Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Other C Word



This is the RHONJ episode is where things all go insane in Vermont. This is when the incident where Robyn and Christina lose their housewife position. I think it was technically Robyn’s housewife slot at the time. Things with Robyn get so “violent,” at least it was reported that way, that the lesbian couple that Bravo was so excited about was summarily dumped from the show and erased from nearly every scene. And they had filmed a lot. This is the official wording of the episode listing, “The group is divided on the second day in Vermont. Jacqueline is consoled in the wake of her dustup with Robyn. Then, Jacqueline loses her cool with Teresa and Melissa, And Dolores and Siggy at last reach their breaking point. ” Which makes it sound like they are not going to show us anything close to what happened.

Wasn’t last week the episode where I could not make heads or tails of what happened?  I’ve got some bad news for you then, I am less mentally clear tonight than I was last week. I’m starting to wonder if I will ever be clear-headed again. But here we go. It’s the end of a long day where it seems most people went skiing and Joe hurt his back in a fall. Everyone is exhausted. Dolores has her talk with Melissa about Robyn. I think a lot of things have been cut out already because it’s the end of the day after the night that Jac and Robyn had what we saw as a minor dustup. Dolores says that because Teresa is on probation, they don’t need any physical fights and  Robyn is threatening to beat up Jacqueline. Melissa does a talking head that was clearly taped much later in the season after things get much worse where she claims that Jac is obsessed with being Teresa’s bestie and has basically been stalkerish. To me this makes Melissa look like some high school girl who is competing with some other girl for the BFF slot next to the head cheerleader. All of the women on this show are so childish.



Siggy and Dolores talk to Jac who is crying. She is crying because Teresa is choosing to be better friends with people who just want something (to be on the show) from her instead of her true friends (and family.) And because she started her period.

We have dueling camps discussing who should leave. Melissa and Teresa tell Robyn and Christina that Jac needs to leave.  Siggy and Dolores tell Jac she is not leaving because Robyn is the problem and she needs to leave. Robyn wants to leave to diffuse all the stress. Teresa is pissed that Robyn is leaving. Now Teresa wants to leave. She doesn’t even want to film anymore. I strongly believe that production at this point has already removed Robyn from the house and she is coming back in to tell Teresa and Melissa goodbye.  If there was a violent argument that left Jac in fear for her life, we didn’t see it. However both camps seem to be alluding to things that happened that we are not being shown.

Teresa and Melissa are headed to dinner and they are furious with Jacqueline, who if I remember the story correctly insisted that production make Robyn leave.  Teresa is so furious she does not want to film the dinner scene, but production would not miss this for the world.

RHONJ Dinner with Jac
Right away at dinner, Teresa blames Jac for Robyn having to leave. Jac denies that she had anything to do with it. She retells the rage on my ass story. Everyone is exhausted and hangry. Teresa points out that Robyn didn’t do anything to her but Jac got up and sat on Robyn and continued to try to provoke her. Despite Teresa not even being out there, she is right about that part.  Jac says she offered to leave if that is what Teresa would have preferred. Siggy and Dolores say they would not have been okay with that. Jac is devastated that Teresa is coming for her hard and taking Robyn’s side. She tries to do a dramatic walkout, but the first one is aborted because Chris really wanted to get through dinner service before the heels started getting thrown and he did not get up from the table so she sat back down. Chris tells Teresa she has known Jac a lot longer than she has known Robyn, who apparently she just met when she was cast, and that she needs to give Jac the benefit of the doubt and support her friend over the new person.

Sidenote: Teresa asks for her tap water to be removed so she can get bottled water. IN VERMONT.

Back to the arguing. Teresa who was not there, continues to take Robyn’s side while Siggy and Dolores, who were there are taking Jac’s side. Teresa says something to Jac about being crazy and aggressive and Jac says “You’re the table flipping bitch!”  Teresa says she is not flipping a table now. Actually, while I feel that it’s wrong for Teresa to side with the new girl over Jac, Teresa is being very calm and Jac is being a bit um, PMSy.  Jacqueline in her confessional talks about all the bat shit crazy violent things that Tre has done since they’ve been friends and we get a montage.  She’s right. Her twerking on Robyn is not even in the same stratosphere.

Then we have another round arguing about Teresa’s solider’s that do her dirty work. Sadly we get stuck on Johnny the Greek and Penny. Johnny has passed away about three months after this was filmed. However, didn’t Jacqueline attack him with a stiletto in THE GREAT STILETTGATE of 2013? 

Now we are bringing up things from 2011. And by we I mean Jac. It all has to do with StripperGate. Melissa is being fake as fuck and Jac is calling her out on it. Jac is calling Kim D on the phone to stick up for her. Jac is going nutso. She starts screaming about Melissa’s four nose jobs. Now Teresa and Melissa are pretending like they didn’t hate each other for all those seasons they hated each other. Teresa says to Jac that they way she is acting right now she is “feeling threatened right now.” This is supposedly what Jac said to production about Robyn. This sends Jac even further around the bend.  Jac stands up and says, “I’m so sorry that you feel threatened right now, you poor fucking criminal!”  And then, Jac and Teresa turn into Marlo and Sheree in Africa where they are arguing at the bottom of the steps and suddenly have dueling psychotic breaks and start speaking in tongues that no church members are around to translate.



I really need a halftime break here or something. This is ridiculous. Jac storms out. This time Chris goes with her and Dolores checks on her. Melissa is trying to make this about her.  Dolores and Siggy stick up for Jacqueline. Joe and Teresa come down hard on Siggy because Siggy won’t shut the fuck up.  Then they move on to talking about how horrible it was for Jac to call Teresa a criminal.  Siggy is crying and having a meltdown and Teresa is yelling at her to suck it up.

When Siggy and Dolores get back to their chalet, Jac is fine and says she needs to get the toxic people out of her life and that includes Teresa and Joe and Melissa.  Siggy wants to leave as soon as possible.  Joe Gorga was already taking a flight home the next day. Jac and Chris are packed and ready to go.

The next morning, Siggy and Dolores tell Teresa and Melissa they cannot stand to be there for another minute. Melissa and Teresa are loud and obnoxious to the point where Dolores screams at them and Siggy cries. They do not want to be around them anymore.

Jac and Chris have Kathy over to find out what happened on the trip. Sidenote: I really wish I had some of that salami that Chris is putting out.

Teresa and Melissa take a gondola ride up to the restaurant on top of the mountain. Teresa cries because Joe is leaving in two weeks.  This episode was exhausting as fuck.  It ended with a scene of Melissa happily taking selfies with Teresa, secure in her new position as Teresa’s top foot soldier. Which is exactly what this entire episode was all about.


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111 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Other C Word

  1. Minky

    Oh my good Lord Jesus! I’m exhausted just reading that.

    I have no favorites here, but I gotta say Jacqueline busting out with “I’m sorry you feel threatened right now, you poor fucking criminal!” is so totally ace. That one is going to go down in The RH Shade Hall of Fame.

  2. Beverly

    Oh my. I can’t even with Jac…she’s a complete psycho. I can’t stand her. Anybody else feel that way?

    • Minky

      Yes, she is psycho. But the burns were good though, no? “Table flipping bitch” is also a very good one.

      I got my life with this one. Lord! I am perspiring! Laugh out loud funny. Thank you Tamara. As usual, you rule!

      • pdt090

        Table flipping bitch felt a bit too rehearsed, especially since she whipped it out kind of randomly before they were really going at it.

    • Kara123

      Yes, I see right through her. Also Robyn just tweeted she has texts from jac trying to persuade her to be a solider for jac

      • … and now we know the rest of the story … good day!

        Chris has been pushed around by women all of his life. He needs to stand up to this one or she is going to end up having a mental breakdown. Enabling her isn’t helping her.

      • That’s what happened—Jac tried to recruit Robyn to be on her side and she wouldn’t do it. Did you hear Teresa say “Maybe you wanted Robyn to be your soldier.” at the beginning of the dinner—-that’s exactly what she meant.

    • Swizzle

      Yes, completely. Jac is unstable. She doesnt act out of love for Teresa like she professes. I don’t know anything about Robyn’s background, but I do know that Jac has been violent in the past. These people are all nuts.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        She doesn’t give a shit about Teresa any more than the rest of the hangers on. I can’t stand her because she pretends to, and thinks it gives her the moral high ground. I hate Teresa too but Jaq wants to be on screen just like the rest of them.

    • Annie Marie

      Totally agree with you. I’ve never been able to stand Jac…this is making it even harder.

    • LisaPat

      Yes Beverly.. most of the population. Shame on Chris Laurita for enabling a very troubled woman in need of serious professional help before she snaps and hurts someone. When that happens, I still see people like Dolores and the Manzos asking Jac if SHE is okay.

    • Primrose

      Jacqueline started it on the bus. She wants Teresa’s friendship even though she has done so much horrible things to Teresa and in the scenes I have seen this season, she still seems to hate Teresa.

    • Melissa

      I’m with you. Jacqueline has either lost her mind, is perpetually drunk or high, or she is acting.

      And Siggy? A relationship expert who wants to counsel people nonstop, signs up for a reality show, but says she doesn’t like “drama.” I can’t roll my eyes hard enough.

      • ME EITHER—-like you said, she’s supposed to be an expert, but she can’t handle it unless things are all rosy and when things get heated she gets all upset and cries and starts dramatic shit like throwing apples around the room. Relationship expert my f’ing ass……..

    • Rolly

      Yes, I absolutely do! Jac is a pathetic jealous idiot with no self control. I’m not going to keep bashing Teresa because she did her time for her crime. Everyone is angry, bitter , jealous & mad that without Tre there’s no RHONJ. Point blank & period. While she was gone everyone had to get a real job. Teresa came back & picked up like she never left & this got several people on & off the show pissy like a diaper.

    • RHofND

      I can’t stand Jac either! I’ve watched every Housewives from every city and in my opinion Jac is the only person I’ve seen trying to act. She comes into every scene loaded for bear to get maximum camera time to guarantee a paycheck because of her own financial problems.

    • minimogul

      I….agree….she’s a nut

  3. Karebear

    I’m exhausted reading this!!! Oh my waiting till tomorrow night for this shit show with vodka cran in hand
    Not tonight lol

  4. Jane

    Just going by what actually has been shown on the show ……… Jac never asked for Robyn to be made to leave. She had made the decision to go home, it was Delores and Siggy who requested Robyn leave. Melissa was wrong to state Jac said in was Robyn or her. Yes, Jac seems to support the decision, but nothing has been shown to suggest it was her idea.

    Out of the entire cast this season, I am most disappointed in Joe. Joe Gorga. He and Chris have always been my favorites. I suppose he realized he must kiss his sisters butt in order to keep his family together. He and Chris have always been the most authentic, Gorga has lost all of his appeal to me this season.

    • Minky

      Both Joe G. and Chris seem to be in some part victims of circumstances when it comes to their wives and families. They can’t do the right thing because they have no choice in the matter. I’m not saying either of them are saints, but they seem like pathetic characters.

      And Chris in particular always looks so damn tired. I kind of feel sorry for him. Especially with a spouse like Jac.

      • Wonky Tonk

        I agree. With Chris I get the sense of a long suffering husband who tolerates his wife’s crazy behavior on camera, and off, for the sake of the decent relationship they have in private. I think the thing is at some point in the distant future he’s going to get his fill and draw a line.

        Joe G. on the other hand is clearly outclassed, and is the intellectual inferior to his wife, but he also doesn’t seem to ever grasp that, which sort of confirms the intellectual inferiority. She frequently justifiably tolerates him, while he frequently ventures into male chauvinism. I don’t care for the way he feels he has the right to raise his voice to demand attention over everyone else, and at the table that night the ladies ignored him, and they didn’t show him get louder, which makes me suspect they cut a lot out of that scene because I don’t see him letting himself be ignored without making a lot of noise to demand their attention.

    • pdt090

      …do you really think they would AIR footage of Jacqueline making demands to the producers?

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I agree. Just because we didn’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Jaqueline is manipulative and needs to be seen as the victim always.

    • Sliceo'pie

      There was a lot going on behind the scenes Jane – you might want to go back and look at previous posts where TT filled us in what was going on-especially last winter when they were filming.-TT alludes to some of the in-fighting in this post too.

  5. I’m kind of amazed how much life came surging back into me when I read the word “salami”. You complete me.

  6. I can believe Melissa had four nose jobs.

  7. The best scene of the whole show was when Joe and the girls ate Chinese together. Milanias “you are fatter than pregnant people” was priceless. Joe must miss those cuts. I hope the four years away go quickly.

    • Sliceo'pie

      You’re right – the other scenes were draining. As much as I can’t stand Teresa and Joe, I still feel for the kids.

    • Bridgett

      That was the only authentic scene in the whole show. While sad, it was the only brightspot. Milania is going to be even more of a handful without Joe, she’s his sidekick.

    • Wonky Tonk

      OMG YES! I actually fell in like with Juicy Joe for like the entire duration of that love fest between he and his daughters. He was such a nice freakin guy, and the thing is I sort of get why he talks so rough to his oldest daughter, at first it comes off as mean, but tonight I came to realize it’s really just an odd, and stupid way of showing love towards her, but probably the only way he knows how to try and connect with her.

  8. GayFriendInYaHead

    WTF am I watching, Robyn you did nothing wrong. Jacqueline is such a big ass baby, Siggy and Dolores seem like guest stars this season and not housewives. I feel like I’m watching a Teresa gets out of prison special and not RHONJ,it’s so weird.

  9. BeetsWhy

    Love the tap/bottled water comment. For any of you who have not had the pleasure of drinking Jersey tap water let me enlighten you…it tastes like moist ass! Maybe Vermont has the same problem?

    I would have taken a Xanax if I knew how stressful this ep was going to be. Between the fighting and screaming and the obvious gaps in time I was dizzy as hell. Can’t wait to see how all this gets spun!

  10. RealChicagoHousewife

    I spent most of this episode wondering what really happened. The level of emotional volitility doesn’t match what we were shown. I kept thinking: who is production protecting? And what is wrong with Siggy? She just met these people. It’s just not adding up. Interesting though that Delores did get blundt with Teresa in the restaurant and then half hysterical in the chalet the next morning and Teresa reacted very differently with Dolores than with anyone else who has confronted her.

  11. LA_in_KY

    Jac was acting crazy, but I think everything she said was true. Did anyone else catch Deplores saying Tereasa was dressed like Melania in the last scene?

  12. Brianna

    Sooooo overrrrr Jac and Siggy is such a drama queen. I applaud tre for taking Robyn’s side bc Jac was being a jealous B that Tre liked Robyn and tre actually read it.

    Jac playing the “I’ve known you longer” card back fired (Tre knows Jac and her moves) bc it seemed obvious Jac was trying to get Robyn off the show. Especially bc Jac is a hypocrite. You can’t bring up all these times that Tre was on psycho level 1000 but then say Robyn made you feel threatened … Jac is stupiddddddddd.

  13. Nila

    I am so confused..all Jac wanted was for Teresa and her cousins to make up, if they did, would they then be called fake and have every argument brought up from the past any time they were getting along? Because that is what Jac is doing with Melissa and Tre. Who cares if they’re faking it? They are getting along and their families benefit from it. Why should Jac care about any of this?!? I think she is super jealous that the show is basically revolving around Tre and for once in five years Tre is not the villain. If you truly were afraid of someone, you would not go sit in their lap or try to provoke them, you’d walk away, fast. How nice of Jac to have Kathy over to discuss the trip, desperate for air time much? Calling people who are not present during arguments is just pathetic and childish. I thought Tre was calm and absolutely did not attack Jac, neither did Melissa. I thought it was funny that she was the only one name calling and bringing up the past yet she felt attacked..

  14. This season has been plain awful.

  15. Cdwash

    Jac gave Robyn her ass to rage on then she cries about it. She dishes it out but cries like a bitch when anyone says boo to her. Candy ass baby. Go and take the best relationship counselor cry baby Siggy with you. And Delores you’re free to go as well. Jac is a Kathy, Rosie lover. She just needs Tre to be on the show. Jac touched Robyn first Nut Job.

  16. Cherry Bomb

    I was so distracted by Teresa’s white shiny stripe down the center of her nose that I think I’m happy that I had that distraction during their dinner. Also Joe Gorga saying tha Tre didn’t do anything wrong other than stand by her husband… Oh ok we’re going that route Joe and Melissa… Yeah poor innocent Tre. And the waiter asking Dolores if they were Italian… uhhh…. Teresa biting into that chicken wing …. One time I was really drunk and was eating barbecue chicken and midway I just stopped and said to myself why am I eating this chicken leg like a cave woman… And I still was eating that chicken with more grace and manners than Tre eating that wing. And after all of those random observations I still think Tre was calmer and more restrained than years past but she did revert back to the old Tre by saying that Jac maybe knew about the stripper gate. Deflect Deflect Deflect. Melissa was shady as hell by not answering Jac and pretending to forget what happened. And Jac was a total psycho big ass baby. I think Jac did provoke Robyn and if we missed stuff because Bravo cut it out then maybe that would have filled in the missing pieces but from what was shown it didn’t seem that threatening to me.

    • Wonky Tonk

      Just a comment in agreement with the oddness of that chicken drumette biting into scene. Like much of the dining scenes it just seemed somehow out of place even though they showed them being ordered and brought to the table, and frankly she was eating it like she was high, or maybe that was an effect of the speed of the filming.

    • Patricia

      That plate of wings looked like regurgitated horseshit.

  17. captivagrl

    Watching Melissa pretend that she had no idea what Jacqueline was talking about during the crazy dinner made me think of Gaslight. Teresa and Melissa are a team now, nothing hurtful in the past ever happened. Never been a Jacqueline fan, but that shit was hard to watch. Easy to side with the two ladies that didn’t want to hang out with them the next day (gondola lift/lunch whatever). Normal people don’t put up with erratic behavior. It’s too troubling and stressful.

  18. Lisa j

    Team Jac. She’s nailed the Don of Jersey and her mini me Melissa. The montage of Teresa in the younger years was very eye opening. You know Bravo loves a shit show fight so this Vermont thing must have been horrific to be cut. When Dolores loses her shit you know it’s bad. Go Dolores for telling Teresa she was not weak at all there at the end of the show. The only thing Teresa learned in camp was yoga because she sure as hell didn’t gain compassion or self awareness. And FYI Teresa, Jacqueline calling you a criminal was her simply stating a fact. She seemed more perturbed by that announcement than anything else.

  19. AmyinLasVegas

    Why was Siggy so upset and crying? Was she trying to make it more about her? She was so upset and puffy she had to go home? She is annoying to watch. It’s not her fight.

  20. Chloe

    As I was watching the episode I kept thinking that Jac is desperately wanting to make sure she gets lots of airtime so she’ll be a housewife next season. That’s the only rationale I could come to in order to explain her out of control behavior.

    Teresa, you are a CRIMINAL! She can’t say the word shows she has never accepted she did anything wrong.

  21. 9702am

    I love when Chris commented on how he can see how hurt Jac still looked and when the camera panned over to her all you could see is a botoxed filler filled face with no emotion. Rdiculous.

  22. Laureen Spina

    It drives me nuts when people feel bad for Jacqueline, Kathy and Rosie. Yes, I can see why Teresa is despicable and every horrible thing that they say about her is true. BUT if she is such a hateful, lying, table-flipping, sociopathic criminal then why do you ‘love her sooo much’ and desperately want her in your life???? It’s such insanity. I’ve literally never see any of them say a single positive thing about Tre yet they are so hell bent on being part of her life?? Bottom line- they are all using her to be on the show. Kathy’s only storyline is to show up to trash Teresa. She gets paid for the sole purpose of showing up to bash her cousin. Gee- I wonder why their family can’t be mended? If they were truly the saints that people believe them to be then they would stay far away from Tre and this show.

  23. Cat

    I agree with everyone–I’m exhausted just by reading this recap. Holy cow!

    Maybe I’m confusing this with other shows in the franchise, but it seems like they always resort to flashback montages in this show? Seeing it once is more than enough.

    I think it’s time to let New Jersey go. I’d rather see the Florida ladies come back. Let the CRIMINAL and her buddies get on with their little criminal lives. I’m tired of reality TV, where criminals get paid to be criminals.

    There is enough of that in the presidential race.

  24. ingrid

    Am I the only one who has difficulty telling Siggy and Dolores apart?

  25. Chase

    At first I didn’t see Siggy and Dolores attempting to cut Robyn out of the show for their “spot”, but these last two episodes have made it clear that Jac clued them in because there was a clear agenda to get her out of the house and essentially off the show because Robyn isn’t going to put up with Jac’s BS.

    Siggy is annoying and honestly, Dolores should have been the FOH and Robyn should have gotten the HW slot.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Aha – didn’t think of that. You may be on to something.

      • Taas1113

        Well, if you look at their Instagram accounts, Dolores, Siggy and Jacqueline seem to use the same company for personal appearance representation. It would make business sense for them to band together to remain relevant.

    • It was obvious and your right about Dolores being a FOH if that, she has brought nothing.

  26. Jrleaguer

    As Andy would say, “Three things I am obsessed with…”
    1. Dolores calmly ordering food while all holy hell swirls around her.
    2. Chris and Joe Gorga exchanging looks of despairation and praying that a hole opens up and swallows their end of the table.
    3. Miliania’s hot pink square tip manicure.

    • gapeachinsc

      Yeah, I had to rewind that part to make sure I was really hearing her calmly order food. It completely cracked me up and I thought, “Damn! She must be really hungry!” I also wondered what the waiter thought – the rest of the women are screaming like banshees and she’s calmly ordering food.

  27. Nila

    I thought Siggy’s behavior was quite Heather Dubrow like..the argument has nothing to do with her and honestly Jac’s behavior at dinner was so over the top, I don’t see how Siggy & Delores sided with her. Siggy was so over dramatic. I liked her in the beginning now I just find her annoying. Anyone else find it weird that the only family they checked in with was
    Joe & the kids on both episodes? I guess it would have been weird to check in with whoever was watching all the other kids.

  28. lo

    I found the whole thing distasteful, but I have to admit that my intuition is telling me that Jac is the one who has been insincere in regards to rekindling her relationship with Teresa. It just appears that Jac has a lot of pent up resentment towards Teresa and she’s been biding her time waiting to use all her carefully rehearsed lines. They come too easy as though she had them written down years ago and has been practicing for a time when she could let loose. She flies off the handle at the drop of a hat and most people are incoherent, but she delivers her lines effortlessly.

    I was actually warming up towards Jac earlier in the season because of those episodes with her son with autism. I really empathized with her. But she’s such a child it’s insane. Jac claims she cannot control herself. Well, that’s a problem. We all have the ability to choose a good or a bad response to a situation.

    I found Melissa especially ridiculous this episode. She has no real emotion when all this is going on…she just wants to look good on camera. Sad!

  29. Margaret Shepard

    Wow, Teresa can not say criminal or prison. She is still in denial. Guess a pardon request is coming Governor Christine’s way. Gesh what a shit storm this was. I did enjoy Joe eating with the girls , but my highlight was Dolores saying to the waiter -Yes we are Italian!! Lol, too damn funny.

    • BamaBelle

      Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t Tre’s pardon have to come from the President, as they were federal convictions?

  30. SabrinaToo

    I wish we could have seen how Jacqueline and Robyn interacted before this trip to Vermont. I’d like to see if they had problems from the beginning of filming. You’re right TT, that was an exhausting episode. I get why Melissa didn’t want to answer Jacqueline’s question about the whole strippergate situation at dinner. She is “close” with Teresa now and doesn’t want to go against her. Not to mention that was 4-5 years ago and probably didn’t want to have that as a storyline again. Jacqueline does seem like she doesn’t like Teresa and Melissa being close but I’m wondering if it’s because Jacqueline and Melissa were good friends and she’s scared of losing Melissa, not Teresa. Either way, it was a crazy episode!

  31. CupcakeScholar

    Jacqueline is desperate to have someone to film with. I don’t believe that she will return next season. I like Melissa and Teresa getting along. Fighting families are not fun to watch for me.

    Kim D. is soooooo messy! Love a harmless shitshow, therefore, I will be watching. No one takes her statements seriously and her styling is over the top and fun…the hair, makeup, and clothes.

  32. Margaret Shepard

    About the pardon lol I guess its my bad. From the President , that’s the first order of business for our next one. LOL.

  33. Cheryl B.

    I kinda wish each franchise only has 2 seasons. The first to not have a clue what they got into, and a second to be comfortable but still a bit oblivious. After that it seems like a lot of repetition.

    • Cheryl B.

      Repetition as in topics. I’m actually never watched episode 3 of the New York reunion, first time ever missing any episode. I think Jac (when I heard she saved her house), was gonna do anything to anyone the production wanted. I always felt that is how/why she came back.

  34. SabrinaToo

    One more thing! Not only does Jacqueline have no room talking crap to Melissa about plastic surgeries, but she also has nerve constantly referring to Teresa as a criminal when her and her husband were (or are)in deep for siphoning money out of their apparel company for their own use. And it was millions of dollars too. Jac often forgets that when she’s telling America that the reason her and her husband had to cut back is because of their son’s medical issues.

  35. Rach

    Of course Jac decides to have Kathy round to discuss the trip. What do you do when you have a cousin trying to repair her relationship with their cousin, you slag off the person to them. *eye roll*

  36. gapeachinsc

    My take on it all is that something big went down that none of us saw. The other thing I believe is that there are those that need/want that Bravo paycheck. And like others have stated above, why would they want to be around Tre anyway? None of them genuinely seem to like her. I do believe Jac loves her though but I also believe that she has some deep seated, long standing emotional issues that manifests in anger. That’s she always feels so hurt and why she lashes out about anything to anyone at any time. I actually feel bad for her but could never be her friend unless she was willing to admit she has a problem. And unfortunately Chris and others seem to condone and enable her behavior. Having worked with the mentally ill years ago, that’s one of the worst things one can do.

    As far as the guys go, I’m Lebanese and three of my cousins married Italian guys. At least in two of their families, the women pretty much “run” the family while the guys keep quiet and it’s only major decisions the men seem to make. I don’t know if that’s typical though. (The third cousin married into the mob and her life has pretty much sucked ever since…)

  37. Joe and the girls were the highlights, the only light moment in the whole show.

  38. Wonky Tonk

    I just do not get the motivations of these ladies and their behaviors during this episode. Their behavior seemed incongruous with what we were shown which makes the whole damned episode a difficult watch.

    • Minky

      I think TT said that a whole lot of the events that lead up to what was shown on the show were edited out either because a) they were too crazy, or b) they include too much of robyn and her wife and they can’t be shown because they were the reason that Robyn and her wife were cut out of the show in the first place.

      At this point I just don’t know what to think. This kind of constant jump-cut editing must be really hard to watch. But the question is “why”. What is it that they don’t want the audience to see? Are they trying to make Teresa look good, and the stuff that they didn’t show would make her look bad? It’s crazy.

      • I feel like they are trying to make Jac’s look good and that’s scary. They have cut her crazy scenes before when they all got into trouble legally.

  39. Wonky Tonk

    Yes, she did Minky, and I’m completely agreeing with her here. Hopefully the producers who peruse here get the hint moving forward.

    Also, and I’m sorry but I feel the need to put this out there, I really have a problem with Teresa, and her criminal in denial self. She’s frankly difficult to watch, due to her refusal to accept any personal responsibility for why her criminal ass ended up in jail and it’s getting more and more annoying every time she displays that denial, and she displays it a lot.

    Also if she thinks it’s not obvious she’s freezing everyone out of her life that isn’t a close family relationship she can’t afford to lose “aka the people that have to accept her criminal background and pretend it doesn’t impact any of their lives” she’s even dumber than she appears.

    Also, and this one is going to make people think it’s mean, but I’m going to say it anyway Teresa and her brother have got to be, without a doubt, the two most intellectually challenged Housewives franchise cast members of the lot of them. And that’s saying a lot.

    Damn! Watching this show has made me feel some kind of way!

    • Wonky Tonk

      With the possible exception of Porsha from the Atlanta franchise.

      • Minky

        I don’t think you’re being mean. You’re comments certainly echo stuff that I think about Teresa and her brother. It’s amazing the shit that comes out of their mouths. And you can’t watch them or hear the stuff they say without wondering about their IQ. BTW, like someone else already stated, Melissa totally takes advantage of the fact that her husband is dimwitted. Did you say that Wonky? I’m too lazy to scroll up and look.

        This is in no way meant to disparage people who have actual, real developmental disabilities, but Teresa, Porsha and Reza from Shahs just make me seriously wonder about their mental capacities. Joe Gorga ain’t no genius, hell no! But he’s smarter than his sister, if only by a couple of extra brain cells.

        When she said that she doesn’t view herself “that way” I think I almost blew a gasket. Well Teresa, the U.S. Courts view you “that way”. That’s why you went to “camp”. “Camp” is precisely for people who are “that way”. The cognitive dissonance is very strong with her.

        I always use the example of Lenny from “Of Mice and Men”. He’s kind of like Teresa because he can’t understand why his mice keep dying. Except Lenny really doesn’t know that’s it’s him because he really is seriously mentally challenged. Teresa’s just stupid and evil. Bad combo. She’s like a cartoon villain on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.

        Aaargh! What a dumb ass!

  40. BRAVO “Franken-edit” making this all so annoying.

  41. iloveearlgrey

    Teresa is an obtuse felon, but Jac is a manipulative nutjob. Let’s not forget when she divulged that Teresa walked in on Joe and a secretary at one of the reunions. If I were Teresa, I would NEVER trust her after that. She was definitely trying to drive a wedge between Melissa and Teresa at the table. Plus, I would feel more threatened by Jac than Robyn. She’s insane. She punched Caroline in the face, went and sat on top of Robyn, and had her hands in Melissa and Joe’s faces. She even moved Melissa’s hand at one point when she was screaming about the nose job. Nut.

    • Brianna

      Omg now that all of this is playing out I would bet money that Jac was in on Kim D setting up Melissa and Tre w that guy that came in claiming he saw Melissa strolling. Jac was wayyyy too eager to let the group know that Tre “knew the guy” but she didn’t. Now Jac is besties w Kim D all of a sudden ….

      • iloveearlgrey

        I think the whole thing was set up by production. I can’t see Teresa doing something like that because she’s all about image, and I think she cared about what exposing Melissa would do to her parents and how it would make their family look (in her mind). I’ve also never seen her so adamant at the reunion when she was screaming she never set her up and didn’t call her a stripper. She always stammers, says things like “you know,” and interrupts herself when she’s lying. That was one of the times where she was focused and very clear with what she was saying. I think Melissa and Joe knew it too, but they were going along with it because of production, or because they felt she should have called them and told them the guy had said those things on camera. I dunno, but I really believe she wasn’t the one that set that up.

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