Tipsy Girl Bar Hits Another Roadblock

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This will be the second time I have reluctantly purple penned a Page Six Story. Every time they attempt to explain the Tipsy Girl story, they get it wrong and I am left to present the facts.  I get that they are obsessed with Bethenny Frankel lately, but she gives us all plenty of material to club her over the head with without just making shit up. I miss the olden days when I was either too naive to know that Page Six made up a lot of stuff or they actually checked the facts before posting. From here on out, this Page Six story will be in italics and my facts will be in purple pen.

The Tipsy Girl has stumbled once again. We’re told that “Real Housewife” Sonja Morgan has failed to get a liquor license for her planned West Eighth Street restaurant called Tipsy Girl — and now she and her investors are staring down the barrel of a million-dollar loss of the money they put into renovating the West Village spot, if they can’t find a fast fix.

Once more with even more feeling. Sonja Morgan has not applied for or be rejected for any sort of licenses, trademarks or construction permits related to the bar, Tipsy Girl.  I understand that Sonja is probably calling these stories in claiming that this is her business, but it is not. Sonja also thinks she owns a Nigerian soccer team, a luxury lifestyle brand, and that the plumbing in her townhouse actually works.  It is delusions such as these that continue to insure her a spot on the RHONY. She doesn’t HAVE investors. She HAD a gig publicizing this latest venture of  Peter Guimaraes  on RHONY. Her decision to accept that gig has put her paycheck at Bravo in jeopardy. Allegedly. In my opinion.

RHONY Bethenny hush Sonja


Meanwhile — in a not-unexpected move — sources close to Morgan suspect that archrival and Skinnygirl mogul Bethenny Frankel is somehow behind the eatery’s latest setback.

There is a whole lot of stupid packed into this one sentence. Sonja and Bethenny are not archrivals. Sonja is attempting to piggy back onto Bethenny’s brand by potentially infringing on her trademark. Bethenny is handling a minor nuisance. 

Back in February, the local community board sniffily recommended that the State Liquor Authority deny the Tipsy Girl restaurant a liquor license, reeling in horror at the revelation “that [the] ‘Tipsy Girl’ brand was a plotline on the reality TV show the ‘Real House Wives of New York’ [sic], on which [Morgan] appears as a cast member” and “that the location was in fact intended to be a destination location that would be promoted through a buried plotline on the reality television show.”

Perhaps, this is true. You seem to be referring to some written statement by THE LOCAL COMMUNITY BOARD. However, that  local community board is for the West Village.  Bethenny doesn’t live in the west village or have anything to do with that board. Any member of that board that watches RHONY would know that Sonja has been trying to plug this bar and product line for at least two, if not three seasons. Bethenny would not need to tell these people that information.

Fearing that the neighborhood could be overrun by wine-drenched, drama-dependent reality stars, the authority upheld the community board’s decision on Tuesday, leaving Morgan and her investors to come up with a new game plan.

The maximum number of wine drenched reality stars that Tipsy Girl could hope to procure to stumble around the “destination location” would be two.  And that number would most likely be one, since Ramona actually owns her own wine line and has already been mixed up with Peter once, and has no reason to shill for him anymore now that she has her own business.  Also, wasn’t the last story that the community wanted to limit the outdoor seating, and insure that the bar closed at a reasonable hour during the work week and a few other structural changes? I recall reading all of that without any of the hyperbolic rhetoric you claim they wrote in a position to the state licensing agency.

RHONY bethenny

Insiders tell us they may regroup and reapply with a new name for the restaurant, while keeping the Tipsy Girl name on its line of Prosecco.

Your insider is an idiot who thinks Madonna came to “her fashion show.”  A new name for the restaurant won’t have any effect on a liquor license application. There is no reason to change the name on the bar as it was trademarked with no contest in June. The Tipsy Girl line of Prosecco on the other hand has been contested and is still under review by the USPTO.  That is because Bethenny Trademarked TipsyGirl months before Peter attempted to trademark Tipsy Girl as a Prosecco line. There is no way for Peter to get the trademark for the Prosecco now. Read here if you need that explained in detail. 

But this isn’t the first hiccup for the buzzed-about brand. Last year, Frankel — who owns the Skinnygirl brand of, among other things, pre-mixed cocktails — filed to trademark “Tipsygirl,” presumably viewing the moniker as too close to her brand’s. But Frankel’s action was suspended by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The only place any of this nonsense is “buzzed about” is on RHONY,  or sites that cover RHONY, and the buzziest place of all, Page Six whenever the source, who thinks she owns a yacht that she hangs out on with dead Kennedys, calls. (Actual Kennedys. Not the band.)

You really needed to brush up on your trademark filing comprehension.  “Bethenny’s action” was not suspended by anyone.  Bethenny’s trademark application for two or three marks for TipsyGirl beverages was “suspended” from moving forward due to the filing of a similar application by Peter months afterward.  Now an investigation is underway that could take a very long time. Bethenny has summarily blocked Peter from getting the potentially confusing mark for his Prosecco brand. Bethenny’s work here is done. She has new souls and dreams to crush.  A new man to drive to drink and new vanity projects to fuck up. This is really, really old and grossly misreported news. 

Now Team Tipsy is claiming that Frankel somehow influenced the boards’ decisions. “She has done everything to try to trip them up,” said an insider, referring to the trademark dispute. But when asked how Frankel could possibly be behind this latest stumbling block, the source admitted, “I don’t know.”

So your source, who needs a lot of help to create a smokey eye and an updo, doesn’t have a clue how this is Bethenny’s fault.  And yet, here you are publicizing the apparent failure a bar with no liquor license and no local community board approval as if this is somehow Bethenny’s fault.  Is it just because you can’t go 29 hours without mentioning her name? Could it be you are being paid to continuously keep Bethenny’s name in your column no matter how ridiculous the story? Or is everyone at Page Six a bit tipsy lately?


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16 responses to “Tipsy Girl Bar Hits Another Roadblock

  1. Wonky Tonk

    Good for Bethenny for filing earliest.

    I hope Sonja’s position as a Housewife isn’t in jeopardy. I like her, and I feel for her financial situation.

    There’s something about her as though there’s a little girl there lost and afraid and when she starts displaying that side of herself I can’t help but feel for her.

  2. Cheryl B.

    I really thought Page Six was the “be all, end all” of New York social life. I kinda thought wrong. Starting to not believe anything until I read it here!!

    • Sliceo'pie

      Page Six is a joke – grains of truth here and there – but definitely not a reliable. I started reading, “The NY Post” when I was in Middle School in the 1970’s- I loved, loved, “Page Six” in the 1980’s-90’s but it changed.
      I feel old- lol.

  3. Katherine

    Yea, I used to believe Page Six, too. You have systematically dismantled my innocent faith in a NY institution, TT.
    What’s left? You going to tell us that Sonja’s replacement tooth is really just a white Chiclet? Is nothing real? Oh, the misery.

  4. The Berg

    You made me lol with the mention of The Dead Kennedys

  5. Carl

    I loved Page Six in the 90’s them slowly it became just another issue of Star (& before it went glossy, honey). Did anyone catch, I wonder, Wendy talking about B’s Sirius show yesterday? Things that make ya’ go hmmmm…

    • DejaBlue53

      No. What did she say?

      • Minky

        Ooooh. Now I’m curious too. What did she say? 🤓

      • tamaratattles

        She said mostly what I said in the post about how she lost the show with her usual smattering of inaccuracies.

        Then today she kept dropping names of all sort or random people who have Sirius shows for absolutely no reason. It was kind of hilarious and ALMOST made me forgive her for her shitty jab at Kenya Moore the other day for no fucking reason at all.

      • Minky

        I read about Wendy’s Kenya jab a couple days ago. That was just too much. Has Wendy lost her damn mind?! Is she related to Porsha?

        And why the fuck are they saying that Kenya’s house isn’t done?! It’s done. And it’s a really nice house. These people need fact-checkers.

  6. Margaret Shepard

    Though its not relevant here, I did just see a hilarious tour?? Lol of Sheree Whitfield showing her chateaux. The thing is she shows some small plants at the entry way . She then goes to the front door and says come on in. LoL omg she then slams the door in our face. Priceless and LOL hilarious.

  7. This story makes no sense. That area in the Village is NYU pot head central. It’s not like its some quiet residential enclave. There are a million bars, restaurants and lounges in this area in general and several just on this street alone. Sounds totally made up.

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