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I keep meaning to get this little bit of RHOBH filming tea up, and despite being utterly exhausted from a simple trip to the grocery store I’m going to do it now because my Below Deck recap will be a bit later than usual. I’m going to be watching the Vice Presidential debates tonight.  I’m taping it but I will probably watch the beginning and then decide when to recap Below Deck. I’m literally too tired to type at the moment.

So I did have a chat recently with a RHOBH source who told me that Kim Richards has been filming with RHOBH. I sort of knew that already but it is starting to look like she may have done enough filming to have an FOH contract this season. Eden Sassoon and Camille Grammer both also appear to be in contention for FOH slots this year. In other Kim news, Brooke had her baby and Kim is over the moon about being a first time grandma. The kid’s name is Hucksley. He’ll have free hamburgers for life at FatBurger.

What I wanted to know about was my girl Lisa Rinna. I’ve been worried about Rinna and Eileen all season. I was hoping to hear something that would cheer me up.  That’s not really what I got.  While both of them have been filming all season, my source had no idea what Eileen’s storyline would be. So she is there, but doesn’t seem to be a major focus.

Be strong, girlfriend!

Be strong, girlfriend!

Rinna is a major focus. She’s been tagged to be the villain next season. I was told she’s sort of out there on her own and everyone is against her. Perhaps not Eileen, but definitely everyone else.  She will be called out on “her lies” from the beginning of filming all the way to the reunion. She’s had numerous meltdowns and is not holding up particularly well this season.

This is not the news I hoped for.  I can’t figure out what she would lie about this season.  Something seems to have driven Erika into the arms of Kyle this season. That’s great news but I hope it isn’t the result of something that Rinna did.  The only thing I can think of is that Rinna was not particularly welcoming to Kim coming back to film  But that’s just a guess.  I’ll probably just blame whatever happens to Rinna on that wily pink lady when the time comes. :)

The should be going on a big cast trip soon I think.

I think that’s everything for now. I’ll keep y’all posted.


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33 responses to “#RHOBH Filming News!

  1. Johnny

    Interesting. Rinna replied cryptically to some supposed insider tweets saying she and Vanderpump had “made up”, and she’s even tweeted Kyle about the birth of Kim’s grandchild, so I thought we were going to see all the blame for last season dumped on Eileen’s lap and Rinna back on her best behavior.

    Then again, this is Rinna, and however much I like her she is prone to histrionics, so I guess it’s possible/probable she has ups and downs with Vanderpump and co. even if they have tried to patch things up. At least that will inevitably make her a bigger presence than Eileen, who I find likeable but dull, and not really well-suited to the type of show RHOBH has become. I’d be unbothered to see her demoted or axed, and certainly wouldn’t miss her if she was the barrier preventing Vanderpump and Rinna from getting over their fall-out and moving on.

    It’s a shame that it sounds like that hasn’t happened, and that Rinna is going to get “called out” all season. I suppose this is Vanderpump’s M.O. though: as with Brandi and Yolanda, she’ll pretend to be willing to be civil while quietly waiting for her enemies to implode, all the time while planting little seeds to lead them along the path of self-destruction. A third year of reunions with Rinna making herself look unstable is going to be terribly boring.

    I’m more interested in the Erika/Kyle alliance. Hopefully we’ll get to see a more interesting side to Erika in her second season – I wasn’t exactly mesmerized by a middle aged drag queen with horse hair who thought saying the c-word was edgy, so hopefully there’ll be more of interest this year (especially the unusual relationship with her son).

  2. Do hope Brooke NEVER leaves that child alone with Kim to babysit. Sorry to see she is on BH again.

    • I totally agree with you on both points. Nothing good can come of Kim being back on the show. I also worry about her still having Kingsley? Hope he is kept far away from that baby. IMO

    • I am really surprised Kim is filming but Bravo took that FELON Teresa and has helped her go back to living beyond her means with a sizable salary! How is Teresa keeping up with her past debts that must be made and she is back to a lavish lifestyle. Kim will never be a full HW. She will always be FOH

  3. Lisa Rinna is such a wily lady. She will land on her feet. Kim or no Kim.

    • Minky

      Yeah, I’m gonna put on my Rinna jersey too. I just like her.

      And honey, I just can’t wait to see what Erika’s got cooking in the crock pot. LVP better watch her little pink fanny.

      • Wonky Tonk

        Erika has a weird fascination with Lisa V. I’ll be curious to see what that’s all about if she ever gets around to inadvertently revealing it.

      • Lisa v is HBIC, and I think Erika wants that role.

      • Wonky Tonk

        I hope it’s not that mundane Marie.

        Would it be too much to ask that what’s really involved is that Pinky and her husband unfairly fired an employee for becoming pregnant, and that employee killed herself, and her unborn child.

        Subsequently, in season 15 of the RHOBH it gets revealed that that woman was the mistress of her son, and was carrying Erika’s first grandchild which threw Erika into a rage filled plot to destroy Pinky, and her little dog too.

        The plot entailed bribing the producers of the show to bring her on, and subtly plotting against Pinky to reveal the true nature of her shady side, and thereby making her a reviled person in the eyes of the public, and just when Pinky is at her lowest she goes in for the kill on Giggy, Pinky’s alopecia encumbered, dressed to perfection, purse dog, but not before poisoning Pinky’s swan Hanky.

        Pinky, still reeling from the recent loss of Hanky, inadvertently stumbles upon Erika in the act of poisoning Giggy. The jig up Erika confesses her hatred for Pinky and pulls out a gun. Season final scene end.

        Bravo inundates us with sensational reunion ads none of which show either Erika, or the fabulous Mrs. Lisa V.

        During the reunion Pinky isn’t seated on either couch making us wonder if she was murdered by Erika whereupon she makes a glorious entrance and the fireworks between her and Erika begin building to a crescendo until Andy makes the startling announcement that the young lady was never fired by Pinky and her husband, had left the job on her own, and was perfectly alive raising her young son Hucksley on her own, where she states her biggest problem is helping her son cope with the Huckleberry taunts at school everyday.

        Overcome with joy Erika quickly apologizes to Pinky promising to make everything right again, and as the reunion comes to an end we see Erika looking at Andy the same malevolent way she used to look at Pinky as she keeps muttering to herself “you knew all along, you knew all along, you knew all along…”, and then she sees Andy’s beagle-foxhound Wacha, and starts muttering “and your little dog too, and your little dog too, and your little dog too…”

      • Minky

        Wonky!!! What in the actual fuck?!!! That was magnificent. They really should hire you to conjure up some story lines for these boring heifers.

        That was like a mixture of “Dynasty” and “Falcons Crest” and “Knot’s Landing” and “Murder She Wrote” and “Columbo” and “The Love Boat” all rolled into one delicious hand made tortilla with some fucking awesome guacamole and pico on top with a huge margarita and some fried ice cream for dessert. I’m fucking drooling!!!

  4. Erica

    Stay strong, Rinna, stay strong. I’m rooting for you.

  5. BKSweetheart

    Looks I’m in the minority here but I don’t particularly care for Rinna. I liked her first season she was in but she turned me off last season. Gossipy and a follower. I don’t think she’s a bad person, I actually like that she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. But last season wasn’t a good look for her. I hope this one isn’t a repeat of the same.

    • RealE

      I’m with you. I think she cares about everyone else’s business too much and is too vocally opinionated, especially where Kim is concerned. These people are her coworkers, not friends necessarily. My perception was she tried to bring the drama by revealing others’ drama. She wasn’t always wrong in her points, but more in the ferocity in which she expressed them, in my opinion. If she could dial it back, I would enjoy her more.
      That said, I do detest the housewives formula of cycling through different villains each season. The show turns on someone, edits, and voila villain. So to that regard, I don’t like to hear she was pegged for that And singled out amongst the cast.

    • Errriccc

      Really? I think Rinna was “gossipy” and more of a follower her first season. She sided with the majority against Kim and Brandi. And would not stop gossiping about Kim’s sobriety as if it was any of her business.

      Last season she took all the blame for what all the women except for Eileen and Erika were saying about Yolanda behind her back and off camera. And … She owned it … She just wanted the others to do the same.

    • Dandy Lion

      Agree, BKsweetheart! I was team Rinna her first season, but last season she seemed to try too hard. She was stirring the pot too much and seemed to love the drama. I know Housewives are all about drama but this was a little too much.

      • Lisa j

        Ugh remember her bikini wax? No somethings off with her and her loyalty lies only within herself. Ciao to Rinna and Eileen.

  6. Wonky Tonk

    I like Lisa R even though she has a slight tendency to display “extra” tendencies. It’s kind of sad to think she’s going to take the brunt of it this season, but I guess she knew what she signed up for.

    At first I really liked Erika, but as the show has progressed I’ve become more ambivalent towards her. I think part of it is she has some kind of weird obsession with Lisa V that’s off putting.

    Eileen is a favorite because I like the way she handles herself for the most part.

    Yolanda isn’t going to be on anymore is she? She’s as bad as Julianne from the New York franchise spending the entire season trying to establish facts to use against their husbands on divorce.

    • Minky

      Rinna’s a goof ball. That’s kind of why she’s interesting. And I think she’s playing a character. She always seems so surprised when shit happens. Like, really?

      And she’s been on for 2 seasons and hasn’t become loathsome. That must be some kind of record.

      • Wonky Tonk

        That playing a character characterization I think is accurate. I suspect a lot of the instances of surprise were due private off screen discussions with other cast members who said one thing, and acted differently on camera. That’s Pinky’s MO. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Pinky but sometimes her shady side casts a shadow more broad than a solar eclipse.

  7. I think I like Rinna but I could certainly do with no having to see her horse laughing and slapping her knee in all her talking heads as though she thinks she is the funniest thing to ever hit TV. I don’t know why but that annoys the crap out me.

  8. AKA Riley

    Have to admit, “Hucksley” not one of my favorite names. Oh well, different strokes for different folks.

    • Toddy

      Kingsley was taken.

      • tamaratattles

        THANK YOU Toddy. I was trying not to be that person. But since you opened the flood gates, if your mother had an untrained pitbull that has randomly attacked your family and family friends named Kingsley…. perhaps Hucksley is a bit too close? I can only assume it’s a family name on one side or the other.

        Huck is an adorable boy name though. On Scandal, Huck is my favorite serial killer.

      • Minky

        Ay!!! Seriously, a lot of us were worried about the dog. What’s going on with the latest Kingsley lawsuit. Is the dog still with Kim?

        That baby is too cute. I hope the kids at school don’t call him “Huckleberry”. But that’s assuming they’ll still be reading Mark Twain when he enters school.

      • Toddy

        TT, it was too easy. He will probably be a handsome – and rich – kid who can carry off any moniker. Huck is cute, but it would be too easy to call him Hick, Hack, or the F word.Sorry, my public schooling is coming out. Along with the wine bottle.

      • Wonky Tonk

        Lol Toddy that’s almost too on point. First comes the laughter and then the WTF were they thinking pops in there, and then they’re the parents it’s their choice, and finally Minky is right the kid’s gonna be pestered with Huckleberry taunts in school.

  9. JustJenn

    Rinna is a good kind of crazy that every HW franchise could benefit from. I like her and I like everyone left on the show, even Kim to a degree. I’m looking forward to RHOBH for my Real housewives fix. I’m not even watching RHOOC or RHONY after the disastrous season of RHONY.

  10. I’m convinced Lisa R. is just playing a pre-assigned part. Everything I ever heard of her before RHOBH showed her as an honest, little outspoken, quirky, funny woman – not the person she’s portraying now. Either every single thing she does on the show is scripted and fake or she was a much better actress than I ever gave her credit for in all the years leading up to RHOBH. Still, it makes for good TV and I do love my Housewives of BH.

  11. Liza

    I’m disappointed that Kim is back. Always the same thing. Yes she has addiction issues. What bothers me is the real stories are never told, her meltdowns,dog issues arrests and lawsuits. Almost everyone has an addict in their lives, I do not find it entertaining to watch the cover ups and lies that spew out of addicts mouths. I can’t believe she is back!

    • tamaratattles

      I would love to see her back sober. I can’t take any more praying to the garbage cans and stumbling off to the bathroom, or drunkenly looking for dropped pills in the back of limos. I like Kyle too much for there to be more Kim embarrassment in her life.

      • Wonky Tonk

        During the first season I really disliked Kyle because she always seemed so negative and controlling of Kim, but in the subsequent seasons it became clear she was trying to protect Kim.

        Ever since I’ve come to really like Kyle, she’s one of my favorite housewives. I think she would do really well with a talk show of her own having watched her interact with Andy on his show, not the Watch What Happens Live show, but the other one I can’t remember the name of. I think you and I discussed it before on here.

        And while a lot of people dislike Pinky I loved the driving scene in Tuscany where Pinky made fun of Kyle’s driving skills trying to drive that really high end car. That scene was just a really fun scene. The scene where Kyle and Pinky were enjoying their Tuscany vacation together leisurely strolling through the beautiful garden in their fabulous kaftans even though Pinky’s husband makes fun of those dresses was a pleasant change of pace from the constant bickering and negative drama a certain housewife was dumping on the show.

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