#RHONY Sunday Tea: Why Did Bethenny Lose Her Radio Show?


RHONY Bethenny angry
I have so many things piling up in my inbox that I really don’t feeling like reporting, but they keep on sitting in my inbox screaming, “Post about this!” So I am going to try to knock out as many as I can today.


Several of you reported to me nearly two months ago that something was going on with Bethenny’s radio show. I don’t really know how Sirius even works, but more than one person told me that Bethenny’s show stopped showing up on their listings out of the blue.  Among the throngs of folks that Bethenny has pissed off lately is Page Six.  In August Page Six was the first to report that Bethenny had a meltdown at the Coldplay concert in the Hamptons that was sponsored by Sirius.  I don’t think that is the link for that.  Bascially, Bethenny was at a very exclusive concert when some women were standing in front of her blocking her view. Allegedly, according to Page Six she threw a drink on the women and caused a RHONY sort of scene. This happened just a couple days before her radio show disappeared. Both Bethenny and Sirius now claim it was a limited run series and her behavior in the Hamptons had nothing to do with the show going off the air for good. According to my commenters who wrote me there was no, “Gee this was a lot of fun thanks for listening!” ending to the series.  It just stopped airing.





Page Six claims that there was a contract for a full time show that was summarily ripped up after the events in the Hamptons.  Either way, the bottom line is she no longer has a show on Andy’s channel.

Which makes me wonder how much Andy had to do with the contract situation.  It seemed to me that he was making the decisions about who was on his channel. It was basically all of his friends and a couple Bravo people. He was not pleased with her behavior at the reunion that filmed about two weeks before Hamptons incident.

Very quickly after the Hamptons incident, Bethenny was suddenly on the cover of a tabloid talking about how she had the worst divorce ever in the history of the world and she just wanted to help the less fortunate and be a beacon of love and light for women everywhere.  There there was that appearance on Wendy Williams that really seemed like something she bought and paid for in some sort of a two part deal that involved another show trashing Luann. At some point on the show with Bethenny, right at the end, she seemed to realize she never uttered the words that she was on Bethenny’s side over Luann’s and quickly got that in.

At the same time Bethenny was concerned about her vile behavior on RHONY “affecting her businesses.” We assumed it was the line of swill, and um, lunch meats. But maybe it was about the radio show?

Oh and also at this time Bethenny was posting about being happier than she’s ever been. Because, Bethenny.


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76 responses to “#RHONY Sunday Tea: Why Did Bethenny Lose Her Radio Show?

  1. Lisa j

    I would say couldn’t happen to a more deserving bitch but someone as mentally unstable as Bethenny probably believes her own F’ed up spin. I hope when karma does hit it happens so publicly and so scary island in your face that even her PR paid friends couldn’t put a happy spin on it. Somewhere I hope the Countess is laying in bed with a post coital glow laughing her ass off about this.

  2. Misha11

    And I read somewhere that her current boyfriend had a degree in public relations. (I didn’t know you could get a degree in that), but it kinda makes sense that she’s with him now because she needs good p.r. for her brand and image. But based on her behavior he may not be advising her. Who knows. Who cares. She should take her money and go live her truth on an island by herself.

  3. SLM

    I never listened to her show. I would not at all be surprised if Andy’s had enough and is distancing from her. I think the kind of psycho aggressive boundary-stomping behavior we’ve seen on the show is the tip of the iceberg. Imagine all the ways she may have been out of control behind the scenes.

  4. It is truly sad that we lost “The Bethenny” who was loved by so many season 1,2 &3. She is so horribly bitter about everything…WHY? Okay she had a bad childhood..who didn’t….she had to work hard for her money…who hasn’t…her marriage failed…like millions of us. Lets not forget hers was the “worst divorce in the history of the world” #GirlPlease You came out of yours with money, 3 homes & a company…I’m sitting in a tiny apt, watching my ex get richer because no matter how much “child support” one pays..Kids cost a lot of money! Mine are now grown, my ex has a lot of expensive toys & such & I still live paycheck to paycheck (but my kids were worth it,,xo) ….& I don’t bitch & spit hate at everyone… I’m happy (well ish..lol) Wish I had a teeny tiny bit of what she has…..again who doesn’t
    I don’t know how Bethenny can come back from all this. So many people seem pissed at her! I tweeted at her (which I’m sure she ignored) that S07 she was crying all season…. S08 she was bitchy, bleeding & full of hate all season. Maybe she should try laughing, kindness & having some fun in S09. She has bitched out LuAnn, Sonja & anyone else who tried to for fuck with her business, her divorce is over, so her ex can’t take anything else & she’s getting laid..So #BeNIce #FFS…. Maybe if she is nice we will also get back the Carole we liked at one time too …Hope springs eternal

    • Mark

      Learn how to fucking use ellipses.

    • Mary

      I just loved your comment. My husband through papers at me that gave me “30 days notice for forty years, to get a full-time job, pay for everything I spent starting that very night.” Old, sick, no checking account or money and not a single one of my 3 kids, or my four sisters offered me a place to fall. Wow,whine, boo hoo. Divorce almost done, hired my own attorney, selling house to pay attorney and hubby looking to cheat me is not going to be so happy. I am though and so happy

    • nita

      Most of the women dont seem to be understanding about when someone is going thru a bad time in their life.Money and houses have nothing to do with your self worth as a person.I empathize with Betheny.She is the most interesting women on rhony.Besides when Betheny came back more people started watching the show again including me.I have never thought much of luann she is a real b and a lier.

  5. Jen

    I was listening to her show on Sep 21 but it was the recording of the show where she had people calling in about step-parents. It was definitely an old one. I am rarely in my car at the time her show usually airs so I don’t normally catch it.

  6. Does this woman have a therapist?! Oh, nevermind… she probably doesn’t think she needs one. Or, if she does, she likely keeps firing/changing them until she finds one who will gladly take her money in exchange for agreeing with everything she says. She seems like a monster. Allegedly. In my mind/opinion.

    She really seems to believe her own bullshit and is delusional & MEAN.
    “Happiest she’s ever been” …. um, coo-coo for cocoa puffs!

    Again, Allegedly. IMO

    I’m no fan of Andy’s anymore either. But, I secretly hope she has finally pissed him off to the point that he will get her off my tv. If that happens then I imagine she has burned enough bridges to go back to nobody giving a shit & she loses what is actually the one & only thing she seems to care about-fame & relevance. Girl, bye!

    • She does have a therapist We see him on the first season of her spin-off,2nd & in S07 of RHONY when she cried about being “The richest homeless person in New York” ..everyone hates me because I’m rich..etc….& he is was not allowed to talk to her about her business..(said on a latter episode of S07). That was when I hit the “I’ve had it with this bitch button” So Yes ! She tells him what he can talk to her about ..in other words another one she controls ( That’s what it looks like to this viewer)

    • Juanita

      She has always had a therapist this one she has had for yrs …

  7. Teresa

    Why would someone who is such a mess want to air it all to the public? I guess she doesn’t think she is a mess.

  8. Teresa

    If I had her money, I would quietly ride off into the Hamptons sunset , never to be seen or heard from again. And just live a happy, rich life! But I think she enjoys being in the public eye more than her “real” life”. Actually I think she is addicted to it.

    • Joanplus2dogs

      I know right!! Enjoy your child & being able to afford a nice lifestyle that allows you the freedom to do what you want to do not what you have to do. Trying to stay on reality shows or in tabloids would be bottom of my list.

      • Teresa

        Do it for her child’s sake!

      • raynidaze

        Amen. But, it shows what her priorities are and where her daughter falls in the list. Bethenny has so much, yet she doesn’t have the important and truly valuable things like peace, happiness, family and close friends. She’s worked hard on her negative reputation (and she seems to be quite proud of herself for it) and she’s going to deserve every bit of the karma will come to her because of it, too.

  9. JoJoFLL

    Bethenny has holes.

    She needs to stop talking and calling the tabloids to take photos of her and just go underground.

    She has some serious damage control to do but can’t get out of her own way.

  10. DejaBlue53

    Do we know how she pissed off Page Six? I had the impression she was joined at the umbilical cord with them LOL

    • Christi

      She said after the incident in the Hamptons that Page Six got it wrong so maybe that’s it.

      • Minky

        The question might be: Is there anyone else who has more pull when it comes to Page Six? She probably pissed someone off at that show majorly. Who could it have been?

    • JoJoFLL

      If I had to take a guess, I’d say the real celebs really dislike the reality people. Jerry Seinfield had made numerous disparaging remarks about the housewives and their inflated sense of celebrity and fame on WWHL.

      Just from her personality that I’ve seen on TV, I’d imagine a lot of people are over her.

      Who knows who has pull with the NY Post. It could be anyone from Queen Bey (doubtful she cares) to a hedge fund wife who is well connected (see attendee who wore the cocktail BF threw).

      And the post hates the Kardashians. Maybe the NY Post is over reality people (HAHAHAHAHAHA! I almost wrote that with a straight face!@!)

      • Minky

        I can’t blame Seinfield for feeling that way. The mere fact that so many of these “reality” shows exist takes a lot of work away from real, trained actors and people who have spent their whole lives studying to become story-tellers and performers.

        TV is capable of so much more, such as educating people while entertaining them and broadening their cultural scope. While it’s fun to laugh at the Wives, it wouldn’t honest of me to not say that I feel that I’m probably part of some sort of mass consciousness mind game.

  11. Cat

    I’m in a bad mood, so take this however you like.

    Bethenny is a bitch.

    Who the Hell does she think she is? Screw her, and anyone who enables her.

    • Misha11

      I feel the same way and I’m in a good mood!

    • RealE

      Consign; from the mood to the Bethanny is a Bitch. She permeates true unhappiness.

      The best part of TT’s tea to me is tying the radio part into Andy. I thought he was pissed at her at the reunion and almost over her angry/ pity me routine. He got snarky with her a few times and I was surprised and loved it, just because he called her on things that he should as an impartial host (which he has never been historically). So now knowing this about radio and that he is involved in the station and decisions, it really sounds like Andy might be tiring of Bethanny.

    • I hope whatever put you in a bad mood, Cat, doesn’t affect you much longer.

      With that sad, ditto on Bethenny being a bitch and fuck those who enable her.

  12. Amazing how Premarin can make the entire world a different place without changing you at all. Are you listening, Bethenny? Yes, it’s time.

  13. Dee

    I heard the women she threw a drink on were well connected. I guess no one told them this is Bethenny’s world, we just live in it. Allegedly

    • Melissa

      Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn has been deemed “influential” in many reports, both in the Hamptons scene and in NYC. She appears to be very well-connected with some elite friends.

      And Bethenny was sitting near entertainment gods like Harvey Weinstein, concert promoter Ron Delsener. I’m sure they were not impressed.

      So, Bethenny lost her job, and is going to be blacklisted in that social scene — over a snapchat video of Coldplay. Beyond stupid.

  14. DejaBlue53

    Yeah, one of the women who got splashed is married to a Goldman Sachs honcho, so maybe she pulled some strings. Plus, I imagine the A-Listers were wondering who the hell she thinks she is. Ha

  15. Spunky2015

    On Andy’s radio show last week a caller asked if Bethenny was angry with him because he didn’t protect her during reunion. Andy said yes she was but he was trying to be fair to all the ladies.

    Bethenny said she was supposed to have her own show as a business consultant. Bet that was canned too.

    • Minky

      And how the hell was Andy supposed to protect her? By muzzling her? Because that’s the only thing that would have got the job done.

      • SLM

        OMG, Minky, I was about to write the exact same thing when I saw your post! I agree, short of knocking her out to keep her from acting like a first class loon, what was Andy supposed to do???

      • Spunky2015

        @Minky: no kidding. How can Andy protect her from herself?

  16. ZenJen55

    Wonder who got to Howard Stern,? Doesn’t he own a good portion of Sirius? Is Andy and Howard friends,,I’m just wondering….

  17. Teresa

    Regarding her radio show she responded to one of the many tweets asking her what happened that it was “a 13 week run for the summer”. I tweeted back saying maybe, but she was only on 3-4 weeks. She did not respond.

  18. JustJenn

    Part of having a radio show is having guests, right? Much like a talk show. She already proved that NO ONE, not even Linsday Lohan with her horrific finger accident, wants to be Bethenny’s guest. Who thought this was a good idea? Did they see her failed talk show and thought maybe her face was the problem? No one likes her.

  19. Madashell

    Wasn’t there another incident with Page 6 where they alleged Bethenny called with another story of LuAnn having sex w Tom in a restroom? When LuAnn spoke to page 6 she said she was at a funeral w Tom in another state. It sounded like Page 6 was giving Bethenny the side eye.
    She’s desperate and so mean. Hope she leaves the show. I’m proud to say I’m one of the viewers who never liked Bethenny …this lastest Bethenny reminds me of Linda Blair in the exorcist just spewing hate.

    • Minky

      You and me both Madashell. I never liked her and thought she was a bitch since S1. All that poor me crying and belly-aching! As loo-loo as Jill is, Bethenny totally took advantage of her. Jill welcomed Bethenny into her home with her family, and even Jill’s mama was kind to Bethenny and gave her motherly attention and advice.

      The other early episode that made me side-eye Bethenny real hard was when she was at Silex’s kids’ birthday party and she turned on the water works and made it ALL about her. I was like “Bitch, can’t you even control your poor-me-egotistical-bullshit for at least half and hour at someone else’s kids party.” If she was so distraught about her horrible life then she could have just excused herself and not monopolized all of the time and taken Alex’s attention away from her kids and all of the other guests. Totally rude.

      I only vaguely remember the Tom and Luanne knocking’ boots in the loo story, that Luanne promptly refuted with a really good, factual alibi. That must have made Bethenny look like a total nut-ball. They could actually get sued for printing stories that can be easily proven false, right?

      I don’t see her leaving the show anytime soon. She will gladly accept an invitation to come back if she gets one. And I believe she will receive an invitation for next season. Andy’s not done with her yet. He’s gonna let her finish ruining her own reputation. Watch him closely. He’s probably been planning every last one of his moves with her for a while now. No matter how smart she thinks she is, she’ll still never see it coming.

      • Teresa

        I started noticing the evil in Andy during the HW reunion shows. He sits there smiling while the women are fighting, screaming, and crying. I realized that he loves watching people’s lives fall apart. How many divorces, bankruptcies, prison terms, etc. has he helped along? It’s disgusting. But these people sign on to these shows knowing this.

  20. Erica

    I am one of the ones that emailed TT. I believe some shit went down, but I absolutely do not believe the Page Six version of events.

    First of all… if I remember right, the show continued after the Coldplay concert. Second, KELLY BENSIMON tweeted right after the concert when the rumors came out that Bethenny did NOT do what people were accusing her of (purposely throwing drinks). Kelly OF ALL PEOPLE would be the last to defend Bethenny, or lie for her.

    I’m sad – I enjoyed her show. Her one with Bobby Flay was great. I’m a Carole fan – but even I admit she didn’t show much personality this season. But she was fun on Bethennys radio show.

  21. Omgomg

    :) Mark!

  22. Microop

    Bethenny invited Andy to her wedding and he didn’t show up. They aren’t friends (although she might think so). He might have favored her and hung out with her a handful of times, but she’s mainly a cast member to him.

  23. nita

    Everybody on here wouldn’t even look at rhony if Betheny wasn’t on there.Women always have to have somebody to hate.Who else would you talk about everybody else on that show is boring as hell.

    • Omgomg

      Not true. I didn’t actually watch every ep this season and fast forwarded. I’ve watched it for YEARS. She brought down the franchise. Imho, Bethenny is *not* entertaining. This is not someone you love to hate — this is an abusive, out of control, psycho who comes across really really mean. She is losing lots of fans. There is nothing normal or even reality TV abnormal. Even Teresa on RHONJ who went to prison — is more sympathetic than B. Imagine if Teresa stayed in that table flipping mode for 2 whole seasons! She didn’t. She tried to be a good mom. The men had outbursts but she really didn’t. Not at that level. And Bethenny — the horrendous things she said to LuAnn, she thinks it’s okay to speak to people that way… it’s not. It just isn’t. Then to go out of her way to destroy Luann’s happiness — you know came across as really awful not entertaining, you know? I mean, I didn’t find it entertaining. I didn’t even watch the reunion.
      It’s been covered here a lot and you’re entitled to your opinion but many fans here (former fans) and twitter have said how UNentertaining they find her. LuAnn got her own special — I watched that! It was really fascinating!

      • Minky

        I finally watched a little bit of RHONY last night. Specifically the part where Bethenny and Carole leave Jules’ house in the Hamptons.

        It was disgusting. Those two are despicable. And Carole, judging just from that one episode of her being mean to Jules, has lost all credibility as far as I’m concerned. I don’t believe it was just Bethenny’s bad influence. If anything she could have tried to be a check on Bethenny’s behavior. She should have been smart enough to realize how bad that would look, but no. Talk about a good little dyed-in-the-wool foot soldier!

        On top of that, it gave me additional respect for Jules and Dorinda. I would love to see more wives like them on the show, but alas…

  24. Bethenney deserves everything that’s happening to her. She is the devil.

  25. Rita

    Reminds me of those Dave Chappelle skits “when keeping it real goes wrong”.

  26. T D

    Serious consequences for a consequential crybaby. Thanks for the Long Island iced tea. I’ll try to refrain from throwing it on someone less important than myself.

  27. Teresa

    Bethenny is on Twitter saying that the radio show would take too much time., that she has too many other commitments. Trying to make it seem like it was her choice not to continue with the radio show.

  28. RealE

    TT – hope you caught WEndy Williams today. Does she come here to get her tea and claim it as hers? Because 2 days after you reported this tea she was claiming this story with just the smallest twist. Uhhhhhuhhh *side eyes*

    And I may be in the minority here, but I happen to be a fan of hers. But as if late that has been dissipating.

    • Cheryl B.

      I thought the same thing. If your referring to WW, this season I realized a couple things that are making me not mind if I miss the show, which until towards the end of last season watched faithfully. I noticed her audience is half the size, and much closer to her, making them a lot louder. Also, with having reality guests, she acts like reality watchers have a certain personality she tries to replicate.(I think we are all just fine and normal) Just my thoughts.

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