#RHOA Sunday Tea Hawaii



UPDATED: #RHOA are on their long journey home. It seems like a long, long flight for a long weekend to me. There was a some sort of Kenya/Cynthia/Peter/Kandi/Todd alliance thing happening yesterday probably because of Todd and Peter hanging out. 

Not sure that group is really down with the Ps and Sheree and there may have been some conflict there.  We’ll have to wait and see….

The big news from Hawaii is that there is no big news from Hawaii. I’ve heard from a few people who were at the Four Seasons where the ladies (and a few gents) are staying and there have been no disturbances at all. Everyone who has run into Cynthia has said that she’ really pretty and very nice in person.


The common theme in the reports I’ve been getting is that Peter is spending a lot of time by himself.  He was spotted several times walking alone or at the pool alone or eating alone.  This is really not a big news as he would not be involved in all the filming.  Yesterday was his birthday and there was a lovely dinner and the requisite cake.  Cynthia posted the photos above of the dress she was wearing.



Cynthia has been filming some one on one scenes with Peter like the one above that was captured for TT by a guest at the Four Seasons.

I was a bit surprised by the number of people who were there who contacted me and tried to weed through the ones that were really there and those who could not be verified.

Almost everyone spotted Kenya chatting happily with Phaedra. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this twosome. But apparently, it’s a thing.


Everyone was spotted together at brunch yesterday or the day before, sorry my days are running together and Maui is six hours earlier than we are.  Everyone was getting along and was pleasant and there were no cameras around. I guess it is pretty hard to be bitchy at the Four Seasons Maui but I’m sure they will come up with something. Kenya and Sheree are not super happy with each other this season, so there is that.  Phaedra is still friends with Porsha and they were spotted jet skiing together.  It sounds like have been spending most of their time on the property so far.

I’m still hoping that they sacrifice a THOT or two to the gods of  Haleakala for the grand finale.


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37 responses to “#RHOA Sunday Tea Hawaii

  1. Khirssy

    Cynthia and Peter fake their break up for Cynthia to keep her peach and for Peter to get paid by. Bravo. Still boring zzzzz

  2. GayFriendInYaHead

    I’m happy everyone is getting along, I’m praying Cynthia isn’t using her marriage woes for a storyline. I hope Peter and Carlos had a great birthday, and I still hope we get to see Lena on a couple of episodes. This trip would have been perfect for her and RL since there wedding is coming up.

  3. JoJoFLL

    I’ve got nothing.

    I’m just still day drunk from Sunday brunch.

    That’s all.

  4. SabrinaToo

    Is Kandi there? Or has she not been filming since her and Todd were asked to leave the plane?

  5. Hi kitty

    How funny, people spotted Cynthia and peter at the Westin walking into kannapali beachand I was surprised that bravo would put them there. We’re stuck here until Tuesday because of a non-cancel label reservation and it SUCKS! We’re checking into the four seasons Tuesday, super excited because all the rooms apparently newly renovated and gorgeous. Also for any travelers out there, so far Kauai > Maui. It is a million times more beautiful. if I had known I would have honeymooned there longer.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I don’t care for The Westin – don’t let that be your impression of Maui-that or Kaanapali! The South side of Maui is so pretty. The Four Seasons is gorgeous-the views of West Maui and Lanai are beautiful – Hopefully you will get to experience a few of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The beach there is great – although if you have a car ask for them to direct you to beaches further south (Go see but don’t swim in Big Beach – very dangerous) there are a few beaches that are small, beautiful and never crowded with the biggest turtles that swim right by you – I’ve had turtles swim into me on several occasions (scared the sh-t out of me) –these turtles are huge! I never tire of the turtles. It drives me bananas when people touch them. The snorkeling is the best on the Island right down the road from you.
      Wailea is MUCH different than Kaanapali – night and day – it’s much nicer, better beaches, less crowded-no traffic -great restaurants- many within walking distance of The Four Seasons. People prefer Kaanapali for the night-life, bigger selection of restaurants and stores but I go to Maui to get away from people, restaurants and stores. I really hope you enjoy it.
      There I’m done, every since I’ve read the cast were going there, I’ve been dreaming of Maui.

      • Hi kitty

        Thanks for the advice, it’s helpful to hear that. We were less then impressed when we got here – which makes me feel bratty – but the grand Hyatt in Kauai was just spectacular so the Westin & big box stores/restaurants felt like a downgrade/not exotic. Tomorrow we are driving to the Haleakala crater & the pools/waterfalls in kipahulu. Tonight we’re headed to the old Lahaina luau which I’m super excited about. I think they will be redeeming. Dreaming of the four seasons until then!

      • Hi kitty

        Also do the turtles bite? I love little ones haha! We were told of a snorkeling your that goes down that way. Apparently they don’t take you into the tunnels anymore though.

    • PeachyKeen

      Been to Kauai many times.. Love it Love the Big Island… Maui not so much

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Excited to hear that about Kauai, Hi Kitty, trying to plan next year’s vacation there!

  6. Margaret Shepard

    I am so over this same cast and boring and fake storylines. I will check it out only to see Kandi’s cute baby, and Moore manor and chateau Sheree’s. This show needs recasting.

    • Pat

      I’M tired of same ole sit.

      • Uncle Sigmund

        Me Too! If you can read this you can read anything: M’I terid of smae elo tis.Tis Ptee sia lsoer Cnyhtia smae elo smaeo.Kneya smae elo dsepatre oh tehy sohuld rnemove dsepatre hsa. Sorry, I just lost my mind.

    • Pat

      I’M tired of same ole sit.Peter is a loser Cynthia same ole sameo Kenya same ole desperate ho they should rename desperate has been.

      • tamaratattles

        Pat, I don’t know if you are illiterate, unable to type properly or are perhaps being held hostage by ISIS and trying to send us some sort of secret code, but in any case. Just stop.

      • Pat

        Jeeze sorry if I’m not up to your standards I will stop .

      • Give Sheree a coin or two so she could really do something like open a chain of gyms, bring back ms dwight, have kim zolciak be a friend of the show and give Marlo a peach…then you would have something worth watching sans nene.

  7. Cat

    Finally. Good news.

    I’m glad they are getting along. Hawaii is a great place.

  8. Last sentence TT, priceless! 😅

  9. More Tea Please!

    What? Peter is still on the show? Now we know that all Bravo wants to do is stir the shit!

  10. Cynthia looks stunning. Love the dress!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I still think Cynthia is the most beautiful housewife of any franchise!

      • Minky

        She could wear rags and no hair or make-up and still look stunning. She was a high fashion model for a reason. I suspect that some of the other Wives secretly hate her for it. Cough, Nene, cough.

  11. BeetsWhy

    That photo looks nothing like Cynthia to me, she almost looks Asian.

  12. Dan

    Thanks for this TT! The trip sounds rather low key, but I’m sure there was drama behind closed doors if it wasn’t out in the open.

    Cynthia looks STUNNING!

  13. So jealous. The powers of the Islands can even reach into the cold hard souls of the Bravo housewives and bring peace. Miracles still exist lol

  14. Tee Munee

    TT do you know if Marlo was on the trip?

  15. Leeza

    Does everyone love Cynthia’s new lake house? It’s gorgeous. I hope she has loons on her lake. The best happy haunting call.

  16. RealE

    Someone clue me in.. Peter is on the trip, but him and Cynthia are publicly divorcing.
    So they are friends? Faking something? Working it out? ( hope not the latter)
    I apologize if I missed the Tea in another post.

  17. T D

    Poor Peter stuck with poi for one. Even while surrounded by pineapples he wants a peach so bad he can taste it. He doesn’t want to lose sight of his gravy train either. They should try and ditch him on Molokai. Shaka.

  18. Rocco

    You’re going to get the Bravo crew member who feeds you all this information fired. It’s getting easier and easier to figure out who it is. Now we know that they were on the flight with Kandi and Todd on the way over, and now they are in close enough proximity to a closed shoot to take pics… Definitely a crew member.

    • tamaratattles

      Meh, If I lose one I have a few more. sssssh. :) I’m pretty deep on RHOA. It’s my west coast spies I have to coddle.

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