Dr. Phil: Crazy Lady Who Wants to Marry Stephen Avery Part 2



In case you missed yesterday’s post on Dr. Phil, you can read about that here. The short version is that some crazy lady watched Making A Murderer and believed the hype that Stephen Avery is innocent. She apparently decided that Avery  will eventually be paid millions of dollars for his former wrongful conviction and she wanted in on the deal. Or maybe she just wanted to be on Dr. Phil.  Or maybe she has an untreated mental illness. In any case,  I’m not adding to her publicity by mentioning her name.  Yesterday, Dr. Phil  spent the entire episode playing along with the crazy lady as if everything she was saying and doing was perfectly normal, while throwing tons of subtle shade. I was not planning on recapping this episode by the fools that believe that Avery did not murder anyone arrived and it was rather amusing. Especially those that came to defend the intellectual gene pool of the Avery family. I attempted to be as respectful as possible of the effects of inbreeding, or whatever is happening there, but there we many tests that the showed that extreme intellectual deficits are common in the gene pool and exposure to education has been extremely limited.

We are treated to the crazy lady talking about her innocent little teddy bear again for the first five minutes. Then Dr. Phil finally decides to interject some facts into the story. He points out that Avery has a previous criminal history of burglary and oh yeah, the time he burned that cat alive,  and he drove his female cousin off the road in a fit of rage. He’s admitted to those things.  She says that he was 18 when “the cat thing” occurred.  She says it was just a bunch of guys playing catch with a cat over the fire and it fell in.  Other evidence indicates that Avery soaked the cat in gasoline and tossed the cat on a fire. She also excuses the incident with his cousin.



After the break, Jodi. who we saw on Making A Murderer as his girlfriend and/or fiancée, comes on to let us know that she thinks he did kill the woman he was convicted of killing. She also claims he threatened to kill her and her entire family. She talks about how he beat her all the time.  She talks about eating two boxes of rat poison just to get to the hospital to get away from him.  She says that because of the wrongful rape conviction, Avery feels that “all bitches owe him” and he can do whatever he wants to them.  She says behind closed doors he’s a monster. None of this is new information, she has said all of this before.

Crazy lady says that Jodi didn’t seem to be afraid of him at all on the documentary. She doesn’t believe that she was threatened to make him look good on the show. Dr. Phil asks, “What if that is true, and if you combine that with his prior violent behavior would that be a concern?”   Crazy lady blathers something about second chances and being uneducated.

Next, we find out that Avery has not called her in the past few days. It has become clear to her that someone has gotten to him and convinced him she is up to no good. So suddenly she has decided to break off the engagement.  It’s all very “You can’t fire me, I QUIT!”

But when Steve calls he says he is happy to be engaged to her and he thinks he got the right one!  He tells us that he is in love for the first time.  He’s never felt this way about anyone before.  I am missing the whole educated version of him that Crazy Lady promised us yesterday.  He sounds like a ten year old boy with his first crush.  Dr. Phil is really driving this true love story home asking if he loved all of the other idiots that send him fan mail. He says that one day he felt like he was cheating with all of those other photos on his cell wall, so he took the other women’s photos down and put them away.

Steve thinks that he is going to get out soon. His hopes are pinned on the fact that Brenden Dassey’s case was overturned recently.   Brenden actually deserves to be released; however, Wisconsin’s Attorney General Brad Schimel instead filed an appeal of the federal judge’s decision to overturn his conviction.  Avery is not going to get an appeal upheld, ever.

Dr. Phil asks about Jodi’s rat poison story. He at first says it is all false information and then tells the whole story of her eating rat poison in front of him. Dr. Phil asks if he committed the murder. He of course says no. He says that the reason he hasn’t called is that he figured she would be busy with the show. He is still on the marriage train and will call her after supper.



Dr. Phil is still just playing along with all of this. I am not sure I have another half an hour of this nonsense in me. I really want Dr. Phil to cut to the chase.

But first, we have to interview the crazy lady’s daughter so they can all talk about how her family thinks she is insane. The daughter also thinks that he is innocent.

Finally, Dr. Phil is going to bring some sanity to the situation. He starts with saying that second marriages are hard under any situation, and this situation is … challenging. He says that he has been convicted of a very sadistic crime and that whoever did it is a violent murderer.  She says she doesn’t even have proof a crime was committed because there is no body.  This is true, after Avery called the woman to his tow yard, she came over,  her body disappeared and her car remained there.  Avery’s blood was found under the hood along with DNA from other biological matter believed to be sweat. The whole sweat DNA caused a big drama over whether or not sweat contains DNA. I won’t recount all the evidence here because frankly I don’t remember it all. I do recall there was sufficient evidence for me to convict. I also recall that the police department did a lot of highly unethical crap, like the interview with Brenden, and I do believe they could have also planted evidence to bolster their case.  Dr. Phil says he believes that Avery was wrongly convicted, but that he is not convinced he is innocent. He just thinks the trial was not fair and just. I agree.

Dr. Phil goes over the characteristics of women who fall in love with inmates. I’ll spare you the obvious list. She is already to cut bait, so she agrees with most everything he says.

She seems to think Avery will get out in December. Dr. Phil tries not to laugh.  The show ends with no dramatic breakup scenes between the two lovebirds.  However, the Internet was covered with stories of Avery dumping the crazy lady because of her appearance on Dr. Phil.  This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  The source of the “breakup” story was supposedly one of his former fiancées,  Sandra Greenman. Is that the old one?  She allegedly posted to a closed Facebook group of Avery reporters that he called her twice to let her know that he dumped the crazy lady because she was just in it for the money and attention.   She was paid for her Dr. Phil interview and had been seeking out other interview possibilities. She seemed really happy about this news.

I’m pissed there was not at least a breakup on the show and that Dr. Phil went so easily on her. I wonder if he got her some counseling? Otherwise, what was the point of giving this woman air time?


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24 responses to “Dr. Phil: Crazy Lady Who Wants to Marry Stephen Avery Part 2

  1. Lisa j

    And thank you for allowing me to delete this show before sitting through another hour of drivel. I’ve got a friend that’s married to a federal inmate, it’s her 5th marriage her last one being to an illegal alien who needed a green card. 5 days after that wedding, she suddenly and inexplicably got a call from now green carded hubby’s sister in Juarez saying that her husband had died and was buried in the local cemetery and Mexico stopped giving out death certificates. He was later spotted in Texas but she swears that must be his doppelgänger. In my opinion my friend would make a much more entertaining guest and could use the professional services of Dr. Phil. Please don’t WLS me for this post, I’m just stunned at the stupidity of some people.

  2. Cat

    He set a cat on fire. Who would marry someone who kills an innocent animal?

  3. Cat

    Damn. Typo in my email address.

    He set a cat on fire. Who would marry someone who kills an innocent animal?

    • Scatty

      I’ve often heard that serial killers get their start torturing and killing animals. The minute I saw him try to excuse that on the show, I stopped watching early on and still hope someone will off this guy. But before he bites the dust, he needs to speed that stupid woman into the next world. Less ignorant people on the planet, the better. IMO.

  4. Cheryl B.

    There supposedly is going to be a season 2of making a murderer, bet she knows.

  5. SamT

    Yep, pretty much after hearing that I decided he’s a piece of shit. I too believe he’s guilty.

  6. SamT

    Sorry that comment was supposed to be a response to Cat.

  7. Cheryl B.

    I thought today Dr Phil would find out if and how much money she has sent him. Bummer

  8. Sandra

    Three words as to why Dr. Phil gave all of this any air time, much less two whole episodes: ratings ratings ratings.

    Thanks again to TT for wading through all the effluent.

  9. LisaPat

    As soon as i heard about the cat , I changed the channel. The idiot lady kept calling him “Innocent” “naive” and it made me think about my fantasy invention again. I want to invent an electric shocker that allows me to sit in the comfort of my home and press a a button and shock people on TV when they say something that pisses me off. I also want the “shocker” for my car when a driver cuts me off.. I know, it’s just a fantasy of mine. I can’t help but hope Mr. Avery gets out one day and shows his lovely wife who he is in person.

  10. Happy gal

    He is a sicko the relishes the fact that he can manipulate stupid women even while locked away . She felt honored and like the ultimate prize winner in that the sicko picked her over all the other crazy women that were vying for his attention.

    He even tries to exert his control now by not calling her as if he has anything else to do and she is an attention whore no doubt mixed with plain old fashioned crazy thinking she loves him and him her and somehow she will be rich and famous

    What she never counted on was that this convicted murderer who is uneducated and very unattractive would be the one to dump HER!

  11. lori

    I always say, he fucked with the wrong cat! I think of his first wrongful conviction/years in prison, and even if (let’s say) he WAS wrongfully convicted the second time, I still couldn’t feel sorry for him. Whenever I think about it, I just automatically see the image of that cat looking down from the heavens with a Cheshire cat grin on its face, laughing it’s ass off. Karma’s a bitch you SOB.

    He wants to take her to a cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere. LMFAO

    • lori

      Oh wow. I just noticed that my little avatar thingie changed. I was so used to my old one after so many years. I guess it’s kind of a nice change. God I need a life!

  12. Cheryl B.

    Really cracked me up when he didn’t call her, the tween came out and she wouldn’t be his fiance!! But I must remember, day one she said that “He is the full package”.

  13. cheychey

    I must admit I binge watched everything I could find on the case Monday after seeing the first episode. I wanted to be familiar with the case before I made any assumptions. Everything in me says he’s a killer and a really bad dude. I don’t know how much of the ex fiancé story is true and how much is for attention. I really don’t think you can eat to boxes of rat poison and live to talk about it but maybe you can. The one thing that rang true to me though is her basically giving his motivation for the murder(blaming all women now for his going to jail the 1st time). I didn’t doubt before that he did it but couldn’t grasp why when your getting ready to possibly come into all this money to mess your life back up. Now I get it. He is an abuser of women and other things like animals that he can control and then his hatred is escalated when a woman caused him to be sent away to jail. He is right where he should be. I honestly believe the police did not have a home run case therefore planted evidence to make it stronger. Is it right no and it’s somewhat self serving so he didn’t get a larger payoff for the 1st crime. But in this instance I’m ok cause this man would do it again.

  14. Katherine

    The Avery tribe is a pitch for mandatory sterilization. Sorry, not sorry. Why hasn’t evolution caught up to them?
    Yea, the police tampered with the evidence. Not because they didn’t have their man, but because they knew the case would be scrutinized and wanted to ensure this POS went to jail. Doesn’t make it right, but doesn’t mean Avery didn’t do it.

  15. Belinda

    Let’s pretend he is innocent of EVERYTHING and gets out of prison. Would you be lined up to let him stick his tongue in your mouth ,lay on top of you, stick his dick in you ? LOOK AT HIM !!!

  16. Amwite16

    I was so disappointed with this show, no drama, just denial. 45 minutes of my life I won’t get back.

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