Guess Who is Going on the RHOA Trip To Maui?

RHOA REunion Peter and Todd


This season on Real Housewives of Atlanta, we are down to ONE married couple, Kandi and Todd. So this trip to Maui, where the husbands and boyfriends usually tag along is going to be weird. Todd is going. And apparently to give him some company, Peter and Bob are also going.

Yes, for some ungodly reason, Peter is still hanging around Cynthia during filming. Peter has managed the impossible by actually managing to get Bravo to pay the men on the show. At least for RHOA. I think it has to do with being separated from Cynthia and thus the income from Cynthia’s Bravo check doesn’t benefit him any longer. I do not think Todd is getting paid, but you never know. What I do know is that Peter was instrumental in securing his own pay check and that sort of opened things up for other guys to get paid. And Lord knows Peter needs a paycheck.  I know that he thinks he is getting his own show called What’s Peter Doing Now?  But the only thing funnier than that delusion is all the potential answers to that question.  Personally, I think “time” will inevitably be the answer to that. Allegedly. In my opinion. I don’t get why Cynthia is okay with Peter coming along to Maui, but she seems to put up with pretty much anything when it comes to him.

The other interesting person going on the trip is Bob Whitfield.  Bob has never met a camera he didn’t love. Sheree needs a storyline other than the perpetually incomplete Chateau Sheree.  Bob wants to be on the show, so he is playing the role of “ex husband who wants to reconcile.”  This will never happen as Bob has had a girlfriend for many, many years that he lives with.  Bob often dates other people, but this woman is always around. Her name is Tisha and she has publicly claimed to be married to Bob in the past.  Sheree and Bob are getting along because they have a common goal of wanting to stay on the show. I like Bob. He’s great comic relief, so I’m fine playing along with this storyline. The two of them actually do seem to be getting a long for now.  I found out and noted in the comment section that Sheree has suddenly hired two more subcontractors to try to get the house finished in time to film something for the show. I should be hearing more about that situation soon. I don’t think there is anyway possible she can finish that house in the four or five weeks left of filming. There will not be a lot of primary filming shot during that time. It will mostly be fill in scenes to smooth out the editing.

The other interesting thing is who is not coming. That would be Lena. I’ve been arguing with some faceless internet person for a week or two about Lena.  Just a few weeks after Lena started filming this season I was told by a very good source that she was actually going to be in this season, after several seasons of trying. As of two weeks ago,, I was again told that the wedding was going to be filmed and it would be one of the last all cast shoots.  But when Lena wasn’t invited on the first trip, as it was expected she would be, and is not invited to Hawaii either, things are looking dim for her. Are they really going to cut out most if not all of her scenes like they did Tammy?  Something is not making sense here. Did she go all Bridezilla or something?  I have no idea. But I am starting to get the feeling something has happened there.  There are no friends going on this trip. Just the six ladies and three men. I find that odd in general.

So are you surprised that Peter and Bob will be doing the hula with the ladies in Maui?


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26 responses to “Guess Who is Going on the RHOA Trip To Maui?

  1. Tee

    Damn not even Marlo or Malorie..

  2. Dan

    As long as it’s not Andy’s ass licking fave Nene, I’m good 😊

  3. Nurse Kimmy

    So is Nene not going to be on this season at all! I am a long time lurker but I never comment! Tamara I love your site and have been a devoted fan for several years now!

    • tamaratattles

      No she is not. And she is VERY salty about it. Most of her anger seems to be at Sheree who managed to slip into Kim Fields place. Thanks for reading for so long! I’ve come a long way and big changes are coming very soon that I hope you will like. And don’t forget to comment!

      • Dan

        Is there any true tea behind them not wanting Nene anymore, diva behavior aside? I never thought Andy would allow one of his faves to be pushed to the side like this.

      • Nurse Kimmy

        Thanks for responding to my post TT I feel special! I remain a devoted fan! 😀

      • tamaratattles

        Dan, somehow Nene got it in her head that she could get full time pay for part time work. She could not. She basically screwed herself.

    • The Rich Bith has other important things to do. She better pay those taxes. Maybe she is going to get enough being on Steve Harvey’s talk show.

      There is a nthod to her madness. I believe she wa on the family feud celeberties and then get a paycheck foe herself for the latter.

  4. Minky

    I like Bob too. He’s got a good sense of humor. Sheree on the other hand…

    Maybe Bob can get Sheree’s peach? He seems like he wants one anyway.

  5. I imagine Cynthia is willing to play along (like she has for years now) on having Peter around just for a storyline. Kenya not having Matt; that’s a surprise.

    I love Maui the best out of all the islands. Love to go again but the flight from the east coast is brutal and so expensive now. When they all went to the Philippines I felt bad for them. Must of been so exhausting.

    NJ girls must be foaming at the mouth.

  6. bria

    Thanks TT, this recap is hilarious from the beginning to the end. I hope Lena just fall back to FOH status , a new face is always refreshing because am exhausted with frick & frack pushing their overlysexualized bodies all over my screen. Those two have made RHOA look like an “infomercial” for Sin City or bad girls club😨

  7. She’s probably trying to get 1 or two rooms finished so they can film, while the rest of the house is still a construction zone. Speaking of BS, whatever happened to the Bailey Agency?

  8. The RHOA trips would be so much better without the men, especially LuPeter. Most of the other city’s trips are ladies only and they get so crazy and entertaining

  9. LisaPat

    I think that Cyn doesn’t mind Peter being on camera because the more money he gets on his own, the less she has to give him. You said Bob is coming on this trip, as in Bob Whitfield? I guess hie and Sheree really are getting along. I thought that was a brief thing for the cameras last year. I thought I heard that Roger Bob broke up with his fiance, by the way, the beautiful girl who sings. Bob Whitfield is the singular most unattractive man on the planet. Sorry if that’s mean, but he was stripping in the preview or putting on some kind of show for Sheree and it was pretty gross.

    • Betty

      Bob is gross looking, crossed eyes and all

    • FarFromPerfekt

      I suspect Sheree and Bob finally realized just how much money they could both be making by simply pretending to be attracted to one another again. Not to mention, she desperately needed something else going on in her life besides that ridiculous looking thing referred to as a ‘house’. Get them coins where you can, I guess?!? Girls got to have her indoor skating rink. Aren’t we going on 5+ years now? Rrright!

  10. cheychey

    Really the most unattractive man on the planet. Do you get out much? I mean he is no Denzel Washington but I can think of many more unattractive then him. We could start with several political candidates and move on to many of the house wives husbands and boyfriends. But I guess looks are personal for each. I also feel like a good sense of humor takes you way farther than looks anyway. We are not promised that they will stay the same as our prime.

  11. SB

    what happened to the woman with middle eastern heritage, Maryam? is she a no-go?

    • Minky

      That would have been interesting. But god forbid they incorporate any racial, ethnic, or any other kind of diversity on these shows. That would just be crazy.

      I would love to see a RH of Los Angeles. With women, or men, who really represent all of the different groups of people who live here: Latinos, Persians (NOT like Shahs!), Armenians, Eastern Europeans, Koreans, etc. You can do it Bravo! Make it happen!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Housewives of Vancouver had a half Japanese woman. We have a huge east Asian population here so there’s no way they were getting away with not having at least one representative. Housewives of Auckland has an Iranian woman and a black woman and so far it’s really good! I don’t know why they don’t have more diversity in the American Housewives. It only makes things more interesting. I would love to see a Housewives of LA that really represented the actual makeup of the city.

  12. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Oh Lord, it has begun… I can’t imagine Cynthia even wanting Peter around. I guess we will have to endure his begging to be let back and constant whining about how much he loves his wife and never cheated on her…

  13. I’m a devoted fan and I love you TT. I don’t always comment but I love reading them. Two one Bravo I completely stopped looking at is RHONJ because they rewarded a felon Teresa for stealing which is not in good taste.

    I sometimes look at RHOA but that has gotten raunchy. I don’t like porsha or phadrea who should be gone and I am glad they showed Shiite talking Née who’s boss and she’s gone. I love Kandi, Todd and Ace of course.

    Keep up the good work.

  14. T D

    Peter is a wahini dancing for a peach. As an emperor, in his new clothes believes he’s wearing pants. Any kinda skirt he can cling to will work for him as long as he doesn’t have to work for a living.

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