Dr Phil Interviews Crazy Lady Who Wants To Marry Stephen Avery



UPDATED:  SPOILER ALERT! Apparently Avery dumps the crazy lady on Dr. Phil tomorrow. So now I guess I have to watch tomorrow.

Dr Phil continues his charade of interviewing people related to major trial news. Today it is a woman who wants to marry Stephen Avery the guy from the Netflix Series Making A Murderer who was falsely convicted of rape and released only to return to prison after being convicted of murdering another woman.

I hope that Dr. Phil will point out that Stephen Avery is guilty.  Recently however, a young boy, Brenden Dassey who was also convicted of being involved had his verdict thrown out.   Brenden seemed is said to be three standard deviations below the mean intellectually and incapable of forming intent. Also his confession was captured on video as being extremely leading and if I recall correctly the officer conducting the interview told him he could go home if he just wrote down what they told him to.

Okay, this lady is a nutcase. She got a card from him and was “touched by his innocence.”  Perhaps I should point out that the gene pool of the Avery family is extremely shallow and what she sees as innocence is actually low intelligence. She has said the word innocent eleventy billion times in the first ten minutes.  Also in the first few minutes, Dr. Phil brings up the multi-million dollar lawsuit Stephen has against the county. Dr. Phil is in totally smarmy nice mode with this woman, which is his tell that he doesn’t believe a word out of her mouth.

She was so excited about getting a letter from a convicted murderer that she put her son in the car and they drove the TWO BLOCKS to her mother’s house. I am not sure I am going to make it through this hour. I know y’all wanted me to cover this, but really? This is some full blown crazy.  And Dr. Phil is mocking the hell out of her calling Avery her Convict Casanova.

She continues to tell her deluded story about how Stephen has saved her life, and her life has prepared her for this moment. Dr. Phil asks her if she picked out a dress and a ring. The audience laughs.  Then the crazy lady makes even less sense and we see her being surprised by the same dress she had picked out. Was it purchased by Dr. Phil ?  Who knows. We are deep into the bat shit levels of crazy here and her batshit crazy doesn’t share the same language as mine so I am having trouble following her delusions.

Dr, Phil starts bringing up the word “attention” a lot. He doesn’t use the whore, as in “attention whore” but he is thinking it. Then he suddenly reads us an illiterate letter from Stephen. He makes sure not to self correct any of the grammatical errors, which are numerous. It mentions that she has blocked her phone so he can’t call her. Could be finally be getting to the good part? She seems to be slightly embarrassed. She tries to lie about blocking his phone and then says she did have a block on the phone.  Dr. Phil points out that Avery lacks a high school education.  He wonders how compatible she would be with an uneducated convicted killer.

Finally, we are going to talk what a golddigging media whore she is. But so far, only in the sense that she is being “bullied online.”  She claims someone tried to run her off the road after visiting Avery for the first time.

I don’t understand women doing this for attention. I mean we are a few levels of hell below real housewife here and the payoff is what exactly? Does she really think the county is going to pay them millions? I get the feeling that getting on Dr. Phil was her goal and she may drop the farce after this.

I don’t know why I didn’t realize this is a two parter. I doubt I will recap the other show tomorrow. I might. Avery is supposed to call in. According to the idiot lady I refuse to name, he sounds much more intelligent on the phone. I can’t wait to hear that.  This episode had no point other than to set up tomorrow’s dramatic conclusion.


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18 responses to “Dr Phil Interviews Crazy Lady Who Wants To Marry Stephen Avery

  1. Siohban

    Avery called off the engagement saying she is a gold digger. I read an article about it today.

  2. Cheryl B.

    Before I even read, EWww at the pictures!

  3. JennLovesAndy

    I guess the older widow he was engaged (?) to is no longer around? She was in the documentary. Too many crazy folks in this world me thinks.😐

  4. Swizzle

    To say his family gene pool is shallow, is quite kind. Their complete lack of intelligence in any form was mind blowing. I kept shouting at the TV that these people need to stop procreating.

    • BeetsWhy

      That is so right Swizzle, I watched the series and was blown away at how low the inbred mentally retarded range the family all scored in?

  5. cheychey

    I didn’t watch the Netflix show about this but I’m going to now. I watched Dr Phil today and I’m intrigued to the story. I will never get these women that want to marry men in prison they have never met outside the jail. I just don’t understand!

  6. Sandra

    Aaaaw, c’mon TT! Ya gotta cover Part 2! We read your posts because of your take on things. No one else does it quite the same, or better. Especially when it comes to Dr. Phil…

    • BeetsWhy

      Sandra, you should. I watched first time around and was amazed how back and forth I was on so many elements of the case(s). I’d love to hear what you think after watching.

      • BeetsWhy

        Sorry Sandra, I meant cheychey 🤓

      • cheychey

        I’m trying Beets to find it somewhere other than Netflix which I don’t have. Thought maybe I could get it on YouTube or rent it. Otherwise I’m gonna be stuck for 10 hrs watching it at someone else’s house. I’m looking!

  7. CanadaCat

    I’m laughing pretty hard at them but mostly at your intelligent, hilarious, completely on-point report, TT! Thank you for doing you!

  8. Happy gal

    I found it interesting that when Dr Phil asked her how she felt they were going to be compatable she said you mean when he gets out and he said yes and she said I have not thought about that when all she had said in the beginning was he was going to get out as he was innocent and she said the part about them going to a cabin

    She did say she would never have been attracted to him in real life but she got to know him and now she is – uh huh right

  9. Kristen

    I found it strange how nice Dr. Phil was acting towards her. I know it must have been some sort of strategy, but maybe he knew she was about to get dumped? We will have to see how the second episode plays out.
    Just want to tell you TT I love your Dr. Phil recaps! It’s the one daytime show I never miss and I like hearing your thoughts.

  10. Susan

    Lmao! A gold digger? She’s a chump change chaser. Hahaha. She was bullied on Facebook in the closed groups and now they all feel bad for bulling her. Lmao he is guilty AF.

  11. gapeachinsc

    What I couldn’t understand was how she was being bullied by the online community…she would have to share her story and relationship in these online groups in order to be bullied by them. I think that was when I realized she was in it for the “fame” but who in their right mind would want to be famous for being in a relationship with him? A nut, I guess.

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