Teresa Giudice on Dr. Oz: Zero Acknowledgment of Wrongdoing



This is hysterical already. Dr. Oz literally introduces Teresa as “inmate number 65703-050 !” I can’t stop laughing long enough to type.  He literally doesn’t know how to pronounce her last name. To be fair, neither does she, but he is not even choosing from any of the iterations she has previously  used. The only way this could get better is if he uses the word criminal, and she threatens to rage on his ass! 

He goes through an entire montage of her criminal charges and her sentencing. I love how he says she spent her time wisely in jail and includes “cleaning up her diet” as an example of something normal criminals can do in prison.

Whoever dresses Teresa has a hysterical sense of humor. First they sent her on to WWHL with Andy Cohen in an orange jumpsuit. Today they have her on Dr. Oz in black and white stripes. A throwback to earlier prison wear.

She has the new face that I was talking about on WWHL the other night. It’s really hard to explain. I know she rushed to a dermatologist right after getting out, but this doesn’t look like surgery to me, it looks more like she’s aged ten years in two years. Also, her makeup is horrible.  Her under eye cream is orange and really noticeable.

She tells Dr. Oz it feels like she never left because she has four daughters and she “just got put right back in the worldwind.”

He asks her what prison was like and she says, “Well the place was really dirty, moldy, the bathrooms were disgusting.” She is going to go through this whole interview never saying the word prison.

Orange Jumpsuit on WWHL

Orange Jumpsuit on WWHL

Dr. Oz: What surprised you the most about being in prison?

“What surprised me the most? Oh, what surprised me the most was that I know I am a good person and I was like there was such amazing women that I met there. I was with doctors, lawyers, stock brokers, bankers, like women that got caught up with things that they didn’t even know they were getting caught up with. And it was sad because a lot of other women had children and there should be different alternatives for women. Because you know who will become the victims are the children. So if they could go on probation, or you know be on the bracelet, instead of going away and being away from their children.”

Dr. Oz mentions that there has been a 700% increase in women going to jail. I should point out here that Dr. Oz randomly makes shit up on his show. Usually to sell some whackadoodle weight loss/anti-aging/lymeopause snake oil type shit.

Teresa responds to this statistic, “Well that happened because years ago… I guess that happened to me which I didn’t even know because I signed a piece a paper and it was while buying a home and my husband was using my credit so that’s what I did and what I did was really not intentionally. But I did what I had to do. I did my time, and I’m here now thank God. I’m with my four daughters where I should be”

Oh lets pause for a moment. First we need to remember how exactly these criminal masterminds found themselves in this situation. They lied. The falsified W-2 forms to support their lies. They lie to dozens of banks to receive dozens of mortgages on their properties. If you missed it, the first 39 counts are outlined here.  For those who think it was all Joe, Teresa knew exactly what she was doing. She lied about being a real estate agent who make $15,000 a month. She lied about several other jobs. They spent all the money and then thought they would just file for bankruptcy once the fun was over. This was their biggest mistake. They went to bankruptcy court and lied some more. They lied about assets. They claimed they had no rental property and did not include the income, but checks were signed by Teresa and deposited into her Fabilicious account. They lied about many other things. The Feds eventually indicted them on 41 counts.  Because they stole millions of dollars and lied.

Then they lied some more A THEIR SENTENCING. Imagine how happy Judge Esther Salas was to have the lying liars who lie show up in court with their attorneys to review their pre sentencing documents and discover that….wait for it…they lied ON THEIR PRE-SENTENCING documents. Both of them, separately lied about things like cars, RVs, furniture, jewelry, handbags, clothes,  construction equipment and Lord knows what else. They lied about the value of the things they did claim and did not even stick to the same lies they lied on their bankruptcy forms. The prosecutor pointed out all the lies to the judge and then the judge spent the next couple of HOURS lecturing their dumbasses, asking for clarification, hammering their individual attorneys and asking for explanations.  What she got was excuses. Joe’s dad died. The accountant is super busy. They forgot they had all that stuff. They didn’t think it was important.  So for the first few hours all we were hearing was that Judge Salas was really, really  mad. We also found out that the reason the sentencing had to be postponed was because they were four months late getting these forms in to the probation officer. It took an extra four months for them to come up with these ridiculous lies.


And here is what she said in court, “I’m blessed, but today I am also humbled. I fully take responsibility for my actions. This is not how I was raised. I am more sorry than anyone will ever know. My four daughters are my life. I don’t care about the TV show. I’m scared, I’m not going to deny it, I’m really scared. It’s time for me to wake up … my daughters are my life that’s what keeps me going. I’ve done so much crying.I don’t care about the TV show or materialistic things … we lost my father-in-law and that was the first grandparent we lost.Now I have even more to give. I will take this experience and continue to do the right thing. I know in my heart everything happens for a reason and I’ve found my reason. I will make this right.”

The prosecutor’s response was , “she thumbed her nose at the court…now she wants sympathy. It’s business as usual. “The judge said that “her gut” tells her that Teresa needs to be in prison. The judge also said that the Giudices do not seem to understand or respect the law. She lectured them against future offenses.

Teresa Giudice is a criminal. Criminals lie. Teresa lies even when the truth would serve her better. Okay, back to today’s lies.

Dr Oz asks about her prison diary. I love that he keeps saying prison.  He reads an excerpt where she claims that all of the girls in prison got along and how it makes her “sad to watch all of us fighting on television when we should have been laughing.”

She starts to stutter, ” Well I mean believe it or not (I’m going with not) when I first got there I did get along with everybody. But then eventually drama did happen. You know what I realize now, you know everyone says they see a change in me (nope, not everyone) you know what when you get aggravated over something, it’s nonsense, like don’t even get bother- you know what now I’d just rather count to ten and walk away, it doesn’t, it shouldn’t stress yourself out over nonsense stuff.”


Dr Oz asks how she changed mentally and physically.

“Well you know, I took my vitamins, I would buy them off of commissary…and I exercised…I heard you’re a big yoga fan. I love yoga. I started doing yoga there. That’s my passion. I’m getting certified to be a yoga instructor.”

cue audience applause

Dr Oz talks about the bad food in where? PRISONS that’s where.  He mentions missing Italian meals.

She said that didn’t bother her. “I knew that the reason I was there was to eat healthy and exercise.” She makes it sound like she is at a fat farm, so Dr. Oz stops her and asks, “In your mind what was the reason you were there. What was the point of putting Teresa Giudice in PRISON?”

Teresa says,” Um… I guess it’s part of my journey. And that’s how I… I put it in my mind that way.”

Dr. Oz looks confused. He says, “Right, okay so what did you take away from that journey that you didn’t want to be on?”

Teresa say, ” That I’m going to make myself healthy and exercise…even though I’ve always exercised…but that’s it. I dunno, maybe it’s a reason for my husband and my daughters to get close together…and he was amazing with my daughters! They’re like so attached…even though they were before too… ”

So her criminal incarceration was a wake up call to eat healthier and to allow Joe to bond with their kids. You can’t make this stuff up.

Dr. Oz looks confused and we go to break to return to talk about Joe being in prison for the last six months.

classy teresa RHONJ
Dr Oz thanks Teresa “for being so honest with us” and then asks if she lost weight in PRISON. heh.

She says she did. She lost about ten pounds and again the audience applauds her tremendous accomplishment. She said she ran in prison for the first time because they had a track. She did some weights in the gym even though it was kinda not good and dirty. She did a lot of pushups and sit ups.

She says that “Mentally, I just wanted to keep focused and that’s what kept me focused doing exercise.  and I read a lot of books, because being a mom, when I was home, I never had time to read. So I just read a lot of books and that’s it and exercise. And I would watch TV! At home I never really had time to watch TV!”

Dr Oz ask about Joe and his weight.

Teresa says he’s lost over 35 pounds now. She says, “He looks amazing. He looks really good. So that is what he is doing too. I mean, he’s a black belt so he’s always exercised also and worked out with the muscles and everything. But I’m like you need to lean out and like run because it would be good for your heart.” She talks about Joe’s difficult times with the charges and losing his Dad.

Dr. Oz says, “I’m sure you’ve missed Joe, but have you forgiven him?”

“Yes, because I know in my heart he never did anything to intentionally hurt me in any way.

Dr. Oz, ” What’s the most important thing you learned IN PRISON about forgiveness?”

” Um ” …er… well you mean in general?”

Dr. Oz reads from the book  “that she wrote.”  “I forgive those who have wronged me. And when I come home I will seek forgiveness from those I MAY HAVE wronged. While I forgive, I will never forget. ” Dr Oz says that is interesting because I would think that forgiving is about forgetting.

“Listen. It depends.  You should always… it’s okay to forgive, but you shouldn’t forget what somebody did to you cause you never know if that person will do it again, I mean…it’s… I’m kind of old school that way. I mean, you know? I think you should never forget. Just always have it in the back of your mind what did happen, but I’ll forgive and move on. Just always remember because that person could do it again to you and why would you want that done again?Correct?”

“Correct.” Dr. Oz replies unenthusiastically.

And that is where it mercifully ends with no remorse, no apologies, no accountability, no acknowledgement of any crime and no forgiveness.  Typical Teresa.


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128 responses to “Teresa Giudice on Dr. Oz: Zero Acknowledgment of Wrongdoing

  1. Great post, Tamara. I’d love to see her in an interview with someone who would swoop in and destroy all the lies she tells. Someone who would make her face up to what she and Joe really did. Of course, she’ll make sure that never happens. Teresa’s biggest gift in life is being able to minimize everything she and Joe did that was criminal behavior, and to live in a state of complete and total denial. Not only denial, but the inability to see how ridiculous everything you are saying and doing looks to others. I still haven’t figured out if Teresa is really as unintelligent as she seems, or if she has some kind of mental condition. Maybe both.

    • Minky

      Nancy Grace. Where is that hysterical shrew when we need her?! She would give Teresa the bollocking of her life.

    • Barbara palombo

      She not stupid she just acts that way I really get sick of listening to her acting stupid it’s not Joe’s fault about all this it’s hers if you watch the show from the beginning you can see she spent all the money all the big party’s for ever occasion she can think of how many times he told her to slow down watch what you spend but she wanted to live a millionaire life on a welfare salary I feel sorry for joe people really need to stop giving her the time of day just like when she says she was at camp and she could smell something like fish and says the woman were on each other she must have had her nose in the line of fire lol well thanks for giving me a chance to say what I tell the tv all the time I wish Andy would take her off because I will not watch them anymore as long as that lier stays on it thanks again

      • tamaratattles

        How does she explain paying for over $100K in furniture in small unmarked bills to the furniture guy. I mean even if she wants us to believe Joe earned the money, why doesn’t he put it in the bank instead of burying it in the back yard?

      • The first time I saw that episode, I thought it was very strange. Then it had to followed with a head interview of Teresa saying” Joe tells me the economy is crashing so hel tells he to use cash” she paid $120,000 for that furniture w/ $20s/$100s. Looking that just would have been a very long paper trail. IMO.

        MY things she has blamed everyone from brother & sis in law(which REALLY BLAMED HIM HARRRD), her lawyer, Jacqueline, not sure she blamed the show..which she should because season after season it showed her ALWAYS spending large amts of $ and NO ONE EVERY REALLY WORKING!

        But the craziest thing is. She won’t blame Joe, husband!! “She said all I did was sign my name to something”…mmmmkay. Well she knows Joe set those fake a$$ papers up with LIES ALL OVER THEM. Why wouldn’t she be mad at him? Does that make sense?

        Oh yeah and I agree, I would love to see her interviewed by Nancy Grace. She wouldn’t let her non answer a question!! Ppl that interview need to stop with some of the softball questions!!

        Sorry so long

      • lori

        She has blamed Joe.

      • Shellie

        A few years back and before all her trouble, there was some sort of “behind the scenes” special in which inmate #65703-050 said the furniture buying scene was staged. She said it was the producers idea and if I remember correctly, they supplied the hundred dollar bills and told her to flaunt it up for the camera. I cannot remember if this was on Bravo or like an Oprah snippet or something. Funny enough it may be the one thing she’s ever said that might actually be true. I agree that she is simply playing stupid yet is still clueless enough to believe she “I mean” is “you know’ convincing anyone. She might actually be rich if she were paid every time she mentions “My foor doorters”.

      • Dixie Sugabaker

        Yeah, I never believed that was a real scene because it involved her actually paying for something when we know she only buys on credit. I bet that furniture in her house still isn’t completely paid for.

      • tamaratattles

        Shellie, either that was another lie by inmate #65703-050 OR Andy lied. Because he said previously that he found it very odd that Joe asked in their initial interview to be on the show if anyone had ever gotten into any kind of (legal) trouble for things they did on the show. Then he made a comment that paying six figure bills in cash at the door was not a wise move for someone concerned with that.

        As for which of them are lying, well… that’s a Sophie’s choice level of difficulty.

  2. Lawstangel

    Looking shit up is kind of an occupational hazard (due to my job), so I checked that 700% statistic that was thrown out. According to the “Sentencing Project,” a non-profit that keeps track of such things, between 1980 & 2014 the number of women in prison has increased by 700%!!! Of course that is a 34 year period, so who knows if the increase is due to there are just more women in the world today as opposed to 1980 or if there are harsher sentences. In any event, she is still a criminal and I do not believe she will ever take responsibility. I’m kinda glad Dr. Oz was a little surly with her. Great recap as usual TT.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      If I weren’t lazy I’d look up the increase in the number of men for comparison. Without knowing that, the stat is meaningless. But the fact they’re saying “number” and not “rate” does seem to imply it’s probably just due to population increase.

      Love how she latched onto the idea that they’ve just started grabbing women and throwing them in jail, and she just got caught up in it. Any excuse will do with her.

  3. Nila

    I don’t really care what she calls it, she did her time, she didn’t run away or a slap in the wrist. I do t really care if she’s all zen or not and I don’t think being zen has anything to do with accepting people treating you like crap, (Jac & the cousins). Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you want them in your life, Dr. Oz is a moron. I’m not a Tre fan but I just don’t care why people are so obsessed with what she’s calling it.

    • tamaratattles

      You sound like a Trehugger. Most Trehuggers have the same philosophy. They overlook that she stole around $14 million dollars, falsified documents, sat in bankers offices and said she was a real estate agent in one, an interior designer in another, sat in a room with bankers and said, out lout that she had these jobs and quoted her income to match the falsified documents that she signed, continues to lie that she had no idea what she was doing and came out of prison to go right back into the house that she stole with only 11 months of prison time.

      Most people with any small moral compass do not want to support, or contribute to the lifestyle of felons who continue to profit for their crimes. Felons who continue to claim innocence, have no remorse and won’t even use the words criminal or felon.

      Then there are people like you who focus on how poor Criminal Teresa is treated by a cast mate on a show she is being paid six figures to appear on. Or concerned not about how she embarrassed the family that she had been mistreating for years, but about whether or not SHE should FORGIVE THEM.

      I hope this clears up why people find Teresa to be a worthless creature who wastes perfectly good air that others could be using. But I doubt that it will, because there are plenty of sociopaths in the world who do not know right from wrong and don’t understand why we have something called a criminal justice system. You, and the other Trehuggers seem to fall into the latter category.

      • AKA Riley

        My sentiments exactly!

      • Nila

        That’s a whole lot of conclusions you drew from me saying I don’t understand why people dwell on what she calls prison. Do you think if she said the word prison she suddenly would grasp what she’s done wrong? Would that show remorse? The name of an establishment isn’t going to make someone suddenly morally responsible. Yes, I comment on the show because that’s why I’m here. I’m not a lawyer nor did I follow her legal issues. You recap a show she gets paid to be on, does that mean you don’t care about your moral compass? Ridiculous people fight on a damn reality show blog about a difference in opinion on a REALITY show.

      • Great answer, you cannot justify crime,, as far as I know she got away with it. Arrogant piece of garbage

      • lori

        It’s mentally painful to sit through an interview with TG (Thanks TT for taking one for the team!). I sit here dumbfounded as to how she managed to make it through those meetings at the banks. I mean seriously… she can barely put 3 words together when answering questions. It blows my mind.

      • tamaratattles

        NIla, that is not the only stupid thing you said. Try reading my last post more slowly. Try subvocalizing, it can help a lot with the big words.

      • Lolita

        And a BIG FU to her for lying about having a real estate license. I just worked my ASS OFF this past year to go through the course and get my license. Countless sleepless nights cramming all that information into my brain because I wanted it so bad..and now have spent hours in classes learning what comes after you get the license. All the LAWS and rules on what to do and not do to keep yourself out of jail. SO much more than anyone can imagine, not to mention all the new technology I have to keep up with that is 99% of real estate in this new era…and did I mention $1000’s of dollars. I had no idea she lied about that…she disgusts me!

      • Shae

        And there you have it. She’s despicable. She’s not the first person to swindle someone, but the complete and utter lack of any accountability and the VICTIM game is nauseating. Like poor her got sent to prison away from her kids, etc., your ass went there because you stole, lied, covered it up, and lied some more. Unreal.

        I can’t figure out if these two are just insufferably stupid or incredbly ballsy (and stupid). On what planet do you think you’re getting away with this and anyone is buying your spin afterwards?

        I never liked Theresa, always thought she was a mental midget, but this tops it for me. I don’t watch anymore, I just read your recaps, TT lol

      • cammierari

        Face it Nila, unless you hate Teresa you are a sociopath who doesn’t know right from wrong, or understand the criminal justice system. TT has some kind of special crystal ball that can look into your soul based on your opinion of a woman no one here knows, but that we watch on a reality show. Hysterical.

      • Nila

        Thanks. I guess it’s a good thing that my self worth isn’t wrapped up into what a blogger who doesn’t know me thinks of me all because I disagree with her opinion about someone neither of us know..

      • Cheryl B.

        Thanks TT, I get so aggravated by the whole situation. Sometimes I feel as if I’m the crazy one. So simple there’s right, and there is wrong.

      • Not to mention, she wants the WORLD, bro and sis n law, cousins, jaq, etc to forgive and forget what she’s done-hello 41 counts(BUT SEEMS TO FORGET EVERYTHING SHES DONE ACROSS THE BOARD!!! )


      • Suzanne

        I wholeheartedly agree with you 100%! She makes it seem like she signed one little document according to what she said to Dr. Oz. In actuality, she signed many documents at real estate closings and in banks as you had stated above which were witnessed by notary publics as well as banking professionals. I’ll throw her a bone and say that maybe once or twice she might’ve signed a document without reading it or knowing what it is, however, given the amount of documents that she had to sign for all of the loans and real estate purchases that she was involved in, there is absolutely no way that she did not know everything that she was doing. I would also like to add that I am so surprised that her prison served such healthy food choices! I have never read nor heard the words healthy food and prison in the same sentence. Having never been in one, perhaps I am ill informed.

      • claire


    • Shae

      Nila, no, it won’t magically make her accountable or realize what she’s done if she says “prison”, but her REFUSAL to say it indicates strongly her complete lack of responsibility. She’s consciously sugar coating it, calling it something less offensive, less real, that’s deliberate and it’s what someone does when they’re not copping to what they did.

      It’s like when someone is apologizing to you, but says “i’m sorry IF I hurt you” or ” IF I said or did something that hurt you”….the implication being, I’m casting doubt on the whether or not I did anything wrong. So I’m not really apologizing because I’m questioning if there’s even a reason to. It’s hollow.

      Her refusal to call where she went by what it was, is the same, she’s using mitigating language to make her crimes seem like NOT crimes and like she just got caught up in a misunderstanding and had to go to a dirty health spa for a year lol

    • minimogul

      I agree Nila…I don’t get people’s obsession with this woman. I get pegged a Tre hugger because I the lady did her time…who cares. There is only so much head space I’m giving any bravolebrity….waiting for her taking accountability is not even on my radar.

  4. JustJenn

    I hate how Teresa acts as if she did nothing wrong and no one even attempts to correct her. She wanted more, more, more and still does. She hasn’t learned a damn thing.

    Also the RHONJ reunion is filming today. They and Bravo are posting on Snapchat. Teresa looks worse than usual in Bravo’s snap..I guess they weren’t using a filter 😕

  5. cammierari

    Would you be happy if she had been sentenced to wear a hair shirt for the rest of her life? Or maybe if they had tattoo’d “CRIMINAL” on her forehead before they agreed to release her? You want her to “forgive and forget” but you won’t do either. Teresa may be trying to put the best spin on a bad situation. Maybe she wants to keep her family as “together” as possible, even though both she and her husband screwed up. She won’t call it prison, and tries her hardest to put a shine on a shit show. So what? If that’s what helps her put one foot in front of the other every day and move on, who’s to argue?

    • Jaded

      Forgiveness doesn’t mean going back for seconds. If Teresa gets to pick and choose who she forgives so do the rest of us.

    • tamaratattles

      I’m to argue. Citizens of the country that were robbed by Teresa and her husband are to argue. Forgiveness is not a requirement it is given to those who ask for it in earnest contrition. I don’t want her to forgive or forget anything. SHE IS NOT THE ONE OWED FORGIVENESS. SHE IS THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE BEGGING FOR FORGIVENESS. SHE IS THE ONE WHO ROBBED PEOPLE. SHE IS THE ONE YOU TOOK MILLIONS OF DOLLARS THAT DID NOT BELONG TO HER BECAUSE OF HER GREED.



      I don’t have any interest in her ability to put one foot in front of the other.

      And that would be the smallest fucking tattoo in the hisory of the world.

      • PaganChick

        OMG YASSS! Thank you TT for this. Teresa is not owed forgiveness. She can only ask for it. And if she wants it, she has to truly acknowledge what she did wrong. She has yet to do that. When she admits that she knowingly robbed people – without blaming Joe or her attorney or her cast mates – maybe then her victims will be willing to forgive her. And maybe viewers of the show will follow suit. But Teresa has not even acknowledged that she did anything wrong, let alone committed a crime.

      • Lawstangel

        For goodness sake they cannot even call it what it is PRISON…not college!

      • I really feel that short forehead was the mastermind of alltheir crimes, she was always the one who bragged and wanted to buy the stores shopping and spend like a millionaire while Joe was more laid back complaining to her about her overspending, thats why she doesnt blame her husband! WE ALL KNOW THAT! Her criminal mind does not let her be apologetic either..

      • bella


      • I think she is sorry and I think she does feel bad, especially about the effect on her family. I didn’t say she is owed forgiveness,at all but how do you know she hasn’t asked for it? I’m not excusing her TT-I’m just trying not to judge her for something for which she already paid her debt.

      • Lisa j

        How can you forgive someone that has not acknowledged what they have done? She hurt me and you and everyone that pays taxes. We suffered additionally by housing her ass. So I’ll do what Teresa has done, I’ll always remember it because you never know when it will happen again. Jacqueline nailed it, she’s an unreformed unapologetic narcissistic sociopath. Good God people she’s on a tv show about middle aged women fighting and promoting crap wares and we are supporting this? I’m culpable of watching so shame on me but I’m not fooled by her I didnt know what I was doing bullshit. Ugh TT you need to be sainted immediately.

      • Cammierari – SHE HAS NOT ALREADY PAID HER DEBT! Why do so many people say that? She owes millions of dollars and drives around in a brand new Lexus as if to snub her nose at all those people she has hurt. She lives in that godawful mcmansion while the craftsmen who helped build it go unpaid. She has harmed a lot of people and she refuses to acknowledge them. How would you feel seeing her in designer clothes if she owed YOU money and not having that money impacted your family?

    • cjbomb

      I’d be happy with the tattoo. I’d be happier if she actually had a teeny tiny itty bit of self-awareness

      • tamaratattles

        CJ, She was on a talk show to discuss how prison changed her. The first thing she said was, “Well I knew I was a good person…”and then she wanted to point out there were other good people in there and identified the good people as doctors and lawyers and such.” Her self awareness is “people with money are good people. I stole millions of dollars that I get to keep, so I am a good person.” If she found out that the doctor had murdered small children and woodland animals, she would still be a good person because she makes good money. And if the murderous doctor had children she should not have to be in prison at all.

        So, for those reason, I fear for any improvement on your happiness scale based on Teresa having self awareness. :(

        I offer you this five dollar alternative. Take your five bucks, maybe a quarter or two if you live in a fancypants area and go to Whole Foods cookie aisle. Tate’s Bake Shop White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies will change your life. It’s been much too long since I’ve made a WF run I usually go every four weeks but lately financial stream is more like every six weeks. And if I only go once every six weeks then that makes the cookies have fifty percent fewer calories.

        They have other flavors if there is something wrong with you. But they will make you very happy for as long as you can make the bag last.

        You’re welcome.

    • T D

      Minx there’s a hair shirt growing over the forehead. It’s there to hide the tat from fat camp. All her other hair shirts are cashmere.

  6. Thanks so much for this article, Tamara. I am SOO tired of her sycophants and “Trehuggers” saying this simian has already paid for her crimes! Umm no, last I checked, they still owe $13M to creditors. It also boils my blood that she’s still going with this claim of blindly signing ONE mortgage document because Joe told her to! As you discuss in your piece, she forged NUMEROUS fake W-2s and signed NUMEROUS loan applications over MANY years. This wasn’t a one-time mistake – it was a WAY OF LIFE for the Guidices, long before RHONJ! She & her husband are both pathological liars and CRIMINALS, with no remorse for their crimes. I truly hope he gets deported.

  7. Minky

    Oz is a snake oil salesman. Yes he is. But, based on TT’s recap, even he couldn’t believe the turds that were falling out of Teresa’s mouth.

    Teresa is an idiot. But she’s also a sneaky bitch. It’s obvious that she knew very well what she was doing. And it’s obvious that she would do it all again in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. On top of that she probably has enough hubris to think she’s avoid getting caught again.

    She has learned nothing. Her year long time-out at Camp Cupcake was useless. She doesn’t give a flying shit about the people who were put in a sorry plight because of her and Joe’s actions.

    Fuck her and her pathetically executed sorry-not-sorry interviews. I do hope that greasy lawyer of hers, that she might be fucking, takes her to the cleaners. She’s certainly got it coming.

  8. Anna

    OH MY LORD, she is so…..dumb.

  9. Gapeachinsc

    Unfortunately I know more than I’d like to know about criminals and state and federal prisons. In my experience it is quite rare for a convict, ex or otherwise take accountability for their actions – except when they’re sitting in front of the parole board. Why expect Tre to take responsibility? I think for some of them, in their hearts they know they were wrong/guilty but can’t seem to bring themselves to truly “own” it. Kind of like people who commit all kinds of horrible things but then find God and thus feel they owe their victims nothing because they’ve been forgiven. Personally I don’t care if she publicly owns up to what she’s done or not but I hope in her heart she has. We should hold our government, politicians and pharmaceutical companies to the same set of standards but we don’t. They continue to get away with plenty of crimes, sometimes get slapped on the wrist, bailed out, feign remorse and then move right along.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Teresa is on a one woman tour- proclaiming that she taken responsibility for her crimes than in the same breath minimizing and blaming someone else. She talks out of both sides of her mouth. Nobody is forcing her to tour. She could have stayed home and taken care of her kids. There’s nothing to indicate that this woman holds herself personally accountable for her crimes. She’s a master of revisionist history.
      As far as the rest of your argument -Please, give me a break.

  10. Cheryl B.

    I remember asking my husband, “would you go to a minimum security prison for 15 months for $13million” I feel like it’s as simple as that. I see zero repercussions.

    • Cheryl B.

      I get so angry, people were Robbed. I also remember her saying to Joe Gorga, “my husband likes you, he taught you how to do all that business stuff” Hmmmm

      • Jen

        Good way of puting that. When watching 60 Days In, I keep trying to fig out how much I would have to be paid to leave my life for 60 days and spend it in that god forsaken place (thinking minimum would be 25K)…. If Theresa paid her 14 million dues back by going to camp for 11 months, that is 1M+ per month!!

      • lori

        Yes Cheryl. Every single time I see her or hear her name, that scene always jumps into my head. I don’t know why, but it does. They were outside at a construction site. I absolutely think that there are quite a few more dirty hands, both in NJ and Atlanta casts.

    • Thought the same thing myself! I bet a LOT of people would be willing to endure confinement at Danbury for a year, if they were being paid over $1M per month to be there! So far, the Giudices’ case is not exactly a deterrent to mortgage & bankruptcy fraud. Only time will tell how this all plays out in the end. That Mcmansion requires many Bravo dollars & book deals to stay afloat on a monthly basis. Then the judge reopened the bankruptcy, so I think their creditors can still attach her wages. And of course Joe is looking at deportation. We shall see …

  11. Twilly

    She is a God damn FOOL.

  12. 9702am

    Good recap. Theresa is scarily stupid. Like walking on two legs and not grunting is her only major accomplishment. I have never seen anyone have absolutely zero self reflection.

  13. Happy gal

    I am amazed that people really still do not think what she did was so bad! Do they not realize that the money she stole was from them ! Yes she did her time, but she is not sorry that she stole the money .

    Many people commit crimes and “do the time”. If that person for example was an inexperienced driver who despite knowing they should not text and drive did so and as a result lost control of their vehicle and caused another person to become paralyzed then was sentenced to say three years in jail. If they came out and said “hey shit happens lots of people do what I did, I didn’t mean to hurt that person, I did my time why is everyone always bringing it up?” The response would be – because you are NOT SORRY

    Just doing the time isn’t enough. She acts like she was on a low budget forced vacay weight loss and exercise and reading books and tv. She is morally bankrupt and should have been in my opinion sentenced to a longer stint

    Her saying that female criminals w children should not do time is ridiculous . Having a vagina is not a get out jail free card. She is a pig 🐷 wait that is an insult to bovine

    • Minky

      Totally agree. Teresa deserved a longer and more arduous prison sentence. She STOLE 14 MILLION DOLLARS!!! And all she had to do as punishment was work out and read. (BTW, is it just me or does anyone else think that it seems like Teresa hates reading so much that she actually thought it was part of her punishment?)

      If people like her are not in prison working to pay off their debt to those they’ve stolen from, then it is kind of pointless. Prison is too good for her! She should have been forced to do some kind of community service EVERYDAY FOR SEVERAL YEARS that involved helping the less fortunate. And to do that work while under strict supervision by a guard. Work in soup kitchens to feed the homeless, help people whose lives have decimated by natural disasters, veterans with disabilities, and so on.

    • Suzanne

      I agree, exactly how hard did she have it? According to her, she was able to eat healthy food, take yoga classes, exercise and run the track, read a lot of books, and watch TV. In addition, she was able to email and phone her family almost every day. It doesn’t even sound like she was in prison! Never once did she mention having to work. She even got to have her hair, make up, and nails done when she was having visitors. Her whole stint in prison sounds like one big joke to me.

      • tamaratattles

        Suzanne, and I hope you are sitting down for this one. They gave her a fake kitchen job where she had to go in and “work two hours a day” so that she could eat meals with the kitchen workers rather than having to wait in line and eat with the common criminals. Allegedly. According to other inmates since released.

  14. Spunky2015

    Awlful she’s acting like her husband’s victim now. This country needs more jail time for people like this that buy junk and then try to wipe the slate clean claiming bankruptcy. At least the Guidices got caught by their own arrogance.

  15. Aunt Chilada

    In my opinion, the biggest difference in her face is that she looks flat – she smiles but there is no genuine emotion of any sort showing.

    • Librarygirl

      At a certain age, loosing weight is not to best thing for one’s face. Tre was thinking to begin with, loosing 10 lbs. deflated her face. Her makeup was really bad also. Her new face reveals the ugly within.

      • I think some of it is that she was doing so much to her face preprison that needed constant upkeep. She’s gone for a year and the fillers, botox and whatever crash and burn and you wind up looking like that.

  16. Candid

    Teresa needs Ayanla (Fix My Life) to help her own her truth.

  17. Reality G

    Teresa is a total narcissist. She doesn’t take accountability for anything and I dont think she ever will!

  18. Larry

    Here’s my thing about Teresa. Well, two things.

    First, I don’t think people are asking for eternal damnation, so I don’t get why some jump there when there’s a suggestion she own her actions. It’s not that extreme.

    Second, she wants to be beloved. She wants to make money off that public adulation. I think she could at least pretend to care about what she did. For me that’s part of the exchange, it’s part of what I think she should have to include in her pitch for fame and fortune- especially since her new shtick is zen yoga instructor. And I don’t think it’s weird to expect that…contrition (real or fake) as part of selling this updated image.

    That said, is the idea that I can get rich and lose weight by stealing? I’m not seeing a downside here.

  19. Mary Dos

    Tamara, How you respond to people who may not agree with you is shocking.

    • tamaratattles

      Really? Did you go to one of those colleges with Safe zones where no one could oppose your views? Am I triggering you? Do you need an emergency emotional support number?

      • Minky

        Oh my god!!! Is that really a thing? I’ve seen those “safe zone” signs but I thought they were for people being mugged. Or a place children should go to if they get separated from their mothers. But I’d have never dreamed they were for that!

        Granted I’m pretty oblivious, and I’m usually just looking for a “Safe Zone” where I can smoke a cigarette without being told by passers-by that I’ll deserve whatever horrible disease I get from smoking. And that’s usually somewhere behind a dumpster next to a questionable puddle of god-knows-what.

        What is it about the world today where people can’t even stand to entertain the notion that everyone on planet earth might not agree with them? Is it “special little snowflake syndrome”?

      • tamaratattles

        I don’t know why I can’t insert you tubes directly into comments anymore.

      • Holy shitballs! I guess I live under a rock! I have kids in college (none with the safe place/zones or wtfever they’re called) I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS STUPID SHIT! Are you fucking kidding me?! I have seen signs that say “safe place” and my dumbass thought it was like those places to safely drop a newborn off. Jesus! I am in shock that this is an actual thing! Also, I’m mortified at my own stupidity for not knowing this. What an ansolute crock of shit! Unfuckingbelievable. How are these kids going to actually make it through real life?! Are they going to start putting them in the workplace next? I’m in shock & at a loss for words! Part of me thinks this is hilarious and other part fears for the future. WTF?! Like what the actual fuck?!

      • Shit. Now I’m going to get no sleep. I will be up all night googling this! Ugh!

      • Kathyd

        My daughter teaches at a community college with multiple “safe zones”. And teachers must stop and help if someone feels “triggered”. It’s a mess.

      • Minky

        The link worked! And I loved the video so much I want to marry it!

        The line “bully-proof windows” made me think of your WLS. Hey, maybe your window licking section is the ultimate safe zone? No? Hahahahahahaha!!! 😂

      • tamaratattles

        You are absolutely right Minky. Perhaps I should call it the safe zone, but the WLS do not retreat to a safe zone. They press their snot noses against the window raging on the glass that they are not allow to type out their feelings in textspeak and ask us not to judge anyone, especially them for their stupidity.

        You should google Safe Spaces College. It’s hysterical. They are calling the police over SIDEWALK CHALK that says things they don’t like. Like Vote For Trump. Or Make America Great Again. They are calling fucking 911 saying they feel THREATENED BY SIDEWALK CHALK. I’m convinced the current Creepy Clown invasions are just people trying to irritate this new bumper crop of bedwetters that colleges are dumping out into our communities.

        Eventually they find their way onto the Internet where they find HARSH OPINIONS THEY DON’T LIKE! Quelle horreur!

      • Minky

        Funny that you mention Creepy Clowns. I just watched a video about that. I think it’s some kind of art project that, like you said, is testing the mettle of the “special little snowflake” generation. These millenials are like deranged, obnoxious, very easily offended, know-it-all squirrels. It’s maddening!

        The safe zone people are very Cartman-esque. It’s about control, and ultimately abuse. Just an inverted, weird kind of abuse. I can’t stand it.

        And, if you haven’t seen it already, Wisecrack has a great video on political correctness called “The Philosophy of South Park”. So good!

  20. Teresa

    I cannot stomach Teresa for even 5 minutes! I regret we share names! She never has taken any responsibility for any wrong doing on RHONJ either! It makes me angry that I let this really awful person make me feel any emotions at all because she is not worth the energy! I guess what is most upsetting is that she keeps getting away with shit! Where is her karma!??

  21. Teresa

    Oh and really great post TT! I love the part about her stylists and her clothing. Too funny!

  22. I bow down to you Tamara for saying everything I have been scared to say! Tre-Huggers are vicious & come after one with a vengence to prove their Queen’s innocence .cough..cough..fist palm to my head!.

    Lordy this woman is the most delusional creature I have ever seen! Am I to understand that Teresa really believes that she went to a “Camp” to exercise, learn Yoga & make some new friends?…. Teresa > Lalalalala Skipping through the tulips & thinking of my daughters, It was just the break I needed to read books (and learn some new words) & rest, so Joe could find out what it’s like to care for the girls #WTF!!! Oh Yeah & I’m not a criminal! #AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Thank-you for this Tamara… This was the best laugh I had today… Superior Blog!

  23. Misha11

    Hail Tamara! Great recaps and commentary! I’ve never been a fan of rhonj esp not of Teresa. I do think she is very simple minded, yet street smart. I think she knows exactly what she did but will always deny it. To me, she looks like she has cried alot. Plus the weight loss didn’t help her face either. I think she will say or do whatever she can to “save face” for the sake of her daughters. Those girls are beautiful and I feel badly for what they must be going through. Teresa may not acknowledge her wrongdoing but I’m sure its eating her up inside. And, it is aging her.

  24. tamaratattles

    Some idiot named Victoria, wants to post this. She’s an idiot so I am just going to quote her let you guys see the kind of stupid we are dealing with.

    “Don’t worry what this person calls you just because you have a differing opinion. This person obviously hates Teresa with a flaming passion. Whatever she did, I agree with you, she did the crime and she did her time. That’s the way our American justice system works. She says she’s learned her lesson. She didn’t kill anyone or molest a child. We’re not supposed to hold it over their heads forever. She paid for her crimes, and they were considered victimless, so she didn’t ruin anyone else’s life. According to her, and our American justice system, she’s reformed. Nobody has respect for anything anymore, it seems, but everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect. It’s not our place to judge, and, if it was, I would hope we wouldn’t do so quite so harshly.”

    Seriously, this is from the “mind” to use the term loosely, of Trehuggers.

    1) We’re “haters”
    2) “Whatever she did” “She says she’s learned her lesson”
    3) “She paid for her crimes.”
    4) The $14 million dollars she stole apparently didn’t belong to anybody because according to Victoria, her crimes are “considered victimless”
    5) “She didn’t ruin anybody elses life”
    6) “According to her, and our American Criminal Justice system she’s reformed” (This may be the stupidest thing she said. Seriously. Did she drop out in 4th grade?)
    7) “It’s not our place to judge”

    I honestly, cannot imagine what it is like to live life as Victoria. I hear it is supposedly blissful, but it seems like it would be very dangerous out in this world to be this uneducated, and gullible.

    I am getting a brain sprain trying to figure out how people end up this ignorant and what it must be like to be them.

    • Minky

      Okay TT, you definitely deserve an award. And I realize that you have to weed through the comments of many Victorias daily. That would kill my faith in mankind in a matter of minutes.

      I recently learned about a psychology concept that describes Victoria’s logic, as well as the behavior of Teresa and many other HWs. Since you were a psych major you probably already know about it, but it’s very new to me. It’s called the Dunning-Kruger effect. When I read about it SOOOOOO many things started to make sense to me about a lot of people I’ve known in my life, including many of my hick relatives. Maybe Victoria’s life is the DK effect in action?

      • tamaratattles

        I think Dr. Phil kind of encapsulates DKE when he says, “You don’t know what you do know.” But I love any theory based on stupid criminals that thought if they coated their faces in lemon juice they would be invisible to the security cameras. This was not that long ago either. Dumb people don’t know they are dumb.

        And logical people are dumbfounded by the lemon juice thought process. I don’t think there is any way to reach the Victorias. You can’t prove to her that Teresa never said she was remorseful. I guess we could list all the people she stole from, but we could never get her to understand that she was one of the people they stole from. It’s all lemon juice on her face, basically. She’s convinced she has thought this through. Yet somehow the facts are OPINIONS of Haters.

      • The old saying “You cannot argue with stupid or crazy” seems to be appropriate right about now.

    • Shae

      That is astonishingly stupid.

    • PaganChick

      So, in Victoria’s mind, it isn’t Teresa who should be considered at fault, it’s all of us judgmental haters? I try really hard to refrain from calling people stupid on the internet, but I think I would have had to make an exception if she had actually managed to post that comment. Teresa’s crimes were victimless? So the people she defrauded, the people who lost their income, Teresa’s children, none of those are victims of Teresa’s actions?

      WOW! I don’t know how you wade through that type of crap TT, but I salute you for it!

  25. Charlene whittaker

    The thing i remember most was teresa saying, i will be rich again. Wow. Just think about it.

  26. Kathyd

    TT thank you for the recaps. You take one for the team every time.
    Teresa will *never* acknowledge what she and Joe have done. They put up a mental roadblock so they don’t need to think about it.
    People with strict upbringings (which Teresa has commented on) learn to block the bad. She has said their family internalized problems. For all their screaming, they don’t acknowledge the problems. They can’t. It would open the door to a flood of tears and self recrimination.
    They did terrible things. And they will never own it. Doing the time is the hoop they jump through to get their lives back. And to hell with anyone else.
    I speak this because I know it from my own family. It is so deeply ingrained that acknowledging is impossible. The lies pile up and everyone shrugs and says “that’s how she is”. It is no fun to deal with.
    I only hope the girls survive this okay.

  27. RealE

    I don’t care for Either of the subjects in this recap but was enthralled. Great recap.
    THIS is the way Andy Cohen should conduct his interviews of housewives. Don’t like Oz, but I vote “Oz for new Reunion host”

    • tamaratattles

      doctor oz wasn’t aggressive with her at all, but it was clear that someone had either suggested that he not say the P WORD or just let him know about her deep denial about what is going on around her. Because it was not necessary to say my next guest is (insert prisoner number here) but you know here beter as Teresa Gouda Chay…. nor did he need to use the word prison in EVERY SINGLE QUESTION as it was implied, But yet he did. It was the sort of subtle shade that Andy does along with things like, “We all want to thank you for your honesty”

      He did play along with her answers a great deal and never pressed her to admit why exactly she was sentenced to fat camp.

      • RealE

        You shattered my illusion :). I Defintely read your recap with a different tone and thought he was more snarky and aggressive. Thanks for sharing more.
        It still tickles me that he used the word prison at every turn. She sounds insane the way she refers to it as camp and other vague references of fun. It’s prison and you are a criminal bitch! Ugh.

  28. Liza

    I dont watch RHONJ anymore. I will read recaps though. Theresa continues to play the victim, like the government took her from her kids, its disgusting. I get annoyed that she continues to get opportunities and advantages in life by being on bravo.

  29. Jen

    My personal theory is that both sets of parents are really the masterminds, and that the Gorgas have clung to the Giudices to try and ensure that they don’t get thrown under the bus. I think that they have the money stashed in Italy, which is why Joe never got citizenship. I suspect that this is also behind the rift between Kathy’s mom and her siblings. I also believe that the pair of them don’t really think they did anything wrong because they grew up this way, this is what their families and friends do, that it’s just the smart way to make money.

    What really chaps my ass about all this is when people say she’s paid her dues and done her time. She has had to give up so very little here. They haven’t had to sell a single thing or cut a single expense to pay those court fines. Any time they need to pay a fine, they either go see Andy for an hour or spend an hour with Us Weekly/People magazine. The point of fines and penalties is not to go earn a quick few bucks to pay it off, it is supposed to cause you hardship and make you really feel the effect of your actions. You don’t show you have reformed your ways by celebrating your return home with a new luxury SUV for a start.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I think the Gorgas cling to the Giudices because that is where their bread is buttered. As we’ve seen Melissa doesn’t have an interesting storyline unless she attaches herself to Teresa. Her friendship with Teresa is not one of two equals – she has to kiss Teresa’s ass and I’m sure the moment she veers out of lockstep than she will be considered a “cancer” and will be summarily dismissed.
      I don’t watch NJ as closely as the other shows (I live in NJ- near these twits and I find them hugely embarrassing to watch) but I believe the rift between Kathy’s mum and her brother goes back some fifty odd years-I’m pretty sure they discussed the first season Kathy was on the show. I thought it started as something small and escalated as no one would say, “Uncle” out of pride. It’s actually very sad.
      It’s possible I’m wrong regarding Kathy’s family -Anyone feel free to correct me.

  30. Jen

    I also have a problem with the fact that she is not really suffering professionally from this. I listen to Radio Andy occasionally, and recently he was saying on his show that he thought she had been over-punished based on what she did. I don’t know whether he was saying that to placate or her whether he really meant it, but it explains why he’s so accepting of her and willing to help her out so much.

  31. beauxblue

    It’s sad the way she keeps throwing out her children, “they are the victims”. as a parent her children needed to be her first priority and she just threw them away without a thought when she committed her first criminal act. If her children are victims it’s all Tre’s fault.

  32. Liza

    I already commented but had to come back! I’m bothered by all the lies she has told. Now she is telling Oz she read a lot of books, that’s the “tell” right there. She maybe had someone read her the dayroom rules but that’s it!

  33. Margaret Shepard

    Teresa’s father is an unforgiving A- hole- per his treatment of his sister ( Kathy’s Mother.) Teresa takes after him. She has tax liens and her lawsuit against james kridal could backfire financially on her. I will watch the show when Teresa is living in a condo driving a used domestic car. Until then, recaps only.

  34. Margaret Shepard

    Btw TT never been to whole foods but total cookie freak so I want to check them out. So few places have decent cookies. Thanks for the tip.

    • Minky

      Whole Foods is a Disneyland for people who enjoy organic/non-gmo/all natural foods. No matter what special diet you’re on, they’ve got what you need.

      Hicks love it too! I know because I’ve got a family full of them. They love those open barrels and bins of stuff, like the candy and nuts and trail mix. They hang out there and treat it like a buffet all the time. Hahahahahaha!!!

      But seriously though, go at least once if you haven’t before, just to enjoy the smells. They have terrific bread and baked goods. And get some of their marvelous sweets. I also recommend the chocolate covered honey comb. SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!

      • Cheryl B.

        I’ve only seen Whole Foods on Top Chef. I really want to start eating healthy and since I finally got my son and husband to drink a lot of water now, I think I can try healthy eating. The problem is I have no idea where and how to begin. So much info out there. Wondering if I need a nutritionist?

      • We don’t have Whole Foods, or anything like it, around here but most of us grow our own so we know what we’re eating. We even raise steers and chickens for food and eggs and trade with the neighbor who has hogs. I’d love to go to a Whole Foods though. I’m a total foodie.

  35. cheychey

    I haven’t watched a single episode since Teresa returned. If she had most any other type of career she would be fired for her morally incompetent behavior. Even professional athletes are often banned from the sport or suspended for committing crimes. But Hollywood of course trivialized it and she wears it like a badge of honor. I feel like her penalties were far to small. She should not be able to stay in her fancy fiasco she calls a home. It should have auctioned off and all the remaining assets as well until every dime was accounted for. She should be living like the so called commoners. Her apologies mean nothing to me because she has no remorse or accountability. Her only saddness about the incident is how it affected her,Not being with her family. Some humble pie would do her a lot of good.

  36. claire

    Oh for shits sake!!! Probation? Ankle bracelets??! Lenient sentences because the kids will become the victims??!!! Earth to Teresa: you are the Mayor of BullshitTown. Um, yeah your kids are victims because of YOU and your husband Fred Flintstone…not because of the system. OMG!!!

    Need deep-breathing exercises after reading that. Another excellent recap, TT! Appreciate your willingness to watch this crap so that others don’t have to. LOL

  37. tamaratattles

    I would respond to the ludicrous suggestion that I feel a certain way toward commenters who “disagree with my OPINION ABOUT A REALITY TV PERSONALITY” There are multitudes of people who post here who disagree with me about the virtues or evilness of certain reality TV participants. That Artist Formally Known as Yoya is a prime example of such. EVEN SHE gets that we are talking about an unrepentant felon who is has scammed ACTUAL WORKING PEOPLE and the government (that means YOU) out of $14 million dollars and goes on TV pushing her merch with the first words out of her mouth being “I know I’m a good person” and droning on about how unfair it was that she had to spend 11 months in a place with dusty weights and filthy bathrooms because she was just caught up in some thing she had no idea she was doing.

    And yes, and reader/commenter/windowlicker here, I think that if you think there is anything remotely redeemable about Teresa Giudice I think you are just as morally corrupt and vile as she is. I hope this helps.

  38. Cheryl B.

    I really thought when she came home from”camp”, she would maybe do a little interview and that would be it. I guess it’s foolish thinking that anyone would spend any time or care when it came to her. I’m so shocked Dr. Oz, and all others who have spent time and money for an absolutely stupid, delusional, and fraudulent conversation. I get so frustrated, but am so happy I’m not alone. TT, as always, thank you for all your hard work.

  39. Chloe

    How I wish Andy Cohen would kick her off the show. No one is interested in her blatant lies and thumbing her nose at the law. She is totally disgusting!

  40. T D

    Victims of self entitlement are blinded to indebtedness.

  41. JoJoFLL

    Teresa will end up back in prison.

    It is just painful to watch her.

  42. PeachyKeen

    TT wonderful recap and comments. Forgot about her highly successful career as a Real Estate Agent! So, guess I was correct about her new reincarnation as the guru of Yoga Videos and clothing etc. First step: Appear on Dr. Oz and yap about getting certified as a yoga instructor… next Step: WWHL again pushing this stuff. Maybe next time Andy will have her as a bartender instead of in a chair and just flash her video. I can hope…

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