By Erica 

Am I the only one who has that little gem rolling around in her head?  No? Then you aren’t paying as close attention as I am when watching the Voice!  Miley (with Adam joining in occasionally) has created a little funny parody of Blake’s Honey Bee that she sings to tease Blake.  I love it and have been humming it all week. In case you’ve never heard Blake’s Honey Bee, you should check it out.  Blake’s dimples are in full force. THANK YOU to all those who read last week’s blog and especially to those who took time to comment. If you read, but didn’t comment, please do!  Invite your Voice watching friends too!  Some interesting insights and theories to be found there!


Speaking of theories something is up with Alicia.  Our own TT didn’t feel that Alicia is authentic, as she mentioned in last week’s blog. I think she is feeling over her head a bit.  She was into the competitive spirit last week with the other coaches, Monday she seemed scared, and Tuesday she finally woke up. Does she even have a plan for the make up of her team (pun intended!)? Adam and Blake get the idea that they can help more than the winner of The Voice make a career out of their craft.  Blake has ALWAYS been firm that his goal is to help his team get to the point where they can support themselves and their family by being performers.   Past artists like the Swon Brothers and Austin Jenckes are doing exactly that.  Miley has gotten this concept from the get go – anyone else notice her notebook?  That girl has a plan and no one is going to stop her!  

Alicia’s pitches are so weak.  I enjoy her smiles and light banter with the other coaches.  She seems to get along with Miley, and seems genuine when she applauds and claps when an artist goes with another coach.  However, she never gives constructive advice or specifics on what she would do to work with the artist, tactics that have landed other coaches some serious talent on their teams! Instead, she gives them a goofy look I am assuming she means to be zen aka channeling Pharrell Williams! She’s happy, but she’s not Pharrell.




We have quite the eclectic group of artists, which include an artist who once sang with Satan (aka Barney the Dinosaur), one brave enough to sing entirely in Spanish, and a onesie model (rejoice, parents! There is hope your kid will find a job if he or she drops out of high school!).


In no particular order, I thought the following were the most noteworthy..  

Simone Gundy: Arlington, TX Song: I (Who Have Nothing)

Chair turns: Adam, Miley Team: Adam

During the bio, all I could think was that the boyfriend was hot, the kid was cute, and that her sob story about being a single mom was a snoozefest.

Then she sang.  Wow.  Holy shitballs.  Adam didn’t .. perhaps couldn’t…speak in complete sentences for part of his pitch.   In trying to convince Simone to join her team, Miley just continues to impress as a coach, or at least potential coach.  Her self awareness regarding her own talents, her self confidence is pretty fucking amazing.  But Adam convinced her to join him, and he will serve her well.

Darby Walker: Burbank, CA Song: Stand by Me

Chair turns: Miley, Alicia, Blake Team: Miley

I know Tamara covered this back in the Olympics Auditions episode, but I couldn’t resist talking about her again.  She was so smart in her song selection.This version fits her as she has such an achy tonality to her voice, and a little yodel. Perfect for Miley, and Miley suggesting Jolene as an impromptu duet means her godmother got another payment. Keep your eye on this one as she inspired not one, but TWO coaches to sing with her.  She’s got a comfort level on stage that others do not.  

Nolan Neal: Tiny Dancer Song

Chair turns:  4 CHAIR TURN! Team:  Adam

I HAD to mention him as he is a “returnee” and I adore these moments.  I don’t remember him from last season, but he was great in this audition and deserved the 4 chair turn!  I think any Elton John song is a good choice for someone who can actually sing.  Nolan said he was doing a rock version,which isn’t that difficult to do with Elton as he does poppy rock.  

Aaron Gibson:  Atlanta, GA Song:  Losing My Religion

Chair turns: Blake, Miley, Alicia Team:  Miley

Tamara is going to be shocked as I loved her hometown artist!  This was such a brave arrangement and song choice. There is NO hiding your mistakes with this song.  His performance almost got overshadowed by coach antics afterward.  Blake whipped out a bullhorn to drown out Miley. I so identify with Miley as I’ve often been accused of talking a lot, and loudly.  But I don’t have Miley’s singing pipes, dammit. Back to Aaron, he made the best choice for his coach, vocally speaking.  I think Miley will help him grow as an artist.  


Zack Hicks: Hope, AR Song:  At This Moment

Chair turns: NONE Team: Cry in your pillow

His bio was a total turn off initially.  All I could think was “Boo hoo… oldest kid had to take care of his siblings”. At one point he said he had a lot of pressure as mom had 2 jobs.  My Dad’s comment:  Sounds like your mom did, not you!  However, Dad mentioned he had to be pretty brave to come out. Both of us took a double take because his fiance looks like Adam!   My dad doesn’t think he has the range.  I think he’s slightly pitchy.  But he’s close.   It was at this point that I got excited because we FINALLY hear the judges give constructive criticism!  I hope to see Zack back in a season or two..

Cooper Van Bascom:  Winston-Salem, NC Song: I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Chair turns: Nope Team: Terrible

Grandparents are instrumental musicians and he just graduated from college. This is a TERRIBLE arrangement of this song   I don’t care if the crowd clapped.  He made it too fast and flat.  Probably has a decent voice, but bad song choice. His parents might want to consider asking for their tuition money back..

Samantha Landrum:  Laurel, MS Song:  Man! I Feel Like a Woman

Chair turns: Nada Team: No Bueno

I can only describe her voice as a little foggy and maybe a little breathless, not in a good way.  The coaches must have felt the same as there were no turns.  Her performance was notable because I liked the constructive criticisms she received, and that it was kind of clear by the look that Blake gave Miley that he knows her well, as he knew that was her karaoke song

Team Adam (8) – 4 last week, plus Bindi Liebowitz, Elia Esparza, Nolan Neal, Simone Gundy

Team Blake (9) – 5 last week, plus Austin Allsup, Christian Fermin, Josh Gallagher, Preston James

Team Alicia (9) – 5 last week plus Josh Halverson, Gabriel Violett, Halle Tomlinson,  Michael Sanchez

Team Miley (9)  – 4 last week plus Karlee Metzger, Lane Mack, Aaron Gibson, Darby Walker, Khaliya Kimberlie


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  1. realityjunkie

    I too love Miley’s focus in this competition. She is making notes, giving constructive criticism and giving great pitches to get people on her team

  2. tamaratattles

    On the one hand, I am really enjoying this season. On the other, I’ve been dealing with a huge ration of crap so that by the time I had a second to read CJ’s thoughts, I could not remember much of anything I saw. I actually thought I had missed and episode and then went to pull the YouTube and was like, “yeah, Ok I watched that.”

    These singing shows are incredibly difficult to recap. And I really have a hard time chiming in about who I liked and didn’t like during the blinds. As we get more into it and get to know the singers that end up in the live part of the show, I’ll have more to say.

    Does anyone have a standout that you expect to see at the end yet?

  3. Sharon

    No standouts yet for me T.T. I am waiting to see Candace Cameron Burre’s ? 18 yr old daughter sing as heard her audition was to be televised. Won’t say more as would be a spoiler.

  4. ZenJen55

    I’m warming up to Miley, just those darn flowers 😀 once we have a costume change I believe I will be #Miley!
    Adam has a strong team and yes the Ditty is catchy!
    Thanks Erica, you’re recaps are great and needless to say our darling, TT deserves a break.

  5. cheychey

    Don’t count Alicia out. She has really not stepped far out of her genre of music in her picks. I guess she doesn’t want to stray out of her comfort zone. Maybe her strategy is to stick with what she knows. But I personally believe she snagged the best artists. But she is no sleeper she is known in the music industry for being quiet genius. She is very laid back and zen so I don’t expect her to be the fun judge that is Blake,Miley, or Adam. They are all flamboyant and great entertainment for the chair turns. I love the addition of Miley this year she holds her own with the guys and is a lit of fun. I still think though Alicia is going to surprise everyone and quite possibly win.

    • Erica

      Who’s your favorite on her team?

      • cheychey

        I’m not familiar with the names of the contestants yet. But I’m partial to the big voices and powerhouse singers. I remember her snagging a few of my favorites. By the way Erica great job recapping. I can see your passion in your writing for the show.

      • Erica

        Cheychey – thanks for the compliment!

        I am hoping they do a picture of each team so I can caption the names in order (doing an individual head shot would be too complicated I think). Otherwise trying to come up with a cheat sheet with pictures TT could publish for everyone to refer to… at least the battle rounds will reduce the numbers quickly!

      • tamaratattles

        Erica, TT ain’t paying for no massive amounts of photos. We can worry about photos when we get to the top ten.

      • Erica

        I thought about that TT, after I posted. Dawned on me that it cost $.

  6. RealE

    Don’t watch the show, but I was interested in your recap which says a lot. I have only usually enjoyed reading any TT’s recaps or limebrain’s big brother recaps.
    Interesting to hear Miley is such a good judge. I would have never thought she would be so to the depths of her narcissism.

    • tamaratattles

      Miley is pretty much the opposite of a narcissist.

    • Erica

      A narcissist doesn’t give up the red carpet because she dislikes the stupid questions women have to go through. A narcissist doesn’t take a homeless Youth and have him go up to accept an award she just won so he can explain why we should help the homeless. A narcissist doesn’t wear that outfit with all those fake flowers. You should give the show a try just to discover Miley

    • Erica

      PS thanks for reading and thanks for the compliment!

  7. Dee

    Erica, great recap! Thank you! Makes me want to watch.

  8. Miele

    I’ve never watched before, but I’ll be watching for Simone! We have a voice teacher in common!!

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