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It’s time for Watch Who Lies Live.  I was not up for another half an hour the criminal last night, but I finally got a good amount of sleep after once again staying up until dawn, and I’m having so coffee and ready to do this.  Theresa has a very different face on sitting second chair with Andy. I’m not sure how to explain it and Andy has stopped posting selfies before the show so I’ll pause and see if I can find one for you now.  The photos always look so different from the TV.  Teresa’s foot soldiers, Robyn and Christina, the bartenders. They look much different from their housewives looks on TV as well.

Mindy loved the episode. So did Andy. Andy shares his favorite scenes with Mindy. He enjoyed Joe talking about his erection and Dolores talking about how Melissa and Teresa just put on their drag and showed up like nothing happened the next morning. Teresa doesn’t seem super happy with anything. Andy brings up that a lot of former housewives were tweeting. Teresa says, “Yeah, they all came out tonight.”  One of them called Teresa “a living nightmare owned and operated” by Andy. Teresa just pretends that she likes the comment.

Andy is going through a bunch of scenes quickly asking what Mindy and Teresa think. Right away Teresa basically says that Jacqueline was a stripper. This was a rumor going around with Teresa and Jac were on the same team that Teresa denied but now she’s down with the story.

Andy asks if Siggy was making things all about her. Teresa said she thought it as “cute.” Mindy says she thought it was “a lot.”  Teresa said she never someone cry so much.

wwhl-teresaWhat about when Jac called you a narcissistic psychopath? Teresa has no idea what that means so she responds, “I mean think of another word?”  I think the actual c word or the new c word for Jersey both fit as synonyms here.

What about Melissa having four nose jobs. Teresa says Jac broke “the girl code” with that comment. Then Teresa said she didn’t have four nose jobs. Andy wants to know how she broke the girl code, she says that is what Melissa told her. She has no idea what that means either. Did Teresa get dumber in prison?  Teresa says, “Get it? I mean you are not supposed to spill the beans on your girlfriend.” Basically, Teresa confirms a million times that Melissa had four nose jobs. While saying that Jac should never have mentioned that information.

A viewer asks why Teresa never forgives anyone but pretends that nothing she did actually happened. Do you think this is one-sided?  Teresa has her stank face on. She says “No, not at all.”  Teresa is literally to dumb to be interviewed.

Teresa says that more to the story will come out in the reunion that tapes this weekend. She seems to say that before Teresa the felon was released from prison, Jac tried to pull Melissa to her side and it backfired.

Andy says to Robyn and Christina, “I promise I’m not going to ask you to leave this trip early. How did you feel about leaving Vermont?”   She says she wanted to go so Teresa could have a good time. Andy asks, “Are you one of Teresa’s soldiers?”  Robyn says Teresa doesn’t need backup. That was answered like a great soldier.

Next week on RHONJY we get Kim D and a Posche Fashion Show.  Kim D. asks Jac and Dolores if Teresa knows about Joe’s cheating while she was in prison and is just being delusional.  I don’t know that Teresa has to put a lot of effort into being delusional. There aren’t a lot of synapses firing behind that tiny, hairy forehead.

This was the first time Teresa saw the clip. She says that Kim D. wanted to meet with her to talk this week. Now she knows why.

Gif By RealityTVGifs

Gif By RealityTVGifs

Andy starts asking Mindy about the wardrobe for her show and Mindy is just like, “Wait? What? We aren’t going to mention the infidelity situation here at all? Before we talk about my clothes, should we address this?” Best WWHL guest ever.  Or not. Because as it turns out all she wanted to say was that Kim D. wasn’t being nice. NO MINDY, what we needed was for you to ask Teresa about it since Andy clearly will not!

Someone asks why Teresa calls ‘criminal’ the C word?  Teresa says.. ” I just don’t like… I don’t consider myself that…and so that’s why I don’t even want to say that word.”

Joe has lost thirty pounds in prison and is watching RHONJ every week.

Mindy a Andy have been bantering about Andy investing in her clothing line. Mindy says he doesn’t seem like he wants to do it. Teresa volunteers to take some money out of her mattress and invest in Mindy’s clothing line. Because Teresa is rich.  But not a criminal. I can’t with this fool.

The play Bravowood Squares. Teresa doesn’t know how to play tic-tac-toe so Andy has to tell her which to squares to choose from on her second turn. I love this game, but you have to play it with guests that are smart enough to play tic tac toe and who have watched a moderate amount of housewives shows. Those two populations have a very narrow overlap on the Venn Diagram.

Kim D tweets that Teresa called her not the other way around. Teresa doesn’t even admit she just lied she says she called to tell Kim D that she was right about Melissa’s store manager and she did fire him.  Actually, that just happened last week.

Andy’s mom texted in to ask what Teresa has done to her face, did she have any work done. Teresa says no, but thanks. Teresa’s face doesn’t look like she has had work done to me, she just looks worn out and her eyes don’t open.

Poll question: Did Melissa have four nose jobs? Yes! 73%.  Um, Teresa spent the entire episode confirming it, and then  at the end said, ” Of course not, FOUR nose jobs?”  Oh Teresa. You are in for a long road ahead. I predict that new “attorney” of yours is going to bleed you dry. And that’s just one of your problems.


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56 responses to “Watch What Happen Live With Teresa Giudice

  1. Minky

    My god. Andy’s mom is realer and asks better questions than him. Maybe she should host the show?

  2. Judith Vance

    “Those two populations have a very narrow overlap…” Oh you are on fire, girl !!!

  3. MARC

    Watch what happens lies. Magnificent description T.T !

  4. pocketbooklover

    Couldn’t figure out who Teresa reminded me of. Then it hit me…. a low-rent version of Shania Twain from the 90s.

  5. Happy gal

    I have to wonder in general why as a society we accept woman admitting get breast implants and Braziallian butt lifts and Botox but not nose jobs or face lifts. We will accept some plastic surgery but not others as if someone who got the lucky role of the genetic dice facially is somehow more worthy and if you have to ‘fix’ something ‘structural’ that is facial then that cannot be admitted or if you have to have a surgical fix to turn back the clock that is a no no to admit but fillers and Botox are OK to admit.

    It is a strange concept to grasp – what society will shame someone for surgically improving and what society is fine with

    • It’s no ones business. Boobs are for men. That’s why no one complains about a boob job.

    • Minky

      Our ideas, as a society, regarding beauty, are steeped in cultural foundations that were laid in the ancient world. You could go back as far as ancient Greece and find very similar ideas about beauty and what’s acceptable and unacceptable in physical appearance.

      Contemporary American ideas about female beauty are those from antiquity coupled with a very puritanical streak that is based on the Calvinist idea of “grace”. The adage of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is the exact opposite of what is going on here. You’re cover is supposedly a reflection of your insides, as well as whether or not your superior genetically or spiritually. It’s all a huge mess.

      But I truly doubt that the women on these shows, or other women a lot like them, realize that our contemporary ideas about beauty, or their behavior, are still stuck in Victorian times when women were thought to not have the capacity to enjoy sex. But whatevs.

      • tamaratattles

        Sometimes I read things that are so bizarrely …in opposite world I don’t even know how to begin to respond. So I am just going to tilt my head awkwardly and ponder how one can compare the current “American Ideal Beauty” to um….anything you just mentioned.

        I think I may have a brain bleed or something. The shows I’m watching don’t make sense to me. The commenters that I normally agree with here seem to be speaking gibberish. I really think I need to see someone.

      • Minky

        I’m sorry TT. You don’t need to see anyone. I know that I put those paragraphs together kind of sloppily. But I promise it totally made sense in my head! Haha!

        Granted a lot of that is my opinion based on my readings and research. But I so need a good editor. The beauty ideal, in America or anywhere else, is based on some sort of moral hygiene.

      • Patricia

        I’m so confused. Whatevs.

      • Gabriella

        In Victorian times if a woman was having “hysteria”, the doctor would come and manually masturbate her to calm her down!

    • Gabriella

      I haven’t had either, but I would admit to a nose job rather than a boob job

  6. No spoiler alerts but the “Andy Cohen” of the Melbourne housewives (reunion) seemed like he knew how to get it done. Just saying. I don’t even know why I watched this except that I do like Mindy. She seemed not to want anything to do with Teresa. She was so not impressed at all…..much the way Teresa treats most people in her sphere.

  7. Nila

    How old is Melissa? Four nose jobs? That sounds extremely doubtful to me, unless she had them all before her real housewives days, which would make her so young. I didn’t think of it as Teresa confirming the nose jobs just that Jac should not talk about plastic surgery. I loved Mindy, thought she was great!

    • tamaratattles

      Nila, Have you heard about a housewife that used to be in Atlanta named Nene Leakes?

      • Nila

        I dont watch or follow Atlanta so that went completely over my head. I was just thinking how much “nose” would even be left of you shaved it down four times!

      • Lolita

        Nene’s admittedly had four to five nose jobs. Talked about it on WWHL recently.

  8. Nila

    I was really hoping Andy woUld address the Vermont trip and at least ask Robyn some questions.

  9. Margaret Shepard

    I wonder when we will get the real Vermont trip story. It was so bad 2 cast members get booted from the franchise. Gotta be much, much bigger than what we saw.

  10. Jrleaguer

    My favorite moment was Teresa volunteering to throw some coins into the pot and invest in Mindy’s clothing line. Child please!!

    • Joanplus2dogs

      Sure who would turn the chance to have the Feds & IRS go thru your business/personal finances in addition to all those unpaid claimants from her bankruptcy case looking for any money they could possibly collect – by letting Teresa invest her mattress money into Mindy line.

      Of course after Teresa said that, several folks were calling their lawyers asking if they can get permission to check there first. She really should never speak about money at all.

  11. Rolly

    All I can say is keep waiting for Theresa to talk badly about herself on national tv. How rational is that? Keep waiting for her to correct or agree with people who keep bringing up her past too. Sheesh. It’s like unless she treats herself way worst than anyone already treating her then this makes her “delusional” or worst. She refuses to answer questions so she pretends like she doesn’t know what you’re talking about. She trolls back the trolls but she’s the stupid one. OK.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Teresa doesn’t have the brain capacity to troll anyone.

      • Minky

        Totally Yoya. Trolling would require an understanding of the concept of irony and deliberate intent on Teresa’s part. She just doesn’t have either of those.

        You can almost hear the white noise coming from Teresa’s head when she encounters a question that she doesn’t like. She’s angry and confused, but it also takes ALL of what little brain power she has for her to keep from jumping out of her chair and beating whoever it is that’s displeased her. She’s a damn neanderthal!

    • Sliceo'pie

      Maybe it’s just me but I read your post three times and I have no idea what you’re trying to say.
      After reading it, I did spend a few minutes conjugating the word, “Worse” just for fun.. 😉

  12. gapeachinsc

    Of course Teresa knows Joe cheats! He’s probably been a cheater since before they got married. She hates it, has scenes where she threatens to leave him over it, but she’s not going anywhere. At least not for now. What if she waits it out and when he comes home, it’s not to her? It could happen…I’ve seen it happen before.

    I didn’t recognize Robyn OR Christina.

  13. TT when your on your on! This is so LMAO funny! Teresa can’t play tic tac toe..A game that likely is played in prison or camp or the hotel Teresa thinks she was invited too, because as we now know she’s “not a criminal” (Okay Nixon). The only couple I know of who were sent “away” for crimes they were found guilty of but they are not “criminals” She makes me feel that much smarter every week!
    I used to think Andy was an ass for having her back on Bravo but now I think he enjoys taunting her & had her back for our amusement. For that I thank him. Can’t wait for the reunion

    • Swizzle

      I’m actually amazed by the number of times a guest on WWHL can’t play tic tac toe. Andy is always having to help them.

    • PaganChick

      I would go a step further and say that Teresa and Joe both plead guilty which means that they knowingly committed a crime and admitted to it in a court of law, so for her to say she doesn’t consider herself a criminal is delusion at its finest.

  14. Madashell

    Teresa looked great. So many haters. Get a life.

  15. Betty

    I could care less if Melissa had 10 nose jobs. Her nose looks feet now. Teresa is just jealous that her huge bow legs can’t be fixed. Along with her intelligence. What an idiot.

  16. ZenJen55

    IMO I believe Juicy had affairs. I think Teresa is having one or is on the verge of an affair with her lawyer. I predict Juicy will be deported and Teresa will use that as an excuse to divorce.
    Your not breaking girl code if she’s not your friend!

  17. Erica

    The only one I give a “pass” to is Melissa. First and foremost – Teresa is the access to the kids. I think it is clear that Joe Gorga loves his sister, loves her kids, and loves his parents. The Gorga dad is not well – he probably does better when his children get along. When Teresa fights with Melissa – Joe Gorga gets frozen out of the family.

    I’m not usually bothered by Jaq like so many of you are – but this one bugged me because of that. There is no way Melissa was going to bite that bait…. and good for her.

  18. Lisa j

    Second chair says it all. Please Andrew, if we are going to have another season let Teresa get her uncompance.

  19. Sware84

    I don’t get the hype about the nose jobs. Jac put it out there. Teresa could say no and people wouldn’t believe her since we’ve seen her pics before the nose job.
    So all of the sudden it’s ok for jac to be childish and act a fool telling secrets but if Teresa tries to deny it she’s to blame. Ridiculous.
    I’m surprised the poll wasn’t who’s side are you on? ‘Maybe because most people would be anti jac for being so reckless and didn’t want a Melissa/Teresa win.

    Lastly, calling robin Teresa’s soldier when we’ve seen no signs of her being nothing but a friend yet we see Kim d and Rosie show more signs of being jacs soldier.
    Interesting how we gloss over that.
    When has Kim d ever made a situation better? Yet she has scenes with jac talking about Teresa…sounds very soldier like to me.

  20. WinnielovesKevin

    Do I believe Melissa had four nose jobs? Yes. The proof is in the pudding (the pudding being the numerous shots shown of her throughout the years with her clearly old wider nose). Point being, who cares? Just own up to it. As far as Jac going crazy, she needs a check and knows this is why she’s here. At this point I don’t believe any of them have legit friendships. Money and fame will taint that.

  21. CapricornLady

    CLEARLY Melissa had a nose job(s)! You can look at her old pictures and see the difference. I just for the life of me dont understand why people get work done then deny it when it has been documented in old pictures etc.?? Also, Teresa is a lost cause…

  22. Erica

    I had this epiphany late last night. Teresa is certainly not anything as elegant as a criminal. She is, however, a low down, stupid crook and felon.

  23. Lindsay

    Can’t believe no one taught her to play tic tac toe in the clink

  24. Lolita

    Do you think Andy kisses her ass because he is afraid of the mob coming after him? Also, a bit of tea. Have a friend who sells Roden & Fields. They have a big “convention” in Las Vegas this weekend. Guess who the guest appearances are? Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez. Maybe it’s just me, but I kinda felt that was a little D-lister type of event. I guess anything for a buck $$$$$$

  25. Omgomg

    I don’t know why… but I like Teresa! It’s crazy but I do. I love Mindy Kaling but I didn’t even recognize her!!!! She’s had some work done it looks like. Please tell me I’m not the only one who was like WTH? Like lip filler??? TG is a survivor, gotta give her props for that.

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