knows where the loop holes are can change them as if that should give him a pass. He refuses to acknowledge there are problems with racial bias in our criminal justice system as well as our police force and he is far worse than a lying liar, who lies. He has repeatedly lied to our faces even during this campaign and turned on a dime even the same day to deny it when it is all on tape! He speaks on patriotism yet, has praised dictators and approves of them having nuclear weapons while berating his own country to the world.

    Hillary certainly has her faults. Still, I can name many reasons why I would vote for for her. She has given most of her life to public service -the policies she will advocate for women and children alone are a major plus for me….but I don’t even need to delineate them when the other choice is as repugnant, revolting and vile as DT. Even worse, the damning offenses I listed above aren’t even a drop in the bucket, and most all came out of his own mouth- the others can be proven in court documents and from people who spoke out long before he decided to run for president.

    I am all for moving away from the status quo politics we are all sick of but, this is most certainly not the insanity I am willing to do the switch for. A vote against Hillary is a vote for this nasty, unqualified, psychopath. DT is a diabolical, dangerous man.

  22. Amy

    We live in a country where there is a group who rule who believe they are and have proven themselves to be above the laws which apply to the rest of us. That is the beginning of tyranny. I would vote for anyone outside of that group. No one should be allowed to get away with the things the Clintons (and other insiders) have gotten away with.
    I am voting for Trump.

    • Gabby

      I feel the same, voting trump and holding my nose closed as I do.

      • Katherine

        I suppose you haven’t heard the latest from the never-ending pit of vile, arrogant, sociopathic, misogynistic bile Trump spews on a regular basis. His disgust and contempt for women should be enough for anyone to wash their hands of this creature once and for all.

    • RealE

      Impressed that in a thread of anti-trump posts and some pro-Hilary posts, you would state your conviction for voting for Trump. I love good, healthy discourse :)
      You state reasons you will not vote for Hilary, but can you explain the reasons you think Trump would make a good president and what changes you think he will make that you are excited about?
      I would love to hear this perspective as it is so vastly different from mine.

      • JennLovesAndy

        Here’s my two cents- I am a conservative republican and tell it like it is. Everyone is up in arms about Trump’s bluntness. He is being realistic. After all we have been through, it’s time for a change rather than a politician in office. It has to be better than Hillary and her lying ways.

      • Miguel

        Although I have no horse in this race, JennLovesAndy, it confounds me when people claim they DON’T WANT a seasoned POLITICIAN for the highest POLITICAL office.

        Would you also prefer a tycoon, over a seasoned cardiologist, to perform a loved one’s open heart surgery? Also, just out of curiosity – who do you use to fix your car? I use the mechanic, though I’ve heard that that people use tailors. Still, to each his/her own!!!

        And for that matter, why even bother with qualifications or a job description or a resume in any job? Maybe, I should try my hand at ranch handling or aeronautics or teaching history? Perhaps, I could be your President, having never even served on City Council?

        I fear this New World Order, where anyone can do whatever his/her heart desires without basic skills. Moreover, I long for the days when the gift of gab did not supersede knowledge, comprehension and competence!!!!!!!

        P.S. I am truly curious; as such, my thoughts/opinions are not meant to be aspersions on ANY voter!!!

      • tamaratattles

        Jenn, I strongly considered that exact belief for a long time. When it came time to vote in the primary, I voted for Bernie Sanders to buy myself some more time to decide between the other two unfortunate options. Frankly, Billy Bee’s job interview example is making me feel a TEENSY TINY bit better making the decision I need to make.

      • RealE

        Realistic about what Jenn? About women, about minorities? You site the fact that he is not a politician as a reason to vote for him, but what will he do for the country, for foreign policy etc that you are specifically hoping for? What will make him a good president besides being not Hilary and not a politician?
        Would love to hear this side, if you want to share.

    • Friday'smom

      You know something, Amy, when I read your first 2 sentences I thought you were describing Trump.

    • Ericzku

      Which laws, specifically, have the Clintons broken? I’m curious as to what you know that the Department of Justice and Congress doesn’t.

      • Miguel

        Hey Ericzku, I’ve been MIA for a few weeks & looked out for you in thus & subsequent posts. Hope you are well & everything sorted itself out? :)

      • Ericzku

        Hey Miguel –

        Thanks very much for your concern. I’m OK. Nothing is really sorted out per se, just sort of…delayed. I’m still in my place for this month. Everything else is the same as it was a couple weeks ago! I’m working on it though and hoping to find some solutions soon.

      • Miguel

        Thanks for letting me know, Ericzku – much blessings!!!

  23. Camilla sofie

    The reason people don’t like Hillary is bc she is corrupt.check out her pay to play politics ( who is donating millions of dollars to her foundation’s and correlating decisions made by her as sec of state)and then decide if you want to vote for them.

    • Miguel

      I assume you’re stating this based on the Clintons’ tax returns, Camilla sofie. Noone can definitively make these claims, with respect to Trump!!! Where are Trump’s tax returns? Who, if anyone, is/could be potentially paying him to play???

  24. Barbara

    The only people benefiting from the ACA are low income people who now have “free” healthcare. Anyone else will see another hike (24% average) in 2017 for insurance coverage. This laws’ true intent was to benefit the healthcare industry not the American people.

    • Meghan

      That’s a judgemental and elitist statement. I work 2 jobs and raise 2 kids, while my husband works 2 jobs also and weekends. And it’s not FREE, we pay our premiums every month , so I don’t know where you get your information . But shaming poor people is something you have to examine within yourself. Not every poor family is lazy and just bumming around and mooching . Some of us need help and I’m PAYING for it, it’s not free dear

      • Barbara

        You are being judgemental. I stated the fact of who benefits. I am far from elitist. My insurance wa $239 per month befor ACA with VERY high deductibles. After ACA that policy was cancelled with three weeks notice. Went on the exchange and same coverage was over $500 per month. Was then uninsured. Went online again 7 months later. Cost was over $700 per month. The fact is although I am self employed with assets, my income is low. Since I am “poor”, I subsequently became eligible to recieve healthcare coverage via the medicaid option in my state. So now I have coverage that I pay nothing for which is the benefit I referred to in my origi al post. Since I am healthy I have not required medical care. I have no idea what quality of care I would recieve if that were not the case. The simple truth here is far from elitist, I am speaking from personal experience. And I am well aware that my options would vary depending upon my state of residence. So quit making assumptions and rude judgements when you speak out of ignorance.

      • Meghan

        You started the ignorance with your ‘free’ insurance statement and now you’re all offended that you are called me. Save me the faux outrage
        TT said to drop this so I will

      • Barbara

        I know it must be hard to admit you have made a fool of yourself. Being poor is not a judgement. You are forgiven for your vitriolic and misguided opinion however.

      • Meghan

        Sure babe, whatever you say. You win

    • Pitypat

      There are countless people who were able to get health insurance and stay alive with pre-existing medical conditions under the Affordable Health Care Act. I know several people with cancer who were able to get chemo.

    • tamaratattles

      Barbara, while this site often has an anything goes back and forth in comments, and people can be a bit vicious, and by people I mean me, mostly, I was very impressed with all the comments I have read here today as we try to keep a civil tone on a topic that is extremely serious.

      I totally understand your plight as a self employed person. Particularly if you are single. Single people without children have the most difficult to afford premiums of all. Add to that self employment where you will have bleak years and flush years, it is hard to know where you fit on the income ladder. I am right there in the boat with you.

      I wrote a rather lengthy post to point out that WE DO NOT ALL HAVE THE SAME OPTIONS. And it is infuriating when someone talks about how great their insurance is now and assumes that we all have the option to have great insurance too and that we must be stupid for not signing up for it properly. Even within the same state, the options are very different. It’s extremely frustrating especially when you don’t have the same options even from year to year as in my case entire insurance companies are fleeing the plan because SOMEHOW they are losing money.

      I wrote my post hoping we could try to understand that everyone is not in the same boat. It’s not necessary to scream insults and nonfactual statements at others on this topic. This is not a housewives post. Generally the Daily Tea is a place where we support each other, so please take your brawling to another forum.

      BTW, As a poor person, I can assure you that I did not benefit from ACA, in fact, it was a financial blow that set back my attempts to move out of this shit hole back at least a year.

  25. Barbara

    Seen on twitter…..So have you been hearing about all the sinister clown sightings? ME (thinking of Trump and Clinton): Unfortunately, yes.

  26. Margaret Shepard

    I want illegal felon’s deported, Hilary is for open borders. If you or I did what Hilary did with classified documents, we would be facing prison time. Can you name one thing she has done for women and children other than trying Estoy Bill’s mistresses etc. Now dont get me wrong, no Trump fan here but I can’t with her at all. Plus she denied extra security to the Bengazi embassy numerous times. Horrid choice for us voters, no doubt.

    • Erica

      The funding for security at Bengazi and every other diplomatic outpost has been and always will be at the hands of Congress. She was Secretary of State, not Senator at the time. She had no vote on the funding. Both she and the President had requested additional funding to beef up security for there and other hot spots the year before, and it was denied. The blood is on THEIR hands, if you want to look at such a complicated issue that way, not hers or the President’s. FYI… Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate at that time.

      • tamaratattles

        The same President who lied about the entire thing and said that our guys got blown up over an anti Muslim video? That president? As a former long term expat in Libya, this is not the topic you should go to in making me feel less terrified about voting for Hillary. Especially since you don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Absolutely correct, Erica.The Benghazi blood is on the hands of the Congressional members who voted against the increased funding for security that Secretary had requested.

      • Kimoe

        How about the military extraction team which was an hour away which weren’t called in on her watch.

      • Ericzku


        There was no “military extraction team an hour away”. Did. Not. Exist.

        I really hope that you are not getting your information from that heavily fictionalized, right-wing propaganda movie. Because it is a work of fiction that has little basis in reality.

        But for the sake of argument, lets assume there was one. You do know that the Secretary of State is not the commander of the Armed Forces, right? Right?

      • Over Taxed Under Paid

        Then start demanding single subject bills be submitted in Congress. The bills that people bitch about are so overloaded with BS, the bill becomes a shitfest of stupid spending and regulations. If you read every bill that you complain that some party did not vote yes for, and understood that there are deals made for votes, you would demand single subject one page bills. And, don’t even try to say I am delusional on this….my livelihood has DEPENDED on bills passing in Congress, and that moron group we have now has caused this livelihood to now be in jeopardy………we read every bill, understand the bad crap on those bills, and want single subject bills.

      • Spunky2015

        @Erica, spot on.

    • betsybug818

      Yes, I can name one thing. With her support while she was First Lady, she helped the bipartisan effort to establish the CHIP program.


      I don’t have to like her, I don’t have to invite her or Bill to my house for Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean I won’t give her respect or credit for her accomplishments.

    • Sandra

      I can name a few things Hillay has done.
      She has a history of advocating for women and children starting at 24-years old when as law student, she participated in an undercover operation to uncover racist practices in regards to lack of educational opportunities for black children.

      As Senator she introduced the Paycheck Fairness act that addressed discrimination against women earning less than men for performing the same jobs. There are many rights she vigorously fought for even inside of this act and I urge you to read it. She co-chaired senate hearings on closing the pay gap between women and men. She also co-sponsored Pay fair acts that expanded on rights to take pay discrimination issues to court.

      She wrote publications and gave seminars to women on how to negotiate for equal pay and and advocate for her rights in the workplace.

      As Secretary of State Hillary convinced the White House to create a new position in the State Dept that would advocate specifically for women’s and girls issues related to education, economic, health, domestic violence you name it – and on a global level.

      Her advocacy for the empowerment women start when they are girls as she launched many, many funds and created partnerships that invest in exchange and leadership programs that benefit girls. They are all focused around education, health, and economic advancement.

      I didn’t even begin to list the things or delineate in regards to what Hillary has done in her consistent and vigorous fight for women and children as a lawyer, Senator and Secretary of State but, it is easy to find. Imagine what she can do as President.

      You asked 😂

  27. Zoemonster2

    Thank you for sharing that, TT

    HiltonHead took a hard, direct hit. We have tons of property damage. It will be a long time before residents are allowed back on the island to see it.

    But many stayed– and the damage is extensive. We thank God for sparing human lives.

  28. Rita

    I am holding my nose and voting for the person who is the least offensive of the two who have the best shot at getting elected. To say Hillary was wrong for calling the women who slept with her husband”whores” is not realistic. We don’t know what she called Bill but we can all agree he is a philandering d-a-w-g but women who knowingly sleep with married men are not innocent victims. If you sleep with my husband, regardless of who initiated the consensual encounter, you are a woman with low morals. Women should respect other women and not sleep a man that is married. The wife should deal with her husband’s behavior as well. DT as a married man, went after a married woman and she rebuffed him because she respected her vows and chose not to whore around on her husband. He is also an unethical dawg for so many reasons I do not want him as POTUS.

    • rebecca

      Bill Clinton sexually assaulted Paula Jones (and paid a settlement as acknowledgement that he did it and is accused of raping Juanita Brodderick. I think those types of incidents are a far cry from “women who knowingly sleep with married men.” And Hillary viciously went after them in order to discredit them and continue her husband’s (and her) quest for power. She may well be a champion of women but only when they don’t threaten her own ambitions.

      • Miguel

        THANK YOU, REBECCA! Similarly, Donald Trump’s settlement was an admission of his guilt in refusing to rent to black tenants!!! It cuts both ways – just saying!

      • You people really need to stop believing everything you read on RW websites. Please stop spreading false information.

        1) Clinton was never accused of “assaulting” Paula Jones. He was accused of propositioning her and “exposing” himself. Which, by the way, she waited until years later to come forward after he had become POTUS, literally a few days before the statute of limitations expired). The case was initially dropped because there was no evidence, but she later appealed it. He settled the case with her on the condition that she drop the appeal. So even if he did “do it” – its inappropriate, but its not assault.

        2) Paula Broaddrick – no evidence whatsoever. He said, she said. She signed two sworn affadavits that Bill never made any sexual advances towards her. They tried to use her in the Lewinsky case but later deposed her because her story was inconsistent and they didn’t think she was credible.

        3) Broaddrick’s claim that HRC threatened her is in reference to a time she saw Bill and HRC at an event and HRC approached her a shook her hand and supposedly thanked for her for everything she did for her husband (they had a working relationship at the time). Was it a veiled threat – possibly, but far from substantive. There is no other definitive proof that HRC ever publicly discredited or tried to shame any of BC’s accusers.

        Please educate yourself.

      • tamaratattles

        BK, This comment section has for the most part done a pretty good job of discussing the candidates and their pros and cons without implying that those with other opinions are uniformed or uneducated. You could have made that entire comment without suggestion that your set of facts is the correct one and others are just not properly vetting their sources. You attempts to minimize Bill Clinton’s inappropriateness with women, something long documented, could be done without disrespecting those who hold different sources of information to be true.

      • Rita

        There was no acknowledgement of guilt with the settlement although I understand the idea of settlement of lawsuits can be an assumption of guilt by people outside of the lawsuit.

      • Ericzku


        Paula Jones sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, not sexual assault. While I condone neither, these are two very different things. Let’s not confuse one with the other.

        Her case was dismissed by the judge because Jones a) had no proof and b) could not demonstrate any damages. (When you sue for damages, you have to prove that there was damage).

        Jones appealed the dismissal, at which point Clinton settled (with NO admission of wrongdoing) in order to be done with the whole thing.

        Of course, Jones went on to show off her plastic surgery (paid for by a “donor”) and pose in Penthouse Magazine. Really classy, that one. Also, not a victim.

        As for Broaddrick, she was thouroughly vetted by Ken Starr during the Whitewater investigation and he found her to be not credible. Yes, the Ken Starr who spent 8 years and $80 million taxpayer dollars trying to dig up dirt on the Clintons and get them for something…anything! If he found her to be not credible, I’m gonna go with “she’s not credible”.

        But it’s all irrelevant anyway because Bill Clinton isn’t running for President. Hillary Clinton is. She is a seperate person from her husband. Do you have a citation for your assertion that she “went after” these women? Because she’s never said anything about them publicly, and rumors about private statements are just that…rumors. And baseless.

        It’s one thing to have an INFORMED opinion about something. But please stop spreading misinformation and lies.

  29. Margaret Shepard

    I am watching the news here in Atlanta and must have missed the reports on Hilton head. Have seen tons of other hard hit places. I hate hearing this as I have spent plenty of time there as well. Need to go recheck hurricane reports.

  30. Margaret Shepard

    Just checked Island Packet. Great source for info.

  31. Okay I feel the urge to share this non-political & non-hurricaine related comment.

    I desperately needed some sudafed (the real deal). Given TT’s latest experience, I was anxious about going to get it.

    I walked straight to the CVS pharmacy counter and asked, “Do you have any of the regular old kind of Sudafed? The one in the little red tablets that are just plain old Sudafed?” The pharmacist simply handed me a box of 96. I then asked for the smallest quantity box. He then just gave me a box of 24. I read the label carefully & it was the actual thing that I needed. Just had to show my driver’s license. No standing on chairs, no pointing. No idiots. Easy peasy! Lol!

    #Smallvictories 😂

  32. Margaret Shepard

    LOL , I just can’t.

  33. Margaret Shepard

    Lol that voila, asking for plain old red Sudafed got you plain old red sudafed. Now we know the secret. Speaking of drugs, gonna need much harder ones here to make it to Nov. 8th. Wish I was in Cali or Colorado here, my freakin’ knee might get me a script for medicinal pot. Kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak.

  34. Margaret Shepard

    Lol that voila, asking for plain old red Sudafed got you plain old red sudafed. Now we know the secret. Speaking of drugs, gonna need much harder ones here to make it to Nov. 8th. Wish I was in Cali or Colorado here, my freakin’ knee might get me a script for medicinal pot. Kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak.

  35. joanne

    I’m so relieved to report that we definitely dodged the bullet that continues on as Matthew. We miraculously didn’t lose power or directv (which is a miracle because it goes out during a sun shower!) and only lost the internet overnight until around noon today. The storm surge did a number on the Jax beaches, and there is storm damage and debris everywhere, but overall my area was very lucky. My thoughts are with those on the GA & SC coasts. I am heartbroken to see the photos of the flooding in Charleston. I have never visited, and was hoping to go this winter (not that we’ll have winter this year, not much of one last year). We’ll give them some time to recover and definitely go.

    It is very discouraging to hear people say that they hate both candidates and they will not vote or will write in some ridiculous alternative. This election is crucial to our country’s and people’s future. So, you don’t like the ACA, and I agree it needs some re-tooling, but not shot down completely. I, too, took early retirement due to health issues, but could not afford the ACA due to our Republican governor, Rick Scott,who opted out from the tax credit of all Florida citizens. It would have taken all of my SS check and I would have had to dip into my small inheritance to cover my monthly expenses. So, I did without the medical care I know I need (I am a breast cancer ‘survivor’) and finally became eligible for Medicare as of July. You still have to pay for it, people, it comes out of my check each month.

    On the other hand, the ACA has been a godsend for the UnHusband, who had exhausted his unemployment and was in the lengthy process of applying for disability when he signed up. He has had multiple back surgeries over the years (his spine looks like rr tracks) and recently herniated another disc. The comprehensive medical care and prescription coverage have been an enormous help and are greatly appreciated. Despite an earlier remark that the ACA is only for poor people who don’t pay anything (and we should be taking care of those folks anyway), it has helped him preserve the retirement funds he worked so hard for, which would have been vastly depleted if he had had to pay out of pocket for the care he’s needed just this past year. He pays a reasonable monthly premium, co-pays and had to meet a ‘deductible’ threshold. Fortunately, he just was notified that his disability was approved, but has yet to receive a check. I know that there are those out there waiting to pounce and point out all the freeloaders on disability. I’m sure there are, but my guy is not one of ‘them’, so bring it on.

    Our next President will be making at least 3 SCOTUS appointments. Depending on the outcome of the election, we could be re-litigating abortion, gay rights, women’s rights, et al, for the next decade. Do we really want to navigate that dark road? There is only one candidate that has the intelligence, judgement and demeanor to make the critical decisions that we will face in this volatile world and the issues our nation faces as we become more divided, thanks, in part, to the other candidate. My choice has been vetted, dissected, vilified and investigated more than any individual ever to run for office. So many are disappointed that nothing significant came from these over-wrought investigations (despite the opposition hiring the most loathsome of dirty ops to be campaign leaders – take a look at Bossy’s resume). I am truly amazed by the outright hatred of my candidate, particularly among women. It seems too many people get their ‘facts’ from titillating headlines and ‘faux’ news.
    I have voted in presidential elections for more than 40 years, and there has never been a clearer choice than we have in this election. For myself, yesterday’s video, while not surprising, was a gift, second only to missing Matthew’s wrath. Sunday’s debate will be interesting!

    • oh-natural

      amen sistah!

    • Katherine

      I agree, Joann. When both candidates are dismissed with the same disdain, I have to wonder if I am reading/watching the same election coverage.
      Hillary’s secretive. She’s distrusting. She doesn’t have much charm. But she’s been dodging GOP slings and arrows for 30 years and she knows how Washington works [or doesn’t work] and she knows the nuances and complexities of the global stage. Her intellect and experience far, far exceed Donald’s by every measure.
      If Americans are sick of the system and the gridlock, I cannot blame them. The support of Trump should be a wakeup call to those who want to serve in public office. And we need to keep reminding them of that, not just in our presidential election years.

    • JoJo

      From on Jo Anne to another: I couldn’t have explained my choice any better than this. Thank you!
      Like TT, I had many reservations. Mine were always about concerns if HRC was possessed of sufficient qualities in character in order for me to hire her for the presidency of the U.S.

      Never was I considering the same with the opponent – in fact the words ‘quality of character’ and ‘Trump’ are oxymoronic in the same sentence and I dismissed him when he interviewed 18 months ago. Never was that a choice, but a side show.
      I am looking forward to the debate in a few minutes, but clearly there is no other viable choice in my opinion.
      Whatever issues I might have with Clinton’s character are ‘trumped’ by her qualities and experience in order to be able to run this country.
      Again – thank you for pointing much of that out too!!!

  36. tamaratattles

    When it comes to politics, I am glad to hear that supporters of both candidates have valid reasons to be happy and hopeful for their candidate’s success.

    I envy that as I am simply preparing to batten down the hatches and survive the next four years while hoping for a miracle.

    • itwasjulie

      Happy about the candidates? I feel like I am hitting myself in the head with a hammer, I wish both of them would have a stroke and be on mute for 6 months, I am not wishing anybody dead, just out of the picture. OBAMACARE FAILURE was nothing more than logic, I guess thaey had to pass it in order to see what was in it. Nancy Pelosi is a moron.

      • Gabby

        Do we want four more or maybe I should say twelve more years of the same? Personally I’d vote for a rouge just to shake it up!

  37. Marsha Marsha Marsha

    I think I’ll make some fried apple pies and then read Tamara’s archives.

  38. Amy V

    For at least eight months I tuned in to Access Hollywood Live with Billy Bush and Kit Harrinton. Why? Because Billy always had some hellacious humor about the Trumpeter as he called him. I cackled along with him not knowing that he had the real in sight of this man. Now…i say to you Billy Boy I am laughing no more. After viewing the tapes the humor died. Not for nothing…but perhaps NBC should check out my boy Billy.

  39. Rita

    There are a lot of dog lovers in this group so let me ask a question: Do you think it’s ok to bring your dog to the restaurant and sit it in a chair at the table? How about in the grocery store in the cart? Experienced both the last few days.

    • Rita, I am a dog lover. I’m fortunate to live in a city that has some “dog friendly” shopping centers where you can take your dog into the stores & have them sit next to you ON THE GROUND in the outside seating area of participating restaraunts. There are clean water drinking fountains for the dogs throughout the center, as well as poop bag dispensers with requisite grass & trash bins.
      However, I also have the choice to shop elsewhere, like most places that only allow service dogs.

      The thought of a dog sitting in a chair at a restaurant and eating with the humans is not only ridiculous to me, but completely repulsive & unsanitary at best!

      I don’t even go to dinner at one of my hoighty toighty friend’s house because she feeds her dog at the table off her plate & her fork. I think it’s disgusting and shows no manners or consideration for others.

      What people do in their own homes is their perogative but how are we supposed to know what their animals are carrying? In public? At a restaraunt table? NOE! JUST NOE!
      Grosses me out just imagining it!

      • Rita Jones

        I’m so glad I got some validation on this issue. I politely told the woman that took her doggie out of the buggy 😮 and sat it in the chair that it was inconsiderate as some one would be sitting in that chair later. She went completely off the rails telling me the dog was cleaner than some people and because we were outside it didn’t matter!! I said it was unsanitary and since she refused to unass the dog from the chair we had to call the server who called the manager and voilà…we had an unnecessary scene which made for an unpleasant lunch for everyone. She left in a huff since the dog could not sit. The Publix needs to post a sign that only service dogs are allowed as it has become chic to cart dogs everywhere. I gave that person a look of disgust as I exited the store. I find this trend disgusting.

    • Joanplus2dogs

      As a life long pet owner & decades of being a pet groomer I wil give my opinion. The grocery store is definitely not the place for any pets, only those who are actual trained service animals ( no fake or purse ones). Outdoor restaurants can be more flexible if the restaurant provides a specific area with furniture/decor that can kept easily cleaned & strict pet policy in place like for barking, accidents, etc which patrons can have a clear choice of which area they prefer. Many people have allergies, don’t care for pets or don’t want to eat around other people’s pets. In addition far too many pet owners have shown poor manners/judgements handling pets out in public whether it is cleanup, barking, control or treating pests like fleas, worms. I am all for pets being socialized & more pets could benefit from additional socialization however under the right circumstances, training & places.

    • Kimoe

      I am a parent to my two dogs Trouble and Mischief and wish there were allowances for dogs in restaurants as long as they’re owners are responsible. Love weather where you can sit at outdoor cafes. Grocery store not so much pets shed and I wouldn’t want pet hair or wee or poo in the aisles. I wouldn’t want my own pet that close to my groceries. Of course service dogs excepted.

    • Wonky Tonk

      One of my favorite bars is a gayborhood bar at the far right end of the tourist area in my city.

      The bar welcomes everyone, and has a lot of service industry clients, and local residents with, depending on the most recent festival in the city, a smattering, to an inundating of tourists that happen to make their way down into that out of the way section of the tourist district.

      The bar is pet friendly so a lot of local people tend to bring their dogs. Most of them I tolerate but they all almost invariably tie up a bar stool in the small bar with limited bar stools to begin with, with their lapdogs, and the dogs too big to fit on the bar stools get left on the cement floor in the tight spaces between the bar stools and the walls. Since it is a tiny space, and even smaller when someone is sitting in the stools they tend to lay down behind the empty stools which ties those stools up as well.

      The bartenders tend to have treats for the dogs so the lapdogs stand on the bar itself to reach them, and the large dogs jump up with their paws on the edge of the bar to get theirs.

      Frequently the dogs are dehydrated so the bartenders fetch them water usually in plastic cups, for the lapdogs that cup gets placed on the bar where the dog commences to lap it up making a huge mess of it as dogs will. The larger dogs get the cups placed in front of them on the floor even further congesting the available space, and by the time they’re done they’ve made a mess of it, overturned the cup, and spilled the contents on the floor.

      One disgusting bartender uses the serving glassware to give the lapdogs water. Whenever that bartender is working I always have my drinks served in plastic because there isn’t anything in the bar to ensure a full cleaning of the glassware after a dog uses it. And the fact that she does this without a second thought makes me question her hygiene practices in general.

      In addition some local patrons bring dogs the size of small ponies into the bar and leave them at the front near the entrance because that’s basically the only place they’ll fit near the main portion of the bar.

      On one occasion I walked in and as I approached the bar one of those pony sized German Shepherds started growling and lunged at me snapping at my arm. It didn’t land a hit on my flesh but it sure as hell took a chunk out of my dress shirt.

      The asshole owner was not diligent about watching his dog in the bar, was negligent in bringing the dog in the bar in the first place since I’ll bet a kajillion dollars that’s not the first time that dog has done that to strangers, and to top it off the dickhead didn’t even bother apologizing for it, or paying for the shirt. So he’s sitting there getting drunk with a small violent carnivorous horse next to him which due to the fact he’s drunk doesn’t pay any attention to.

      And don’t even get me started on the patrons with dogs that decide their special little angel can go off the leash, and roam at will because he won’t ever harm anyone.

      So my whole take on the dogs in public places is keep your freakin dogs at home where they belong. If it ain’t a guide dog it has no place in a publicly licensed place of business. If your dog so precious and special that it can never be left alone then stay home with it.

      • Malissa

        I absolutely love my Dogs however, they are for my family and I. I understand blind seeing eye dogs or even seizure labs but my kitchen is off limits to my boys period. I don’t need any dog hair on in or near my food.
        They have cologne, body wash, shampoo, for men as well as the flea bath stuff but the smell is atrocious, they go on play dates and to doggie birthday parties.
        It irks me when I see people bring their fury friends to eateries, markets, in the mall, or leaving them in a hot car for hours.

      • Joanplus2dogs

        Yup it only takes one bad apple to spoil it for everyone else. Dog bites are the #1 issue turned in to homeowner ins. That one bad bite could get dog owner & bar owner sued & either dog gets put down or has to get special & pricey guidelines to follow to keep dog.( unless owned by Kim Richards who somehow so far evaded ). Damage to person can be extreme, scarred for life mentally & physically or permanent damage affecting their life/job or death. Always report any dog bite & any dog off leash regardless of size. It is the only way to get the bad pet owner to step up & do what they should had when they got pet. TRAINING for owner & pet!

        I have the issue of living in a condo where the few other dogs living here are toy size 3-12 lb. Their owners believe it is fine for them to be off leash when pottying since they are small. Except I am walking my 2 leashed 25-30lb dogs that the lil dogs want to run up barking & snapping at us. I don’t want my dogs hurt or to hurt lil dogs defending themselves or me. Toy breed owners also disregard number of kids running around who could easily get hurt or cause harm to the dogs because they cannot be bothered to walk dog with a leash a few feet or yards.

        People just don’t want to take right steps toward training or too lazy or just could care absolutely nothing about the people & environment that they & their pets will come into contact with all day. Drives me crazy!

      • Rita Jones

        Hysterically funny with just enough danger and covers all the bases as why pet lovers should contain their pets in public places not designated for animals!

  40. Sandra

    I truly believe what Tim Kaine said when he said look at the amount of commitment and passion a candidate has exhibited for the issues they claim are important to them and for how long.

    Not only do I research candidates on their record I look at intent. Hillary walks the walk about those issues she claims to be passionate about- and has since she was a young girl right out of college.

    Her mother was mistreated by her parents & grandparents and she was abandoned as a child. There were people who stepped in to advocate for her mother and this has inspired Hillary to advocate for women and children all over the world. She internalized her mother’s sadness as a child and thinking of that sadness fuels her passionate battle for the empowerment and welfare for women and children.

    Hillary is better qualified in every regard but this is how I know her intent comes from a good place. It’s why I am voting for her.

  41. Margaret Shepard

    Dog lover here but my rescue Bear is the only dog I have ever had who is scared of cars. No bad experience with them either. All my other dogs went nuts when I said wanna go for a ride. So weird, I miss taking my pets out for a ride. I adore my cat Holly but she ain’t going lol.

  42. Madashell

    I find Hilary to be evil and a liar. She destroyed her emails and bleached her server because she was trying to hide what she was doing….all the favors for money. Her pay -to -play read “Clinton Cash. ” The FBI was never going to charge her for all her lies. She lied about Benghazi and didn’t send help.She went and ruined Libya and Syria (arms from Libya went to Syria) and voted for Iraq war.She made millions in her secret talks to Wall Street……her husband was/is just as lecherous as Donald in the sex Dept. But the Democrats always stood by him.
    I would rather have Donald who wants to help the country out financially and protect our borders than that LIAR Hilary.
    I don’t trust anything that comes out of her mouth. She is in bed with big money and is greedy for ultimate power. Read what wiki leaked has on her. Only the press and democrats and established republicans want the status quo.
    Thanks for letting me vent.

    • Malissa

      Why so mad, Prove what you are saying. We were all for the war in Iraq when we all were misled by Lil Bush. So spare me with the woe is me okay this man gambled and lost darn near a billion in other people’s money, didn’t pay taxes for 18 years yet has so much to say about our economy when he lies and cheats his way through life while we work hard and have to be burdened with his losses. Please i know several business owners who are better qualified. Who are actual billionaires, who have made real people successful millionaires. Name one person who has come forward to say Trump made them a thousandaire at the very least…..no you have people who say he bankrupted them

    • Spunky2015

      Trump is only going to help himself. He owes millions to Russia and China so is he really going to get tough with them? Oh, that little love fest with Putin is just the beginning. Amazes me the willfully ignorant people running around out there.

  43. Karebear

    So I live in North East Florida and my family plus my mom rode it out it was actually interesting. We lost power for a Lil while and watched the back yard flood. I have a big oak tree & was worried it might fall but nope it was a champ lol. What my husband & I loved was the time we spent with the kids playing board games .I went to work this morning at Publix the roads were littered with downed trees and crap took a while I was nervous about downed power lines, but it was worth it because the neighborhood my store is in has no power might be Tuesday before they get it but we have generators to last 3 days so we were busy with very grateful customers it made my day . So all in all this hurricane had some positives to it. Prayers to those who didn’t fare well.

  44. JentheAUBURNfan

    So no one knows anything about the Amish quilts and where to find them? Everyone has all these great opinions on ACA and the election and I want an amish quilt 😂😂😂

    • Patricia

      I replied to you with regard to Lancaster and quilts.

      • JentheAUBURNfan

        Yes ma’am and I appreciate it. I already called my friend and told her that you said we had to go!!! I’m so excited

      • Patricia

        You could not pick a better time of year to go. The reason I suggested staying at a B&B is that the owners have connections with some of the Amish such as getting you an invite to dinner at an Amish home. There is no charge for the dinner BUT you will pay a donation fee of approximately $20. Should you be fortunate enough to have this transpire, please ask the owner what the correct donation should be. I believe you leave it under the plate but please ask to be sure. Dress modestly and out of respect for the Amish please do not take any pictures of them. They do not carry personal photos nor do they display them in their homes. Picture taking is in violation of a Commandment. Often, young boys will tell you that it’s okay to take their picture, but please refrain. Amish food is delicious- not low fat by any means. Ask if you should bring anything. Take cues from your host. If you do not see napkins, do not ask for them. Don’t ask for alcohol unless it’s offered. As far as your quilt shopping goes, you can ask the owner of the B&B, or you can go down to Aaron and Jessica’s buggy rides located in Bird-in-Hand located outside an Inn by the same name as the town on Old Philadelphia Pike. Sometimes they take you to houses that have quilts. If not, take a buggy ride anyway! It’s fun! Lots of fun! You can always speak with the Mennonites. They have vehicles and will be willing to drive you to someone’s home for a quilt. Okay, that’s just me trying to save you money. One thing you probably do, and should do, is go over to Kettle Village on Old Philadelphia Pike in Intercourse. They have a lot of cool stuff to look at or purchase without spending a lot of bucks. That said, guess what else they have? QUILTS! I know there are a lot of quilt shops around but I think you would need to look no further then the one place that I can actually remember. That would be the Log Cabin Quilt Shop, also on Old Philadelphia Pike. I believe they are the best. You may spend a little more but then again you’ll have more options. Don’t think you’re going to get lost here. Bird-in-hand and Intercourse are two small towns and they both run along OPP. Things go at a slow pace here. Remember, you’re sharing the road with horses and Buggies. Enjoy!

    • Pitypat

      Lancaster is a pretty town with lots of shops, should be very pretty with the leaves changing.

  45. lavidaLinda

    OK, as I wait for word from my Charleston friends, who I know evacuated but don’t know wht they’re coming home to…. I’m wading into the politalk here. I am, for the first time in my entire voting life, voting 3rd party. Every single election I have held my nose and voted for the Party pick, justifying it by saying I’m voting for the lesser of 2 evils. I can’t do it. There is no LESSer of 2 evils this time, they both suck and I am ashmaned of our country for giving us the choice between these 2 jackholes.

    I’m voting Johnson/Weld, sure he may not know what/where Aleppo is, hell, I’m not so sure myself. They are both former governors, very successful ones at that.

    And TT, thank you for giving us the space to talk about the election without the name calling that I”m getting everywhere else. Apparently I’m a big poopie head “fake conservative” and “Bad Republican” who “is wasting her vote” which is “a vote for them is a vote for” pickone.

    “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” -John Quincy Adams

  46. SaraSally

    You need to read & watch documentaries on the candidates. If your choice isn’t clear by now, vote for the candidate that will do the less harm. By that I mean the person who is prepared for the position. I have an absolute concern about will be selecting our Supreme Court Justice. We have one vacancy because Congress refused to do their job. We have Ginsberg who has earned a day of rest, & will prob step down within a year or so.
    We need to allow the LBGTQ folks to keep their same rights without being told it will be overturned.
    We need to reverse Citizens United.
    We need to preserve Roe vs Wade.
    We need to keep GOVERNMENT out of our vaginas & uteruses.
    We need immigration reform without destroying families apart.
    We need to restructure community policing so folks are not profiled & cops are better trained.
    We need to raise minimum wage.
    We need to rebuild relationships a/foreign countries.
    We need someone who has their head screwed on right.

    As a woman who just turned 60, I am alarmed for what the future holds for you, & the rest of my sister’s throughout the nation. It was but 20 yrs ago, the military wouldn’t let women commandeer ships, fly in war or work with munitions in war zones unless they were short & female medics came in. It left them with an inability to rise in rank. One VP hopeful crushed the unions in his state, as well tried to destroy a woman’s right to making her own choices with respect to her body. He is now passing a law forcing funerals for the aborted remains. He killed funding for Planned Parenthood, as he did for social programs that assisted low income families with nutrition. He tried to pass laws forcing preg women into transvaginal ultrasounds in the 1st trimester.
    He supports businesses who refuse services to the LBGTQ folks. This smacks dab of the sad memories civil rights lunch counter-bus riding revolution.
    He is soulless.
    If by chance they do win, the elected POTUS will be deemed unsuitable or impeached for other reasons. It will be this man who will step in & be in charge. Our rights will liquify right before our eyes, into a HUGE puddle right before our collective feet.

  47. Madashell

    Read opinion piece by Stephen Meister October.8,2016 makes all the arguments against Hilary too long to write. She doesn’t like basket of deplorables (Trump supporters) or basement dwellers (Bernie supporters) only affinity is to super wealthy Wall Street and Billionaires who pay for her and her husband to speak and make millions . (See speech to Goldman Sachs where she says she no longer relates to middle class)

  48. JoJoFLL

    Survived Hurricane Matthew here in South Florida only to have it ravage my family and friends in both Myrtle Beach and Charleston. Everyone is safe, a lot of property damage.

    I’ve got Weather Channel fatigue.

    That said, today is my Friday and I have a hot date with my hot hubs this evening.

    I want cocktails and I want dinner.

    I don’t have the energy to even THINK about politics right now.

  49. Shut-in


  50. Margaret Shepard

    Wow, I really wan’t to go to Lancaster right now. The chamber of congress could not have sold it better.

  51. Margaret Shepard

    Lol I mean commerce.

  52. Margaret Shepard

    I have never commented so much on one thread. Since this is an open forum, I caught a very good show, Westworld on HBO. It stars Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris. Very dark and interesting. Episode 2 is on tonight. Kinda like Jurassic park only set in the old west.

  53. Drinking game for tonight’s debate:

    Chug every time someone lies or says the word “pussy”! 😂

  54. Margaret Shepard

    LOL can’t handle that much alcohol.

  55. tamaratattles

    Oh good Lord. The Donald has all of the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct IN ST LOUIS AT HIS HOTEL IN A PRESS CONFERENCE.

    I just woke up, yes, for the day. fell asleep at 9 last night watching a movie and woke up in the wee hours, read for awhile and slept until 6:30…#Narcolepsy

  56. tamaratattles

    Who in the hell on the Republican side thought this would be in any way HELPFUL to Trump? Just when you thought it could not get more disgusting.

  57. Rita

    He has called them all ugly! They got paid!

  58. Housewivedout

    I’m with you Tamara. Can’t stand either of them and am concerned about our future either way.

  59. Lisa

    I just have to add my two cents. You all have watch Randy Rainbow’s take on the debates and American politics. Hilarious and very clever. Google him, sometimes you just have to laugh… Otherwise the world is truly a scary place

  60. Madashell

    Hilary started the war even knowing all the baggage her husband had in the past. She is a hippocrate!!!!! She has been playing dirty too long …it’s only fair.

  61. I am actually more undecided now, after watching that shitshow. God help us all!

  62. itwasjulie

    “A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.”

    ― Alexander Hamilton

    This pretty much sums up my feelings, I am ashamed of both of them…and annoyed most do not understand American civics or history. We became a great country through compromise and it is hysterical that Hamilton is the revolutionary darling. He and Jefferson clashed over voting. Hamilton feared the stupid/uneducated voter…that is why we have NOMINEES from parties and a general election.

    The Democrats and Super Delegates were successful in choosing a candidate, Republicans fell to the plurality, The majority of republicans did not vote for Trump.

    • itwasjulie

      I guess I missed my point that obviously the stupid and uneducated are picking the candidates.

      This sounds horrible I think Ted Cruz looks like he is wearing somebodies skin ala Leather face. I disagree with him on choice, gay marriage on and on but I do believe he is a brillant and committed to the Constitutionmy choice probably would have been Kasich, Bush Rubio. But no I have the choice between two lying scumbags. Two od the most despicable people in America.

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