The Voice: Sayonara Flowers And Fringe


By Erica

Greetings everyone!  It is the third week of The Voice  and the final week of the Blinds!  Everyone thoroughly confused? As much as I love the Blinds and the philosophy behind them, the fact that the coaches need to find 12 people each means the people start to blend together and we forget who we heard in the first week.  This particular season the blinds seemed to drag on a bit. It might have been the events in my personal life that distracted me, but  I also believe that there wasn’t an absolute jaw dropping moment in the blinds like Jordan Smith’s Chandelier or Alisan Porter’s Blue Bayou (just thinking of that Blue Bayou gives me goosebumps).  Regular Voice watchers know both went on to win.

But, I’m choosing to look at this positively.  With Jordan and Alisan, people were saying “they are the winners” from the get go, even though they were competing against some very talented people.  This time, it is anyone’s trophy!

Monday was the last of the Blind Auditions, and Tuesday was a “Best of the Blinds” review.  If you are one of those who have said you’ve enjoyed reading my recap/summary of The Voice but don’t watch the show, thank you!   However, I encourage you to watch the Best of the Blinds, and maybe join us for the Battle Rounds!




Say sayonara to the flowers and the fringe! I’m looking forward to seeing Miley, Alicia, and Adam in different outfits. Yes, I know Blake is wearing the same thing, but most of his outfits look the same and who looks at his outfit when there are those delicious dimples to look at?  I knew from the first that I’d get tired of the flowers, but that fringe on only one sleeve bugged me (and I’m surprised it didn’t get caught in the gears when her chair turned).

At the beginning of this week, the teams are almost full so it is time for the coaches to get picky. I still feel that Alicia is unsure of herself, and is easily distracted by the other coaches’ antics.  I thought her pitches to the artists were terrible and could be summed up in the phrase “I feel you, I see you. You came to meet ME”  Tamara summed it up so much better than I did from the beginning, in the the first Season 11 Voice blog.   Well, Alicia, I’m not feeling you very much, although you do have some great artists.  


Whitney & Shannon: Austin, TX         Song: Landslide
Chair turns:   ALL FOUR                            Team:  Alicia

These sisters are notable for multiple reasons.  One, the Voice doesn’t get many duos so one does notice them. The Swon Brothers didn’t win in their season, but they are incredibly popular today.  Two, Whitney and Shannon got a FOUR CHAIR turn. I feel like we haven’t gotten many this season.  That may not be true in comparison to other seasons, but I’m too tired after the day I’ve had to do the research.  Three, the sisters have incredible harmony.  Four, this is one of my favorite songs, and I LOVE the Dixie Chicks version. They were smart to go with that arrangement versus the original Stevie Nicks one, as Stevie sang it solo and the Chicks had multiple voices in mind in their version. What a soft, beautiful rendition.  To be critical, I thought the last note was slightly amateurish in their harmony, but that might have been nerves.  I also wonder if they can do powerhouse type of songs.  

Blaine Long:  Chandler, AZ                     Song:  Have a Little Faith in Me
Chair turns: Blake, Miley, Adam                Team:  Blake

In ways I can’t completely articulate,  I loved this guy. Even his bio clip didn’t bother me. I loved his family.  He had a great balance between purity of voice and gravel in his tone.  He didn’t even flinch when the coaches started turning, or when people started singing with him (there was a brief moment I heard others singing).  Alicia, who couldn’t turn because her team was full, rightfully used the word “effortless”.  You can tell this guy sings his own stuff, and he rightfully picks Blake after Blake’s pitch about not being a great singer (called himself the worst singer of the bunch), but that songwriting keeps him going and keeps him on top.

Ponciano Seaone:  San Antonio, TX     Song:  Home
Chair Turns: Adam, Miley                            Team: Adam

Even though it is kind of funny that he’s singing a song written by an American Idol winner, there is an absolute pretty purity to his voice.  The song is still one of my favorites, even after it was beaten to death by the 2012 Olympics. He did it justice. I enjoyed the fact that he didn’t flinch or falter in his performance after chairs turned and people started cheering.


Natasha Bure:  Los Angeles, CA             Song: Can’t Help Falling in Love
Chair turns:  Adam                                        Team: Adam

DJ Tanner’s kid, I mean, Candace Cameron Bure’s kid CAN sing.  The kid states in her bio that she “grew up going with her mom on set.” in an implication that she’s used to the entertainment industry on some level, although she acknowledges that the music industry is different from the acting one. Which instantly gets me thinking not about her potential talent but wondering when Full House ended (as she couldn’t possibly have been alive and old enough to remember that set) and wondering if Candace had a show after Full House.  (A quick look on IMDB shows she appeared in a few TV movies, and a couple of TV shows I’ve never heard of but they made it sound as if she was on the set of Full House, especially with an appearance by video of Bob Sagat and John Stamos.  Seriously – do those guys age?)

I  make fun – but she DOES have decent voice, although she put way too many vocal tricks into this classic song. She thinks her version is “unique” but people have rearranged this every way from Sunday.  She’s lucky Adam turned around, but she should listen to Miley’s advice. Miley agreed with me regarding the tricks, and was kind to her in her remarks on how hard it is to perform with people having their backs turned to you.  She mentioned that if that happens in the real world, it means things are not going well – as she knows from experience when moms bring their kids to her more adult concerts thinking that she’s Hannah Montana.

Nicholas Ray:  Chicago, IL                         Song: I’ve Got the Music in Me
Chair turns: None                                            Team: Go Home  

He is serious proof that a bad song choice can kill your chances.  He also had it against him that there were only two spots left.  But, I comment on him because he got good feedback and I think he has potential to be one of those who comes back to get some chair turns in a future season.  But only if he really works hard at his craft.


It should be noted that we didn’t see some of the auditions of artists who were ultimately picked for a team.

Team Adam:  Riley Elmore, Andrew DeMuro, Billy Gillman, Brendan Fletcher, Bindi Liebowitz, Elia Esparza, Nolan Neal, Simone Gundy, Johnny Rez, JSoul, Natasha Bure, Ponciano Seaone

Team Blake: – Sundance Head, Dana Harper, Gabe Broussard, Dan Shafer, Ethan Tucker Austin Allsup, Christian Fermin, Josh Gallagher, Preston James, Courtney Harrell, Tarra Layne, Blaine Long

Team Alicia: – Jason Warrior, Dave Moisan, Christian Cuevas, Lauren Diaz, We McDonald, Josh Halverson, Gabriel Violett, Halle Tomlinson, Michael Sanchez, Whitney  & Shannon, Belle Jewel, Kylie Rothfield  

Team Miley:  – Courtnie Ramirez, Ali Caldwell, Sa’ Rayah, Sophia Urista, Karlee Metzger, Lane Mack, Aaron Gibson, Darby Walker, Khaliya Kimberlie, Maye Thomas, Charity Bowden, Josette Diaz


The voice judges



As I said above, if you have been reading my recaps but not watching, give this episode a shot.  I watched every moment of the Blinds (duh), and I STILL enjoyed this one.  It gave me a great recap of all of the auditions we got to witness so I’m ready for next week, and a reminder of what artists went to which coaches’ teams.  It also gives a great taste of what I have loved about The Voice over the years, the competition and banter between the coaches that is unique to this show.   I love the outtakes, especially those when you know the coaches were feeling a little antsy and tired between auditions.  

While most of the hour was spent reviewing the coaches’ interactions and personalities as well as their teams, there was a brief time spent giving us hints about the Battle Rounds.  For the uninitiated, the battle rounds consist of each coach setting up their team members in pairs, and each pair is given a song picked by the coach to learn and sing together.  At the actual Battle Round performance, the duo performs in front of everyone, and immediately afterwards, the coach picks the artist who will go forward.  Once that happens, the other coaches have the opportunity to “steal” the artist who lost the battle. (Each coach gets two steals at this round).  


Thus, the teams will go from 12 to 8 after the battle rounds.  Frankly, there have been some Battle Round performances that have made me wonder why those duos didn’t team up to form a duo in the real world, they’ve been that good!!!

What is interesting about the Battle Rounds, beside another opportunity to figure out the cream of the crop, is the “advisors”.   Icons like Lionel Ritchie, Reba McIntire, Mary J. Blige, Pharrell Williams (who later came in as a coach), Stevie Nicks, John Fogerty, Patti LaBelle, and Cher have been among those who have come in to act as advisors.

This year’s advisor list is impressive.  Well, three out of four is pretty impressive.  I started to write my opinion on this season’s mentor list and why the coaches selected their team advisor – but it will wait until next week.  The advisors are: Sammy Hagar (Team Adam), Bette Midler (Team Blake), Charlie Puth (Team Alicia) and Joan Jett (Team Miley).

Before I blast you all with my thoughts, what are your opinions so far?  Predictions on artists?  What do you think about this line up of advisors?  LET ME KNOW!


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13 responses to “The Voice: Sayonara Flowers And Fringe

  1. mzjulesaz

    I love your recaps and I too cannot wait for the fringe/turban and flowers to go! They are very distracting (oh yeah braids too). I wanted to love Alicia, but the girl has no personality, zip none. I don’t have a pick or favorite this season but am looking forward to seeing what the judges can do to help reimage some of the folks and help them perfect their crafts. I’m personally excited for all of the celeb coaches … but who is the Charlie Pith and why do we care about him?????

    • Erica

      You are sooo on my wavelength. I cut about 3 paragraphs out of the end of this blog about the mentor choices. I saved them for next week!!!

      The winner of Season 7, Craig Wayne Boyd, won officially as a member of Team Blake. BUT, he lost his battle round with Blake, to be stolen by Gwen, and then stolen back by Blake in the Knockouts. When he was on Team Gwen, she gave him a make over. I believe that makeover helped him win!

  2. MM in OC

    I hate Joan Jett. Is she going to tell them how to do crappy remakes of good songs?

  3. cheychey

    I have often in the past been very confused by battle rounds. I personally would use this to weed off some of the weakest talent I chose. But some of the judges have pitted their best talent on their own team against each other eliminating one of the better artists.

  4. ZenJen55

    I got beat to the punch on Joan Jett but Bette Midler is iconic. Miley is growing on me and I believe shi is authentic!
    Another great recap and respite from the HWs thanks Erica

  5. cjbomb

    Great recap! I personally love me some Joan Jett and Bette is the bomb. Miley was one of the best mentors I’ve ever seen on this show advice-wise- so I’m very interested to see how she does.

  6. DJFL

    It bugs me when they talk about steals. How do you steal something that has been thrown away? It’s more like recycling.

  7. Rita Jones

    Miley was a great advisor and I think she is going to be the best coach as she is honest with the contestants. She gave the best constructive critique of each person’s audition. Alicia is annoying as hell with her seeing of everyone’s essence. It’s not a personality competition it’s a SINGING competition! I can’t imagine her as a coach giving real tips to win the competition not just feel good that your in the competition. I agree there were no standouts like Allison or Jordan from previous years. There were people who are good but I wish they had chosen different coach. I can’t wait til they get through knockouts. I’ll choose my pick then.

  8. Rita Jones

    Oh yeah I respect the experience of the advisors this year but not thrilled about any of them for this show. They are a bit dated except Charlie Pugh who is very talented if not as well known as the others. Cher was one of the worst advisors ever and respect her longevity in the business. We’ll see.

  9. cheychey

    I just don’t get all the Alicia dislike. She is very spiritual and looks for a deeper connection to the music than just singing a song. It needs to move her or get a feeling from it. She’s passionate about music. I never got the feeling she was being fake in her critiques.

    • Rita Jones

      Not fake just maybe not a fit for a competition show where the objective is less about spirituality and more about winning.

  10. cheychey

    That’s fair. I agree that she doesn’t really have that competitive attitude which is what would be needed for her to win. Maybe I had on rose colored glasses because I believe she really does have the love and commitment to make beautiful music and would nurture someone else’s talent for the same. But I see your points now that in the short period of time she will have the artists it really will be about them being molded into what the popular public opinion is. Because of her own personal success she has afforded herself the luxury of making the music she loves and doesn’t have to conform anymore. But these new artists haven’t paid their dues yet. Good points you made. I still will stand by my girl cause I adore her music,writing and piano playing. But I can admit when someone makes a viable argument.

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