Wendy Williams Was Completely Rude To Luann de Lesseps



Wendy Williams was a total bitch to Luann de Lesseps today on her show. That is pretty much my entire take on the subject. Apparently, part of her deal with Bethenny last week included being extremely rude to Luann.  Wendy announced her by mentioning her fiance cheated on her before she ever came out. Luann says the show was filmed eight months ago and she has to keep reliving the cheating scandal over and over. Wendy would ask a question and then interrupt her every time. Then she asks questions and doesn’t let her answer at all.

Wendy tells her odd version of the events at the Regency.  Wendy has apparently watched the season, that she claims she is not watching. And she constantly interrupts. Wendy tells her that she signed up for a reality and she expects to see everything on TV. Luann tries to explain that her issue is not with Bethenny telling her, it was that she told everyone else first. Wendy snaps at her, “I know, we saw that episode!” I would have walked out of this interview. Wendy said “It was so entertaining!” When Luann is talking about finding out. Luann said, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was very hurtful.”

Wendy starts asking a question but instead goes on a soliloquy about Sonia and how terrible this must all be for her. I just can’t believe what I’m watching.  Luann tries to respond and Wendy cuts her off again and says, “Luann! Let me explain….” Why did she even have Luann on? Why not just trash her in hot topics if she is not going to let her speak?  Luann laughs and says, “Okay, I’ll explain it to you after.” Wendy just talks right over her about shit she knows nothing about.  Wendy goes on to talk about Ramona and says, “We don’t know whether Ramona slept with him or not.” Finally, Luann gets a quick interjection in to say, ” We do know. She did not.”  Wendy made some rude comment that I listened to three times and did not get and the audience laughs again. I should point out that after every mean thing Wendy says, the audience is cued to laugh. Finally, Luann says that the bottom line is if he wanted to marry one of them he would have asked them. He asked me. And the audience applauds.

RHONY Luann and Tom


Wendy asks about her daughter and how did she react to Tom’s cheating and dating her friends. She’s relentless and won’t let her talk. She asks about the wedding and if it would be filmed. She has said no in the past but this time said she has not even thought about that, she’s busy planning the wedding.  She says there will be 250 guests and Wendy says, ” Why so many people for two old people?”  I would have said because it’s our wedding and that is the number of people we wanted to invite.  She says because Tom has never been married (she doesn’t mention it but she has never had a formal wedding either) and he is turning 50 on New Years Eve and it’s just going to be a big celebration with our friends. Luann makes it clear that Bethenny is not invited yet, Wendy asks her three times. Wendy asks if she has signed a contract for next season, she said not yet. Wendy asked about Bethenny and others and she said she has no idea. Luann says Dorinda will be a bridesmaid. Wendy asks who needs to be kicked off. Wendy says I know the one with the long hair was kicked off. She was boring.  Wendy says Dorinda, Luann’s BFF on the show should be thrown off.

Wendy bought Luann a title “Lady Luann” off the Internet.  It comes with a five foot square plot somewhere in England. Luann says she is going to be busy being Queen D’Agostino.

Then after the break, Wendy says she forgot to tell us that Tom is filthy rich.

Wendy has done many bad interviews in the past but this definitely ranks as one of the worst. Was that really necessary?


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76 responses to “Wendy Williams Was Completely Rude To Luann de Lesseps

  1. SLM

    I didn’t see it, I can’t stand to hear Wendy Williams talk anymore, but I believe your takes, TT, so I’m going to go with commenting. My belief is for some unknown reason there seems to be a large scale conspiracy against Luann’s happiness. Not sure why, but everyone at Bravo and various other places seems to have made it their mission to break Luann of being in love, being thrilled over her marriage and thinking the best about her fiance. I can’t understand it.

  2. Randi

    Tamara, I’ve been waiting for this all day! Wendy was a total See you next Tuesday. She was so rude. It was incredibly difficult to watch. What kind of deal with the Bravo devil did Wendy make?

  3. I cannot stand Wendy Williams. She is dumb. Seriously. The stuff she said about the NAACP tuned me out forever.

    • C U next Tuesday, Wendy!

    • Me too! I stopped watching her after that. I tuned out when she tried getting political without any educated information on what she was saying – stick to entertainment Wendy!

      • WonkyTonk

        Wasn’t aware Wendy had done that since I generally don’t watch her show unless I’m channel surfing and there’s a guest I like on, but I’m like you, it drives me nuts when show hosts do that. Whoopi does it on The View all of the time, and drives me nuts just how badly uninformed she is, and how much bad info she puts out there.

  4. Pat Ferreiro

    She is a terrible interviewer, she always talks over everyone.

  5. Anna

    I thought the same exact thing when watching . I actually like Wendy, but today I was like WTF. AND ONCE AGAIN, QueenDagostino keeps her cool.

  6. Anna

    P.S. luanne looked fanfreakingtastic.

  7. AKA Riley

    I think I may have found a repeat of that same show coming on at 2 AM on BET. I don’t care much for Wendy so I may not even watch it. Sounds like it will probably piss me off. BITCH!

  8. Rach

    Funny how she has Bethenny on the show and now being rude to Luann. It’s so transparent

  9. Didn’t see this show, but when Dorinda was on Wendy she was so rude to her too regarding John. Like Wendy has any room to talk about relationships.

    • Rita Jones

      She pretty much admits her man is in charge at home and she likes that submissive role at home. There really hasn’t been much scuddlebut about her husband in years so whatever and if he’s doing it he’s really keeping everything on the down low

  10. Rita Jones

    Wendy not so secretly hates she is back to reality “stars” because she has once again turned off most of the a-d list actors. She was starting to get some decent “C” Listers and a few non minority “B” Listers even but her reckles assumptions must have scared them away again. She is not an interviewer she peddles gossip and that’s what got her where she is however that may now be working against her as she tries to expand her base audience. She’s got a political problem as an entertainer. Sound familiar? 😉

  11. Rita Jones

    Oh yeah, it was a very rude condescending interview!

  12. oh Sheila! you a good Judy

    i love Luann! she’s impossible to ruffle, and almost impossible to out class! wendy williams is so 2009. why anybody goes on her show (or watches it anymore…) is something i’ll never understand.

  13. Laura

    LuAnn has been so commendable this season. I wish her and Tom a long and happy marriage.

  14. Kika

    WHY would Luanne go on the Wendy Show?

    What is with her audiences? The constant clapping is very annoying. They clap at everything Wendy says. It is non-stop. Do they have some sort of applause sign that goes off constantly?

  15. LisaPat

    I saw it ! I couldn’t believe it !! she kept interrupting her and said “We have to keep things rolling” when Luann barely had a chance to answer. Now that I saw your post, I get it ! Wendy made a deal with Bethenny!!

  16. T D

    Wendy should bring her new favorite housewife on as a full time co-host. This should really boost her ratings. Love Luann’s response, glad you enjoyed it. It was very hurtful. Who gloats over inflicting pain? On girls night in the newfound best friends look forward to getting togher and pulling the wings off flies.

  17. Cat

    What’s with all of these “housewives” dong all of these interviews? They are EVERYWHERE.

    Is the franchise in trouble, or something?

    • Minky

      I think that the franchise is as in trouble as it’s ever been. Maybe Bethenny is the one who is in trouble?

      I mean, if Wendy and Bethenny/Andy were feuding until pretty recently, and now, all of a sudden, Wendy’s pulling out all the stops to support Bethenny…Well, shit’s just gone wrong somehow.

      I suspect that Bethenny or Bravo are blackmailing Wendy somehow. Wendy’s supporting them a little too much. Like it’s almost coming from a place of fear on Wendy’s part.

      • Cat

        These women are EVERYWHERE, though.

        I saw some cooking show, The Chew, I think it was. They had Tamra, Shannon, and one other (Vicki, I think) doing a COOKING demonstration.

        It was hilarious. They were all over the place, like the Keystone Cops. I got the impression these women have never cooked in their lives.

        But, they were dead serious. It was sad.

      • WonkyTonk

        It’s probably more likely Wendy wants to be the reality TV clearinghouse show and frankly sided with Bethenny as the better prospect for attracting other reality stars. If I recall correctly she was clearing a lot of Bravo celebs through the show for the longest time. If that’s the case I would say Wendy made the right choice if she chose Bethenny over Luann. Luann is passive aggressive too often like that “glad you liked it” comment which is really a passive aggressive way of saying “you bitch”..that shit sucked. She should have just said that outright to Wendy, or came close like saying something like “Really Wendy?, because from where I was sitting that shit hurt”. Had she thrown that I’m glad you liked it line at me as an interviewer the gloves would have come off immediately. Was she rude to Luann I can’t say because I didn’t watch the show so to a certain extent I have to take the word of people reporting here, but that comes with the proviso that a lot of people here can’t stand Bethenny, and love Luann, which frankly I don’t get because to me that seems completely backwards. I’m not a Luann fan by any means, and I think she’s been getting far too big a pass on her past, and present behavior towards Bethenny which has informed Bethenny’s recent behavior towards her. This shit doesn’t happen in a vacuum and Luann is as big a participant in these events as Bethenny.

      • Minky

        Wonkey, honey, you know I adore you, but we’re just gonna hafta agree to disagree on the Bethenny/Luanne issue. I respect your opinion and your reasons for holding it. Luanne is not my favorite. But I feel she’s been getting blitzkreiged from all sides unfairly. No one would deserve this, no matter how loathsome.

        They need to give the bitch a break for a minute. By trying to make her look bad, they’re actually making themselves look worse. Very counterproductive on Bethenny and the others’ part. Now they’re trying to clean up the oil spill. It’s gonna be hard for them to do, if not impossible.

        Now, regarding the Wendy stuff: As much as I dislike Bethenny, and all of the RHONYs really, save Dorinda and Jules, I want to focus on Wendy’s behavior for a second. If she does want to be the go-to talk show to get first crack at HW interviews, then she should treat them all the same. No playing favorites, and no shading anyone. I don’t mind her letting them make themselves look stupid, they’re gonna do that anyway, but Wendy needs to be civil and cordial to them all, IMO. By playing favorites, Wendy’s gonna end up cutting off her nose to spite her face. Not a smart move for a talk show host veteran.

  18. I stopped watching Wendy years ago. But, this sounds like she has indeed made a deal with the devil. “So nasty, so rude.” Just gross.

  19. 100 percent agree with you TT.

    I thought Wendy was extremely rude. I usually like Wendy, but thought she had an Agenda. It’s obvious whose team she was on. I felt bad for Luann. She handled herself as best she could.

  20. Dan

    I love me some Miss Wendy but she acted like a complete asshole in this interview. Poor Luann, I felt for her.

  21. JustJenn

    Luann seriously should have walked out. Bethenny was hit with such soft ball questions considering her current situation and the fact that she’s a cunt.

    Wendy made a deal with the devil to get the fading Bravo stars back on her show. Sad.

  22. Lisa j

    Deleted WW off my DVR today. Luann has been put the the shit wringer by Bravo aka Bethenny and she deserves better. Her grace and poise speaks volumes about her character and integrity. She might be a Countess but I agree with her last comment, she’s totally going to be Queen D. You lost me Wendy, bloop!

  23. Margaret Shepard

    Suzanne needs a muzzle seriously. I like Wendy for the most part but she did treat Luann like crap. Luann was classy as always but it was painful watching Wendy be so nasty to her.

  24. Misha11

    I agree, she was rude, bitchy and didn’t care at all about Luann’s feelings. Maybe bethinny gave Wendy some of her adderal. That would explain her crazy behavior, similar to bethinny’s if you think about it. Wendy is more of a gossip talker than an interviewer. I think it was good that Luann held her own and did not walk out. That would have been a win for bethinny. lu showed her strength. I just hope her marriage works out so all the jealous bitches will burn up.

  25. T D

    The desired mirror ball could have been Wendy’s, on dancing with so and so’s, had she limboed. How low can you go? As far as etiquette is concerned Luann wrote the book. The subject must have something to do with behaving as civilized beings.

  26. Kiyoshigirl

    I’m not getting Wendy’s need to suck up to Bravo/Bethenny. Bethenny Frankel couldn’t sustain a talk show for one season. Wendy’s on her eighth season. It just doesn’t make any sense that Wendy would need to suck up to Bethenny Frankel. As for sucking up to Bravo, that’s also a no win situation for Wendy. Nobody missed the Bravo celebs during the seasons Wendy shut them out. Having them on now only cheapens Wendy’s show. I watched this morning’s show, but Luanne’s segment was preempted by local news so they could show Trump’s appearance before the Polish American League here in Chicago. That in itself was fascinating to see. Chicago is fully a Democratic city, but some traditionally Democratic groups here seem to be abandoning Clinton in this election. I don’t know which is more strange, Wendy sucking up to Bravo, or Chicago Dems bucking the party line. What has the world come too? LOL!!

    • WonkyTonk

      I think Wendy wants to be the reality TV tea clearinghouse, and BRAVO is a huge slice of that pie. It’s kind of funny that with all of her resources she can’t touch the leve of tea served up by TT here.

  27. Melissa

    In the entertainment business, when it doesn’t make sense, and it is completely contrary to prior opinions and common sense, then it’s about money. It’s always about money isn’t it?

    Debmar-Mercury, who distributes the Wendy Williams Show, renewed her until the 2019-2020 season. So, WW is locked into that contract. She is safe.

    As we know, in December 2015, Bethenny inked a deal with Leftfield Entertainment. ITV owns 80% of Leftfield.

    And ITV collaborates with Debmar-Mercury on shows — particularly food related shows. Bethenny is a executive producer on a food show, Food Porn, which is now on FYI. . ITV also served as a studio for some Fox shows like Hell’s Kitchen. WW airs on Fox.

    Sigh. IMO, it’s pretty clear — WW is following directives. Leftfield/ITV is probably working on a project with Debmar-Mercury. And part of that deal involves Bethenny. So Leftfield wants Debmar-Mercury to have WW help revamp Bethenny’s image.

    Either that, or WW is out of her mind.

  28. Errriccc

    I really don’t like LuAnn, and I know I’m in the minority with this blog and its followers for loving Bethenny and what she brings to RHONY … But I must say … I AGREE! Wendy was awful to LuAnn & it’s okay to share her honest opinion as a viewer of the show, but that combined with the constant interrupting, the exaggerated introduction … I mean yes, Tom got caught kissing a woman … Wendy made it seem so recent and like so much more by saying she got cheated on rather than saying she “survived a bumpy ride with her fiancée after troubling accusations proved to be true” – something a little more professional like she would have done for more popular housewives or other reality tv peeps. NOT COOL AT ALL, Wendy! Despite my not being a fan of LuAnn’s, I think she handled it all really well and very classy!

  29. Lolita

    Thanks to AKA Riley, I’m going to try and watch BET at 2 AM if my melatonin doesn’t kick in. I am NEVER up this late, but unfortunate circumstances left me sitting in an ER until 11PM tonight, and it’s been ahell of a day all around, so I hope I can stay up to see what all the buzz is about this interview. When I say buzz, I first read about through TT..BTW, thanks always for your quick recaps, but THEN, I went to Wendy’s Facebook…dear God…she got her ass handed to her on a platter…which is VERY unusual for her page…fans ripped her apart. It had to be really bad…

    • WonkyTonk

      After you mentioned it I reviewed the comments there and they were a pretty mixed bag with a lot more in support of Wendy’s interview technique than I would have suspected given the comments here. Essentially a lot of people were saying Luann talked too much given how much time was available, kept veering off topic, and she kept directing the answers to the questions in a way that attempted to garner sympathy towards herself, and faulted the ladies for the surrounding publicity more than she blamed Tom for actually having done the cheating. That last one is frankly something for which I have absolutely no sympathy.

      Just accept your man did you wrong, you’re now ok with it, and you still want to maintain the relationship, and understand and accept the people around you are going to justifiably think you’re an idiot for doing so. But that’s not the case with Luann she’s desperately attempting to avoid the negative judgement, and frankly she shouldn’t give a rat’s behind about it if she’s as happy, and content in the relationship as she claims she is.

      • tamaratattles

        You have a lot of opinions for someone who did not watch the show and has no earthly idea what they are talking about.

      • cammierari

        Exactly! Luanne is more worried about the way her friends handled her man cheating than the fact that he cheated. Lulu should have found out how WW felt before accepting an invitation to be on the show if she wants to make sure her fable that she and Tom are soulmates continues to be believable .

      • JupitersMother

        I haven’t commented here for a very long time and don’t even remember what screen name I used. But I must say, touche TT for your response to Wonky! That was perfection!

  30. Latina2014

    I watched it and was in shock at how RUDE Wendy was!!! WOW!! Luann held her OWN though. Stayed Classy and wasn’t afraid to correct Wendy gracefully. Hmmm my view of Wendy changed today. If anything, that’s how she should have handled Bethany for poaching her employees! I was blown away! At one point I almost thought Luann was going to cry! Felt sorry for her but applaud her for handling herself well!!!!

  31. CupcakeScholar

    I don’t think that Luann was offended. Wendy was plowing through all of the questions and topics that she wanted to cover. She was just being herself and acting a little like a crazed fan. Luann was able to share her perspective multiple times regarding how Bethenny informed her of Tom’s inappropriate behavior. Luann held her own.

  32. Cherry Bomb

    Wow !!! Just wow !!! I couldn’t believe how rude Wendy was to Lu. She didn’t let Lu finish a sentence. I would have preferred to hear what Lu had to say but of course Wendy would rather hear herself talk. Lu was a total class act and was cool calm and collected. Wendy is the shadiest of all shadesters. She can act like she’s giving a compliment but then when she has her audience buying whatever spin she’s giving she turns it around and BOOM !!! It’s the shadiest read ever… Tilts her head gives it that little Vicki Ginvalson head bob twinks her eye and gives that evil grin. Ughhh just nasty …. Not my cup of tea.

    • hannahkingrose

      Cherry Bomb I agree with your sentiments. My only exception is agreeing with you that Wendy’s grin looks like Vicki Gunvalson’s. If Wendy was a sickly green IMO she would be a dead ringer for The Grinch with his evil grin after he has stolen all the presents, toys and feast from Whoville and is waiting for the people of Whoville to wake up and realize it’s all gone. The corners of her mouth almost go back as far as his do when he smiles. Lmao.

      • Cherry Bomb

        OMG HKR …. The Grinch !!! That’s a perfect description. And about the comparison to Vicki I just think that stupid little head bob / tilt that Vicki and so many other Housewives like to do in their talking heads…. It’s so annoying and I see Wendy always does it as well. Attention whores think alike.

    • Cat

      Her grin and head tilt remind me of the hippie chick on The Muppet Show.

  33. CoBe

    I have a few theories, and have no idea which is true.

    The first and probably strongest in my mind is that Wendy and Bethenny seem to have a lot in common. Both started out as funny underdogs and got a lot of popular attention because people in general love the “hometown girl makes good” story. As they hit the height of their popularity, both of them lost a great deal of weight and became increasingly more manic. Both stopped talking TO people, rather they both began talking AT people. Both seem to have lost empathy.

    These are all red flags for stimulant abuse.

    The second possibility is that social predators run in packs. I have never viewed Wendy as a strong predator, so when Bethenny came on the scene, Wendy played second fiddle to her. When she got tired of being abused, she cut ties. But I’m guessing that cutting of ties really affected her. Say what you will about housewives, but they bring in ratings.

    So Wendy bit the bullet and chose to ally with one of the most vicious predators out there. When a weaker person allies with a stronger predator, the only way they can do this is to attack the same people that the stronger predator is attacking. So Wendy has made her bed.

    I think she has made a tactical error however.

    Bethenny’s superpower is convincing people that she has more power, money, and sway with others than she does. From what I have observed, Andy Cohen (who has the real power) has caught on to Bethenny. I believe he is no longer her biggest booster, as he was in the past. Who knows what the final straw was, but the other shoe has dropped.

    But that doesn’t stop Bethenny from shopping Andy’s power all over town.

    I don’t believe that Bethenny will ever be redeemed from what she has allowed herself to become. Wendy still has a shot though.

    I hope she comes back. She was warm, funny, focused, and beloved. What a shame.

    The third possibility is simply that it is all an act. Ratings and chat are higher when people are outraged than when they really enjoy the show. There are seven people who will complain about a bad experience for every one who shares about a good one. This could just be another ratings grab. I don’t know how Wendy’s ratings are doing, but if they are suffering, the best way to get chat going is to kick an underdog (Luann). It’s got us chatting and angry.

    The fourth is that there really is something underhanded going on, or something that has been DEEMED underhanded by Bethenny and evil gossip goes a long way. It sounds as though this wedding may be filmed after all. That does whisper a bit of manipulation. A narcissist or stimulant abuser (or both) would be OUTRAGED by this and some of that outrage can be picked up on by those around the abuser. Since people can get caught up in outrage, they resonate to the FEEL of the emotion instead of looking at facts and giving the target the benefit of the doubt.

    Who knows what the truth is, but I think those are four really good options.

    Disclaimer: The above is only based upon my outside observations and is personal OPINION.

    • tamaratattles

      Wendy was very vicious and obscenely rude about RHOA today. This is not the Wendy I used to enjoy watching. She would throw subtle shade not spout stuff like “Her own mother doesn’t love her” out of the blue for absolutely no reason.

      • Cat

        I saw that today. I was wondering what happened. It seems like she has to talk about it now, and really doesn’t want to? Whatever the reason, it’s weird, and not fun to watch.

      • Lolita

        I haven’t enjoyed her show since it came back from summer break last week. She is not the same. I’m sure losing her best friend and wigologist was devastating, but I don’t feel that’s what the problem is. Something tells me change is on its way. Perhaps the suits are insisting some change. Wendy definitely seems off. She has never been good at interviewing, but this Luann piece was bizarre. Almost like it was planned…she was bitter and spiteful. Maybe she needs to eat some carbs. I have a feeling she doesn’t eat much of anything. I used to love when she would talk about food and booze all the time. She was one of us. Now, just another skinny bitch.

    • Cat

      Interesting theories. Here’s another:

      I was wondering if maybe she is sabotaging her own show, so she can get out of it and focus on her clothing line? She seems to spend the first 5-10 minutes of her Hot Topics talking about the outfits that she “sews”.

      Like I really believe she does her own sewing.

      In fact, it seems like she always manages to turn topics back to herself. I don’t think she really cares about the celebrity gossip. She never has her facts straight, and always looks to her two guys to feed her details.

      And if a celebrity comes out with a book, she has THEM read it, and report to her. If I remember correctly, Oprah used to do a lot of her own research.

  34. AustralianFanofTT

    I watched this interview today on youtube. I could not believe what an absolute shunt wendy williams was…. Every question she asked Luann was interrupted with a nasty and or rude comment .. I watched it womdering whether either wendy was on something and also whats the point of asking a guest a question if you dont let them answer?

    It was insane. Luann showed AMAZING self control and was totally gracious .. Wendy came across as a stupid, rude, nasty bitch who only wanted to humiliate Luann. Wendy owes Luann an apology for her disgraceful behavioir.

    • WonkyTonk

      Thanks for the heads up on the youtube option to view it. I watched it, and really I didn’t see it as all that bad. They each had an agenda Luann’s was creating sympathy for herself and pointing fingers Bethenney, and Wendy’s was to get through the interview and ask the too many questions for the slated time interview. At the beginning it seemed like Luann was trying to take over the show the way she went on and on, which is probably what made Wendy think she needed to rush her answers.

      Wendy isn’t actually very good at interviewing people in general, but in this case I felt like the interview wasn’t all that bad, and they both got most of what they wanted out of it.

  35. SB

    Luann was so classy on the show, but what the hell was wendy’s problem? I can’t believe how rude she was and if I was a HW I would never come on her show after seeing that behavior.

  36. The constant audience cheesy emotional sighs and irritating clapping turned me off to ever wanting to see Wendy’s show.

    Suzanne is pushing way too far in encouraging it.


  37. Cat

    What’s with the “I sewed this myself” comment every day? Does anyone actually believe that Wendy goes home and sits at a sewing machine all night? I don’t.

  38. Jujue

    Luann tends to be very long winded and repetitive. Wendy seemed a little snippy at times, but it wasn’t out of character for her to be a bit shady.

  39. Wendy Williams is completely rude to anyone who is not black on her show!

  40. Bunniecarrot

    Lu looked absolutely beautiful,and in HD i might add. I just can’t deal with Wendy. She’s sUchiha a vile human being.

  41. Ginger

    Wendy Williams is repulsive but like the housewife shows she has an audience.

  42. Anna

    Something just came to kind, regarding Wendy’s rudeness & shade. She had Woop Goldberg on a few days ago, & she stopped for a sec & told miss Goldberg that she has beautiful teeth & asked if they were hers. Now, if you religiously watch the few for years you’d know that she’s had ALOT of problems with her teeth & going to the dentist . I don’t know why …I found it odd.

  43. OmgOmg

    I don’t watch WW except once or twice while trying to run o. A treadmill at the gym. I associate her with being held captive to an exercise regimen. Like garbage daytime TV.
    Luann needs to start standing up for herself more, it’s getting annoying, like is their a media cabal against her?
    Bethenny is more famous and hence has more power. Don’t count Luann out. Is it just me or to me this whole drama storyline just seems so fake? I mean, a 50 year old player getting drunk and caught with a smooch in a bar is not really “cheating.” Who effing cares!
    Now the absolutely unhinged Frankel Monster sheer glee in destroying a relationship *is* the storyline.
    She controls everything — people supposedly have to sign confidentiality agreements around her.
    Cats out of the bag, legions of fans have turned against her now that her true colors are shown and her fraudulent backstory is revealed.
    I used to really like her and still like her wit, who knew she was pure evil and a hateful egomaniacal despot.
    I hope Andy tires of her.
    Luann needs her own show already.

  44. BlaseBlase

    Wendy’s rude alright! Man, she was constantly sliding the digs in there! She even gave the camera the old side eye 🙄 lol!

  45. Catfish Nev

    Are all of these comments really belonging to different people? Hmm… When bringing up “why” people are on certain teams, is this blogger honest about why she “likes” the people she likes? I find that “most people” get mad if their fiancé is kissing another person at the bar yet here, most people seem to think its not a big deal!!! So odd.

    • tamaratattles

      I’m pretty sure everyone here has a problem with the fiance kissing someone in a bar. These sort of things happen. It probably wouldn’t break off most engagements. Bethenny Frankel having someone followed and literally interviewing all of the people who work at the Regency for dirt on her reality show nemesis and her continued campaign against her is the issue we are dealing with her. We’re not ever surprised an men having indiscretions; howver, an all out assault of a female coworker on another in a deranged and vicious manner is what got our attention.

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