Hurricane Matthew Preparing To Bear Down On Southern Coast!



But don’t worry, Miami! You can still get water if you hurry!  Thanks to my Tweep, Rob for this photo.  It’s hilarious. The hurricane is not so amusing.  Please be careful out there, not s0 gentle readers.  I hope you are all already evacuated. Don’t dick around when it comes to that. I learned the hard way during Floyd. The earlier you go the easier a very difficult event will be.

Here is a forum for all those lucky enough to live in the coastal south to keep us up to date.  Feel free to vent all the inconveniences you experienced here as well as your eventual return to your homes.


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53 responses to “Hurricane Matthew Preparing To Bear Down On Southern Coast!

  1. More Tea Please!

    I have friends in Ft. Lauderdale and they said LAST NIGHT, that it was too late to evacuate, the roads were all clogged with semi-trailers. I’m breathing a sigh of relief that it seems to be moving up the coast from them. Now I hope my friends in Savannah bailed out early after I warned them of what was happning in S. Florida.

  2. ZibbidyBop

    I fucking died at that picture.

  3. Hope everyone is safe and well supplied. Prayers!

  4. I am DYING at the picture. Folks would rather die of thirst than drink that crap.

    Good luck to all my friends in the path of the hurricane. Usually it’s not a bad thing to be pounded a Matthew, but this Matthew is a Category 4.

  5. NeverBeenJaxed

    Get to safety all! Hope you all in harms way fare well.

  6. SLM

    I hope everyone effected stays safe. And I think from that pic we’ve all learned that people would rather welcome the end then drink a certain type of bottled water ^^^^ Allegedly, of course.

  7. Bugg

    Preparing for Matthew here in Myrtle Beach. Schools/businesses already closed, store shelves wiped out. A lot of folks complaining about the governor closing the schools and issuing evacuations so early. (Funny how everyone on social media becomes an expert about how to better handle these sorts of things). After experiencing Hugo as a teenager and even Charley when I lived in south Florida I say better safe than sorry!

  8. Bugg

    And, that pic is the funniest thing ever!

  9. CupcakeScholar

    Rob is sooooo shady for that photo! I can’t stop laughing!

  10. OKC

    LOVE the picture!! Prayers to all those to be effected!

  11. Margarett

    I’ve been through a few hurricanes here on the Texas Gulf coast. From our excellent weatherman I learned early on, “Hide from the wind. Run from the water.”

    I was glad to hear that there are shelters accepting pets. Stay safe everyone !!

  12. Looks like a direct hit for me :( I’d Be less worried but have my 87 year old aunt with us. She’s got cancer and isn’t expected to live more than a few months but I demand she get those damn months!!

  13. NonFanOfHurricaneMatthew

    Hoping the worst of it stays off shore, I have an Oceanfront condo in Daytona Beach, fortunately it’s not my primary residence. As of now a few friends and I are still flying in early Saturday for Orlando Pride (wonder in Nene will still show up at PHouse?!?) if any of the airports are open by then for us to fly into : / At least all my friends in Daytona, Jacksonville & Miami went inland yesterday just in case…except 1 stubborn one lol

  14. Crazy in NC

    I hope everyone stays safe and that the damage is minimal. Our friends from SC have already evacuated and are in my town in central NC. They are couch surfing; it will be our turn to host them tomorrow night.
    I put out a call on my Facebook for any other friends who are evacuating to contact me if they need a place. No one has taken me up on it, so I am hoping that it means that everyone has a safe spot to get to.
    Yesterday it took my friends something like 12+ hours to get here from Beaufort. Traffic is insane, which is why people started evacuating so early. Hurricane Katrina showed us that predicted tracks are not 100% accurate and that it is better to GTFO.

  15. JoJoFLL

    Downtown Fort Lauderdale. We will see what happens.

  16. Amy

    I’m at the border of Broward and Palm Beach County, 12 miles from the beach. We are battened dow, everything outside but my husband’s truck has been brought in. Skies are completely grey but no abnormal wind yet. We have water (lots of stores are bringing more in today and are open until noon). The water will still flow from taps but may become contaminated if it floods. We have been told to not expect too much rain as we are forecast to be on the backside of Matthew so we should not get hit as hard. We have tons of junk food and I have cranked down my a/c in case we lose power tonight. My neighborhood is on the same grid as the fire station so I’m hoping we are back up fairly quickly.

  17. Ericzku

    So far so good here in Upper Eastside Miami. It was quite breezy last night, but as of now (9AM) no wind to speak of and only a few spits of rain.

    I’ve dealt with countless storms during the 15 years I lived in Key West, this’ll be my first one in Miami. I’m hoping that the worst of it stays north of me and that we somehow keep the electricity. I know that’s probably just wishful thinking, but uh, losing power for longer than 30 minutes or so SUUUKS! I don’t do well without A/C.

    I might go over to a friend’s place (about 4 blocks away) in a couple hours just to be with someone. Sitting through these things alone sucks too. We’ll see if I can get my shit together enough to do that.

    • Sandra

      It’s true. You don’t realize until a bad storm or a blackout how stark dead silence and complete darkness is.

      I went to a friends house during a hurricane once when I lived in the south. I thought it was cute at first with the candle light and everyone sitting around chatting, sipping wine and figuring out how to cook a meal on sterno….oooing and awwing at the theatrics of nature. Once the storm was over my friends begged me to stay but, I wanted to be home.
      But, then I went home to my place to dead silence – my boyfriend was stuck in sunny Cal. For two days I was in dead silence… not even the hum from the electronics or a horn honking. You can only read for so many hours in a day….I thought I would go crazy!

      • Bugg

        Yes, the silence becomes deafening after a while, and total darkness at nightfall. The novelty wears off quick.

      • WhyOWhy

        Silence and reading by candle light sounds divine to me. However, I can see how that would get to be a little much, especially since we are so used to having noise.

  18. Sybil Lauderdale

    Hilton Head here. Probably leaving 2morrow. HH just was bumped from hurricane watch to hurricane warning. Monitoring it closely. TV is sensationalism with hurricanes. Yr best bet is FB. Do a search for Mikes Weather Page. He has been doing live casts. We live for those. The TV hype is bad– what Mike has to say is not reassuring either, but a helluva lot more thorough- and, imo, reliable. After his live casts, about 10 min after, the replay is available.

  19. joanne

    Things don’t look very promising here, as we’re in line to take a direct hit sometime tomorrow. This is the first time in decades that NE FL has been hit by a hurricane, much less a category 4 storm! We had Dora and Donna in the 60’s and we lost the huge pier at Jax Beach during one of those. I don’t live at the beach, but I am less than a city block from the big St Johns River, so I anticipate some flooding during the 5-9+ foot storm surge. We’ve been told to expect 3-5 days of power outages, or more. If we could find a hotel room any closer than Tallahassee, and if I-10 west wasn’t a fucking parking lot right now, I would evacuate too. So, we will shelter at home.
    As most rational folks prepping for a disaster, yesterday the UnHusband and I went to happy hour at one of our favorite restaurants and had Cedar Key oysters (divine!), mussels in tomato cream broth with grilled bread for dipping, truffle fries and red beans and rice, plus refreshing mojitos. Impending storm denial at it’s best for a mere 90 minutes. Then we snapped back to reality with a trip to our neighborhood dollar store and Winn Dixie for the requisite extra batteries, water and wine. (the bread aisle was empty and I got the last two boxes of my favorite wine, but I would have bought four!).
    I hope everyone on the coast evacuates safely and that our beautiful beaches won’t be too badly devastated, but serious erosion is inevitable. Our area has an abundance of majestic oaks and magnolias and I’m sad because many will loses huge limbs or they will completely fall. I’m actually more concerned about the beautiful trees than the few morons who think it’s a good idea to ride out a hurricane at the beach (with a tropical storm it is fun, a category 4 hurricane, it’s just dumb).
    I’ll miss reading you, Tamara, I don’t think I will have internet or cable this time tomorrow (and knowing AT&T and DirecTV, it could take a week or more to be restored).
    Everyone be safe. I’ll report from the trenches when I’m able.

    • Margarett

      I’ll be watching for your “all clear”, Joanne.

      (I’m a veteran of Allison, Rita, Ike and Bob.)

      • Margarett, I’m a veteran of all you listed as well. Lost everything in Ike, including a loved one. I’ve survived tornadoes, earthquakes, floods & hurricaines. Hurricaines are by far the scariest IMO.

        Prayers for safety for all those affected. Hurricaines of that magnitude are no joke.

      • Margarett

        I am so sorry for your losses, I just can’t. You are so right that these storms are no joke.

        I see folks on the beaches and some so blasé about riding Matthew out. It just leaves me shaking my head and hoping they don’t have to learn the hard way.

        Is the new track predicted remind you of Allison?

      • Thanks, Margarett. I actually haven’t been watching the track that closely today. Imagine I will catch up on the tv later tonight. I try not to watch much unless it’s headed my way, not because I’m not concerned for others, it just brings back my trauma. It really did a number on me. I hate to think of anyone going through it.

        During Rita, we were on I-45/I-75 evacuating & were just a couple of cars behind that nursing home bus & watched it explode with all those people in it. Horrifying.

        During Ike, my father was in hospice at my home so we couldn’t evacuate & the hospice called to tell us that if he died no one could pick up his body. We went to a hotel & he lived though the storm (died months later) But a close friend had an aneurism that night & EMSA couldn’t get to her in time.

        Good thing we went to that hotel, though, could’ve lost much more than material things. Needless to say, these things now scare the shit out of me!

      • And, you are so right… there is always that dumbass or two that think they’re invincible & even go out to surf the waves or whatever. Shaking my head, too!

      • Margarett

        Oh, Honey, how awful for you! No wonder you don’t watch. Any one of those events would be traumatizing, but all of them must have been heartbreaking.

        It just looks like he’s going out then may come back in. My husband works on a five boat in the Gulf, so I am obsessed with the weather.

        Again, you are so brace and strong. I admire you.

      • Margarett

        That would be dive boat. Sorry.

      • Thanks for the kind words. 😘

  20. WhyOWhy

    Stay safe everyone! My friends in Miami have evacuated and other friends in Orlando packed up and evacuated, as well.

  21. Shae

    I lived in Delray Beach a few years back and still have many friends there. Very worried about them…luckily it seems many have moved to locations but I know some haven’t. Lots of the people are in treatment or in sober living facilities and I question how diligent some of these less reputable places are in providing safe locations for their clients. Some have put them up in hotels, but others are shady, not legit, and I can’t imagine them taking care of the people living in their buildings.

    Praying everybody is ok.

  22. Amy

    News is reporting that it’s probably going to pass north of Palm Beach. Looks like a lot of nothing for me. I shall leave the junk food on the counter unopened just in case.

  23. tamaratattles

    Wow, I have been SWAMPED and just getting to read all of this. GA is kind of sort of evacuating east of I-95. If I was in Savannah, I’d leave now. I have evacuated from Savannah before and it’s no bueno. I’d already be in Valdosta if I still lived there.

  24. Cheryl B.

    Sending good thoughts to everyone who is/may be affected by this hurricane. Please stay safe.

  25. Sam

    I’m west coast side of FL, not much expected for us right now, I’m amazed how many people are staying on the east coast. I’m a FL native and don’t remember any other storms with the damage, destruction or danger predicted like this one. Hope everyone here on TT, who are all friends in my head, stays safe.

  26. tamaratattles

    This place is very quiet all the sudden. Hope everyone is okay.

  27. tamaratattles

    Looks like Jo Jo may be in the major mix of it tonight. Stay dry, Jo Jo!

  28. Dee

    I hope everyone is OK, check in when you can.

  29. Robert

    I’m in Polk County, Florida which is pretty much dead center of the state. It wasn’t too bad here. A few trees down and we just lost power a few minutes ago. Hopefully everyone on the east coast made it thru ok.

  30. joanne

    We’re getting battered with winds and rain from the northern bands of Mathew. If that sob storm had not jogged 5 miles west this morning, I wouldn’t be so worried about what will happen this afternoon and evening. Amazed we still have all utilities, but I don’t expect I will for long. This is some truly scary shit!
    Everyone stay safe!

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