60 Days In: Dangerous Loyalty

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We are reaching the point where the plants start to become prisoners. Everyone is starting to lose it. Plus we have a big invasion of the CERT Team in D-Pod after last weeks brutal attack on Zac’s former buddy Brian.


Dion is having issued getting to use the bathrooms in the back of the cells. Dion goes to use the shower in Cell 5 while the residents of that cell are sleeping. He is running out of fucks to give about the shower situation. Dion gets mouthy with the inmates and tells them he doesn’t say shit when they keep him up all night but he is going to take a motherfucking shower.  Surprisingly, the cellmates take it well and practically apologize saying they didn’t know it was him.

Quentin is feeling the stress of such a long undercover stint. The local news is airing a live police chase. The entire cell is cheering for the criminal to get away.  At some point when I was young, I was screwing some idiot guy and one day he turned the TV on to COPS.  He was very engrossed in the show and was rooting for the criminals. I remember wondering who the fuck this idiot I’d been fucking was.  I ended the relationship shortly thereafter probably in my usual sabotaging weak ass way so he would think it was his idea. I’ve always done that. I have no idea why. Quentin is having trouble not cheering for the cops when they catch the guy.

Ryan is pissed about being in the day room in C Pod. He continues to refer to himself as an inmate. He may end up being the first person ever pulled from the program.

60 Days In Ryan




After Daffron and his goons beat the shit out of Brian, the COs came and took Brian out. Tonight the emergency response team is using a show of force to take out Daffron and his goons.  Ryan loved  every minute of it. He now thinks he is in position to be pod boss. Oh, Ryan.

Eleven inmates were taken from D-Pod by CERT. Ryan is the only one in the program in D-Pod. Now that I think about it, we are down to three guys. The guys are always the ones who bail.  Ryan is getting info on how to smuggle in drugs (shove it in your ass) and how to escape (out the laundry room with a pre planned ride) but he is not willing to tell producers. He’s suddenly on the side of the inmates and doesn’t want to break his “honor code” with Garza and the others.  The sheriff is concerned that Ryan is siding with the inmates and not the undercover program.

Well this has never happened before. Sheriff Maples goes to the interview room to have a little chat with Ryan. Remember the really weird guy for last season, Robert?  Ryan is this season’s Robert. Sheriff Maples threatens to pull him because he is putting himself in very dangerous situation and he feels like Garza is his best friend in the world and someone he has to protect. Ryan has lost his purpose.  To quote Ghost, “Gurrrrl! You in Danger!” Sheriff Maples ultimately decides to move him to C-Pod which results in a lot of confessionals from Ryan about how he will miss Garza and how he now has to start over.  I actually can’t believe they are not going to have anyone in D. Maybe they will send Quintin in?

Well FUCK. They are moving Dion to D. Dayum. Don’t put the pretty boy in there! Dion is happily moving  to D. He hated C-Pod. But when he gets there, he tries to take Ryan’s bed and Garza won’t let him. Dion said he saw a black dude upstairs so he tried to go there, but there are not black guys in that cell.  I don’t know what he is thinking.  Dion ends up stuck on a bunk in the day room.

60 Days In Sheri



Sadly, it doesn’t look like any clean out of F-Pod is going to happen. Sheri’s visit with her husband has given her a renewed desire to really find out what is going on in the pod. She has taken a new approach. Instead trying to confront the idiots, she is going to be funny and mothering and try to infiltrate the group. Bless her heart. I don’t think I could do that. I would already have charges for assaulting that 19-year-old.

So many things are triggering Ashleigh and she is having to come to grips with her mother’s abandonment and getting very introspective.  I am trying to relate to Ashleigh but frankly, I am obsessed with Sheri’s mismatched shower shoes.

DAYUM! Monalisa’s BFF, Stephanie is left after posting a ten thousand dollar bond! But all of a sudden she is back after some sort of issue with her release.  Sheri realizes that Stephanie is probably full of shit, but Monalisa who doesn’t seem to feel like jails should exist at all is eating up the drama. For one thing, Stephanie claims to be in for a misdemeanor and $10K is pretty outrageous for that.  As  a side note, the  production text keeps using bail and bond interchangeably and so I have no idea what the story is. If you bond out, you pay a bail bondsman 10% of the bail and secure the rest of the loan with something of value, usually a house.  If you bail yourself out you pay the entire amount. The sheriff tells us that Stephanie has a history of manipulating the system and the check was not good.  Monalisa might finally be seeing Stephanie’s manipulation.

Zac can’t come back to the prison, because he would be recognized as not part of production, so they bring in her adoptive father to give her some support. I love her dad. He seems like such a great person, you can just tell. I love how everyone talks about how when they hug their visitor that they smell “like the real world.”  These visits always make me happy.

I just love Sheri and all her prison hairdos. Did I mention she retweeted me last week and I felt like a celebrity had retweeted me?!  I know, I’m crazy but this chick is everything. Sheri has infiltrated the top-tier and is now watching how they do their little tattoo thing. I kind of get what Ryan was saying earlier when he said, “They tell you to be an inmate, then they tell you not to be an inmate.” Sheri is in deep now and is on cop watch for the “tattoo artists.” Frankly, if they ever tried to try any of these people of illegal shit they did in jail, that would be fucking ridiculous. I assume when they read the whole “don’t do anything illegal in there” riot act they are just covering their asses. Prosecution would be ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Monalisa is finally on to Stephanie and is tired of her manipulations. She ends up going after the 19-year-old hoodlum. But at one point she blurts out, “This is going to be on TV and you are going to look like a fool.” Sheri ain’t no fool and she realizes immediately that Monalisa is in the program.

HOLY SHIT! Did Sheri just push a note under the door for the CO? Oh fuck noe. Let Monalisa beat that little girl down. It will do both of them some good. WTF is wrong with you Sheri?


Next Week: Sheri will either get extracted or get her ass beat for being a snitch. Dion gets a visit from his girlfriend. Quintin and Ryan bond. REALLY Q?  And the dumbass 19-year-old “laces up.” Oh please let someone beat her dumbass down.


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11 responses to “60 Days In: Dangerous Loyalty

  1. Brittany

    Did you get to see the 60 Day In Insider? I know you mentioned trying to catch it. Zak and Jeff were on and it was tense! Jeff finally stood for himself.
    This season is SO good! I don’t know why Sheri slipped that note!

    • Jen

      Just watched it. I respect jeff for standing up to zak. Zak will make a great CO. He is kinda to BS, but he lacks some insite into how others feel…like saying he didn’t know Ashleigh was having such a hard time. He couldn’t hear the stress in her voice and her crying?
      I hope the experience helped the two of them with their relationship and job situation. They are a cute family.
      I keep wondering how much they were paid to take 2 whole months out of their lives, especially with a tiny baby, and the risks of jail.
      Great show!

      • Brittany

        I agree! I still like Zak, but I definitely see a different side this season. He’s just a little “colder” than I thought, which is fine. I also had sympathy for Jeff last season just due to the fact that he seemed like a nice person, but in way over his head. I was glad that he intelligently stood up for himself to Zak, even when Zak said they could take it outside.

  2. Joanplus2dogs

    Feeling Mona this week. I had a few teens mouth off to me today who were sneaking around trying to smoke dope in vacant unit instead of school. They finally moved along but gonna be sorry next time when I call cops instead of just telling them to go. Guess they aren’t watching the show or like most folks never think it will be them. At least Monalisa got some insights into her daughter behaviors when the girl going to rehab returned. She even said last week she didn’t know which rehab she was going to so she couldn’t arrange her getaway.

    Sheri took too much of a risk slipping that note. If COs don’t investigate all that smoke & other stuff, what’s someone getting hit. Glad to see them switch things up with the guys. Next week should be interesting.

    • Meredo

      After watching this show, would you really want to make criminals out of teenagers for smoking dope? Really? I’m sure many will disagree with me, but I think that’s horrible. If it’s just for smoking weed(or whatever). If they’ve done something else to you then that’s another story, but people with drug problems need rehab, not jail.

      • Joanplus2dogs

        It would not be just for smoking weed – trespassing, breaking/entering & trashing vacant units(condos), skipping school -Those are only the things I know of personally. I don’t care about the weed & doubt they are addicts. They can be dumb, smoke weed & trash their own homes all they want, just not other people property even if no one lives there.

  3. Msve1

    Ryan is the prime example of a person with plenty of book sense and not a drop of common sense. He was setting his self up for the whoo whoo.(Big Suprise) Good thing they put him in the other pod.

  4. Observer2

    So does anyone have any idea who the “confidential informant” is that caused Daffron’s 11 people to get pulled?

    I kinda wonder if it wasn’t that guy who got his ass handed to him last week and was staggering down the stairs. He just doesn’t “look” like he belongs there. Kinda like Ashleigh’s husband last season (can’t remember his name).

    Sheri is doing an awesome job with this this season and seems to not let it be getting inside her head like that other female officer last season. I hope Ashleigh can hang on until time’s up.

  5. Daintyfeets

    Ryan is an idiot. However, i’m glad they didn’t pull him from the show. Infind him idiotically entertaining and would lkve to see that arrogance brought down a notch.

    Ashley seems to have fkefotten her lurppse for being there. She seems to be in there for self realization and not necessarily to scout this environment out. She has too many triggers going off.

    I like Sherri. She’s bad ass. Mona Lisa I could care less about.

    I’m a fan of Deon and his fearlessness.

    I’m waiting for Quinton do to something. He doesn’t seem to interact with the others much. I can understand being low key and observing, but the knowledge he leaves with may not be that helpful.

    Thanks for recapping.

  6. Heidi

    I’ll say it, I really like Ryan and think they made a mistake when they pulled him and gave him a new pod. Just because every other person from these two seasons has pussed out (Zac and Sheri excluded) and not really gotten inside the groups to find out issues to fix, why punish him? He is doing exactly what they wanted him to do! Sure he’s an arrogant prick with questionable social skills, but we all have issues, and he was getting really really good info on the shenanigans going on. I’d be discouraged too if I was in his shoes and want to say a big fuck you to the sheriff and captain.

    Sheri is just freaking the bomb! I wonder why her getting close to the inside and actually breaking a “jail law” didn’t get her in trouble with the big guys. I also find it amusing that the women right away will sniff out another participant but the guys rarely do. I’m curious if Quentin and Ryan come out to each other.

  7. RealE

    This season is so great.
    Your Whoopi reference had me in stitches. Ryan definitely seems manic at times, and in that way, he really reminds me of last season’s Robert.
    This episode when the top tier ladies were doing the tattoos and there was so clearly a camera crew in there with them I started to wonder how staged things are on this show or in some scenes at last. Why would these women so openly do things with a camera pointed right at them that are in violation and I assume garner them additional time. In fact, since they know they are being filmed wouldn’t most of these prisoners be on their best behavior or at least going behind the curtains to commit nefarious acts (which we do see is done)?
    So maybe a crazy thought, but I wondered if maybe all the additional footage captured by the documentary can’t be used against the prisoners. Maybe that’s part of the realease they sign? The jail cameras could be, but not additional footage. Sherrif then gets info to stop things on a more on-going basis and to learn secrets from the inside which leads to pervasive changes. At the same time, the prisoners walls come down since they sign something making them feel “safe”.
    Or something like this yes? Or no and I am missing something? Is my insomnia finally catching up with me?

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