Below Deck: The Freak Comes Out At Night

Nico gets Freako

Nico gets Freako

Okay Below Deck, I saved you for a palate cleanser after doing my patriotic duty of watching the Vice Presidential Debates.  Please don’t let me down. I need a nice fun easy show to recap, I am weary, mentally and physically today. Let’s just have some fun, shall we?

Hopefully we can send cry baby Sierra home tonight. Ben literally treated her better than he has ever treated anyone in the kitchen and she buckled under the pressure. All she had to do was make a fucking salad.  I can’t with her.  Oh, I forgot the hirsute dude and the freaks with a million dietary restrictions were still on the boat. Nico and Kate are both advocating for Ben and Kelly to coddle Sierra some more to stick around. Why? She should have been fired for missing her flight.

Oh no, Lauren has a crush on Nico and she thinks it is mutual. But Nico and Kelly and are both vying for Emily.  Kate is apparently trying to revamp her image after being a cunt to all the stews since she started the show.  Of course she starts this with a stew that literally puts the paper packet in the captain’s coffee, can’t iron and cries when she has to make a salad.



I will have to fast forward through the manscaping of the bears. One of the old men asks Emily if they get to see her “V”?  Then the same guys makes a comment to Kate.  They really need to put a stop to this.  At least they left a $20K tip.  Everyone got two thousand dollars.  Did you get yours, Sierra? You basically made a two thousand dollar salad. Quit your bitching.

It’s time for some shore leave. Sadly, Lauren is about to find out she is in the friend zone. Nico is making his move on Emily before they are even on dry land.  Lauren is already giving Nico the cold shoulder over hi overtures toward Emily. Ben has to explain to Nico what Lauren’s problem is.  Kelly is wasting his time he could be spending vying for Emily comforting Lauren. I should point out is the prettiest girl on the boat in my opinion. These boys are idiots.  Then he sends Nico out to Lauren. Kelly tells Emily that Nico has a girl. I guess he means back home, but it was quite the successful cock block. It looks like a win for Kelly. An ugly win, but a win nonetheless.

A drunk Nico, who let us know earlier that they call him “Freako” back at home tries to hit on, Sierra! He’s so drunk he is swaying in the wind. And is below deck. Then he stumbles into Emily’s bunk and tells her that he finds her so attractive.  The next morning Nico oversleeps and the new deckhand is late. Nico tells Kelley that he tried making out with everyone the previous night. The stews now see Nico in a whole new light now that they have met Freako. He is quickly able to work his charms on Lauren again.

The new deck hand Kyle shows up an hour late. He has a very thick British accent that says, “fishmonger.”  NTTAWWT.  I like fish.  I don’t think his accent is hard to understand at all. He trims up his beard as soon as the Captain tells him to.  I just hope his being late to the boat is something the captain can let slide. I mean it’s not like he missed his flight and showed up the next day. He did fly in that morning.  He’s fitting in well with the crew. And he is going to pay attention to Sierra so that will do wonders for her.

The new guests are easy. A blended family that is old enough for all the kids to drink. Which is good, because they seem to quite enjoy drinking.

Everything is going swimmingly, and then Kyle dislocates his shoulder.

Next Week: It looks like Kyle lives.  But the young women drinking like fishes lives are in danger. It looks like one of them falls off a water toy.


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22 responses to “Below Deck: The Freak Comes Out At Night

  1. DJFL

    I wonder what Captain Lee would say if he knew what that pig said to Emily and Kate.

  2. Wonky Tonk

    Glower face Captain Lee didn’t look too happy about the delay in Kyle’s arrival. But Kyle’s ability to fit in well probably will make that initial annoyance go away rather quickly unless that dislocated shoulder means he won’t be able to pull his weight.

    I have to agree on Sierra. Ben can be a dick, but her reaction was kind of overboard if you know what I mean.

    I’ve never understood guys like Nico. I’ve been drunk many a time, and to excess to boot but nothing ever led me to try and cozy up with two different acquaintances the same night. That was just messy, and I can see why the ladies view him differently now.

    Also with you on Lauren being the prettiest on board, as a gay man I have no skin in that game that’s just how I see it.

    My heart kind of felt for her when she acknowledged she was crushing on Nico, and thought he had reciprocal feelings. While they look to have come to a mutual understanding I’ll be curious to see if she becomes resentful. I hope not I like her. She dodged a bullet with Nico I think.

    • tamaratattles

      Captain Lee is a good actor. With the possible exception of Sierra, all travel for the delicate little thistles is handled by production. So assuming that Kyle made all of his flights, he landed in the BVIs when he was supposed to he didn’t actually hitchhike to the boat. He had wake up calls and interviews and cameras and was probably supposed to arrive at 9 exactly when he did.

      For some reason I am already sticking up for Kyle.

      You’ve never gotten drunk and made out with even TWO people in the same night? Not even two? Am I a bigger slut than I thought? That used to be a slow Tuesday.

      • Wonky Tonk

        Haha Lol Sure I’ve gotten drunk to excess and made out, and more with more than one person in one night, hell even at a time, but the distinguishing point I was trying to make, and maybe it wasn’t worth making, but the point I was trying to make was I’ve never done, or even attempted that with acquaintances as close as co-workers, that’s just messy.

        I tend to stay true to the time honored tradition of not shitting where you eat.

        To the kid’s credit though Nico at least was honest about it, and apologized, which I think makes him a lot better than the pricks who do that shit and pretend they were too drunk to remember it the next day.

        The ladies seemed to accept the contrition, but I wonder what goes through a woman’s head on stuff like this. Are they thinking nice kid, possible sexual predator, caution about being alone with when he’s drinking?

  3. Christi

    I too think Lauren is the prettiest. It’s a shame men can’t appreciate really good chemistry over blonde boobs.

  4. Dexter

    I don’t think Lauren is pretty. When Sierra curls her hair I don’t know who she is. Kate is harsh. Eyeglasses is kinda cute.

    • Katherine

      Lauren is what I would call a handsome woman. I like her strong features. Of course, when someone called me a handsome woman once, I immediately went to: he thinks I look like a drag queen. Must be my ginormous feet .

  5. pokerplayer

    I like Captain Lee a lot…it was sorta cute when he took a quick look at that blond girl’s bottom when they were leaving to go out…did anyone else catch that?

    If I were the Captain I would order the crew not to fraternize at all during the charter season but if they want to hook up after, that’s their business…but I do realize the producers want some “good TV”.

  6. Coco

    I absolutely love this show! How the crew deals with passengers requesting crazy services is a mystery to me. Thank goodness Kate didn’t have to do the actual waxing. They really earned that $20,000 tip.

    I really feel for Lauren being moved to the friend zone. That hurts!

    Thanks for the recap, TT. I hope you get some rest soon. Hang in there!

  7. Happy gal

    Isn’t Nico super young? I know he still acted really poorly but I am going to give him a break because he owned up to it and because for the most part he is nice and because he is very youge

    I think Lauren is attractive both in looks and personality however if I go just by looks I think Sierra is a natural knock out even. I find her smiling all the time off putting and her personality isn’t as fun as Lauren but she really is good looking imo

  8. SB

    does anyone else get a bisexual vibe from nico? is it just me?

  9. Runaround

    Did he intend to try to kiss Sierra, or was she just confusion between who answered the door?

    • tamaratattles

      He meant it. And I was shocked he didn’t just go with the whole, “I was drunk and don’t remember…sorry” excuse. But he outlined the whole thing to Kelley with accurate detail.

      • SLM

        I was surprised, too, TT. I thought he would be baffled and unaware the next day because of the drinking. When he seemed to remember so much of it so accurately, I thought he either wasn’t as drunk as he was letting on OR production told him everything that went on so as to keep the whole awkward situation going. I’m really uncomfortable seeing Kelley going after anyone because of his past on this show with Jenice the deckhand season before last (does anyone else remember that?) Even though I later cynically suspected production put him up to pursuing her, I still think SHE had no idea it was a storyline put on and she believed his intentions were genuine. Then all that horrible stuff he said about her online after filming ended was just wrong. Seeing him pursue someone else had me yelling, “Run, girl, you’re in danger!” at the TV.

  10. Heidi

    I love Nico. If memory serves, he’s 21, right? Compared to the two asshats from the Med season, I think he shows maturity and an effortless way with women. Not like “game,” but how he’s not threatened by a strong women like the two dicks were with the lesbian deckhand. ( So sorry I can’t remember names.)

    I’m surprised that Lauren reacted the way she did. Thought she would have played it off during their night on shore, then brooded by herself instead of bringing everybody into it, that was awkward. It just didn’t fit what we’ve seen of her personality so far. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous BTW, says the straight PTO mom.

    I was very surprised with how Ben was groveling at Sierras feet, wtf, there were so many things this episode that just didn’t fit together for me. This was another one.

    Oh, and fuck you Bravo for showing clips from “next weeks” episode when they really mean in two weeks. That infuriates me!! I’ve noticed they do it on all of their shows now, not cool.

  11. Heidi

    And why on earth is Ben holding Aunt Jemima syrup?!?! If I was ever on a yacht and they gave me that bullshit maple flavored corn syrup, heads would roll. Guess I’d have to put it on my families preference sheet. NO AUNT JEMIMA!!

  12. Those hairy, repulsive, half-human, classless excuses for business men were just about the grossest things I’ve seen on TV for a long, long time. They must be completely delusional if they think any woman would be with them for any reason other than to take advantage of their bank accounts! Eeeewwwww!! I personally like a guy with a little hair, especially on his legs – can’t stand the thought of a completely shaven guy, it would make me feel like I was having sex with a preubescent boy – but that went above and beyond – almost like bestiality LOL.

  13. PeachyKeen

    The “waxing” made me crazy. That wax can leave bad burns. IMO should have a pro come on board and do it. I had issues when I had brows done!

    I love Below Deck. I like that new guests bring fresh issues .

    Hard to believe SIerra was in college? Ironing board issues ; Scorching sheets; minimal salad skills and other simple directions seem to be problematic for her. I think the next to jet away.

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