Nene’s Leakes Son Brentt Robbed In Chicago!


Yesterday, Nene was posting on Instagram that she was “out here in these Chicago Streetz like WHAT?” with photos of her in her usual Hanes undershirt and a jean jacket.  The people of Chicago seemed to have strong reactions to her post for some reason. Many people told to be very careful and watch her back out there and pointed out that she was not in the best neighborhood.  One commenter seemed to be very aggressive and confrontational. I found the comment rather disturbing but I can’t seem to locate it again now. I am Instagram impaired so…who knows.

Less than 24 hours later TMZ is reporting that Brentt was robbed at her comedy show while selling her merch in the lobby. Apparently, someone was not happy with the quality of whatever crap they are selling and wanted a refund.  When Brentt refused to give him one he took off with Brentt’s backpack that had his laptop and wallet in it.

My first reaction to that story Brentt is still not in school. He’s 17 now so I suppose he doesn’t legally have to go anymore.




The second thing I wondered about is how he is going to be able to board a plane to get home. He lost his driver’s license in the wallet. When I travel, I take multiple copies of my passport and put one in my luggage and one in my handbag. I don’t know what you would do if you lost your wallet while out of state.  I’m sure it happens a lot, but I would have no idea what to do.  So I just Googled. Apparently kids under 18 don’t have to have an ID when traveling with a companion. And adults can usually speak with a TSA agent who will attempt to confirm their identity much like banks sometimes do for online banking. They will pull your residential history and cars ownership and such and ask you a bunch of questions. I am notoriously bad at these tests.  I failed one several times last time I was in Paris trying to get a new pin for a debit card. They asked things like old phone numbers from twelve years ago or street addresses or apartment numbers I had long since forgotten.

So in retrospect, the Instagram post was a bit of foreshadowing. One the plus side, no one was hurt.

But she could be getting paid to be in Hawaii right now…


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25 responses to “Nene’s Leakes Son Brentt Robbed In Chicago!

  1. kate62

    I’m thinking he’s not too worried about the license issue since Georgia requires proof of enrollment in school in order to attain a drivers license. That child will not be prepared for anything in life. Nene should be ashamed of herself.

  2. Margarett

    I swear I have got to have my eyes checked. I thought you said that she was wearing a/an Hermes undershirt!

    Good tea. Thanks, TT.

  3. Matzah60

    It’s ashame that she’s dragging him all over the country to sell her t-shirts. It is hard to believe that he’s not going to graduate high school. Maybe she is having him tutored on the road, but seeing that she is traveling from one town to another, it seems doubtful.

    I do the same thing, Tamara. I have a copy of my passport on my computer and copies in suitcases and purses. I actually just carry my passport in my purse with me because in the past, i would forget where i ‘hid’ it and would go crazy tearing apart the house looking for that safe place I had placed it in my house.

    My sister was in a similar predicament going to a funeral in WV with her husband. She always keeps her driver’s license in the glove compartment of her car and and when she got to the airport, she realized she had no ID. After having a screaming match with her husband, TSA took her aside and asked her questions based on past history similar to what you said, TT. I have this thing for remembering all my old phone numbers and addresses, but when they ask about a loan for a car and what bank financed it, I just go blank. It can get tricky, but she got on and was able to return the same way.

    What else is Nene doing besides comedy now that she’s not on RHOA? What kind of money does she make for an evening of comedy and does she have to give the venue a cut of the money she makes on the crap she sells in the lobby, a la Brent?

    • Minky

      A lot of the HW are not so great mothers. Nene’s son needs to be in a stable environment and getting an education and work experience, as well as interacting with people his own age. Not be a ticket taker on “Nene Leakes Annoys America” tour.

      He needs to be hanging out with friends and enjoying his youth. You only get one shot at that. Nene is so fucking selfish! Was Gregg outside of the theater on the street tidying up the rickshaw?

      • Matzah60

        I completely agree with you, Minky. I taught for almost 30 years. I taught math to 7th and 8th graders the last 13 years, always in urban areas and the first 15 years teaching special education. Kid need to be with peers, forming friendships, learning to function in group settings, have a structured day, and learn to live cooperatively outside their homes. It’s a sin that Nene is dragging her son on the road. That isn’t a life for a 17 year old. Lolol…I love the rickshaw comment!!

      • WonkyTonk

        That’s kind of my take on it as well. I mean, on the one hand I get she’s trying to keep him out of trouble when she’s not around, that’s actually kine of a noble parental sentiment, but at some point she has to consider his personal development.

        What is she expecting is going to happen with him for his future, that he basis that on her professional endeavors, and hopefully he learns how to hustle a living in the interim?

        I hope she is employing some type of tutoring program for him while on the road even if it is from a remote instructor over the web.

  4. Ummm…Doesn’t she have tax issues? The person selling her items for cash mysteriously gets robbed. Loser scam artists . Oh sorry I guess the politically correct word is “hustler”

  5. Margaret Shepard

    Well who is gonna watch that kid back in Atlanta. NeNe should leave Greg at home while Brent is in school. I doubt anyone is home- schooling him. NeNe does not have the brains to do that. She can’t leave him with her several times arrested son Bryson. God knows what he is up to. No good, no doubt.

    • Minky

      Yeah, I just thought of Gregg. We always forget about poor old Gregg and his assistant Mr. Swiffer.

      Why is she dragging him everywhere too? His days as a player are far behind him. He’s getting on in years and he’s already got one foot in the home. Gregg should be relaxing somewhere and enjoying himself as much as possible. Not doing Nene’s “lundry” in Chicago!

    • More Tea Please!

      She should have learned from the lousy job she did with Son #1 and put this one in boarding school. His moral compass might not have improved but at least he would be educated and will have some networking outside of the ghetto crowd his mom runs with.

  6. Jen

    Maybe he was doing online school with the laptop, but he needs to be in regular school where hopefully at least one level-headed teacher could try to save this poor kid from himself (and his upbringing).

  7. Swizzle

    Chicago is the land of comedy…home of Second City. There are lots of great comedy clubs, Nenes appearance was not at any of them. What’s up with her third class comedy tour with her teen son hawking tshirts?

  8. MARC

    I recently saw Nene on Fashion Police & the cast seemed considerably warmer than usual towards her. Any tea on that ?

    • Jujue

      I noticed that too, Marc. Usually things are so awkward that I fast forward a lot. I don’t know why I keep trying.. Expecting to not see Nene I guess. She ruins it for me, but I haven’t let go quite yet.

  9. BeetsWhy

    Having just gotten back form int’l travel I have to share a story. I too live in fear of losing my ID or passport while traveling, I also make several copies of everything including credit/debit cards. So here’s wha happened…

    I had never heard of TSA pre-check but an article came up and it sounded like a great way to bypass the hellish security lines. $85 for a five year known number.

    Then a friend who travels frequently told me about global entry which is like TSA Plus…it gets you in the short customs line and everything else that TSA provides for $115 for ten years.

    I googled all of this and kept hearing if you ever had anything in your past, no matter how long ago, you would be denied. I had a low level dui a decade ago so I thought lets just do the $85 and see what happens. I had my mom apply at the same time so I could see the difference. I swear her acceptance letter was in her mailbox before we got home from the appointment. Our TSA appt was August 17, we were leaving on September 20. I kept checking online for status and got nothing new, I even tracked down the postman on our street as we left for the airport…nothing.

    I had done the early online check in but only noticed the dates and times when I printed them out. Got to the airport and realized my ticket also said TSA pre check! Woohoooo! Skipped right by that hellish security line and moms Frankenstein bolts in her shoulder that set off the metal detectors didn’t piss off a few hundred people, just like 8. The letter didn’t get to me in time but it got into Deltas system on time😃.

    So global entry here I come! I will probably always make an insane number of copies of my IDs but at least I know that between my passport number/photo, my TSA pre check, and my global entry/photo someone should be able to confirm I am who I say I am if I get robbed.

    • Swizzle

      You may have just gotten random TSA pre check on that flight. When I got my number, I had to go into all my frequent flier accounts and add the number to my profile. I’m not sure the TSA automatically shares it with the airlines.

    • Jessica white

      We finally applied for the tsa pre check after experiencing extremely long lines and almost missing our flight out of Dublin last month. Flew our first tsa prechecked flight yesterday. Whoo hoo! Much less stress. Applying for global entry next!

  10. Cheryl B.

    Maybe she set the whole thing up for attention since all over is the RHOA trailer, trip, etc. :), that would be pathetic but ya never know?

  11. Tabs

    Sounds like some shit the older son would do. *Side Eye*

  12. Dawn

    This world is full of so much jealousy and hatred. And the sad part is, it’s coming from her own race. If you don’t like someone that’s fine but putting it all over social media is completely low-class all the way. Anyone can homeschool a child, and you definitely don’t need a college degree to do it. I’ve homeschooled three and one is in college now. Not everyone wants their children going to these half ass schools where the teachers don’t care and sometimes too scare of the students they are teaching. This isn’t something I think, it’s something I know. Our children have experienced private and public schools but I do a much better job of it. And we travel when we want. So don’t knock something just because you don’t have the pleasure of doing it.

  13. Rach

    How awful. Hope it wasn’t too traumatic for Brent. But seriously if this was over some merchandise, did the person who was at a Nene gig buying a t-shirt expect quality?

  14. PaganChick

    Isn’t K-12 available online for everyone now? My niece spent her sophomore year and is now doing her junior year of high school online becuase of major bullying and she is thriving as a result. Not everyone benefits from traditional schooling. Considering who Brent’s mother is, chances are he may be very uncomfortable in a traditional high school environment. His laptop may be how he attends classes.

  15. Cat

    Weird. Why wouldn’t he give a refund?

  16. Kelli Johnson

    The show was in my neighborhood Hyde Park, President Obama’s neighborhood. So it was in one of Chicago’s better neighborhoods. She brought that audience not the neighborhood.

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