Real Housewives of Orange County: Secrets and Lies

RHOOC Cast Season 11


I had completely forgotten last week’s episode until they reminded us. I now understand why they spend the first twenty minutes reminding us all what happened on the previous episode. It’s all so vapid these days there is nothing very memorable to recall.


Tonight we get a candle party from Meghan and her husband the totally not gay, former professional athlete. Tamra and Vicki are absolutely horrible when it comes to having someone’s ultrasound thrust upon you at an event. I get it. No one wants to see anyone’s ultrasound. This is why a practiced response is necessary. Mine goes something like this, “Oh how wow! make active effort to form some sort of face that projects positivity  What a very exciting time for you! You must be so busy getting ready for the little one! Congrats! So great to see you! I gonna head to the bar!”   Tamra comparing the blog to a gerbil is not a good response.  Nor was both of them saying, “Wait, there is only one? The other one died?”

I are those pink neoprene straps to nowhere on Vicki’s dress? My eyes can’t really process what is happening there. While I am trying to focus my vision, Heather starts telling everyone she is leaving because there are too many smells in the candle shop. That is as good of an excuse as any I suppose. Gottta run! Allergies! So Sorry! Enjoy the party!

The big ta-do that scripted for this party is that Shannon is going to confront Vicki because she is pissed that she didn’t acknowledge her reaching out to her after the accident. Because Vicki really should have taken the time to text her to thank her for leaving a voicemail asking for a call back.  I do not understand the rules of this species. When I call someone who has experienced a trauma and reach out to let them know I care, I don’t bumrush them the next time I see them in public and demand an apology or an explanation about why I haven’t heard from them. I just assume they were dealing with an injury and feeling traumatized and had better things to do than appease me. And then there is Shannon.

RHOOC I dont make sense


Shannon follows through with her threat to “confront Vicki” by saying that she reached out but that Vicki doesn’t owe her an apology.  Clearly, Shannon thinks Vicki needs to apologize for not returning her call. They exchange long stares like spouses in divorce court and Vicki tells Shannon that their friendship is “messed up” and she is “not going through this tonight.” AND SCENE.

Oh but not really. Shannon says,” I’m not going to get into what you’ve been saying about my husband!” Oh Shannon, it can’t be nearly as bad as what you say about him on TV every week. Vicki says, “In my opinion, he’s a piece of shit.” Shannon says that David only said bad things to Vicki because she provoked him. Vicki says Shannon wasn’t there and he’s lying to her. Again. Shannon says that Vicki has lied too. Vicki says so has Shannon. In a confessional, Vicki says she has some things that Shannon told her about David in confidence when they were friends and she is thinking about unveiling them. Oh Vicki. You are your own worst enemy.  Vicki and Shannon both look very sedated in this interview as if production has provided some sort of Xanax cow lick for the cast in a VIP section somewhere.  Shannon can barely muster enough emotion to storm out of the scene. Vicki hungry and tells everyone she’s going to dinner. Kelly, who I suppose has been busying herself at the open bar whiningly reminds Vicki that she is the dinner scene with her! We don’t get that dinner scene.

Production goes all Shonda Rimes on us with a flash back to a happier scene when Tamra and Vicki a week ago when these two were laughing it up and dropping nipple covers in the middle of stores while shopping for a dresses for Heather’s book launch party.  Vicki says that she has not been bringing men around the ladies because she doesn’t want them doing background checks and meddling. Vicki says she never butts into their relationship.  We get a flashback of Vicki butting into everyone’s relationship in the ten year history of the show. Then Tamra notices a hickey on Vicki’s boob in the dressing room.  I suppose we needed one last cute scene with these two and that was it.

Insert requisite scene of Shannon emasculating and whining to David in front of her children here.

Insert scene where Kelly and Michael discuss their marriage and their drinking problems on the beach here.

Insert scene where Meghan can’t cook anything and Jim is indifferent about the baby here.

Insert Vicki’s extremely offensive commercial for the “cancer charity” that is really an insurance pitch here.

Heather goes to Shannon’s house in Corona del Mar. She still doesn’t have any furniture. I used to have a friend that lived in Corona del Mar who has since moved (further north in California I think). I will miss visiting her. It was an adorable town and she lived in walking distance of everything including are really awesome bar/restaurant that was very upper class and at the same time really local regular joint at the same time.

Anyway, Shannon tells Heather that Vicki is threatening to tell some secret about her. Shannon says she has known secrets.  Heather tells us in confessional that Kelly already knows what they are and that they are confirmed.  Shannon is mad at Vicki and at Tamra.  Tamra’s sin is pointing out that Shannon clearly has unresolved issues with Vicki. Because one of Shannon’s buttons is when people tell her the truth. Then Heather tells Shannon that she does have unresolved issues. Shannon denies this again and says she was actually just “being the bigger person.”  Because, delusional.


Heather’s Book Party

Vicki introduces Steve to the other ladies.  Tamra tells us that Steve checked out fine on her background check. Tamra clearly didn’t dig as deeply as the Internet did.  Jim drove in from the desert to surprise Meghan at the book party. She thought he was staying in Palm Beach.

Vicki talks to Heather McDonald who is friends with Heather and the only person with a podcast I ever even try to listen to. I’ve been trying to get through her crazy sister story when I clean the kitchen. Clearly, that doesn’t happen much. She’s about 20 episodes ahead of me.

Shannon is on a quest to keep people from telling her she has unresolved issues with Vicki so she is pretending to be all kinds of okay with her by making small talk about shrimp. Then Tamra tries to show Shannon the hickey on her boob. Vicki recently got a Maserati.

I almost didn’t even notice Meghan’s dropping of the all cast trip.  The pretense is that because she is pregnant, she and Jim have discovered they are Irish so they want to go to Ireland. Somehow Heather makes the announcement to the other ladies as if it is all her idea.

Kelly and Michael are in a bad place still. Kelly says Michael is an alcoholic. Michael is drunk and flirting obnoxiously. Kelly is acting like she is not usually the drunk and obnoxious one. I think this is the first time we’ve ever seen Kelly sober at a function.  So hypocritical. Kelly is embarrassed because he is drunk and obnoxious.

Next week: It’s time for the cast trip to Dublin.  We begin with Tamra and Kelly having drunken arguments over who is saying worse things about the other one’s daughter.




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94 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County: Secrets and Lies

  1. Christina

    I thought the timing was suspicious for Shannon to start acting semi-friendly with Vicki. Someone didn’t seem too sure what secrets her old friend might spill and is doing damage control.

    • Shannon wNts to be a cool chick. She can’t stand it that bestie Tamra is all over Vicki. Shannon is so obviously jelly.

    • Meredo

      @Christina, that’s exactly what I thought Shannon was doing. I think Vicki thought so too and wasn’t falling for it. Seems like she’d rather expose Shannon’s secret than have her as a friend, she ( Vicki) is so vindictive.
      Can’t wait until next weeks episode when Tamra starts (laughably to me at least) hyperventilating. Not that that is funny in itself, but Tamra just looks like she’s doing some really bad acting. I can’t help but laugh everytime I see it.

  2. Weirdest moment: Shannon goes from side eying Vicki to pulling off Vicki’s dress and momentarily exposing a boob with nipple cover. At a book signing. Even worse, Vicki actually loves the attention. Gawd!

  3. Steve

    I can relate to Shannon’s mattress concerns. I can’t afford ultra healthy organic matreessesnbutbibdo keep my mattress covered in the plastic factory cover. It’s easier to clean and disinfect the plastic rather than the mattress itself.

  4. Glad to hear Vicki dropped selling cancer insurance due to nasty feedback. Feel sorry for Steve.

    • Amy Lou

      Oh please – he turns on/off the Chavez to help his political campaign – dude seems to be a grifter – they’re a perfect match.

    • Gabriella

      Just watched this episode and was disgusted at Vicki doing a commercial for her company when she made out she was helping a cancer charity!!

  5. I have listened to heather macdonald’s podcasts I will agree that the serial sister is interesting but I have to say I have tuned into heathers other podcasts & have come to the conclusion heather is a social seeker, along with a confabulator & will let you listen to them to draw your own conclusion. I also listened to a video on Chelsea handler & what she had to say about Heather & as it turns out I am close to the truth. Heather isn’t in love with her husband & verbalized this, my guess is he doesn’t listen 2 her podcast. She is notorious for having a guest on & being fairly nice to them along with asking them the tough questions then on the next couple of podcasts puts them down. Heather has a burning desire to be rich & beautiful & absolutely lives Bethenney Frankel as if she can do no wrong. She also speaks about meeting up wth Bethenney @ a party & how B dismissed her but heather gets it as she has low self esteem & her goal is to be up there with the social seekers. Not a nice person IMO & the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in regard to the serial sister. U have to listen but giving a heads up, I was very dissapointed. She wld give her right arm to be on the RHOC.

    • tamaratattles

      Sometimes when I read a comment, I should read who is making the comment first. Then I’d know to skip it.

    • Microop

      I would like to see her join the oc cast though. Drop Kelly and Shannon (who I do kind of like and sympathize with but until she and David divorce she’s going to be the worst version of herself and hard to watch) add Heather, bring back Lizzie.

    • Meredo

      I don’t know much about Heather MacDonald’s personal life but I do see she hangs out with a lot of reality stars. Kris Jenner, Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador. A lot with Shannon, actually (some people even said Shannon was her sister…she’s not) so I was very surprised to see her engaging in gossip with Vicki regarding Shannon. She definitely comes across as a social climber and not a very loyal friend.

  6. Swizzle

    This episode is further proof to me that Kelly came on this show to embarrass Michael so she could finally get the divorce she wants. Too bad it’s also obvious that Kelly is equally as reprehensible. Their poor daughter.

  7. Yes tamra u wld be all the wiser to read the author of the comment prior to reading the comment as a word to the WISE!

  8. Minky

    This whole cast has Heatheritis. And I don’t mean Heather Dubrow, but the movie “Heathers”. How mean and petty can they get?

    I almost became Team Vicki when I read her comment about David being a piece of shit. But Vicki was just preaching to the choir there. Shannon obviously agrees with that but she can’t actually say it in so many words. Oh, the fuckery!

    • Happy gal

      Totally agree and I have to wonder if David choose that word pig as a particularly sensitive one ever since Slade called her pig nose or something like that which actually resulted in Vicki getting a nose job

  9. Erica

    Heather Dubrow wasn’t having this “I have a secret” bullshit. Remember – she knew the whole season before we did about David’s affair.

  10. Am I the only one disappointed to see that the cast will be the typical “Ugly Americans” on this Ireland trip? I mean, really, it looks like Vicki yells “NICE ASS” to a River Dancer or somesuch and then the women get obnoxious at a bar. Good grief.

    Oh and Meghan? I’m no Ina Garten but even I know enough to thaw frozen peas before using them in a pasta dish.

    • SLM

      I know, Victoria, I kept yelling, “No! Drain the pasta over the peas, Meghan! OVER THE PEAS!” As usual, no one on TV listens to me when I yell at them!

    • Dexter

      And Tammy. Such a nasty vicious bitch towards everyone but whoa don’t say anything to her. Poor little Tammy. Big mean Simon is mean and her daughter hates her. Boo hoo. Do not dare discuss it. But any deeply personal thing about you is fair game for her

  11. Shae

    She is rather hapless, but at least Megan’s trying to learn to cook lol
    I can’t even stomach Vicki at this point. She’s revolting. You spent all last season lying through your teeth about your scumbag of a man and now you resent being called a liar and are willing to spill a former friend’s information told to you in confidence? Scummy move. You don’t get to do that to a person just because you’re not friends anymore, especially when the reason you aren’t friends anymore was because you were in on a cancer scam and ostracized your friends for suspecting you.

    Listening to Kelly go on and on about Michael’s drunken, obnoxious behavior was insane…does she realize she is the exact same way?

  12. cheychey

    Very telling that as soon as Vicki brings up a secret Shannon decided to become quite chummy with Vicki in public but not ‘her friend’. There are people in my life that I’m not particularly fond of that I see in social settings. I can be cordial but certainly would not be a part of trying to expose their hickey. Nothing more than a causal hello if that. But no Shannon laughed it up and engaged in personal conversation with her and the new boyfriend. Vicki knows something and Shannon knows what it is. She’s clearly nervous about it getting out. I have to agree with Vicki that the majority of people at some point tell a lie. Vicki’s lie extremely insensitive to people dealing with Cancer. But I don’t believe with her it started out as malicious but the desire to believe someone she loved and snowballed out of control when she realized Brooks was lying. But Shannon insists on trying to nail Vicki to the cross over and over will cause Vicki to expose her dirty little lie to get her off her back.

  13. “Xanax cow lick” this is why I love you! And, where can I order mine? Hee hee hee

  14. Cheryl B.

    I didn’t know what a “xanax cow lick” is ( I have my xanax, thought I should know), so I googled and TamaraTattles recap of RHOC came up :)

  15. Nila

    I’m guessing Vicki must have something pretty good on Shannon for Shannon to suddenly do an about face..I don’t agree with exposing a secret regardless of your current relationship status with someone.

    • This is why every time I warm up to Vicki or start to feel some kind of way she makes my blood boil. I don’t care what their status is now. They were friends, THE GIRL CODE 101 is that you don’t go spilling the beans on your friends who confided to you in the past no matter what the status is now. All of a sudden because Shannon didn’t call her when Vicki thought she should Vicki became the victim and Shannon should kowtow to the OG from the OC? Now Vicki is feeling her power returning and she is going out for vengeful blood. I am sorry this is not cool. Shannon is annoying, she is self absorbed and whacky but I don’t think she is dishonest. But Vicki is all those things above and dishonest. So……I am kind of hoping that this turns out to be nothing and goes away. These series are becoming so draining.

    • Gabriella

      The mind boggles as to what it could be. A revenge shag?

  16. Cheryl B.

    The only thing I can think the secret can be is the Maloof secret. I don’t know anything else that would be a secret, that would be a big or family ruining situation.

  17. Cheryl B.

    Or that we don’t know what it is already.

  18. Happy gal

    What Vicki had on Shannon may not be earth shattering but the very fact that she has now threatened to expose it is going to cause Shannon to have a melt down. Shannon will press harder that Vicki is a liar and therefore should not be believed about anything and Vicki may come off as vile if she is not careful depending on what it is she knows however I cannot deny that I don’t enjoy seeing Shannon twist in the wind just a tad

    Next week looks interesting especially when it appears that Kelly says the “unthinkable” That no wonder Tamra’s daughter does not speak to her! Well Tamra it is about time someone gave it to you as good as you dish it out and crazy Kelly takes no prisoners !

    • Minky

      Kelly might be an attention whore and have a big mouth and be able to hold her liquor like Tamra, but I think the similarities end there. Tamra’s can think circles around Kelly. The reason I say this is because if Kelly came on the show to lay the foundation for her divorce, then it’s blowing up in her face every which-a-way. She’s going to end up as yet another bit of Tamra’s collateral damage. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person though. 😂

  19. Mousie

    The way Shannon did a one-eighty was extremely weird…like she suddenly remembered conversations with Vicki at night when she couldn’t sleep in her new house…also Meghan, girl, to defrost peas, just take them out of the freezer and run some cool water over them, let them sit in the water for a while, rinse and repeat, prob takes less than five minutes…and yeah I can relate to Heather not being able to take the heavy scents, don’t take that personally…wow it would be tough to be friends with most of these women, so high maintenance…

  20. Cheryl B.

    Shannon used to post all those drunken posts with Tamra, surprised she hasn’t blurted out anything. If Tamra knows she would probably have said by now. Weird Kelly said it was confirmed?

  21. No SLM u r not going in sane but possibly need reading comprehension & a broader look @ things. JMO

    • Seriously, you might want to read the commenting rules. Not intending to be rude as when I first started commenting I made similar mistakes. Paragraphs are your friend, rather than a wall of words. The text-speak is a no-no. 😉

      • Ellie, also, replying to the person you’re actually replying to helps the conversation flow. Reading replies way down the page confuses other readers. But, if you are just going to insult other commenters, it is probably best you don’t reply at all. That’s just my own opinion. Going off-topic is better served in the “Daily Tea” section.

      • tamaratattles

        I gave Ellie a new seat among her people.

      • I was trying to be polite because she seemed dense. But, think we all saw that seating arrangement coming. Thanks, Tamara!

      • Minky

        I just couldn’t believe that “Ellie” had the nerve to try and shade anyone’s reading skills, When someone writes like they just learned how to do their lower case letters yesterday, then that person has no room to talk about such things.

      • SLM

        Agreed, Minky! And I wasn’t kidding the first time I commented on “Ellie’s” initial post – I thought my lack of significant sleep for the last week and a half had finally caught up with me and I wasn’t processing….then I got coffee and read it again and thought it wasn’t me, it was the post!

      • OmgOmg

        When you said it the first time I LOL’d. I thought the exact same thing — but I was tired and had to re-read, it was like a jumbled word scramble. It did kind of read like Drunk Kelly posting! I can picture her writing: “word to the wise unwise if you don’t wise up.” Huh?

    • SLM

      I’ll take that under advisement Ellie. However, you may want to refresh yourself on the commonest rules of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling and capitalization while I’m brushing up on my reading comprehension. Just my opinion.

  22. Lindsay

    Apparently Meaghan is appointing Heather as the child’s godmother. Not a family member, not a close friend, just some rich lady she’s known for a couple of years. She’s totally not a gold digger though.

  23. therealdeb

    I cannot wait to see what exactly was said to make Tamra go all panic attacky. What ever she is told would be mild compared to what she deserves I am sure. Kelly has a very sharp tongue and I think if she and her husband would be sober for a while they may see just how badly alcohol makes them act. Shannon is batshit crazy, always has been. I think it is funny that she is “slumming it”, most of us would be thrilled to have a house in such a place with a lovely view. I could not handle all her paraphernalia that she NEEDS to breath and stay on course, she is a neurotic mess and needs serious help. I just ant with Megan. Also my husband kills closed so he is home ALL THE TIME and driving me nuts and when he was Jim speaking he asked if that guys is gay. I laughed so hard, hubs is a huge baseball fan and so I told him who he is and he laughed even harder.

  24. PeachyKeen

    Shannon and her lecture about mattresses made my eyes start to glaze over and brain said “switch the channel”..I did.. Came back later and saw Heather at Shannon’s house without furniture.. but with a box of booze obviously in the background.. Thought they could have found a better camera
    angle… A lot of talk about nothing… Next week will be awful…I am guessing Tamra went off her one drink rule….I will watch this one until my brain says “enough”

  25. RHofND

    I cannot stomach Shannon. She is a whack-a-doodle to the nth degree. I think Vicki may just have something on her.
    On a side note, for a minute I thought there was a RCNYC cross-over….the woman who walked in ahead of Jim at the book party looked just like Jill Zarin.

    • Lolita

      Interesting you said that, because I thought I saw Denise Richard’s bartending!!!..LOL! I swear, it was a 2 second camera shot of a girl behind the bar that looked JUST like Denise. I was thinking, damn, I know her child support got cut about 75% so girlfriend has to do some moonlighting 😂😂😂

  26. GeneralPsi

    My gay friend just told me their gaydar reads that both Jimmy and Kellys husband are homosexuals. Now that I am looking for it I see it. They’re totally gay.

    • PeachyKeen

      Who cares?

      • Minky

        I’m with you PeachyKeen. The speculation about the possibility that the men on these shows could be gay is a bit much sometimes.

        If they are gay, so what? There are gay and bisexual men who chose to marry and have children with women. If the wives know and are okay with it, then no big deal.

      • SLM

        I think you are right, Minky. I speculate too, and probably shouldn’t.

      • Minky

        Please don’t misunderstand me. I didn’t mean that as a moralizing sermon. We come here to read the tea and comment. A lot of us do a lot of snark. I’m very guilty of snark myself.

        But when we pick apart the Wives’ lives we can get a bit too snarky. Like Meghan’s husbands disinterest in her. Coming to the conclusion that it must be because he’s gay is a bit weird to me. He was married to a woman before. Then they divorced and he married Meghan.

        If he needed to prove his “manhood” as a professional athlete, and the only way to do that was being married, well he did that already with his first wife. And he additionally sired children with her.

        There are plenty of reasons for Jim to have fallen out of love with Meghan that probably have nothing to do with his sexuality. If he’s fallen out of love with her at all. Maybe he’s just the unemotional, strong, silent type?

  27. SashaV

    Is it just me or does Heather get more intolerable every time she speaks? I can’t take her phony facial expressions either. I would love to be on the show to follow her around just to call her out on every bull snit comment she makes.

    I feel like an angry person writing that but really I am not!!! She is just so awful!

    • GeneralPsi

      Heather and Terry are just professional reality television actors. They know the game. They know what to do to get screen time and make up decent story lines. They don’t bother me because that’s what I watch the show to see. The housewife of a successful husband that provides a good life for his wife and family in such an opulant town.

  28. Is Shannon and Heather McDonald sisters? I heard a long time ago they are.

  29. Karebear

    Soooo the previews for Ireland are crazy meaning WTF with Tamra and the bat-shit insane face in the limo all I thought of was mommy dearest coat hangers and mad clowns in the woods coming at you
    Just saying she scares me

  30. I wanted a chance to re-watch this episode before commenting…. I did and then I watched it again..I am still confused..
    Did Vicki (who lies) tell a secret about Shannon (who now lies) to Kelly (who has lied) & expect her not to have told Tamara ( who is a huge Liar) what the secret is? Or is Vicki lying about having a secret about Shannon, knowing that would shut her the fuck up & become Vicki’s friend again? After what Shannon went through, the thought of another secret or lie coming out is more then she could bear. Anyone can see that.
    Meghan’s lie this episode…Look everyone how Jim helped me cook??? & then just magically appeared out of the bushes at the book party to surprise me…ON CAMERA…See he cares! Now stop saying he doesn’t care via the internet please..#BravoSetUp
    I don’t think Heather & Terry lie, they are too busy selling everything & anything they can think of to pay for their trillion dollar home, champagne & ice cubes.
    I do think Shannon took the opportunity to rid herself of all memories of the affair ( that she is over…#EyeRoll) when she sold all the furnishings that the “mistress” may have sat on, looked at, breathed on, or worse… with the house. I might of done the same thing, because as we all know…. David is the biggest #LIAR of them all!

  31. PeachyKeen

    TT your recaps are priceless!
    You capture the best and the worst of all the different HW shows and the Andy on WHl…
    Honey, you need your own show.
    SO addictive, I have decided to enter rehab from your site..

  32. OmgOmg

    I can’t with Jimmy. He seems really out of place and awkward in every scene like “get me out of here.”
    But I have to say — did anyone notice Heather’s perfect hair! I love her hair. I would love to know how she gets it so perfect like better than a blow out perfect. Loved it!

  33. Rooting for David to get back with the mistress.

  34. Something Clever

    Tamara, thanks for your write ups, they are comedy gold.

    I just tortured myself by watching this on DVR, and for the life of me I don’t understand why Bravo has kept Vicly on this show for so long. She is utterly vile and has zero self awareness. And while it was obvious from the start that Kelly joined the show to get sufficient evidence to divorce her husband, this episode demonstrates how laughably fake this scheme is. As idiotic as her husband was at that party, Kelly is worse. They deserve each other. I feel sorry for their daughter

  35. I happened to catch a late rerun of WWHL with Meghan & Reza from Shahs… not a fan of either. But, if you fast forward through most of it, its worth a laugh for two parts:
    There is a pretty funny Amy Phillips video and then a pretty funny game where they do a mashup of face morphs with either Meghan or Jim plus someone else they have to guess. It’s disturbing yet funny. The face morph of Meghan with David Beador is priceless!

    • Dandy Lion

      I used to dislike Meghan last season. This season I actually like her and feel for her regarding the second baby and her depression. I cringed when Andy did this segment on WWHL showing Jim’s continual disinterest. She looked uncomfortable and while it has become funny to see his lack of emotion each episode, it’s their business. I thought it was touching when he was truly there for her during the ultrasound. I’m probably turning into an emotional pile of mush but I don’t care!

    • Shay 2.0

      The Meghan/Brook’s offspring was my favorite! That was a definite laugh out loud moment for me!

  36. Lolita

    Oh myyyyyy, what a MARVELOUS recap Miss T. The inserts, brilliant! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for bringing up those pink straps on that damn dress! I could not stop staring. WHAT was going on? It was bugging me all night where they ended. Did they go through the dress, were they attached to her bra? The things that keep me up at night.

  37. NotABarbie

    First time commenter and I live for all of your comments to say the least. TT, I no longer actually tune into any housewives shows thanks to your recaps. I used to be an avid Vicki supporter because I tend to think that while she is clueless as heck, I still found a redeeming quality in her due to her business mind and independence. She’s the oldest housewife and I wanted to find something to like and appreciate about these people – because for whatever reason, there I was,tuned in. But after gaining insight from this site and the wonderful commenters I have a new perspective on my own perspective, and started to learn to call a spade a spade! The fact of the matter is that TT’s recaps and the following comments are far more entertaining than watching. LOL

  38. Am I the only one who can’t wait to see Tamra get some of what she is always dishing out come back at her? She always seems to skate out of all the trouble she stirs up.
    This season has been a snooze fest
    Gretchen should be busy making memes of Shannon cradling Tamra, in that end clip. and make memes and purses and tees with it!.

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