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The editing for this show is pretty darn good. Each week when I get ready to start a new recap I try to remember where we left off, and I read the listing for the new episode and every time I think, “Oh, this is going to be a good one.” There really are no boring episodes on this show, and frankly if someone were to get brutally attacked I’d have sort of an “I told you so” attitude about it unlike last season. Last season I was actually sort of hoping for a couple of them to get knocked around a bit. I mean just a little. Nothing long-lasting.

C- Pod

We’ve only got three guys left and Ryan and Dion have been forced to exchange pods.  This leaves Ryan in C- Pod with Quintin. None of the guys ever seemed to figure out there were others in the program.

Ryan is already making trades. He was told not make trades. It’s not long before Ryan decides it would be a good idea not to just run a commissary store in of  his own, but attempt to move up the ranks to his ultimate goal of being pod boss.  Ryan seems to have invented his own video game in his head where he is acquiring points to win the game of 60 Days In.  He’s buddied up to the current store owner to get enough information to become the competitor that could ultimately shut him down.

Nothing really exciting happens in C-Pod this week until the big dramatic ending. This week is about F-Pod.

60-Days-In-Season-2-Cast (1)


But first, the pretty boy, Dion, is now the sole participant in D-Pod where a violent attack recently happened and the pod boss and his buddies were recently taken out to segregation.  That didn’t seem to solve anything because someone as smuggled in a sack of weed and there is a group of inmates smoking up right out in the open in one of the cells. They aren’t even behind the curtain. Again, where do they get the lighters for this? Is it some sort of coat hanger in  wall outlet situation? In D-Pod no one has money for commissary. They are in there long term I think. So Dion hides his commissary under the bed.

Dion is not adjusting well to D-Pod.  He is starting to get the criminal mentality. He seems to already be preparing to fight anyone who messes with his commissary.  There is also a lot of back and forth between the guys in D-Pod that doesn’t happen in C-Pod.  Dion’s girlfriend is snuck in for a visit. Dion got super emotional.  The girlfriend says that Dion has been through a lot and he went through a bit of a delinquent period and she doesn’t want the inmates to rub off on him and make him change.  Dion is having a hard time with reality. He was not sure if he really did see his girlfriend of if he just imagined it.

Let's let the druggies all sit together and drop drugs into coffee cups while we search the cells!

Let’s let the druggies all sit together and drop drugs into coffee cups while we search the cells!


Okay, y’all last week our girl Sheri flat-out turned snitch IN WRITING and slipped a note under the door that the upstairs inmates are getting high all night, every night. Well, I don’t know yet what she wrote but she wrote something because the girl needs her beauty sleep and that shit needs to stop.  I probably would not have done this. But I would have been in seg three weeks ago because I would have either popped my slick mouth off to the wrong person or just clocked a bitch out of the blue when I reached the end of my tether.  In order for me to consider this option, I would have to know that the guards actually gave a shit, which they don’t appear to, and more importantly that they are not the ones providing the drugs, which they probably are.  And if I did want to snitch, I’d pick a guard that seemed the least likely to care and not be running drugs themselves and just try a quick whisper. That said, I hope this works.

Well, we are off to a good start. There is a shakedown where the COs sort of amble in to the pod and give everyone time to stash their shit before slowly herding them out to pat everyone down. They start manually searching the rooms, which is fine, but where is the damn drug dog?  They could do this so much more efficiently.  Ashley is freaking out in the common area where everyone is waiting. I hope they come down with stuff and Monalisa just stands up and says, before you go, take that little girl right there out with you and all of her hoodlum, druggie friends.

The druggies have dropped their drugs into one of those opaque plastic cups with a screw on lid. Sheri of course saw it, but the guards are looking all around it. Those cups with lids have been an issue before. That is what they spit the drugs into from the meds line. The guards leave finding nothing. Sheri is pissed.

60 Days In Sheri
Sheri and Ashleigh are worried that Mona is gonna get into something physical with Ashley. So they decide to tell her that they are in the program.  Way to ruin everything girls. I don’t need anyone talking Mona out of beating down Ashley.  Aside from ruining my TV programing for me, this is even dumber than Sheri snitching. Because she just told Mona she’s the snitch. Have you not been watching Mona? Why do you think she will suddenly be loyal to you. If Ashley accuses Mona of being the snitch, how do you know Mona won’t snitch you out? You don’t know her like that? Mona reaction was that she’s pissed that she has now been included in the snitching.

Suddenly, the COs come back for a second shakedown. They once again head straight to Ashley’s room. Ashley realizes that someone snitched on her. She already threatening to fight people and the COs are still in the pod.  Mona is pissed because she was the last one to have beef with Ashley so she will be the number one suspect.  The guards once again find nothing. Ashley is on the rampage.

Ashleigh is at a breaking point and starts getting into it with the little punk Ashley. I would much rather Mona put the beatdown on the little bitch, but this could work. Ashleigh has a lot of rage in her about other stuff. It would probably be quiet therapeutic to knock this girl out. I only worry that she won’t stop beating her.  Ashleigh goes into her cell and laces up.

But before anything that can go down, it appears the entire jail is being flooded with sewage. I am not making this up. This is an unplanned for situation, people have to be relocated, Ryan is freaking out because he has diagnosed someone with a ruptured appendix and that dude is throwing up blood to add to the mix.  Next week they are all out in unsecured areas and one of the guards tells the cameras,  “If someone was looking to take a hostage, this would be the time to do it!” That’s reassuring. All the inmates are crying at this point except for Quintin.

And this is the time where I say, “Next week looks AWESOME!” Well at least in a watching people living in an environment where shit floats by their cots kind of way.


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22 responses to “60 Days In: Institutional Knowledge

  1. Lisa j

    I’m actually concerned about Dion’s mental health. This show has been a HUGE wake up call for me and what prisoners experience. Let me repeat PRISONERS not campers.

  2. Nikki

    Ughhh I can’t stand that fake thug Ashley! All the time she was yelling at Ashleigh for “acting tough for the cameras” (which is crap) SHE was the one being extra for the cameras! Bitch you’re 19, you don’t know shit about life. I hope MonaLisa punches her! And Ryan, oooh boy, that dude is arrogant and making huge mistakes. He violates the rules constantly, they should just dismiss him from the program. I love Sheri!!!! ♡

  3. Brittany

    The only bad thing about this season is that it’s so good any other season will pale in comparison.
    Dion – I love him and have I mentioned I think he’s beautiful? He was so emotional with his gf and you could tell he didn’t want her to see him or smell him. It’s fascinating how non human these inmates feel after a short period of time.
    Quentin – love him too. I CANNOT wait for him to pretty much tell the sheriff what a crappy jail they have. He’s ready to explode. I’m not sure he can take the shit next week.
    Ryan – I’m not even sure what to say but he’s entertaining as hell.
    Monalisa – I just wanted her to waylay on Ashley. That girl is so annoying.
    Ashleigh – she’s pitiful. I’d like to see her smack Ashley. Really….anyone will do.
    Sheri – love her still. I’m not sure how she got away with passing that note.
    The sewer issue next week looks crazy!!!! I would tap out at the first sign of shit water.

  4. Cheryl B.

    I’m gonna talk about something maybe two people know about and I think of it every week when watching this show. Twenty years ago, I kinda had a situation that caused me to have to be taken to the big house (well, county jail holding), no, I was not under any influence of anything. When being processed, the cop lady said “you have to stop crying or they will eat you up” eek, stopped crying. So, what always makes me laugh is how after being in holding for 30 hours, at the end of the 30 hours, I was begging for someone to give me a reason to fight (NEVER Have I been in a fight), I was like a different hard ass person. I imagine after 20, 25, 30 etc. Days they may become badass like me. :) Nothing became of all that except knowing I have a little badass in me. I certainly can see how they are getting similar feelings.

    • Cheryl B.

      Even though it was a bunch of nothing, my first time ever being in trouble for anything!! I was definitely scared straight !!:)

  5. BeetsWhy

    The sewers are backed up and spewing in? I’m out, I MISS MOTHERFUCKING GOOD COFFEE!!!

    • Calipatti

      Yes, without good coffee I would be in a freakin’ mean mood which I could contain unless someone spoke to me.
      I don’t go bad coffee now.

      The constant noise especially at night would push me over the top.
      I understand why so many take a plea just to transfer out of county/city jail to a prison.

      I find the lack of guards in the pods slightly unbelievable, maybe it is real but seems off.

  6. I firmly believe that Ryan intends to write a book or blog about how to become a pod boss. I find him completely irritating.

    • Nicole

      I agree he is irritating! I was thinking once the people such as Ryan are released from the program, what if the people they so to speak “deceived” by lying about why they were prisoners in jail, want to go after them because they are pissed and want retaliation?? Wouldn’t you think that most of those crazy prisoners or even Garza will feel deceived hearing the participants talking about the experience after and basically outing them for the contraband and sex and assaults?

    • I was kinda thinking the same thing. Ryan seems to have an ulterior motive to his participation. I’m wondering if he isn’t figuring out a “smart way” to streamline getting drugs or other paraphernalia INto the prison – or other stuff.

      Don’t like Ryan.

  7. Heidi

    I find Ryan fascinating, but I know I’m in the minority here. I think he is brilliant and is exactly the person the sheriff wants in this program. Sure he’s really getting into it but I really don’t think he’s going to end the program and suddenly commit a crime to try to get back in.

    Dion. Sweet sweet Dion. I worry about his mental health, boy is going to have some serious PTSD when he gets out. I hope he will be ok.

    Ashley, love love LOVE that she laced up!! She is a tough cookie.

    • tamaratattles

      While I don’t see Ryan as particularly brilliant, he is the smartest person in the pod. Which ain’t saying much, but it seems to make him feel like a special snowflake.

      I don’t understand the Sheriff’s irritation with him all the time. He job was to go undercover not stand in the corner and observe *cough* Quintin *cough* yet every time he gets close to his subjects, he gets jerked away. He seems more concerned about the dangers of trading snacks than the guys getting the holy fuck beat out of them every day for random feelings they have that someone might be a snitch or someone with an extra Oreo. Clearly, it’s dangerous in there. Just let Ryan do Ryan and he will know exactly how the drugs get in.

      • Heidi

        Omg you replied to me! (**Blushing**)

        I don’t get the irritation either! How about the rules they give them are don’t get dead, and go about that any way you need to, whatever it entails. I think they are nitpicking insignificant things and not seeing the big picture, which is odd because it’s their freaking program!

      • Calipatti

        TT replying to you is not always a good thing. ha 555

      • Heidi

        Very true, but she didn’t yell at me so I’m going to consider it a win!! I watch my words very carefully on this site :)

  8. Cheryl B.

    This season is kinda becoming “can a non criminal survive for 60 days in jail”. All they need is the film footage to know a lot of what’s going on.

  9. Cheryl B.

    I think Ryan is doing kind of what they wanted. You can’t just walk up to someone and ask for all the bad going ons.

  10. Noellemybelle

    My hope is that Ryan is just very committed to his “role” and staying character throughout the process allows him to gain info without raising suspicions. If in the end his comes out of character and provides solid info then kudos to him.
    Quinton standing in the corner observing i don’t blame him, I would probably be laying on my cot 24/7 with a pissy smelling, ratty, paper thin blanket covering my head simultaneously crying and praying while rocking in the fetal position for the duration of my stay.
    Sheri, I’m surprised she passed a note instead asking for hot coffee or putting the towel around her neck so she could be pulled out for a minute to snitch.

    What about the camera crew are they not allowed to tip off the guards? Clearly they see everything.

  11. BRANDI

    I’m late to the party on this episode, I just finally watched it. I truly cannot stand Ryan, I almost hope someone knocks his ego down a couple notches. He’s one of those people that has the need to be recognized as more important than he is. That and he has a bad case of Napoleon syndrome, I agree there is definitely an ulterior motive with him. That little Ashley girl is so frustrating real life going to smack her in the face if she doesn’t chill out. Sheri is my fave this season, she is so much braver than I would be especially switching on people. This episode should be interesting I would be out of there quick if there is sewage coming through the floor, program or not that’s just gross!!!

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