Bethenny Frankel Lists Tribeca Loft With Top Realtor Fredrik Eklund For Almost $7 Million



It feels like a real estate them today on Tamara Tattles.  Let’s move for now to NYC where Bethenny has listed her Tribeca Apartment with Fredrik Eklund. This is the apartment filled with all the bad juju between Bethenny and Jason during what will go down in history books as the worst divorce ever in American history if Bethenny has her pen on the future history books of America.

Of course she chose to list the property with our own, Fredrik Eklund. Fredrik posts, “Thank you for trusting me to sell your apartment, Bethenny. 😁 I just listed 195 Hudson Street in TriBeCa at $6,950,000! A gorgeous, newly renovated 3,600 sq ft corner 4-bedroom loft with private parking, so bright and beautiful.”



Bethenny purchased the loft with Jason in summer of 2011 for less than five million dollars.  The couple then began a complete renovation that could be pointed at as the cause of the beginning of the end of their marriage.  Renovating a home has often been pointed to as the emotional breaking point for many couples whose marriages are in trouble. The pair invested untold sums into the renovation that we witnessed on RHONY.  And were filing for divorce less than a year after buying the loft.

Back in July, Bethenny finally wrapped up the divorce and filmed herself sobbing in the loft in some sort of emotional breakdown. Then she picked herself up, saged the entire place and set about staging every room.

Douglas Elliman Listing Photo

Douglas Elliman Listing Photo

Most of the rooms are solid white from top to bottom. For some reason however she either left the wallpaper or chose to stage the master closet with a large off white on white floral print and put up the monkey wallpaper seen above in one of the spare rooms. She also left the blackboard wall in what was formerly Brynn’s room.

So the whole house is white on white on white, except for one room full of monkeys. Should we be reading something into that?


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45 responses to “Bethenny Frankel Lists Tribeca Loft With Top Realtor Fredrik Eklund For Almost $7 Million

  1. T D

    Whitewash all you want the damn spot will not come out. A stain upon an underhanded skinny soul.

  2. GildedLily

    I’d sob too if I spent that much money and the place ended up looking like that. The kitchen is just ugly, can’t believe it was designed by someone who considers herself a foodie. I looked at 4 or 5 listings her price or lower and they are much nicer. I have to go back now and look at the higher priced listings, especially the place in Park Slope, so beautiful.

  3. Lisa j

    I’m seriously wondering what her DSM IV diagnosis is.

    • This is pure conjecture as a viewer witnessing her meltdowns over 7 years (both on Bravo & in the media), but I’d guess any 2 or more of the following: Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Borderline PD, Intermittent Explosive Disorder and/or Bi-Polar Disorder. And that Dr. Amador was a disgrace to his profession, imo. He was so afraid of her, he seemingly let her run their sessions & diagnose herself!

  4. JustJenn

    It’s so small, cramped, and uninviting. I could never live NYC.

    • tamaratattles

      It’s a lot of things, but small it is not. At 3,600 sq ft it’s one of the larger lofts in that area in that price range by at least a third.

      • JustJenn

        There is a lot of sq ft, but the bedrooms and at least one of the bathrooms look small and cramped to me.

  5. Minky

    I’m gonna be a bitch right here and say that I simply don’t believe that Bethenny is as lux as she claims. No, I don’t believe she’s penniless, but the numbers don’t seem to be on point. She’s too concerned with earning more, more, and still more money for someone who’s allegedly set financially beyond most of our wildest dreams.

    It’s not Chateau Sheree levels of incompetence and fronting when it comes to a building project, but why the hell did it take Bethenny so damn long to renovate? In an apartment building? That’s already standing? It should have taken a couple of months tops. Especially for someone with deep pockets. Money makes a lot of construction projects just fly by.

    Across the street from my work it took them about a year to build a 5 or 6 floor parking structure that takes up about on block of space. And this is the city we’re talking about. Not private money. Things aren’t adding up for me.

    • Sali

      Minky, I’m going to go ahead and be a bitch along with you and say that you’re onto something!!

      • Minky

        Seriously. On top of that she probably even got a bit of a discount because she’s Bethenny and it was on TV. Free publicity for contractors, decorators and etc.

    • tamaratattles

      I’m not sure what you are talking about. Her renovation was incredibly fast. Less than six months for a total overhaul of 3600 square feet.

      • Minky

        Aaaaaah! Sorry, I was obviously uninformed. It’s been a long day and for some reason I thought the renovation lasted as long as the marriage. Don’t mind me. I’m just having a dilly of a day/night. 😩

      • beauxblue

        6 months is very good for a top to bottom rehab particularly when you factor working in nyc where she may have had a condo or coop board to deal with that may include imposing limits on the times of the day work could be done, the logistics of parking for work crews and deliveries of material, getting material from the demo out.

    • Dexter

      Let’s say they did pay her 100 Million. She had partners. A team. Lets say they got 20%. 80 million. Let’s say the lawyers the other business interests took another 20%. 60 million. Taxes take at least 50%. So she yields 30 million IF it was 100 to start with. She shells out 5 for loft. 25 million. Divorce cost her at least 5 million. Hamptons house 2 million

      She probably has less than 15 million which is a lot but not so much when you have multi million dollar apartments with outrageous maintenance fees taxes. Drivers. Employees. Airplanes. And her business is shrinking. No tv show. No radio show. She is spending and needs cash coming in. She also is probably thinking. Damn. 100 and now only 15! Uh oh. Never mind 15 million is a lot b

      • Shae

        Did she have partners with ownership stake?

      • tamaratattles

        Dexter, thanks for reminding me about the COA fees. They are almost $7K a month. I am used to the NYC pricing by now, but I will never get used to the UNGODLY fees paid to overlords who tell me how to live in my apartment.

        I’m feeling out options for a future move and I eliminate anything with an HOA or a COA. I say NOA WAY.

    • Melissa

      Bethenny had pushed Mariette Himes Gomez and Brooke Gomez to use some really odd colors, fixtures, and pieces that clashed. I bet Fredrick was horrified when he saw some of it.

      It seems that the only room that was truly renovated was the master bath. Bethenny had this awful turquoise tile in the shower, and a really odd turquoise and brown colored vanity. The rest of the work was just changing light fixtures.

      Everything else was staging — removing the awful red/orange SG theme accents, her folksy art which clashed with the rest of the contemporary stuff, different furniture in the master bedroom.

      And TT — you are right — all that wallpaper was original to Bethenny. She has a thing for wallpaper. She had it in the master, the same stuff in her closet, the master bath, Bryn’s room. Everywhere.

  6. T D

    The monkeys on the wall are terrorfied by the devil doll, coming out only at night. An emotional imprint left behind by the prior resident’s evil. Sage away, the damage is irreparable, it will always be there. Strange that someone so preoccupied by everyone else’s dwelling could not bother to make her house a home. Isn’t home were the heart is?

    • Shae

      She barely lived there lol. They split not long after moving in and after they separated, living with Jason was torture, so she lived in temporary spots, hotels, corporate apts, etc. for a while while their divorce proceeded.

      That being said, she could’ve had it staged in a more “homey” way, but fredrik knows what he’s doing. He’ll sell it for a good price and she’ll make a profit.

      • Dexter

        She is a coward. She could not face Jason. She had to run away. We all know her lawyer told her do not leave but she could not stand a decent guy looking at her fake Villany so she ran.

      • Shae

        I respectfully disagree lol. I have no doubt he was spiteful as all hell and I believe the reports that he was purposely trying to push her out- it was smart for his claim to the apt, to be the only one formally residing there. I don’t think it’s cowardly to not want to live in a hostile environment with the angry mate you’re divorcing.

  7. Tracie

    I looked up pictures of the entire loft and if I had to give The style a name I’d call it the Hi, I’m Totes Rich N’ Hip by Urban Outfitters. I kind of expected to see a fake ironic deer hunting trophy made of diamonds.

    • tamaratattles

      I call the style “sterile” or “devoid” or perhaps “avoid” or even “not suitable for raising sane children”

      • Dexter

        We say the style develop: hire two corporate designers and let them blandly decorate and design your living space while periodically annoying them with “my closet should be bigger than his den” and you picked this chair? I want this chair which you also picked and is exactly the same but enables me to say I selected furniture.

    • Patricia

      Being unfamiliar, I jetted off to Google some pics. I didn’t stay long. The Eclectic meets Garage Sale style hurt my head and seared my eyeballs.

  8. Thanks TT! You encouraged me to spend the morning on Real Estate Porn as I contemplate purchasing wild expensive Manhattan Penthouses – I’m now looking for a weekender in The Hampton’s. Is’t it great that dreaming costs nothing ….

  9. DejaBlue53

    Not sure why, but his email name feklund cracks me up. Fek me.

    • Misha11


    • TBD

      Because it’s a (possible) derivation of the root word feckless. And feckless in the same proximity to Bethenny is apropos. Hmmmm… in fact it’s perfect, for Bethenny that is. Feckless: Lacks strength of character, ne’er-do-well… etc. etc. 😄

  10. OmgOmg

    I love Fredrik. I follow him on FB and he writes amazing posts, truly, that show a love for New York. It’s nicely done, that condo, but very very stark. Not enough outdoors inside — feels like a lower level apt. Totally agree with TT — The kitchen is godawful. Way too bland and devoid of any nice honey touches. Overall it’s pretty but doesn’t feel airy but it’s nicely done (except the kitchen — ugh! Looks like an IKEA cafeteria)

  11. OmgOmg

    I guess honey works!

  12. Erica

    That white and the modern lines are incredibly on trend still. As for the kitchen – maybe it is because I have a shoebox sized one with failing appliances, but I’d kill for that! Its a Wolf stove and oven!!!!

    I’m wondering if the chalkboard room was a play room for Brynn, and the monkeys were her bedroom.

    The stager certainly went with the neutrals everywhere, so people can imagine themselves living there!

    If I remember her new place right…. I like it much better. I’m glad she is able to finally sell it

  13. Wonky Tonk

    It’s god awful. I don’t know how anybody could live in a place like that. For example that den with white everywhere there’s no way I would ever use that room, in fact I imagine myself telling my imaginary lover that that’s where the ghosts of the previous occupants of the apartment live as the reason for never going in it.

    On the bright side for Bethenny since the apartment was styled for sale perhaps it’s more reflective of what someone believes would sell the place. How I’m not sure since there’s little to no warmth about the place, but I suppose it’s possible. On the other hand her current apartment isn’t a place I find warm and homey either. She appears to be a fan of the sterile esthetic. Thanks for that word sterile to describe it TT it’s accurate.

    That kitchen isn’t reflective of the asking price of that apartment. Nothing about it, except the range is what I would call nice, and that’s how it looks after she had the place renovated which I think does reflect on her level of taste. There’s nothing lux about that kitchen. Completely not a fan of that white lacquered look on that monstrosity of a refrigerator box with the pointless storage twelve feet in the air, and if you’re going to do wall paper, which I wouldn’t, it should be a hell of a lot more upscale than what she has in the master bedroom, and speaking of the bedroom it seems tiny for the size of that apartment.

    Maybe I’m being too picky but it’s just I would think for the asking price it would be a lot nicer I guess. Maybe I’m just not in tune with the NY real estate scene.

    Also if he sells the place it’s going to be a nice pay off for Fredrik for that awkward in car crying scene he had to undergo with her.

    • SJ

      I’m not on the Bethenny band wagon but in a past life I did decorate professionally. When you have to work with color day in and day out, you will sometimes make your personal surroundings very colorless with only a few touches having color…it soothes the eye. Also, this was the first place she decorated after she had money or was getting it. In the design world you often pray for a client with good taste because decorating can be a nightmare with a client who has poor taste. Bethenny sees herself as the Modern Martha Stewart without enough real training in design. Her background just doesn’t support making real interior design decision. Many housewives think they are a natural when it comes to design when in reality it is the decorator who has manipulated them into making the good choice. I understand she can get work done quickly through her brow beating of contractors but I would not like to be on her team at all.

  14. Rach

    That price for size and location is really good. This won’t be on the market for long at all.

  15. Jen

    It’s been staged, her stuff has been long gone from that place. The kitchen however – I am a fan of modern kitchens, I have one myself. That kitchen is such a disappointment. And the turquoise accented granite in one of the bathrooms is hideous.

  16. Deirdre

    I see the icy white everywhere and remember how quickly she plotted to change Jason’s den into a larger dressing room in ice you out white.

  17. Liza

    This is the place that caused a 4 yr divorce? Seems weird to fight over it after you paid 5m, then renovated, now selling for 6.9m? After she pays Frederick shell probably owe more money, doesn’t seem like a grew investment she probably should have let her ex stay with the kid there and hang onto it for awhile.

  18. Misha11

    I know this discussion is about B’s selling her apt, but just have to say that photo of Fredrick is stunning! What a beautiful shot! As for her selling the place, the best part will be that Fredrick gets a commission.

  19. Omgomg

    It’s not on trend, imho, carrarra marble is always on point and so is Quartz or soapstone. I get modern design, it still doesn’t work. (in MY opinion :)). Nobody’s saying let’s make it look 1990s. But modern can also look like an IKEA showroom. The kitchen doesn’t dazzle. It has no warmth. Overall, the apartment does not have enough natural light. It almost feels like a garden level condo.

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