Yet Another Chateau Sheree Update For 2016

Chateau Sheree 2012

Chateau Sheree 2012

Sheree Whitfield is the gift that keeps on giving. Since I began this blog in the fall of 2011, there has been at least a dirt lot construction site in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Sandy Springs. When Sheree’s mother bought the house that used to be there for $319,000 in December of 2010 Sheree decided to tear down the entire home in stages. At one point the neighbors had a view of an toilet exposed to the street after the outer walls were torn down. This was one of the first things shown on the show in 2011.

Grab a snack and click here for the nearly six year history of Chateau Sheree

Some 2,131 days later, we are still hearing from Sheree, “It takes time!” I like to point out that, construction of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world, began in 2004, with the exterior completed 5 years later in 2009. It took less than a year for the entire interior design to be completed before it opened in 2010. While it takes time to build things, the main factor in how long it takes is money.

So here we are 2,131 days later and we are still hearing about how much time it takes to build a house. Sheree has shot a video that  Bravo decided to post. I would post it here but it autostarts and that messes up the site. So click on that link and then come back here.

Stop Sign has held up well...

Chateau Sheree July 2012 Stop Sign has held up well…

Here is what she says as she walks us down her oddly paved sidewalk to the front door:

 “We are at Chateau Sheree. All the non-believers, here we go. Chateau Sheree does exist!”

Somebody is mad again. Back in the spring of 2013 when Sheree took me and other Atlanta bloggers into court on multiple occasions, she accused us all of a variety of false charges. We were forced to mediate in an attempt to not clog up the courts with her drama and she was quite willing to drop all the bogus charges under one condition. That we stop reporting on the progress of the construction. My lawyer had to explain the constitution to her in small words and let her know that I would not be bullied into abandoning my first amendment rights simply because Sheree doesn’t want me to report on her very public and extremely protracted home construction.

“I’m getting my landscaping together!”

She seems happier about this as we pass the usual patchy weeds and occasional spots where some straw has been plopped down.  I have always been surprised she didn’t sod the lawn years ago as it seems that she has always been much more focused on the exterior of the home than the interior. If she had put in a yard and planted some fruit trees, particularly along the back of her lot, he neighbors might not be so quick to reach out to bloggers about their misery and she would have fully adult landscaping by now.

November 2012

November 2012

“I’m doing a lot of work on the inside. I mean, seriously, when you have 100,000 square feet it takes time!”

I love that she has to announce she is doing some “interior work.” The comment about having 100,000 square feet is really telling and it reminds me of being in court.  One of the things that Sheree accused me of, was stalking her. This was hilarious for many reasons, but mostly because I’d never laid eyes on the woman until she showed up in court where we waited as several cases went ahead of us. It was a court covering domestic cases. The cases prior to ours were very unsettling.  Mostly horrible stories from battered wives seeking protection from raging husbands who had previously caused them bodily harm. It was difficult to listen to. And then there was Sheree.  When Sheree filed her first charge of many against me, for stalking, she made up a vehicle and a description.  At some point she got an attorney and they suggested that she really needed to know what I look like and what I drive to have a shot.  I believe she had me followed the one time I left the house and her thug apparently stole my keys as I was in the mall buying something to wear to court causing me to have to rekey my home and my vehicle.  But I digress.

September 2013 Still No fascia

September 2013 Still No fascia

At some point in one of the many courtrooms across two counties, Sheree’s story morphed into one where she claimed to be “the builder” of the house who was on the site every day directing the construction (perhaps this is why the columns are off-center?) while her children (who were in high school)  played in the “yard.”  She told the judges she was in fear of her life and that her children were traumatized and didn’t want to play there anymore because I was always there sitting in my fancy black SUV staring at them.  In order to test this “builder” story, my attorney started to ask her questions like, “do you have a certificate of occupancy?”  and “what is the square footage of the home?”  she had no idea.  The entire court cases really should have been filmed for the show because they were pure comedy. Even though it was very time-consuming to see her continuously lose every aspect of all cases against all parties in court. Because, freedom of the press is an actual thing.  It seems nothing and changed, and she still has no idea how many square feet the house is, or even what a realistic guess might be.


I should also point out that if you think I am a crazy shut in, NOW. You should have been reading back then when I passed her construction site on the way home from a therapy appointment where I was being treated to break out of my isolation and gain some coping mechanisms for going to the ghetto Publix one mile from my house. I am better at it now, but just yesterday was so overwhelmed by a visit to Publix that I was unable to blog until the wee hours of the morning. It took me two days to get to the store for toilet paper this week in my 2007 Honda Civic.  I can assure you I was not luxuriating in a fancy black SUV from sun up until sundown watching Sheree be lead construction foreman while two high school students made sandcastles in the construction zone. In fact, I once called my attorney and told her I was in full panic attack and was struggling to make it through Atlanta traffic to the next county over for another court case.

” I know you guys are excited, I’m excited, too. Come on in! Psych!”

But she closes the doors on the cameras because as Iyanla Van Zant said in 2013 “When I look at that house, I see incompleteness, Sheree. It’s a reflection of you.”  And yes, she had filmed that show with Iyanla around the very same time she was taking us all to court.

September 2016 some iron work happening...

September 2016 some iron work happening…

As I mentioned in this post, there was a sudden flurry of hiring subcontractors just before the trip to Maui.  There has been a lot of work done inside in the past week or so. I just chatted with a source who says that the kitchen appliances are finally out of the garage, no one is certain how many years they have been out there, but they are now installed in the kitchen.  The walls are all up and painting is finally being completed. There are floors down throughout, and the floor coverings are being worked on furiously.  Things are at about 75%. The contractors have been given a deadline of two weeks (and that was at least a week ago) to get things to a point where filming can happen.  As I mentioned,  Sheree is desperate to finally have an interior that she can show.

I don’t think it will be too hard to do that. The ironwork was done recently. She now has the requisite McMansion black iron railing down a curved stairway in the foyer just like Nene and Porsha’s new monstrosity.  You can see straight through the front door to her poor back fence neighbor’s house which is extremely close to the stunning great room on the first level of Sheree’s house.  That room is a looker despite the lack of landscaping outside the floor to second story ceiling windows. It has a gorgeous fireplace. It is a beautiful centerpiece of the home.  BUT. You have to get past the kitchen you pass on the way.  And at least finish the walls and flooring in those rooms.  I hope she shows us the whole thing. The bathroom with the tub dead center of the room with few to no windows.  The many round bedrooms. The vertigo inducing catwalks between the round bedrooms. I hope that we finally see it all.

But I know that in two months I will be starting one of my annual No Christmas Party At Chateau Sheree posts. Biltmore doesn’t need to worry about competition just yet. Sheree still has to figure out what a certificate of occupancy is.

P.S. Cynthia hasn’t fully moved into her lake house yet. So that makes Moore Manor, Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks the only housewives with furnished homes.


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59 responses to “Yet Another Chateau Sheree Update For 2016

  1. Johnny

    They should clear Atlanta out and get all new ‘wives. These broke try-hards make even the women in Potomac or Miami look legit.

    That said, it will be fun watching Chateau She-can’t-pay getting torn back down lol….

  2. Shaun

    I was so excited watching the video until she said “Psych!” I want to see the quality of the interior. Thanks for the continued updates, Tamara!

  3. SLM

    I’ve been a fan and reader of your site for years, TT, even though I didn’t get up the courage to start commenting until this year. I loved reading your blogs and everyone’s comments and I thought I just wouldn’t have anything interesting enough to add. Then I just took the plunge and joined in. I remember reading all the ridiculous horror with Sheree accusing you and couldn’t believe her bullshit. You, TT, with the personal challenges you are working on as her stalker?? I just knew when she started that, that clearly she’d never actually read your site as a whole. I also couldn’t believe the fuckery of being able to drag you into court because you were relating facts. Like you said – freedom of speech, anyone? Also, did I read that right that she thinks she has 100,000 square feet? Does she know what a 100,000 square feet looks like?! The freaking Dubrows aren’t building a manse that big. Her appliances must also be in crap shape by now if they were in the garage that long without being installed. Allegedly and just my uninformed opinion. Sorry I sound harsh today. I’ve just had the worst problems sleeping lately and it’s making me crabby.

    • Suzanne

      According to the Home site that starts with a Z and ends with a W, her home is 8000 ft.². That is a far cry from the 100,000 ft.² that she is spouting about.

  4. SLM

    Just by way of clarification of the above , I meant I couldn’t believe she thought she could believably claim you were her stalker when all of us who regularly read you know that you deal with personal challenges that would make that impossible. My sentence structure is off because of the lack of sleep. Sorry.

  5. Jen

    She needs to paint whatever that is on the outside, it looks unfinished.

  6. Khirssy

    Sheree is a foolish woman. You are single your kids are grown and you’re trying to fake it wasting money u don’t have on house you may never live. Wow girl. Cut your losses and get a condo . Ps Porsha is also foolish wasting money on home u can’t afford in Atlanta of all places. These women. Kenya & Kandi are the smart ones.

  7. JustJenn

    “watching Sheree be lead construction Forman while two high school students made sandcastles in a construction zone” OMG, TT, your Sheree posts always crack me up!
    When she shut her door on the camera I almost died..typical Sheree. I’m still trying to figure out the point of that video?

  8. Wonky Tonk

    What I’m wondering is how in the hell did she submit that video to Bravo with that Psych moment and possibly think that would go over well, and as for the 100,000 square feet comment, she has to be delusional if she really believes that, I mean the Aaron Spelling residence is 56,000 square feet and it’s footprint is massively larger than her house.

    Also she seriously needs to power wash the exterior.

    • JustJenn

      The little bit of outside that Sheree shows looks awful which makes the point is this video all the more puzzling.

      • Wonky Tonk

        She’s trying to maintain the facade of relevance for the show, and in a twist of fate the facade of her house betrays her pretense more accurately reflecting her true relevance to the show – rapidly deteriorating.

      • Minky

        Yet, astonishingly, she’s back on the show. I still can’t figure out or remember how the hell that happened. Who left the gate open at Bravo? Was it Andy or Carlos? Or did Sheree just burrow a tunnel under it like a gopher?

    • LisaPat

      Yes and those giant entrance doors.. they look dusty or rusty!

    • Joanplus2dogs

      Exactly same as my thinking. It is a shame she doesn’t focus on her home as well as she does on her fitness. Her body is in great shape, her home no. There is noticeable splatter of paint/Spackle all over door framing just in that little video besides the weedy “lawn” & cheap crappy landscaping supposedly being done. This is without showing all the other exterior issues that we have seen posted previously. I live in the ghetto where condos have only bare minimum done by landscapers & ours looks better than hers.

    • Sliceo'pie

      The White House is around 55,000 Sq.Ft. Sheree has never ceased to amaze me with her self-aggrandizing statements – to me the hallmark of a truly insecure person.

      TT – I empathize with your struggles with anxiety-it’s a real struggle-I try to take it, “One day at a time” along with tons of therapy! It sounds like you try to push yourself. You went to all those stores to get rid of that damn rat! Stood up for yourself with the Sudafed! I know some days are better than others-some trips easier than others. Each successful trip is a victory.
      Sometimes I find it’s better to get a couple done all at once and get it over with but that rarely happens.
      The last few years, I find calling people to come over and service something in my home gives me the most anxiety-Dunno why.

  9. LisaPat

    What about Sheree’s columns that look like they have shifted? Isn’t that a code violation of some kind? I hate to see the RHOA fall from one of the balconies on the first episode. Maybe Porsha can be our guinea pig and test the balconies? I wonder if Kenya is living in the manor .. there is one scene where Matt kisses her as she lays in a giant bed before he went psycho.. is that Moore manor?

    • Wonky Tonk

      Lol You’re a mean one LisaP, but the dark part of me is thinking maybe the reverend/lawyer/mortician could be in that scene as well.

    • Khirssy

      Yes she’s living in Moore Manor

      • LisaPat

        Thank you Khirssy! If Kenya is actually living in the manor, then Sheree is delusional to say that she won. IMO, the house in not finished unless it is occupied. So, Kenya is the winner!

      • Minky

        Yeah Kenya is totally living at Moore Manor. She had a big party with a cake done to look like a scale model of her house.

        That’s why I couldn’t understand what the hell Wendy was talking about. I thought to myself “I could have sworn that Kenya’s house was done a while ago and she’s been living there for at least a couple of months.” Then I realized that some shade throwers are so desperate to hit a target that they don’t always rely on factual ammo.

      • LisaPat

        Thanks Minky! I saw that and was wondering if Wendy dislikes Kenya now because Kenya and Nene are friends again? I thought Kenya could be living at the Manor b/c Matt broke out the windows in the preview. Sheree is NOT living in the Chateau yet and Kenya is in and residing there. Period. Kenya won.

      • LisaPat

        BTW it’s crazy how much of Wendy’s information in “Hot Topics” is erroneous lately. Instead of Norman as her “Bureau” chief, she should employ TT.

  10. Cheryl B.

    Yay!! I need something to read this afternoon and have been waiting for an opportunity to read the Sheree vs TT in Court. One day something really brief was available and I think it’s your lawyer cross examination of her. Great, great entertainment :)

    • Cheryl B.

      TT, I clicked on the above regarding Sheree and TT court stories. Can I have a little guidance as to dates. I’m having a bit of trouble. Thanks in advance if you have a sec to assist me.

  11. Toddy

    The Burj Khalifa. I love you, Tamara.

  12. I'm Here

    In other news nene owes 95K in back taxes

    • The Shadiest Grove

      Lol no surprises there. Do y’all remember when NeNe and Gregg were couch surfing between seasons when production wasn’t renting property for them ? A story was run on Atlanta news station and NeNe and Gregg were bobbing and weaving for dear life because they were exposed. Does anyone know what Gregg’s profession was or is ? The problem with the likes of Nene and Sheree is that RHOA branched out to women who were established thus usher in Kandi, Cynthia and Kenya.

      • Minky

        Well, is grifting a profession? Probably not something you’d want to put on your resume, but it certainly is what I think those two did before the show.

        Nene and Sheree used to be able to get away with claiming to be “very rich bitch”. But between the couch surfing, furniture free homes, and that Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night house of delusion I’m surprised they haven’t at least calmed down a bit with the stunting.

        Chateau indeed.

      • SLM

        I know, Minky, I used to wonder WHY all the houses were decorated in such a minimalist style until I realised it wasn’t a design choice, it was a straightforward lack of funds for furniture. I’ve been wondering about the Beadors on this point – they sell their massive house quick with all the furniture in it and grab a rental they have no furniture for…even awhile later when Heather comes by to call. All the claims of wealth on these shows is 90 percent smoke and mirrors, isn’t it?

      • tamaratattles

        SLM Shannon and David actually have money. They do not compare to the RHOA at all. Other than Kandi, the Bravo check is the most money they have ever made. That is the problem with these shows. They set a weird precedent of paying random people more than most paid actors make to pretend like they have money. This turned the show into ridiculous enterprise about women scheming against each other rather than a reality show. Had they gone about it differently from the beginning, they would have had a much different out come.

        Shannon had been trying to unload that house for quite some time and when someone had a good offer but insisted on all the furniture, she took it. She just moved. And she is in a rental temporarily while looking for her next home. It’s not like she overpaid for a house over a year ago, had the IRS coming for her for a million dollars and has no furniture that wasn’t given to her by a TV show and hasn’t even bought a coffee pot yet.

        Your comparing oranges and peaches here.

      • SLM

        You are right, TT, about my comparison being an overreach. I think I’m just becoming so suspicious and jaded of everyone on these shows, half the time I don’t know what to think. It’s like when I realized you were right about the staging and wall color changes on CATFISH and I started thinking EVERYONE on TV might be changing stuff like this. I think I’m getting reality TV paranoia!

      • tamaratattles

        Wait until you find out the HWs confessionals with “their house” in the background is really not shot at their house at all…

      • SLM

        Really?! Do they do it on green screen and just put a background in after? I REALLY thought it was in their houses. This is why I’m becoming so suspicious of everything on these, even when it borders on paranoia. Wow.

      • Wonky Tonk

        Damn it TT I hate when you disillusion like that.

      • tamaratattles

        SLM, yes dear, it’s a green screen. Sometimes the green screen is in the house though, if that helps…

      • SLM

        I think I’ve been foolishly naive about a lot of aspects of these shows. :-(

  13. High school students making sand castles 😂

  14. T D

    The Whitfield Mystery McMansion. No one knows for sure the number of rooms and construction will never end.

  15. I would like to politely add that the correct URBAN spelling is ‘SIKE’, a clear differentiation from the greek/latin word ‘PSYCHE’ which means “of the mind”. I may have made up the meaning, and yes, I’m showing off my “blackness”, but it’s all in an effort of love to make everyone here hip to the proper lingo. Carry on…

    • tamaratattles

      Lingo born of illiteracy is neither cute nor worthy of propagation. The meaning of the word, commonly misspelled by the less educated, is a short version of the phrase “psych you out” which means to intellectually best someone. Psyche is the Greek root word, which means of the mind. Thus the whole mentally superior aspect of the phrase. Greek roots and Latin roots are from two entirely different cultures.

      I am not interested in what you like to whitewash as “urban,” pun intended, when what you mean is black or your attempts to educate me,as I sit here in the ghetto, of the “proper lingo.”

      I find your comment ignorant in it’s essence and sad on its face in that you feel the comment is somehow a testament to your “blackness.”

      I hope I’ve cleared that up for you. And for Sheree as well.

      • Minky

        It took me a good while to figure out that “ratchet”, the way it’s used as current slang, is just a mispronunciation of the word “wretched”, rather than the tool. Although the tool meaning would make so much more sense when you think about it for a second.

      • Malissa

        God saved this wretch from a very violent man now I carry a ratchet (gun) just in case he tries to psych out my psyche. TT language arts class 102.

      • I find your comment awesome.

  16. Lisa j

    After your post last week on feng shui I now know why her house will never be completed and money will just flow right out the door. Good god child I will say extra prayers over you, you’re my hero in more ways than you’ll ever know. Sheree isn’t ever going to “Fix her life”.

    • tamaratattles

      She’s literally built herself a prison, complete with bars.

      • T D

        The door key comes with a ball and chain. Sentenced to life in the poor house a liberry may come in handy. Will it have real books or illustrations of what the books would look like if they were really there?

  17. Lolita

    For some reason, I am envisioning her coming down the stairs with a dress made out of curtains, rods and all, Carol Burnett style…most importantly, it will be definitely be from her thriving clothes line.

  18. Elizabeth

    She is a lunatic! This house thing is just delusion….. I don’t think she has a pot to piss in …literally!

  19. Margarett

    I just love your oh so clever posts, TT. The Burj Khalid’s…too good!

  20. The Shadiest Grove

    Moore Manor clearly didn’t need any more work. Kenya just posted her gorgeous bathroom and MYGOSH no wonder Sheree is green with envy. Kenya is sophistication personified and is an interior design goddess, Sheree could use some help. I hope this is Sheree’s last season, this woman has never been authentic. Sheree is fraudulent and I can’t wait for the season to begin because Bravo is shady as hell. Let’s pray Sheree is not happy by the reunion and vows to never return. This OG thing is played out. Sheree’s time has come and gone. Bravo should let go of Porsha so she can co tinue spreading herself thin allegedly and dishing on the nation, Sheree needs to disappear and get herself right and let Phaedra go so she can….do her. Kenya, Cynthia and Kandi with new girls would be dope.

  21. Harleigh

    I stopped watching this show 2 years ago, but I always read your recaps! None of these women have any likeable qualities, and I found myself bored with the show. Scream and yell about “haters” and everyone is jealous, wash, rinse, repeat.
    I think if for one second any of these women would be truthful with their lives, the ratings would go back to where they used to be.
    Everything just seems fake now.

    • Cheryl B.

      I think that’s why I enjoy Melbourne franchise. I believe what you see is legit regarding wealth. Taking a plane to buy cheese, you just can’t fake :)

  22. When I saw all these other sites reporting that Chateau Sheree was completed I knew I had to come here and get the truth. Thanks for the update TT.

  23. Cheryl B.

    LisaPat, since the new season started, I noticed one of the Normans are gone. Since Wendy is more involved with reality gossip, I’m fading as a fan. There is no comparison to TT. If Wendy says it, TT probably already has.

  24. Bria

    sheree needs a slap across the face. Why shut the door on the camara, if this is an actual tour. The exterior looks so much like St. elizabeth mental institute.

  25. Malissa

    This house looks like something from AHS all the rooms are dungeons and scary. Would be awesome for Halloween haunted house

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